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Name: Katelyn Edmonds

Age :11

M y year 5 port f ol i o Teacher: Steven Hogan


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About me AND HOBIES ď śMy name is Katelyn I am 11 years old and I have 6 people in my family 2 brothers named Matthew-15 and Tim-18, 1 sister named shauna-19, mum and dad I also have 10 pets in my house. My favourite animals are rabbits and dogs, my fave colours are neon colours. I like playing with my siblings, I enjoy having alone time by play in in my room and on my ipod

Ter m 1 Space  In term 1 we learnt about space. My favourite thing in space is a nebular, it is very colourful. I am hoping to learn more about them. •

I learnt a lot of things about space like a black hole has 3 different parts

an outer vortex an inner vortex and a core some scientists say that a black hole leads to another universe.

Click here to find out about mars

Ter m 2 Melbour ne ď śIn term 2 we learnt about Melbourne we went on 2 excursion the first one was the state library and a boat cruise I enjoyed it a lot I especially liked the library tour. The second excursion was the Vic market and the eureka tower the best thing on that excursion was the eureka tower edge

Ter m 3 g over nment ď śIn term 3 we learn about the government. At the start of the term we went to the state house

Ter m 4 global concer ns ď śThis term we are learning about global concerns I have learnt so far about poverty, that people live on $2 per day, pollution and disseises

specialists ď śThis year we did heaps of specialist classes such as music, P.E, science, L.O.T.E,

music ď śThis year in music I have improved allot in piano and recorder. In term three we took part in the school concert and the them is boogie fever. Piano has helped me read notes a lot easier and I’m on book two.

P.e This year in P.E we've done badminton, soccer, football and more. The year 5’s and 6’s took part in other sports.

l.o.t.e ď śThis year in l.o.t.e I learn how to speak Indonesian at the start of the year I walked in to the l.o.t.e room not knowing how to speak I word and now I know a lot on Indonesian

roses g ap camp ď śIn term 1 the grade 5 and 6’s went on roses gap camp, the road trip was very boring and long but when we got there I was glad I came when we finished getting settled in our room we went for a long walk to a waterfall when we came back we played in our rooms and out side until dinner came then we went to bed. For the rest of the days we got split in to groups and did lots of activity's such as abseiling, the giant swing, zip line, vertical play pen, low ropes course and canoeing

Excursions ď śThis year we have done lots of excursions such as parliament house, eureka tower and queen Vic market and many more! My favourite one is the eureka tower and the queen Vic market.

Just like me ď śIn just like me we learnt how the whole world would be like if there were 100 people in the world and learnt what it would be like to live in poverty

Beach prog ram ď śIn term 4 we did the beach program. at the program we learnt how to do CPR the ricer (witch is a healing process) and drsabcd and other things

Homeless sleepover ď śIn term 4 we did the homeless sleep of for dinner we went to a soup kitchen and we made little villages. At night I found it hard to sleep because it was to hot and stuffy in my box and I found it uncomftable


DREAM FUTURE ď śWhen I grow up I would like to be a vet or a dancer

Edmonds_My year 5 port folio  
Edmonds_My year 5 port folio