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Tips for Preventing Mold In Your Home

Introduction With so much information available online and elsewhere, most homeowners are probably sufficiently paranoid about the presence of mold in their home. It’s common knowledge that mold is a potential health hazard and should be avoided whenever possible. According to, a company that tackles mold remediation in Toronto, some of the possible health issues related to mold include allergies, asthma, sinus infections, rashes and even memory loss.

Introduction If you have a mold problem, it’s always best to call a company like to check it out for you. However, if you aren’t in the danger zone yet, prevention is your best bet to stay there. Here are some valuable tips to prevent mold in your home.

Keep Your House Dry Generally speaking, a dry house is a mold-free house. The top prevention tip you can follow is to keep your home as dry as possible. Mold requires moisture to take hold and grow, so control the moisture content and you will control the mold production.

Keep Your House Dry It’s wise to sit back and think of all the different ways that moisture may be introduced to your home, then take measures to counteract each one. It may take some time and effort on your part, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Reduce Humidity & Condensation According to the Environmental Protection Agency, humidity and condensation in the home are two contributors to mold growth. To help reduce the overall humidity level in the home: •Vent appliances that create moisture to the outside. These include dryers, heaters and stoves. •Utilize air conditioners or dehumidifiers when necessary. •Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking or showering to help lower the humidity level.

Reduce Humidity & Condensation Condensation on the inside of windows can result in a lot of moisture around the window frames, and subsequent mold growth. To help control condensation: •Follow the steps to reduce humidity. •Open doors and windows or use fans to increase air circulation when the weather permits. •Insulate cold water pipes and other cold surfaces.

Room-by-Room Prevention The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers room-by-room prevention tips that will help you to be even more effective at keeping mold out of your home.

Room-by-Room Prevention The Basement •Reduce the clutter •Use a dehumidifier in summer months •Don’t use carpets on below grade floors •Replace furnace filter regularly •Remove standing water immediately •Check for signs of moisture regularly

Room-by-Room Prevention Laundry Room •Make sure the dryer vents outside •Clean lint trap with every use •Only hang dry clothes outside •Keep laundry tub and washer dry

Room-by-Room Prevention The Kitchen •Be mindful of boiling pots on the stove •Use the exhaust fan when cooking if it vents outside •Clean the drip pan at back of fridge periodically •Check under the sink for moisture and leaks regularly

Room-by-Room Prevention The Bathroom •Ensure the bathroom fan exhausts to the outside •Run the bathroom fan when you shower •Reduce the length of your showers •Check for leaks regularly •Clean your drains regularly with baking soda and vinegar or a plumber’s snake

Room-by-Room Prevention The Bedroom •Remove clutter from the room and closets •Keep the air circulating with a fan or opening a window periodically

Room-by-Room Prevention Take the time to look over the exterior of your home every month or two, to make sure there aren’t any places water can get inside. If you notice leaks or damaged areas, make sure you deal with them promptly to continue your prevention efforts.

Room-by-Room Prevention If you find any mold, contact a licensed mold remediation company to eradicate the problem before it gets out of hand. Remember that mold is alive and it will grow and multiply if it isn’t contained.

Advice’s core business is mold inspection and removal. They use a common sense approach to mold inspections, root cause determination and mold removal. Visit for more information on their services. They are located at 130 King St W #1800 Toronto, ON M5X 1E3 (416) 504-0333.

Tips for preventing mold in your home  

"’s core business is mold inspection and removal. They use a common sense approach to mold inspections, root cause determination...

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