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Publishing House Formatting and other Regulations PAGE SETUP ● TOP MARGIN: 1” ● BOTTOM MARGIN 1” ● RIGHT MARGIN 1” ● LEFT MARGIN 1.5” FONT ● STYLE: ARIEL or TIMES NEW ROMAN ONLY ● SIZE: 12 ● LINE SPACING: DOUBLE (AT MOST) HEADER: LOCATED IN TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE ○ GENRE (Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, or Illustration) ○ ACCOUNT # SAVE AS: ● WORD DOC OR PDF. ● FILE NAME: TITLE AND AUTHOR’S LAST NAME Example: TearsOfaTigerDraper.doc WORD COUNT / LINE COUNT: Word count of all prose pieces and line count of all poetry written lightly in pencil on the back of the last page of each piece. Honesty Policy Writers must complete the required pieces of each genre. Writers are NOT permitted to trade writing with each other prior to purchase. If you sell a piece, that action alone is your promise that it was your original piece. You may only earn money for selling pieces directly to publishers or via awards. Plagiarism sucks, so just don’t do it. In case clarification is still needed about what plagiarism is or how strongly I feel about it, I offer the following: Plagiarism: the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. ● If you don’t have what it takes to step up and meet your objectives, then at least have the decency to admit it, move on, and do better next time. ● At NO TIME is plagiarism an acceptable alternative! Grades come and go, but the world around you rarely forgets or forgives an attempt at deception. Yes, of course plagiarism will earn you an F on this assignment, but more importantly, it will loose you the respect of this teacher with not nearly enough time remaining in the school year to earn it back. ● Editors, you are also responsible for the integrity of the pieces you choose to publish. Publishing a piece that is discovered to be plagiarized, will land you in a very difficult situation with your grade on the line. It is highly suggested that you google search “suspicious” pieces of purchased writing prior of going to print. Of course any funds spent on a piece found to be plagiarized before going to print will be fully refunded and the consequences reserved for the “author”. Posting Past Assignments for Sale ● You may submit only ONE assignment or version of an assignment you have written for this class already this year. In addition you are allowed to submit ONLY ONE assignment from any other class that you have written this year. All other material you sell must be work that has not been used as an assignment for any other academic class. Attempting to bend or break these guidelines would constitute a misrepresentation of your work and cheating.

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