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5 Simple Steps to Start a Home-Based Business Today By Irene Houston Things have changed in the past 5 years and we're now living in the 'entrepreneur age'. According to Business Insider everyone wants to work for themselves or have enough flexibility in their schedules that it feels as though they're working for themselves. You may be surprised to know that by 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers. So setting up a homebased business as quickly as possible can definitely get you ahead of the crowd. Many people think it's really difficult to set-up a business from home. In fact, it's quite easy, the hard part is making money from it! Here are the 5 easy steps to take to start a home-based business today: 1. Decide what you want to sell If you have a passion, hobby or interest then it makes sense to start there as at least you are knowledgeable about these topics. 2. Sell other people's products You could offer your own products, but that won't happen today, so best to jump over to Clickbank or Amazon and take a look at the thousands of products you can promote in just a few minutes after signing-up for a free account. Believe it or not, you can often receive as much as 50% or 75% commission, just for promoting their products! 3. Build a Blog Blogs are definitely the way to attract Google's attention, so create a blog using WordPress (a free blogging platform) and start blogging about the products you want to promote. You can always write a review if you've already purchased a product and you'll find many people also will be interested in all the add-on features around the product (think photographers or weightloss). 4. Write articles Again, you can do this today, in fact, after you have added a few blog post to your Wordpress blog then you can repurpose them and create original content by writing articles of around 400500 words and submit them to article directory sites like EzineArticles. 5. Use Social Media 6

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