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mixed use development construction documents




Plantation is a small city in Jefferson County, KY that is in need of a new business plan that would help it compete with newer developments in and around Louisville. This design implements a city center with commercial buildings that can be seen in red and blue and a residential area with mixed use and dwelling space shown in orange and yellow. Within these areas is a network of trails and paths that link residential and commercial buildings to open green space allowing connections separate from roads that are safe and beautiful.

plantation revitalization beacon identity suburban redevelopment

civic trail connectivity activity pedestrian walkability open

Central Lawn

The New Town Hall

This design emphasizes two major areas that create a place to gather and establish a sense of community spirit. The Central Lawn area located within the residential section of the design serves as a destination for residents as it provides them with room for passive and active recreation. Due to its location the Central Lawn acts as a node that has trails and

paths branching away from it throughout the community. The New Town Hall Plaza acts in a similar way for the commercial area of the design. This location becomes a focal point for those arriving to Plantation and a beacon for those passing by. Together these spaces anchor and open each side of the community which helps balance the design.

Parking Gara



Farmers Market

Entrance Passing Civic Center

intermodal transit center downtown bicycl culture commuter design interaction experie

gathering activity urban welcoming demand comm

Elevation Showing Entire Site

Section Facing Promenade

This intermodal transit center is located on the corner of 4th Street and Jefferson Avenue in downtown Louisville, KY. The increased prevalence of bicycle ridership in this city has increased the demand for bicycle infrastructure in Louisville. This design answers the need for a bicycle hub in the center of downtown that

will begin to promote bicycle ownership and activity, as well as, provide those who commute to work a welcoming place to come and store their bicycles to begin the day. The design offers various interactive features that work to bring people off of the street and into this area to expose them to the rise of bicycle culture.

intermodal transit center digital renderings

Sculpture Meadow

Kids Play

Butterfly Garden Grove Open Lawn



Wave Field Boardwalk

Park Pride was a design competition based in Gwinnett County, GA. This suburb of Atlanta was looking to create a park in a culturally diverse area of their town that would welcome people and give them a place to gather and relax. The design concept for this project considers the people around the park as the roots of the community and the park as a gathering place where they can come together and branch out. This concept was worked into the design by having many paths and spaces breaking off of one another creating a network that resembles a tree. This layout works to incorporate all ethnic backgrounds by providing a variety of recreational activities both passive and active.

the tree inspiration together park pride

Existing Pond

community diversity function innovate history unity opportunity recreation destination






View From Entrance


Childrens Play Area



cheapside plaza revitalizat identity urban design civic

triangulation activity pedestria Cheapside Square is located in downtown Lexington. While still being a heavily used space, over time this area has seen neglect and fallen into disrepair. This project reinvents the space and makes it worthy of the daily pedestrian traffic. The design works to buffer users of the space from Main Street with a bosque of trees. This forms a point of triangulation for pedestrians passing the site and provides shade and seating in a comfortable environment. The large open space can be used for events or a farmers market.




Site Selection ircle Rd.

lasville Rd.

MU-3 Z o n i n g C o d e s


Ri m ch d

New C

on .


ircle Rd. New C

lasvil le Rd . 1/8




Lexington Mall-Richmond Rd. Legend

d on

Nich o

m ch


To better understand zoning codes and the limitations they present this study of redeveloping a piece of land in Lexington was conducted. Through a site selection process Lexington Mall became the targeted area for a new mixed use development. The design on top shows what this area could look like strictly following Fayette Counties MU-3 zoning codes. The design on the bottom shows a refinement to those codes. The main changes included were a significant reduction in the needed parking required by the MU-3 zoning codes. By limiting parking the design could transform into a more pedestrian friendly environment with plaza spaces and cafes.

Black Line is One Mile Diameter Greenway System



1 Mile

Hospital K-12 School


Fire Station


Police Station

Refined Codes

Analysis Overlays

lexington mall analysis site desi codes mixed use development m

evaluation suitability process zoning re

The Legacy Trail Center Trail Head - Demonstration - Information

1500 Bull Lea Rd. Lexington, KY 40511 December 2010 Matthew Hisle and Associates Landscape Architects 2500 Alumni Dr. #6104 Lexington, KY 40517 859-797-9571

Index 1 Presentation 2 Layout 3 Grading 4 Stormwater Drainage 5 Lighting 6 Planting


Rain Garden

Stormwater Basin Kiddie Trail

Rain Garden

Bike Rental Building


Viewing Area Demonstration Area

Main Building

Drop Off

Rain Garden

Meeting Area


Pedestrian Entry

Stormwater Basin

Legacy Trail Connection

the legacy trail center planting dimensionin site construction documents lighting under

grading presentation stormwater drainage title bl

progress place

connectivity future conservation residential understanding

analysis site

space enhance design character ecology fabric

concepts experience function


Mark Arnold

hierarchy creation

Principal, M2D Design Group 400 Old Vine St # 206 Lexington, KY 40507 (859) 389-6533

diversity suitability

environment form urban evaluation culture


Ned Crankshaw

Professor and Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture University of Kentucky (859) 257-4691

Brian Lee Ph.D.

order experience


residential form values

circulation people

Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture University of Kentucky (859) 257-7205


relationship technique opportunity character


creation redevelop

experience residential understanding

community progress history experience function strategy green function concepts innovate

embrace enhance suitability circulation

Undergraduate Portfolio  

A collection on my work from my time at the University of Kentucky.

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