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Welcome Thank you for taking the time to come and experience the product solution we have recommended for you.

At Steelcase, we make it our business to really understand how people work and then apply the insights we gain into everything we do. The solution we are showing has been designed to address your specific workplace needs and issues. From supporting different ways of working to technology, to planning, aesthetics, and sustainability you will be impressed by how hardworking Answer and Elective Elements is,.

We appreciate being considered and we’re certain that Steelcase and P+W can offer you to the right product solution to help you love how you work. Thank you again for your time and attention and we hope you enjoy the experience of selecting your workplace solutions.

about Steelcase

We aspire to help people love how they work, by helping them create high performance, hard working workplaces..Anywhere in the world.

We offer the broadest range of services and products — furniture, interior architecture and technology solutions — to help our customers create workplaces that build their business, reflect their brand and support their culture.

We’re unique from everyone else in our industry in that we offer products and services founded in research methodologies that focus on the user, and how they really work.

We are committed to maintaining our leadership role in terms of sustainable responsibility, and we are equally committed to the customers and designers that we work with.

Our job is to make your job easier. Our passion is helping you Love How You WorkÂŽ.

Our Products

Privacy Wall Architectural Solutions

Put every space to work. Create the spaces you need – from private offices and team areas to meeting rooms and public spaces. Privacy Wall can help you get the right combination of privacy and collaboration vital to high performance environments.

Privacy Wall can save time and money by shortening the construction schedule.

Take Privacy Wall apart and put it back together as often as you need to change. Your interior architecture can keep adapting even during office hours.

Privacy Wall can contribute to LEED certification and is the first moveable wall to be MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified.

C:scape速 Workspace Solutions

Workspaces actually can be smaller and smarter at the same time. This 6x8 workstation is a great alternative to the 8x8 cube, providing workers plenty of privacy and storage, while opening up areas for easy collaboration. The spacious desk lets workers manage multiple project, and layered storage serves double-duty, keeping materials handy and providing privacy. Guest can pull a stool and use the mid-storage surface for impromptu meetings, and get creative juices flowing.

Power office FlexFrame™ & media:scape

“Power office” takes on a whole new meaning in this space, designed for quick shifts between individual work and collaboration, without wasting time or space. Piling centers in the FlexFrame™ workwall keep project files in plain sight and easy reach (who was time to file anymore?). When it’s time to collaborate, media:scape technology is integrated right in the wall and furniture component, so digitally sharing information with guests and colleagues is easy. Even the work surface is cantilevered, so no more bruised knees when gathering with the team.

Easy access FlexFrame™ & ee6

This efficient space helps workers sort, pile and file information with ease. Designed for focused individual work, this private office features vertical storage shelves that allow workers to keep all of their information in sight and at their fingertips.

Nomads FlexFrame ™ , FrameOne, Amia & soto II worktools

Highly-mobile nomads need a place to set up camp for a few hours, focus, catch-up on work with colleagues. They need quick and easy access to technology, so they can plug in fast and get to work. Screens can be added to provide moderate visual privacy, but still allow workers to see and be seen so they can network and learn from others. Simple storage elements help people on the move pack and unpack quickly.

soto II LED Light Task Lighting

Minimalistic design with simple lines. •

Low energy consumption and reduced need for replacement bulb (4-watt LED).

Low cost to operate and mercury free

Average rated lamp life of 50,000

Freestanding of Rail mount

Amia® Task/Work chairs

Amia® is a hardworking task chair designed to handle long hours of serious sitting. Tucked away inside its backrest is the Amia chair’s little secret: the patent-pending LiverLumbar™ –a system of flexors that contour to fit your spine, for continuous lower back support as you move in your chair. You may not see it, but you’ll certainly feel it. As you sit in the chair, an adjustable LiveLumbar™ zone flexes with your every move, for consistent ergonomic support for your lower back. Hour after hour, day after day.

media:scape TeamTheater™ and HD videoconferencing

Today’s workspace is both physical and virtual, with collaboration across distances and time zones. This media:scape TeamTheater™ with HD videoconferencing creates an immersive new collaborative experience. Users in the front row can easily share digital information with team members in the room and those working remotely. Ledges accommodate a second row of tiered seating enabling others to easily join the meeting, participate, and leave when desired. It’s ok to be inclusive – this information allows up to 12 people to be viewed during a videoconference.

Our job is to help you create great experiences wherever work happens Whether you design them, manage them or work in them, we can help you create high performance, hard working workspaces.

How we do that? We’re passionate about understanding how people really work. We utilize a research methodology that is based upon user observation, and we embed our insights into all of our products and services.

We offer … • the broadest range of the interior architecture + furniture + technology products. • the widest range of services in the market. • the most experienced dealer network in the world. • a history of reliability – we do what we say we’re going to do. • obsessively high standards for quality and our natural environment.

We have a lot of experience. You can depend on us. Our products. Our services. Our people.

We promise.

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