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Women empowerment through skill development program in remote India Assignment 3: Making a Visual Argument PSA Written and Photographed by Mrinmoy Das

Gender equality is a crucial factor in developing countries to adopt decent living irrespective of cast, creed and sex. In India it is too hard to implement in rural areas as bout 70% of the Indians live in villages. We can see the happiness in the face of that working woman even as she uses low cost backdated sewing machine to earn some money for her children education. Everyday thousands of villagers board boat, bus and train and move from rural home to cities and towns in search of jobs. As employment opportunities are becoming lesser day by day in the villages. So, to reduce such migration of people in large numbers from villages to cities / towns, government needs to evolve a strategy so that the employment opportunities can be created in both the sectors, and we have to implement as fast as possible a plan of actions to affect that strategy. It may be opined in no uncertain terms that if only villages develop, the cities/towns will develop automatically but it is not vice versa, especially in India and even other developing countries.

Women empowerment in India