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Teacher :Mr Hogan Class : 5A Age:11

My Year 5 Portfolio Jemila MacDonald

 Space  Melbourne  Government  Global  Roses


Gap Camp

 Incursions/Excursions  Homeless  Bike



 Swimming  Beach

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Dream future

Highlight Of Year 5



 In

term1 we learnt about space. My favourite thing in the sky is a Nebula.

 Did

you know that the sun Is actually a star.

 This

term I did a project in school about Dwarf Planets Pluto isn’t the only dwarf planet.

This term I also created a Dwarf Planet power point

Click Here To Have A Look At It

In term 2 we learnt about Melbourne there are lots of stuff when someone says Melbourne I bet you probably just think about the city but NO Melbourne is also in a different place

I love Melbourne I have lived here all my life and been lot’s of places In Melbourne like Luna Park, Ice House, Federation Square and Eureka Tower

I also made a brochure and a timeline

Click Here To Have A Look (Brochure)

Click Here To Have A Look (Timeline)

 This

term we are learning about the government.

 We've

done heaps of stuff we went to PATRLIMENT HOUSE!

 We

learnt how laws are made and heaps more.

 Our

final term for the year is GLOBAL CONCERNS

 We

have been finding out about how other people live like people who are homeless or poor etc.

 I’m

doing an Global Warming task

 In

Term1 we went to Roses Gap Camp it was really fun


shared a cabin with Charlotte, Kathleen, Stephanie, Erin, Hannah, Darcy and Katelyn.

 It

was heaps of fun I wish I could go again!

 There

were really fun activities like: Canoeing, Vertical Play Pen, Flying Fox, Ropes Corse, Abseiling and my favourite the Giant Swing.

 The

Giant swing was really scary because you and your friends had to help pull your friends up but together we were really good!

Science Works Cosmodome State Library and Yarra river Cruise Eureka Tower VIC Market Parliament House

 In

term 1 we went to Science Works I had lot’s of fun!!! I really wish we can go again but there is always next year 

 We 

got to go on soooooo many things!!!

There is so many things to learn and things to learn about!

Cosmodome  In

Term 1 we had an Incursion we got to look at the stars and we learnt when Venus rises in the sky

 It

was really fun but I got really hot in there, I had a really good time.

 We

also learnt about Constellations.

 In

term 2 we went to the State library we got a tour and found out about the history of Melbourne. There was heaps of Books!!

 After

we went on a Yarra River Cruise it was sooo much FUN!!! We went under the bolti bridge

 In

Term 2 we went to the Eureka Tower. It was my second time going but first time on The Edge it was Amazing! Fabulous! Breathtaking!

 “I

also made a souvenir coin when I was getting a hole punched in it and after it was done I had to get Mr.Hogan get it out for me!”

 Did

you know? The Gold on the top has real 24 carrot GOLD!

ď‚› In

term 2 while we were going to the Eureka Tower we went to the VIC Market there was lots of yummy and weird foods.

ď‚› We

got to spent $10 I bought Salami and some other stuff.

 In

Term 3 we went to Parliament House. We went in 4 different groups I was in Mrs Coles group.

 It

was so so so so AMAZING! There was real 24 Carrot Gold! And real Marble colosseums

Homeless Sleepover  This

term (4) were doing a Homeless sleepover to see how Homeless people sleep like I’m very exited we are sleeping at our school.

 We

have to sleep in a cardboard box with a blanket I’m going to bring my warm blanket.

 Click

to edit Master te

Second level

Third level 

Fourth level 

Fifth level

Bike Ed is about learning to ride your bike safely around the streets and cars.

There were lot’s of steps we had to follow like to always put on your helmet.

I really enjoy riding my bike it is a great way to get to places I normally ride up and down my street and to my friend’s houses.

Swimming Carnival  In

term 1 we had our school Swimming Carnival here are 4 Teams. Green House, Red House, Blue House and Yellow House.

 I’m

in Green House and competed in Backstroke and some other events!

Beach Program  In

term 4 we are doing the Beach Program I’m really exited because I don’t go to the Beach a lot!!  And I just got some new bathers   

Specialist Classes  Cooking  Garden  PE


Kitchen Classroom ď‚› Throughout

the term in the kitchen Classroom we have made lots of Sweets and meals.

ď‚› We

have made Pizza, Mandarin Ice Cream and lots more FABULOUS foods!

Garden ď‚›

In the Garden we look after plants that we can then cook with it in the cooking Classroom.


This year we got some Chickens so our school now has about 6 chickens its really hard work to look after them you

need to clean the cage and feed them.

PE  Over

the terms we have learnt how to play lots of sports some like…

 Badminton,

Football , Soccer and

Athletics.  For

Athletics we practised:

 Hurdles,

Long jump, shot put and Discus

 This

year the Olympics is also on!

Olympics  In

term 3 the Olympics were in London 2012!

 My

favourite events are: Hurdles, Backstroke, Gymnastics and 100m.

 My

favourite athletes are Stephanie Rice and Sally Pearson.

Concert  This

year we are doing a Disco themed Concert.

 The

Girls are performing: Blame It On The boogie, We Are Family, You Can’t Stop The Music and Best Disco And Town!

 The

Boys are performing: Kung Fu Fighting, You Cant Stop The Music, Billy Jean and Best disco in town!

 About


I’m 11 years old. I love Pink ,Green and Purple. I like Penguins , Bunnies, Cats and Dogs. And 1D

 Hobbies

My Hobbies include reading ,drawing, playing on my iPod and the Apple Mac. I also like to swim!!!




Hannah Charlotte


Dream future ď‚› My

Dream foe the future is to become a Pro Dancer, Singer or an Artist

ď‚› Some

highlights of year 5 were meeting new friends and going on the Edge!

The Senior School Concert! Homeless Sleep Over.

Macdonald_My Year 5 Portfolio  
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