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Fall 2018

Great News! In July, we opened The Epiphany Step-Down Program. This facility is our transitional living residence and the next phase in our commitment to supporting women in their transformative journey. Our Step-Down Program provides housing and supportive post-treatment aftercare services and bridges the gap between structured residential substance abuse treatment and full independence. Providing transitional support to those in recovery is imperative! Recovery from

addiction is a lifelong process. Research demonstrates better outcomes and longterm success rates for individuals who engage in an aftercare program compared to those who do not. Thus, an aftercare program is highly vital in ensuring a long-term,

and sustained lifelong recovery.

Epiphany’s Transitional Step-Down Program supports up to 12 women and their children (0-5 years) for up to 1 year. Residents receive case management support, independent living education, and access to the Center’s recovery specialists. This unique Program connects residents with outpatient treatment services, community recovery activities, permanent housing resources, and employment and educational opportunities. Further, women with children receive ongoing parenting support including infant-child psychotherapy through our licensed Epiphany Center Family Treatment clinicians. Our Program follows the principles of Restorative Justice in which we believe that through a woman’s transformation she becomes active in recovery, acting with integrity, honesty and responsibility.

The Epiphany Step-Down Program provides the accountability, structure, and support that women need to firmly establish positive lifestyle changes to maintain lifelong sobriety! The women and children are thrilled with their new home and continued support! Currently Epiphany receives no public funding for staffing and managing this much needed program. Providing supportive housing in Epiphany’s Step-Down Program costs $60 a day for each woman. Please join us in our efforts to help fund new beginnings…. An envelope is included for your convenience or visit TheEpiphanyCenter.org to learn more about Epiphany programs and to donate.

THANKS TO YOU we're jumping for joy as our new play yard begins construction this Fall!

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A Message from the Executive Director Dear Friends of Epiphany, How does one explain the feeling of seeing lives change before you? I have a small metal “white board” that I use to let people know where I am when I am not in my office. I took pictures of the many messages the women have left me before I erase them so I can “sign out” on the board. They wish me “good morning”, “a blessed day”, say they “feel free and alive”, thank me for my service. They know that though they have very little interaction with me, I represent all that goes on here through the wonderful and caring staff and the quality programs and professional support they and their babies receive. At this time of Giving Thanks each year, our women are an example of the need to thank God for the people He sends each of us to make our lives better. Your support makes normal happenings available again to women and their children who haven’t had healthy and happy everyday experiences in a long time, and sometimes, a very long time. This newsletter highlights the generosity of some of our supporters. I thank God for them and for all of you who share your talents, time and treasure. Because our Early Childhood programs and our new Epiphany Step-Down House receive NO public funding, YOUR support really does give a child a chance to have a healthy mother to love and cherish him or her and a good start in life, which they wouldn’t have without YOU.

To love someone is to bid him to live and invite her to grow. Thank you for your love for our women and young children and God bless you with everyday experiences of His love for you,

Sister Betty Marie Dunkel, D.C.

I DON'T LIVE IN MY CAR ANYMORE Jackie and her one-year-old daughter recently enrolled in our In-Home Services SafeCare® Parenting Training Program; a program designed to support vulnerable parents with developing the skills they need to safely care for their children. Our family support specialists address three key risk factors for child abuse and neglect: the parent-child relationship, home safety, and child health. Struggling to make ends meet, Jackie had been sleeping in her car or motels. She exhibited delays developmentally, had difficulty managing her anger, and was burdened with challenging familial relationships. As a result, she was unable to adequately care for herself or attend to her daughter’s physical and emotional needs. Jackie’s instruction began with the Parent-Infant Interaction Module. The module seeks to enhance a parent’s responsiveness to an infant’s needs, promote positive interactions that support infant development, and guide a parent to create a nurturing living environment. In spite of the Jackie’s stressful living conditions and relationships, she routinely expressed a positive and EP I P H A N Y CE N T E R


warm relationship with her daughter and always ensured her daughter had a safe place with her parents. In the beginning, Jackie’s lack of permanent housing made it difficult for her to consistently participate, but she always remained in communication with her In-Home Services family support specialist. Eventually, she found temporary housing that allowed her to participate regularly. In turn, she began to demonstrate significant progress as she mastered each infant training activity and strengthened the bond with her daughter. After successfully completing the first module, Jackie found permanent housing for her family. She was able to focus fully on her training and progress through the remaining modules to develop additional child care skills across safety, health, hygiene, and nutrition. As she completed each module, Jackie proved time and again to be capable of safely attending to her daughter’s needs. With permanent housing in place, she is using her newly learned safety skills to address and remove safety hazards throughout the home. She has enrolled her daughter in day care, is engaging in daily exercise, and applying for employment. We are filled with pride for Jackie who says she now has hope and confidence to move forward and build a brighter future with her little girl. We are also proud of our dedicated staff who provide services to keep parents and children together.

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Knights of Columbus and Church of the Visitacion

Did you know that one baby uses approximately 2,500 diapers a year? In October, at their Celebration of Life service, Church of the Visitacion and the Knights of Columbus held a diaper drive to support our never ending need and collected over 3,000 diapers and pull-ups for our little ones!

Native Sons Of The Golden West The Native Sons of the Golden West's San Francisco District, Native Sons Parlor #231, treated our families to a Fourth of July BBQ at the Center. Dennis McLaughlin of Parlor #231, whose mother and aunt stayed at Mount St. Joseph, led the charge and organized a special day filled with fun, food, and fellowship. Local photographer, Debra Greenblatt, shot and framed portraits of our families. Parlor #231 also donated new flags for our flagpole and rejoined us this October for a flag raising ceremony.

Thank you Native Sons Parlor #231, Dennis and Debra for their kind donations and taking time to help our families celebrate the Fourth!

Our heartfelt gratitude for their kindness and continued support of our families!

10 th A nnual

Celebrating Mothers Luncheon

On May 10, 2018, the Epiphany League held its 10th annual Celebrating Mothers Luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The League welcomed over 150 guests honoring mothers and women who have touched our lives. Our gratitude to all who attended and to our sponsors Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation, Adrienne Mansi, Adrienne Murphy, Joanne Murphy, and LaVerne Reiterman. Together we raised over $50,000 for women, children, and families served by Epiphany Center.

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ALUM REUNION FALL 2018 In October, our alums returned to celebrate new lives and renewed spirits. Alums both new and old gathered to share their journeys with current residents and show just how wonderful a life in recovery can be. At every reunion, their tenacity and perseverance inspire the women who are seeking treatment at Epiphany Center. Former clients, current residents, and staff shared their experiences, strength, and hope to help one another on their journey.

“We know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.” - Alum EPIP H A N Y C EN T ER


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We thank God for you and all that you do for Epiphany! All of us at Epiphany Center wish you and your family a very

Happy Thanksgiving! g


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Our Mission

We are grateful for...

the many parishes who share a little Christmas magic with our struggling families each year. By providing Target gift cards, our women are able to shop and select the perfect gift for their little one and for themselves. Because of your kindness and compassion, our families will celebrate a brighter Christmas filled with hope and love.

St. Brendan’s St. Cecelia’s St. Gabriel’s St. Ignatius St. Vincent de Paul and the Students of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Epiphany accepts Target gift cards throughout the year. These cards allow us to purchase program and personal items for women and children who arrive at our door with little or nothing. Your gift is deeply appreciated!

Epiphany Center strengthens family life through programs faithful to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, rooted in JudeoChristian values and the tradition of service of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Epiphany Center provides client-centered care to a diverse population of women, children, and families, who are most vulnerable in our society. Our purpose is to enhance the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in our care. Our A N Y CE N T Eenvironment R | 4 visionEPisI PtoHcreate a safe that reflects the belief that each person is created by God, is endowed with unique gifts, and is worthy of respect. We believe that our care for individuals enriches their present and future lives, the lives



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Epiphany Center's Fall 2018 Newsletter  

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Epiphany Center's Fall 2018 Newsletter  

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