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November/December 2008


Kirk “Hardtail” Willard MRF President Many of you know I work for a large agricultural cooperative that is owned by growers and farmers and the concept of delivering on a Value Proposition gets discussed and reviewed frequently. For the growers and farmers, it means that we as cooperative employees are proposing and have clear set expectations to deliver a value for them when they belong to the cooperative, beyond what they can achieve as individuals or even as growing regions. This concept is essentially the same for those of you who belong to and support the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). The MRF as a functioning entity, and being made up of a collection of Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (SMRO’s), related organizations, and Individual members alike - expect results against a clear Legislative and Political agenda be delivered on in Washington D.C and in the International arena beyond what we as Individual SMRO’s, related organizations, or individuals could attain acting independently. The MRF’s value proposition; that we can be the independent national advocate for motorcycling and its associated lifestyle. At the recent Meeting of the Minds in Denver this September, I reviewed the MRF’s past year’s performance to illustrate the value proposition one can realize and be a participant in when joining and supporting the MRF. For a couple years now we have seen many of the Federal Agencies in Washington D.C. that consider motorcyclists, begin to align on their messages to “fix” motorcycling and

this of course concerned us as to the necessary resources it would take to cover them all and get them to move off of the “safer crashing” theme and onto the much more successful theme of “crash avoidance” that we so strongly support. The MRF spent considerable time developing strategic plans to make certain we had the resources available and the necessary relationships with all these agencies in an attempt to get them to understand and consider our positions, suggested initiatives, and ultimately to work with the motorcycling community. First out of the box last fall, was the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). After the NTSB held a meeting with various motorcycling stakeholders the prior summer and upon the review of a few motorcycle accidents, they basically ignored the motorcyclists they met with and the very basic principles of research they stand on and simply defaulted to recommending mandatory helmet use as the silver bullet answer without recognizing any of the positive developments in the areas of motorcycle safety, education, awareness nor any motorist awareness programs or any motorist responsibilities. Based on this NTSB recommendation the MRF organized a first of its kind Press Conference inside a Federal House building in D.C. that was well attended by our SMRO partners and by Congressman to bring adequate attention to our Crash Avoidance versus Safer Crashing efforts. This is also what inspired the MRF Fact or Fiction piece that has been used so effectively to this end. As of late I have seen no further foray by the NTSB into the world of motorcycle safety. Clearly they missed the mark and a golden opportunity to promote crash avoidance and without a doubt, our Press Conference pointed that out as well as the fact that when you suggest something as a “fix” for motorcyclists, you need to do it with the vigor and integrity it demands.

Next came the saga of the Secretary of the Federal Department of Transportation, Mary Peters. It went a full gamut of her recommending helmet mandates and using federal 2010 Motorcycle Safety Grant monies to do so, then softened following our outrage to using 2010 monies to support voluntary helmet use, and when we wouldn’t let up it finally led to an apology to the MRF, AMA, and MIC and an offer to write to our Governors stating that while they should promote voluntary helmet use, they shouldn’t use 2010 Motorcycle Safety Grant monies to do it with. The MRF was there every step of the way with the resounding support of our SMRO partners. This one is very personal to us, since motorcyclists through these 2010 funds have a mere $1.00 spent on their safety and the FedDOT felt they should take some of that away to promote helmet use and once again ignore all the positive work being done in the field of motorcycle safety, awareness, and education. Then on the list is our following of these 2010 Motorcycle Safety Grant monies designated in the most recent Transportation Bill, TEA-LU. This remains an important item for the MRF as we continue to follow the distribution and use of these monies within state motorcycle safety programs. In most states this program, initiated and lobbied hard by the MRF with strong support by our SMRO partners, has been a resounding success. Also within the TEA-LU bill was the creation of the Motorcycle Advisory Council within the Federal Highway Administration (FHwA) which also originated out of the work the MRF and our SMRO partners collaborated on, and it too has been a success as it gives motorcyclists another avenue to work with those that oversee our federal roadways to consider motorcyclists’ needs first hand. When it came time to review these TEA-LU programs this July in Congress, the MRF was the only

motorcycle organization called in to testify , and long time MRF member and New Hampshire Senator Bob LeTourneau was contacted to testify on our behalf. It is important to note that Senator “Radio” Bob Chairs the New Hampshire Transportation Committee and is so well respected in that body that he is the only Republican Committee Chair in a Democratically controlled Senate. Once again the MRF was there with a qualified resource and soundly delivered. As you all know by now the Motorcycle Advisory Council’s Charter was extended without issue. The MRF continues to have the goal to be everywhere motorcycles are being mentioned in D.C. and with the help of our SMRO’s we are confident we are delivering on this initiative as well. The MRF has representatives in all quarterly meetings with the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), are members of the aforementioned FHwA Motorcycle Advisory Council, has representation in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) meetings, FedDOT meetings, and a working relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency. We continue to work on HIPAA as we have for many years running. We continue to support and work diligently on HR 1076 that makes it illegal to deny benefits for any injury that occurs during legal transportation or recreation such as riding a motorcycle. We did see a small victory in the HIPAA arena when HR 6908 known as the Health Insurance Source of Injury Clarification Act passed in September. It basically says if an insurer is going to deny benefits to a motorcyclist that they must clearly inform you prior to issuing a policy that they intend denial based solely on mode of transportation. While this certainly isn’t what we ultimately want, it certainly documents a problem exists if congress felt it necessary to pass a bill that says an insurer must at least inform us when they intend to not pay benefits. This will become a strong platform from which we will continue to push for the full repair, which of course is no denial at all. We continue to be active in the Right to continued page 9

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 510 - Washington, DC 20002-4980 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Phoenix, AZ PERMIT NO. 1072

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November/December 2008

Bikers Inside the Beltway have given states and organizations much needed capital to do everything from purchasing new motorcycles for rider safety training to producing “watch out for motorcycles” signs and banners.

Michael Kerr MRF Vice President

At this year’s Meeting of the Minds in Denver, a new effort by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation was announced. It is called “Bikers Inside the Beltway” with the sub-title of “Motorcycle Lobby Day.” The event will give motorcyclists an opportunity to park their motorcycles within a normally restricted area in the United States Capitol complex. They can then visit with their own member of Congress in one of the nearby house office buildings. We will be securing a date for the event sometime after the next Congress (111th) convenes. Our Vice President of Government Relations, Jeff Hennie, already has been working with influential congressional staff members on this project. They have assured us that motorcycle parking can be obtained within the complex. We will be securing an area just outside of one of the house office buildings. Participants in the event can then invite their member of congress to have their picture taken together by their motorcycles. There are no requirements to attend – everyone is welcome. For those not familiar with the maze of hallways and tunnels that make up the house office buildings , we can help. Volunteers will be available to help newcomers work their way though the buildings. Jeff will also be at the capitol to give political guidance, should the need arise. The MRF will provide a lobbying packet with bullet point informa-

At some point during the day a member or members of the House of Representatives will speak briefly on the re-authorization of the bill that funds the interstate system. We will be inviting the current Majority Leader of the House, Steny Hoyer of Maryland, in addition to other prominent congressmen to address the motorcyclists in attendance. The press will be invited, but this will be a lobbying, not a press event. The MRF will be issuing a press release concerning “2010 funds” during that time frame.

tion and a general overview of our issues to the attendees for their reference and to pass along to their congressman. Because Congress is rarely in session on the weekend, the event will be held during the week. We are targeting a mid-May date. While we would love to be able to announce the date at this time, we must wait until the schedule for the new congress is released. When that occurs, we will begin to negotiate the actual date and location. The focus of this event will be to encourage the Congress to continue and expand the “2010” program, which provides federal funding for motorcycle awareness and safety programs. Those “2010” funds

In the late afternoon we hope to have an informal unity reception. All motorcyclists and motorcyclists organizations will be invited to attend. We are looking for a place near the MRF office where we can get a pizza and share the highlights of the day with each other. Bikers Inside the Beltway will be the ceremonial kick-off of our lobbying efforts to see that language contrary to the best interests of motorcyclists is not included in the bill commonly referred to as TEA (Transportation Equity Act). Of course, we will have been monitoring that bill from the day that it is introduced. MRF Office Manager and Assistant to the Director of Communications, Tiffany Latimer, will be handling much of the

event’s advance press/communication work inside Washington. She should be able to point people in right direction in regard to questions that they may have. We hope to have a list of reasonably priced accommodations and even campgrounds in the Greater Washington area after the first of the year. It bears repeating that this is a motorcycle event and riding will be encouraged. An MRF stalwart has a repair shop in the area and help can be obtained at reasonable price. To our knowledge, this will be the first time a motorcyclists’ rights organization will have its members and supporters actually ride into the capitol complex in Washington to meet with their own members of Congress. Bikers Inside the Beltway is part of a well thought-out strategy to raise the profile of motorcyclists and the MRF inside Washington, DC. Even in the internet age of almost instantaneous long distance communication, personal contact is still highly effective. Our press conference that was held to call into question the NTSB’s helmet law recommendations to the states had a measurable effect on that issue in the opinion of many. Bikers Inside the Beltway has the potential to get the attention of congressmen and staff that we have had difficulty in reaching, in addition to our many friends that serve in congress. Let’s start a buzz back home and start thinking about making the trip to Washington in 2009. Together, we can make history.

THIS IS YOUR BALLOT—Cut It Out, Vote, Mail It Today Member Representative Board Member Vote For One Candidate Please see Statement of Candidacy in the last MRF Reports Voter #1

Voter #2 (Joint memberships only)

Cindy Hodges (N. Carolina) Please return your ballot to:

ELECTIONS Motorcycle Riders Foundation 236 Massachusetts Ave NE #510 Washington, D.C. 20002

Ballots must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2008.

November/December 2008


NHTSA Proposes New Helmet Standards The Membership Guy Says:Jeff Hennie MRF VP of Government Relations

NHTSA also called for some changes to the testing of helmets. None of the changes provide for a more real world condition, just adjusting some of the allowable ranges for helmet puncture and retention. What is troubling about the proposal is the underlying theme of "safer crashing". We at the MRF believe that it is best to focus on crash prevention instead of injury mitigation. Helmets do not prevent crashes, educated riders and motorists do.

In a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on September 29th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) set forth its proposal to modify the current safety standard for helmets, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218). The proposal focuses mostly on the least important part of any helmet, the DOT label. The NPRM outlines what NHTSA would like to see on the back of your helmet. A new label to replace the current football shaped sticker with the letters DOT printed in a contrasting color to the background. NHTSA claims that due to entities printing and selling "Doing Our Thing" that closely resembles the DOT sticker the federal standard has been undermined and needs an upgrade to a bigger better sticker. The changes the proposal outlines will require including the word "certified", the manufacturer's name, and the model of the helmet. The proposal also calls for the sticker to be larger and placed higher up from the bottom of the helmet. The new sticker has one other change, it's not a sticker. The NPRM calls for the new label to be a "water decal" to be applied under the helmet's final clear coat. A few problems arise with this portion of the proposal. What about helmets that don't have a clear coat such as leather clad or the popular matte finish? What about the cost to manufacturing, which will certainly be higher than the government estimates? Lastly, how does this affect the 30 helmet choice law states? The answer to that one is, it doesn't – other than the fact that when you choose to wear a helmet it would have to be DOT certified.

U.S. Senate: You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

It's true that motorcycle fatalities are near historic levels, but so are new unit sales and registrations. With the soaring price of fuel, expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. So what does NHTSA expect this proposal to do in the real world? Let us refer to some of NHTSA's own numbers from the proposal. First this only really affects the 20 mandatory universal helmet law states and the District of Columbia where, according to NHTSA's numbers, 15 percent of the riders in those jurisdictions use "novelty" helmets that don't meet the current FMVSS 218. Reading further NHTSA says that this proposal, if enacted, would realistically reach 5 percent of the 15 percent of riders who now use "novelty" helmets in universal helmet law states. Using NHTSA's method of guessing at helmet effectiveness, that amounts to about 17-32 lives a year. Now we can certainly all agree that any life saved is a huge success, but the original reason for this proposal was to bring down fatalities significantly. The low double digit decreases don't really dip the numbers down enough to make this necessary. Again, all life is precious but with government resources running on empty, The MRF believes this is time and money better spent on motorcycle safety programs that focus on avoidance of the crash. The MRF encourages you to provide your own public comment to this NPRM. You can read the entire 66 page proposal that includes instructions on how to apply. The comment period is open for 60 days from October 2nd 2008. Use the link to view the document:

U.S. House: You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the House Representative office you request.

Information about your Federal, State and Local Senate and Representatives is also available from a link at the top of the MRF web site’s home page ( You will need your Zip+4 number when running this search.

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The Membership Guy Says John Pierce MRF Membership Director Not being one to mince words, the MRF needs your help so that we can continue the vital work of making federal lawmakers and administrators aware that we are an organized motorcyclist lobby and that we have and will exert political influence that they will feel, either positively or negatively. It's certainly no news to any of you that we all face hard economic times. The same downturn in the economy that affects us individually, also affects your MRF. Donated revenue from our Sustaining State Motorcyclist's Rights Organizations (SSMROs) is down dramatically. Other than to bolster the state organization's operations in any way we can, there's not a lot the MRF can do to improve their individual financials. In order to continue the level of service the MRF has provided, (including this newspaper) we must have an increase in membership. We need to grow by 600 members by January of '09. Notice I wrote "increase in membership", not 600 new members. We need new members but there's another, easier, way for us to grow. We need to keep the members we already have. It's like trying to fill a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. If what we pour into the top is only equal to what's flowing out of the hole in the bottom, the volume in the bucket will not change. That's been our history for the last several years. We may take in 1,000 new members, but roughly the same number of members do not renew each year, so we have very little growth. Those thousand members who do not renew already have a good idea of who we are and what we do. To bring in new members, we must first inform people as to who we are and we must then convince them that the MRF's work is vital to maintain the current level of freedom that we now enjoy. Current members already understand that, so how do we convince current members to renew? In the same way we gain most of our new members through personal contact. Every month your State MRF Representative or Representatives are sent a list of the members in

your state. On that list are also the names and contact information for people whose memberships have expired or are about to expire. One of the greatest services you could perform right now would be to contact your Rep or Assistant Rep and ask for the names of people in your area whose memberships are about to expire. At any time, but particularly right now, the Rep's many jobs can be crushingly time consuming. In many cases, the Reps do not personally know all of the MRF members in your state. Motorcycle rights activists being the gregarious people that we are, you probably know most, if not all, of the members in your area. That puts you in the unique position of being able to reach out and touch these members and former members. As I see it, that is the most important key to providing the MRF with the resources needed to continue our vital efforts on your behalf. Make no mistake here, gaining new members is very important but the quickest, easiest, way for the MRF to grow and be financially solid is through the retention of the members who are now or who have been members. As a parting thought, please consider this: without effective federal representation, all of our state's organizations and motorcyclists are vulnerable to the bad choices of federal legislators and administrators. Without a voice at the federal and international level, very few, if any, of the good things that Hardtail writes about in his column in this issue would have happened. Please help your MRF in its mission to make this a safer better country in which to ride motorcycles. Help us retain the members we already have.

HOW IT WORKS: EPA/ARB RULES 2008 Revisiting the old regulations and examining the new ones Reprinted with permission of American Iron Magazine duction. Dealer showrooms are full of new V-twin motorcycles and waiting lists are a thing of the past. American Ironhorse has temporarily shut down production and is restructuring. Even the offshore motorcycle manufacturers are reporting declining US sales. Is this just the economy or are other forces at work? It is our belief that our industry is experiencing the same downturn as many other industries in the present economic climate, but with a little more severity. This is because the cost of everything is rising and leaving consumers with less money for discretionary purchases, such as motorcycles. Dave Dwyer SSMRO Board Member There is little doubt that the motorcycle industry as a whole is currently seeing a downturn in new unit sales. Harley-Davidson has announced lay-offs and decreased pro-

Since the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the new motorcycle emissions requirements in late 2003, taking effect in 2004, there has been much concern by the V-twin aftermarket manufactur continued page 5

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MRF Young Activist Scholarship Candidate Criteria: 1) Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30 with a valid motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license. 31st birthday must fall after MOTM that year. 2) Candidate must be a member in good standing of a State Motorcyclists' Rights Organization (SMRO). Length of membership required in SMRO to be determined by its members if candidate is qualified. 3) Candidates must be nominated by their SMRO. Nominations will be accepted from either state or local (District/Chapter/Local) SRMO groups, and must be submitted on an MRF-approved application form. 4) Nominations must be submitted between October 1st and July 15th and postmarked no late than July 1st of the year for which the application is submitted. 5) Candidates are to submit a minimum three hundred (300) word essay on why biker's rights are important to them. A well-written essay is like a picture of who the candidate is, and it gives the committee members a better perspective of the individual. Winning candidates will be announced via an MRF e-mail news release on or about August 15th. All candidates will be notified with a letter of thanks and encouragement to resubmit their candidacy for the next year if they are not the selected winner.

Projects and Pleas….. Cindy Hodges Member Representative

How Winning Candidates Are Chosen: MRF Young Activist Scholarship Fund Committee will be responsible for: 1) Promoting the program. 2) Reviewing all applications and choosing winner(s) 3) Chairman of MRF YAS Committee will notify all candidates of their decision. 4) In conjunction with appropriate MRF personnel, ensuring that all financial, travel, lodging and conference issues are addressed in a timely and professional manner. Projected Cost: Estimated not to exceed $750.00 per winning candidate. Number of winners will in part be determined by available funds.

MRF Young Activist Scholarship Fund Nomination Form Date: ___________________________________________________________ Candidate Name: _________________________________________________ Candidate Address: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Candidate Phone Number: __________________________________________ Candidate Date of Birth: ____________________________________________ Member of (SMRO): _______________________________________________ Please provide the following information on a separate piece of paper. Candidate Qualifications: 1) Please explain why you feel this person should be selected. 2) Other considerations: Explain any circumstances you feel are appropriate. Submitted by: ____________________________________________________ Signature / Position________________________________________________ (State / Local SMRO Presiding Officer) Mail to: Motorcycle Riders Foundation, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 510, Washington DC 20002-4980;

to ride, would love to ride through and around in Colorado. Ken’s focus is where our heart is… RIDING. Thank you, Ken for exposing those who only see the road, to what affects that road and who is trying to keep that road open. All of us – every SMRO member, every independent rider who monitors what is going on in his/her state legislature and federal level of government, every patch, every riding club member, every sport bike rider who ever dreamed of the perfect kneewarmer curve – we are all affected by two basic things. 1) The wind that runs in our veins and 2) The forces that try to still that wind.

What Do Winning Candidates Receive? 1) One year membership in the MRF effective the first full day of Meeting of the Minds during the year in which they are selected. 2) Round-trip airfare to MOTM or alternate travel expenses so long as those expenses in total do not exceed the cost of traveling by air. If an alternate mode of transportation is chosen, candidates will be required to provide receipts in order to be reimbursed (receipts will be accepted for tickets on other modes of transportation), hotel accommodations, and gasoline. If there is any question about acceptable travel expenditures, it is the responsibility of the candidate to check with MRF prior to incurring said expense. 3) Hotel accommodations at MOTM. Accommodations will include room and taxes only. Telephone, food, movie rentals, etc. will be the sole responsibility of candidates. 4) MOTM conference and banquet fees waived. 5) Special recognition at MOTM. Recognition to include a plaque and presentation of a one-year individual MRF membership. 6) Winners are to submit one article to the MRF Reports telling of their SMRO activities and their experiences on attending the MOTMs.

November/December 2008

I have a request. Send me your links. Send me the blogsites, the message boards, the websites, the vendor sites, the opinion sites, the email lists, the SMRO URLs, the online motorcycleoriented magazines that are in your favorites. I know you have them because I have them too. And I know there are more out there than we all realize. So send them to me at I ask for several research reasons. I’m looking to see what people are saying, and thinking. I’m looking to see who has the same interests we do, and who might be open to listening. This information will be shared with various MRF committee groups for their use in research and information gathering. Let me give a thank you to Ken Bingenheimer‘s Passes and Canyons blog found on his website, It’s very encouraging to see the work of our SMROs and the MRF on a site whose focus is not the motorcycle rights movement. ANY person who loves

Help me find those URLs to glimpse into the entire biker nation. We are still building that ever widening circle. Now, Meeting of The Minds (MOTM). Yes I know everyone has something to say about their recent experience at MOTM. So shoot me, I’m having my say too. This was the best MOTM I’ve ever attended. There was more straight talk from all quarters than I’ve ever seen. From the MRF, the AMA, industry, media, SMROs, all in one place. The response was, to me, overwhelmingly healing and beautiful. I have great faith in the well-being of the Biker Nation. I could write for pages about this year’s meeting. But I won’t. You just should have been there. Because of this one, I feel certain there will be another. And another. Best, Cindy “Fre” Hodges Member Representative to the Board

MOTM in Denver Fuels Patriots’ Tanks Lynn Oldenburg State Reps Board Member Well, it doesn't seem possible that another one is come and gone so quickly! What a great time it was with so many new folks getting the knowledge and taste for more from so many of the gray-haired set! I really can't believe that I've attended either 18 or 19 of the 24 MOTMs. Tom's only missed two of 'em, so you know how hard it was for him not to be there this year. Each and every time I come away amazed to know the passion I feel is shared by so many dedicated patriots from all across this wonderful country we call "home of the free and land of the brave". This group of folks put it in perspective when I start feeling a bit tired and isolated in my attempts to contine to increase our membership numbers, both in ABATE of MD, Inc. and the MRF.

Lets not lose the edge and fire we catch at this event, but fan that fire and spread it to our home SMRO'S now. Lot's of great workshops, from alcohol awareness programs, no alcohol beer tastings, to membership recruitment and a workshop done in the speed dating format even. It was an awesome weekend with a wild MRFPAC evening starting with the "kilts vs. the bibs" and a walk about scavenger hunt. Just ask some of the participants how much fun they had! Of course the spectators had a blast as well. My thanks go out to the State Reps for electing me to represent them on the board for the coming two years. I'll do my best to ensure we have the tools we need to go out there and do the work of the MRF. continued page 8

November/December 2008


HOW IT WORKS: EPA/ARB RULES 2008 ers on the possible detrimental effects this could have on the custom motorcycle world. Thankfully, the only increases in enforcement, and subsequent fines, are occurring in California from the Air Resources Board (ARB). The good news is that there are more options than ever to build a truly emissions legal custom motorcycle than ever before. As a result of industry negotiations with ARB and the California legislature, there are even options to legally increase the performance of your motorcycle. While the options available to the 49 EPA-controlled states are similar to those from California where ARB is the authority, there are enough differences that we need to review them separately. Kit Bikes The first 49-state option for building your motorcycle is the “once-in-a-lifetime kit bike” rule that was a part of the 2004 EPA rulemaking won by the Motorcycle Rider’s Foundation (MRF). In this rule, effective March 15, 2004, the EPA created the opportunity for anyone to build a custom motorcycle, also known as a “kit bike”. This kit bike does not have to meet any exhaust emissions standards. You can use the wildest engine you can find, along with the biggest carburetor made, and not have to worry about getting your bike’s emissions tested. By EPA definition, “one per lifetime” means for the lifetime of the rule. Seeing that this applies only to new construction, your motorcycle built under this rule would still be legal even if the rule changes in the future. To use this option you need to send a letter to EPA stating you have met the requirements of the rule. EPA will send a letter back stating that your motorcycle is exempt from emissions requirements. So far, there have been no complaints that states Department of Motor Vehicles are not accepting the letters. However, there are some disadvantages to using this process. You are only allowed one emission exempt kit bike in your lifetime. You may not sell your kit bike for five years after its final assembly. You cannot build your kit bike by modifying a factory built motorcycle that was certified to meet EPA emission standards. You must start with a new engine and frame. A shop or individual cannot build these bikes and then offer them for sale as new motorcycles. An advantage is that you may have someone else assemble your kit bike for you as long as you have purchased the components prior to the start of the assembly. Another is that an EPA exempt kit bike can be used on the road without any travel restrictions. Elaborate Customs The second 49-state option is for builders with a manufacturer’s license. It is the limited exemption for what EPA calls “elaborate custom motorcycles” (CM). This is like the kit bike in that it does not have to meet the EPA emissions standards, but different in several other important ways. A builder may build 24 or fewer per year and sell them by notifying the EPA and including a tag somewhere on the motorcycle. This tag must identify the manufacturer and state: This motorcycle is exempt from EPA emission requirements. Its use on public roads is limited pursuant to 40 CFR 86.407-78(c). All motorcycles over the 24 built that year by that builder must comply with the new emission standards. If they build less than 3,000 per year and have fewer than 500 employees worldwide they are classified as Small Volume Manufacturers (SVM). The bikes a SVM builds over the 24 exempt ones must only meet Tier 1 of the new emissions regu-

lations. These are the standards that have been in effect since 2006 for large manufacturers and since 2008 for SVM. An individual can own as many of the CM exemption motorcycles as they can afford. While these bikes are able to be titled and licensed, there are severe restrictions on how and where the 24 CM bikes can be used. Use on public roads is limited to travel for display purposes, such as traveling to and from motorcycle shows. This could be a local bike night, or a show on the other side of the country. The distance does not matter, only the reason for the travel. The main intent of EPA was that these were limited-use bikes, not something that was ridden daily. EPA-Certified Engine Package The final 49-state option for building a motorcycle is the new EPA Emissions Certified Engine Package. Using this option, an individual can build his own motorcycle, or, with a manufacturer’s license, you can build up to 2,999 motorcycles per year and have all of them EPA-certified without having to do any of the testing and compliance work. This program is only for individuals and SVMs, so the engines must only meet EPA Tier 1. That means the engines can be equipped with carburetors or fuel injection and will not need to use catalytic converters. As long as you follow the engine manufacturer’s instructions, your motorcycles will be EPA compliant and will have the EPA compliance sticker attached. The instructions include the maximum N/V ratio allowed, meaning the maximum ratio of the engine speed compared to miles per hour in top gear. Also listed is the maximum weight of the finished motorcycle, a description of the required gas tank and fuel line materials, and the required minimum and maximum exhaust backpressures. If a catalyst-equipped exhaust system is required, which is not likely under Tier 1, it must be supplied with the engine package. The instructions will also state that any modifications to the engine package or deviation from the instructions are not allowed, and would make the motorcycle illegal. The requirements in the installation manuals that I have seen are all similar to production motorcycles for gearing, weight, metal gas tanks, and SAE fuel hose. This is a case where you need to do your research prior to buying an engine package. There is a huge difference in the legalities of an Emissions Certified engine package and an Emissions Compliant engine. Just because an engine is Emissions Complaint in a factory motorcycle, or as a replacement engine for a factory motorcycle, does not mean that the engine can be legally installed in a new custom motorcycle. The engine in a production motorcycle is certified only for use in the specific motorcycle model produced and sold by that manufacturer. Just because an engine is advertised as an emission compliant replacement for an engine in a manufactured motorcycle does not mean that it is legal to use that engine to build a new custom motorcycle under this rule. S&S Cycle, TP Engineering, R&R Cycle, and Ultima are the only engine manufacturers that, so far, offer EPA Emissions Certified engine packages for use in new custom motorcycles in 49 states. RevTech is working on getting its engine packages setup and certified, and should be available soon. Other manufacturers may also have packages available, but would not return our calls. California Options As is normally the case, California does not

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follow what the rest of the country is doing and it’s no different with motorcycles. In some instances, things are more difficult, but in other ways, they are leading the way in making life easier for motorcyclists customizing their rides and enhancing performance.

ing; and exhaust system fabrication. Taking your project to 11 separate shops for all the work doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to build a motorcycle, but at least you get a custom motorcycle.

California now allows some performance enhancing parts to be legally installed on motorcycles. To be legal, the manufacturer must test the part on a motorcycle in an “approved” emissions test lab and submit the results to ARB for its approval. When ARB decides that the part fits its requirements, it issues an Executive Order (EO) to the part manufacturer, which allows that part to be sold and installed on the make and model motorcycle the test was performed on.

California is now following EPA’s lead and allowing engine manufacturers to certify engines for use in new Highway Motorcycle construction. The only real difference between the EPA and ARB requirements is the need to install an Evaporative Emissions Control System (ECS) on California motorcycles built with these engines. To ensure this is being done, ARB is requiring that photos of the finished motorcycle be submitted to the engine manufacturer before the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) is supplied to the builder.

Exhaust systems (headers or mufflers) intended for installation on non-catalyst equipped motorcycles are also considered by ARB to be replacement parts provided all emission controls originally connected to the exhaust manifold are reconnected to the exhaust system and are functioning properly. Once a part is exempted, the manufacturer is issued an Executive Order (EO), which certifies that the part is now legal for sale. However, it cannot be installed on a new motorcycle until the motorcycle has been sold to an ultimate purchaser. California law requires that all new motorcycles be sold in their original, emission-certified configuration with no modifications. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements for exemption or sale of such parts can result in enforcement penalties to the aftermarket part manufacturer. The federal government does not have a similar program and recognizes the parts listed in the ARB EOs as legal replacement parts for motorcycles. Some of the companies that have received EOs include Cobra, Cycle Shack, Dynojet, Harley Davidson, RevTech, S&S Cycle, TP Engineering, Vance & Hines, and Victory. More are working to get their products approved. For more information, go to the ARB website at To find EOs for specific parts, you can go to query.php. Special Construction Under this ARB rule, Californians can build their own legal emissions exempt motorcycle. “Special Construction” Motorcycles do not have to meet emissions standards, but they cannot be resold. Similar to EPA, they can be a custom or a kit bike and you may not start with a certified motorcycle and modify it. This is available only to individuals, not manufacturers “Special construction” vehicles may not be made for resale, built for an owner, or delivered as a complete vehicle. When it comes to the construction of the bike, the rules get a little cumbersome. If the owner cannot do all the design and construction work by themselves, they can contract out portions of the work, what ARB calls “project areas”, to others. Each area, if contracted out must be performed by a separate, unrelated business. Project areas are design, material, and component selection; parts and materials sourcing; components and frame fabrication; specialty services such as paint, powder coating, and plating; saddle or other trim work; electrical; brakes and hydraulics; miscellaneous trim fabrication; wheels and suspension; engine and transmission build-

ARB Certified Engine Packages

To be eligible to obtain the MSO the builder or assembler of the motorcycle must do all of the following. 1. Install the engine, including any emissions related components that are a part of the package including exhaust system if a catalytic converter is required and evaporative ECS, according to the instructions supplied by the engine manufacturer. 2. Only install the engine in a vehicle that does not exceed the weight or N/V ratio limits set by the engine manufacturer. 3. Not modify the engine or emissions related components. 4. Photos of both sides of the finished motorcycle showing the evaporative ECS, must be submitted to the engine manufacturer by the manufacturer’s representative. 5. Photos showing the placement of O2 sensors if the motorcycle is required to have them in the exhaust pipes. 6. Finished weight of the motorcycle must be submitted to verify that the certified weight is not exceeded. 7. Provide a picture of the label provided by the engine manufacturer affixed in a location that is readily accessible with the seat removed. This may look like an imposing list, but, in reality, the process should be a pretty painless way for people to keep building the custom motorcycles they enjoy and also provide an avenue for shops that qualify as SVMs to build up to 299 motorcycles per year for sale into the California market. At the time of this writing, R&R Cycle and TP Engineering currently have the only ARB Certified engine packages that are legal in California, though S&S is close to receiving its Executive Order allowing its engines to be used. Conclusion It’s been almost three years since we covered the EPA and ARB regulations that affect the sport we love. Much has happened since those past articles and we felt the need to bring you this new information. We wanted to also again cover the older regulations, in case there was still some misunderstanding of how they affect your bike or part purchases. The catalyst for this article was a seminar conducted by S&S Cycle, which was called to help clarify these very points. Readers of this magazine will recognize that many of the regulations covered here are the same as when we told you about them in the original articles. And, as you have read, there are new regulations that actually help our industry and not hurt it. Lastly, thankfully, the EPA has not repealed the once-in-a-lifetime and 24 bike exemptions, as it stated it would its 2004 rulemaking. Let’s hope that continues to be the case.

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Meeting of the Minds 2008 Has Come and Gone It Was a Great Event, Thanks A.B.A.T.E. of Colorado. Todd Riba MRF Director of Reps I want to thank all of Reps for taking the time to attend the conference. We had a very productive Reps meeting and we elected two new board members that represent the Reps on the Board. Lynn Oldenburg from Maryland and Grady Wheeler from Wyoming were both elected as State Reps Board members. The Board appointed Dave Condon as an Assistant to the Director of State Reps Program. This means we have four dedicated members on the State Reps team to serve the State Reps and Assistant Reps. We are going to start reaching out to the Reps so we can find out how we can do a better job of serving you. If you have any ideas please call, all of our contact info should be in this issue of the MRF Reports. The MRF Board of Directors put out the call to the Reps to recruit 600 new members by January. This is a tall order but it must be done, the MRF needs new members and we must focus on retaining our current members, our very survival depends on it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, you can call anytime. The street riders of this great nation face many challenges, the MRF State Reps Program must guide us through these troubled waters, are you equal to the task?

MRF State Legislative Awards for 2008 MOTM 1. ABATE of Utah; Defeating a Salt Lake City Helmet bill and a state-wide cities helmet bill. 2. ABATE of South Carolina; Passing a Red Light Bill 3. ABATE of Missouri; Defeating a child passenger prohibition bill and a stunt riding bill

legislation to allow non-use of helmet to used in a civil suit 8. ABATE of Georgia; Legalizing the Registration of Custom Motorcycles 9. ABATE of Florida; Defeating a Child Passenger Prohibition Bill 10. ABATE of California; Legalizing Aftermarket Parts.

4. Freedom of Road Riders; Defeating a child passenger prohibition bill and a stunt riding bill.

Federal Legislative Award for 2008 MOTM

5. KBA/KMA; Defeating a helmet law reinstatement bill in six days.

1. ABATE of Minnesota; The only state to have both Senators as Co-Sponsors of the HIPAA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act, S. 616

6. ABATE of Indiana: Repealing the $10 motorcycle registration surcharge for the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Fund. 7. Street Bikers United ,Hawaii; Defeating I want to put out a call to all of the Reps, let’s make it our goal to do a better job of communicating with each other. We have some exciting new ideas that will be coming at you. The Reps email list is the best way for all of us to communicate with each other in a timely manner, if you are not on the list please consider signing up. Shoot me an email and I will add you to the list. We have a Reps tool page on the web site coming, motorcycle day at the nation’s Capitol is in the works, and a lot more, so stay tuned. Thanks for all that you do, the street riders in this country need you.

November/December 2008

2. St. Croix Valley Riders, Minnesota; The only state to have both Senators as CoSponsors of the HIPAA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act, S. 616

HR 6908 - HIPAA Update Jeff Hennie MRF VP of Government Relations

that is easily understandable to the participant prior to enrollment."

The United States House of Representatives passed legislation on September 23rd, that would make it illegal for insurance providers to exploit what is known as the "source of injury exclusion" loophole.

To summarize the legalese, your health insurance provider can limit payment for an injury sustained on a motorcycle so long as it is spelled out to you in simple terms, well in advance of you joining the plan.

Under current law, insurance providers can refuse to pay for treatment of an injury based solely on the source of the injury, with no prior notice of denial of benefits for that source of injury simply by pointing to the “source of injury” law that exists today.

This legislation does not accomplish the goals of HR 1076 fully. What it does do is put Congress on record as recognizing that this issue needs addressing and this is a good first step.

Some sources of injury that can be used as a reason by insurance providers to refuse payment of medical bills are motorcycling, snow skiing, ATVs and horse back riding. This new legislation, HR 6908, known as the Health Insurance Source of Injury Clarification Act, does not entirely replace HR 1076. Where HR 1076 makes it illegal to deny benefits for any injury that occurs during legal transportation or recreation, this bill does allow for limitations of payment if the provider follows some rules. According to HR 6908, if an insurance provider wants to be able to put limitations on payment for an injury from a specific source, they must meet the following requirements. + "Make such limitations and restrictions explicit and clear;" + "If part of a group plan, must be disclosed to plan sponsor in advance of the point of sale of plan;" + "The plan sponsor and issuer of health insurance coverage provide a description

The bill's primary sponsor, US Representative Michael Burgess, had this to say: "Congress is charged with making laws to protect people and when they have the opposite effect, we also have a responsibility to work together to fix them. The time has come to fix this loophole in the HIPAA law and this bi-partisan bill does just that." Closing the loophole entirely and mandating that insurance companies must cover all injuries from legal motorcycle use has always been a lofty goal. It is still the goal, and it is still lofty, but HR 6908 at least backs insurance into a corner and doesn't allow them to hide behind regulation, rather than being honest up front and that's a good start. The bill is now being considered by the Senate committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP). Congress is scrambling to get a bailout package and adjourn for the campaign season. A lame duck session is likely after the election and will provide a legislative opportunity for this bill.

November/December 2008


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Meeting of the Minds 2008 - Many Thanks for a Great Conference The weekend ended with a beautiful, warm, day. Not a cloud to be seen; a perfect day for a ride. Several took advantage of the day and joined Karl Long from ABATE of CO District 17 to participate in the Karen Bolin Memorial Ride. Karl arranged the ride so you could either do a short version allowing the riders to be back at the hotel within a couple of hours or you do the entire route. They returned to the hotel about four hours later after seeing some of what the Colorado Rockies have to offer.

Carol Downs MRF Conferences Director Well, the 2008 Conference year is over. We finished it up with a bang. I am very proud to say my home organization, ABATE of Colorado, did an awesome job. We had a great lineup of general sessions and workshops. While the total attendance numbers were down a little, participation and energy were high. Our total attendance was 391. The participants covered a vast portion of this country. We had representatives from Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington DC. Our international contingents this year came from Canada and Belgium. My husband Bruce and I had the privilege of having both groups in our home before or after the Conference. Jennifer Ross and Claude Lacasse from Canada arrived a couple of days early for the Conference and stayed with us. Bruce and I managed to take a day off and go riding with them; an opportunity to show off our beautiful state just a little. It was wonderful to have them in our home. While we have known them from years of attending either the Meeting of the Minds or the BEAST of the EAST; you never get to know someone quite as well as when you share your morning coffee. When the Conference was over Sunday afternoon we had Aline Delhayne from Belgium come to our house for dinner. It was a brave move on my part. My father and his wife were visiting, I hadn’t been home in four days, and I was serving frozen lasagna. But it turned out well. Aline can not only hold her own with groups of bikers and politicians, she does pretty darn well with curmudgeonly parents. (I love you Dad and Becky, and I really hope you never read this.) This was Aline’s first trip to the Meeting of the Minds. Over the past several years we had the privilege of having Bob Tomlins join us. After Bob retired Kees Meijer spent a few years with us. I will never forget Kees in his “Heidi” outfit at the tug-of-war last year. And now we have Aline. It was interesting to talk with her one-on-one over a glass of wine Sunday evening. To say she was surprised by us isn’t quite right, but we weren’t exactly what she expected either. I’m not sure how she will explain auctioning off duct tape speedo’s and haircuts. We had some interesting fund raising events this year. The Tug-of-War this year was won by the kilts. But the bibs had the most interesting team member. The same guy from the past two years who “goes both ways” added

INB Radio was not at this year’s event. Our financial situation did not allow us to broadcast this year. While you will not be able to hear the broadcasts, the Power Point presentations are available on line. Go to the Conference section of the MRF website. to his wardrobe this year. Red fish net stockings. All I can say about it is that it did raise an additional $500.00 for the MRFPAC. My children don’t want to know anymore than that. I was personally a little disappointed in the participation in the Scavenger Hunt. The money was also designated to the MRFPAC. While the participation numbers were low, those who did play had a great time. Some very unique items were on the list to find. While the organizers made everything possible to find, the participants were very creative in the ways they achieved their goals. Not exactly how it was planned, but they did what they needed to do. One of the items was to get a donation check from a stranger for the MRF. That brought in an additional $76.00. It is also amazing to me how they managed to talk restaurants into making a pancake at 8:00 in the evening. I really want to thank ABATE of Colorado, District 16 for such a fun event. This year the Young Activist Scholarship fund was able to bring three young people to the Meeting of the Minds. All three were really good choices. We had Jeramie Barrett from Iowa; Matt Huls and Mike Salathe from South Dakota. Two of the three were already members of the MRF having joined at other functions during the year. Part of the award was a one year membership to the MRF. For the two of them we will be extending their memberships. Both Matt and Mike are members of Mountain Shadow ABATE in South Dakota. This is a chapter they formed themselves, with the assistance of others, to better serve the needs of the younger generation of riders. An additional part of their award was transportation to the Meeting of the Minds. I want to thank Matt and Mike for donating that portion back to the MRF, Young Scholarship Fund. The banquet Saturday evening was very special for me. Since this event took place in my own backyard I was able to invite some very special guests. I had my grandkids with me and introduced them to everyone. The grandkids did bring their parents along as well. It was nice to share what I do with my family.

The MRF was very pleased to announce during the Conference that the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness and Education, Inc. received our final 501( c )3 designation from the IRS. What this means is that we can now accept charitable contributions. We are also eligible to pursue grants to help fund the education and awareness programs that we either already do, or have planned. We are very excited about this opportunity. Anyone interested in donating may make contributions through the DC office. Be sure the contribution check is made payable to the MRF A & E. In our little collection jar we did raise $640.85. It is a start. Planning is underway for next year’s Conferences. We already know ABATE of Delaware will be hosting the BEAST of the EAST in Rehoboth Beach, DE April 17-19, 2009. As of the time I am writing this article, I do not have a host for BEST of the WEST. I am hopeful that by the time you read this article we will have a site and dates selected. Meeting of the Minds 2009 will be held in Bloomington, MN. It will be co-hosted by ABATE of MN and St. Croix Valley Riders.

It will once again be the fourth weekend in September. I look forward to increased participation in next year’s events. Before I leave I want to thank those folks from ABATE of Colorado who did so much to make the Meeting of the Minds a great success starting with the State Coordinator, Terry Howard. Then behind the scenes for the entire year of planning was Kathy Banning. A special thanks to Robert Grow for donating the chips and the MOTM wine labels, and Peter Wolfe and Tom Kurtz for food donations for the Hospitality Room. All around helpers were Lee and Ditto Collins, Kirk and Denise Fry, Fred Keil, Dawn Grow, Erin Grow, Carolyn and Dave Cawley and Ben Hochberg. Those who manned the registration area were Ron Hall, Lorrie Sparks and Steve Turner. The Hospitality Room was managed by Perrie and Larry Ranburger, Deb Craig, Ann Layson, Gary Greenwood, Shawn Bardsley, Charlie and Anna May, Sue Klukan, Thom Frodl, Lou Cundiff, Cindy Garnand, Val Amey and Stump, Brad Lehmkuhl, Joan Savely, and Lisa Archer. Our lunch on Saturday, which was served courtesy of Harley-Davidson was prepared and served by Dave Christy, Maggot, Brad Lehmkuhl, Andrea Mathews, Sheari Shoemaker, Tina and Ryan Wilhoite, Rusty Goodall, Julia Keilman, Gus Keilman, Steve Dunn, Loretta Dunn, Alan Mason, Tammy Simons, and Sonya Zentner. Very special thanks goes to our Security Team of Red Brown, Jim Bunn, Shaun Robertson. ABATE of Colorado worked very hard to raise funds for this event and I want to specially recognize those districts that did some awesome fundraising. They are District 10, District 5, District 1, District 17, District 14, and District 7. Being a part of ABATE of Colorado I understand the time and hard work that went into this and really want my fellow SMRO members to know how much I appreciate their efforts.

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MOTM in Denver Fuels Patriots’ Tanks Now onto my next bit Folks! I’ve got a challenge for each and every one of us to get over our differences and become more positive and proactive outside of our regular motorcycle focused activities. We all need to talk about motorcycling to the people we run into in the course of our daily lives. As we’re in line at our local store, bank, or gas station, we can mention

motorcycles or events we’re going to or have attended. Let them know we’re regular people who shop, bank, go to work, pay taxes, and raise families all while being “bikers” and using our motorcycles in the course of these activities. You may be surprised at how many of them have friends or family who have ridden motorcycles or wanted to ride. Try volunteering at your children’s school

November/December 2008


or the library. They always need help, even an hour or two a week makes a huge difference. It’s another chance to bridge the gap between us, an opportunity to educate them about our challenges on the road. Hazards they never notice or have to consider being in a car, could be deadly for us. But we all are in danger from inattentive drivers and we can share that thought.

ers” as portrayed in popular media even today. You may even be able to get memberships from some of these non-motorcycling people simply because they share some of the passion for freedom that we do. Patriots come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. There could be one standing right there in line next to you. You never know unless you talk to them.

Being friendly and positive can change the perception that many still have about “bik-

Freedom Fighter Award Remarks

L-R: Former MRF Board Member Gary Sellers (2007 Inductee), former MRF President Paul Vestal (2008 Inductee) and former MRF Board Member Fred Harrell (2008 Inductee) and current MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard

BY FREDRIC W. HARRELL Thank you. It’s an honor to receive this award. I want to thank all of you responsible for getting me off work for two days. And, since it was probably my friends Gary Sellers or Dale Gaines who managed to get my boss to also write the nominating committee, he definitely knows that I’m not at a work related seminar! I don’t believe there is one among the inductees who started the journey that took us to having our names nominated to receive this honor with the idea that this is where we would end up one day. Speaking for myself, I just did what seemed like the right thing to do and never gave any thought to how my biography would read posted in a museum in South Dakota. We all just did what had to be done at the time. I’ve only been to Sturgis and the Rally twice that I didn’t have to work in one way or another – this year and last year. Although my memories of Sturgis and the Rally are as numerous as most of yours, I can say with certainty that there are not many of you who spent the entire Rally hustling raffle tickets or handing out membership applications for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

Regardless of how I chose to spend my time in Sturgis, I can look back fondly on those days when my friends Jerry Thomas and Paul Vestal and I, along with a handful of dedicated MRF members, did what Paul called “the Hari Krishna act” and worked the foot traffic on the corners of Main & First. We handed out updates of what the MRF was doing in Washington, D.C., trying to keep the feds out of motorcycling and out of our lives – again! We used every opportunity imaginable to get people to buy a ticket on a FXR designed by Arlen Ness and painted by Dave Mann – I’m sure we’d sell a lot more tickets today if we were giving away the same bike. My friend Mark Buckner once said when we were both members of the MRF board that if there was only one word he could use to describe me it would be intense. I’m not sure if I’m as intense today as I was 15 years ago. However, it was probably because of my intensity that I was seldom turned loose on a crowd. It’s been a while since I’ve had a “bully pulpit.” And this may be the last chance I get. There are about 400 of us here today and the one thing I know is that we all have

motorcycling in common. Even the youngest among us can converse openly and freely about his or her favorite or not-so-favorite motorcycle. And, when it comes to charities we don’t hesitate to help raise millions for any number of charities by giving of our time and money. Yet, for whatever reason, after all these years, we have an almost innate disdain for supporting the organizations that work to protect the freedoms that are a natural to motorcycling.

These organizations are not staffed by lames and lops who misuse the funds generated to protect the freedoms we love. Most of the state organizations have been around for over 30 years. Certainly the national organizations have multi-track records of success. Twenty years ago I stopped partying or riding with people who didn’t belong to a motorcyclist’s rights organization if they owned a motorcycle. I’m just as particular today as I was then.

Motorcycle registrations are in the neighborhood of five million. Yet, membership in all the organizations that are working every day to protect all aspects of motorcycling is less that five hundred thousand. I would like to believe that everyone in this room belongs to at least one national biker rights organization, and their state organization as well.

I’m not going to embarrass anyone here today by asking you to show me your membership card. However, I will ask you to ride home safely and, while the memories of this trip are still fresh in your mind, pick up the phone and ask a friend about your state motorcyclists’ rights organization. I’m sure you’ll find someone who has membership information.

Although I’ve lived in Las Vegas for nearly 40 years I’m still not much of a gambler. However, I’d be willing to bet that less than half of the people in this room are active card carrying members of a national motorcyclist’s rights organization and even fewer belong to a state organization. It would please me if I lost that bet. These organizations are in the trenches defending motorcycling against the never-ending onslaught of state and federal legislation and regulations. And, it never ceases to puzzle me why it’s so difficult to get support from motorcycle enthusiasts to protect the very freedoms they love so much.

Hell, better yet, go online and plug in ABATE, or AMA or MRF; there’s got to be a link to an organization that is there to protect motorcycling and the freedoms it represents. If you are a member, give someone you know a membership or a membership renewal. Freedom is not cheap, free, or easy, but it’s worth every bit of the fight. Thank you for this honor and thank you again for what you do to help protect motorcycling and the freedoms it represents.

November/December 2008


The MRF’s Value Proposition Repair area as well. As domestic automakers struggle in this country, this is an uphill battle but one that the MRF remains committed to. We firmly support the belief that limiting technology to individuals and aftermarket shops for mechanical repairs is simply not right. We are well poised to continue our successes we realized in TEA-LU as we enter in a

new six year Transportation bill negotiation. Key will be maintaining and expanding our NHTSA Lobbying Ban, a continuation of the 2010 Motorcycle Safety Grant monies and the Motorcycle Advisory Council program. We are also preparing to make certain motorcycles are fully considered as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) continue to develop and will undoubtedly be included in the next Transportation bill. We are also well prepared through our extensive involvement in Global Harmonization and Global Technical Regulation efforts with our European partners, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Association (FEMA), and by being major players in the International Motorcycle Cooperation

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Group (IMCG) to deal with any additional regulations that we expect will be raised here having originated in Europe and the United Nations. The MRF recently played a key role in the International Motorcycle Safety community by our involvement in the OECD International Transport Forum on Motorcycle Safety held this summer in Norway. We intend to remain involved in these types of forums to ensure motorcyclists’ voices are not only heard but that we have a dramatic impact relating to our safety and lifestyle. Along these same lines, the MRF has established themselves as reliable technical experts when it comes to the EPA, CARB, certified engine packages, certified parts, etc. See the article updating emissions regulations in this issue of the MRF reports that was reprinted with approval from the American Iron Magazine. I will wrap this up with another first for the MRF. I am referring to the

meeting held at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C this fall. The purpose of this meeting was to make certain our voices are heard and considered in the national campaigns and platform development underway, as well as begin to positively influence any Cabinet appointments that may be made. We continue to attempt to meet with the Democratic National Committee as well to establish the same considerations. Seeing little success with this route we won’t stop there, we are also now attempting to meet directly with Obama’s campaign in Chicago to be heard. A great deal of the credit for these successes belongs to our solid partnerships and the working relationships we enjoy with our many Sustaining State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations that help direct and support the activities of the MRF. Your MRF Board of Directors believes we are delivering a very strong value proposition to our members. If you agree, the MRF needs

your assistance. Historically the MRF gets the majority of it’s financial support from our SMRO partners - but that funding formula isn’t sufficient any longer to continue to cover the expenses to maintain our offices and employees in Washington D.C. in close proximity to the U.S. Capital and all the areas we must be active in to remain successful, nationally and internationally. To maintain our status and effectiveness, we must build our individual memberships, both regular and sustaining. When I discussed this at the Meeting of the Minds it seemed a surprise that our average individual membership numbers reflect that less than 2% of those that belong to a State Motorcycle Rights Organization also belong to the MRF. Said another way, less than 2 out of 100 of your paid ABATE members belong to the MRF as individual members. It is mission critical that we must collectively improve upon this number if the MRF is to continue delivering on our value proposition.

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2008, Denver, Colorado

The Hospitality Room hosted by ABATE of Colorado, before the room filled up.

Steve Zimmer, MRFPAC, was surprised by Legs & Paulette from Illinois with his “Zorro” costume. Steve seems unaware he is being stalked by the Yeti from Alaska

Carol Simpson (Tennessee) and Imre Szauter of the AMA

MRF State and Assistant Representatives

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November/December 2008

Meeting of the Minds “Meet the States” Session Delivers Kirk “Hardtail” Willard MRF President One of the original principles the Meeting of the Minds was founded upon was the concept of bringing motorcyclists from across the country together to share experiences, legislative successes, initiatives underway, problematic issues being faced, and ideas related to all of this… the very definition of the Meeting of the Minds. The Thursday night “Meet the States” opening session has become a real highlight of the Meeting of the Minds. This is where various representatives from the State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (SMROs) present what is going on in their states and this year certainly delivered on the original concept of a meeting of the minds. I counted 36 states in all that presented and below is a list of the nearly 50 subjects that were covered. It would be hard to find something going on in motorcycling that wasn’t discussed this year and it is somewhat amazing to stop for a moment and consider all the subjects

being covered and dealt with by bikers’ rights activists throughout our nation. This is a genuine value of having SMROs attend the Meeting of the Minds. After hearing the presentations, the attendees are highly encouraged to get together and discuss similar issues being faced or worked on back in their own states, one could certainly find common ground in this room. This session also proves extremely valuable to the MRF as it is our intent to come out of the Meeting of the Minds with our Legislative and Strategic Agenda for the coming year. If something here interests you and you weren’t able to make it to Denver this year, please contact your MRF SSMRO Reps., MRF State Program Reps., or your MRF Member Reps., one of these departments representatives can hook you up with a contact with the various information and we look forward to seeing you in Bloomington, Minnesota for next year’s 25th Anniversary of the Meeting of the Minds. · SMRO Conferences, State meetings, Officers trainings

· PAC activity · On-Line memberships and program registrations · Share the Road programs · Rider Education · Motorcycle Safety and Awareness programs (both for motorcycles and other motor vehicles · The impact of International issues · Muffler bills, sound testing and related equipment · Vulnerable user bills · Helmet bills, City helmet bills, freedom of choice bill updates · Local ordinance issues, private property use issues · ATV bills · Public Service announcements (PSA’s) · Veterans license plate, license plate size bills · 501C3/501C4 issues, grants · Red light bills · Use of statistics, impacts of statistics · Battles with the press · Skill rated maps for challenging roads · Bike week bans, overzealous law enforcement initiatives · Comparative fault bills

· Motorcycle confiscation bills · Mandatory rider education · Civil disobedience experiences · Suing a Governor for misappropriating motorcycle safety fund monies · Right of Way (ROW) bills · Participating in Motorcycle Safety Advisory councils · Auxiliary lighting bills · Motorcycle registration funds, attached fees, specific fees · Lobby day, lobby day training · Dial a ride programs for motorcycles, event specific bike trailers made available · Impaired riding/ride straight campaigns · Motorcycle CDL’s, lower BAC for motorcyclists efforts · Mopeds/scooters-regulations, licensing, training or lack thereof · Impact of moped and scooter crashes when considered motorcycles on reports · Political relationships · Discrimination issues, “no colors” issues · Sound based bans

Letter to the Editor: Problems for Motorcyclists in New York Editor’s Note: Normally, I don’t print too many letters to the editor, but this issue was brought up by George Gorman (Federal Legislative coordinator for ABATE of Monroe County NY) during the “Meet the States” Session in Denver. He did not receive much support for his ideas. Here is his letter and also, hopefully, an explanation as to why it was not warmly welcomed.

Editor, In the mission statement of the MRF it states, "to continue developing an aggressive independent national advocacy for the advancement of motorcycling...." I had the opportunity to speak at the legislative session of the Meeting of the Minds and while at most times my opinion is heard and I believe correctly valued, it is with great distress that I write this letter stating my inability to communicate my understandings of the current situation that has ensnared the motorcyclists of New York and soon the rest of the nation. While some might perceive that this situation is merely a state issue, as I read my daily emails I see that it is becoming more and more an issue through out the country. The 402 grants that are distributed by

NHTSA and the GHSA to pay for overtime to policing authorities to enforce laws upon motorcyclists is an enforcement tactic used solely for the harassment of motorcyclists, not satisfied with just stopping motorcyclists on any given road they take to targeting where motorcyclists gather for large motorcycle events (Example Americade). Larger charity events might seem to have escaped the brunt of the police enforcement effort and some might ask why. The long standing events that motorcyclists congregate at have not escaped. I find that the actions by the NY State police and the willing local police are definitely unconstitutional, certainly this tactic could be fought on that basis in court. However my suggestion for the motorcycle rights movement to target motorcycle specific 402 grant money in the upcoming Transportation Equity Act (TEA?) is essential to stopping this harassment of motorcyclists. Taking away the grant money is the answer to terminating this situation. There is a new National ABATE, but this time it is American Bureaucrats Advocating Totalitarian Enforcement. Not acting on this issue in this manor is unacceptable. We are FREEDOM FIGHTERS, not some political entity sucking on the tit of 2010 grant money. George Gorman Federal Legislative coordinator ABATE of Monroe County NY

intoxicated, child restraint, speeding, etc…).

Rebuttal: Admittedly, George makes some fine points. First off, we are indeed freedom fighters. We do realize that it is better to be proactive rather than try to play “catch up”. We have also seen that programs viewed as successful have a way of migrating across the country. Certainly, we will want to keep very close track of any activity, good or bad, that is specific to motorcycles or motorcyclists. However, we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I don’t want to attempt to convince anyone that these are all absolutely wonderful programs, but neither are they all bad. There are a great number of people that believe in and support these programs. Whether we agree or not, it is difficult to argue against efforts that target violations of current laws (seat belts, operating while

2008’s MRF Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Twiggy from Easyriders Magazine.

While we should not, and will not, be held hostage or agree to programs that have unacceptable restrictions or requirements, neither should we bite the hand that feeds us. There are numerous examples of various grants being used to benefit motorcyclists and we would not wish to endanger those revenue sources or relationships. Should we be on the lookout for discriminatory, harassing activities such as what took place in New York? Definitely. But rather than attack the funding source and perhaps negatively impact positive programs, let us dedicate ourselves to identifying and stopping those actions which are detrimental to our lifestyle and the American way. That is what freedom fighters do. Jay Jackson MRF Motorcycle Safety/Rider Ed. Director

November/December 2008


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PRESS RELEASE: From the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) 12 September 2008 Europe excludes motorcycling from EU Mobility Week Why have motorcycles always been excluded from mobility debates while they clearly contribute to improving citizens’ mobility, offering affordable and sustainable solution to daily mobility needs? FEMA - the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations - does not have a clue. The European Mobility Week is no exception to the rule, with the worsening effect that EU messages are disseminated not only in Europe, but worldwide and initiatives taken as good examples by numerous stakeholders. The European Mobility Week (September 16-22, 2008) only presents motorcycles as a problem (<

gZrhV3M>), completely overlooking them as a solution (<>) While it is common sense that 2-wheelers help reduce congestion (use of space), or else increase social inclusion by offering an affordable transport alternative when all other transport means are simply not an option, motorcycling also offers clear advantages in terms of CO2 emissions as shown by the recently adopted CO2 taxation scheme in Spain: over 80% of the motorcycle fleet gained an exemption from taxation because of their high performance in terms of CO2 emissions.

In road safety terms, as highlighted by all motorcycle safety experts in the recent global ITF workshop on motorcycle safety (<>), integrating motorcycling into transport policies - hence, mobility debates - is the only efficient way to ensure that motorcyclists are rightly taken into account in all safety-related fields (infrastructure, human behaviour, training). At a time when Europe keeps on claiming that it wants to “reduce by half the number of fatalities on roads”, FEMA is more than astonished by this lack of consistency between European policies.

tongue language: on the one hand, it singles out motorcyclists in the road safety debate (always using gross and absolute statistics) and calls for the usual limitative and restrictive measures such as limiting access to driving licences. On the other hand, it completely ignores the most elementary measure of all: to consider motorcycling as part of the transport mix and rightly take its advantages into account. By mixing debates (mobility/environment; safety/environment), Europe not only disseminates incorrect messages, but it also creates a lack of understanding and defensive attitude from citizens who only want to be fairly taken into consideration.

As is often the case, Europe speaks a two-

PRESS RELEASE: From the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) Press Release 30 June 2008 Commission will introduce dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) from 2011 to increase road safety The European Commission (EC) has announced today that dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) will be introduced on all new cars from the year 2011 onwards. FEMA's position on the issue is very clear:

- FEMA is in principle not opposed to dedicated DRL as long as it is strictly different from a motorcycle dipped-beam headlight.

cyclists - still have reservations regarding the fact that responsibility to watch out for other road users is further taken away from the car driver.

- The adoption of dedicated DRL appears to be the "least worse" solution in terms of road safety, even though European motorcyclists - along with pedestrians and

All in all, FEMA is satisfied that the European Commission adopted the “precautionary principle" regarding the use of automatic switch - which has not been

Aline Delhayne from Belgium presented for FEMA

made mandatory - as it previously did by not harmonising the use of dipped-beam headlights. FEMA is pleased by the fact that the European Commission took the point of view of motorcyclists into account.!

Deb Creig of ABATE of Colorado won the Farmer’s Award.

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November/December 2008

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2008, Denver, Colorado

ABATE of MN and the St. Croix Valley Riders, Federal award for being the only state to have both Senators signed on to S 616, the HIPAA Repair Bill.

L-R: Shar Sonnenberg, Outstanding Rep, Todd Riba, Dennis Lange, Rep of the Year,, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Legsâ&#x20AC;? Korte, Outstanding Rep.

Warren Woodward, representing Street Bikers United, Hawaii, State legislative Award for defeating legislation to allow non-use of helmet to used in a civil suit.

Jay Jackson, ABATE of Indiana, State legislative Award, Repealing the $10 motorcycle registration surcharge for the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Fund.

ABATE of Utah; Defeating a Salt Lake City Helmet bill and a state-wide cities helmet bill.

Freedom of Road Riders and ABATE of Missouri; Defeating a child passenger prohibition bill and a stunt riding bill.

KBA/KMA; Defeating a helmet law reinstatement bill in six days.

November/December 2008


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The 24th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2008, Denver, Colorado ABATE of Georgia received this honor because of their efforts to legalize the registration of custom motorcycles.

ABATE of SC received this award for passing a red light bill.

Carol Downs, MRF Conference Director and Eric Hampton, MRF Director of Communications received the President’s Award from Hardtail.

Sunset on the Western Slope

Sturgis Museum Features MRF Memorabilia in Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame Display The Motorcycling Community General Session panel with HD, AMA, MIC, BIKERNET & the MRF: Look for a feature article in the next issue of the MRF Reports for a full report on the panel’s discussion.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum’s Freedom Fighter Hall of Fame contacted Tiffany in the D.C. office to see if the MRF could supply some items for a display that was to run two years. Michael “Boz” Kerr, MRF Vice President, points out the MRFPAC donation cards on the tables at Friday’s General Session.

We called on an old friend and founding member of the MRF, Bill Gannon to see what he could help us with. He supplied his roadworn leather jacket and vest. Thank him when you get a chance.

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November/December 2008

No More Hemorrhoids! Lynn Wesley MRF State Representative For the past decade or so, Western Pennsylvania has been the hemorrhoid of the motorcycle rights community! (Gee, that’s a strange coincidence – just about the same amount of time as I have lived in that part of the state. Hmm…) First was our arch rival, (Senator at the time, now Auditor General) Jack Wagner. For those of you who remember the Senator, I don’t have to tell any horror stories. For those of you that don’t, let me sum it up by saying his disdain for freedom of choice was equal to our passion to achieve it. In Pittsburgh, like most large cities, the good old boy political network is alive and well. Senator Wagner ran the show and very few legislators from the left side of PA (at least of the Democratic persuasion) dared to rock the boat. Then, former conservative talk radio host and demi-God in his own mind, John Cigna steps up to the plate. For quite some time, ol’ John Boy was an outspoken supporter of freedom of choice. Then one day, he crashed his scoot and saw the light! You know how the story goes, “If it hadn’t been for my helmet, I surely would have died.” Yada, yada, yada… (I won’t bother on elaborating on issues like: if memory serves me correctly, I believe the only things he hurt was his leg and his pride; his safety-conscious choice of riding apparel – sneakers; and his lack of proper endorsement.) Of course the timing of his crash was impeccable – shortly before we were to be heard on the Senate floor after a strong passage in the House. When debate was heard on our helmet bill in the Senate, I actually lost count of the references made to Cigna. I still feel our loss had very much to do to Cigna’s wreck and publicity generated over his new found love for lids. (The good Senator Wagner had quite the tale to tell to the rest of the Senate during debating our bill. He had a friend who crashed his bike. God Bless that helmet his pal was wearing. It must have been the helmet to beat all helmets because when his boy went down, not only did it save him then, but luckily for him he was wearing it when the semi behind him ran over his head and the helmet prevented his head from being “squished”!!!) Anyway, Cigna retired from every day radio shows, Jack moved on to more illustrious pastures and the stars lined up in our favor. We had our 15 minutes of fame with the passage of SB 259 and after almost three decades our long sought after freedom was finally ours! But with every silver lining, there’s a cloud. When we

modified our helmet law, we also got one giant bull’s eye on our backs. Every safetycrat in the universe was fixated on us. Looking, leering, planning, scheming, and waiting for their opportunity to come in for the kill. Fast forward to the year 2006 - the Steelers win the Super Bowl and it’s always pretty cool to live in a city where the home team takes the big one. Then just a few short months later Big Ben bites the big one. And we’re STILL not able to live it down! As a result of his accident, all kinds of new players come crawling out of the woodwork, simply determined to protect me from myself! Seizing the moment, Representative Dan Frankle, (D – Allegheny), a name then unfamiliar to most, becomes the new poster boy for the safety Nazi regime. While all the fanfare about the Rothlisberger crash was at its most rabid peak, Representative Frankle is the prime sponsor of the first attempt at legislation to reinstate the helmet law. Fortunately, there was not much interest within our Legislature. Unfortunately, there was much more interest with the alphabet soup agencies on the federal level. Next thing you know, he’s the man about town in DC with hobnobbing with the likes of Nicole Nason, Administrator of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and Deborah Hershman, Chairman of the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). Come September the NTSB calls for a Public Forum on Motorcycle Safety. Initially, this held some promise. I thought that just maybe agencies that carry great weight were looking for real and viable ways to reduce m/c crashes other than the almighty helmet. My hopes were that awareness would play a significant role in their “safety” forum. Boy was I wrong! Helmets and then some! Waaaaaaaaay down the list, a brief mention was made about awareness programs such as our Operation Save A Life. Within a year, the NTSB issued a recommendation that all states should impose a full time helmet law. Right around the same time when Frankel introduced his helmet bill, another wannabe safety star surfaces: Allegheny County Councilman, Matt Drozd. He just had to jump on the Ben wagon and propose a resolution to Council that would ask the General Assembly to reinstate the helmet law. That resolution was sent to committee. It became a moot issue with the introduction of Frankel’s bill and the lack of steam it had generated. The next homegrown assault came this past June, via the University of

Pittsburgh’s study “Major Increase in Head Injuries Noted After Repeal of Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Helmet Law “ The authors, Drs. Mertz and Weiss claimed, “Even after accounting for increases in motorcycle registrations that occurred during this period, a 32 percent increase in head injury deaths and a 42 percent increase in head injury-related hospitalizations, raising concerns about motorcyclists’ safety and the impact of this trend on health care costs.” The alarm sounds, out comes the media in droves, and once again the hype and hysteria about unhelmeted motorcycle riders runs rampant! On 22 June 2008, what we have been claiming all along had been legitimized with the release of The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s report, ““Motorcycle Injuries and Fatalities since the 2003 Repeal of the Mandatory Helmet Law”. Read all about it elsewhere in the newsletter!) This report ordered by our Legislature with the passage of SB 259 highlighted that the sky hasn’t fallen since we modified the lid law. The fatality rate has remained IDENTICAL and major and moderate injuries, along with the crash rate have actually DECLINED! And for the icing on the cake, the very last thing this report cites is the credibility of the Pitt study! (See entire report at Note “Appendix C” University of Pittsburgh). (Side note: If you wish to read an excellent article also attesting to this, check out Paul Carpenter’s “Helmet Zeal Kindles Crusade to Cook Figures” at,0,7976946.column ) This report was a huge ‘Score one for the good guys!” Funny, it didn’t generate any media hoopla. That couldn’t possibly be due to is stating things in our favor and not exploiting the carnage all over our highways theme… Well, it was a nice feeling while it lasted. Once again, with the release of the Pitt study, opportunity strikes and lo and behold!! Councilman Drozd is there to seize the moment and was right back waiving his request for a Resolution to have to put the helmets back on the riders throughout the Commonwealth! (They say timing is everything. In this case it was. Had it not been for a new friend to ABATE in county government, this would have slid right on by and we would have probably not even known about it until after the fact! We were informed that this was being put on the agenda only five days before the meeting.) After talking with a few ABATE folks, Councilman Drozd wanted to come across like he’s with us, but wants to protect the tax payers too and decided to amend his

Resolution to the effect of not going after reinstatement, but instead, he proposed that if an individual was involved in a motorcycle crash resulting in head trauma that could have been proved to have been prevented by wearing an approved helmet, said individual would not be able to receive any public health care funding. WHOA! Hold on a minute there. This DID NOT have the effect of placating us that he had hoped for. He managed to get a bunch of people real p.o.’d real quick. (Side note, for the best piece of writing debunking the social burden myths, Steve Zimmer’s two articles in Volume 7 of the MRF “White Paper”. It is not yet available on line, but if you’d like to see it, email me. I provided Council a copy of this, along with the afore-mentioned Paul Carpenter article, the LB&FC report and ABATE’s press release of said report.) 08 July 2008 is a date that will go down as one of the great days to be alive. Councilman Drozd brought up his issue and ended up embarrassed, flustered, beyond a teeny bit tense, I’d dare to say humiliated, and obviously not prepared for the onslaught he had coming at him! We had 14 people for us and a big, fat ZERO supporting his position! Council honored the request to speak to six of our members, all of which were bright, articulate, well-informed and virtually bulletproof!! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so proud to be among a group of people who came together when we needed to and got the job done! Y’all were great!!!! Y’all were well beyond great!!! It isn’t often that you actually get to witness your opposition become visibly shaken and become progressively more unglued before your very eyes, but what a glorious feeling it is when it happens. Thank you all so much for allowing me that pleasure! I look forward to Round 2 with great anticipation. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you the final outcome. As with all Resolutions brought before Council, they are referred to the appropriate committee for further investigation. This was referred to the Committee on Public Safety, the Chair of which is Councilman James Burn (and he IS one of the good guys!). He expects this to be heard before July’s end and wants us to come back to present our positions. (This in itself is an oddity, for generally mere mortals are not permitted to speak at committee meetings unless requested to do so.) I’ll certainly keep you posted. Enjoy your summer and do what you can to make the difference. We here in Western PA certainly are! Live to be Free! Lynn

November/December 2008


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Missouri & Kansas Thank MODOT for “Looking Out for Motorcycles” Deanna Norris Freedom of Road Riders Local 5 South Kansas City

need them to. They are going to move them from sign to sign around the state of Missouri and Kansas.

I have been working on a project with MODOT for a month or so now to put something about Motorcycle safety on the Digital Scout Boards you see on the highways. I sent out a statewide email asking for everyone to please send me ideas for these signs back in March. The response was outstanding. I had 240 emails full of Great ideas. I went thru every email personally and pulled out any that I thought we could use.

I talked to them last Friday April 11th, and they have the Road Worker Safety Campaign going on right now, but hope to have our signs up and running by the time the weather breaks-maybe the end of this week.

Then my husband Doug and I went thru the lists again and again until we twiddled it down to 20. Top 10 long ones, and the top 10 short ones, since the signs are different sizes. I presented this to the gentleman at MODOT on March 21st. Since then, MODOT has taken our list and worked it around to fit on the boards the way they

Please be patient though, he is doing everything he can to meet this deadline. This will all be sponsored by myself and Freedom of Road Riders. The only way to cut down on the needless loss of life out there is to make people aware. Hopefully this will help do just that. So keep your eyes out for the signs across the State of Missouri and Kansas. You never know, a suggestion you sent might just be there. Feel free to shoot me an email

and tell me which one you saw and where it was. I can't tell you how important this project is to me and all motorcyclists out there. I want to thank you all again for all of your ideas and participation. The support has been great. Here is the list of the top 20 that I presented and I will email again when the signs are up on the boards. FORR & MODOT Board messages Long messages 1. Look Twice, Save a life, Motorcycles are everywhere 2. Be nice, look twice, Motorcycles are everywhere 3. Motorcycle Awareness begins with you! 4. Share the road Motorcyclists have families too! 5. Be Alert accidents hurt…Watch for motorcycles!

6. Be Safe, Be Aware, motorcycles are everywhere. 7. Look, Listen, Let Live, motorcyclists are everywhere. 8. Be Aware of Motorcycles sharing the road 9. Save a Life, Be Aware, Motorcycles are everywhere 10. Motorcyclists see you. Do you see them? Short messages 1. Save A Life, Watch for Motorcycles. 2. Share the road with Motorcycles! 3. Start seeing Motorcycles! 4. Look Twice for Bikes! 5. Watch for Motorcycles! 6. Motorcycles are everywhere! 7. Practice Motorcycle Awareness! 8. Please watch for Motorcycles! 9. Look again for Motorcycles! 10. Motorcycles share our roads. GOOD JOB ALL! Thank you .

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2008, Denver, Colorado

Deb Butitta announces that the MRF A&E has been offically recognized to do business.

Thursday night at the “Meet the Board/Meet the States” Session

Carol Downs, MRF Conference Director, makes some announcements before the Panel Discussion Session

Miscellaneous auction items

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November/December 2008

Anti-Gang Legislation: Violating the Right to Freely Associate of these bills, the General Assembly reported that the State of North Carolina was in a state of crisis caused by violent street gangs whose members threaten, terrorize, and commit a multitude of crimes against the peaceful citizens of their neighborhoods, presenting a clear and present danger to public order and safety.

Doc Ski SSMRO Rep

There has never been a more urgent need to preserve fundamental privacy protections and our system of checks and balances than the need we face today. Illegal government spying, provisions of the Patriot Act, and government-sponsored torture programs transcend the bounds of law and violate our most treasured values in the name of national security. Forty five days after the attacks of September 11, the Patriot Act was signed into law. Some of the provisions of this act threaten our fundamental freedoms by allowing access to medical and tax records, information about books you buy or borrow, and the power to break into your home and conduct illegal secret searches without probable cause. On the national level, the ACLU and other citizen advocacy groups are embattled in legal proceedings to clarify and rectify elements of the Patriot Act. Only time and the careful consideration of these issues will reveal the extent to which our rights have been violated. Closer to home, however, we face a more immediate threat to our privacy, and our right to associate freely. There appears to be a national movement by state legislatures, to enact bills to reduce the impact of criminal street gangs within individual states. This article will report on North Carolina’s experiences with anti-gang legislation. At the beginning of the 2007-2008 legislative session, the NC General Assembly introduced two separate bills related to street gangs (HB 274, and SB 1358). In the legislative findings and intent section

The General Assembly’s stated intent was to insure the right of every person to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, and physical harm caused by the activities of violent groups and individuals. It was not the intent of these bills to interfere with the exercise of the constitutionally protected rights of freedom of expression and/or association. In fact, the General Assembly purported to recognize the constitutional right of every citizen to harbor and express beliefs on any lawful subject whatsoever, to associate lawfully with others who share similar beliefs, to petition lawfully constituted authority for a redress of perceived grievances, and to participate in the electoral process. Following such a dramatic introduction, it was clear that our legislature intended to pass some sort of street-gang-prevention legislation. Over the course of two years CBA/ABATE worked together with The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and The Families Against Mandatory Minimum Sentencing (FAMM) to help our legislators craft legislation that would be appropriate to meet their expressed concerns over the growing street-crime problem in North Carolina, and yet be palatable to freedom loving organizations such as ours. The final version of the Senate bill (The Street Gang Prevention Act) provided $10 million in grants to local communities for establishing social programs to reduce gang influence on youth. The House bill (The Street Gang Suppression Act) focused on criminalizing citizens for exercising their right to freely associate. This following discussion will focus on the definitions related to criminal street gangs, the new crimes created by this act, and the consequence enhancements that this act put into play in North Carolina. Probably the most obvious difficulty in

writing legislation of this nature is defining a criminal street gang and criminal street gang activities. Definitions in the original bills were very circular in nature: “You are a street gang if you conduct street gang activities.” After careful deliberations, North Carolina legislators settled on the following as a definition of Criminal street gang: “A criminal street gang is a formal or informal group of three or more individuals whose primary purpose is to commit felonies. A criminal street gang may share a common name, sign, or symbol. A criminal street gang will have 3 or more members who engage in a pattern of criminal street gang activity.” The saving grace of this definition is the need for the evidence to establish that the “primary purpose” of the organization is to “commit felonies”. This “primary purpose” must be established for each incident, and is determined by the trial judge, not by a local law enforcement agency. This provision may help reduce the preemptive mis-identification of innocents by over-zealous law enforcement agencies, which has been evidenced in other states. The NC legislature defines “pattern of criminal street gang activity” as committing, soliciting, or coercing another to commit criminal acts for the advantage of a criminal street gang. The specific crimes cited include all crimes under the controlled substance act of NC and most offenses under NC criminal law. Finally, engaging in or having a conviction for 2, or more, incidents of criminal street gang activity, is defined as a “pattern of criminal street gang activity.” The street gang activity provisions suggest that if 3 or more members of your organization have engaged in, or committed, 2 or more of the crimes cited (i.e., possession of marijuana, writing bad checks, and/or spousal abuse) your organization has conducted a pattern of criminal street gang activity. At this point, you are still protected by the “primary purpose” provision of the law, but these violations may predispose the judge to lean more toward a conclusion of “primarily felonious purpose” and depending upon other argu-

ments you could be declared a criminal street gang member. If convicted as a member of a criminal street gang, you would face stiffer consequences. A class A1 misdemeanor can be treated as a class A1 felony. Provisions of this law may be cause for the state to seize any declared contraband acquired from your criminal activity. You could also be subjected to more restrictive pre-trial release conditions, and eligible for enhanced sentencing for your crimes ( i.e. use/threat of deadly weapon = 60 months extra). You are also likely to be charged with new crimes established by this bill, such as soliciting or coercing participation in a street gang, or threats of retaliation for attempting to withdraw from a street gang. The consequences are even stiffer for soliciting or threatening a minor. If you do not already have an anti-gang law established in your state, you can expect to see one soon. Anti-Gang legislation is not necessarily a threat to streetgangs alone. The membership and structure of many SMROs fits the definition (other than the felonious purpose provision). The way the law is written will guide its implementation by law enforcement and interpretation by the judicial system. The results of two years of collaborative work in North Carolina did not result in a perfect law. In fact, the law may be very difficult to live with, but it is better than the original draft. It is clear that it will need further clarification by the courts, and may well be misused against innocent citizens before it is completely understood. It is, however, the best we could do with the limited resources available to us. If you do not yet have an anti-gang law in your state, this discussion may help you to guide your law in an appropriate direction, or (better yet) prevent its passage. Good Luck. Keep the Faith! doc ski

Introducing the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc. (MRFA&E) At MOTM we introduced a newly formed company called the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc. (MRFA&E). A few years ago the MRF felt the need to form a 501c3 company to help promote rider education, network with the riders of motorcycle rights community and obtain grant money from various organizations and companies who align with the beliefs of the

MRFA&E. A MRFA&E Legacy program will be formed as well to accept money from a person’s estate after death to continue the work of educating the motorcyclist of the nation. The MRFA&E Board of Directors are Deborah Butitta as Chairperson, Carol Downs as Treasurer and Chuc Coulter as Secretary; please feel free to contact any of us. MRFA&E will be housed in an office at the same location

as MRF office in Washington DC.

Thank you,

We can now accept donations to be used for awareness and education. We will keep you posted as the company develops further. Comments and questions are welcome send to

Deborah Butitta Board of Director Chairperson Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc. 236 Massachusetts Ave NE #510 Washington DC 20002 202.546.0983 / cell: 928.308.1117

November/December 2008


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Fear and Loathing at the Membership Table in Denver By Polly Schoeller Assistant to the Membership Director “Fear and Loathing” at the membership table in Denver this sounds like an article from a certain Gonzo journalist, as the 1st of October approaches and another Meeting of the Minds has come to a close we do face fear at the membership table. The MRF Traveling Road Show made another appearance in Denver at the Denver Tech Center Marriott. As we face the fall and the New Year 2009 ahead Membership in and to the MRF is a top priority. The 2008 MOTM Conference went well, the rematch between the Bibs and Kilts

proved to be a great success, especially for the Kilts. The auction brought great items and a few tears as a special quilt was last to be auctioned off, made from a T-Shirt from our dear friend and former President Buck Kittredge. It wil hang in the office in Washington, DC a fitting home for a Freedom Fighters Quilt. Where does the fear and loathing part come in you ask? Fear comes from the fact we still need to build our membership numbers in order to survive, loathing from the numbers we face in our membership fight here in the 21st century. As a nation that is one of the

strongest in Motorcycle riders and ownership, why are we not all Freedom Fighters and Members of the one organization that not only fights for your right to ride but your ultimate right for Freedom? Freedom to enjoy the liberties we all prize and enjoy. Freedom to customize and ride a bike of our own creation and choice, Freedom to maintain a way of life that we all hold dear, old school and new school riders alike! We gained 25 new members who took up the fight for the right to ride free and we had 38 freedom fighters renew and maintain their right to ride free.

Year! The MRF needs you to renew your membership and not only continue the fight to live and ride free but to help us grow by inspiring others to take up and join the fight for Freedom. We are still the nation’s voice for Motorcycle Rights but we need your help. Won’t you please reconsider your membership if it has expired, and join us in the fight to maintain our liberties and to ride free and safe on our nations highways! Polly Schoeller Assistant MRF Membership Chair Abate of IA, CO, WI, MN, MI & IL

Yet we still face a fight ahead in the New

MRFPAC Donates to Tennessee Rep. Zach Wamp’s Campaign On Saturday, August 30th, several CMT/ABATE and MRF members had the pleasure of attending the annual Zach Wamp Summer Picnic at Mandeleigh Farms in McDonald, TN. Zach, as you may know, is Tennessee’s 3rd District United States Representative. Kevin and Chick Elsworth, members of the Tennessee Valley Charter of CMT/ABATE, Brooklyn Tom (State Director) & Maureen Quaranto, and MRF Assistant State Rep Carol Simpson were there to present a MRFPAC FUND check to Zach from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). Carol Simpson, who works for the

Tennessee General Assembly as a “regular” job that puts peanut butter on the table, took pictures of the presentation, with the folks gathered around her 1984 FXRT. IN the background is a 1930’s(?) Buick touring car that had the SAME EXACT PAINT scheme as the RT! A supporter of Congressman Wamp had part of his classic car collection on display. Zach was easy to talk to, very personable and more than happy to pose with us for our pictures. Last November Congressman Wamp was in the forefront of the MRF Press Release regarding NTSB. From the beginning of his service in the House of

Presenting the check to Tennessee Rep. Zach Wamp

Representatives, (1994), Zach Wamp has been an exemplary supporter of motorcyclists and our political issues. Often, Zach borrows a motorcycle and rides along in the annual Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride. Look for more good things to come from this statesman—particularly if he decides to run for Governor of Tennessee in 2010. We also visited with Kevin and Chick’sTN State Representative, Eric Watson, a supporter and friend of CMT/ABATE. We took turns having our pictures taken with Eric and our motorcycles. Several other friendly state representatives were there and shared in the commaraderie. All in all this

was a great day meeting with super people, and has been stated many times, “all politics is local.” It is so important for all of us to get out there and talk with the people who can help us with our concerns and priorities, our state and national representatives. Many thanks to the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Political Action Committee for approving this donation and allowing CMT/ABATE members in the state to present it at a local function. I think we got a lot of bang for our bucks! Respectfully submitted by Carol Simpson

Carol Simpson and Tennessee Rep. Zach Wamp

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“Still Ray” Fitzgerald MRF Asst. State Representative All, We have dealt with 'No colors' policies for years. Last week at an event in Kingman, AZ (Bike Night) in a local bar, the state Liquor board, in conjunction with the State and County Police and Sherriff's office, raided the bar blocking the streets and alley, detaining everyone while they went over everyone and everything with the K9 units. The SWAT team would not allow anyone to leave. They held the owner in the backroom going over papers, etc. The short version, if the owner refused to enact a 'No Colors" policy he would lose his liquor license. The State has forced him to refuse service to Patchholders. A Club member asked one of the cops if they could stay when the police were leaving and was told,"Only if you remove your colors". In the past, the problem was the owners unwillingness to give up their "right to refuse service to anyone" privilege making this a hard case to argue at the Capitol, as AZ law follows the U.S. law when dealing with discrimination: race, creed, religion, etc., not attire. As a resolution to this, our lobbyists struck an agreement with the Restaurants and Bar Owner's Assoc. several years ago (Deb Butitta was our lobbyist at the time). They agreed to take down their signs on their own, or at least plead our case to their membership. It certainly wasn't Law but it was better than what we had. Now we have the Government shoving this down our throats.


the problem. We are pleased with the PSA. It is the car pulling out on to an intersection and the motorcycle creams into the car. As of this writing Bikes, Blues and BBQ will run the same time as the Meeting of the Minds, so I will not see the pamphlets, stickers, etc until I come back from Denver. We were a little disappointed in the fact that time was a factor in what the grant money went for this year. It seemed that the State Police had made the decision for everything that was done, only getting the board to approve what they presented. It has taken them a lot of time in getting everything set up correctly. We will give them the benefit of the doubt this first time, but hopefully the Board will have more input as to how the money is spent in 2009. ABATE of Arkansas members have been working on a motorcycle awareness program to take into classrooms and meetings. It is called Safer Streets for Everyone or SSFE. In October the State Board will find out what the proposed cost of this program will be. Hopefully it can be worked into the budget for the coming year. Ride Free Arkansas PAC has sent out the candidate questionaire. We have had some quick responses. The results of the questionaire will be posted on the ABATE web-site and newsletter. To the MRF 'family', I would like to take this time to Thank everyone for a wonderful job you each do!!! The knowledge and commitment is TRUELY appreciated and such an inspiration!! Thank-You!! And to everyone--I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!!! Ride Free, Ride Safe,

The question, does this occur in your state? If so, what is being done about it? Legislatively or judicially?


Thank you for your time, please advise. Still Ray

Joni Davis-Carter President, Local 34 ABATE of California


Connie Shepherd MRF State Representative Arkansas's motorcycle safety board met in July and finalized the plans for spending the 2008 2010 grant money in order to apply for the 2009 funds. Among the things that was presented to the board were billboards in several major cities, television PSA's, pamplets, stickers and other paper items. The Arkansas State Police added $50,000.00 to the $100,000.00 that Arkansas received, as the Legislature will have to amend the current law to increase license fees . (In order for a state to receive the grant money, the motorcyclist are required to pay into a fund used to promote motorcycle safety and awareness.) As most know, our Legislature meets every other year. They will amend this law when they return to session in January of 2009. The billboards were seen in August, the PSA's started running in September and they are going to present the pamplets, stickers and other paper items during Bike's, Blues and BBQ at the end of September. The billboards were a little disappointing. They show only a part of a motorcycle, most said you could not really tell what it was, as it was a side view of only the motor. No full side view of the motorcycle or motorcyclists. Hard to tell what you are suppose to look for!! Rodney Farley, Chairman of ABATE of Arkansas, and Tom Wewers, Rider's Ed Coordinator for ABATE of Arkansas are members of this board. They have asked that the billboards be done in a better way, so people will understand what they should watch for. The State Police said they would see what the firm that made the signs could do to fix


Here in Kings County, we have had this CHP officer Savage, (and he was), He was in the Coalinga Hills almost a 1/2 hr. away from Hanford. Well this CHP officer would get you every time whether you were legal or not and give you a helmet ticket. His words he preached were "I CAN SPOT A ILLEGAL HELMET FROM A MILE AWAY".



Miles France MRF State Representative First off “THANK-YOU” to each of you who made the MOTM’s in Denver. The weather was fantastic as well as the conference. This was another incredible learning experience and all that you have learned you can now share with your brothers and sisters. ABATE of Colorado did one fine job of hosting the MOTM’s and all their hard work is very much appreciated. Those of you who went on the Karen Bolin Memorial Ride got to see the beautiful gold in our majestic mountains. Each year I ride all over our country and this year when I returned home I actually questioned why I keep leaving when Colorado has so much to offer. Now I’m working on a “Bucket List” to cover every square inch of my aspiring state. Welcome to each of our new MRF Members and “THANK-YOU” to all that support the organization that supports our rights. Ride with the”EAGLE”, Miles From Deb Craig: Anyone who has known me for more than a few minutes, knows I am not the best at public speaking. Anyone who attended the 2008 Meeting of the Minds banquet and awards ceremony certainly knows! We all know the significance of the John ‘Farmer’ Eggers Award and it holds a special meaning for each recipient. To be nominated by one’s peers for this award is an indescribable honor! Even now, it’s difficult to put into words what I feel. I am proud to be able to stand in the company of those former recipients who, in my mind, are among the best in the business. After all, I feel I learned from the best. I hope that I will do as well for those who learn from me. All that’s left to say is Thank You... all of you!

Well, he was transferred to Hanford and within 2 weeks he had written about 52 helmet tickets, he would pull over a pack of riders and give out 8 tickets to that group of 11. Everyone was coming to me about this to see what could be done. Well between a couple of us talking to the CHPs and trying to get the lowdown on this guy, Oct. 1,08 one of my life time members of ABATE Local 34 of Hanford, finally got to talk to the right person. Townsend showed the CHP their bulletin, policy #59 and also #71. With this information, CHP Officer Mark Karis of Kings County said CHP Officer Savage, nor will any other CHP Officer be giving out anymore Helmet tickets unless you are wearing a Helmet of a different sport, i.e. football helmet, etc. So what this means is, anyone with a helmet ticket right now will not have to pay it. You will still need to go to the courts to have them dismissed. If you paid your ticket, sorry, cause there will be no refunds. This info will go to all court clerks and Judges, so if you happened to not get this info and somehow got to the judge, he will dismiss your helmet tick-


Ron Troia MRF State Representative We are still on the edge of our seats here in Connecticut waiting to see what our legislature will do this coming session regarding the possibility of a mandatory helmet law. The summertime talk seems to have quieted down but our legislators go back into session this winter so that talk may be revived. There is the chance that all the problems with our financial markets, the high cost of gasoline and home heating fuel will keep the rascals busy and not even look at us. We are keeping our fingers crossed but at the same time the leadership of the Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association is gearing up for the battle should it happen. We are gathering information to find out who will be our friends so we can formulate plans and also finding out who our adversaries will be so that we can contact them and attempt persuade them to change their position. We are facing our most serious threat in many years but I do believe we can prevail with a united front. Join the CMRA, MRF, and the AMA! Protect your right to ride today and always.

November/December 2008

The CMRA still has some late summer events on the horizon. The next one will be on Sunday, September 28th 12:00 Noon-5:30 at The Cadillac Ranch, 45 Jude Lane, Southington, CT. Live music by Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood, Shovelhead and special guest appearance from Desiree Bassett. There will be some great raffles there. After that we have our annual Toy Run on October 5, 2008 – Meeting between 9 am and Noon at Hubbard Park in Meriden. Run leaves at 12:30 pm. A toy or gift is required. And the Season Finale: November 8th Franco American Club, 95 Liberty Street, Meriden from 7 pm to Midnight. Please consult the web site at for further details on any upcoming events. We in Connecticut have suffered way too many motorcycle fatalities this year including two who I had personal ties to. Please think and prepare before you ride. Ride as defensively as you possibly can. Your life may depend upon it. Ron Troia Connecticut


Jodi Cain MRF State Representative Six times a year we have an opportunity to put an article in the MRF Reports to let everyone know what is going on in our state. I have struggled with this because it seems that there aren’t a lot of BIG things going on in Iowa. At MOTM I listened to what was going on in other states and as Hardtail reviewed the list in General Session I heard a lot of familiar topics. As I chatted with others I heard the successes and failures that they have gone through in the last year regarding training and awareness and helmets and… well, you know, the same things we all see. Since MOTM in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we have remained a free state when it comes to helmets. ABATE of Iowa is now presenting our Share the Road program to about 10,000 people a year. Our Riders Education program is teaching over 300 people a year. Slider Gilmore’s Two Wheel Trauma class is still going strong. We made two trips to Washington to tell our Senators and Congressmen, in person, how we wanted to be represented. The second trip we hand carried hundreds of letters from our membership asking that our 2010 funds be used for awareness and education instead of safer crashing. We found a way to raise funds to go to DC without dipping into our PAC or General funds. We held a Lobby Breakfast in Des Moines to shake hands with the ones that represent us there. We welcomed thousands of bikers to Freedom Park for another successful Freedom Rally. Our own Jeremie Barrett was one of three winners of the MRF Young Activist Scholarship. We increased our membership in the MRF. We saw a change in leadership. After 13 years Steve Rector chose not to run again and stepped down as ABATE of Iowa State Coordinator. Phil McCormick, a long time Assistant State Coordinator, has stepped up to the challenge. Steve will not be going far as the Board of Directors immediately created an ExOfficio position for him. I stepped up to be a State CoRep for the MRF and Polly stepped down. Polly also did not go far as she is still a District MRF Representative as well as Assistant to John Pierce, Director of Membership for the MRF. There may not be a lot of BIG things going on in Iowa but there are a lot of GOOD things. I guess

November/December 2008


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Around the USA that is not a bad thing to write about six times a year. Respectfully submitted, Jodi Cain


Dave Condon MRF Asst. State Representative The Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association met at their regularly scheduled monthly board meeting on Wednesday October 1, 2008. This was also the scheduled Annual meeting for the MMA. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct the regular business of the MMA and to elect board members to positions on the board. This year there were three positions that needed to be filled and voted on by the members of the board. Two vacancies were as a result of incumbents not seeking another term and one position has been vacant for some time now. The three positions, up for election were that of Chairman, Director of Government Relations, and District Two Manager. The results of the elections are as follows: Dave Condon of Salem, MA and most recently the District One Manager has been elected to a three year term as the Chairman Rick Gleason of Falmouth MA a long time supported and Life Member of the MMA has been elected to a 3 year term as the District Two Manager The other open position of Director of Government Relations will remain open and the board will seek a candidate as no qualified members of the MMA chose to seek this position. A board vote followed the elections and Richard Schofield of Bedford, MA was elected to the position of District One Manager, the position vacated by Condon. Condon stated “The MMA Board of Directors would like to recognize the two long serving, and dedicated Board Members that did not seek reelection this year. Kevin Griffin (Chairman) of Plymouth, MA and Paul Cote (Director of Government Relations) of Amesbury, MA both served with distinction, dedication, and had tireless efforts for the motorcyclists of the State of Massachusetts and their service will be greatly missed. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and it is our hope they remain as active members of the association”.


Mike “Fiz” Przybylo MRF State Representative In Michigan we are still fighting to amend our helmet law; we made it through the House and Senate only to be vetoed (once again) by our Governor. We have not given up though and are pursuing several methods to challenge her veto. We are also pursuing SB104, a Right of Way bill to end injustice to motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Other ongoing topics include getting our fair share of education allocation and pursuing an amendment to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA), an insurance anomaly that exists only in Michigan and unfairly targets motorcyclists.


Michael Berger MRF Assistant State Rep

Things are pretty quiet this time of year in Minnesota. Our state legislature is not in session right now, although once they convene early in 2009 our SMROs will be hard at work in getting the failure-to-yield legislation passed. Good progress was made in the previous session, and there is strong indications that this year may be the year that increased penalties for those who commit failure-to-yield offenses passes into law. Once again Minnesota qualified for 2010 funding and was awarded $116,000.00. The plans as of now are for the state to use these funds in a similar fashion as last year, with the money going to fund public awareness campaigns and to maintain the state’s fleet of training motorcycles. Finally, A.B.A.T.E. of MN put together its yearly legislative questionnaire. This document is sent to all those running for office in the state and asks questions pertaining to how a legislator views helmet laws, failure-to-yield penalties and other relevant motorcycle-rights issues. These results are then published in Roadnoise, the monthly publication of A.B.A.T.E. of MN, so that all its members can know where their candidates stand on motorcycle rights. Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, stands behind motorcyclists’ freedoms, and we appreciate his support. But while he is not up for re-election this year, just about everyone else in the state is, and it’s important to know where not only the incumbents but their opponents stand. Until next time, stay shiny! Mike


Kathy Garver MRF Assistant State Rep Our legislative session runs from January through May each year. However pre-filing of bills starts in December. We have already begun work on our legislative agenda for 2009 and stand ready to pre-file several bills at this time. In addition to watching for bills that will adversely affect motorcycling in the State of Missouri, we will be actively working on our helmet modification bill and our comparative fault bill to put a stop to insurance companies alleging a rider is partially at fault for the accident and/or their injuries based upon the type of vehicle being operated at the time of the accident. In addition we are working directly with the MRF to develop language for a right to repair bill. By the time this report comes out we will know whether we were successful in our efforts to elect a governor that will support motorcyclists rights. If not, we will do our best to work with an elected official who does not believe in freedom of choice. Quote of the Day: He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself. ~Thomas Paine


Dale Andrus Co-Rep Nevada MRF John Bland Co-Rep Nevada MRF News from Nevada, Our Southern A.B.A.T.E. chapter President has been testifying before the transportation committee on how to increase taxes for Nevada. For the first time it looks like they may be listening. Mike "Bones" Davis presented them with the number of tax dollars that could be generated if Nevada changed the Protective Headgear to freedom of choice. He is working with a couple of senators (Beers & Titus) on this issue. John and myself will be working with our rider safety program people on

a share the road program. We are waiting for the election results, so we know who will be on legislative committees. Our legislative session starts in February 2009, John and I will be lobbying for that session again. We are planning a Lobby Day during session, an idea we picked up at MOTM in Denver.

are now being streamlined on the internet. See the following websites for more info about Texas and the issues we are working on:;;

As some of you may know we are in need of more members to be able to continue with the work that needs to be done. I didn't know how many State Reps were sustaining members, but there are some. I will be sending in my sustaining membership. If you want to keep up the fight in D.C. go out and sign up as many people as you can, if we don't, we will lose much more than we can ever recover.

Hay libertad en el viento.

Dale Andrus Co-Rep Nevada MRF John Bland Co-Rep Nevada MRF


Revvv Kieffner, MRF State Rep Robin Warfield, MRF Branch Rep SPUTNIK says we’re now working on election campaigns. He’s traveling all over Texas helping out key candidates. Now is the time to pick one— any candidate in any race that can win this election. It’s like horseracing: it doesn’t matter which horse, as long as we’re part of the race. Now we should go to the one we want to bet on and tell that candidate that you’re a (TMRA2 or Texas ABATE or etc.) motorcyclist. And to volunteer to put up signs, knock on doors, work phone trees, or whatever the candidate needs. That way they remember us and we can ALL win, next go round. It doesn’t take that much time and you meet lots of interesting people. You never know where that takes you. We’re going to need the state candidates that we’re putting into office. In Texas, we might have to fight against a helmet bill, an anti-sound bill, and a roadblock bill come January. They want to quiet us down, tell us how to dress, and stop us from riding. You don’t want to put your money on those 3. One of them is a senator who presently chairs the Texas Senate Transportation Committee. The one that brought out a helmet bill in 2007 when we beat him in his own committee. He shouldn’t be so forgetful. So many individual motorcyclists in his district (16, the Dallas-Fort Worth Area) are supporting his opponent RAIN LEVY MINNS. See Lots of good candidates like her all around the Lone Star State are seeking our support.

There is Freedom in the Wind.


Jay Jackson MRF State Co-Representative Hello, from the Evergreen State. The legislative session doesn’t start in Washington until after the first of the year so we still have some time to decide exactly what will be our focal point for this year. Of course there is always the matter of helmets, which are required here for all riders. It is interesting that in the local newspapers one of the first things reported is that the rider was wearing a helmet. I’m beginning to think that the helmet may be the cause of the crash! Even when a motorcycle is run over by a car, helmet usage is stated before any other contributing factors. Unfortunately, the “returning rider” has been the most frequent accident victim lately. This past weekend a man crashed on his first ride after buying his Harley. It seems a rider safety class would have been a great idea. Washington State ABATE will hold its S.T.E.A.M. October 17 – 19 and the legislative question will be settled then so we will be fully prepared for Black Thursday in January. Texas Larry Walker will be the Legislative presenter for S.T.E.A.M. and I’m sure he will give us some good leadership. He said that the Washington Road Riders will probably work on a version of the HIPPA to give riders protection on the state level while work continues on the national level. He feels like the language of HR 6908 does not adequately protect consumers. It would surely be beneficial if we could all pull in the same direction. ABATE in Washington also is working on finding a way to access some of the 2010 funds. The head of Motorcycle Safety Program for the Department of Licensing has complete control of the entire package here and uses the whole sum for TV spots in target markets. Since the most people live in the Seattle-Tacoma area the rest of the state gets next to nothing. Any pointers? Awareness and education are big concerns here too. We are looking for more people to help with all the work to be done.

SMROs in Texas are also working on the Failure to Yield issue. Motorcycle rights activists are fighting to bring awareness to motorists and to those who fail to yield and cause a crash. We are proposing much stiffer penalties for those who fail to yield at intersections and cause an injury or death to a motorcyclist. We have discovered that in Austin the fine for a failure to yield right of way violation ($163.00) is less than the fine for camping in a public area ($218.00) or a pedestrian walking in the roadway ($203.00). Texas is working to help bring awareness to the growing number of motorcyclists on the roads and highways by placing a red cross, instead of the traditional white cross, near the site of a fatal motorcycle crash. It is the goal of the Motorcycle Fatality Awareness program to help save lives by reminding motorists that motorcycles share the road and to “Look Twice … Save a Life.”

Watch out for the Witches, Warlocks, Goblins, and things that go bump in the night because the shorter days can catch us out in the dark this time of the year. In the Pacific Northwest we also must be prepared for lots of wet weather. The Turkeys in November can be a hazard too. Have a Happy Holiday Season full of all good things— Peace, Success, and Health.

JANUARY 26th, 2009 is LEGISLATIVE DAY in Austin. We have a pre-event rally over there that weekend on the 24th and 25th. Nearly all the politicians there watch TEXAS POLITICS BIKER STYLE, the most popular show on public access television. Certain episodes of the show

Casper City Council Cans New Noise Ordinance Last night we had a small victory in the fight to

Ride free Jay Jackson, Washington State Co-Rep Typed by Glenyce Jackson, Assistant Rep


Russ Reddick Wyoming State President


continued page 19 end motorcyclist discrimination. In an attempt to stop a noise ordinance that targeted motorcy-

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November/December 2008


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MRF Reports

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Chuc Coulter, Idaho 208-343-7452

To continue developing an aggressive, independent national advocacy for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle, which is financially stable and exceeds the needs of motorcycling enthusiasts.

Mission Goals Maintain and improve our ability to act as an advocate before national, state and local legislative, executive and judicial bodies, and with private or public entities, regarding issues affecting motorcycles, motorcyclists or motorcycling. Maintain and improve our financial base and ensure financial stability. Maintain and improve our capability to meet and exceed the needs of our membership base and all state motorcyclistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rights organizations. Maintain and improve our capability to be the national information center for motorcyclistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rights information. Enhance the training of national, state and local motorcyclistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rights activists.

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November/December 2008


Around the USA clists, we gathered in force to speak to the city council. I provided the city council with the AMA’s “Sound Advice” report, Keith Ball’s Independent Noise Study, and an article on how the Oakland police department “backs Bikernet noise study”, as well as copies of Portland Maine’s and Daytona Beach’s noise ordinances. After Jim Siri and I presented our argument, and had gone over said materials with the council, my other brothers got their turn at the mic. One after the other stating, “We are not going to be singled out and discriminated against, and oh yea and Loud Pipes Save Lives! After an hour or so of that, the mayor asked if anyone else wanted to speak, “please do so, but try to say something besides loud pipes save lives. I get it. Loud pipes save lives!” All in all the city council got the point and tabled the subject after a few minutes of debate to drop it or table it. Even the mayor said he would not support the amendment, and argued to have it dropped. Hurray for us!

Page 23


wiling to do, and how we want to try to resolve our “problem”. Wyoming Central A.B.A.T.E. has grabbed the flag and ran with it on this. Moreover, we will continue to stay on top of this and hope to use it as an opportunity to work within our community and to have more influence within our city council. I am very proud of the members of Wyoming Central A.B.A.T.E., and everyone in Casper ’s motorcycling community that came together to speak their mind and keep Casper Motorcycle friendly. A special thank you to Keith Ball with, the AMA for supplying me with the Sound Advice report, Chris Dulas w/ NCOM region 1 & A.B.A.T.E. of Washington for all the long phone calls, and the MRF for helping us to be ready when we were called upon. "We have won the battle, and are still fighting the war. Together we are strong!"

Our next step is to have a brainstorming session with the city council and determine what they are

Erik Erikson inspects his former ponytail

At the Banquet and Auction, Saturday night

We are there… watching.

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Bib Versus Kilt - nice boot laces Grady... do they glow in the dark?

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Contributions of $5 and $10 can go a long way to make our voices heard in DC and coast-to-coast Send to: Motorcycle Riders Foundation, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20002 Please make checks payable to MRFPAC Donations to MRFPAC are not Tax Deductible We cannot accept corporate checks

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation would like you to take the time to go to our website,, and sign up for our Alerts. Through 3 different Department Directors and a server change we want to make certain everyone is still on our list so please go to the following;, to subscribe to our Alerts, press releases, and Leaders Reports. It is critical with the recent national helmet law push that everyone has the most current information

possible. When you get to the website you will find the option to sign up on the left side of the home page; Sign Up for the MRF News Mailing List. Click this header and you will be taken to page explaining the process. Click the link “here” and you will be taken to the sign-up page. Follow the instructions there, return the email when it is sent to you and you will be assured of getting the latest Alerts. Dave Dwyer

MRF Committees COMMUNICATIONS: Eric Hampton (Chair), Jeff Hennie, John Pierce, Michael â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bozâ&#x20AC;? Kerr, Paulette Korte, Justin Downs, Todd Riba, Cindy Hodges, Jim â&#x20AC;&#x153;Legsâ&#x20AC;? Korte, Tiffany Latimer, Jess Tepner, Susan Huttman, Deborah Butitta ELECTIONS: Dave Dwyer (Chair), Cindy Hodges, Thomas J. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Doc Skiâ&#x20AC;? Wasileski, Lynn Oldenburg, Graydon Wheeler BY-LAWS: Michael â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bozâ&#x20AC;? Kerr (Chair), Carol Downs, Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard, Paulette Korte ALCOHOL AWARENESS: Steve Zimmer (Chair), Jeff Hennie, Lynn Oldenburg, Susan Huttman, Carol Simpson, Thomas J. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Doc Skiâ&#x20AC;? Wasileski, Jay Jackson


Bikers Inside The Beltway New for 2009!

MRFPAC: Steve Zimmer (Chair), Chuc Coulter, Dave Dwyer, Jeff Hennnie, Michael â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bozâ&#x20AC;? Kerr FINANCE: Carol Downs (Chair), Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard, Chuc Coulter, John Pierce, Paulette Korte, Frank Carbone MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: John Pierce (Chair), Tiffany Latimer, Sarah Muckenhoupt, Cindy Hodges, Polly Schoeller, Todd Riba, Eric Hampton MRFA&E: Michael â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bozâ&#x20AC;? Kerr (Chair), Susan Huttman, Jeff Hennie, Paulette Korte, Jay Jackson, Thomas J. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Doc Skiâ&#x20AC;? Wasileski CONFERENCE & EVENTS: Carol Downs (Chair), Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard, Jeff Hennie, Cindy Hodges, Carol Simpson, Todd Riba, Steve Zimmer, Lynn Oldenburg

Join the MRF and Rights Groups From Around The Country At the US Capitol Complex In Asking Congress To

Preserve Funding for Motorcycle Awareness and Rider Education Programs (2010 funds)

PRODUCTS: Carol Downs (Chair), Polly Schoeller, Helen Wesson, Frank Carbone

Ride To Washington DC This Year

FUNDS STEERING: Todd Riba (Chair), Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard, Cindy Hodges, Jay Jackson, Mark Buckner, John Pierce, Jim â&#x20AC;&#x153;Legsâ&#x20AC;? Korte

Motorcyclistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Lobby Day

RESEARCH & STATISTICS: Thomas J. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Doc Skiâ&#x20AC;? Wasileski (Chair), Paulette Korte, Jeff Hennie, Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard, David Tusche, Jay Jackson, John Pierce

Bring Your Bikes Inside The Capitol Grounds

May 2009

MRF REPS &REPS GROWTH: Todd Riba, Cindy Hodges (Co-chairs), Polly Schoeller, Tiffany Latimer, Carol Simpson, Lynn Oldenburg, John Pierce, Dave Condon, Tiffany Latimer, Graydon Wheeler STATE AND FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE AWARDS: Dave Dwyer (Chair), Thomas J. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Doc Skiâ&#x20AC;? Wasileski, Jeff Hennie

(Exact Date Pending 111th Congressional Scheduling)

Tell Congress To Resist Helmet Law Blackmail Provisions In The TEA Bill

AWARDS: FARMERS: Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard (Chair), Mark Buckner, Deborah Butitta

Check our Web Site WWW.MRF.ORG for Details and Updates

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Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time you did something more to protect your rights!

RON SHEPPERD SAFETY RECOGNITION: Jay Jackson (Chair), Carol Downs, Chuc Coulter, Paulette Korte, John Pierce

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FOUNDERS: Kirk â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hardtailâ&#x20AC;? Willard (Chair), Mark Buckner, Mark Falsetti, Steve Zimmer

MRF Reports - November/December 2008  

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is the leading voice for you, the street rider, in Washington, D.C. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is com...

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