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Malekko Wolftone CHAOS

Maxon DB-10 Dual Booster

• All analog, improved recreation of the Studio Electronics uniquely insane distortion pedal. • Dimension and Hair switches combined with pickup selection and playing dynamics allow sweeping filter and ring modulation effects. Extremely sensitive to players’ input, which can be a lot of fun! • Can be unruly and hard to program, but there’s nothing like it.

FXdoctor Super 8-Bit Fuzz • A high-gain gated fuzz that can go from short-note Nintendo-like tones to an unstable mass of noise, self-oscillations, and octave dropping goodness. • A dditions include Gain and Stability knobs as well as a LED indicator. • The Stability takes you from traditional high-gain fuzz to unstable / self oscillating. It is a dream knob for all the noise rockers out there - just try it.

• Two completely independent boost circuits in a single compact housing. • Each circuit has its own ins and outs, allowing them to be cascaded into one another in any order, or place extra effects in between. • Both channels offer up to +20 dB of boost,: Clean has a completely flat response, while Vintage has a slight high frequency rolloff and a mild mid-boost when set to max.

VFE Dark Horse Distortion

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Fuzz

• A hard edged distortion allowing a huge range of tonal variations. • 3 different distortion available through switch: S = symmetrical germanium clipping, L = 3mm red LEDs, A = asymmetrical (silicon diode + LED). • Active, post-gain treble & bass controls (boost/ cut) for wide EQ range.

• Capable of sounds from warm, gritty overdrive to a huge sustaining fuzz. • It’s a germanium/silicon hybrid muff style fuzz (loosely based on the old green russian muff) with massive amounts of volume on tap and smooth amp-like sustain. • Shift knob gives you control over the mid frequency response of the Tone knob.

Wampler Hot Wired V2

Modtone High Gainer

Analog Alien Alien Twister Fuzz

• Two channels, each with three adjustment knobs and a “Fat” switch. Channel One deals with overdrive, Channel Two provides medium to high gain crunch. • Both channels have 3 way Fat/ Normal/Fatter switches for two different levels of bass boost, or none. • Version 2 changes include the three-way switching for Channel Two, and a total overhaul of Channel One with clean blending and a range of tones that meet Brent’s modern needs.

• Provides tones from a mellow laid back gain setting to the sound of tubes on the verge of catching fire. • Innovative two concentric knobs for lows and highs tone shaping. • True bypass footswitch with LED.

• A versatile overdrive/distorsion/fuzz pedal with a built-in Buffer. • Input knob provides from overdrive to fuzz, while the Stab knob triggers a high definition and long sustain (all the way up) and a mushier, dull and short tone (all the way down). • Beware of the Output knob! It reaches unity gain at 10:00, leaving lots of room to compensate for weak pickups (or to blow up your amp).

Mod Kits DIY Persuader

WMD Geiger Counter • Takes your signal and destroys it with math using a tiny computer. • The guitar signal is bit reduced and run through a semester’s worth of highschool algebra. • W hat’s left on the other side is up to your imagination.

Station Audio Sparkle Punch • Two pedals in one: a clean boost plus a tube overdrive which can be used separately or together. • The Grit knob controls the overdrive amount given by the 12AU7 tube on the dirty side and the Punch controls its volume. • The mosfet (transistor based boost) adds some high end to your tone.

• A build-it-yourself vacuum tube pre-amp pedal kit based on a 12AX7 operating in starved plate mode to go from clean warm tone to smooth real tube overdrive. • If you choose to test it with different tubes, you can get a great assortment of tones. • Average reviewers claim to be able to build it in less than 5 hours.

Mooer FLEX Boost • BIG sound into a very small package. • Produces a wide range boost with enough gain to work as an overdrive.

FAIRFIELD Unpleasant Surprise

Smallsound Bigsound Mini • A small version of the “fuck” overdrive, this is a JFET overdrive at the core, but without the grungy blownamp-crackle that makes the fuck so unique. • BIAS knob allows the user to dial in saggy lo-fi gnar to clean chime-y hi-fi. • Additional BASS knob allows to get clean sparkle-y treble boost type tones or huge low end.

Diamond Cornerstone • A distortion pedal ranging from low gain grit to touch sensitive crunch to searing leads. • Gain 1 (emulating a ‘preamp’ gain stage) and Gain 2 (a ‘power tube’ saturation with wider range) can be interactively overdriven. • Mids cut/boost control and a Bright (BRT) switch make for limitless tonal ‘personalities’.

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Rock • Infinitely clean sustain without noise, with the option to engage a Harmonic Germanium Distorsion through the Grit switch. • 4 times wider range of compression (aka “threshold”) than its big brother Philosopher’s Tone. • 100% analog and optical design.

• The fruit of an oddball circuit, hanging there awkwardly by some parasitic effect. • Tweaked, bended and shoe-horned to optimize its stench, it’s unpleasance. • Time has come to turn all dynamics to shit. Strangely, it feels very natural.

The Option Knob

The Option Knob allows you to control one or more pedal knobs with your foot.

De lay& reve rb

Death By Audio Echo Dream

Strymon BlueSky Reverberator

Analog Man ARDX20

• A delay pedal that also incorporates a modulation section and a fuzz option. • The modulation section takes you from dreamy sway to glitched out bleeps and bloops. • The fuzz option adds some grit to the sound through no fuzz, fuzz or a lighter diode clipping option, for some truly thick and overwhelming tones.

• A super-lush digital reverb with hand crafted, computationally intense Plate, Room and Spring algorithms. • Normal, Mod and Shimmer modes per algorithm for extremely versatile reverb options. • High Damp and Low Damp, Mod mode and Pre-Delay knob allow all sorts of options.

• True Analog Delay with 650ms of delay time, no power-robbing digital chips. • Two identical sets of controls (time, feedback and level) for 2 separate delay settings. • Effects Loop jack allows running various effects on the wet delay signal only. Delay time jack allows expression pedal control or use AMAZE0 controller  for tap tempo, presets, and modulation.

trem olo & modu lation

Moog MF-104M Analog Delay • A complete delay pedal with a Tap time footswitch, an added Modulation section and a Drive knob. • The time LED flashes red when using the Time knob, and it blinks green when using the Tap foot switch. Allowing you to control delay time in countless ways. • It can be anything between a simple echo, a nice smooth delay or an overwhelming mush of noise.

filter Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone Wah

Eventide ModFactor • This is almost a small pedalboard in itself that includes Eventide’s 29 best modulation effects without compromising quality OR flexibility. • Real-time control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or expression pedal. • Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync/generate.

T-Rex Tapster Tremolo • It’s a Tremster tremolo pedal with an added Tap Tempo function and Subdivision Switch. • An upgrade to an already great pedal, with the added bonus of allowing you to change the tempo of your tremolo pulse dynamically, as you play. • Besides the usual controls, Subdivision switch lets you choose how your tremolo pulsates to the beat – in quarter notes, eighth notes, or eighth-note triplets.

Amptweaker SwirlPool • Tremolo and Vibe with tons of options and 2 different speeds toggled by a footswitch. • Surf switch for deeper, phasey tones. Ramp switch selects rotary-speaker-style ramping between speeds. 2 sync switches to slide LFO between Tremolo/Vibe. • Switch in the battery compartment turns off tremolo for Speed 2 to use only Vibe option.

• No moving parts; no pots, foot switches or gears to break: a wah pedal that functions by tilting it directly on the floor. • Super responsive and expressive with instantaneous silent switching from bypass to effect. • Goes all the way from square wave modulator controlled by your foot to a superb classic wah tone.

3 Leaf Audio Proton • Envelope filter inspired by the sounds of the Mutron III, a staple of 1970s funk and soul music. • Straightforward sensitivity (GAIN) and resonance (PEAK) controls - the magic is in the tone. • Range and Sweep allow for fine tuning together with the Decay knob.

The Deli's Stomp Box Exhibit 2012 - 4 Page Insert  

A in the headphones exhibit of guitar effect pedals, in Brooklyn, NY.