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Oscar Hawks

(*%!$ABOUT ME$!%*) Hi my name is Oscar Hawks and I'm in 5A. My teachers name is Mr Hogan .About me now I really like nitro circus as you can see when im older it would be a good job to be won of the nitro circus crew members.



Eureka tower and Vic market

Kitchen Bike ED School camp P.E

State library and Yarra cruse


KITCHEN Kitchen was really fun I learnt a lot about cooking. We cooked lots of things like pizza, caramel slice, white Christmas, chicken nuggets ECT.

Bike ED

This year we did bike ED it was really fun learning all the things to no about riding our bikes on the road.

School camp When we went to camp it took a long time to get there but it was worth the wait. When we got there we in to our cabins and we set our beds and stuff. My cabin there was Dan and Zac.

Pe was really fun I learnt lots of things. Miss mason was our teacher she was really good we played lots of sports.


State Library And Yarra Cruise The state library was ok it was very big and quiet . I think that we made most of the noise.

The cruise was ok it was cold and wet.

Eukere Tower And VIC Market At the Vic Market we all bought lots of food. After the Vic Market we went to a park and played gang up.

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