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How Do You Buy? Logically? Emotionally? Dear Doctor, Most of us think we buy logically... because whatever we are purchasing is at the right price, can do the job it's meant to, is convenient, etc. That’s logic. But believing your prospect is like that is like seeing an iceberg and thinking the only part which exists is the tip you can see. Why? Because lurking underneath that tip of that iceberg are (5) major emotional factors which drive every buying decision. They are...

Love Pride

Fear Guilt Greed And you should attempt to integrate them into every factor of your advertising and selling. Yes here are some more words you have to use when you’re advertising and marketing. For example, if I was selling tires, which I’m not, I would hone in on the guilt factor: “Isn't it worth $600 to give your family the best safety? I mean do you want your wife, your kids, your significant other on the road, broke down, trying to service her own vehicle?” No way! And the there is the fear factor: “Did you know X% of accidents occur because the tires are too worn and people were just plain lazy?” And then there’s the love factor: ‘You love your family and I know nothing is more important to you than keeping them safe.’ Is that manipulative? Some would say YES. But the question to ask yourself is ‘would you mind being manipulated in that way to help your family be safe?’ And my answer to that is a big fat ‘NO’. Heck, if a salesperson, and we all are, you can 2

press a few of my emotional hot buttons to get me to protect my family. I see it as if you are helping me, not manipulating me. The key is - is your intention in the best interest of your buyer. And if the answer is “YES’, you are acting in complete integrity. I feel you’re acting in complete integrity when you’re helping save people’s lives. Ok, let's move on to another example. How about selling a house... Love: “Can you imagine how much your little ones will enjoy this beautiful backyard? Playing tag... hitting the ball, be safe from cars, etc.” Fear: “We've had a lot of interest in this property and it may not be on the market for much longer.” Pride: “It really is a lovely house in a beautiful neighborhood. I am sure you'll be the envy of all your friends and family.” Guilt: “Your family deserves the best, don't they? And you can give them the best with this wonderful new property.” Greed:


“The average property in this area has grown in value by 57% over the past 5 years, and it’s still worth a lot of money, even in this recession. If it does the same again, you'll have picked up $20,000 in just a few short years.’ Now here's a little job for you. Do the same little activity I just showed you in your own business, which is the healthcare field. And for your own services as a doctor of chiropractic. Here’s an example that I like to use: Fear: “John, we've had a lot of people come in with similar problems. They’ve had structural damage to their lower back and they want it FIXED right away. Sure they feel better quickly, but I have to tell you. To change your structural damage, and you have a lot of it, it takes time. Are you willing to commit to this type of change? Do you really want to not only feel better, but to actually be healthier?” Then pause and WAIT. Let them think about it and give you an answer. And see the results of this type of writing and how you can do a better job of selling in yourself by using these types of ads, sales letters, emails and sales presentations with these special words.


You won’t be sorry. Just craft a few of these from these examples and use them in your ads. It’ll work like a charm. Sincerely,

SEE ANY SPELLING ERRORS? Hey if you’re reading this congratulations. I change it from time to time.Believe it or not, I don't want to hear you whining about any mistakes I made. Some of my mistakes are intentional to get this message across. Others are just blatant mistakes that come from the “fast and furious” writing I do to get this special once –a-week newsletter published for you. Some of these items are copied and pasted from my mentors and put in my own words. If you don’t understand this, then please, don’t read these marketing email newsletters as they will just get better and better. I am here to help educate you on marketing and that’s what I’m going to do for you. If you want to opt out of this, just send me an email and say, ‘I want to opt out’. I cannot promise you INSTANT Success, but if you start reading this M.E.N. and you actually start implementing something, you’re going to be ahead of anyone in your profession! I can GUARANTEE you that you will find this newsletter interesting, reliable, informative and useful. You can contact me directly at: (951) 760-0798 or write me at Dr. Carney, P.O. Box 1817, Temecula, CA. 92593. You can also email me at for more information on my monthly marketing coaching $797 which includes a special monthly outrageous marketing example that gets you an outrageous amount of new patients. Isn’t it worth having a marketing coach available, 24/7? You can also order my monthly “personalized” patient newsletters for just $129/month, delivered to your email box. Oh yeah, if you subscribe to my patient newsletters, you have a chance at winning $500/month. For more tips you can go directly to my blog at


How Do You Buy  

MEN Suit - How Do You Buy

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