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the districts

Shows: Red 7 (3/12,1pm) + The Brixton (3/14, 3pm)


March 13-15 (11am- 6pm) @ SXSW MUSIC GEAR EXPO (Austin Convention Center)

best day Shows + Bands

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Note from the Editor Dear Reader, You won’t find Gary Numan, St. Vincent or any other celebrity artist featured in this mag. There are enough blogs and publications covering these great artists, and this isn’t one of them. The Deli is about scouting promising musical talents in their own music scene before they even become local heroes. We do so through eleven separate scene-dedicated blogs, covering the most exciting music cities in the US, from NYC (where everything began - back in 2004) to LA, Chicago, Philly and San Fran. Every year, the Austin issue gives us the opportunity to highlight some of the best artists that we’ve been covering during the previous twelve months. Some of the acts highlighted in these pages will become the new St. Vincent in less than a year. They can be your new favorite artists now if you just give them a chance. Paolo De Gregorio Editor In Chief: Paolo De Gregorio Executive Editor: Quang D. Tran Art Director/Designer: Kaz Yabe ( Cover Photo: Caitlin McCann Interns: Anna Chalon, Mia Min Yen

Have you ever realized that all the main indie blogs out there tend to highlight the same music news about the same artists? With its focus on 11 US scenes - all covered through separate blogs - thedelimag. com ignores established bands while scouting quality up-and-coming artists before they get picked up by those same sites.

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the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Playing at Home

Emerging Austin Acts to Check Out

Sour Bridges

By Charise Sowells (


ust like the rest of the city, the music scene in Austin is ever-evolving and expanding at an exponential rate. With an average of 3,000 people moving here every month, this constant migration is bound to have an impact on the sounds coming from the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Nothing is standing still: Old venues are closing (R.I.P. Club deVille) and moving closer to the heart of it all (Antone’s and Cheer Up Charlie’s), particularly the recently deemed Red River Cultural District on the eastern side of downtown. New venues are opening up everywhere you turn (Brass House, C-Boy’s Heart and Soul, Skylark Lounge and Half Step to name a few). As unsettling as the change is for some, at the end of the day, it contributes to making this an exciting time for the art and cultural aspects of our city, especially the music.


The longtime Austinites and Texas music lovers out there (of which there are many) shouldn’t fret: The sounds of the West have definitely not gone out of fashion in this “weird” town. Sour Bridges have created their own genre, calling it Browngrass; “It’s like bluegrass, just a little dirtier,” they say. At our first Best of The Deli Austin Showcase in 2013, they ripped the stage to shreds, transporting the modern city living crowd to an old barn dance in true Southern style. The Love Leighs are the queens of residencies. Currently playing at The White Horse with a solid turnout every week, these ladies will serenade you with precisely

placed harmonies and swinging acoustic instrumentation reminiscent of The Boswell Sisters. They were the perfect nightcap to our second showcase in the beginning of 2014. Thanks to classic old haunts like Broken Spoke, Threadgills and Scoot Inn, as well as some newer joints like Buzz Mill Coffee, there is still plenty of Americana/country and blues music for your ears to indulge in. Other Emerging Artists: Sam Hadfield, Sons of Santos, The Gents, Mayeux & Broussard, The Blackwells, The Chorderoys, The , Rosie and the Roosevelts Ramblers, Mother Merey and the . Black Dirt

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Blue Bear


Much like Austin, folk music isn’t what it used to be. In recent years, the genre has become grounds for experimentation, incorporating fragments of other genres. Be it the catchiness of a good pop song, jazz-influenced licks amid syncopated rhythms, orchestral layers or the addition of electronic elements. Local “folk” artists like Blue Bear and Erin Ivey are creating a rich world full of pretty things and making the genre their own. Grace London is channeling an era before her time, fearlessly flannelled; she is diving in as a one gal band along the lines of Patti Smith, Ani diFranco and Meg White, playing guitar and kick drum while singing her original grunge and punk-infused folk material - all at the age of 14! We were honored to watch her blow people away at our second showcase this year. Dead Tree Duo is an acoustic folk rock band comprised of Mark Ford and AJ Seidner. The power of passion and poetry comes through when these guys play, taking listeners on an unforgettable journey. Performing in venues like the Scottish Rite Theater, Swan

Criminal Birds Dive, Parish Underground, The Mohawk, Strange Brew, One-2One Bar and Flipnotics, these bands never disappoint. Other Emerging Artists: Home by Hovercraft , Killer , Misay Whale, Jess Williamson Day, Taylor Baker, Same Veins, Hikes, Hello Wheels, Grizzly , Adams Family, Justin Soileau , Ruby Fray. Patch


This is The Deli Magazine’s bread and butter. There are so many bands to choose from in this town making original sounding rock ‘n’ roll in varying shades that we’ll never run out of solid bands to cover. I’m especially proud of Criminal Birds and Mighty for having such a Mountain breakout year in 2013. Criminal Birds’ seductive ambient indie rock won our 2013 Readers’ Poll, and placed at the top of my personal list of favorites this year. Mighty Mountain, a monthly poll winner, has been known to play multiple shows a day, multiple times a week, and still pack the house with sweaty hippies and glitter bombs. These bands play locally at the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Megafauna venues all over town such as Holy Mountain, Empire Control Room and Spider House Ballroom. Other Emerging Artists: Moon Honey, The Zoltars , My Russian Princess, The Belle Sounds, Small Circles , Abandoned Warehouse, Blue Kabuki, Bandhaus , Hereticks, Young Tongue, The Black Market Club, Leopold and His Fiction , The Harms, Arum Rae , Emily Wolfe , Walker Lukens , Geography, Antiques , The Sour Notes , Super Thief, Growl , Not in the Face, The Sun Machine, The Gorgeous Hands, Hooka Hey, Vegatron, Brain Attack, Foreign Mothers, Three Leaf, Sweet Talk, La Vega , DSGNS , Salesman.


A tsunami of psychedelic goodness has washed over this town with shimmering vocals doused in reverb and guitar riffs that would make anybody’s classic rock lovin’ parents proud. Combining atmospheric sounds with the brute force of undeniably skilled guitar technique, Megafauna draws people in every time to experience

Les Rav what the band calls, “The thinking woman’s hard rock.” For something a bit lighter but equally as impressive, you have the cartooninspired Holiday Mountain, wrought with frenetic energy that gets the crowds moving. Hotel Vegas, Beerland and Red 7 are the mainstays for bands like these. Other Emerging Artists: Featherface, The Boxing Lesson , The Wolf, Little Radar The Vliets, Lord Buffalo, Kay Leotard, Lake Lady and the Mountain Man, Isaiah the Mosaic, Casual Strangers, . Migrant Kids



It may come as a surprise, but the well of pop music in Austin runs deep. Coming in all shapes and sizes, you can find everything from the pumped up electropop offered by Knifight and newcomer , to the more introspecSerafia tive and orchestral pop of Deer Vibes and Les Rav - or the quirky tunes of robot band, Octant . This genre is sprinkled all over Austin, but especially in places like The North Door, Stubb’s, Lamberts, Cheer Up Charlie’s, Guero’s and Hole in the Wall.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Latasha Lee

and the Blackties Other Emerging Artists: MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR , Pageantry, Yum, Borrisokane, Cautiontape, Auroravore , Mirror Travel, Milezo, Jazz Mills , Phoebe Hunt , Holiday, Picardy III, The Nimbus , Emily Bell, Space Crazies, Digital Antique, Sphynx , Shmu, Pure X, Brotherhood Electric, Slomo Drags.

Gina Chavez , The Soul Omarr Awake Supporters, Aaron Stephens, Jackie Venson.


There’s a soul train trend riding hard around town and bringing back everything good about Motown’s golden years of music production. Bands like Roxy Roca have been selling out venue after venue including the legendary Continental Club. Latasha Lee and the Blackties have also taken the region by storm. The LaRues are back in the studio working on their latest album full of sassy female vocal flair that will knock your socks off. The Blackheart, Baker St. Pub, Parish Austin and Skylark Lounge are just a few of the other locales that have jumped on this bandwagon.

The diversity of Austin is perhaps best reflected in the world music scene. From Africa to the Middle East to Latin America and back again, you can go around the world in 80 minutes at a place like Sahara Lounge. The premier world music venue in Austin houses Zoumountchi, an African band you can see on any given Saturday there. At Phara’s, there is music by the likes of the Flying Balalaika Brothers, complete with belly dancers for all around entertainment. Swiss/German/Mexican dives songstress Gina Chavez into her Latin roots on her new album, exploring the complexities of her musical identity as a multiracial American woman. You may get a taste of cultures within our state’s borders at: Antone’s, Emo’s, Flamingo Cantina, Frank, Firehouse Lounge, Brass House and The Volstead.

Other Emerging Artists: KP and the Boom Boom, The Nightowls , Aaron Stephens, Lisa Marshall , Astronaut Suit,

Other Emerging Artists: Peligrosa, Hard Proof Afrobeat, , Joel Laviolette & Paula Maya Rattletree Marimba.


celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

The Digital Wild


Drawing inspiration from the wealth of musicianship in town, Austin’s hip hop has become increasingly infused with other genres. The Digital Wild’s sound harkens back to 90’s trip hop and drum ‘n’ bass mixed with indie rock. Along with that trend, there has been a surge of rappers with positive messages. One local, who recently piqued my interest, is Saul Paul. He has turned his life around and begun writing uplifting lyrics paired with acoustic guitar, in hopes of helping the youth to make better decisions than he did for much of his life. See artists like these live at The Eastern, One World Theatre, and Cedar Street Courtyard. Other Emerging Artists: Anya, Parking , League of Extraordinary G’z, Bavu Blakes, Mr. Greezo, Nook .

Whiite Walls


Of the local artists involved in the electronic scene, some are more experimental than others, such as Artificial Earth Machine, who is like a mellow mad scientist behind a curtain of gear. Others, like Flavor Raid and Whiite Walls, stick to the more traditional molds of electronic music and focus heavily on bringing the party. EDM venues are: Museum of Human Achievement, Voodoo Room, Speakeasy, Barcelona, Republic Live, Amped Austin, Haven Lounge, Summit Lounge and Kingdom. Other Emerging Artists: Silk Rodeo, Play By Numbers. Discover new emerging local artists on the Deli's Austin blog:

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Best Day Parties At SXSW, most people know what shows they want to see at night, while afternoon schedules tend to be a little more “open.” Why not use this time to discover new bands? Here are some day gigs with lots of emerging artists that we feel like recommending.

SXSW Throwdown 2014 presented by The Echo & Echoplex

Red 7 (611 E. 7th St.)

About the Promoter

Fever The Ghost WEDNESDAY 3/12 12pm - 6pm

We would have lots of wonderful things to say about the bands on this page playing this show, if we hadn’t already planned ahead about covering most of them in this same issue’s “Best Emerging Artists” section (pages 25-40).

Did the booking guys at Echo/Spaceland read our minds? This applies to cover band The Districts , Kan Wakan , Fever The Ghost , and De Lux. To this list of talented up-and-comers, we’ll add brand new LA orchestral-pop band, James Supercave - word on the street is that they will be touring with Warpaint in April.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Celebrating 10 years of live mustic and events, LA’s The Echo and Echoplex have become a hot bed for emerging talent, as well as a tour stop for national and international acts alike. Boasting an impressive roster of local bands who have burst onto the national scene, The Echo is host to monthly residencies which have allowed these bands to blossom.

Other Performers The Bots , Drenge, James Supercave, , The Kite KINS , String Tangle Kuenta i Tambu, , La Femme Syd Arthur

Waterloo Records SXSW 2014 Party presented by Waterloo Records

Waterloo Records (600 N. Lamar Blvd.)

About the Promoter

Speedy Ortiz WEDNESDAY 3/12 12pm - 7pm

Waterloo Records is having shows all week, but the Wednesday one caught our eye because of these artists: we were big fans of Sadie Dupuis’ Brooklyn group Quilty back in the early 10s (when they were our record of the month!), so we couldn’t be happier to see her Boston band Speedy Ortiz do this well. This is 90s guitar rock revival at its best. Fans should check out Quilty’s songs as well, still great. Stakes were high for

Hospitality after their

quintessentially pop debut album. But the Brooklyn trio’s sophomore record, out late last year, doesn’t disappoint, dressing the band’s uncommon

Robert Ellis


Around since 1982 5 years before SXSW’s birth - Waterloo Records has seen Austin and its music scene evolve and swell in ways that weren’t imaginable, while surviving the MP3 revolution and the collapse of the music industry. Apparently, nothing can undermine a great record store.

Hospitality melodic talent with subtle psychedelic influences, and filtering their sunny melodies with a shade of melancholy.

Robert Ellis’ latest album, “Lights,” is still tied to his Americana roots, but takes that tradition to new heights, where the notions of texture and “space” level up those of twang and authenticity.

Other Performers La Luz Ex Hex Speedy Ortiz Hospitality Wild Child Robert Ellis Tony Joe White the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Midcoast Takeover presented by: Midwest Music Foundation

Shangri-La (1016 E. 6th St.)

About the Promoter


12pm - 11pm

We chose to highllight the Thursday showcase because it features our KC Best Emerging Artist of 2012, talented punkrocking kids, Radkey , and a few other promising

KC acts, in particular mellow rockers Clairaudients, whose latest 5-song EP “I’m A Loudmouth” is an impressive release full of emotions and subtlelties. Those in search of more exotic situations should check out KC’s own Maria The Mexican - two (gorgeous) ladies who mix Mariachi music with pop.

The awesome guys at Midwest Music Foundation - who run The Deli KC - are putting together a week of shows at Shangri-La, mostly featuring artists from the Midwest - of course. Involved in the festivities are also other locally-focused music blogs like Lawrence, KS-based (Friday Day Party) and MiddleOfTheMapFest. com (Sat Day Party).

Other Performers The Beautiful , Rev Gusto Bodies

The Green Room presented by Beautiful Buzzz & The Most Definitely

Empire Control Room (706 W. 6th St.)

About the Promoter

In The Valley Below THURSDAY 3/13 12pm - 9pm

The growing audience of dream poppers will enjoy on this bill - LA-based duo In The Valley Below’s sober, reverb drenched boy/ girl melodies. Story of

the Running Wolf

(also from LA) is a synthpop

adventure into the darker side of neon that blends 80’s influences like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran with high energy dance tracks. If energy is what you’re after, LA’s Nightmare and the Cat play textured indie pop that’s a perfect mixture of youthful, danceable tracks and spine-tingling harmonies.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Beautiful Buzzz is a music blog and live show promoter out of SF that exposes up-and-coming artists on the cutting edge of indie pop, electronic and dance music. The Most Definitely is a dedicated advocate of indie music culture. Based out of Brooklyn, it runs a music blog, record label and live show promotion business.

Other Performers PigPen Theatre , Company Nightbox, Touch Sensitive, Le Youth, Marbeya Sound, Streets of Laredo, , Badboxes Le Youth, Johnny Stimson

the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Austin Psych Fest SXSW Showcase presented by Austin Psych Fest

Vegas Hotel (1500 E. 6th St.)

About the Promoter


12pm - 7pm


Moody and lust-filled, NYC’s Weeknight’s debut EP is so deeply rooted in good taste that you really don’t mind Warhol’s glowing banana becoming a sound of ubiquity. Fronted by Dum Dum Girls drummer, Sandra Vu, SISU blends gloomy synthpop, shoegaze and electro rock. Soundscapes ebb and flow throughout the EP, descending into more experimental territories at times, while still maintaining the doom-like moodiness juxtaposed with hopeful pop melodies. Fresh off the release of the LP “Held in Splendor” (Mexican Summer), Boston trio Quilt explores folk music, spicing things up with

Austin Psych Fest works to promote and create fertile ground for artistic expression through music and visual art, support homegrown businesses in Austin and beyond, and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Their main festival - a show any psych band dreams to play - is on May 2-4.

psychedelic influences pointing directly back to the 60s. After a percussive, postpunkish debut album, Brooklyn female quartet TEEN, in the EP “Carolina,” strikes a very personal balance between eastern sounding melodies, detuned synth lines and guitar parts that flirt with the golden days of prog rock (think early King Crimson).

Other Performers

TEEN celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Fever The Ghost Mark McGuire La Luz Yamantaka Sonic Titan

Peelander-Fest presented by Peelander Z

Shangri-La (1016 E. 6th St.)

About the Promoter

Infinity Shred 12pm - 7pm

Brooklyn’s Infinity Shred offers a synth-prog pastiche that proves the ephemeral’s refusal to ephemerate. Also, that white pixie dust is not bound to leave the atmosphere anytime soon.

Other Performers

Dirty Few, Paper Lions, Wolf-Face, Big Foot Chester, Musuki & Tetsuya, Won Fu, Buffalo Daughter, , Those Darlins , Anamanaguchi Peelander Z

Blundertown Showcase presented by Blundertown

Empire Control Room + Garage (606 E. 7th St.)

About the Promoter

Cherry Glazerr FRIDAY 3/14

whip-smart melodies stripped to their primal essence.

LA fuzz-pop trio Cherry Glazerr opened for acts such as Mikal Cronin, The Black Lips, and likeminded residents Bleached. The band balances a heavy ration of noise that’s both sour and sweet, carried by a visceral punk energy and

Our 2012 Emerging LA Band of the Year, Zig Zags released all sorts of things (including covers with Iggy Pop!), and a new LP and rumors of a Ty Segallengineered album have been buzzing. Needless to say, they play unadulterated garage rock.

12pm - 6pm

IHEARTCOMIX, Embrace and HE^RD will be putting on “Austin Party Weekend,” consisting of shows booked by multiple etities, including Blundertown, an LAbased management / booking / public relations / tour management company - they do it all!

Other Performers

Sick Feeling Residuels Zig Zags Cerebral Ballzy Destruction Unit Power Trip Fucked Up


Ken South Rock is a Brooklyn-based garage rock duo that takes the concept of quiet/loud/quiet to new (scary) heights, while throwing in the mix a crazy-looking Asian dude (the band’s guitarist), who screams with the conviction of a madman. Spazziest band out there?


We don’t often see bands organize SXSW shows, and since The Deli encourages entrepreneurial musicians - bands ARE businesses! - we give this idea thumbs up. Brooklyn via Japan punk/ metal outfit Peelander Z is simply focused on fun. You should get loads of it at this show. “Two thumbs up.”

The Beehive presented by The Wild Honey Pie & Pretty Much Amazing Cheer Up Charlie’s (1104 E. 6th St.)

About the Promoter


The Wild Honey Pie is an online publication, music media, and events company based in Brooklyn, New York. They write about, film with, and throw concerts for the bands they love.

12pm - 7pm

The Wild Honey Pie guys wrote their own artists blurbs!


“The moment you hear Kishi Bashi for the first time, you just get it. It’s a euphoric experience, one that grasps you by the hand and leads you to the happiest place in your mind. K. Ishibashi is the visionary behind this sweeping musical journey which takes place within not only his 2012 debut album, 151a, but his incredibly gorgeous live show as well. A journey uncontrollable in it’s emotional grasp on the listener, like first love — pure and utter joy.


was a late addition to The Beehive lineup and one of the acts we’re most excited for. Frontman Brad Oberhofer has a killer stage presence and plenty of new tunes to show off at SXSW so watch the fuck out.

Small Black


Kishi Bashi

“Pretty Much Amazing is a music blog run by a self-proclaimed music nerd and contributed to by a handful of self-proclaimed music opinion specialists” - hey that’s copied and pasted from their “about” page, where they also add: “We’ve been up for a couple Bloggies, but we’re usually beaten out by Pitchfork.” - not that they care, really...

Oberhofer trekking down to SXSW this year in support of their upcoming EP, Real People. Having recently gone on mountain adventure with the guys, where they performed in a basement bar at the base of Stratton Mountain in Vermont, I have no doubt in me that they’ll be the act to watch at each and every party they play. Including The Beehive. Shoutout Squarespace.”

Other Performers

Small Black celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Boy & Bear High Highs Gossling How Sad The Eastern Sea






The Austin Imposition presented by IMPOSE

The Grackle (1700 E. 6th St.)

SATURDAY 3/15 12pm - 6pm


YC The Cynic

Young talented rappers are a dime a dozen in NYC. But add in the social awareness of Dead Prez and wordplay that would make MF Doom chuckle, and you have a new name in the game worth following: YC The Cynic . Fans of Kid Cudi don’t want to miss this. He is similar in sound (at times) but miles away in terms of lyrical content. Also, check out Seattle’s emerging surf-pop darlings La Luz.

About the Promoter

IMPOSE is an independent media outlet based in Brooklyn. Originally founded in 2002 as a print magazine, it has grown to include a daily-updated website, a video website, a globally-distributed record label, and national events of all sizes.

Other Performers People Under the , Pains Stairs of Being Pure at , La Luz Heart

Other Shows You Should Check Out SXSWaterloo (Presented by Waterloo Cycles @ 2815 Fruth St.) on the afternoons of March 13-15 will have Chris Stamey, Math the Band, Ski Lodge, Fan Modine , Kid Canaveral, Veronica Falls , and Allo Darlin’ among others. WFMU will organize a Live Broadcast on Saturday with some fun rockin’ bands including Protomartyr, The Buck Biloxi & The Fucks, Spray Paint, Obnox, Guerilla Toss, and infamous NYC Pampers. Punk Rockers out there might want to head to the Rubberneck/Burger City afternoon showcase named “Punk Rock Pool Party” on Friday at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd., Ste. 121) - among many you’ll be able to catch Austin’s Crooked Bangs , NYC’s Hector’s Pets and other questionably named bands like Big

Tits, Rich Hands

, and Bad Lover. Ok, this is not really a small show, but since Foxygen was on our NYC mag cover in 2012 before they became huge, we can’t ignore the fact that they are playing the Vibe’s “House of Vans” party at the Mohawk (912 Red River St.) on Saturday afternoon. Our favorite spot, Rusty’s Spurs (405 E. 7th St.) will reopen for a last SXSW hurrah with a lot of cool afternoon shows. Our NYC friends at Mpress Records are one of the few labels with a lazer-like focus on singer-songwriters - and they take submissions! (check out their site). Their SXSW show at the Soho Lounge (217 E 6th) features among others Australian rocker Mia Dyson, South Africa’s The Parlotones, Rachael Sage and The Sequins, and Seth Glier.


There are a lot of things for music fans in Austin during SXSW, but not that many for musicians... #MassivelyEpic Indie Artist Lounge (#MEAL) is an underground lounge on 610 N I­35 & 6th St. open to independent artists and industry with curated panels, performances, and parties intended to facilitate collaboration, innovation and progression of the music industry. You will find an 800 sf Recording Studio there, and lots of performances.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.


the deli Spring 2014 Austin

Emerging Artists 2014 (from Our 11 US Scenes)


The Districts

There are few (if any) bands in Philly who had a better 2013 than The Districts , which is a good reason why the group was voted the city’s Best Emerging Artist this year by The Deli. After moving to the City of Brotherly Love from Lititz, PA, the band spent most of their time winning over the Philly music community with each fiery live performance, filled with Rob Grote’s guttural vocals and the band’s foot-stomping Americana-rock instrumentation. And then came the big news that The Districts had signed to well-respected, indie label Fat Possum. Since then, the floodgates have opened with offers, like doing tours with hometown heroes Dr. Dog and Austin rockers White Denim, so this should only be just the beginning for the buzzing four-piece, who still aren’t of legal age to purchase alcohol yet.

How does it feel to just move to Philly and already feel accepted into the music community? It’s been really great! I was just thinking the other night about how awesome it’s been. A year ago, we were driving down to Philly many times a month from our hometown to play shows here, and it felt like such a foreign place that we were trying to break into or something. It’s been so awesome that people have welcomed us. It feels like home now! You’ve been recording with producer Bill Moriarty, who has worked with some of your favorite artists like Dr. Dog and Man Man. What is the most important thing that you’ve learned from him that you’ll take with you into the studio moving forward? He really helped us tighten things up. He was really aware of really subtle things we were playing that might not have struck as strongly as they could, which definitely helped us grow musically. What are your plans for the rest of 2014? After tour, we’re going to hang home for a little, and do some more recording, and then probably hit the road again a good bit before putting out a new full-length sometime late this year! celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Emerging Artists 2014 (from Our 11 US Scenes)


Holiday Mountain The Wild Family spent 2013 working on the debut self-titled EP, but managed release an impressive live EP of their performance at Wise Fools Pub. With their youthful look and down home soulful sound, it is the depth of their songwriting and the well placed harmonies that make this act one of the finest in the windy city.



“I just want things to be really cartoony,” says Laura Patino before heading onstage for a recent Deli showcase, where she went on to transform the Spider House Ballroom stage into the strange but wondrous world inside her mind. Complete with running man antics from Bradley Will, bass and synth player, this band’s energy was high as a kite in a sky littered with glitter and blacklight reactant neon. With an original sound and stage personae for days, we are proud to see these Austinites take flight.


The Wild Family (aka Shawn Netherfriends Rosenblatt) had an amazing 2013 that saw his sound move from pyschpop to some kind of lo-fi pop with heavy hip hop and R&B influences. His 50 Songs 50 States album found him collaborating with a collection of Chicago’s top emcees, while following EP 3P delved even further into the realm of hip hop production as a primer for his upcoming 2014 fulllength P3ACE.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

About The Deli’s Polls for Emerging Artists The Deli’s Year End Polls for Emerging Local Artists are the product of a complex system mostly based on the opinions of local jury comprised of professionals who work with emerging bands on a daily basis, like local venue talent buyers, music bloggers, and radio hosts. Their votes have the most influence on the final results, which are also affected by our writers and readers’ vote. This is why our polls always highlight amazing new artists like Foxygen, Local Natives, The War on Drugs, Lucius, Vampire Weekend, Chairlift, Girls, Baths and many more.


Two gorgeous singles, ‘Sinking Stone’ and ‘Pegasus,’ plus a string of other above average songs already available online, set the DC press buzzing, and with the release of the full 4 song solidified their ep Medusa, GEMS position as DC’s most exciting band of the year, winning the DC Area Band of the Year Poll by a landslide of juror’s votes, and landing on numerous other lists (with journalists going as far as claiming to “slobber over” their tracks).

GEMS Akkilles is the project of songwriter David Bennett, who began by writing folk-inspired demos with his acoustic guitar. But this isn’t your regular sleepy coffeehouse acoustic hour—not by a long shot. Bennett takes risks with his songs, influenced by folk but swathed in a snug blanket of ambient, chill indie pop. This is music that anyone can listen to, whether it’s a listener who becomes unconsciously bathed in its warmth or one who gets swept away by its depth and texture.

Los Angeles

Moses Sumney




We first heard talk of Moses Sumney after his jaw-drapping live performance this summer at The Bootleg during the KING Residency. With a series of microphones set to different looping mechanisms, Sumney creates a one-man show that rivals most full band performances. His voice alone is uniquely textured and souful enough to make heads turn, but his talents don’t end there. His innovative creativity is on full display in every aspect of each song he crafts. the deli Spring 2014 Austin



Diarrhea Planet almost requires no introduction within Nashville city limits. 2013 has been amazing for these hooligans with The World’s Worst Band Name: they’ve released their sophomore full length I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and popped up in almost every “Best of-“ list in Nashville. The album is a bum rush of pop-punk, hard and thrashy yet tinged with the wistful effervescence of being young and stoopid. Do not miss the chance to see them live at SX, they set the precedent on how a band should spazz out onstage.

Diarrhea Planet

Boston’s garage rock three-piece Krill gained lots of attention for last summer’s Lucky Leaves LP, which is stuffed with offkilter time signatures and sneakily catchy hooks all patched together with the perfect amount of fuzz. If you’re doubtful, take a listen to “Sick Dogs (For Ian),” which measures out the perfect amount of both bass and guitar solos. Hype surrounding Krill has booked them shows as far as North Carolina and New Orleans, and with their latest EP released in February, they don’t appear to be slowing down.



Big Ups 30

the deli Spring 2014 Austin



Krill Big Ups - I’m not sure what you said... but Big Ups is pissed off. Maybe not at you, but definitely at things like fresh meat and crappy basses too (at least according to their facebook). The band is probably one of the most ambitious screaming punk acts this side of the Hudson, basically clamoring to knock the doors off of any and all venues (and will probably sleep on your couch while they’re at it too). But don’t worry. These guys are so much fun, you won’t even mind getting hit by a sweat bomb or two when you see them play at SXSW. Because you have to.


Genders Down Dirty Shake - One of the hardest working emerging bands in the Bay Area, Psychedelic Soul Rock group Down Dirty Shake offers a sound that’s sometimes sultry, sometimes completely rowdy, dawning the smooth Jim Morrison-esque vocals of lead singer A.J. Lopez. The band’s music is appropriately sex-centered, but lyrically impressive, and their performances energetic and - at times - borderline wild. experiencing their energetic and wildly entertaining performances.

Listening to Genders’ layered psych-pop is like experiencing a moment of catharsis. As their songs progress, hazy, reverberating guitars and a powerful rhythm section construct and demolish intricate walls of sound, while the endearing vocals of Maggie Morris communicate lyrics that synthesize emotion. In the past year they’ve played some of the best venues in the Pacific Northwest, released a stunning debut album, ‘Get Lost,’ and were invited to go on a national tour last fall supporting Built to Spill.



Down Dirty Shake

the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Emerging Artists 2014

Photo: Evan Lane

Electronic Electro-soul trio Wet offers a musical recipe reminiscent of the wise, caucasian soul-pop of MS MR, but with an added personal twist consisting of a subtle quirkiness in arrangements and an intriguing sonic spaciousness that helps to make their self-titled debut an intense listen. The highly anticipated project from 22-year olds Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco is now available for public consumption - thanks to Scion AV (yep, the Toyota-owned company). Their five-song self-titled debut EP is an impressively dense and unpretentious glimpse into the world of De Lux, and they will have a full-length follow-up, entitled “Voyage,” coming this spring via Innovative Leisure. DC’s Misun describe their sound as “Aquawave,” a blending of 60’s rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, and Ennio Morricone film scores. They have built a devoted following with the release of several digital singles in 2013, which caught the attention of major music media outlets and Triple A radio stations, and just dropped their first 7” single via B3SCI Records. (N.P.)

Touché, the duo of Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore, create electropop that touches on both the dreamy and the danceable, pro-



De Lux viding deliciously synth-heavy, beat-driven pop tunes with just the right amount of winking and nodding to ensure that you’re having a good time. While some of today’s bands perform a true, more or less ironic revival of 80’s electro by faithfully recreating its most cliche sonic signatures, Brooklyn-based , chooses a duo, Cardiknox rather aggressive production path

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Misun that’s reminiscent of some early Duran Duran or Simple Minds, resulting in what feels much edgier and more original than your average 80s-inspired tunes.

Air Traffic Controller

’s Dave Munro wrote and recorded several demos while serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller. He sent them home to Boston with no expectations - and returned to find a following hungry for more of his tunes with an electro-pop gleam and the writing sensibilities of pop greats like Springsteen and McCartney.

Washington, DC’s Bobbie Allen met Nashville’s Trent Dabbs at a performance in 2011, and with her beautiful voice and his songwriting came skills, Young Summer together, grabbing the attention of people in the DC indie-pop scene and major media outlets, with their lead single ‘Fever Dream,’ which is full of seductive vocals and bubbling synths. (N.P.)

My Gold Mask is fronted by the powerful and mystical Gretta

The Deli’s Web

1. Lorde 2. Daft Punk 3. David Gu ett 4. Ellie Gould a ing 5. Chvrches 6. Phantogram 7. Icona Pop 8. Deadmau5 9. Tycho 10. Four Tet 11. Die Antwoo rd

Electro nic Top 20

Buzz Charts

12. Rudimental 13. AWOLNATI ON 14. Haim 15. Moby 16. Trust 17. Breathe Carolina 18. Flying Lotus 19. Wolfgang Gartner 20. Aphex Tw in

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Rochelle. The trio was busy in 2013, releasing the LP, “Leave Me Midnight,” in February and following it up with three outstanding singles. The group has a dark percussive sound that pulses through the energetic crowds at their live shows. Do you love sex? Do you love synths? Do you love sexy synths? Well, the guys from Night Panther are ready to team up and give you what you love. The group features former members of Drink Up Buttercup/White Birds, and will be sweeping you off your feet with their “Colt 45” jams. Because “it works every time” - aww yeah… (Q.D.T.) the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Emerging Artists 2014

Dream pop/ shoegazer Former US Marine and worldclass drummer, Jacob Summers, took a break from the glitz and the smog of LA to hide away in the frozen tundra of Alaska. It was there that his ruminations simmered unencumbered into what has become Avid Dancer, a new project that perfectly pairs his haunting vocals with the vintage-style production, evoking 60’s psych in a lost bedroom tapes kind of way. The many Cocteau Twins orphans out there are being rescued one by one by Empress Of’s gorgeously lush dream pop. This project is the brainchild of talented 24-year-old Lorely Rodriguez. Empress Of debuted with a two-song EP in 2012, featuring the melodically impressive track ‘Champaign.’ She recently embraced a more electronic sound with her latest single ‘Realize You.’

J Fernandez (a.k.a. Justin Fernandez) spent 2013 touring the country in support his debut EP “No Luck” (Morning Ritual Recordings/Lake Paradise). His lo-fi sound won over audiences at last year’s CMJ, and we bet they’ll do the same at SXSW this year. Brooklyn’s



Avid Dancer

Empress Of one of the “buzz bands” at last year’s CMJ Music Marathon. The dream-pop quartet, whose sound is reminiscent of an intriguing combination of The Cure and early Doves, was propelled into the spotlight by the hot single ‘Candy Flip’ and a residency at Manhattan mainstay Pianos. Crafting songs inspired by dead poets, childhood friends, and the complexities of the human condition, Nothing’s live set, much like their discography, can be expected to be emotively and audibly shaking and equally memorable, with precise instrumentation comprised of percussive hums, fuzzed-out riffs, and haunting vocals. Look out for their new LP “Guilty of Everything” available via Relapse Records! (D.P.)

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Emerging Artists 2014

Photo: Josh Goleman

psych rock Celestial Shore is one of the most interesting and unique bands to emerge from Brooklyn in this decade. Their ingenious blending and juxtaposing of gorgeous harmonies, often dissonant but always resolving parts, with math- and noise-rock elements showcases a musical imagination that’s rare to stumble upon. Brooklyn’s best kept secret Cloud Becomes Your Hand plays some kind of insane, rather lo-fi, definitely psychedelic synthpop with carousel music influences (or something). This earns them the award winning label “PSYNTHCIRCUS-POP.” It is really out there, but very musical, very well-produced - a truly exciting find. Quickly rising to the top of every promoter and blogger’s year-end list of “Ones to Watch,” Fever The Ghost may have the antics to grab anybody’s attention, but they also have the songs to back up the hype. Psychedelia is at the forefront of their sound, but pop is the glue holding it all together.

Secret Colours

have rapidly become one of the mainstays in the Chicago music scene. They advanced their cause in 2013 with the release of the aptly named, fuzzed-out psych-rock gem, “Peach.” Chris Forsyth has already built

Celestial Shore

Cloud Becomes Your Hand Dream The Deli’s Web

Pop Psych Rock To + p 20

Buzz Charts

1. The XX 12. Frankie Ro 2. Real Estate se 13. Black Rebe 3. Deafheave l n Motorcycle Clu 4. Siddhartha b 14. The Horrors 5. Warpaint 15. Kurt Vile 6. Nothing 16 . TV on the Ra 7. Beach Ho dio use 17. Jonathan 8. Tame Impa Wi la 18. Wild Nothi lson 9. DIIV ng 19. The War 10. Sharon Va n 11. Mac DeMa Etten on Drugs rco 20. Snowmine Check out our self-generating online charts: thedelimagazi

a respected reputation as a hypnotic solo guitarist in Philly’s underground music community. After bringing together a group of music brethren to help him record his last brain-scrambling beauty of an album, “Solar Motel,” he now finds himself leading one of the most interesting and freewheelin’ instrumental psych-rock outfits that you most likely never heard of, The Solar Motel Band. (Q.D.T.) the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Emerging Artists 2014


folk/americana At age 18, Bonzie (a.k.a. Nina Ferraro) is Chicago’s contribution to the youthful singer-songwriter bubble. Bonzie released her tremendous debut album, “Rift Into The Secrets of Things,” last summer, and has been thrilling crowds ever since. Featured on the cover of our CMJ 2013 issue, Wilsen specializes in building emotion, using lead singer Tamsin Wilson’s wandering, hypnotic soprano and restrained but intricate layers of guitar, bass and drums. Their hybrid folk melds the dynamic shifts of classical music with modern reverb and vivid lyrics, with a ghost-like effect, matching the name of their album, “Sirens.”

Streets of Laredo is the perfect band to get any country hater reconciled with his/her American music roots - which is bizarre, considering the band’s nucleus hails from New Zealand. Their songs, although within the canons of Americana, feature indie elements and a punkish attitude with a stompy quality that ignites an atmosphere of fun in any room. The Great American Canyon Band


combines an indie-folk mentality with chill sounds, slow drones saturated with reverb, claps chugging like a train across the plains,

Bonzie layered vocals echoing as if over a great expanse. They list Hank Williams Jr. and Sigur Ros as influences, and their debut EP, “Lost At Sea,” does both their influences and their name justice. (N.P.)

Ages and Ages is a relentlessly harmonic band that has somehow managed to make seven people singing at the same time sound like something effortless and joyful. With the heart of a choir and the instrumentation of a rock band, they breathe some new life into an Americana sound. Despite a year full of accomplishments and accolades that people twice her age would die for, 14-year-old Grace London remains humble and grounded as she takes her success in stride, continuing to put herself out there no matter how big or small the opportunity may be. Performing solo with not one but two guitars, her voice and a kick drum, she’ll blow you away! (C.S.) Listen to any of Maitland’s tracks; you suddenly feel trans-

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Streets of Laredo

o: Shervin Lainez

Wilsen ported back to the days of summer camp. You can almost smell the smoldering wood as the last flicker of light dims. They create introspective folk over a simplistic, instrumental background that can often get expansive, blanketing its surroundings and evoking emotional sincerity that connects with its audience. (S.O.)

The Deli’s Web

1. Angel Ols en 2. The Lumine ers 3. Kitty Hawk 4. Mumford and Sons 5. The Band Pe 6. Cee-Lo Gr rry ee 7. Dixie Chick n s 8. Raphael Sa ad 9. Norah Jone iq 10. Dierks Bentl s ey 11. Edward Sh arpe & the Magneti

Ro Songw ots + riters To p 20

Buzz Charts

12. Brett Eldred ge 13. Chelsea Wo 14. Francesca lfe Battistelli 15. Daughter 16. Cat Powe r 17. Nick Cave 18. The Civil Wa 19. Courtney rs Barnett 20. Bon Iver

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Thorcraft Cobra are an unabashed power-pop band who’ve perfected the seemingly lost art of combining big, radio-friendly hooks with big, classic-rock guitars. —LA Weekly RECORDS

& TA P E S

Thorcraft Cobra’s debut album, COUNT IT IN, at Radio— • 7 Weeks at CMJ Top 200 • #6 CMJ Top 200 Adds • #3 CMJ AAA Adds

• #7 FMQB Submodern Albums • 2 x Top 20 Specialty singles! (Party Clock and Count Me Out)

Get the SXSW Sampler featuring tracks from the forthcoming THE DISTANCE

Appearing at SXSW— Stephen F’s Bar • Saturday, March 15th • 8:00 pm thorcraftcobra

@thorcraftcobra the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Emerging Artists 2014

Indie Pop Formed in 2012 and having toured extensively since its inception, Oakland power-pop outfit Warm combines elements of Soda pop, glam, and garage rock into an instantly accessible sound that has been inspiring crowds wherever they play. The band has a new release, “Young Restless Hearts,” just in time for SXSW, and will be making a stop at the festival during the group’s latest tour. Taking their name from seminal Britpop band Suede’s 1992 debut single, New York City’s Drowners , fronted by Matthew Hitt, a Welsh-born former full-time professional male model, unleashed on their selftitled debut album a modern-day revival of the classic jangly pop sound of the 80s - yes, lots of references to The Smiths. (D.C.) In the simplest terms, Kan can be described as


Warm Soda Orchestral Pop, but that would diminish the true breadth of their inventiveness. Their debut ‘Forever Found’ EP is filled with lush arrangements, and a soulfulness that creeps in like a whisper on songs like “Midnight Moon Pt. 1” or with a more forceful blast on “Forever Found.” Kristianne Bautista’s sultry vocals are the constant throughout the band’s instrumental swells, containing the power to seduce any crowd.

Me Like Bees ’ developed indie-rock sound draws comparisons to bands like The White Stripes and Modest Mouse, but they have cultivated their own melodic, quirky, upbeat style. The four-piece more recently won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands com-

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Kan Wakan petition, earning them a coveted spot on Warped Tour and a threesong EP produced by Goldfinger’s John Feldmann. (M.B.)

The Family Crest

isn’t a band; it’s an army. The sevenpiece San Francisco-based outfit prides itself in comradery in the music community. Blurring the line between musician and audience member, the band has garnered the support of 300 people, who have participated in recordings, live performances, and various media and art projects.

Eastern Phoebes’ “Sprouts,” released last August, is everything you could ask for from an indie-pop EP: short, to the point, and most importantly, sweet. Across its five songs, the record captures upbeat chord progressions and cheery vocal melodies sung with a restraint that keeps

The Deli’s Web

1. Lana Del Re 2. Coldplay y 3. Katy B 4. London Gr am 5. Vampire We mar ekend 6. Fun. 7. Gorillaz 8. Cake 9. Florence an d the Machine 10. Foster the People

Indie P op

Top 20

Buzz Charts

11. Dum Dum Girls 12. Solange 13. Cut Copy 14. Lenka 15. The Kooks 16. Broken Be lls 17. Two Door Cinema Club 18. Skaters 19. MGMT 20. Blur

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them from being a distraction to the rest of the music at hand.

Cruiser started off as a solo project from Andy States with a few self-recorded demos, which were birthed from a walk-in closet of an inner city loft, which caught the attention of Jeremy Park, the producer of Youth Lagoon’s brilliant “The Year of Hibernation,” Now, with a full band at his side, States continues to create smooth, breezy Cali-cool pop, with producer Kyle “Slick” Johnson, that has found its way onto The Windish Agency’s roster. (Q.D.T.)

Emerging Artists 2014

Indie Rock Sama Dams Spirit Animal Brooklyn party makers Spirit have the ability to get you moving. Offering a brand of dance/pop/funk-rock that will beat you senseless, the quartet is known for their overwhelming stage presence and broad range of musical aptitude. (M.H.)


Sama Dams are simply electric on stage. Their avant-rock sound is deeply textured with digital goodness that is rivaled by frontman, Sam Adams, haunting and controlled melodies. Throughout their bold, experimental soundscapes, they’re able to retain a pop sensibility with subversive hooks and a driving energy.

While sitting on a stranger’s living room floor for an intimate house concert, a wonderful thing happened, Deer Vibes walked in. The 10+-piece band crammed into the corner and filled the

room with soft and decisively delicate layers of sound, flowing in and out of one another like milk slowly blending with a perfectly brewed cup of joe.

Butter the Children’s songs sound a little like a sans-reverb, punkier, lo-fi, less pretentious version of shoegaze. That genre’s signature noisy guitars and ethereal melodies are intact, but the overall vibe lacks the sonic expansiveness of classic shoegazer albums - which is actually a good thing, considering how formulaic that genre has become. Highly energetic Brooklyn trio The Can’t Tells powers its way through a set of turbulent emotions, revealing a wealth of insecurities and anxieties set to an insistently pounding block of anthemic eagerness. On the group’s recent LP “No Television” - an album that will keep you guessing to the finish they lay out their inner demons for all to see.

celebrates all TuneCore Artists playing at SXSW in 2014.

Indie Rock Top 20

Emerging Artists 2014

'90s revival Rock Photo: Ebru Yildiz

Total Slacker

blues. They just released a full-length album, “Of Course You Do,” via Ba Da Bing Records. Dani Neff, lead singer and guitarist of

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts 1. Arctic Monkeys 2. Arcade Fire 3. The National 4. Foo Fighters 5. Kaiser Chiefs 6. Radiohead 7. The Kills 8. Interpol 9. Kings of Leon 10. Soundgarden 11. (Alt-J) 12. The Strokes 13. Stone Temple Pilots 14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 15. Smashing Pumpkins 16. Kristen Faulconer 17. Modest Mouse 18. Xiu Xiu 19. Mogwai 20. Young the Giant

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Slothrust Brooklyn’s Total Slacker came out with their sophomore record this past February that sonically picks up the noise-rock discourse where Sonic Youth left off it with “100%.” A band with their own signature guitar sound that’s distorted, grainy and detuned, Total Slacker can be relentlessy hardhitting without giving up their sardonic humor.


’s sound is intricate and woven into careful patterns of loud/quiet/loud. Leah Wellbaum’s aggressive, droney and slightly Nico-esque vocals, coupled with melodic guitar parts and dynamic bass lines, offer a dazzling balance of grunge and

, is one of the best shredders I’ve seen in all my life. Show after show, you’ll watch jaws drop around the room and people gather like zombies, entranced by her skills. She makes it look so easy too, while singing like a heroininduced Bjork.

Plastic Visions took second place in our Nashville Open Submissions poll - thanks, in part to Kane Stewart’s evident relish in the role of frontman. Their self-titled debut EP is a fuzzy, messy onslaught - quite possibly what Frank Black hears when he holds a seashell up to his ear. (T.J.J.) Bully released their self-titled debut 7-inch vinyl EP in October. It’s a fun four songs - heavy with guitar fuzz and crystalline vocals provided by Alicia Bognanno. This is what may have resulted if Juliana Hatfield wandered into Pavement’s garage during a session. the deli Spring 2014 Austin


Emerging Artists 2014


Punk/garage Radiator Hospital Recorded in an impressive five days, “Empire” is the debut fulllength from GRMLN out on Carpark Records. The thread that weaves these songs together is their punk-inspired brevity and intensity, which supports the disillusioned youth storytelling. There’s an upbeat rock-n-roll edge that adds a layer of hope. The audacity to dream stays alive. With poetic diction, upbeat, brain-burrowing melodies, and a distinct vocal styling that bleeds earnestness, Sam Cook-Parrott, a.k.a. Radiator Hospital, churns out release after release of songs that simply touch the heart and charm the senses. And the fact that all this is done holding true to his unpretentious DIY/punk ethos, it’s no wonder why we love him so much here at The Deli. (Q.D.T.) Self-classified riot grrls Cayetana play indie rock meant for high volumes, with punk styling that lacks the anger typically found in the genre. Instead, that rage is replaced 42

the deli Spring 2014 Austin

The Deli’s Web

1. Jack White 2. Rise Again st 3. The Menzi ng 4. Comeback ers 5. Matt and Kid Kim 6. Thurston Mo 7. Fucked Up ore 8. Converge 9. Jay Reata rd 10. Koffin Kats

Pun Garag k + e Top 2 0

Buzz Charts

11. Savages 12. Radkey 13. FIDLAR 14. Lower Cla ss 15. The Orwe Brats lls 16. letlive 17. OFF! 18. Face to Fa ce 19. Diarrhea Pla net 20. Ty Segall

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by wistfulness - but don’t think that makes their music any less impactful. Rollicking music coupled with rousing, and oft nostalgia-inducing, lyricism is what the band does best, and they have fun doing it. (S.O.) Mary Timony (Autoclav, Helium, Wild Flag) has been a fixture in the alt-rock scene for decades. She just launched yet another project, with Betsy Wright (The Fire Tapes) and Laura Harris (Aquarium), called Ex Hex (sharing the name with perhaps her most accomplished solo album). The band plans to release its debut album this year via Merge Records. (N.P.)


Whichever your scene is, you can add your band for FREE to our database organized by region, detailed genre and popularity. Industry people and fans use it to discover new talent. You’ll find all the big indie artists in there!


If you are based in one of the scenes that we cover (list on page 2), you can submit your music for coverage in the blogs here: We listen to everything, and write about many of them.


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Stompbox Exhibit ’14 @ SXSW


his year The Deli’s Stompbox Exhibit - a free, interactive, in-theheadphones display of guitar effect pedals - will travel to Austin for its first official involvement in the SXSW’s Music Gear Expo, scheduled for March 13-15 at the Austin Convention Center.

This official SXSW exhibit, featuring hundreds of pedal by dozens of stompbox manufacturers (see list at the bottom) will be co-presented by Guitar World, and sponsored by Washburn Guitars, Shure, PreSonus, and Pedal Genie. Each manufacturer will have its own dedicated board, but some pedals will also be organized by kind of effect so that guitarists in need - for example - of a delay will be able to compare and A/B many different delay pedals on the same board. Here are all the details you need – bring your guitars!!! WHEN: March 13-15 from 1 to 6pm. WHERE: Austin Convention Center (500 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX) HOW MUCH: Entry will be free for all, the event is open to the public, no SXSW badge is necessary to attend. HOW IT WORKS: Musicians are invited to bring their own guitars and plug them in directly into the stompboxes. If you don’t have your six string with you, you’ll be able to borrow a Washburn guitar. Pedals will be organized on pedalboards and connected to Shure headphones fed by PreSonus headphone preamps. This is the list of the participating stompbox manufacturers in alphabetical order: Analogman, Big Ear nyc, BOSS U.S., Decibel Eleven, DigiTech, Dunlop, EarthQuaker Devices, Empress Effects, EC Pedals, Godlyke Distributing, Henretta Pedals, Ibanez, Lone Wolf FX, Mod Kits DIY, MOOG, Pigtronix, Randall Amplifiers, ProCo, ScreaminFX, SolidGoldFX, Station Audio, Strymon, T-Rex, TC Electronic, ToneConcepts, Walrus Audio, ZVex. Never heard of the Stompbox Exhibit? Besides SXSW, we organize pedal expos at Summer and Winter NAMM and in Brooklyn, NY, sign up here to get our newsletter: and like us on Facebook: 44

the deli Spring 2014 Austin

The Stompbox Exhibit’s Essential Accessories


he Stompbox Exhibit is - of course - all about guitar pedals, but it couldn’t happen without some crucial “ancillary” equipment provided by our sponsors. Here’s a list of these helpful instruments and devices:

Shure SRH440 Headphones

Known worldwide for their microphones, Shure in recent years has also produced a very successful Washburn Guitars line of studio and in ear You are all invited to bring your guitars to test the pedals with headphones. Each board your own instruments, but if you happen to show up without one, at our SXSW Stompbox you’ll be able to get a beautiful Washburn six string. Founded in Exhibit will be conChicago in 1883, Washburn, for this occasion, will provide a nected to a pair of Shure selection of electric guitars - feel free to try more than one of them! SHR440s, the Chicago manufacturer’s entry level studio headphones.

PreSonus HP4 Headphones Preamp

In case you are not aware of this, headphones cannot be connected directly to pedals, so... a preamp is necessary to feed those cans! Louisiana-based PreSonus - a leading manufacturer of audio interfaces, digital mixers, studio monitors and... preamps - kindly supplied one HP4 headphone preamp for each pedalboard. They have four outputs so if you bring extra headphones you can test the pedals with a friend or three. A big thank you also to Pedal Genie - The Netflix of guitar pedals!!! - for sponsoring our exhibit, and Pedaltrain and D’Addario (not official sponsors) for providing, respectively, pedal power and guitar straps!

the deli Spring 2014 Austin




the deli Spring 2014 Austin



9:05 AM

the deli's Pedal Board Read about pedals on!

Try all these pedals at The Deli’s Stompbopx Exhibit at the SXSW Music Gear Expo on March 13-15 (11am-6pm). It’s FREE!


Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe • A marriage of analog tone shaping and DSP processing emulating the richness of old tape echo units. • Filters and extra effects can be manipulated through assignable knob or expression pedal. • PC/Mac app gives access to online sounds and handles preset management.

looper Digitech JamMan Express XT • Full-featured, simple to use compact looper with 10 minutes of looping time. • Optional JamSync allows syncing with another Express XT or JamMan Solo XT. • Dedicated LED per status makes it easy to interact with.

Moog Minifooger Analog Effect • Bucket bridage based 100% analog delay. • Over 650ms of rich repeats. • Adding an expresion pedal allows to control feedback swells dynamically or adjust the delay time completely hands free.

TC Electronic Ditto X2 • Like the original Ditto + extra looping features like Stop, Reverse and Half Speed. • It allows you to import/export loops and backing tracks.

the deli Spring 2014 Austin



EarthQuaker Devices Terminal • Modeled after the JAX fuzz, a rebranded Shin Ei Companion fuzz known for its buzzy sound. • More control than the original with EQ adjustment and variable “voice” selection.

Walrus Audio Jupiter • A true bypass fuzz pedal inspired by the desire for gritty, thick and loud fuzz. • Various knobs and switches allow to set the desired amount of fuzz with the right tone and low end presence. • Mode switch changes between three different clipping diode arrangements for extra options.

SolidGoldFX Rosie • A reincarnation of the venerable MK II Tone Bender, but more stable and reliable. • Features a combination of JFET and select low gain, low noise silicon transistors. • A two-way tone toggle and external bias control makes it easy to dial in a broad range of textures.

Analogman Astro Tone • Based on the 1960’s SAM ASH FUZZZ BOXX made in NYC in 1966-68. • An easy to use fuzz pedal that cuts great with a band. • Also available in original BLACK with gold logos.

ScreaminFx The 1954 Fuzz

Big Ear n.y.c. LOAF

• Intense, affordable hand made silicon pedal that sounds like vintage germanium for solid fuzz tone. • Enables extreme wah wah range with FuzzSafe Technology. • Inline boost gain stage so you don’t lose stage volume.

• Versatile and user-friendly silicon fuzz, designed for lovers of ’60s and ’70s fuzzes as well as the modern fuzz junkie. • It cleans up beautifully and reacts to dynamics much like a classic tube amp. • Simple, musical and intuitive controls, with a tone warmer than average fuzz.


T-Rex Alberta II • New version of this classic, great sounding model - it’s like having to Albertas in one pedal. • Great to alternate rhythm and solo tone in one foot action. • Fat switch boosts the low end for those “stratty” moments.

Station Audio Sparkle Punch • Two distinct true bypass circuits can be used independently or together. • The Mosfet based clean boost adds a hint of treble presence to your sound. The other channel uses a 12AU7 tube for a little grit and warmth. • When used together, the boosted clean signal pushes the old stock RCA tube into a smooth tube overdrive. “Grit” knob controls the dirty channel only.

EC Pedal Mystical Sustainer • Provides a wide range of distortions, from low gain crunchy and crisp tones to high gain thickness. • Level and Gain knob allow you to choose the desired saturation, while the tone section allows you to tweak the frequencies very precisely.

Mod Kits DIY Persuader Deluxe • You’ve got to build this one yourself! • Darlington preamp pushes cascaded triode vacuum tubes into distortion. • Four dual triode vacuum tubes are included with each kit (JJ5751, 12AX7B China, JJ12AU7 and a NOS USA made 12AT7). • A boost switch provides an additional layer of flexibility.

DigiTech DOD 250 • The return (or rather reissue) of a legend. • Retains the original ripping, crunching ton, with cleaner output and true bypass. • Tons of boost to work with!

ProCo RAT2 • Versitile distortion, with a signature sound that needs no introductions. • Simplicity of controls make it a no brainer to dial in the right tone.


Strymon Blue Sky • Strymon’s take on Reverb: lush, creative and immersive like all their pedals. • Emulates 12 classic reverbs and lets you fiddle around with a myriad of options through 7 front panel knobs. • Press-and-hold Infinite Sustain and Freeze functions and Speaker Cabinet emulation for direct-to-PA gigs or recording applications.

Pitch shifter

Henretta Purple Octopus Octave Up • This simple 2” x 2” octave up is just what the doctor ordered before your fuzz pedal. • An internal trimmer controls output volume, with plenty of boost on tap.


EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay • A three part polyphonic harmonizer and distortion generator, with two voices of adjustable polyphonic pitch shifting, one above the root and one below. • Each voice can be adjusted by stepped semitones, from 1 to 12, and adjusted in volume. • Gain knob goes from clean to heavily distorted.


ZVex Super Seek Trem • 16 step sequencer of volume pots allow for complex rhythmic patterns. • Midi integration allows it to synchronize with sequencers and DAWs. • Full of features like glissando, tap tempo, tempos slowing/speeding, preset integration etc.

Pedaltrain Volto • Efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. • Two 9 volt outputs can power several pedals for several hours, depending on their specs. • Smartphone size, fits under most PT boards.





THE NEW EFFECT BOARD Five classic T-Rex effects: Overdrive, Distortion, Delay (with Tap Tempo), Reverb, and Boost. Plus programmable combinations, an on-board tuner, an effects loop, and more.

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