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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join such essential course for the time. My name is Mrinmoy Das and I am working with HUMAN Network INDIA (HNI) to facilitate support services to SMEs on Innovation & Intellectual Property (IIP), aspire to engage with green businesses. And we are working for to develop an ‘enviropreneurial community’ in a local level pilot project. Since my childhood I had always been worried about that how will underprivileged people enjoy decent human living. With my long journey as a lifelong learner-exchanger, social entrepreneur-networker and capacity builder for SMEs, I strongly feel that one of the right ways to eradicate poverty is to develop and empower socially motivated entrepreneurs who can generate employment. These entrepreneurs can be called as “enviropreneur” with love, passion and social commitment to act as a catalyst that develops inclusive green growth thus leads to sustainable development as a whole. I am now based in Kolkata, where I get to engage with SMEs and to build their capacities on IIP both onsite and online. I was born and brought up in a remote village of West Bengal. And spent there for last 38 years however, working and studying. I have earned 30 years of local, national and international business development experience and enjoy focusing my work on developing countries. In 2013 I have gone through the MOOC on “Critical Thinking in Global Challenges” from the Centre for Integrative Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh, with a challenge on Climate Change: facts, fallacies and the future. Following the MOOC experiences, I have been exercising my knowledge into practice with SMEs, as they crafting about their business model canvas with the support of green business ideas to enhance their business success. I am looking towards a green learning exchange environment over the next four weeks for me and my network’s self-sustaining concern to exchange with.

Thanks for giving me opportunity to join such essential course for the time  

Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided

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