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Year: 2012

Teacher: Mr Hogan

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The moon

Term 1 Space In term one we were learning about space. I really liked it because it was really interesting and it was fun. I learnt things like: that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, there is only one star in our solar system and that is the sun and Pluto used to be a Planet but then the scientists thought it was too small so they changed it to a dwarf planet.

Term 2 Melbourne ď‚š My Melbourne brochure ď‚š My Timeline of Melbourne history In term 2 we learnt about Melbourne. I really enjoyed it because liked learning some history about Melbourne. We had to do a presentation of Melbourne history and we did a tour brochure around Melbourne. I learnt that John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner discovered Melbourne, Melbourne was declared a city by Queen Victoria in 1847, the first Melbourne cup was held in 1861 and that the Wurrendjuri people were the first people to live in Melbourne.

Term 3 Government In term 3 we learnt about government. I really enjoyed learning about government and it was really fun. My favourite thing about government was when we went to parliament house. I learnt that the rooms in parliamrnt house are: Legislative, Assembly and Legeslitive council.

Term 4 Global Concerns

ď‚š In term 4 we learnt about global concerns. This topic was probably my favourite. I really enjoyed learning about all of the global concerns in the world. For my global concerns topic at school, I chose whaling. I chose whaling because I care about saving the whales and am very against killing the whales. I really enjoyed the homeless sleepover. It was really fun and it was a cool experience sleeping in a box outside. We really got to know how the homeless people feel every day.

Incursions and Excursions

 Science Works  Cosmodome  State Library and Yarra Cruise  Eureka Tower and Vic Market  Bugalugs Bum Thief

Science Works

ď‚š In term 1 we went to Science works. It was really fun and interesting. When we were there we went in the Planiterium and watched a movie about space.


ď‚š In term 1 we went to the cosmodome. The cosmodome was really fun and interesting because I learnt a lot about space and the night sky like all of the constellations in the sky and we learnt a lot about stars and planets.

State Library and Yarra Cruise  In term 2 we went to the state library and on the yarra cruise.  The state library was really interesting. There weren't just a lot of books in there there was a lot of interesting facts about Melbourne history like about the aborigines' and about Ned Kelly.  The Yarra cruise was really fun because we got to have a ride on the Yarra river river and look at it from a different perspective.

Eureka Tower and Vic Market

ď‚š In term 2 we went to the Eureka Tower and Vic Market. ď‚š First we went to the Vic Market. I really liked the Vic Market bacouse we got to by some food for our family. We got to spend $10 and I bought, watermelon, strawberries and capsicum

Sports Page

 Swimming Carnival  Cross Country  5/6 Sport  Bike ED

Bike Ed

 I really enjoyed doing Bike ed this year. I liked it because we got to ride on the road and we went for a 20 km bike ride and we havn’t done that in Bike ed before. I learnt a lot and it was fun.

Swimming Carnival ď‚š I really liked the swimming carnival because I liked swimming. I only did two events they were backstroke and freestyle but it was still fun. In freestyle I came second and in backstroke I came third. The house that won the swimming carnival was Red house.

Cross Country

 In term 2 we did cross country. This year we had to do 3km instead of two so we did three laps of Cheltenham Park. I came eighth out of 22 people. I was meant to go to districts but I didn’t because I had a soar foot.

5/6 Sport In interschool sport it has been really fun. I played in the cricket team with some of the grade fives. We played in the lightning premiership and we won every game but we got disqualified because our team had mostly boys and we were playing in the girls league. In winter I played in the mixed netball team. The only other boys in the team were Sam and Dan.S. We went to the lightning premier ship and we won every game except on against O.L.A but they were a really good team. We came second overall but we had a great time.

Specialists Page

 Kitchen Classroom  Gardening  Music  PE  LOTE

Kitchen Classroom

ď‚š This year in Kitchen Classroom we have made some very nice stuff and it is really fun cooking. My favourite thing for the year was when we made Pizzas.


ď‚š We did gardening this year and it has been really fun. We have planted some plants and we use some vegetables from the Garden in Kitchen Classroom.


ď‚š This year in music it has been really fun. I have still been doing Piano lessons and I am really enjoying playing the piano. We have sung some songs and we have practiced for the concert.


 This year in P.E it has been really good because I like playing and watching sport. We did athletics day and I didn’t compete because I had a soar foot but it was fun watching it. The team that won was my house Yellow house.


 This year we started doing L.O.T.E with Mrs. Kozlowski. I did French and it was really fun because I didn’t know how to speak French but now I can.


This year in the concert it was really good. The songs that we did were: Kung Fu fighting, Best disco in town, blame it on the boogie, we are family and you can’t stop the music. Unfortunately I wasn’t there on the second night because I went to Queensland but I had fun on the first night.

Highlights in grade 5

ď‚š My highlights in grade five are all the great excursions and incursions. My favourite excursion was when we went to Eureka tower and went on the edge. I have also made some new friends. Year five has been really fun and exciting. I have had a great year.

Friends Page


Sam Callum


Kai Oscar Nick


Roses Gap Camp ď‚š In march we went to roses gap camp. This has been my favourite camp in school because of all the great activities like the giant swing, abseiling, the giant flying fox, the vertical play pen, canoeing, low ropes, and archery. My favourite activity was the giant swing because it was 18 metres tall and it was really fun. In the canoeing me and James capsized and we were really wet but it was really fun. I had a really good caben on the camp, the people in my caben were, Krishna, Nick Kelly, Theo and me.

Bugalugs Bum Thief

ď‚š In term 3 at Moorabbin Town Hall we went to the Bugalugs Bum Thief play. It was really good because I thought the acting was good and it was like the book and it was funny too.

My Hobbies

 Playing cricket  Playing footy  Playing sport  Playing tennis  Watchinng TV  Playing on the PS3  Playing on my iPod

Beach program

ď‚š In term 4 we did beach program at Aspendale Lifesaving club which went for one week. We learnt about lifesaving and other things like C.P.R and first aid. I really enjoyed doing beach program because I like the beach and like swimming. The best day was definately on Thursday because it was 39 degrees. We basically stayed in the water the whole time.

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