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Audio Visual Automation by the MRFS Group

puts you firmly in control for Residential Solutions

Audio Visual Automation by the MRFS Group

puts you firmly in control for Commercial Solutions

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Your automated environment – science fantasy is now a science fact Extraordinary advances in digital and microchip technology mean we can now make your life - whether at home or work – more convenient, comfortable, productive, entertaining, secure, enjoyable, better informed and more ecologically sound than you could ever have dreamed.

precisely how we can make automation systems perform to meet their unique demands.

AVA gives you fingertip command.

by the MRFS Group has been at the forefront of this automation revolution for over twenty five years, designing and installing systems for all sorts of environments – from hotels, hospitals and colleges to commercial businesses; from luxury apartments and developments to private homes.

No other installer has more experience or expertise in this field than AVA. We’ve worked in close collaboration with the leading developers for many years and are accredited by all the major manufacturers to install their products. In particular, AVA has built a special relationship with Crestron, widely acknowledged as the global leader and one of the most innovative developers of automation services.

Today, more and more individuals and organisations are recognising that this leading edge technology adds quality to their lives and value to their businesses. And, thanks to our reputation for excellence, more and more people are turning to AVA to discover

Whether we’re designing and installing private cinemas, media rooms, surround sound, satellite distribution, telecoms, mood lighting, presentation systems, climate control, IRS, 3D TV, Fire, Security or High Definition CCTV systems, we pride ourselves in the excellence of

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our work, the quality of the products we recommend and the strength of the partners we work with. AVA shapes and enhances your environment, putting you in complete charge, by way of remote touch pad, touch screen, iPad or iPhone. It’s total control, made totally simple. We like to build and test every system before we install it (as well as testing on site) so as to make sure it’s exceptionally reliable too.

Thinking ahead is what keeps us in front

your surroundings. We also take great care to make them readily accessible for easy maintenance. And because our vast experience has taught us that new and exciting developments are always just around the corner, we aim to install future-proof cable infrastructure into every property, wherever possible. This means our Customers’ systems can grow incrementally to take advantage of more sophisticated products as they come on stream.

AVA is constantly thinking ahead. Our background in designing and installing vital Fire, Security, Audio, Visual and Automation systems means that staying a step ahead is second nature to us.

So, whether you’re looking to achieve greater control over your living or working environment, come and talk with us. We always strive to give you clear, impartial, expert advice on how best to achieve the convenience, comfort, style and efficiency you seek, at a price that will not break the bank.

Our design and installation teams will ensure that our systems fit in seamlessly and discreetly into

Excellence is our watchword, and we promise you won’t get better advice or a more professional service.



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Affordable Control for your home or business environment Together, AVA and Crestron’s Prodigy system give you the comfort and convenience you’ve dreamed of as well as the control over how much you spend on it.

Fingertip control

Whether at home or work AVA can bring you the kind of control over your surroundings that will change your lifestyle forever. And, thanks to Crestron Prodigy, it won’t be beyond your budget.

For example, you may wish to start with an entertainment system. To this you can add Prodigy products that control your lighting, close out intruders, warm or cool your rooms, play your favourite movies, select and record your favourite HD TV programmes, stream your IT, choose your music, and much more. All of this at your fingertips, at your command, wherever you are, wherever you go, in your home, or anywhere on the planet!

Crestron is without doubt the world’s most globally respected and trusted name in high end AudioVisual and Automation systems which probably explains why it is installed in more homes and businesses worldwide than all its rivals combined. The Crestron Prodigy system offers dependable, convenient, affordable control without compromising quality.

Installed by AVA, Crestron’s Prodigy is entirely scalable. So it can grow in line with your needs and your means.

convenient, secure and even more cost-effective, thanks to the advanced but simple and reliable control you’ll have over the environment. Talk to us today, it’s a conversation that could change the way you choose to live your life in the future.

Tel: 020 8547 4333 AVA by

When AVA installs Prodigy in your premises, you’ll experience a whole new way of living that’s more comfortable,

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