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SAFE SURE AND SMART MR Fire & Security offers you the most comprehensive range of tried and tested products, expert solutions, professional services and world famous brand names. From Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV and Access Control, to Door Entry, Security Lighting, Perimeter Security, and Automatic Gate Systems. From Wireless Security, Panic Alarms, CO2 and Flood Detection devices to fully integrated, digitally commanded Climate and Entertainment Systems. From Site Surveys, System Design, Project Management and Installation to Maintenance, Alarm Receiving Centre Monitoring and Customer Service that never sleeps. For everything from terraced houses to stately homes; small businesses to international corporate head quarters; corner shops to retail malls; veterinary practices to schools, hospitals and sports stadiums. Whatever the scale of the task you entrust us to solve, you can be confident we apply the same quality standards to everything we do.



HOME SECURITY SOLUTIONS Home is where the heart is. (Not to mention the TV and audio systems, all your clothes, the car keys, your credit details, your jewellery, your favourite shoes, your photos and momentoes, your best furniture, the computer, those rugs that took so long to track down, maybe even your passport…) You know it without us having to tell you. Crime against property has always been disturbing so protecting what you’ve worked hard to acquire is as critical as ever. But it’s equally important to be calm and measured in your approach to security. The MR Fire & Security team will help ensure you get the most appropriate systems to suit the needs of you, your family and your home. We’ll recommend and install products that will protect you – not just from unwanted entry but also from fire and flood if need be. And we’ll do it without making your property look and feel like a fortress. Our first duty is to make you feel safe and

Burglar Alarms

Fire Alarms

secure. But we never forget your home is for living in. With that in mind MR Fire & Security also looks to ensure that whatever we supply is in tune with your lifestyle and sense of what looks right. We want you to relax whether you’re at home or away. So, for instance, we can fit Crestron stylish technology that not only guards your home entertainment, but also gives you remote control over it from any room in the house. And we can do the same for climate control, lighting, even drawing curtains or running the bath! BUSINESS SECURITY SOLUTIONS You’re working hard to meet your business targets. Meanwhile, others are set on targeting your business. Like you, we’re in business too. So we appreciate just how hard recent events have made it to meet targets and stay buoyant. As if times weren’t difficult enough, a side effect of this recession has been to make business premises even more attractive to would-be thieves – thieves who are

Security Lighting Automated Gates

Public Sector

increasingly determined, more organised and better equipped than ever before. That’s why protecting your place of work, your staff and your livelihood should be at the top of your agenda, whether you’re running a corner shop, a factory or a multi-national organisation. FIRE PROTECTION One day someone will invent the fireproof building. Till then, we can give you the next best thing. Of all the possible intruders in your home or business, fire and smoke are potentially the most frightening, the most lethal, the most devastating. Nobody can make you fireproof. But MR Fire & Security has the power and expertise to minimise the risks to you, your family, or your property. Our experience in Fire and Security is second to none. MR Fire & Security Team are exhaustively trained. They’re armed with the know-how and relevant skills to design, recommend and install the solution that match your needs and makes sense of your budget.

Door Entry

Access Control

CCTV SYSTEMS In recent years CCTV has proved to be one of the most effective security solutions, whether it’s employed in deterrence or detection. Increasingly, footage captured on CCTV systems provides crucial evidence, often leading to successful prosecution and conviction of wrongdoers. MR Fire & Securitys’ experience in this field is broad and deep. We recognised at an early stage how important this aspect of security was becoming, and made it our business to work with the leading international developers and suppliers of CCTV and HD CCTV equipment. This means we’re ideally placed to advise all our customers private or business on the most apt, most effective, most cost-efficient surveillance systems to answer their unique requirements. Highly trained in the techniques and technology of CCTV Security, MR Fire & Security engineers have the expertise to supply and install everything from a compact domestic


CCTV package to state-of-the-art multicamera Avigilon system for commercial premises, sports stadiums, retail chains major corporate or public organisations. And this technology is truly impressive! We can provide you with systems that allow you to observe, record and transmit extraordinarily high definition live real-time moving pictures from inside or outside any property, premises or public place. These images can be scrutinised instantly via your own fixed or remote viewing facility or at MR Fire & Securitys’ permanently manned secure monitoring centre. Our dedicated HD CCTV teams can design, install and maintain secure systems using the new Avigilon state of the art HD cameras. Take a look on the high definition page on our website, the video clips are truly amazing. If you’d like to talk with us – without any obligation – about your security needs, don’t hesitate to call on: 0500 288 999 or email:

Perimeter Security Alarm Monitoring





INTEGRATED SECURITY SOLUTIONS The science and art of getting it all together. (Why comprehensive doesn’t have to mean complicated.)

solutions are as simple as they are secure. Our expert engineers have all the science it takes to secure or enhance your property, with features that can include:

It doesn’t matter how advanced any individual security system may be, it can work all the more effectively as part of an integrated system – whether that happens to be at home or in the workplace.

u CCTV u High Definition CCTV u Burglar Alarms u Access Control and Door Entry Systems u Fire Alarms u Security Lighting u Automated Gates, Rising Bollards and Barriers u Door Entry Systems u Perimeter Security u Alarm Receiving Centre Monitoring u Crestron Home Automation u Home Entertainment Systems Just as importantly, the MR Fire & Security teams have the skill it takes to put these elements together in a way that is easy to operate, designed to eliminate glitches and can be centrally controlled. And whatever solutions we create for

But just because your security requests are complex, it doesn’t mean the solutions have to be complicated. MR Fire & Security Group aims to provide maximum protection with minimum fuss. We’ve built close working relationships with leading property developers that have given us unique insights into how to protect complex business premises as well as customising home systems that have earned us a high reputation with high net worth customers. And in our 25 years Plus experience, the best

them, all our customers have the added reassurance that MR Fire & Security is an NSI Nacoss Gold accredited company, working to the highest standards set by the security industry. Don’t forget, if you’d like to talk with us – without any obligation – about your security needs, please don’t hesitate to call

Tel: 0500 288 999

MRFS Group Number Eight, Canbury Business Park, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HJ Tel: 020 8547 4333 Fax: 020 8547 4334 Web:

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MRFS Group Brochure

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