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==== ==== For more information on various topics about diabetes, visit our site and be heard! ==== ==== How traumatizing would you rate a diagnosis of diabetes when compared to heart disease, cancer, AIDS, or anything else where the curtain is destined to fall it seems with little to no hope for recovery? Before becoming self employed, I worked at Vitamin World near my home in Massachusetts. My most nervous patients were those who were faced with Type Two Diabetes. They literally looked as if their life was on the verge of ending. Controlling blood sugar was normally the reason they came in, and upon asking them how they currently managed it normally the only answer I would receive was "with medicine". Nobody mentioned going on to a diabetic diet! Having so many customers with this new diagnosis, or about to become diagnosed with having diabetes type two, I began researching the most beneficial minerals and supplements that would assist them. The herbal supplements were numerous and certainly seemed like powerful diabetes remedies however it was always mentioned they worked best in conjunction with a diabetic diet. The diabetic diet resources I read into all mentioned portion control along with will power as the most important aspects of the diabetic diet and that they should both be practiced until becoming a second nature action. Imagine portion control as a math equation. one added to one equals two, correct? Portion control is the first part of the mathematical sentence, however it does not equal two as is needed. Choosing the proper foods is the second and equally important portion of the "diabetic diet" equation. Carbohydrates are the main ingredient when preparing your meal, however you will need to fill your plate with complex carbohydrates not simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are vegetables that are not starchy and include numerous types such as lettuces, peppers, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower for example. The remaining half of your plate will be cut into half, creating two quarters of your whole plate. One of the quarters will consist of starchy foods like potatoes or cereal while the other will be comprised of a protein such as meat or fish. Simple and complex carbohydrates are not as easy to figure out just by looking at them however are broken down dramatically different by our bodies. Simple carbohydrates are consumed by our bodily and turned into sugar at a rapid rate, which is why sugary juices are normally kept on hand for diabetics when they have a blood sugar drop. Complex carbohydrates are the opposite, they are not broken down and the sugar is released at a far more gradual rate. The nutritional properties of your food choices are also very important. Your food choices should include foods rich in certain minerals, or if you have an allergy to foods, you should consider supplementing some of the minerals. Chromium is the most well known mineral and I saw this purchased more than other supplements while working at Vitamin World. Your body needs chromium for metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, both simple and complex. Type two diabetics have a prevalent deficiency of minerals including chromium. Diabetic individuals are also found to be deficient in the mineral magnesium. Aside from stabilizing blood sugar levels, magnesium plays a very important role in over 300 other biochemical processes in the body. Magnesium rich foods are a popular choice for those who practice fasting for religious reasons. The reason for this, maybe unknown to the individual fasting, is that magnesium helps

to lower blood glucose levels when you are fasting! If you want to add some spice (or sweetness) to your diabetic diet you should highly consider cinnamon! Many foods, herbs, and minerals can counteract the effects of diabetic medicines. Cinnamon is not one of those which could be a factor toward their acceptance into the diabetic diet. Aside from minerals, as mentioned previously, herbs are also a popular method of treating blood sugar problems in diabetics. Gymnema and ginseng are the most popular and have been used in a wide variety of medical treatments for thousands of years by various cultures around India and portions of Africa. Remember, this is your life you are dealing with. I am not a doctor, nor do I attempt to portray one. I am just avidly interested in health related topics specifically diabetes and colon cleansing! This is something you pretty much have to consult with your doctor, but do not worry, as your doctor will probably ask why you have not begun the diabetic diet earlier. Ask your doctor about adding the mentioned herbs to your new diabetic diet!

==== ==== For more information on various topics about diabetes, visit our site and be heard! ==== ====

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