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Article #1 Is Starting a Home-based Business Right for You By Ellard Thomas Are you looking to start a home-based business? If so, you're not alone. Since July 20, 2013, 69 percent of all entrepreneurs have achieved sustainable and financial rewards by starting a home-based business. However, if you're looking to join the ranks of those who've either stepped out on faith or answered the higher calling of their financial desires, then there's information that you need to have before doing so.

Remain Business-conscious: What does this mean? There are countless people in the world who search the internet for the fastest, best and easiest ways to fulfill their financial hungers or feed their economic appetites. Unfortunately, they do not understand that any business--whether it's data entry, MLM, internet marketing, surveys, etc., requires a business mindset. Thousands of people have been swindled in investing in "promise of quick riches" internet opportunities, "one-click" marketing systems and "We'll do it for you" businesses. And as a result, hardworking people are left disappointed, financially depleted, angry and hopeless because they do not believe that a legitimate home-business truly exists. This is why being business-centric or having a mind for business is important. Business-minded people understand that every opportunity has to be approached, not by emotions, but by research and relevance to their strengths. This is a great segue into the next topic.

Have an Idea of What You Want to Do: You should never leave your financial destiny in the hands of some "hype" artists who are looking to make you their target for financial gains. Before you consider any business opportunity, whether it's online or offline, you should already have a game plan in mind. What does this mean? You should consider: 1. The type of business you'd like to start; 2. The amount of money you're willing to invest; 3. The amount of time you're willing to commit; and,


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