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Summer 2017

Recovery Counselor, Dana Dart-McLean

Living Our Mission & Values Each year Epiphany Center staff gather for a session on the agency Mission & Values. These sessions enable us to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of our Mission Statement and our Values and ways we can live them out each day in the performance of our jobs. When combined, we believe our Mission & Values are a true testament to the quality care Epiphany Center provides. Simplicity To act with integrity, clarity and honesty.

Past sessions have reviewed the meaning of each paragraph in the Mission Statement. In 2014, we related our Values with the Five Principles of Trauma-Informed Care (understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma). We reflected on strengths and challenges related to the Values and on ways

to increase our commitment to be a respectful, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment. Respect To create a safe environment that honors individual and cultural differences.

The following year, each team wrote a Values Vision Statement that was later printed on a banner and hung in our main hallway. Each department then planned a celebration on one value for all staff. Throughout 2016 there were five celebrations that included a teamwork activity to promote Creativity and a 30-minute activity focused on the expression of Simplicity. During the latest Mission & Values session three staff presented a section of our Mission Statement. Their presentations included these thoughts: On the first section La’Donnike Morgan, Family Support Specialist,

stated, “You don’t have to be religious. It is more about following the values of St. Vincent de Paul and being caring and respecting everyone, emotionally and physically.” Inventiveness to Infinity To work together and form collaborative partnerships to discover new solutions for every challenge.

Lynette Jones, Site Supervisor of the Parent-Child Center presented the second paragraph and offered this statement, “Everything we do at Epiphany depends on each other. We see clients and help identify their needs. Rather than telling them what they need, it is about accepting and understanding where they are in their lives. It is also about strengthening the understanding between parent and child.” continued on page 2


A Message from the Executive Director Dear Friends, This issue of the FOCUS highlights the work we do as an agency to make our Mission & Values the core of all our activities. The Values are based on ideals defined by St. Vincent de Paul 400 years ago. His vision was to find creative solutions, establish strong collaborations, and engage others in serving the most needy and vulnerable in society. He lived in a time of chaos and social upheaval but understood that organized and collaborative efforts could make a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Today, each of us at Epiphany Center is living the legacy of St. Vincent and the ideal he lived by when he stated: “It is not enough to do good, it must be done well.” We strive to provide services that are excellent, relevant, client-centered, and compassionate. Being ‘Vincentian” unites us to a worldwide movement that seeks to alleviate poverty and promote dignity and peace. It is not only the agency staff who carry on the Vincentian spirit but all our collaborators and benefactors who support the agency. This issue is filled with the smiling faces of those who are inspired by our Mission and are a part of changing lives and bringing hope. As we celebrate 165 years supporting San Francisco families in the Vincentian spirit, we give thanks for the many blessings brought to us through the years by people like each of you!

Lord, thank you for your presence with us through these many years of service to your people. Keep our hearts open to the inspiration of our founders and help us to continually grow in the spirit of compassion, respect, simplicity, advocacy, and inventiveness to infinity! Summer 2017

"The commitment to compassion at Epiphany Center is palpable when you walk through the door. I feel fortunate to be a part of it. The staff have created a unique sense of protection for the women here." -Epiphany Employee

For the final section, Dana Dart-McLean, Recovery Counselor, provided a visual presentation of a blossoming flower which represents Epiphany Center clients. “The clients’ individual healing will radiate out to their family, community, and their future lives.” She added that Epiphany Center is preparing women, children, and families to learn to tolerate the extremes of life. “The sun in this drawing represents the incredible joy, and the storm describes the difficulties one will face, but at the end they are both nourishing and will help an individual grow. The flower itself represents the idea that clients are grounded in recovery but are also grounded in the soil and the ground they come from. The boulders represent traumas that are extra weights placed on the seed and placed on the potential for growth and healing. Our work with clients is to overcome that.” Compassionate Care To strive for excellence in treatment planning, team work among staff, and a healthy environment for both staff and clients.

After the presentations, each team produced objectives to help us evaluate ourselves in the living out of our Values. We then brainstormed on defining why we do the work that we do and each staff wrote a brief “I believe” statement related to a value that inspires them in their work at the agency. “I believe that with respect we can change the world.” Advocacy To speak and act consistently toward enriching the present and future lives of children, women, and families.

Each activity is aimed at creating an environment where the Mission is apparent in all our programs and where the Values are vibrantly reflected in each staff person. As we live out our Mission & Values, we are able to be a team and sustain a safe, caring environment for women, children, and families. Over a century ago, our founders knew then what we continue to practice today: compassionate care, bringing healing and wholeness to each individual throughout all our programs. Together, our Mission & Values forge the unifying force that strengthens and furthers our goals in clientcentered care.


The Next Chapter

" Epiphany saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. Epiphany believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I was given my life back and that’s a gift I can never repay. Thank you for believing in me!" - Epiphany Graduate

On June 30, 2017 the Epiphany community celebrated recovery with three women who are making the transition from the residential programs. Family, friends, staff, League members and the Ladies of Charity were present for support and good wishes as this new chapter begins in their lives. Each woman was given the opportunity to share about her recovery journey. Their stories were inspiring, heartfelt, and filled with hope and transformation.

Everyday courage and commitment came through in each speech, bringing both laughter and tears to those in attendance. Epiphany Center graduations highlight the strength, resilience, and determination that each woman finds within her that allows her to move beyond her addiction to discover her true potential. Celebrations of transformation leave all of us with renewed hope and gratitude.


A Family Gives Back

Every Christmas season, a package arrives at Epiphany Center filled with beautiful infant clothes. Already monthly donors, this family goes the extra mile by selecting and purchasing special items for their “San Francisco family”. The couple, Stu and Julie, first learned of the Epiphany Center when they received a call from their adoption agency with the wonderful news that they were matched with a very special twenty-month old child who resided in the Epiphany Infant Residential Program (1986-2001). “It wasn’t long before we were meeting with Sister Estela, Sister Fran, and our new soon-to-be son. However, at the time, the transition period seemed to be agonizingly long. We were a young couple,

eager to bring our new son home, and the three-week transitional period felt like an eternity. But looking back at it now, I truly appreciate the time the staff provided for us to get to know our son and to ease into becoming parents of a toddler and a new family of three,” recalls Julie. "We were shown such kindness and compassion from each and every person and quickly began to think of them as part of our extended family." “During that three week period we got to know Sister Estela, Sister Fran, and the Epiphany staff. We were shown such kindness and compassion from each and every person and quickly began to think of them as part of our extended family. We are eternally grateful for the love and care they gave to our son, to all of the other children there, and to the loving guidance and encouragement they gave to us as

new parents of a special little boy that we all treasure." Julie was a Human Resource professional before the family brought their son home, but since then she’s been a grateful stay-at-home mom. In 2000, they adopted a daughter. To give back, Julie volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center. Stu retired from the Air Force several years ago and is now flying for FedEx. In their spare time, they enjoy tennis, biking, reading, watching movies and of course, spending time at home with the family. The family's annual Christmas package is their small way of saying "Thank You" to all those who graciously took such great care of their son so many years ago. “It is our hope that our gift may in some way help the wonderful staff at Epiphany Center and touch the life of another sweet child in their care."



FOCUS feature

Best of Times Two decades later and the show still goes on! A STANDING OVATION to this year’s cast: Gail Anderson, The Benefit Party & Show was the brain child of Katie Budge. Diane Blackman, Erik Davis, Victoria Stewart Davis, Francie Her all-women vocal group, the Doo Wah Divas, Devlin, David Fleishhacker, Peggy Haas, Ginnie Menezes, performed in the inaugural show which raised funds to benefit Tom Owens, Valerie Malone Raskin, Hiedeh Saghi, Erich the children and families served by Mt. St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth. Stratmann, and Lizanne Suter. We celebrate their talent and In 1998, the Doo Wah Divas took the stage at The Great applaud their generosity! American Music Hall where, over the years, the show has We deeply appreciate the women of the Epiphany League, grown to include a larger cast of dedicated community our generous sponsors, guests, donors, and volunteers whose members. This year, we were honored and excited to welcome charitable contributions continue to support programs which back many former cast members guide vulnerable families on the path who continue to lend their support. to success. “I am financially secure; no longer The 20th Annual Benefit Party & Because of our caring requiring any state or county financial Show lit up the night on Thursday, community, this event raised over assistance or housing subsidy. March 9th, at The Family in $60,000! The charismatic Tom Epiphany clearly strengthens downtown San Francisco. Our communities. For a long time my life Owens emceed the event’s gratitude to party co-chairs Maggie Fund-A-Need live auction, which was 'rough'. Epiphany Center is the Dobbins and Brenda MacLean, for raised $23,000 for the installation of diamond in my rough!" going above and beyond organizing Life Floor cushioned decking on our this milestone event; to Lizanne Suter and Francie Devlin for infant outdoor play space. Since that first Show in 1998, over orchestrating a superb show; and to Dwight Okamura for $2,000,000 has been raised to directly support programs that sharing his outstanding musical talent. Attendees had the strengthen families by providing a safe and nurturing home honor of hearing a moving testimonial from a graduate of our where women can gain the resources to rebuild their lives, and Recovery Program as she spoke about her journey of ensure their children have hopeful futures. A gracious thank transformation. you to all who joined us in body or in spirit to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Benefit Party & Show!

Cast 2017 Summer 2017

Without our amazing cast of characters, the SHOW would not have gone on, and on, and on! Our hats are off to YOU!

Cast 2010 Gail Anderson Cynthia Baggott Elizabeth Baker Diane Blackman Dick Blackman Lauren Blackman Bill Boardman Katie Budge Stephanie Case Bettina Davis Erik Davis Victoria Stewart Davis Frances Devlin Patrick Devlin David DeWilde Mollie Dostart Dave Eschleman Bill Figge David Fleishhacker Ceseli Foster Peggy Haas

Doo Wah Divas 2000

Cast Members 1998-2017 Mindi Hadan Sara Hauter Marcia Hill Jock Hooper Adelaide Hornberger Gareth Hornberger Christopher Kruse Brenda MacLean Donald MacLean Josephine Malti Pat McBaine Pam McKulla Ginnie Menezes Bill Mittendorf Willa Moore David Navarro Gualtiero Negrini Dwight Okamura Clyde Ostler

D'Arcy Owens Tom Owens Paul Pelosi David Pettus Jackie Pettus Michael Pitts Teresa Quigley Brian Ramsey Valerie Malone Raskin Anna Becky Redlich Mollie Ricker William Riley Karen Saghi Hiedeh Saghi Debby Smith Erich Stratmann Robert Steele Lizanne Suter Beverly Tuller Donald Van de Mark Christina Waldeck

Tom Owens & Peggy Haas 2017 performing I Got You Babe




9 th A nnual

Celebrating Mothers Luncheon On May 11th, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends old and new, gathered on the shore of the San Francisco Bay at the St. Francis Yacht Club for the Epiphany League’s 9th annual Celebrating Mothers Luncheon to honor the women who have touched our lives. Over 125 guests joined co-chairs Sheila Kelly and Terry Keyes and the dedicated League to bid on select silent auction items, purchase one-of-akind orchid gardens, and to listen to a graduate tell her story of transformation from homelessness to a successful career. It was a blessing to celebrate the women among us, as well as those who we give our service and support to at Epiphany Center. We extend our gratitude to our community sponsors including: Bi-Rite Market, SoulCycle, San Francisco Opera, Caymus Winery, San Francisco Ballet, In-N-Out Burger,

Kathleen Walsh M.D., Whole Foods, and many more, for donating fabulous silent auction items that provide unrestricted funding for our programs. Because of your kindness at this year’s event, we raised over $16,000 for the Fund-A-Need to directly support Professional Development for our staff. Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we will be able to maintain a high quality program for the families we serve. Your investment will allow our staff the opportunity to grow and gain knowledge to serve our families in a professional, compassionate, and caring way. Lastly, special thanks and appreciation to the Epiphany League for once again coordinating a successful and enjoyable event. We also want to give our deepest thanks to "YOU" our contributors, sponsors, donors, volunteers, supporters, and our friends and family!

"My life today is filled with good things I could only hope for before I came to Epiphany Center. I am forever grateful to this organization for helping me get my life back and making my dreams a reality." - Epiphany Graduate

We look forward to seeing you at our 10th Annual Celebrating Mothers Luncheon on May 10th, 2018! Special thanks to Pamela Lucas for the stunning photographs! Summer 2017




Epiphany Center strengthens family life through programs faithful to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, rooted in JudeoChristian values and the tradition of service of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Epiphany Center provides client-centered care to a diverse population of women, children, and families, who are most vulnerable in our society. Our purpose is to strengthen family life and to enhance the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in our care.

Circa 1950

“Happy Birthday Mt. St. Joseph – St. Elizabeth!”

Our vision is to create a safe environment that reflects the belief that each person is created by God, is endowed with unique gifts, and is worthy of respect. We believe that our care for individuals enriches their present and future lives, the lives of their families and, through them, the

O’Christmas Tea 2016

community in which we live.

Was Full of Holiday Cheer!


"It was a lovely event with terrific camaraderie between all guests, staff and artist vendors. It was also a terrific opportunity to get in a lot of holiday shopping. The boutique had fabulous gifts for friends and family! The staff shared heartfelt summaries about their work and Epiphany Center's impact on the women, children and families in their care.”


Sister Carol Padilla, D.C. VICE CHAIR


Sister Frances Vista, D.C.

- Epiphany League Member


Ms. Tina M. Ahn Sister Margaret Louise Brown, D.C. Sister Betty Marie Dunkel, D.C.

Save-the-Date Tuesday, December 5, 2017!

Sister Trinitas Hernandez, D.C. Ms. Victoria Jones Deacon Eugene Smith EXECUTIVE DIREC TOR

Sister Estela Morales, D.C. EP I P HANY C ENT ER




100 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco, California 94118

Celebrating 165 Years! Epiphany Center (Mt. St. Joseph – St. Elizabeth) is celebrating 165 years of strengthening family life through our past and present programs in San Francisco. Throughout the years, the programs have changed, but our mission to enhance the physical, social-emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of each person in our care has remained the same. Every day we are guided by our values of RESPECT, COMPASSIONATE CARE, CREATIVITY, ADVOCACY, and SIMPLICITY. ebrating As we celebrate our 165th Anniversary, it is a Cel time to honor and commemorate our many generous supporters through the years and to Years give a heartfelt “Thank You” to our donors, staff, Since 1852 and consultants.


For more information, visit TheEpiphanyCenter.org or call (415) 351-4055

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Epiphany Center Summer 2017 FOCUS Newsletter  

Epiphany Center Summer 2017 FOCUS Newsletter  

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