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Callum reed Grade 5A Warning signs of narcissism at every corner !

contents 


Rose’s gap camp

Beach program

Cross country

Athletics day

School concert

Refugee visit


Homeless sleepover

Kitchen classroom







Global concerns



maths Is one of my favourite subjects apart from science this year in maths I have learnt… 

To measure angles with a protractor

To divide larger numbers

To use BODMAS and powers

And I also took part in the maths talent quest with Jacob and Krishna

science 

I really enjoyed science and I was lucky enough

To participate in the solar boat challenge which I loved unfortunately I couldn’t come to the race

Art Art is fun but I don’t think I am good at it

I hate art

space This was our fist integrated topic I really enjoyed it especially making my own alien

Melbourne Melbourne was extremely fascinating learning about the aborigines and john batman

Global concerns 

This was really sad learning how well off we are like did you know that in 2003 16.5 million children died under the age of five!


I also researched the mountain gorilla for my project I made a word document and a movie maker


Click here for movie maker and here for the word document

government 

Government was interesting learning how parliament worked and how decisions for Australia were made

sport 

I enjoyed sport this year I especially enjoyed doing tennis and I applied for sport captain and got short listed!

music 

In music I play guitar I have played for 2 years now and I think I am really good at it

Roses gap camp 

Roses gap was amazing I loved it the giant swing, the vertical playpen, the flying fox abseiling and the giant swing

Beach program 

Beach program was really fun my favourite parts were: being rescued and rescuing someone else, going on the boards and swimming relays

Swimming carnival I was part of the house relay at the swimming carnival I represented red house and we won

Cross country on cross country day I got 5th and made it to the districts unfortunately I didn’t go any further

Athletics day On athletics day I got 1st in the 100 and 200m sprints

School concert I didn’t really enjoy the school concert

Refugee visit 

I really enjoyed hearing about how the children lived in their home country and I got to give the refugees a tour of the school

Homeless sleepover 

The homeless sleepover was really enjoyable seeing first hand what it was like to be homeless but I can’t imagine doing it every day it must be so hard

Gardening 

Gardening this year with Mr Marco has been really fun especially playing with the chickens

Kitchen classroom 

Kitchen is really fun I especially like to cook deserts but not eat them


My hobbies are sport (cricket tennis and hockey),reading, eating and video games