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The three kings. Once upon a time there was a king that he couldn’t sleep and he went out the balcony to look the stars. Suddenly he saw a different star from the others and with his movement seemed that he invited to accompany him. This happened to the other two kings. The three followed the star and they met on a crossroads. They discovered that they all followed the same star. They decided to go on together to find the child the sacred manuscripts. The star guided them towards Jerusalem, but once there they didn’t know to do. They asked where the newborn king of the Jews was. That reached Herodes. The king told them to go and find the newborn king and when they found him, they would warn Herodes and he would go to worship him. When they finished talking to the king, they continued following the star and it led them up to a stable outside Betlem. In that way they knew that there the baby Jesus was born and that they came to see him from far away. They knelt and worshiped Jesus infant and gave him their presents. Melcior gave him gold, Gaspar gave him incense and Baltasar gave him myrrh. When the kings went back home, an angel alerted them that they wouldn’t go to see Herodes because he wanted to kill newborn Jesus. They returned to their homes without going through Jerusalem or seeing the king. When Herodes saw that the kings hadn’t visited him, he proclaimed an edict to order to kill all the babies under one year old. Joseph, Maria and Jesus, warned by the angel, fled to Egypt where they stayed until Herodes died. To celebrate this event the kings come back every year after Christmas and New Year to give toys to all boys and girls.


The story of the three wise men