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Geographer Caveman Fidlar Julia Holter Wild Belle Craft SpellS Widowspeak Tristen Snowmine friendS Hospitality radiation City Madi Diaz loSt lander

Body Language Live with Reptar, The Stepkids + more at Gypsy Lounge - Thursday 3/15/12, 7pm


Austin Issue #2 Volume #4 Spring 2012

ag e t s n o ew system n s ’ d n our banal monitor Birds. perso play Angry o can als Mix with a PreSonus StudioLive™ digital mixer and adjust up to 10 monitor mixes with QMix™, our free app for iPhone® or iPod® touch. Wireless mixing is happening right now at your PreSonus dealer. • Baton Rouge USA

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the deli

sonic treatsabout fromthe your everything nycmusic music scene scene Austin Issue #2 Volume #4 Spring 2012

Note from the Editor


ey you - music-obsessed person who traveled to Austin from God knows where, hoping to see some rad live shows and have epic fun. Did you really come this far to see The Boss or The Cult? You can catch those guys near your house during their world tours, no? The Deli would like to invite you to a more adventurous experience filled with exciting discoveries rather than trite reiterations. Southby attracts to this city the best budding artists from the US and beyond, and this magazine is here to bring them directly to your pocket. Check out our selection of emerging artists in the second half of the mag, pick your favorite genres, google their names, listen to their songs, and - if you like them - go see them live and show your support and appreciation. There’s enough talent here to entertain you for the rest of the year, and - trust us on this - The Boss won’t miss you.

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Have you ever realized that all the main indie blogs out there tend to highlight the same music news about the same artists? With its focus on 11 US scenes - all covered through separate blogs - ignores established bands while scouting quality up and coming artists before they get picked up by those same sites.

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This changes everything

The Stompbox You Can Change With Your Phone The iStomp™ is a single effect stompbox that works like traditional stompboxes. What makes the iStomp better than other stompboxes is the ability to turn the iStomp in to any pedal without having to take it off your pedalboard. Simply connect your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® to the iStomp and in about the same time it takes to download a song you can turn your iStomp from a distortion to a reverb, delay to a phaser, or chorus to any other pedal. Download the free Stomp Shop™ app from the App Store today!

A whole history of classic studio effects.


Includes: EchoBoy, Decapitator, FilterFreak, Crystallizer, Speed, PanMan, Tremolator, and PhaseMistress.


30-da y dem o soundto

The Deli’s Un/Off Party - OUTDOOR STAGE 10pm

Body Language (NYC/CT)



(Athens/Atlanta) Reptar is a color-changing Godzilla who, depending on the o ccasion, is either out to save the world or destroy it. Similarly, the band Reptar is a force to be reckoned with, a furious dance party whirlwind fiasco which, depending on your level of immersion, may either save your world or demolish it. According to the band, they went from playing house parties to rocking Lollapalooza relatively overnight. Having Ben Allen (producer from Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, et al.) in their corner was certainly no hindrance. Their two 7-inches are spectacularly produced and portend an epic full-length hopefully to be released sometime in 2012. Their recorded tracks coupled with explosive performances sent shockwaves reverberating through the indie blogosphere regarding this degenerate monster of a band and their potential for gleeful mayhem.

With their glitzy synths, soulful licks and pretty vocal harmonies, Body Language channels a lifetime’s worth of music fandom into their own hybrid sound. Citing everyone from Bill Withers and The Beach Boys to Animal Collective as influences, the group is a fine example of the modern Brooklyn indie scene, with music-obsessed artists drawing inspiration from a variety of eclectic sources. Following their move from Connecticut, Body Language started collaborations with Passion Pit on the early writings of their album Manners and became the backing band for rapper Theophilus London. It was at this stage when they completed their lineup. After their debut EP Speaks in 2009, its follow-up Social Studies is the sound of a maturing band. Currently busy on their debut full-length (now in the mixing process), Body Language have maintained their hard work ethic by also gigging constantly and recently producing a record for dream pop artist Vacationer (also on at 7pm).

the deli_9



9pm The Stepkids (NYC/CT)

Recently blogged by none other than Thom Yorke on Radiohead’s website, The Stepkids have taken The Parliament and Funkadelic Psych/Funk lesson and put it to good use for a generation that never got to take a ride aboard that crazy spaceship. This CT/Brooklyn based trio is tightly pairing the ghosts of Sly Stone and The Bee Gees together with Free Design and The Fifth Dimension. Not a small task... But considering these guys cut their teeth touring as session men with Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and even 50 Cent, they’re more than ready to step to the front of the stage.

Scattered Trees

8pm Gangstagrass (NYC) Folk music, meet hip-hop. Hip-hop, meet folk. Country singer Rench has been singing his mind for years now over some solid downhome beats, but with his band Gangstagrass, he’s something else entirely. He’s teamed up with rapper T.O.N.E.Z. to come up with a unique blend of these styles you probably haven’t heard before. This is a group that doesn’t bother with distinctions between hip-hop and folk styles bringing them together with the same attitude that both Hank Williams and Chuck D have in common: A hard-hitting beat placed under an outlaw sentiment.

7pm Vacationer (Phily) The Stepkids

making the world a better sounding place.

A buzz worthy electro-chill band involving members of Body Language, with an upcoming EP out on Downtown Records. See blurb on page 36!

10 jay street suite 405 brooklyn, ny 11201 (718) 797-0177

Onward, Soldiers ARMS

BK & Mr. E

The Veda Rays

The Deli’s Un/Off Party INDOOR STAGE


Small gigs with fantastic emerging artists is what The Deli is all about, and hopefully many fans coming to our show for the “bigger” bands will stumble upon – and fall in love with – some of the “smaller” artists performing on the indoor stage. We have a truly engrossing selection of female fronted bands, from Lucius and Radiation City (blurbs on page 42) to songwriter Madi Diaz (read about her on page 40) and indie poppers Loquat. But don’t worry, dude-only bands will also have their say, with indie rock Brooklinites The Veda Rays and ARMS (see page 38), local electro fun outfit BK & Mr. E, and roots-pop acts Onward, Soldiers and Jay Stolar.

The Deli will “represent” in Austin with another show on Saturday afternoon at Lisptick 24 (606 East 7th St.) from 12pm to 6pm. Headliner will be Chicago’s emotional poprockers Scattered Trees and NYC “arcane pop” operators Snowmine.

1:30am Diavel 12:45am BK & Mr. E 12:00am ARMS 11:15pm Madi Diaz 10:30pm Radiation City

9:45pm Lucius 9:00pm Onward, Soldiers 8:20pm Loquat 7:40pm The Veda Rays 7:00pm Jay Stolar

@ Lipstick 24 (606 East 7th St.) 5:00pm Scattered Trees 4:10pm Snowmine 3:20pm Heypenny 2:30pm Diavel 1:40pm Grandfather 12:50pm Summer Twins 12:00pm TBA





Cloud Nothings


Dan Deacon

Miniature Tigers

Curated by Albert Smith, Ana Alicia Ponce de Leon and The Deli’s staff


ere’s The Deli’s shortlist of unofficial (and therefore free) Austin parties that you should check out. Since we know most of you at some point will attend the shows organized by the bigger names in the industry (Brooklyn Vegan, Filter, etc.), we have reserved this section for smaller, but possibly more intriguing events.

A Insound/ Party Club Deville (900 Red River St.), March 15 (Day) Artists: Dan Deacon, Mikal Cronin, Bleached, Trust, DIVE + more The one simple thing you need to know about this party - co-organized by everybody’s favorite online record store and the most popular indie rock show listing website in NYC - is that $5 will get you unlimited beer. The music, you ask? That’s awesome too, with Baltimore’s finest arty-synthy-singer/ nerd Dan Deacon headlining, and other noteworthy openers like NYC glo-fi Dive and garage-pop female duo Bleached. the deli_14

Spring 2012 Austin

Neon Indian

B March Into Softness 2012 Club Deville (900 Red River St.), March 17 (Day) Artists: The Jealous Sound, The War On Drugs, White Rabbits + more The A.V. Club presents a free showcase, with Andrew W. K. hosting and performing intermittently in the lineup schedule. This show requires no RSVP and is open to all ages. The party happens at Club Deville, a 100-year old establishment, which prides itself on its “dim lighting: it makes everyone look smart and beautiful.” That is true, and this shrewd venue certainly aims to please.


E 7th St.


E 6th St.

Old Pecan St.




W 5th St.

E 5th St.

W 4th St.

E 4th St.

W 3rd St.

E 3rd St.

W 2nd St.

E 2nd St.

W Cesar Chavez St.


Lipstick 24 Deli Sat. Party on 3/17!

C KH Sabine St.

Trinity St.

E 8th St.

Neches St.

E 9th St.

Red River St.

W 6th St.


San Jacinto Blvd.

W 7th St.

E 10th St.

N Congress Ave.

Colorado St.

Lavaca St.

W 10th St. Downtown

Austin Convention Center

E Cesar Chavez St.


ince the 1987 festival inauguration, East 6th in Downtown Austin remains the heart of the annual music conference, bringing the largest crowds in its numerous venues. The area spans from North Congress Ave. to the I-35, and includes the famed venues on Red River St.

CoSigns Party


Beauty Bar (617 East 7th St.), March 14 (Day) Artists: Cloud Nothings, Titus Andronicus + more New to the day party scene is the first annual CoSigns party, presented by Consequence of Sound and Forecastle, taking place at Austin’s renowned Beauty Bar. The event features eight bands on two stages in a sixhour musical medley that also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Forecastle at CoSigns. In honor of the anniversary, ticket giveaways and promotions to their Louisville festival will be significant freebies, amongst other surprises.

Hype Hotel


Coppertank (504 Trinity St.), March 14-17 (Day+Night) Artists: Neon Indian, Miniature Tigers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Friends, Caveman + more The world’s music blog depository (also aggregating The Deli’s NYC feed), The Hype Machine, and Feed The Beat organized this a 3-day party curated by several music blogs bringing you a shortlist of the most buzzed bands of 2012.

RedGorilla Music Fest


Various venues on East 6th St. (Day+Night) Artists: Check all the info @ Launched ten years ago as the DreamScapers Artist Showcase this fest grew to become some kind of parallel “no badge required” fest, including between 300 to 550 bands, solo artists, and DJs on up to 11 stages, mostly located on East 6th Street.

Does! Does! Does! F Casa Chapala (101 San Jacinto Blvd.), March 12-18 (Day+Night) Artists: Ringo Deathstarr, Ume, The Lonely Wild, Drop Electric, The Diamond Center + more Based out of D.C. comes Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie blog with its “Does! Does! Does!” parties. Founder Dave Mann curates a seven-day showcase of nearly 100 bands, including many rootsy acts and psych rock/shoegazer bands.

Showdown 2012


Red 7 (611 East 7th St.), March 15 (Day) Artists: Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria, Namesake + more Brought by The Artery Foundation and Peter Says Denim, this is one of the few all ages parties of the fest so be sure to get there early to get in, before it’s too late, and you’re SOL. Metal and loud rock fans will enjoy this one, featuring Asking Alexandria as the headliner, along with many other noteworthy acts.

Gigacrate Party


Beso Cantina (307B West 5th St.), March 14 (Day) Artists: Flosstradamus, Tittsworth, Eh Team DJs + more Gigacrate sought to bring music from labels to turntable artists at a time before digitizing music was mainstream. To celebrate their successful 5th running year, they are having their biggest party right at the start of the music portion of the fest, delivering head-bopping music directly from some of the hottest DJs around.

The Stages On Sixth


The Stages On Sixth (508 East 6th St.), March 14-16 (Day) Artists: Ben Kweller, Of Monsters And Men, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Idle Warship + more

Sennheiser and Paste present a 4-day event with 11 bands per day from around the world, spanning across bluegrass, electronic, and hip hop. (Free) entry comes with free Sam Adams beer, Duchman wine, and gin from Distillery No. 209 ‘til it runs out. Get there early to join the festivities and partake in the complimentary libations.

Player’s Pit Stop


Rusty’s Spurs (405 East 7th St.), March 16 (Day) Artists: Good Old War, Of Verona, Hello Goodbye, River City Extension + more Besides hosting performances by several talented artists, this is a show musicians might be interested in checking out, since it includes a mini exhibit of audio gear, and D’Addario (the event’s main sponsor) will be giving out free guitar strings.

Riot Act Media Showcase Swan Dive (615 Red River St.), March 15 (Day) Artists: The Ettes, Wooden Wand, Sea of Bees + more


Hailing from Portland, OR, Riot Act Media brings you a day party showcasing acts from the wide spectrum of talent they represent. The party is located in the heart of the historic 6th Street District at Swan Dive, Austin’s charming music emporium. Check it out and sprinkle some indie influences in your party schedule.


Attayac St.

Gypsy Lounge Deli Party on 3/15!

E 5th St.

Comal St.

State Cemetery of Texas

Onion St.


E 6th St.

Waller St.


Inks Ave.

Navasota St.

St. Lydia


E 7th St.

Medina St.

Brushy St.



r Walle

E 8th St.



Plaza Saltilla Station

panning from 6th Street West of the I-35 to Chicon, the Concho St. E 4th St. “East Side” maintains rising popularity because of its offthe-beaten-path ambiance. Bars with outdoor patios, jukeboxes, and PBR tallboys are commonplace. Bicyclists represent a large portion of the patronage here...

Midcoast Takeover Shangri-La (1016 East 6th St.), March 16-17 (Day) Artists: Maps For Travelers, Hearts of Darkness, American Catastrophe + more


Ever wonder how the music scene in Kansas City, Lawrence, and the Midwest region is? Presented by the Midwest Music Foundation, this event promises to be a definitive Midwestern musical throwdown – complete with mayhem and general debauchery.

Terrorbird Day Party


The ND (501 North I-35), March 17 (Day) Artists: Beach Fossils, Deerhoof, Dark Dark Dark, Emily Wells + more

This show promises free entry, free music, free beer, and free fun. Promotional gift bags will be handed out to the fortunate 100 who arrive first so get there early for the free party favors. Did we mention it was free? the deli_18

arcos San M


Organized by FYF and the Fun Fun Fun fest crew, this is an all ages, 3-day long outdoor event which crams too many awesome indie bands to mention. There won’t be shortage of food and beer either; that’s for sure.

ge Rd. I-35 Fronta

TOPS (1100 East 5th St.), March 15-17 (Day) Artists: Cults, A$AP Rocky, Tanlines, Deerhoof, Crystal Antlers, Purity Ring + more

E 8th St.

San Marcos St.

L I-35 Frontage Rd.

MWTX 2012

East Side

E 9th St.

Spring 2012 Austin

Austin Imposition


Longbranch Inn (1133 East 11th St.), March 16-19 (Night) Artists: Toro Y Moi, Dum Dum Girls, Hunx & His Punks, Prince Rama + more

NYC-based magazine turned blog Impose presents its 3rd Imposition party, hosted in the slightly off center but reachable by foot Longbranch Inn. This year these guys enrolled some truly exciting indie bands. They also have a day event on Thursday at The Scoot Inn (1308 East 4th St.).


Paper Garden Party

Uncorked (900 East 7th St.), March 14-18 (Day), Artists: Little Tybee, North Highlands, Lucius, Jukebox The Ghost, Savoir Adore + more Paper Garden Records is delivering a free 4-day party showcasing 30+ bands from all over the world at Uncorked, a snazzy east Austin wine bar. A different music blog (Pigeons & Planes, My Old Kentucky Blog, The Wild Honey Pie) will co-curate the events each day. The last day presents a unique approach to soothing music with Sun Boxes - hangovers are welcome.

Off The Map Parties Playing In Traffic Party “DEAR AUSTIN: Whole Foods Market Rooftop LOVE, L.A. (525 N. Lamar), March 15 (Day) Artists: Speak, The Dunwells, Hudson Moore + more

Playing In Traffic celebrates its 3rd birthday with a day party on the rooftop of Whole Foods Market in downtown Austin. Local craft brews, wine and bubbles will abound. Dog & Pony will be in attendance for your on-the-fly shopping impulses. Enjoy the party and libations in this unique gourmet grocery location.

Waterloo Records Parties

Opal Divine (700 W. 6th St.), March 14 (Day) Artists: Milo Greene, The Henry Clay People, Papa, Dead Sara + more Another free afternoon party with a local flavor, blog Buzzbands LA brings 9 Southern California bands to Austin.

The Austin T Party

Tiniest Bar (817 West 5th St.), March 16 (Night) Artists: The New Highway Hymnal, Viva Viva, Bearstronaut + more

Waterloo Records (600 N. Lamar Blvd.), March 14-17 (Day) Artists: Of Montreal, Hospitality, Gary Clark Jr., Oberhofer + more

Two independent Boston record labels are throwing a free party featuring some hot New England artists. Look for a prison bus full of Deli magazines!

A 4-day long, free exhibition of 30+ artists will be showcased at the famous Waterloo Records store, an Austin staple, with shows outside and inside the store. 2012 marks the 30th year for Waterloo Records as an independent music retailer, so you don’t want to miss out on this year’s celebration. Music aficionados will appreciate the store’s vinyl selection.

“And So…” Party Spider House (2908 Fruth St.), March 16 (Day+Night) Artists: Young Prisms, Sleepy Sun, Thee Oh Sees, The Strange Boys, Xray Eyeballs + more If you feel like venturing off the beaten path, we recommend that you check out this 4 stage event featuring great

You recorded an album! Now what?

419 Lafayette St., NYC | | @feelinganxious

up-and-coming bands (dream pop and psych rock ones in particular) from noon to midnight. This is a few blocks northwest of downtown – you may want to take a cab.

Music For Listeners Flat Top Burger Shop (1900 Manor Rd.), March 15-17 (Day) Artists: North Highlands, The Spinto Band, The Apache Relay, Wild Mocassins + more A radio program airing on San Antonio’s KRTU, Music for Listeners booked 3 days worth of great emerging indie bands at one of the best local burger joints – ever tasted a grass-fed burger? Steal a bike, or hop in a cab to get there.

Sea Now!

Brew Exchange (706 W. 6th St.), March 14-17 (Day) Artists: Bleeding Knees, Com Truise,

Beat Connection, Chasing Kings + more LA-based independent record label, popantipop and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society this year present a 4-day party featuring 40+ artists at Austin’s newest pub the Brew Exchange. In addition to bringing you a jam-packed line up, this party champions a benevolent cause to end the slaughter of marine wildlife. Contribute to saving the world with your music-listening powers.

Balcony TV Party Joe’s Crab Shack (600 E. Riverside), March 14 (Day+Night) Artists: Astronautalis, Sorne, Stereo Telescope + more “Balcony TV - A Music With A View” brings you a special showcase on the south side of the river. Hang out on a balcony with a drink and listen to good tunes. Taxi required, we’ll do anything for some quality time.

y Dr.


South Congress James St. W


Continental ir

C The Gibson St. E

Brackenridge St.

Elizabeth St. E

Milton St. W

Milton St. E

Annie St. W

Annie St. E

the deli_22

Spring 2012 Austin Mary St. W Mary St. E

Drake Ave.

Monroe St. E Nickerson St.

Eva St.

Monroe St. W

Newton St.

Roma St.

Elizabeth St. W

S Congress Ave.

Gibson St. W

outh Congress is notably well known for its local restaurants and clothing boutiques. However, in recent years, food trailers have accelerated the buzz about this quaint area. Although we don’t have any specific show highlighted here, mainstay venue Continental (at #1315) hosts official showcases, while other unconventional outdoors spaces contribute a significant presence to the music festival. We recommend a stroll along South Congress on a weekend afternoon for a nonmusic only enjoyment of the city.

March 15 at Fuel Nightclub


Bob Dee with Petro showcase

Bill PoPP

& The TaPes

latest CD “25x30” Noouw! t

available on iTunes and CD Baby

Politically - Charged

Socially - Conscious Rock - Punkers

get the new full length on vinyl / cd /digitally

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The Deli's BesT emerging ArTisTs 2012 About This Section:

The following pages feature a shortlist of emerging artists based in the 11 US scenes we cover at through dedicated blogs. Of course, even though there are hundreds of bands mentioned at our site, the limited space associated with print allows us to only show you the tip of this gigantic “iceberg of talent” each scene truly has. If you are interested in exploring these talent pools in depth, please go to our website:

What Are Those Charts?

The charts embedded in the following pages are the Top 20 most popular artists for each genre as they appear on our online “Web Buzz Indie Charts.” The Deli’s charts are one the most complete and inclusive database of active non-mainstream artists, and are used by musicians, booking agents and music fans to research new music. This database, which updates itself daily, has some rather unique features: 1. The charts rely on a custom web app that gathers info from the internet about each act’s popularity… it works! 2. The charts can be organized by genre and region (including scenes not covered by The Deli’s blogs). 3. The charts are not just a list of our subscribers, our staff adds the more established acts, while all emerging artists are allowed to add themselves by subscribing.

Why Genres?

If we were highlighting just a dozen bands, we probably wouldn’t group them in genres. But when dealing with a massive amount of… anything, it’s always good to be organized. We know that most music fans have genre preferences so we thought that this system could help them find new artists they might enjoy. The Deli’s Staff the deli_27

alt Rock T

he Deli’s staff relates “Alt Rock” bands to ones that play straight and punchy rock music with no frills.

A home at Third Man Records means you’ve got the Jack White stamp of approval. He was the first to find the four dark vixens of Nashville’s The Black Bells, who’ve got a very White Stripes-like grip on the whole bluesy, grating rock sound.

Turbo Fruits aren’t anything new around

Nashville. That’s for sure. But that’s what’s so great about the band that has been able to withstand all the hype over all the new kids on the block while continuing to put out new releases and put on incredible live shows (with killer solos). After 3 EPs, Austin’s The Couch dropped their debut full-length Old and Touchin’ Blue this past December. Thumping, joyous and completely irrepressible, it’s a party album with a huge heart. Boston’s Aloud, the duo of Jennifer de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain, share vocal duties while trading off on various instruments from guitar to piano to Glockenspiel. However chaotic it may seem, they have their sound down to a T. Chicago’s Redgrave are raw, methodical, plotting, and powerful, while fellow Windy City natives Archie Powell & The Exports lay down blue-collar pop sharing the desires to quit their unionized day jobs. Mutts’ 2011 debut LP Pray for Rain found its way into CMJ’s Top 200 chart and helped the band nab top honors as The Deli Chicago’s 2011 Poll Band of the Year. They are performing all over the country this spring, but will not be at SXSW. the deli_28

Spring 2012 Austin

MUttS RIYL: Tom Waits,The Black Keys, Dirty Beaches

Photo: Pooneh Gha


turbo Fruits RIYL: Be Your Own Pet, T. Rex

Alt R T oc

k op The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts 20

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The Black Keys 11. Jay Reatard Band of Skulls 12. The Dead Weather The Fray 13. The Raconteurs The White Stripes 14. Black Lips Say Anything 15. Brand New The Menzingers 16. Taking Back Sunday Paramore 17. Four Year Strong Thrice 18. Motion City Wolfmother Soundtrack 19. We Are Scientists Screaming Females 20. Blood Red Shoes Full alt rock chart @






IndIe Rock I

ndie rock has turned into an umbrella term over the years. The Deli uses it to describe artists with a darker rock sound who keep their songs edgy and tense.

Daniel Pujol has carved his name into the Nashville music scene with all caps and the unrelenting energy that he brings to his Stooges-like hybrid of punk snarl and pop accessibility. Pujol is a favorite around town, and is steadily becoming one on a grander scale.

Photo: David Black RIYL: Bass Drum of Death, JEFF the Brotherhood

the White White ligh

Baltimore’s Weekends splash a thin shimmery veil of tropical vibes over a mess of noise rock, transforming a seemingly schizophrenic cacophony of guitar wails into something melodic, foot stompingly powerful, and entirely enjoyable.


Cogent guitar chords clash against LA Font singer Danny Bobbe’s scathing wit providing lively, streamlined rock ‘n’ roll by the Los Angeles-based outfit that brings back the buzzing, off-kilter arrangements of indie rock. LA’s FIDLAR make vicious garage anthems and astute meanderings on the everyday slacker which resonate with blatant sincerity, all the while emphasizing a rich gamut of catchy hooks to balance their primal raunch. Portland-based Hausu combine nostalgic sonic flourishes inspired by their music heroes with fresh elements of rhythmic interplay and tongue-in-cheek lyricism to make tunes that are at once brooding and poppy. Hometown Austin four-piece The White White Lights create a fractured, appealing, dangerous and spiky sound, full of curves, cliffs and blinding lights. Simply put, they crush…they destroy…and they’re endearing.

the deli_30

Spring 2012 Austin

RIYL: Butthole Surfers, Yeah Yeah Yea hs

Ind ie Top Rock 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Arctic Monkeys The Kills Modest Mouse Spoon The Horrors Kings of Leon Those Darlins The Strokes Tokyo Police Club Delta Spirit

11. Young the Giant 12. The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt 13. Rise Against 14. Lower Dens 15. Death Cab for Cutie 16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 17. Youth Lagoon 18. No Age 19. John Maus 20. The National Full indie rock chart @ ck

pSych Rock W

hether you like it dreamy, droney, or bizarrely experimental, Psychedelic Rock can bridge the gap between a multitude of genres. Here’s a soundtrack for your kaleidoscope-filled days. Brooklyn’s Widowspeak emanates a strange beautiful mysterious nostalgia that lingers deep within old souls. Their music is unobtrusive – it takes its time – and its lonesome sense of desperation is counterbalanced by Molly Hamilton’s haunting melodies. This band re-elaborates and blends Mazzy Star’s dreamy folk, Cowboy Junkies’ sparse, blue atmospheres, and good old Paisley Underground psychedelia in an irresistibly sad pop candy.

Snowmine has a fascination for afro-

beat, electro-acoustic soundscapes, and 20th century classical orchestrations, and – believe it or not – the Brooklyn outfit found a way to make these genres coexist. What comes out of it is an intense psych pop, where the dreamy element is replaced by a dense and arcane spiritual quality.

Creepoid has evolved from inten-

tionally fuzzed out anthems to empathetic tracks that expand on the band’s strengths while unveiling new instances of melodic genius and concise craft. The former hardcore kids and winners of the Deli Philly 2011 Poll for Best Emerging Artists unapologetically reveal their misspent youth to their listeners. Bringing to mind wintery

the deli_32

Spring 2012 Austin

allah las

RIYL: Fresh & Onlys, The Doors

landscapes and a vibe of springtime dusks, Creepoid’s music is definitely an enjoyable eternity if you can see how the fallen angels might be right. The rock gods called out in desperate need of a sign; a sign that rock was still alive in us mortals and not being led by a bunch of namby-pambies with script chest tattoos and forearms the size of garden snakes. Philly’s Purling Hiss is a raging erection of rock ‘n’ roll – of pissed jeans, whiskey teeth and stoner garage that slithers, shakes and convulses in a bright fury of heavy grooves.

Far-Out Fangtooth has come a long

way since their early days as a garage band with seemingly a little more attitude and style than knowledge of their craft. Evolving to a much tighter experimental gothic psych punk outfit, the Philly-based four-piece captures the spirit of the disenchanted masses who once felt isolated and disconnected

Psych Rock

The Deli’s Top 20 Web Buzz Charts

creepoid Widowspeak Junkies RIYL: Mazzy Star, Cowboy

RIYL: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Low

from their surroundings and sought refuge in the music and culture of ’80s punk and ’90s grunge. Smoky garage rock is usually associated with San Francisco, greatly due to the communal kinship and prolific work ethic of bands such as the Fresh & Onlys, Sick Alps, and Thee Oh Sees. But go a little further south to LA, and you’ll discover the skuzzy, sun dappled sounds of Allah Las. The quartet do occasionally touch base with their sixties forbearers, but their delectable fuzzy nuggets invoke a cool, phlegmatic vibe that’s very much attuned to their home city. The name alone of the band Whirr (previously known as Whirl) evokes a swarming spin, the rush of sound passing you by with densely awash distortion. Dreamlike vocals rest atop the crest of a powerful and thunderous rhythm section. Melodies are not buried or forgotten, but instead guided through raucous waves of feedback.

1. Real Estate 2. School of Seven Bells 3. Warpaint 4. Wild Nothing 5. The Antlers 6. Bear In Heaven 7. The War on Drugs 8. Crocodiles 9. Atlas Sound 10. Young Prisms 11. My Best Fiend 12. TV on the Radio 13. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 14. La Sera 15. Woods 16. Black Mountain 17. Tame Impala 18. Suckers 19. Panda Bear 20. The Raveonettes Full psych rock char t@ /charts/psych-rock

Snowmine RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, XTC

Live at The Deli’s Saturday Day Show, see page 7

Since the layers of gutsy guitars are so well executed, the listener remembers tremulous emotion and forgoes numbness. Whirr are reinvigorating the San Francisco shoegaze scene and certainly possess an expansive quality – best experienced through their live shows. the deli_33

Photo: Jose Wolf

avant IndIe H

ere at The Deli, we use the term “Avant Indie” for acts that venture into an experimental direction, but remain faithful to the rock and pop song structure. An artist who defies any clear descriptor, LA-based Julia Holter treats the “avantgarde” like a playground filled with intriguing possibilities. Her faraway ambient pieces are full of discovery and wonder, unfurling into blissful, if slightly fragmented, compositions that reveal new and interesting layers with each successive listen.

Julia holter RIYL: Laurie Anderson, Klaus Nomi, Julianna Barwick

Carrying a delicate voice that crackles at its edges, LA’s Chelsea Wolfe pours her heart out over a macabre sound that paints a haunting portrait of dark romantic isolation. She commands with a tenebrous and anguished tone, swathed in throbbing compositions and cavernous chords. Eccentric Brooklyn group Zambri’s art work is visually deceptive while their music is dark, sometimes breaching into full cacophony, but fear not! Somewhere, below the layers of skips, repeats, and echoes is a deep, sensual groove, older than time itself. DC duo Bluebrain explore and push both sonic boundaries and visual landscapes. Their multi-layered jams are rich in deep tones and timbres, and characterized by dynamic transitions. Combined with mystifying visual effects, Bluebrain’s sets become more performance art than the usual live concert. Heady instrumental Austin band Equals’ music evokes widescreen images, big sky sounds that take up space. They’ve only just started, but they’re sounding way ahead of the game. the deli_34

Spring 2012 Austin

equals RIYL: Explosions in the Sky, Battles

Ava n Topt Indie 20

The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts

10. Mogwai 1. Dirty Projectors 11. Animal Collective 2. Unknown Mortal 12. Reptar Orchestra 3. Broken Social Scene 13. Yeasayer 14. Deerhunter 4. Xiu Xiu 15. Women 5. Son Lux 16. Yo La Tengo 6. YACHT 17. Gang Gang Dance 7. tUne-yArDs 8. Explosions in the Sky 18. High Places 19. Born Ruffians 9. Grizzly Bear 20. Glasser Full avant indie chart @ die

electRonIc E

/hIp hop

lectro and Hip Hop don’t necessarily always go hand-in-hand, but they do often find a common place: the dance floor. Here are a few acts that may help get us there - or take us somewhere else. Recently signed to Western Vinyl, South Philly’s Raj Haldar a.k.a. Lushlife has consistently proven why he is a force to be reckoned with. His music is so eclectic that everyone from hardcore hip hop heads to the hippest indie fans can find something to enjoy. In Vacationer, members of electronic collective Body Language plus Kenny Vasoli (formerly of The Starting Line) bring lush waves of ambient indie pop stacked with beachy melodies. The Brooklyn/Philly-based band’s dreamy sound is bound to transport souls to a hazy, thoroughly tranquil parallel world. Winner of The Deli Bay Area’s 2011 Poll for Emerging Artists, San Francisco’s Geographer brings a smart, sensitive edge to electro.

deleted Scenes RIYL: Youth Lagoon, Deerh unter, The Morning Benders

Soulful vocals, soft guitar and cello are blended with drum and synth beats. On their new album Myth, the trio displays a more dramatic, fully-realized sound that compresses its big, orchestral movements into neat pop songs. Oakland duo James & Evander prove, alongside fellow locals Tycho and oOoOO, that the Bay Area’s minimal, experimental electronic scene is on the rise. While bearded boys jamming out to psych-folk remains popular, the darkwave that dominates the LA scene has finally found a following in Northern California.


Gemini club s, RIYL: Friendly Fire w m, Me LCD Soundsyste

RIYL: Crystal Castles, Klaxons, The Maccabees

Electro nic

The Deli’s Top 20 Web Buzz Charts

1. Sleigh Bells 2. M83 3. Washed Out 4. Air 5. Justice 6. Metronomy 7. Little Dragon 8. Die Antwoord 9. Daft Punk 10. Summer Camp 11. Burial 12. Simian Mobile Disco 13. Free Blood 14. Gold Panda 15. Moby 16. SebastiAn 17. Crystal Castles 18. Passion Pit 19. Rusko 20. Electric Guest Full electronic chart @ /charts/electronic

Oakland’s Mwahaha perfectly combines the historic, psychedelic Bay Area sound with the coolest elements of noise and indie pop. Consider them an American reincarnation of The Beta Band.

Shaved Head, the members of Seattle electro outfit

Imaginative avant-poppers Deleted Scenes took the top honors for the second year in a row in the Deli DC’s 2011 Poll for Emerging Artists. No stranger to huge fests like SXSW and Pop Montreal, Deleted Scenes’ live shows are always intense and seriously stimulating.

change – if only a superficial one. The five-piece beat-making machine’s reputation is built on quirky yet danceable melodies and carbonated tunes.

After making music under the eyebrowraising moniker Natalie Portman’s

Brite Futures felt it was time for a

Chicago’s Gemini Club have been tearing up local clubs for the past few years now, and after being heavily remixed and finding international attention, the trio are primed for larger stages and bigger dance parties.

IndIe pop C

atchy melodies and upbeat tempos spring to mind when we use the word “pop” - here are some artists who might please the masses’ ears in the near future... The songwriting and approach on Caveman’s debut album CoCo Beware shows an incredible amount of maturity that recalls the relaxed introspection of ’60s folk artists, which is one of the reasons why they won the Deli NYC’s 2011 Poll for Best Emerging Artists (and landed on the cover of our NYC mag last summer). Caveman focuses on the graceful sound of words over lyrical complexity with a deep sincerity that radiates from the melancholy restlessness of their warm, weathered songs. Addictively flirtatious retro-pop outfit Friends is living proof that even bedbugs aren’t necessarily always evil. The band was formed when five friends found themselves in the same house for a week because some of their places had to be disinfested. The jams and magic that followed brought us probably the most buzzed-about NYC band of the last few months. There is an immediate appeal to the effortless, tenuous melodies of Brooklyn’s Hospitality. Coated in sweetness with the delicate, fey vocals of lead singer Amber Papini and temperate instrumentation, their songs are expertly bulked up with lush, detailed arrangements. the deli_38

Spring 2012 Austin

caveman RIYL: Belle & Sebastian, Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest

The debut full-length Wild One by NYC’s North Highlands feels like the soundtrack to the slight transition period between summer and fall, as the last embers of the warm season burn and gives way to brisk, chilled days. Brenda Martini’s thoughtful soprano perfectly embodies this melancholic transaction. Started by Todd Goldstein a few years ago as a folk-y solo act after the disbanding of his previous project The Harlem Shakes, ARMS has slowly morphed into a new animal. Now a quartet, the band offers elegant, supple pop that feeds itself with a variety of influences and musical ingredients. After a handful of live performances and an addictive single, Natalie Bergman of Chicago’s Wild Belle is already being called “the next Lana Del Rey.” Teamed with Elliot Bergman (formerly of Nomo) and backed live by members of In Tall Buildings, Natalie has the right framework to be launched into the national view.

Indie P op

craft Spells

Wild Belle , RIYL: M.I.A., Lilly Allen Fever Ray

RIYL: Future Islands, Depeche Mode, Wild Beasts

As indebted to Morrissey’s melancholia as they are to the synth-happy songsmiths that they so resemble, Seattle’s Craft Spells is shamelessly retro and unabashedly catchy. Pairing lighthearted and nostalgic instrumentation with frontman Justin Vallesteros’ whispery utterances, they create dreamy soundscapes reminiscent of his native California.

The Grownup Noise is a melodic indie pop outfit hailing from Boston. They’ve won fans over with their minimalist approach and their straightforward, honest lyrics. Their songs are sincere and express a youthful joy for wonder in what is to come. At times reminiscent of fellow Portlandians Menomena, Aan blends some of the most pleasing guitar tones and technical percussions in recent memory with the abrasive, but fitting cry of frontman Bud Wilson’s vocals. The resulting combination is one that can explode and collapse in flurries of experimental pop.

The Deli’s Top 20 Web Buzz Charts

1. Lana Del Rey 2. The Shins 3. Santigold 4. fun. 5. Fleet Foxes 6. Foster the People 7. Girls 8. Belle & Sebastian 9. Two Door Cinema Club 10. Perfume Genius 11. Craft Spells 12. Islands 13. Beach Fossils 14. The Drums 15. Tennis 16. Beach House 17. Memoryhouse 18. Sufjan Stevens 19. Fanfarlo 20. Friends Full indie pop chart @ /charts/indie-pop


RIYL: Santigold, Neon Indian, Luscious Jackson Bein gs

With a lineup that features the alltoo-rare singing drummer, Austin’s Black Book have hit on a sound that they like to call “Southern Dream Pop,” which is fairly apt as three-word descriptions go. the deli_39

aMeRIcana B

elow are a few noteworthy acts who are keeping the Roots Music tradition alive, while updating it in a sincere, not overtly commercial way. Honey voiced chanteuse Tristen, winner of our Nashville year end poll, takes listeners on a roller coaster ride with her songs about the hollow banks of emotional turmoil. Her debut full-length album provoked a “wow” from listeners far beyond Music City, including NPR, Rolling Stone and the Wall Street Journal.

tristen RIYL: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Katie Costello, Mountain Man

Like a young Gillian Welch, songstress

Madi Diaz has absorbed the best of

Nashville into her alt-country bag of tricks. She’s re-packaged classics from her catalogue along with some new nuggets for her debut on eclectic label TinyOGRE.

What may be the most captivating aspect of DC’s Lightfoot is the emotional strength pouring from each song - transforming heartbreak and struggle into energy-fueled, pasRIYL: Brandi Carlile, Taylo r Swift, Michelle Bran sionate performances. ch Live at The Deli’s UN/OFFParty! See pag Ame es 3-6 The Milkman’s Union from Portland, ME rican Top 2 a came out on top in the Deli New England’s 0 The Deli’s Web Buzz Charts 2011 Fans’ Poll. With folksy beginnings, 1. Laura Marling 11. Colbie Caillat you’ll find them leaning more toward an indie 2. Heartless Bastards 12. Bright Eyes rock sound with a countrified twist. 3. Regina Spektor 13. The Decemberists

Madi diaz

Lead vocals dripping with soul, catchy backup harmonies, and rockin’ bluesy guitar riffs come together synchronically for Oldjack, a nitty gritty boot-stompin’ band from Boston. Blues music seems to need a savior all the time. Gary Clark Jr. was born and raised in Austin – practically brought up in the famous blues club Antone’s – and has already shared bills and stages with a zillion big names. the deli_40

Spring 2012 Austin

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Bowerbirds 14. The Avett Brothers First Aid Kit 15. Ingrid Michaelson The Civil Wars 16. Cat Power Peter Broderick 17. Iron and Wine The Head And The Heart 18. Flogging Molly The Tallest Man on Earth 19. Amos Lee Dierks Bentley 20. Horse Feathers 21. Joshua Radin Full americana chart @ na

Acclaimed by stars and locals alike, he’s a monster on stage.


CO M I N G S O O N N E W M U S I C F R O M :

alt RootSy A

Radiation city

t The Deli, we define “Alt Rootsy” those artists that have a basis in American roots music yet manage to somehow veer off its traditional path. Built from thin, sometimes timid harmonies, the music of Brooklyn-based Yellow Ostrich ultimately adds up to a colorful tapestry made all the more vivid on account of the instruments purposely left out of the mix. The boyish pleas for youthful ideals underline a power made all the more intense by Alex Schaaf’s tell-all honesty. The music of Brooklyn’s Lucius is filled with warm colors and folksy Americana, but the band’s approach to the genre is anything but traditional: exploiting percussive elements, arrangements building from sparse intros to intense melodic explosions, and the singing duo’s gorgeous vocal harmonizations. The Bay is filled with experimental folk bands, but no one sounds like Sacramento’s Dead Western with baritone vocals and a slowcore hum that feels like a long journey into the dark night. Portland’s Lost Lander has a penchant for building stripped-down acoustic arrangements into full-blown dramatic moments of epic pop. Sometimes fast and loud, sometimes slow and soft, it won’t surprise fans of Menomena to find out that former member Brent Knopf (Ramona Falls) produced their debut Drrt. the deli_42

Spring 2012 Austin

RIYL: The Magneti c Fields, Atlas Sou Beach House nd,

Live at The De See pages 3-6 li’s UN/OFF Party!

2011 found Radiation City in a debut breakout year that couldn’t be stopped. While the full account of accolades is too long to list here, highlights include packed showcases at CMJ in the middle of a national tour, a Daytrotter session, a video premiere on IFC, and several nods on notable “Year End” lists including the Deli Portland’s. Concertgoers taking in a Motopony set are in for an exciting, yet disjointed, ride. The Seattle folk-pop quartet revels in the juxtaposition of contrasting sounds – something noted by many a critic – and it’s that marriage of hard and soft that makes it difficult to listen to them just once. Neo-soul buzz band Pickwick were without a doubt among the hottest tickets in Seattle during 2011. With so much talk about their moody keyboards, minimalistic guitar, and swinging rhythms, the sextet has been

Alt R oots Top y/Folk 20 Deli’s

The Web Buzz Charts

the new highway hymnal RIYL: Dirty Beaches, The Black Keys, Liars

lost lander RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Manchester Orchestra, Andre w Bird

selling out venues throughout the Northwest on a regular basis leaving music lovers eagerly anticipating their next release. The progressive R&B trio Night Beats has been furnishing the Seattle scene with their perplexing brand of garagesoul. The result is a resurrection of the ghosts of psych bands past that transcends the decades since the ’60s as well as any contemporary revivalists. Last year, The New Highway Hymnal (who seemed to all of a sudden come out of nowhere) started working their asses off playing basement shows, DIY fests, and local clubs around Boston week in/week out. The youthful band’s hard work has helped to develop their sound. Having come into their own, The New Highway Hymnal won the Deli New England’s Poll 2011 for Best Emerging Artists.

1. Feist 2. Wilco 3. Cass McCombs 4. Tindersticks 5. Bon Iver 6. James Blake 7. Wilco 8. Tindersticks 9. Sharon Van Etten 10. Sun Kil Moon 11. Bahamas 12. Ben Kweller 13. Yellow Ostrich 14. She & Him 15. Titus Andronicus 16. Devendra Banhart 17. Deer Tick 18. M. Ward 19. Dr. Dog 20. CocoRosie Full rootsy chart @ /charts/rootsy

lucius RIYL: St. Vincent, Camera Obscura, 500 Days of Summer Soun dtrack

Live at The Deli’s UN/OFF Party! See pages 3-6

Austin-based Gashcat’s debut album showcases vaguely folky tunes filtered through a very open-minded musical approach featuring syncopated rhythms, percolating brass sections, and natural, expressive harmonizations. the deli_43

kitchen recording equipment news

PreSonus iPad App for Live Mixing


hose of you, who go to see shows in smallish venues like we do, and know something about sound engineering, must have realized that most of these live rooms have the mixing console located in a less than ideal place, i.e. NOT smack in front of the speakers, where the so called “sweet spot” is. Because of this, live engineers tend to walk back and forth from the mixer to the floor in order to detect exactly what kind of adjustments the live mix needs. Well, this “routine” will soon become obsolete thanks to PreSonus’ new StudioLive mixers, whose most common parameters can be controlled remotely

through a free iPad/iPod compatible application called “StudioLive Remote.” The Overview displays the parameters for multiple channels at once. A close-up view of each channel – just one tap away – allows you to navigate between the gate, compressor, EQ, Aux, levels, panning, and Fat Channel processing for the Aux sends and internal FX buses. There’s also a graphic EQ for the master output!

Shure’s Open Back Headphones headphones, which pretty much convert you into a human loudspeaker, have been used by pro sound engineers to mix records for some time now, but many music fans who are serious about sound quality adopted them too for their most satisfying “solo” listening sessions.


eadphones – at least the most common kind – were originally created to allow music fans to listen to their favorite records privately in any environment, without disturbing others in the surrounding area. Until somebody realized that “open back headphones” – because of the lack of restriction in the air movement around the listener’s head – sound way better. These kind of the deli_44

Spring 2012 Austin

Chicago-based manufacturer Shure – creators of industry standard microphones, headphones and earphones – has recently released two gorgeous looking professional models of open back “cans,” the SRH1440 and the SRH1840. Their circumaural design enables sound to move more freely and with minimal distortion for an increased audio fidelity and a unique listening experience when compared to closed-back headphones.

the deli's Pedal Board

More pedal reviews at!

Moog MoogerFooger Cluster Flux • Chorus/Flanger pedal with 6 selectable LFO waveforms. • Tap tempo switch allow easy control of modulation timing. • Every parameter can be also controlled via MIDI. • Sounds incredible!

TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato A true pitch-modulating vibrato, it delivers a spectrum of sounds that ranges from the very subtle to the outrageously alien. Features TC’s new USB connectivity for settings storage and preset download.

T-Rex Hobo Drive

• Transparent and smooth, super flexible gain/distortion pedal. • Separate preamp + boost foots witches for two levels of distortion/dynamics. • A small toggle switch places the boost circuit either before or after the preamp circuit for even more options.

HardWire RV-7 Reverb

Crammed with seven different reverb modes, this pedal uses wonderful digital algorithms by Lexicon, including reverse and gated reverb, bringing realistic results and a ton of options.

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SXSW's Best Emerging Indie Artists  

The Deli is a US magazine focused on the best emerging indie Artists - this is its SXSW 2012 issue.

SXSW's Best Emerging Indie Artists  

The Deli is a US magazine focused on the best emerging indie Artists - this is its SXSW 2012 issue.

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