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MR. FOSTER’S CLASS 2013-14 Book Review Magazine

Who Was  Ernest  Shackleton?   by  James  Buckley  Jr.     A  Review  by  Carter  A.     Genre:    Nonfiction   Student  Rating:    4  out  of  5  Stars        

Who was  Ernest  Shackleton,  by  James  Buckley  Jr.  A  book  about  a  boy  who  dreamed  of  sailing  the   sea.  Ernest  was  a  man  who  spent  a  year  on  an  ice  shelf  and  is  one  of  the  most  famous  Antarctic   explorers  in  history.  Ernest  was  an  apprentice  on  a  ship  at  age  16.     At  first,  I  thought  Who  was  Ernest  Shackleton  was  about  a  boy  who  loved  to  sail.  Now  that  I  think   deeper,  not  only  is  it  about  that,  but  it  is  also  about  a  boy  who  was  raised  on  a  boat  and  his  parents   loved  to  sail.  It  was  also  about  how  hard  it  was  for  Ernest  to  stay  alive  out  at  sea,  sometimes  without   family.  Sailing  without  family  would  be  hard  but  staying  without  them  for  years  trying  to  sail  somewhere   would  be  even  harder.  Also,  sometimes  starving  was  his  only  choice  because  they  were  out  of  food.  I   give  Ernest  a  lot  of  credit  for  dealing  with  all  of  this  and  not  even  worrying  one  bit.     I  look  up  to  Ernest  Shackleton  as  a  role  model  because  he  was  one  of  the  first  people  to  go  to   Antarctica.  He  was  also  super  brave  and  never  gave  up.  Ernest  has  changed  a  lot  from  a  kid  to  an   adult.  Ernest  has  always  loved  the  water  but  never  wanted  to  be  an  explorer.  When  he  became  an   adult  that  changed.     Ernest  made  mostly  good  choices  but  he  made  a  couple  of  bad  choices.  He  once  said  that  he  was  not   going  back  to  Antarctica  but  he  did.  Ernest  went  to  Antarctica  two  times  and  stayed  there  for  one  to   two  years,  both  times.  Ernest  loved  to  sail,  his  boat  was  one  of  the  most  important  things  to  him.     I  think  the  theme  of  Who  Was  Ernest  Shackleton  is  always  be  confident.  Ernest  was  confident  on  his   trips  even  when  they  ran  out  of  food  also  even  when  they  started  to  freak  out.  Though  he  stuck  to  it  and   pulled  through.  Ernest  was  confident  when  he  made  a  plan  to  try  to  get  to  another  island  in  a  rowboat   because  they're  boat  got  stuck  in  the  ice.  The  plan  worked.  They  went  to  another  island  and  got  a   bigger  boat  so  they  could  pick  the  rest  up.      I  rated  Who  Was  Ernest  Shackleton  4  out  of  5  stars  because  the  book  digs  deep  into  how  he  feels   and  the  story  of  his  life.  Ernest  is  a  really  cool  person  because  he  accomplished  a  lot  in  his  life  like   being  one  of  the  first  to  go  to  Antarctica,  he  was  also  a  really  nice  person.  Ernest  Shackleton  is  one  of   the  most  famous  explorers  in  the  world.  that  is  why  he  is  called  the  greatest  explorer.          

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Stranded   by:  Jeff  Probst  &  Chris  Tebbetts       A  Review  by:  Larissa  A.       Genre:    Adventure/  Fiction     Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Stranded, by  Jeff  Probst  and  Chris  Tebbetts,  is  about  four  kids,  Vanessa,  Buzz,  Carter,  and  Jane   stranded  on  a  rocky  jungle  island.  Which  is  located  in  the  middle  of  the  south  pacific.  A  storm  hit   without  a  warning  and  there  is  nobody  to  rely  on  but  themselves.  No  adults.  No  instructions.  Nothing  to   eat  or  drink,  there  is  only  the  salty  ocean.  If  they  help  each  other  and  think  outside  the  box,  it  might  just   be  enough  to  get  off  of  the  island.     I  thought  the  kids  were  going  to  get  stranded  somewhere,  somehow.  (and  I  was  right.)  Also,  it  was   really  about  kids  who  don’t  get  along.  They  are  helping  each  other.  Trying  to  get  along  as  new  siblings   to  get  off  the  island.     I  look  at  Vanessa  as  a  role  model  because  she  makes  good  decisions,  and  cares  for  her  family.  She   never  has  a  bad  attitude.  I  actually  care  for  all  of  the  characters  because  they  are  going  through  a  hard   time.  The  characters  Carter,  and  Jane  had  a  huge  decision  to  make.  Should  they  go  in  the  tunnel/cave   or  not?  Will  they  get  found  or  stay  stranded?     Some  important  objects  in  the  book  are  the  phone,  sail,  and  their  brains.The  phone  helped  them  call   and  find  out  where  they  are  located.  The  sail  helped  them  collect  water  to  stay  hydrated  and  thats  why   their  brains  played  apart  because  Jack  thought  of  it.       The  theme  is  getting  along  with  a  blended  family.  Two  different  families  coming  together  as  one  under   the  same  household.  Going  through  this  difficult  time  being  stranded  they  became  closer  after  time   and  started  to  learn  how  to  blend  together.  Lending  a  helping  hand  to  each  other  as  they  worked  as  a   team.     My  rating  for  this  book  is  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  It  had  you  wanting  to  flip    page  after  page,  it  was  very   intense,  with  a  big  impact.  There  are  three  books  in  this  series.  I  really  enjoyed    reading  this  awesome   adventure/fiction  book,  its  going  on  my  favorite  list.  I  would  recommend  you  to  read  this  book.  

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Divergent by  Veronica  Roth     A  Review  by  Rachael  A.       Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Divergent, by  Veronica  Roth,  is  a  book  about  a  girl  name  Beatrice  who  lives  in  a  city  divided  by   personality  and  choices.  Each  section  is  called  a  faction.There  is:  Abnegation,  the  selfless;;  Amity,  the   peaceful;;  Candor,  the  honest;;  Erudite,  the  intelligent;;  and  Dauntless,  the  brave.  When  Tris  turns   sixteen  and  her  last  school  year  comes  to  a  close,  she  takes  the  aptitude  test,  a  simulation  to  find  out   which  faction  she  belongs  to.  Instead  of  working  normally,  the  test  is  inconclusive.  She  is  divergent,  a   mind  capable  of  excelling  in  two  or  more  factions  and  a  danger  to  the  government  somehow.  If  anyone   finds  out,  she  will  be  killed.  When  she  chooses  Dauntless,  she  figures  out  it  will  be  harder  to  hide  her   divergence  than  she  thought.     At  first,  I  thought  this  book  was  about  a  girl  that  was  divergent  and  all  her  struggles.  It  was  about  that,  it   was  just  deeper  than  I  thought.  It’s  really  about  making  it  through  those  struggles  and  finally  coming  out   on  top.Tris  has  to  go  through  initiation  to  become  Dauntless,  she  is  challenged,  but  fights  through  it.     Tris  has  a  very  strong  personality.  She  is  sort  of  a  role  model  for  me  because  of  that.  She  is  brave,   confident,  and  is  willing  to  give  all  shes  got  to  achieve  her  goals,  even  her  life.  She  had  changed  a  lot   from  the  beginning  of  the  book  too.  At  first  she  tried  to  be  like  her  previous  faction,  Abnegation.  That   was  not  her  personality,  though.  After  she  chose  dauntless,  she  became  more  open.  She  was  braver,   more  confident,  and  more  courageous.  Her  personality  became  even  stronger.     Tris  has  to  make  many  difficult  choices.  Sometimes,  she  decides  if  someone  lives  or  dies  by  just  one   tiny  pull  of  a  trigger.  In  one  event  she  is  facing  Molly  in  a  fighting  competition  for  initiation  and  she   decides  to  get  back  at  her  for  all  the  the  things  she  did  to  make  fun  of  her.  So,  Tris  knocks  some   sense  into  her,  literally.  Molly  ends  up  in  the  hospital  overnight.  I  think  that  was  a  good  and  bad  choice   because  Molly  deserved  it,  but  she  didn’t  have  to  be  put  in  the  hospital.  Also,  Tris’s  insides  once  spilled   out  when  she  decides  to  be  brave  and  take  the  first  jump  into  the  hole  to  get  her  into  the  Dauntless   compound.  When  no  one  else  would  she  stepped  up  to  something  she  was  unsure  of.  She  didn’t  even   know  what  was  at  the  bottom.     I  think  the  theme  is  bravery.  I  think  this  because  Dauntless  is  bravery,  that’s  what  Tris  chose.  So,   obviously  she  had  to  be  brave,  but  she  showed  a  lot  more  than  other  people.  She  fought  against  the   odd  with  her  divergence  and  that  takes  a  lot  of  bravery  in  itself.  She  faced  her  fear  landscape,  fought  in   initiation,  shot  a  gun,  threw  knives,  she  was  the  first  jumper,  and  so  much  more.  She  was  brave  the   whole  way  through.  

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My rating  was  five  out  of  five  stars.  I  gave  it  a  five  because  it  was  an  outstanding  book!  There  were   always  cliffhangers,  it  was  suspenseful,  great  character  and  plot  developments,  and  you  never  knew   what  was  going  to  happen  next.  All  the  characters  were  very  detailed  and  well  described.  They  had  a   wide  variety  of  personalities  and  they  were  well  developed.  I  especially  like  the  whole  series.  It  was   hard  to  put  the  books  down  once  you  started  reading  them.        

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Hatchet   by  Gary  Paulsen     A  Review  by  Jacob  B.   Genre:  Fiction     Student  Rating:    4  out  of  5  Stars          

The book  Hatchet  by  Gary  Paulsen  is  about  a  boy  named  Brian.  He  is  excited  about  going  to  visit  his   dad  his  dad  in  Canada,  then  tragedy  streis.  Only  Brian  and  the  pilot  are    passenger  on  the  small  plane   and  the  pilot  of  the  plane  has  a  heart  attack.    The  plane  crashed  in  a  lake  and  the  pilot  dies  a  few   minutes  after  the  crash.  Brian  is  alone  in  the  wilderness  and  has  to  find  a  way  to  survive  until  he  is   rescued.     I  thought  the  book  was  about  getting  lost  and  finding  his  way  home.  But  it  was  about  him  getting  used   to  his  surroundings,  and  how  he  stayed  focused  on  building  a  shelter  and  find  food  and  getting   rescued.       I  think  Brian  is  a  great  role  model.  He  never  gave  up,  and  always  thought  about  going  home  to  his   mom.  The  most  important  object  in  the  story  is  the  hatchet.  Brian  uses  it  to  make  a  fire  and  a  shelter.   The  hatchet  plays  a  big  role  in  the  book.       I  think  the  theme  of  the  book  is  never  lose  hope.  In  the  book  Brian  never  gave  up  and  had  a  strong  will   to  survive.  like  when  his  shelter  gets  destroyed  in  a  toronado.       I  gave  this  book  a  four  out  of  five  rating    because  it  had  good  cliffhangers  and  some  cool  notes  about   the    stuff  he  ate  the  animals  he  saw.  The  bad  stuff  about  the  book  was  it  had  short  chapters.  The  book   had  so  many  chapter  but  the  the  book  was  a  really  a  short  read.  

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Wonder by  R.J.  Palacio     A  Review  by  Katie  C.     Genre:    Realistic  Fiction   Student  Rating:  5  out  of  5  Stars       Wonder,  by  R.J.  Palacio  is  a  book  about  a  boy,  August  Pullman  or  Auggie.  August  has  trouble  with   meeting  new  people  because  he  was  born  with  a  facial  deformity.  Auggie  lives  with  his,  mom,  dad,  dog   Daisy,  and  older  sister  Olivia  or  Via.August  has  been  homed  schooled  his  whole  life,  until  now.  He  is   beginning  5th  grade  at  a  public  school,  Beacher  Prep.       At  first  I  thought  this  was  a  book  about  a  kid  with  a  deformed  face  going  through  some  struggles.  Now   that  I  think  deeper  about  the  book,  I  realize  its  really  about  treating  people  by  who  they  are  on  the   outside.       August  is  a  huge  role  model  for  me.  He  always  gets  back  up  after  being  put  down.  Auggie  has  really   changed  since  the  beginning  of  the  book.  He  has  become  independent.  He  doesn’t  need  his  parents  to   solve  all  of  his  problems.  He  has  also  learned  to  try  to  make  friends.  Auggie  has  made  lots  of  friends   since  the  beginning  of  the  book.  I  cared  so  much  for  Auggie  through  this  book.  He  was  always  so   brave  and  pushed  his  way  through  so  many  things.     When  Auggie  was  a  little  boy  he  always  wore  a  astronaut  helmet  because  he  said  it  made  him  feel  like   a  normal  kid  and  no  one  would  judge  him  by  his  face.  August  has  made  plenty  of  good  choices.  He   made  a  good  choices  to  pull  it  together  and  go  back  to  school  even  though  his  best  friend,  Jack,  said   some  really  hurtful  things  about  him.       I  fell  the  theme  of  Wonder  is,  don’t  judge  a  book  by  its  cover.  One  example  from  the  book  is  when   summer  went  to  go  sit  with  August  at  lunch  on  the  first  day  of  school.  She  didn’t  judge  him  by  how  he   looked  on  the  outside.  When  almost  everyone  else  was.     I  rated  Wonder  5  out  of  5  stars  because  of  all  the  things  that  Auggie  taught  me  through  the  book.  He   taught  me  lots  of  life  lessons.  He  showed  me  how  stupid  it  was  to  judge  someone  by  how  they  look.   He  also  showed  me  a  lot  about  true  friendship.  It  was  a  very  meaningful  book  and  I  enjoyed  it  a  lot.    

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Found by  Margaret  Peterson  Haddix     A  Review  by  Alex  D.       Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:  5  out  of  5  Stars        

Found, by  Margaret  Peterson  Haddix,  is  a  book  about  a  plane  that  mysteriously  shows  up  at  an  airport   called  SkyTrails.  Every  seat  is  occupied  by  a  baby.  Angela  DuPre,  the  SkyTrails  employee  newbie,   explores  the  plane  and  is  told  to  never  speak  of  anything  about  the  plane  ever  again.  The  kids  grow  up,   being  adopted,  and  now  know  something  is  wrong.  Later  the  kids,  Chip  and  Jonah,  are  forced  to  call   the  “witness”  and  “survivor”  list  of  this  plane  mystery.     At  first,  I  thought  this  book  was  about  a  mysterious  plane  crash.  I  read  on,  and  I  found  the  deeper   meaning  which  is  the  struggles  of  adoption.  I  think  the  author  emphasized  very  strongly  that  adoption  is   tough.  In  this  case,  Chip  and  Jonah  are  adopted,  Jonah  not  knowing  his  parents  and  Chip  not  even   knowing  he  was  adopted  until  age  13.  None  of  the  kids  on  the  plane  will  ever  see  their  parents  again.     I  care  for  Jonah  because  he  has  gone  through  so  much  to  find  out  how  and  why  he  was  adopted.  He   listened  to  JB,  or  Janitor  Boy,  and  ended  up  stealing  the  papers.  Also,  I  think  Jonah  has  a  good   personality  and  is  likable.  Secondly,  Jonah  and  Chip  have  changed  from  start  to  finish.  At  the  start  of   the  book,  they  were  all  casually  playing  basketball.  Later,  Chip  finds  he  is  adopted  and  the  two  friends   learn  about  time  travel.  In  the  end,  both  guys  are  accepting  of  traveling  time  and  agree  to  save  their   future.  Lastly,  I  look  up  to  this  character  because  I  think  he  makes  good  choices  and  stays  calm  in   tough  situations.  I  would  not  have  made  any  different  choices  than  neither  Chip  nor  Jonah.     Some  important  objects  are  the  witness/survivor  list  and  Jonahs  phone.  I  know  the  list  is  important   because  without  it,  he  wouldn’t  know  which  numbers  to  call.  Also,  he  wouldn’t  know  where  the  kids,  or   survivors,  live,  and  therefore  he  could  not  regroup  them  for  the  adoption  meeting.  Without  the  list,  he   would  not  have  been  able  to  see  Angela.  The  phone  is  important  mostly  for  the  same  reasons.  He   couldn’t  call  people  on  the  list.  He  wouldn’t  have  been  able  to  call  his  dad  about  Mr.  Reardon.  He   couldn’t  have  met  Angela,  and  lastly,  he  wouldn’t  know  about  the  survivor  that  didn’t  live  where  the  rest   were.  The  characters  made  good  decisions  good  decisions  along  with  some  interesting  ones  and   even  bad  ones  under  pressure.  Some  good  choices  the  kids  made  was  to  listen  to  JB  and  get  the   papers  from  James  Reardon.  Also,  a  good  choice  was  when  they  met  Angela.  Some  interesting   choices  they  made  are  taking  the  Mountain  Dew  from  the  stranger,  JB,  but  it  turned  out  being  good   because  it  helped  steal  the  papers.  A  bad  choice,  under  pressure,  was  when  they  went  biking  with  the           Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  


papers. They  could  have  lost  them  or  they  could  have  been  stolen.  They  were  under  heavy  pressure   because  they  tried  to  spy  on  Angela  and  get  to  the  library  early,  so  their  ‘insides  spilled  out’.     I  believe  the  theme  of  Found  is  ‘always  help  others’.  I  think  this  is  the  theme  because  the  author  put  a   lot  of  stress  on  how  the  kids  were  adopted  and  how  they  got  help  along  the  way.  The  kids  get  help   from  everyone  including  Angela,  Katherine,  family,  and  also  JB.  Also,  JB  was  helping  them  steal  the   papers  and  that  is  an  example  of  helping  people.  Lastly,  I  think  Angela  helped  the  kids  by  telling  them   information  that  the  kids  could  use.     I  rated  this  5  out  of  5  stars.  This  book  definitely  deserved  5  stars  because  there  were  major   cliffhangers  at  the  end  of  every  chapter.  I  also  liked  this  book  because  of  how  the  author  wrote  it.  It  was   in  third  person  viewing,  and  I  thought  that  made  the  book  interesting.  Lastly,  I  liked  how  the  characters   made  their  decisions  and  how  all  the  questions  I  had  were  at  least  answered  by  the  end.  The  topic  of   this  book  was  amazing  and  I  would  recommend  this  book  as  a  must-­read  to  anyone  who  is  looking  for   something  great  to  read.  

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Farmer Boy   by  Laura  Ingalls  Wilder     A  Review  by  Dusty  D.       Genre:    Nonfiction   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Farmer Boy  is  written  by;;  Laura  Ingalls  Wilder.  Farmer  Boy  is  about  a  9  year-­old  boy  growing  up  67   years  ago  in  New  York  State.  Almanzo  is  growing  up  on  a  farm.  He  is  learning  how  to  take  care  of  his   own  farm  when  he’s  older.  As  the  book  goes  on  Almanzo’s  dad  starts  trusting  him  with  more  duties  on   the  farm.     When  I  first  started  the  book  I  thought  it  was  just  about  farms  67  years  ago.  I  thought  it  was  about  a  kid   who  explained  how  to  farm  back  then  .  After  reading  I  realized  that  kids  were  not  as  spoiled  as  they  are   now.  I  think  the  author  wants  us  to  know  that  farming  is  a  big  aspect  of  our  lives  today.  Almanzo   proves  to  his  father  that  he’s  responsible  enough  to  have  his  own  colt.       I  look  at  Almanzo  as  a  role  model  because  he  shows  me  how  I  should  behave  while  working  on  the   farm.  Almanzo  teaches  me  to  respect  my  parents  and  listen  to  what  say.  Almanzo  starts  as  a  8   year-­old  boy  who  is  not  trusted  with  young  cattle.  Then  he  turns  9  and  is  trusted  by  his  father  with   young  cattle.  Almanzo’s  behavior  also  changes  because  he  stops  acting  like  a  young  kid.       Almanzo  had  a  team  of  oxen  that  he  treasured.  He  has  been  taking  care  of  them  since  he  was  7  years   old.  They  were  like  pets  to  him.  There  was  one  time  when  Almanzo  made  a  bad  choice.  It  happened   when  his  cousin  Frank  tried  to  go  into  the  colt’s  pen.  Almanzo  grabbed  Frank  as  he  was  climbing  into   the  pen.  Almanzo  threw  him  down  and  beat  him  up.  His  brother  Royal  made  him  stop  fighting.  Their   mothers  came  out  and  yelled  at  them.  Then  they  had  to  go  into  the  house  and  clean  up  because  they   were  bleeding.       The  theme  of  the  book  is  about  a  boy  growing  up  on  a  farm  67  years  ago.  It’s  about  how  he  grew  up  in   a  really  small  town  and  how  he  lived  obeying  his  parents  without  back  talk.  Growing  up  67  years  ago  is   way  different  than  growing  up  in  the  20th  century.       I  rate  this  book  5  out  of  5  stars  because  growing  up  back  then  was  very  different  then  it  is  now  a  days   and  the  book  shows  how  growing  up  on  the  farm  was  very  different.  I  feel  how  Almanzo  feels   sometimes  when  his  father  doesn’t  let  him  do  things  he  wants  to  do.  I  think  the  book  was    written  well   because  Laura  Ingalls  Wilder  knew  what  growing  up  back  then  felt  like.        

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The Girl  Who  Survived   by  Bronia  Brandman     A  Review  by  Emily  E.       Genre:    Nonfiction  Autobiography   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

The Girl  Who  Survived,  by  Bronia  Brandman,  is  a  heartbreaking  and  adventurous  book  about  a  Jewish   girl  sent  to  a  concentration  camp  ruled  by  the  Nazis.  Bronia  and  her  family  go  through  many  struggles  to   survive  in  this  cruel  camp.  Many  of  Bronia’s  family  members  are  separated  from  her,  and  none  of  them   know  if  the  others  will  return  dead  or  alive.  With  the  help  of  a  new  friend,  Bozenka,  Bronia  has  to  fight  to   make  it  through  the  horrible  Jewish  concentration  camps.     I  used  to  think  that  this  book  was  going  to  be  another  “Anne  Frank”  type  book.  After  reading  this  book,  I’ve   realized  that  every  person  who  went  through  the  concentration  camps  and  came  out  alive  all  have  very   different  stories.  They  are  all  very  sad,  but  also  very  unique.  This  book  doesn’t  just  inform  you  about  the   past,  it  teaches  you  the  importance  of  life.  Laugh  more,  play  more,  complain  less,  because  one  day   instead  of  begging  for  candy,  you  could  be  begging  for  your  life.     I  look  at  Bronia  as  a  great  role  model.  She  was  very  smart,  even  when  things  got  tough.  Because  she   used  her  brain  and  was  brave,  she  was  able  to  go  through  the  camps  without  many  additional   punishments.  In  the  beginning,  she  was  clumsy,  lazy,  and  ate  a  lot.  She  didn’t  like  how  people  looked  at   her,  so  she  did  more  chores,  studied  harder,  and  ate  less.  She  was  determined  to  change  her  image,  and   she  did.  Bronia  is  an  amazing  person,  and  so  when  she  had  to  go  through  all  of  the  harsh  camps,  I  cared   about  her,  and  felt  very  sorry  for  her.     Bronia  didn’t  have  any  important  objects.  The  reason  is  because  the  Nazis  took  all  of  her  valuables  and   possessions  away  from  her.  I  think  that  some  of  her  choices  were  bad,  but  most  were  good.  Instead  of   living  in  the  “Jewish  homes”,  I  think  she  should  have  ran  off  with  her  sisters.  That  was  really  the  only  bad   decision  she  made.  She  was  very  savvy  and  courageous.  I  admire  her  for  that.  She  always  stayed  calm,   even  when  challenged.  It’s  what  you  have  to  do  if  you  want  to  survive.  And  in  Jewish  concentration   camps,  surviving  the  camps  is  your  life  goal.     I  think  that  the  theme  of  this  book  is  to  be  grateful  for  what  you  have.  A  lot  of  people  have  things  worse.   Some  people  lost  their  family,  or  can’t  pay  for  food,  or  shelter.  Some  people  hate  to  take  bathes,  but   others  would  pay  millions  to  take  a  bath.  They  may  not  be  able  to  afford  water.  Bronia  would  do  anything   to  take  a  bath,  brush  her  teeth,  get  her  family  back  -­  anything.  The  Nazis  wouldn’t  let  Jews  do  anything.   The  Jews  were  treated  like  garbage.     I  give  this  book  4.5  out  of  5  stars  because  it  was  fascinating  to  learn  how  cruel  the  Nazis  were.  I’m  not   giving  it  5  stars  because  it  was  so  good  that  I  wanted  more!  The  book  is  pretty  short,  but  amazing.  I   wanted  more  information,  more  detail.  Other  than  that,  I  believe  that  everybody  should  read  this  book.  It   teaches  a  great  life  lesson,  and  will  have  everyone  on  the  edge  of  their  seat.       Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Beautiful Creatures   by  Margaret  Stohl  and  Kami  Garcia     A  Review  by  Stefanie  F.       Genre:    Fantasy   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Beautiful Creatures,  by  Margaret  Stohl  and  Kami  Garcia,  is  a  book  about  a  girl  named  Lena.  She  is  a   caster,  which  is  a  person  with  powers.  Nobody  knows  that  Lena  is  a  caster.  She  is  new  to  the  small   town  of  Gaitlan  and  is  struggling  to  fit  in.  At  school  she  gets  teased  a  lot.  She  gets  mad  which  causes   her  powers  to  get  out  of  control.  This  book  takes  you  through  the  difficult  life  of  Lena  Duchannes.     I  decided  to  read  this  book  because  my  sister  read  it  and  said  that  it  was  one  of  her  favorite  book   series.  Another  reason  why  I  decided  to  read    this  book  is  because  I  have  always  enjoyed  reading   fantasy  books.  When  I  first  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  about  a  girl  with  powers  who  on   her  16th  birthday  has  to  decide  whether  she  wants  to  be  a  light  or  dark  caster.  A  light  caster  is  a   person  with  powers  that  decides    to  use  her  powers  for  good  things.  Dark  caster  is  an  evil  caster  that   uses  their  powers  for  bad  things.  After  I  thought  deeper  about  the  book,  I  realized  that  it  is  actually   about  accepting  people    for  who  they  are.  This  book  is  also  about  being  yourself.     Lena  is  one  of  the  main  characters  in  the  Beautiful  Creatures  series.  One  of  the  other  main  characters   is  Ethan  Wate.  Ethan  attends  school  at  Stonewall  Jackson  High  school  with  Lena.  He  is  not  a  caster,   but  later  on  in  the  book  they  begin  dating.  Lena  makes  some  bad  decisions  but  I  still  look  at  her  as  a   role  model.  I  think  that  she  is  a  good  role  model  because  she  is  a  strong  leader.  When  I  was  reading   this  book  I  really  cared  about  Lena.  I  felt  bad  for  her  because  she  thought  her  mom  was  dead,  and   most  of  the  people  in  her  family  were  dark  casters  without  her  knowing.  Lena  changes  a  lot  from  the   beginning  to  the  end  of  the  book.  At  the  beginning,  she  was  a  teenage  girl  that  is  often  teased.  As  you   read,  later  on  in  the  book  you  will  start  to  notice  how  she  becomes  a  strong  leader.     In  the  book  Beautiful  Creatures,  an  object  that  is  mentioned  a  lot  in  the  book  is  Lena’s  necklace.  I  think   that  Lena’s  necklace  is  an  important  object  in  the  book.  It  is  a    chain  that  holds  objects  that  remind  her   of  good  memories  she  has  had.  For  example,  she  has  a  small  sharpie  from  when  she  wrote  her  name   and  Ethan’s  name  on  top  of  a  water  tower.  She  also  has  many  other  special  and  important  objects.   Lena  faces  many  hard  challenges  through  the  book.  When  she  realizes  that  she  can’t  choose  if  she   wants  to  be  a  light  or  dark  caster  it  is  a  huge  stressful  challenge  for  her.  Lena  made  a  choice  to  try  to   find  out  about  her  family  no  matter  what  challenge  is  thrown  at  her.  I  would  have  done  the  same  thing.     There  are  many  themes  in  this  book.  One  of  the  most  important  themes  is  to  accept  people  for  who   they  are.  An  example  from  the  book  is  when  Ethan  looks  past  the  fact  that  Lena  is  a  caster  and  helps   her  out.  Another  example  from  the  book  is  when  Lena  and  Ethan  help  out  Ridley  even  though  she  is  a   dark  caster.  Those  scenes  in  the  book  really  stood  out  to  me.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

I rated  this  book  a  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  I  gave  it  this  rate  for  multiple  reasons.  The  first  reason,  is  because   of  all  of  the  lessons  that  can  help  in  your  own  life.  I  also  enjoyed  this  book  because  there  were  many   times  where  I  couldn’t  stop  thinking  about  it  because  I  never  knew  what  would  happen  or  how.   Something  I  didn’t  like  about  this  book  is  that  there  were  a  lot  of  things  going  on  at  once.  If  anybody   wanted  to  read  a  book  with  fantasy  and  mystery,  this  would  be  the  first  book  I  would  recommend.        

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Soul Surfer   by  Bethany  Hamilton     A  Review  by  Katelyn  G.     Genre:    Nonfiction  Memoir   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars      

Soul  Surfer,  by  Bethany  Hamilton,  is  a  book  about  a  girl  who  gets  attacked  by  a  Tiger  shark  while  she   is  surfing.  Bethany  is  a  professional  surfer  and  the  attack  not  only  effects  her  life,  but  the  others  around   her.  Including  children  around  the  world  that  become  inspired  by  Bethany’s  amazing  recovery.  Even   children  with  disabilities  become  inspired  to  do  things  no  one  thought  they  would  ever  be  capable  of.   Soon,  Bethany  is  thought  of  as  a  living  miracle.       When  I  first  started  reading  Soul  Surfer,  I  thought  it  was  a  book  about  a  girl  who  got  attacked  by  a   shark  and  lost  her  arm.  But  as  I  thought  deeper,  I  realized  that  it’s  really  about  having  courage  and  not   giving  up.  Bethany  also  taught  me  to  stand  back  up  and  keep  going.  She  always  pushed  through  the   pain  and  kept  fighting  no  matter  what  happened  to  her.  And  I  can  definitely  learn  from  her.       I  look  at  Bethany  as  a  role  model  because  she  has  faced  many  challenges  and  she  never  gave  up  or   backed  down.  For  her  to  do  something  as  amazing  as  she  did  at  such  a  young  age  is  truly  incredible.  I   really  cared  for  Bethany  when  she  got  attacked  by  the  shark.  She  was  so  calm  about  it  and  never   panicked  or  even  screamed.  That’s  something  no  one  I  know  could  ever  do.  I  also  really  cared  for  her   when  she  was  struggling  at  a  competition  with  just  one  arm.  Bethany  definitely  changed  from  the   beginning  of  the  book  to  the  end.  In  the  hospital  she  wasn’t  sure  if  she  ever  wanted  to  surf  again.  In  the   end,  she  was  way  more  confident  and  became  a  better  surfer  because  of  the  attack.     I  think  an  important  object  Bethany  had  was  her  church/youth  group.  She  always  went  to  them  for  help.   Sometimes  she  would  use  the  lessons  in  her  own  life.  I  think  she  made  a  good  choice  to  keep  surfing   when  she  got  out  of  the  hospital.  Most  people  in  her  situation  would  have  given  up  right  away  without   even  thinking  about  it.  But  Bethany  kept  fighting  and  didn’t  give  up.  She  also  showed  a  lot  of   determination  which  showed  how  much  she  wanted  to  be  back  in  the  water.  When  Bethany  had  to   learn  how  to  do  things  with  one  arm  she  was  very  calm  and  patient.  Although,  after  a  while,  she   became  frustrated  and  upset.     I  think  the  theme  of  Soul  Surfer  is  to  never  give  up  and  to  always  keep  fighting.  Bethany  always  had  a   smile  on  her  face  no  matter  what  happened  to  her.  For  example,  when  she  was  struggling  with  surfing   with  only  one  arm  at  a  competition.  She  didn’t  completely  give  up.  She  started    over  and  began  training   all  over  again  just  like  she  did  when  she  started  surfing.    

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I rated  Soul  Surfer  5  out  of  5  stars  because  it  taught  me  to  never  give  up.  Bethany  not  only  inspired   me,  but  millions  of  other  children  around  the  world.  She  also  taught  me  to  never  give  up.  Also  to  never   give  up  no  matter  what  kind  of  challenges  you  are  faced  with.    

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The Lightning  Thief   by  Rick  Riordan     A  Review  by  Taylor  H.     Genre:    Fantasy   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

The Lightning  Thief,  by  Rick  Riordan,  is  a  book  about  a  boy  named  Percy  Jackson  that’s  in  sixth  grade.   He  has  never  met  his  dad,  his  mom  says  that  Percy’s  dad  disappeared  overseas.  When  Percy  and   his  mom  go  on  a  vacation,  Percy  runs  into  his  best  friend,  Grover.  Grover,  Percy  and  Percy’s  mom  get   chased  by  Minotaur,  a  monster  from  the  Underworld.  Percy’s  mom,  takes  Percy  and  Grover  to  camp   Half-­Blood.  Later  on  Percy’s  mom…  disappears.  Grover,  Annabeth  (daughter  of  Athena)  and  Percy   (son  of  Poseidon)  go  on  a  quest.  The  oracle  gives  Percy  a  fate,  both  good  and  bad.     When  I  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  a  book  about  a  boy  named  Percy  Jackson,  that  finds   out  he’s  half-­god.  But  what  it’s  really  about  is  actually  a  boy  that  has  to  go  through  all  these  obstacles,   starting  in  preschool.  Also,  it’s  about  Percy  going  on  a  quest  to  the  Underworld  with  the  company  of   Grover  and  Annabeth.  It’s  about  finding  Zeus’s  master  lightning  bolt,  and  stopping  world  war  3.  It’s  also   about  not  letting  Percy’s  father  down,  the  sea  god,  Poseidon.  But  last  of  all,  it’s  about  risking  their  own   life  to  save  so  many  others.     The  main  character,  Percy  Jackson,  has  changed  from  the  beginning  of  the  book  to  the  end  of  the   book  in  so  many  different  ways.  They  are  all  good  changes.  The  first  way  he  has  changed  is  that  at  the   beginning  of  the  book,  when  Percy  was  a  “bad”  kid  he  always  got  in  trouble  and  got  kicked  out  of   school,  and  at  the  end  of  the  book  he  was  the  hero  at  camp  Half-­Blood.  He  changed  in  so  many  other   ways  too.  At  the  beginning  of  the  book,  Percy  wasn’t  welcomed  by  the  gods  but  at  the  end  of  the  book   he  was  welcomed.  Percy  Jackson  is  one  of  my  role  models  because,  he  went  through  so  many   struggles  but  still  had  hope  and  faith.  Percy  never  gave  up  no  matter  how  challenging  the  task  was.  He   is  also  a  role  model  because,  the  oracle  said  in  these  exact  words,  “You  shall  go  west,  and  face  the   god  who  has  turned.  You  shall  find  what  was  stolen,  and  see  it  safely  returned.  You  shall  be  betrayed   by  one  who  calls  you  a  friend.  And  you  shall  fail  to  save  what  matters  most  in  the  end.”  But  even   though  it  said  all  that  Percy  was  determined  to  succeed.  I  wanted  him  to  get  his  mom  back.  I  really   cared  if  he  met  his  dad  or  not.  And  last  of  all,  I  cared  if  he  died  or  not.     The  most  important  object  to  the  main  character  (Percy  Jackson),  was  his  sword,  Riptide.  Chiron   gave  him  Riptide,  a  gift  from  his  dad,  Poseidon.  The  sword  could  only  affect  monsters,  it  have  affect   on  humans  at  all.  The  half-­gods,  or  demigods,  could  be  affected  by  things  made  by  humans  and   immortal  people.  Riptide,  helped  Percy  throughout  the  entire  book,  because  everytime  he  faced   monsters,  bad-­gods  such  as  Medusa,  The  Kindly  Ones  and  more.  Percy  made  many  good  and   interesting  choices  throughout  the  book.  The  most  interesting  choice  he  made  was  when  he  was   facing  the  God  of  Monsters,  and  jumped  into  the  Mississippi  River.  The  best  choice  he  made  was   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

when he  had  to  only  pick  two  people  to  come  out  of  the  Underworld  and  he  picked  the  best  two  people   he  could've  possibly  picked.  When  Percy  was  faced  with  challenges  he  wanted  to  do  the  best  he  could   to  make  his  dad  proud  and  survive.  He  knew  what  he  was  up  against  was  going  to  be  hard,  but  he  still   did  his  best.  His  dad  was  proud  of  Percy  in  the  end,  which  made  Percy  happy.     I  think  the  theme  of  The  Lightning  Thief,  is  that  there’s  a  hero  in  everyone.  The  reasons  why  I  think  this   is  because  Annabeth,  Grover  and  Percy  didn’t  think  that  were  heroes  but  then  they  ended  up  saving   the  gods  from  starting  a  war.  Another  reason  is  because,  even  Percy’s  mom  (fully  human)  saved   Percy  and  Grovers  lives  by  risking  hers.  Poseidon,  is  not  only  a  greek  god  but  a  hero  for  saving   Percy's  life  so  many  times.  Even  Zeus,  the  uncle  that  killed  his  own  father,  spared  Annabeth's,  Percys   and  Grovers  life  by  letting  them  fly  in  an  airplane.     I  gave  this  book,  The  Lightning  Thief,  the  rating  of  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  The  reason  why  I  gave  it  a  4.5  out   of  5  stars  is  because  it’s  very  graphic  and  has  amazing  details  but  it  leaves  you  in  suspense  at  the  end   of  the  book.  It  also  makes  you  want  to  read  the  next  book,  The  Sea  of  Monsters.  Overall  I  think  The   Lightning  Thief  is  a  great  book.  

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The Maze  Runner     by  James  Dashner     A  Review  by  Luke  H.       Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

The Maze  Runner,  by  James  Dashner,  is  a  book  about  a  boy  named  Thomas,  a  newbie  at  the  Glade.   He  was  sent  there  after  a  disease  that  wipes  out  most  of  the  population.  Everyone  at  The  Glade  is   struggling  to  get  out  of  a  never  ending  maze  outside  The  Glade.  Until  Thomas  comes  and  has  his   brain  washed.  The  only  thing  he  remembers  is  his  name.       Right  when  I  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  just  about  Thomas.  Just  about  him  living  in  The   Glade.  Then  I  read  more,  and  it  was  about  escaping  the  maze.  Being  free.  But  it  was  a  lot  more  than   that,  it  was  about  killing  the  virus  that  was  killing  the  world.  Also  about  stopping  wicked.     He  was  the  only  one  to  survive  all  night  in  the  maze.  I  also  think  he  made  a  bad  decision  by  going  into   the  room  with  the  person  that  got  stung  in  it.     When  he  got  challenged  so  much.  He  didn’t  let  his  “insides  spill  out”  he  kept  them  in  and  stayed  calm.   He  pushed  through  to  find  a  way  out  no  matter  what.  He  ran  though  grievers  to  get  out.  He  kept  calm   and  kept  his  “insides  in.”     I  look  at  Thomas  as  a  role  model  because  he  overcame  wicked,  also  he  brought  the  gladers  together   and  got  them  out.  Also  pretty  much  saved  the  world.  Thomas  changed  from  a  scared  little  boy  to  a   person  who  saved  the  Glade.  He  didn’t  know  anything  about  himself  except  his  name.  He  didn’t  know   what  to  do.  He  changed  into  a  person  who  knows  everything  and  is  a  leader.       Thomas  made  an  interesting  decision.  He  chose  to  be  the  first  one  to  stay  in  the  maze  all  night.  I  think   the  theme  of  this  is  to  never  give  up  in  tough  situations.  Or  to  deal  with  what  you  have.  Because  he   really  got  put  in  a  tough  situations.  But  he  pushed  through  and  got  everyone  out.  So  I  think  the  theme  is   to  never  give  up.     I  rated  this  book  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  There  is  something  new  every  chapter.  I  really  liked  how  the  author   did  that.  He  really  made  you  want  to  read  the  next  chapter  and  never  put  your  book  down.  Also  the   ending  made  you  want  to  read  the  next  book.  He  made  you  feel  for  the  characters.  It  is  overall  one  of   the  best  book  I  have  ever  read.       Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Sent by  Margaret  Peterson  Haddix     A  Review  by  Caleb  I.     Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    3  out  of  5  Stars        

Sent, by  Margaret  Peterson  Haddix,  is  a  book  about  a  boy  named  Jonah  who  was  adopted.  His   neighborhood  friend,  Chip,  recently  found  that  he  was  adopted  as  well.  Jonah’s  sister,  Katherine,   decides  she  should  help  find  out  where  they  came  from.  Along  the  way,  they  meet  Alex,  who  is  one   month  younger  than  Chip  and  Jonah.  Alex  soon  is  realized  to  be  Chip’s  real  brother.  Then  they  find  that   Chip  and  Alex  were  meant  to  be  the  king  and  prince  of  the  15th  century.  And  that’s  where  they  are   soon  ‘Sent’.     Chip  was  meant  to  be  King  Edward  XII.  And  Alex  was  meant  to  be  Prince  Richard  VIII.  I  thought  that  the   story  was  just  about  time  travel,  but  I  figured  that  it  was  also  about  the  medieval  times  as  well.  I   thought  that  on  their  journey,  Jonah  and  Katherine  wouldn’t  have  jumped  into  the  time  portal  if    it  hadn’t   merely  been  Chip  and  Alex  that  were  going  through  it  to  their  real  home  the  15th  century.  I’m  sure  that   Jonah  was  scared  for  both  of  his  friends.  In  the  story,  They  wanted  to  fix  time  to  it’s  normal  state  and   be  able  to  bring  their  friends  back  with  them  as  well.  It  could  be  done,  so  Jonah  grabbed  his  sister’s   hand,  and  then  they  both  jumped  in.     Jonah  has  been  a  good  role  model  for  me  because  in  every  single  tough  situation,  he  acts  so  brave.   Jonah  is  also  fearless  and  loyal  throughout  this  book.  He’s  often  courageous  and  helps  out  100%    of   the  time.  No  matter  what  the  obstacle,  he  will  always  remain  optimistic.  Jonah  is  the  kind  of   thirteen-­year-­old  that  one  day  I  would  like  to  become.  Jonah  was  really  enthusiastic  about  the   discovering  his  true  identity.  Though  at  first,  he  wasn’t  so  sure  what  he  really  wanted.  For  instance,    he   never  really  was  sure  if  he  even  wanted  to  meet  his  real  parents  or  not.  He  thought  his  life  was  fine  and   saw  really  no  reason  to  change  it.  He  was  positive  that  his  life  was  just  how  it  was  supposed  to  be  as   a  normal  living  kid.  I’ve  always  cared  for  Jonah,  most  of  the  time  I  feel  bad,  he  did  so  much  to  help  his   friends,  and  all  it  ever  does,  is  turn  into  disaster  for  him  and  everyone  that  he  knows.  When  they  made   a  choice  to  not  listen  to  JB  (Janitor  boy),  they  were  definitely  a  huge  risk.  At  one  point,  Katherine’s  hair   caught  on  fire.  Jonah  was  the  only  one  to  see  it  and  come  to  her  rescue  and  save  the  day.  This  shows   Jonah  acting  older  than  his  age.  Acting  like  a  grown  up,  Jonah  was  very  courageous  and  took  the   higher  road  to  save  his  sister.  I  would  probably  not  made  any  different  choices  from  the  characters   Jonah,  Chip,  and  Alex.    I  really  like  Alex’s  personality  throughout  the  story  because  he  is  probably  the   most  likeable  out  of  the  four    kids.  He  is  probably  the  smartest  out  of  the  kids  as  well,  according  to  the   original  book  “Found”.  He  is  mostly  my  favorite  because  he’s  pretty  much  a  casual  character.        

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The Elucidator    and  the  taser  were  the  only  weapons/objects  that  the  kids  had  brought  with  them  from   the  future.  Chip  used  the  taser,  and  rapidly  out  of  no  where,  it  disappeared  back  to  the  future.  The   reason  is  that  products  from  the  future  could  ruin  time  and  past  if  used.  It  could  have  killed  Chi  and   Alex  as  well.  So  the  kids  were  left  with  the  Elucidator.  The  Elucidator  was  also  the  only  thing  they  could   use  to  contact  JB.  To  Prevent  anymore  silly  mistakes  from  happening,  Jonah  decided  to  take  charge   of  the  whole  operation  and  deal  with  the  important  things  himself.  And  for  a  moment,  I  saw  Jonah’s   insides  “spilled  out”.  This  proves  Jonah  is  a  really  good  role  model  to  anyone  who  is  reading  this  story.     I  believe  the  theme  of  this  book  is  to  stay  strong  and  stick  with  your  friends  and  family  when  they  are  in   deep  danger.  In  the  book,  the  four  kids  were  on  their  own  with  no  one  but  JB  on  their  side.  But  Jonah   made  sure  that  Chip  and  Alex  the  to  15th  century  brothers  got  home  to  their  real  15th  century  parents   and  family.  If  I  was  put  into  that  situation  ,  I  would  have  no  courage  at  all.     I  overall  rate  this  book  3  out  of  5  stars  total.  I  love  to  think  about  the  significant  possibilities  of  time   travel.  Although,  next  time  I  would  improve  on  the  storyline  of  the  tracers.  The  science  fiction  genre   really  came  through  with  the  likeability  of  the  story  in  all.  The  sciencey  feeling  is  really  strong  and  gives   the  book  it’s  full  purpose.                  

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Wonder by  R.J.  Palacio     A  Review  by  Chloe  I.       Genre:    Realistic  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4  out  of  5  Stars        

Wonder, by  R.J.  Palacio,  is  a  book  about  a  fifth  grader,  named  August  Pullman.  August  was  born  with   a  facial  deformity  that  prevented  him  from  going  to  school  until  now.  He’s  about  to  enter  fifth  grade  at   Beecher  prep,  and  if  you  know  how  hard  it  can  be  to  be  a  new  kid  at  school,  then  you’ll  know  how  hard   it  will  be  for  August.  August  is  an  ordinary  kid,  with  an  extraordinary  face.  August  has  to  face  the   struggle  when  kids  bully  him  throughout  the  book.     When  I  first  started  reading  the  book  Wonder  I  thought  it  was  about  a  boy  that  had  many  surgeries.   Now  after  reading  this  book  I  realized  that  it’s  about  a  boy  that  goes  through  many  struggles  with   friends,  school,  and  people.  one  of  the  things  that  is  really  hard  for  August  is  getting  bullied.  Another   thing  that  was  a  struggle  for  August  was  fitting  in  at  school.  People  don’t  see  him  as  a  fun  or  normal   kid.  they  just  see  him  as  a  kid  with  a  weird  face.     I  look  up  to  August  as  a  role  model  because,  he  is  a  brave  kid.  One  reason  is,  because  he  took  in  what   people  were  saying  about  him.  My  second  reason  is,  he  took  the  chance  and  went  to  school.  My  final   reason  is  he  had  a  hard  time  making  new  friends  in  the  beginning,  but  once  he  got  used  to  it  ,  he  made   a  lot  of  friends.  I  care  a  lot  about  August.  He  has  been  through  a  lot  and  he  needs  someone  to  talk  to.       One  important  object  that  August  had  was  his  astronaut  helmet.  August  took  his  helmet  everywhere  he   went  because,  he  knew  that  people  would  look  at  his  face  wherever  he  went.  He  even  would  wear  a   bleeding  scream  costume  so  people  wouldn’t  look  at  his  face.  August  had  made  some  bad  choices   and  some  good  choices  too.  One  of  his  bad  choices  was  he  lied  to  his  mom  and  did  not  go  to  school.   One  of  his  good  choices  he  made,  was  he  got  through  the  negativity  that  people  were  saying  about   him,  and  went  to  school.  August  is  a  brave  kid  to  go  to  school  and  deal  with  people  that  make  fun  of   him.     I  think  the  theme  for  Wonder,  is  don't  bully  people.  Treat  people  how  you  want  to  be  treated.  People  are   all  different  in  many  ways  and  that  does  not  give  people  the  right  to  bully  other  kids.  Like  in  the  book,   August  had  to  go  through  a  bully  named  Julian.  Julian  wasn't  very  nice  to  August.  He  called  August   names,  he  would  make  fun  of  him  in  class  in  the  morning.  Julian  is  not  a  very  nice  kid  as  you  can  see.     I  give  the  book  Wonder,  a  4  out  of  5  stars  because,  I  really  liked  how  the  Author  separated  the  book  by   the  characters  parts.  For  example,  August‘s  side  of  the  story  and  via’s  side  of  the  story  and  also  their   friends  side  of  the  story  too.  I  really  liked  the  book,  Wonder  because  I  love  the  characters,  and  how  the   author  comes  up  with  all  the  scenes  in  the  book.  Another  reason  why  I  like  the  book  Wonder  is   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

because, how  the  book  goes  by  sections.  Also  it  is  my  favorite  book  because,  it  tells  you  that  bullying   is  not  right  and  you  should  never  do  it  to  other  people.                    

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Insurgent by  Veronica  Roth      A  Review  by  Kai  J.       Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Insurgent, by  Veronica  Roth,  is  a  book  about  a  girl  named  Tris  who  lives  in  a  city  unlike  most  cities.   There  are  five  factions  that  make  up  the  town  where  Tris  and  her  family  live.  The  five  factions  are;;   Abnegation,  Amity,  Candor,  Dauntless,  and  Erudite.  Each  faction  has  a  different  lifestyle  and  trait.   Abnegation  were  selfless,  Amity  were  peaceful,  Candor  were  honest,  Dauntless  were  daring,  and   Erudite  were  knowledgeable.  Tris  was  born  into  Abnegation,  but  on  Choosing  Day  at  the  age  of   sixteen,  she  left  for  Dauntless.  In  the  city,  there  is  a  war  going  on  between  Erudite  and  all  the  other   factions.  Erudite  is  withholding  important  information  from  everyone.  That  information  belonged  to  the   government.  Abnegation  are  the  government  and  Erudite  believe  that  they  should  no  longer  only  let   Abnegation  people  into  government.  So  far,  Erudites  winning.  Tris  is  fighting  against  everybody  to  get   that  information  to  all  the  residents.  She  wants  everyone  to  know  the  truth.  She  knows  she  has  to  go   behind  the  backs  of  people  she  cares  about  but  she  still  does  it.  Hopefully,  people  will  understand.     I  thought  Insurgent  was  about  people  fighting  to  get  what  they  want.  When  I  finished  reading  it,  I   realized  that  it  was  really  about  people  fighting  for  what  they  believe  is  right.  At  first,  it  seemed  that   Erudite  was  killing  people  who  were  Divergent  because  they  wanted  to.  Really  they  were  killing  them   because  they  thought  it  would  keep  them  safe.  They  thought  the  Divergent  were  dangerous  because   they  could  control  their  own  simulations  most  of  the  time.  They  didn’t  understand  that  the  Divergent   would  make  things  better.     I  look  up  to  Tris  because  she  is  brave  and  decides  for  herself  what’s  right  and  what’s  wrong.  She’s   independent  and  persistent.  She  never  gives  up.  I  did  care  for  Tris.  She  did  things  she  knew  could  get   her  killed,  but  she  always  got  out  of  those  situations.  I  always  felt  really  bad  for  Tris  when  something   unpleasant  happened,  Tris  had  a  better  understanding  of  what  was  happening  by  the  end  of  the  book   so  she  acted  differently.     Tris  had  an  important  object  that  she  couldn’t  pick  up.  She  killed  her  friend  on  purpose  with  a  gun,  but   she  was  only  protecting  herself  and  is  now  afraid  she’ll  hurt  someone  else  she  cares  about.  When  Tris   was  challenged,  she  tended  to  dangerous  things  that  could  get  her  killed.  She  wouldn’t  really  get  mad   or  anything,  just  make  a  few  decisions  that  could  cause  others  grief.  Tris  made  quite  a  few  bad   choices  while  under  pressure.     The  theme  of  this  book  is  about  fighting  for  what  you  believe  in.  Tris  believed  everyone  had  the  right  to   see  the  information  Erudite  was  keeping  from  them,  so  she  fought  against  her  friends  and  everyone   else  to  to  get  the  information  out.  Most  people  believed  Erudite  should  be  destroyed  and  everyone  else   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

should continue  life  as  it  was.  These  people  kept  fighting  for  what  they  believed  in.  Everyone  decided  to   fight  for  that,  and  maybe  they  didn’t  realize  that  it  wasn’t  all  that  good  of  a  reason,  but  they  still  fought.     The  reason  I  rated  it  five  out  of  five  stars  is  because  of  the  way  it  was  written.  Insurgent  was   suspenseful  and  very  well  written.  Veronica  wrote  it  with  many  cliffhangers  and  it  was  hard  for  me  to   put  the  book  down.  It  was  very  detailed  which  always  gave  me  a  good  image  to  visualize.  Veronica   Roth  must  have  worked  really  hard  on  this  book.      

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

The Wrath  Of  Darth  Maul   by:  Ryder  Windham     A  Review  by  Colton  J.       Genre:  Fiction   Student  Rating:  5  out  of  5  Stars      

The  Wrath  Of  Darth  Maul  by  Ryder  Windham.  Is  a  good  book  because  at  the  end  of  the  first  movie  it   doesn't  tell  you  who  Darth  Maul  is.  But  in  the  book  i  tells  you  everything  about  him.  Where  he  was  born   and  how  he  got  where  he  is.  And  what  he  was  like  when  he  was  little.       At  first  I  thought  the  book  was  about  maul  getting  revenge.  But  after  I  read,  I  think  it’s  more  about  maul   growing  up  and  how  became  a  sithlord.  The  way  he  became  a  sithlord  was  he  found  how  to  use  the   evil  force  on  his  master.  And  he  showed  his  master  he  good  beat  him.       I  don't  really  think  my  character  was  that  much  of  a  role  model.  From  start  to  finish.  Maul  was  really   nice  but  once  he  met  sithlord  he  started  being  mean  and  evil  to  other  good  people.  I  did  not  really  care   for  my  character.  I  liked  him  when  he  was  good.  But  not  when  he  was  bad.     Maul  had  one  important  object  he  used  the  evil  force.  Maul  most  of  the  time  he  did  bad  choices   because  he  was  turning  evil.  When  he  was  challenged  he  was  trying  to  be  good.  But  his  master  was   changing  the  way  he  felt.       I  believe  the  theme  is  about  as  the  life  lesson.  It  is  mostly  about  maul  changing  to  the  good  than  bad.   And  hanging  out  with  bad  people.  And  hanging  out  with  wrong  people  influences  you.  And  he  hanged   out  and  had  been  evil  like  his  master  showed  him  thats  what  made  him  evil  because  it  inflused  on  him     The  reason  I  gave  this  book  five  stars  is  because  It  really  tells  you  about  Maul  before  he  was  bad.  And   then  it  shows  him  being  bad.  And  how  he  learned  how  to  fight.  Thats  why  I  picked  this  book.  Because  it   showed  you  who  he  really  is  and  why  he  turned  evil.    

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Hope Solo:  My  Story   by  Hope  Solo     A  Review  by  Jamie  K.     Genre:    Autobiography   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars      

Hope  Solo:  My  Story,  By:  Hope  Solo  is  a  story  about  the  US  national  soccer  teams  goalie  and  her   background  ,  she  had  a  hard  life  with  her  step  dad  and  her  family’s  budget.  She  mentioned  that  she   liked  to  go  to  sleepovers  to  get  away  from  family.  Once  she  got  to  high  school,  she  played  soccer  on  a   team  full  of  girls  older  than  her.  She  was  a  soccer  star.  She  also  was  known  for  her  basketball  talents.   The  US  soccer  team  evaluated  her…  they  loved  her!  This  book  follows  her  quest  to  become  the   champion  she  is  today.     When  this  book  was  recommended  to  me,  I  thought  it  was  about  Hope’s  Stardom,  not  her  life.  This   book  went  deeper  than  i’ve  seen  any  other  non-­fiction  book  go.  I  realized  her  life  was  not  perfect.  This   book  teaches  us  that  superstars  are  not  perfect  and  they  have  flaws  in  their  lives  too.    Although  her  life   was  hard,  she  still  had  enough  courage  to  fight  through  it.     Hope  Solo  is  a  huge  role  model  to  me  and  should  be  to  everyone.  She  never  gave  up.  Ever.  She  is  a   strong  person  mentally  and  physically.  I  care  for  Hope  too,  Because  she  has  inspired  me  to  follow  my   dreams.  I  will  always  Remember  how  she  inspired  me.  She  was  tough,  smart,  she  never  let  anything   get  her  down,  and  she  was  great  at  soccer  despite  her  troubles  at  home.  she  is  one  of  the  most   inspiring  people  I  know  of.  She  changed  a  ton  throughout  the  book.  She  started  as  a  small  girl  in  a   small  town.  She  went  from  a  superstar  to  a  hated  player  back  to  a  superstar.  She  has  changed  many   times  throughout  her  life.     Hope  made  all  kinds  of  decisions  in  her  life.  Her  best  one  was  when  she  kept  playing  soccer  after  her   dad  showed  her  where  he  lived  (a  small  makeshift  hut  in  the  woods).  I  really  think  she  became  who   she  is  today  for  her  dad.  She  made  another  good  decision  to  stay  on  her  dads  side  when  he  was   wrongly  accused  of  murder.  She  made  some  bad  decisions  too.  like  talking  bad  about  her  teammate,   Bri.  When  challenged  her  insides  did  spill  out.  For  instance,  when  Bri  played  instead  of  Hope  and  Bri   let  in  a  few  soft  goals  Hope’s  insides  spilled  out  about  how  Bri  played.  Another  time  was  when  her  dad   was  accused  of  murder.  But  her  insides  didn’t  spill  to  the  public.     I  believe  the  theme  to  this  book  is  to  stand  strong  and  never  give  up.  She  never  gave  up  and  look  at   where  she  is  today.  This  is  the  theme  because  Hope  never  gave  up.  She  also  stood  strong  in  her  best   and  worst  moments  and  she  fought  through  it.  She  really  set  the  theme  to  this  book.     I’m  giving  this  book  a  4.5  out  of  5  stars  rating.  It  had  a  very  good  plot  and  it  was  very  meaningful.  It   taught  me  that  superstars  have  to  push  through  things  too.  She  taught  me  to  follow  my  dreams  by  her   book.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Steve Jobs:     The  Man  Who  Thought  Different   by  Karen  Blumenthal     A  Review  by  CJ  K.       Genre:    Biography   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Steve Jobs:  The  Man  Who  Thought  Different,  by  Karen  Blumenthal,  is  a  book  about  Steve  Jobs,   founder  of  Apple.  It  tells  the  story  of  his  business  career.  It  shows  the  challenges  he  faced.  It  explains   the  ups  and  downs  of  his  companies.  If  you  like  Technology  or  Business,  this  is  a  great  book  for  you.       When  I  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  would  just  be  about  Apple,  but  it  was  actually  about  his   whole  life.  It  was  also  about  counting  on  people  to  come  through.  It  talked  about  his  family  and  all  of  his   companies.  It  explained  all  of  his  failures  and  successes.  It  also  told  a  little  bit  about  his  friend  and   co-­founder  of  Apple,  Steve  Wozniak.  It  wasn’t  just  about  Apple,  but  him  not  giving  up  through  struggles   and  getting  things  done.     I  look  up  to  Steve  Jobs  as  a  role  model  in  a  few  ways.  He  never  gave  up,  even  when  Apple,  NeXT,  and   Pixar  were  failing.  He  is  extremely  determined.  He  has  changed  a  lot  by  caring  for  his  family.  He  used   to  not  care  about  his  daughter,  but  now  he  is  trying  to  be  a  good  father.  He  has  really  improved  as  a   person.     Steve  made  a  lot  of  big  decisions  in  the  book.  He  made  a  bad  choice  not  to  see  his  daughter,  and  to   deny  she  was  even  his.  He  made  good  choices  to  continue  companies,  and  to  release  certain   products.  Some  of  his  choices  I  agree  with,  some  I  don’t.  His  insides  spilled  out  whenever  he  was   faced  with  a  challenge.  He  often  broke  down  when  things  didn’t  go  his  way.  It  was  something  he  could   have  improved  on.     I  think  the  theme  of  this  book  is  to  not  give  up.  Steve  didn’t  give  up  throughout  the  book.  He  always   pushed  through  and  made  his  companies  succeed.  Even  when  he  was  booted  from  Apple,  he  didn’t   give  up  and  eventually  made  his  way  back  to  the  top.  He  never  sold  his  companies,  and  didn’t  give  up   until  they  turned  a  profit.  He  never  gave  up  coming  up  with  ideas  and  designs.  When  the  Lisa  project   wasn’t  going  good,  he  kept  to  it  and  made  it  work.  He  was  a  very  determined  man.       I  rated  this  book  4.5  out  of  5  stars,  because  it  was  very  detailed.  It  told  all  about  his  life,  experiences,   and  companies  in  great  detail.  It  gave  you  a  very  good  idea  of  what  Steve  had  to  go  through.  What  it   lacked  in  action,  it  made  up  for  in  detail.  It  was  an  overall  great  book.     Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

The Chronicles  of  Vladimir  Tod:   12th  Grade  Kills   by  Heather  Brewer     A  Review  by  Abbey  L.     Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

The Chronicles  of  Vladimir  Tod:  12th  Grade  Kills,  by  Heather  Brewer,  is  a  book  about  a  teenage   vampire  named  Vlad.  His  mom  and  dad  died  in  a  house  fire  when  he  was  in  5th  grade.  He  lives  with   his  Aunt  Nellie,  who  isn’t  really  his  aunt  but  his  mom’s  super  close  friend.  His  Uncle  Otis  lives  by  him  in   Vlad’s  old  house.  In  this  book  Vlad  is  being  hunted  by  a  slayer  and  is  struggling  to  not  kill  the  slayer,   Joss,  because  he  is  his  friend.  Vlad  also  struggles  to  stay  hidden,  make  friends,  and  get  through  his   last  school  year  alive.  Through  high  school  Vlad  has  had  a  lot  of  adventures  but  this  will  be  his  biggest   one  yet.     When  I  first  saw  this  book  I  thought  it  was  about  fighting  and  staying  alive.  It  sounded  like  it  was  a   vampire  book  where  the  vampire  kills  everyone.  After  reading  this  book  I  realized  I  was  wrong.  When  I   thought  deeper  about  it  I  realized  it  was  about  fighting  for  for  the  people  you  care  about.  In  the  first  book   Vlad  saved  Nellie  from  D'Ablo  because  he  cares  about  her.  In  the  second  book  Joss  saved  Vlad  from   the  bullies  because  he  cares  about  him.  In  every  single  book  someone  saves  someone  else.  This   book  isn’t  about  staying  alive  it  is  about  fighting  for  the  people  you  care  about.     I  look  to  Vlad  as  a  role  model  in  this  book  because  he  makes  huge  sacrifices  for  the  greater  good.   Even  when  he  has  to  do  something  really  tough  and  he  doesn’t  want  to  do  it  he  perseveres.  Like  when   he  broke  up  with  Meredith  to  protect  her.  He  didn’t  want  to  do  it  but  he  knew  he  had  to.  Vlad  did  change   a  lot  throughout  the  series.  At  first  Vlad  had  no  idea  how  much  power  he  had  and  he  didn’t  know  how   much  brokenness  was  in  his  family.  In  the  end  Vlad  learned  to  control  his  power  and  use  it  for  the   greater  good.  He  also  found  who  is  true  friends  were  and  who  his  real  family  was.  I  really  cared  about   Vlad  a  lot  because  of  how  often  he  had  to  fight.  I  wanted  him  to  survive  and  be  the  great  person  he  was   meant  to  be.     One  of  the  important  objects  in  this  book  is  the  Lucis.  It  is  the  only  thing  that  could  kill  a  vampire   without  using  a  stake.  When  Vlad  lost  it  to  the  enemy  he  was  in  great  danger.  When  it  was  with  him  he   was  completely  safe  from  other  vampires  that  wanted  to  kill  him.  Another  important  object  was  his   dad’s  journal.  It  told  him  things  about  his  childhood  that  he  couldn’t  remember.  It  also  held  the  ritual  that   took  away  his  invincibility.    I  don’t  agree  with  all  the  choices  that  Vlad  made.  For  example,  when  he  left   the  Lucis  on  his  dresser  instead  of  taking  it  with  him.  If  he  had  taken  it  with  him  D’Ablo  wouldn’t  have   gotten  it.  I  also  don’t  agree  with  him  trusting  his  dad.  I  thought  Vlad’s  dad  was  evil  and  I  was  right.  I  did   see  Vlad’s  insides  spill  out  when  Snow  died.  When  he  faced  that  challenge  he  broke  down  at  first  but   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

then got  back  up  knowing  he  had  to  do  the  right  thing  to  stop  all  of  the  violence.  I  think  that  was  one  of   the  best  parts  of  the  book.  He  showed  bravery  and  also  showed  that  he  would  never  give  up  even   when  things  got  tough.  I  think  people  could  look  up  to  that.     I  believe  the  theme  of  The  Chronicles  of  Vladimir  Tod:  12th  Grade  Kills  is  to  be  a  good  person  no   matter  what  the  circumstances.  In  this  book  Vlad  had  a  hard  life  being  a  vampire  but  he  didn’t  use  his   powers  to  abuse  or  hurt  people.  He  was  a  great  person  even  though  he  had  to  go  through  a  lot.  In  this   book  he  could  have  gone  around  killing  people  but  he  didn’t.  A  lot  of  people  struggle  with  being  a  good   person  and  they  blame  the  circumstances.  I  think  that  if  Vlad  could  be  a  good  person  even  though  his   life  had  been  terrible  then  why  can’t  we.     I  give  The  Chronicles  of  Vladimir  Tod:  12th  Grade  Kills  a  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  I  gave  it  this  rating  because   the  book  had  a  great  plot  and  it  kept  adding  new  things  that  would  give  it  a  twist.  I  felt  like  I  was  there   going  through  the  journey  too.  I  like  the  plot  because  I  thought  it  put  a  cool  twist  on  the  way  people   looked  at  vampires.  It  was  cool  how  the  author  came  up  with  a  whole  backstory  and  a  whole  world  of   vampires.  The  details  in  this  book  really  brought  out  what  the  author  was  trying  to  say.  I  didn’t  give  this   book  a  5  out  of  5  stars  because  it  wasn’t  the  best  book  I  have  ever  read.  I  thought  the  author  could   have  left  some  parts  out  of  the  book.  Also  in  some  parts  it  was  a  little  confusing.  Other  than  that  the   book  was  amazing  and  I  really  enjoyed  reading  it.    

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

My Life  in  Black  and  White   by  Natasha  Friend     A  Review  by  Savannah  M.       Genre:    Realistic  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

My Life  in  Black  and  White,  by  Natasha  Friend,  is  a  book  about  a  girl  named  Alexa,  who  goes  through   a  big  accident  in  her  life.  Her  best  friend  Taylor,  boyfriend  Ryan,  and  her  go  to  a  party  together.  When   they  get  there,  all  of  the  high  school  football  players  are  there,  they  are  making  very  bad  decisions  by   drinking  under  age.  Taylor  and  Alexa  decide  to  go  dancing,  but  Ryan  decides  to  go  hang  out    with  the   high  school  football  team.  After  a  while  of  dancing,  Taylor  doesn’t  feel  well  and  goes  to  the  bathroom.   While  Alexa  was  waiting  for  Taylor,  she  goes  looking  for  Ryan.  When  she  opens  one  of  the  bedroom   doors  and  sees  Ryan  and  Taylor  kissing.  She  slams  the  door  shut  and  runs  downstairs.  She  gets  one   of  the  high  school  football  players  to  drive  her  home.  When  she  is  in  the  car,  the  football  player  Jared   wants  her  to  do  something  she  doesn’t  want  to  do.  When  all  of  a  sudden  the  car  smashes  into  a  tree   and  they  get  in  an  accident.     When  I  read  the  back  of  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  about  Alexa  and  how  she  became  blind.  So  when  I   started  reading  the  book  I  thought  it  was  about  how  Alexa  became  blind.  When  I  read  deeper  into  the   book,  I  realized  it  was  about  Alexa  and  her  struggle  with  friends  after  the  accident.  The  title  and  the   back  of  the  book  was  what  made  me  think  that  the  book  was  about  Alexa  and  her  being  blind.  The  title   made  me  think  she  was  blind  because  the  title  is  My  Life  In  Black  and  White.  The  back  of  the  book   made  me  think  she  was  blind  because  it  talked  about  something  happening  to  her  face.     I  look  at  this  character  as  a  role  model  because  when  it  got  near  the  end  of  the  story  Alexa  stepped  out   of  her  comfort  zone  and  tried  something  she’s  never  tried  before,  boxing.  Alexa  changed  through  this   story  by  changing  the  way  she  thought  about  things.  She  also  changed  her  attitude  and  becoming   friends  with  people  that  weren’t  popular.  I  care  for  this  character  because  she  went  through  some   really  rough  times.  She  didn’t  have  anybody  to  talk  to,  and  she  didn’t  know  who  her  real  friends  were.       Alexa  had  her  special  notebook.  She  wrote  all  of  her  thoughts  in  it.  She  also  used  it  to  express  her   feelings  in  it.  Alexa  made  a  bad  choice  by  going  to  the  party  and  drinking  under  age.  She  still  could   have  gone,  but  she  shouldn’t  have  taken  the  drink  from  the  high  schoolers.  I  would  have  gone  to  the   party  but  I  wouldn’t  go  anywhere  near  the  high  schoolers.  If  I  did  go  near  them,  I  wouldn’t  have   accepted  the  drink.  Alexa  wanted  to  keep  what  happened  to  her  and  Jared  a  secret.  So  when  the   doctor  was  talking  to  her  everything  spilled  out.  Everything  just  built  up  inside  of  her  and  she  just   couldn’t  take  it  anymore.    

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I believe  the  theme  of  this  book  is  that  you  should  always  do  the  right  thing.  Alexa  and  Taylor  did  the   wrong  thing  by  drinking  under  age.  They  shouldn’t  have  gone  to  the  party  in  the  first  place.  Taylor  made   a  bad  choice  by  kissing  Ryan.  Ryan  made  a  bad  choice  by  using  Taylor  to  get  what  he  wanted.     I  rate  this  book  a  5  out  of  5  stars  because  it  really  teaches  you  about  life.  It  teaches  you  how  to  go   through  a  bad  relationship  with  someone.  I  love  this  book  because  it  tells  you  what  Alexa  went  through   after  the  accident.  It  also  tells  what  Alexa  does  to  get  her  friends  back.      

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The Sea  of  Monsters   by  Rick  Riordan     A  Review  by  Noah  N.       Genre:    Science  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

The Sea  of  Monsters,  by  Rick  Riordan,  is  a  book  about  a  boy,  Percy  Jackson,  who’s  half  mortal  and   half  immortall.  Thalia’s  tree  is  the  tree  that  puts  a  shield  around  the  camp  to  protect  them,  but  it  was   poisoned.  The  only  way  to  save  the  tree  is  by  the  golden  fleece,  but  it’s  guarded  by  a  giant  cyclops.   Clarisse,  daughter  of  Ares  and  rival  of  Percy,  son  of  poseidon,  was  elected  to  go  on  a  quest  to  get  the   golden  fleece.  Percy  was  mad,  so  him,  Annabeth,  daughter  of  Athena,  grover,  a  sattar  (half  human  half   goat)  and  Tyson,  a  cyclops,  sneak  out  of  camp  to  get  the  golden  fleece.  This  book  follows  their  steps   to  finding  the  golden  fleece  and  saving  camp-­half-­blood.     At  first,  I  thought  this  book  was  about  Percy  having  to  go  to  a  sea  filled  with  monsters  to  get  something.   I  realized  that  I  was  wrong.  In  The  Sea  of  Monsters  they  have  a  lot  of  challenges  when  I  thought  there   would  only  be  a  couple.  Also  I  thought  it  might  be  easy,  but  it  wasn’t.  Also  there  was  no  way  I  would   have  predicted  what  happened  at  the  end.     Percy  is  a  role  model  to  me,  he’s  a  role  model  because  he  is  really  brave.  Like  when  he  snuck  out  of   camp  to  get  the  golden  fleece.  He  makes  a  lot  of  risky  decisions,  and  most  of  them  turn  out  good.  I   care  about  Percy  a  lot,  like  whenever  he  gets  in  a  fight,  I  want  him  to  survive  the  most  out  of  anybody   else.  Percy  changed  big  time,  at  the  start  he  hated  Clarisse  but  he  made  a  shocking  move  to  help  her   out.       One  important  object  was  Percy’s  pen/sword,  Riptide.  His  sword  was  very  important  because   whenever  someone  or  something  came  upon  Percy  he  had  his  Riptide  to  help  protect  him.  One  good   choice  of  his,  was  what  he  did  for  Clarisse.  Also  Percy  did  a  great  job  of  not  letting  his  insides  spill  out.   There  were  many  times  were  Percy’s  in  sides  could’ve    spilled  out  but  he  did  a  good  job  of  keeping   them  in.     I  believe  the  theme  of  The  Sea  of  Monsters  is  to  be  brave.  I  think  that  for  many  reasons.  One  is  when   Percy  snuck  out  of  camp.  He  could’ve  got  in  huge  trouble.  Another  reason  is  what  he  did  for  Clarisse.   That  was  super  brave.  Also  every  time  he’s  fighting  someone  or  something    he  takes  a  bunch  of  risky   and  brave  moves.     I  rate  this  book  a  4.5  out  of  5  stars  because  it  has  a  lot  of  action.  Also  it  made  me  laugh,  and  it  had  a  lot   of  cliffhangers.  Another  reason  is  that  there  were  two  huge  surprises,  what  he  did  for  Clarisse.  Also   what  happened  to  Thalia’s  tree.         Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Freak the  Mighty   by  Rodman  Philbrick     A  Review  by  Nick  P.       Genre:    Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Freak the  Mighty  is  a  book  about  two  kids  with  two  different  problems.  Max  is  a  middle  schooler  that  is   extremely  tall,  and  not  too  smart.  Kevin  is  another  middle  schooler  that  is  really  small,  and  extremely   smart.  Freak  the  Mighty  is  a  story  about  two  friends  that  go  on  awesome  adventures.  They  also  face   bullies  and  go  through  hard  times.  Then  Kevin  tells  Max  that  his  organs  are  growing  faster  than  his   body,  then  Max  gets  worried.  Later  in  the  month,  at  Kevins  birthday,  Kevin  has  a  seizure  and  goes  in  to   the  hospital,  then  he  gets  worse  and  has  to  go  into  surgery  and  Max  waits  anxiously.     When  I  first  started  to  read  Freak  the  Mighty,  I  thought  it  was  about  some  weird  small  kid,  but  i  was   wrong.  Freak  the  Mighty  is  a  story  of  friendship  and  two  friends  that  go  on  quests  and  adventures.  It  is   amazing  how  two  different  people,  with  disabilities,  can  help  each  other.  Max  helped  make  Kevin  more   social  and  Kevin  helped  Max  get  smarter.  So  in  the  long  run  they  really  helped  each  other.     I  definitely  look  up  to  Max  and  Kevin.  I  look  up  to  Max  because  he  taught  me  how  to  become  friends   with  people  who  aren’t  so  normal  because  they  could  be  cool.  I  look  up  to  Kevin  because  how  smart   he  is.  I  wish  I  was  that  smart!  I  also  cared  for  Kevin  because  when  he  felt  sad,  I  felt  sad  too.  Some   points  in  the  book  I  was  almost  yelling  at  Kevin  to  do  the  right  thing.     It  was  very  interesting  seeing  Max  go  and  open  up  to  Kevin.  One  important  object  is  Kevin’s  dictionary.   I  noticed  how  much  Kevin  loved  it.  In  hard  times  Kevin  and  Max  stayed  cool.  Like  when  Max’s  dad  took   him,  Max  stayed  cool,  and  when  Kevin  came  to  get  him,  they  both  stayed  cool  and  got  out.     I  believe  Freak  the  Mighty’s  theme  is  that  it  doesn't  matter  how  you  look,  its  whats  in  the  inside.  I  think   that  because  Max  and  Kevin  are  completely  different  people,  and  it  takes  tons  of  courage  for  Max  and   Kevin  to  approach  each  other.  I  also  think  it  is  that  because  I  bet  most  people  won't  try  to  become   friends  with  someone  that  is  different.  So  I  think  the  author  is  trying  to  get  the  readers  to  notice  that.   Also  I  can  see  now  how  you  can  be  good  friends  with  someone  who  is  not  so  normal.     I  rate  this  story  4.5  stars  out  of  5.  I  rate  it  that  because  I  loved  how  the  author  wrote  the  story.  He  wrote   it  with  so  much  detail,  the  characters  seemed  so  real,  it  felt  so  real.  I  rate  it  4.5  and  not  5    because  I   thought  the  author  could  make  a  more  exciting,  crazy  ending.      

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Prisoner B-­3087   by  Alan  Gratz     A  Review  by  Erik  P.     Genre:    Historical  Fiction   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Prisoner B-­3087,  by  Alan  Gratz,  is  a  book  about  a  young  boy  named  Yanek  Gruener  and  all  of  the   hardships  he  has  to  face  because  of  his  Jewish  ancestry.  Over  the  years,  Yanek  was  moved  from   concentration  camp  to  concentration  camp,  without  any  familiar  faces  in  sight.  No  matter  what   happens,  it  is  crucial  that  Yanek  survives  at  all  costs.  With  little  to  no  food  or  water,  Yanek  is  barely   hanging  on  to  his  life  by  little  more  than  just  a  thread.  Until  someone  can  save  him,  he  must  remain   strong.       Originally,  I  thought  this  novel  was  about  a  Jewish  family  who  were  taken  by  the  Germans  to  be   punished  and  held  captive  against  their  will.  After  reading  this  book,  I  realized  that  it  was  about  a  much   deeper  meaning.  In  my  opinion,  this  book  emphasizes  the  immense  importance  of  strong  family  bonds   and  the  unconditional  love  that  goes  along  with  those  bonds.  Yanek  and  his  family  had  to  find  the   strength  to  endure  unbearable  hardships.  I  can  only  try  to  imagine  the  level  of  pain  and  suffering  that  he   and  his  family  experienced  during  this  time.       I  truly  admire  Yanek  as  a  role  model  because  he  showed  a  lot  of  courage  and  determination,  even  in   the  scariest  of  times.  Throughout  this  story,  Yanek  faced  many  tragedies,  but  he  never  gave  up   because  others  were  relying  on  him  to  come  through  for  them.  In  the  beginning  of  this  book,  Yanek   was  just  a  young  boy,  who  was  afraid  of  the  events  that  were  going  on  around  him.  By  the  end  of  the   story,  Yanek  was  a  changed  person.  Yanek  would  always  have  a  place  in  his  heart  for  the  loved  ones   he  lost,  but  he  knew  that  his  family  would  not  want  him  to  dwell  on  the  past.  After  all  that  Yanek  had   witnessed,  he  knew  he  would  never  be  the  same  again.  My  level  of  compassion  for  Yanek  grew  as  the   story  unfolded  and  it  brought  out  internal  feelings  I  had  never  experienced  before.       I  believe  that  Yanek  made  the  best  choices  possible,  even  in  the  toughest  of  times.  An  example  of  this   was  when  Yanek  mustered  up  the  strength  to  help  another  child  walk,  even  though  he  was  incredibly   weak  himself.  Throughout  the  many  challenges  Yanek  was  forced  to  face,  he  dealt  with  them  as  best   he  could  under  the  circumstances.  During  this  unthinkable  experience,  Yanek  learned  so  much  about   his  own  feelings  and  emotions.  Through  this  process,  he  learned  that  in  certain  situations,  it  is   necessary  to  sometimes  put  yourself  first.       I  think  the  life  lesson  in  this  book  was  to  never  give  up  no  matter  what.  After  Yanek  lost  his  whole   family,  there  was  nothing  left  to  live  for,  but  he  wasn’t  going  to  leave  this  world  without  a  fight.  A  lot  of   pressure  was  put  on  Yanek’s  young  shoulders  after  he  saw  some  things  that  most  people  never  see  in   a  lifetime.  The  thought  of  dying  was  the  reason  that  Yanek  made  the  choice  to  survive.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

I rated  this  book  a  5  out  of  5  stars.  This  story  of  a  young  boy’s  experiences  in  a  concentration  camp   were  very  touching  and  at  times  pulled  at  my  heart  strings.  I  was  always  sitting  on  the  edge  of  my  seat,   anticipating  what  the  next  turn  of  events  might  be.  An  excellent  read,  one  can  find  inspiration  in  even   the  most  unlikely  set  of  circumstances.  

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Flipped by  Wendelin  Van  Draanen     A  Review  by  Erin  R.       Genre:    Realistic  Fiction   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Flipped, by  Wendelin  Van  Draanen,  is  a  book  about  a  boy,  Bryce,  who  is  moving  into  a  new   neighborhood.  The  new  house  happens  to  be  across  from  Julie  Baker’s  house.  When  she  sees  Bryce,   she  thinks  it’s  love  at  first  sight.  Bryce,  on  the  other  hand,  doesn’t  feel  that  way…  AT  ALL.  And  her   crush  is  not  temporary.  In  fact,  Julie  likes  him  until  the  eighth  grade.  Then  things  start  to  flip.       When  I  first  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  would  be  a  book  about  Julie  having  a  big  crush  on   Bryce.  I  thought  I  knew  everything  about  the  characters.  For  example,  Bryce  has  a  sister,  Lynetta,  and   Julie  has  two  brothers,  Matt  and  Mike.  But  as  I  think  back,  they  both  have  family  issues.  Julie  has  a   mentally  challenged  uncle,  and  her  family  struggles  to  help  him.  Also,  Bryce’s  dad  is  very  mean  and   was  abusive  at  one  point  towards  Lynetta.     I  look  at  Julie  as  a  role  model  because  she  is  very  nice,  calm,  and  a  great  person.  She  might  not  seem   perfect,  and  her  crush  on  Bryce  should  be  less  noticeable,  but  she  needs  credit  for  always  being   herself.  She  stands  up  for  what  she  believes  in.  For  example,  “her”  sycamore  tree.  I  care  a  lot  about   her  because  I  know  her  family  struggles  to  take  care  of  her  uncle,  and  they  don’t  have  extra  money  for   other  things.     Bryce  made  some  bad  choices  which  affected  Julie.  He  threw  out  all  of  the  eggs  Julie  gave  to  him   from  her  chickens.  She  could’ve  sold  them  to  other  neighbors  for  money.  He  didn’t  think  before  he   spoke  by  agreeing  with  his  friend  that  the  way  Julie  acted  was  based  on  how  her  uncle  is.  And  Julie   overheard  them  talking.  When  Bryce  faced  challenges,  like  having  to  apologize  to  Julie,  he  didn’t  back   away,  he  went  right  up  to  her  and  said,  “sorry”.     I  believe  the  theme  of  Flipped  is  to  except  peoples  differences.  Julie  was  awkward  in  the  beginning,   and  Bryce  didn’t  except  her  for  how  different  she  was.  Later  on,  he  knew  he  made  a  mistake  for  not   actually  knowing  who  she  really  was.  He  didn’t  know  what  her  family  was  going  through.  Julie  always   thought  Bryce  was  perfect,  and  she  still  did  until  she  took  a  good  look  at  him  and  realized  he  was  a   jerk.  And  after  all  that,  she  was  still  willing  to  except  him.       I  think  this  book  deserves  a  5  out  of  5  stars.  It  gets  a  five  because  it  is  very  detailed  and  I  felt  like  I  was   in  the  book  with  the  characters.  It  described  the  characters  emotions  and  what  they  were  thinking  very   well.  I  could  picture  everyone  in  my  mind,  the  houses,  the  sycamore  tree,  and  everything  else  because   it  told  so  much  about  each  thing.  I  recommend  reading  this  book!     Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Stolen Children   by  Peg  Kehret       A  Review  by  Kendal  R.       Genre:    Mystery   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars        

Stolen Children,  by  Peg  Kehret  is  a  book  about  a  girl  ,  Amy,  who  was  babysitting  and  gets  kidnapped.   Kendra,  the  girl  that  Amy  is  babysitting,  also  gets  kidnapped.The  two  are  thrown  into  a  van  and  taken  to   the  middle  of  nowhere.  Obviously  they  are  scared,  but  with  Amy’s  bravery,  Tubby  the  stuffed  cat  for   company,  and  sweet  little  Kendra  cooperating,  they  might  just  have  a  chance  at  escaping.     When  I  first  started  reading  this  book  I  thought  it  was  about  two  girls  who  get  kidnapped  and  try  their   very  hardest  to  escape.  When  I  thought  a  little  deeper  I  realized  it  was  really  about  a  girl  who  was  trying   to  prove  herself  to  her  dad  [he  died  in  a  car  accident]  that  she  is  responsible,  and  she  is  capable  of   being  independent.  The  situation  that  she  gets  herself  into  will  push  her  responsibility  level  higher  than   it  has  ever  been  before.  She  will  need  to  stick  up  for  herself  and  she  will  also  need  to  take  risks  if  she   wants  to  have  any  chance  of  escaping.     I  look  up  to  Amy  as  a  role  model  because  she  always  kept  her  cool.  She  always  put  Kendra’s  needs   before  hers.  She  made  sure  that  Kendra  was  comfortable  and  as  happy  as  possible.  The  job  was   always  easier  with  Kendra’s  stuffed  cat  Tubby.  No  matter  what  the  circumstances  Amy  never  got   upset  and  cried,  or  “gave  up”.  I  also  care  very  much  for  Amy  because  she  needed  someone  to  care  for   her  while  she  was  on  her  own.  She  didn’t  have  a  shoulder  to  cry  on,  or  a  hand  to  hold.  All  she  had  was   herself.  Amy  also  had  to  be  that  shoulder  and  that  hand  for  Kendra,  just  in  case  she  needed  it.  Amy   needed  someone  to  care  for  her.  She  changed  a  lot  from  the  start  to  the  finish.  In  the  beginning  she   got  herself  and  another  little  girl  kidnapped,  and  in  the  end  she  got  herself  to  where  she  could  handle   this  kind  of  situation  on  her  own.     I  believe  in  Stolen  Children  the  important  object  is  the  gun  that  Smokey,  one  of  the  kidnappers,  had.   The  only  reason  that  the  two  girls  didn’t  escape  was  because  of  that  gun.  Smokey  and  Hugh  slept  like   bears,  which  meant  that  Amy  and  Kendra  could  escape  at  night  while  the  men  were  asleep.  The   reason  that  wasn’t  going  to  happen  was  because  of  the  gun.  Smokey  stated  many  times  that  he  would   use  that  gun  if  he  had  to.  Smokey  also  threatened  Amy  with  the  gun,  so  that  she  was  afraid  to  try  to   escape.  Amy  made  very  many  good  decisions  throughout  the  book.  One  of  which  was  keeping  her   cool,  as  I  mentioned  before.  Amy  also  made  the  decision  to  stay  with  Kendra.  She  could’ve  just  left   Kendra  and  escaped  on  her  own,  leaving  Kendra  would  make  the  escape  a  lot  easier.  The  reason   being  that  Kendra  wasn’t  very  fast.  Amy  also  made  the  decision  to  slip  the  hidden  clues  into  the   videos,  which  were  mailed  to  both  Amy  and  Kendra’s  families.  The  clues  that  Amy  slipped  in  were   hints  that  could  give  the  two  families  an  idea  of  where  the  girls  were.  Amy’s  decisions  were  all  very   good.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

I believe  the  theme  of  Stolen  Children  is  to  always  think  ahead.  Amy  was  always  thinking  ahead  of   Smokey  through  the  entire  book.  Smokey  was  unpredictable,  especially  when  he  had  that  gun.  Amy   taught  Kendra  games  that  included  clues.  Amy  had  Kendra  play  the  games,  with  her,  while  Smokey   taped  the  videos.  Amy  was  always  thinking  ahead.     I  rated  this  book  5  out  of  5  stars,  because  everything  was  mysterious.  There  were  lots  of  cliff  hangers,   and  everything  about  the  book  interested  me,  and  entertained  me.  I  never  got  bored  while  reading.                                                                    

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Silverwing by  Kenneth  Oppel     A  Review  by  Kadence  S.       Genre:    Fantasy  /  Horror   Student  Rating:    4  out  of  5  Stars        

Silverwing, written  by  Kenneth  Oppel,  is  about  a  small  bat  named  Shade  who  is  determined  to  have   bats  flying  in  day  again.  Most  of  the  other  newborns  tease  him  because  he’s  small.  A  popular  newborn   named  Chinook  calls  Shade  a  runt.  But  one  day  Shade  challenges  Chinook  to  watch  the  sunrise,  even   though  they  know  all  bats  are  banned  from  sunlight  ever  since  the  birds  went  to  war  and  the  bats  didn’t   fight  with  them,  the  bats  didn’t  fight  at  all.  Birds  call  bats  cowards  and  made  a  law  that  all  bats  would   be  banned  from  the  sun,  and  if  a  bat  were  caught  during  the  day  they  would  be  sentenced  to  death.   Still,  Chinook  and  Shade  stayed  out  to  see  the  sunrise.  And  with  that  came  a  new  war  between  birds   and  bats.  Since  it’s  winter  his  colony  has  to  migrated  back  to  the  males,  and  they  won’t  be  happy  with   the  war  Shade  has  created.  But  they  might  not  even  see  Shade’s  face  again  after  he  gets  blown  away   in  a  snowstorm  while  migrating  with  his  colony.  He  ended  up  stranded  on  an  island  with  a  Brightwing   named  Marina  who  will  soon  become  his  closest  friend  on  their  journey  to  find  Shade’s  colony.  But  little   did  they  know  a  deadly  predator  was  following  them.     When  I  first  started  reading  Silverwing  I  thought  it  was  about  a  tiny  bat  trying  to  be  a  hero  and  get  the   sun  back.  But  when  I  read  deeper  I  now  think  it’s  really  about  a  young  bat  who’s  determined  to  get  his   father  back.  He’s  heard  amazing  stories  about  his  father  from  not  only  his  mother  but  from  the  whole   colony.  Also  because  his  father  wanted  their  freedom  back,  too.       Shade  learned  a  lot  during  his  journey.  I  look  up  to  him  because  of  that.  I  care  for  him  too  though   because  he  had  to  be  brave  to  go  through  a  long  journey  without  his  colony.  With  only  a  sound  map  to   guide  him  and  a  little  help  from  Marina.     A  big  part  in  this  book  is  the  silver  bands.  There  are  many  rumors  and  myths  about  the  bands,  most   believe  bats  who  are  banded  are  cursed.  Shade’s  friends,  Marina,  her  old  colony  banned  her,that’s   why  she  was  on  the  island  when  Shade  crashed  there.  Bats  got  bands  clipped  onto  them  by  humans   and  some  even  believe  the  humans  do  this  to  help  bats  get  the  sun  back,  which  is  called,  The   Promise.  I  think  Shade’s  insides  spilled  out  when  he  got  frustrated  because  he  just  wanted  to  know  the   truth  about  The  Promise.     I  think  Silverwing’s  theme  is  that  you  can’t  always  be  a  hero.  Though  Shade  did  some  heroic  things,  he   still  made  big  mistakes  that  affected  everyone  around  him.  Like  when  he  tried  to  see  the  sun.  Or  how   he  almost  bringing  a  cannibal  bat  to  his  hibernating  colony.    

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

I rate  Silverwing  4  out  of  5  because  it’s  not  only  a  very  intense,  adventuress,  and  heart  filling  book.  It   also  leaves  you  hanging  at  great  parts,  making  you  eagered  to  read  more.  The  characters  are  all  very   unique  and  interesting.  Take  Shade  for  example,  he’s  small  but  very  intelligent  and  kind  of  a  hot  head.   Or  Chinook,  he’s  handsome,  popular,  but  dumb  and  quite  full  of  himself.  Overall  it’s  an  amazing  book,   it  teaches  you  important  life  lessons  like  to  never  judge  a  book  by  it’s  cover.  

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

There’s a  Boy  in  the  Girl’s  Bathroom   by  Louis  Sacher     A  Review  by  Emma  S.       Genre:    Realistic  Fiction     Student  Rating:    4  out  of  5  Stars        

There’s a  Boy  in  the  Girl’s  Bathroom,  by  Louis  Sachar,  is  about  a  boy  who  is  a  very  big   troublemaker.  That  boy  is  Bradley  Chalkers.  Bradley  is  a  fifth  grade  student  who  doesn’t  do  his   schoolwork,  has  no  friends,  and  bullies  people.  But  then,  Bradley  meets  the  new  counselor  at   school,  Carla.  Carla’s  mission  is  to  help  Bradley.  This  book  follows  Bradley’s  journey  to  becoming  a   better  student  and  person…  if  he  can  keep  it  together.     When  I  first  started  reading  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  about  a  troublemaking  boy  who  goes  into  the   girl’s  bathroom,  just  as  simple  as  that.  But  after  reading  more  of  the  book,  I  realized  that  it  was  truly   about  a  woman  who  is  determined  to  help  a  boy  become  a  better  person.  Carla,  the  school   counselor,  notices  something  special  in  Bradley.  She  knows  that  Bradley  is  capable  of  more  as  a   student  and  a  kid.  This  book  is  truly  about  Bradley,  with  help  from  Carla,  becoming  more  than  he   seems.     Has  Bradley  Chalkers  changed?  Absolutely.  He  has  turned  into  a  completely  different  person.  At  the   beginning  of  the  book  he  was  a  troublemaker,  who  did  whatever  he  wanted  and  didn’t  care  what   anyone  said  or  thought  of  him.  But  at  the  end  of  the  book,  Bradley  was  a  good  kid  who  did  as  he   was  told.  Do  I  care  for  Bradley?  To  be  honest,  at  the  beginning  of  the  book,  I  didn’t.  I  didn’t  because   he  was  a  mean  kid  who  didn’t  do  anything  except  get  into  trouble.  But  after  reading  more  of  the   book,  I  do  look  at  Bradley  as  a  character  you  can  learn  from.  He  showed  me  that  anyone  can   change,  and  not  to  judge  people  because  they  could  really  be  a  good  person.     I  believe  the  important  object  in,  There’s  a  Boy  in  the  Girl’s  Bathroom,  is  Bradley’s  little,  plastic   animals.  He  used  to  express  himself  and  to  talk  to  when  he  didn’t  have  anyone  else  to  talk  to.  When   Bradley  did  his  first  homework  assignment,  his  insides  did  spill  out  and  he  got  very  frustrated.  He   didn’t  know  where  to  put  his  assignment  but  when  he  tried  to  get  help  from  his  classmates,  nobody   helped  him.  This  made  him  upset  and  he  went  back  to  his  old  ways.  But  Carla  helped  him  realize  all   of  his  potential  and  he  started  trying  again.     I  believe  the  theme  of,  There’s  a  Boy  in  the  Girl’s  Bathroom,  is  to  never  give  up.  In  the  book,  Bradley   decided  be  better.  But,  at  the  beginning  it  was  very  hard  and  he  faced  a  lot  of  challenges.  With   Carla’s  help  he  realized  that  he  could  change.  Even  when  his  classmates  didn’t  accept  his   changes,  he  wouldn’t  let  that  stop  him  from  reaching  his  full  potential.  At  the  end  of  the  book,  it  all   paid  off  for  him.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14    

I rated  this  book  4  out  of  5  stars  because  the  author  really  developed  all  of  the  characters.  There   was  never  a  spot,  in  the  book,  where  I  couldn’t  picture  the  characters.  Also,  the  author  fully   described  each  setting.  The  book  was  filled  with  lots  of  twists  and  turns.  The  author  used  very   descriptive  language  that  helped  you  understand  the  different  situations  better.  There  was  also  a  lot   of  action  in  this  book  that  made  you  never  want  to  put  it  down!      


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Soul Surfer   by  Bethany  Hamilton     A  Review  by  Hannah  S.       Genre:    Nonfiction  Memoir   Student  Rating:    5  out  of  5  Stars      

Soul  Surfer  is  a  memoir  by  Bethany  Hamilton.  Bethany  wrote  this  book  about  the  famous  shark  attack   that  took  her  arm  and  ruined  her  dream  to  be  a  professional  surfer.  Bethany  is  from  Hawaii  and  is  still   living  there  to  this  day.  Everyone  in  her  family  loves  to  surf.  Everyday  she  practices  to  her  hearts   content  to  fulfill  her  dream  to  be  a  professional  surfer.     When  I  first  read  this  book,  I  thought  that  it  was  going  to  be  about  Bethany  Hamilton  and  how  she  got   her  arm  bitten  off  by  a  shark.  Or  how  she  tried  to  surf  again.  But  now  I  know  that  it  is  about  family  and   helping  each  other.  Not  only  that,  but  it’s  also  about  her  helping  other  people  through  hard  times,  Even   though  she  has  some  problems  of  her  own,  she  chose  to  help  others.  It  shows  that  she  is  a  very  nice   and  compassionate  person.     I  look  at  Bethany  Hamilton  as  a  role  model  because  she  is  so  caring  for  others.  She  always  tries  to   make  everyone  happy!  She  never  gives  up.  She  never  gave  up  when  she  tried  to  surf  again.  If  she   failed,  she  would  just  try  again  and  again.  I  care  for  Bethany  Hamilton  a  lot!  At  first  I  felt  really  bad   because  of  the  shark  attack.  Then  I  read  one  part  in  the  book  in  which,  She  said  that  she  didn’t  want   any  sympathy.  I  decided  that  instead  of  feeling  bad  for  her,  I’m  going  to  cheer  her  on!  After  the  shark   attack,  she  felt  useless  and  she  felt  like  she  couldn’t  do  anything  ever  again.  But  when  she  started   surfing  again  she  felt  courage  and  strength  and  she  felt  lucky.     Bethany’s  trophies  are  very  important  to  her  because  she  is  so  competitive.  She  has  a  lot  of  trophies   from  winning  many  surfing  competitions.  Bethany  made  a  good  choice  to  not  give  up  and  to  keep  on   fighting  to  win.  Bethany  got  challenged  at  a  competition  and  gave  up  and  also  gave  away  all  of  her  surf   boards.  She  couldn’t  take  it.  Later  she  thought  about  it,  and  decided  that  she  can’t  just  give  up  all  that   she  learned.  Her  dad  made  her  a  special  board  for  her  to  duck  dive  into  the  ocean.  Once  her  board   had  something  she  could  hold  onto  to  be  able  to  duck  dive,  She  got  back  into  the  surfing  competitions.     I  believe  that  the  theme  of  Soul  Surfer  is  to  never  give  up.  Even  though  her  arm  got  bitten  off,  she  still   didn’t  give  up.  The  one  tournament  where  she  gave  up,  she  just  got  right  back  into  the  next   competition.  She  inspires  people  to  keep  on  going  and  to  keep  on  practicing  to  be  perfect.  I  know  that   she  is  a  professional  surfer  because  of  all  the  practicing  she  does  every  day.     I  have  rated  this  book  a  5  out  of  5  stars.  Soul  Surfer  is  a  really  inspiring  book.  It  hooks  you  in.  Once  you   start,  there's  no  getting  out.  Even  though  it’s  really  scary  when  it  comes  to  her  getting  her  arm  bitten   off,  her  competitions  are  really  scary  too.  It’s  not  only  about  the  shark  attack  but  it’s  also  about  her  and   her  family,  and  how  caring  her  family  and  friends  are.   Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Hero by  Mike  Lupica     A  Review  by  Spencer  S.     Genre:    Fantasy   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Zach Harriman  tries  to  live  a  normal  life,  but  that  can’t  happen  when  his  dad  works  for  the  President.   One  day,  when  his  dad  is  coming  home  from  a  mission,  his  plane  crashes  and  he  dies.  At  the  funeral,   Zach  thinks  that  someone  tampered  with  the  plane,  so,  Zach  goes  to  the  crash  site  and  while  he  is   there,  a  mysterious  man  comes  out  of  the  woods  and  says  he  has  information  about  his  father’s   death.  Zach  finds  out  that  his  dad  was  more  than  a  secret  agent.  He  was  a  superhero.  Now  it’s  Zach   turn  to  save  the  day.  And  now  he  has  to  find  the  people  who  killed  his  dad.  Or  will  they  find  him  first?     Hero  can  be  very  difficult  book  to  understand.  You  can  think  one  thing  and  then  you  realize  that  you’re   dead  wrong.  When  I  first  read  this  book,  I  thought  it  was  about  a  kid  trying  to  find  the  people  who  killed   his  father.  However,  when  I  finished,  I  realized  that  it  was  more  about  friendship,  family,  and  protecting   people  from  danger.     I  look  up  to  Zach  because  all  he  wanted  to  do  was  find  the  people  who  killed  his  dad,  and  try  to  help  all   his  family  and  friends  forget  his  dad’s  death,  or  at  least  move  on  with  their  lives.  I  think  I  look  up  to  Zach   because  he’s  nice  to  everyone.  Plus,  he  always  wants  to  make  it  right  for  his  family.  When  I  first  read   this  book,  Zach  changed  from  scrawny,  weak,  and  a  not  smart  guy.  To  Strong,  super  powerful,  and   very  smart.     I  think  Zach  made  a  bad  choice  to  go  after  the  people  who  killed  his  dad,  Because  it  only  made  things   worse  for  him  and  his  family.  I  think  Zach’s  insides  spilled  out  when  he  was  fighting  the  gang.  He   thought  he  isn’t  going  to  make  it  out  of  the  fight.  He  put  himself  in  danger  and  as  well  as  his  family.  He   thought  he  was  done  for,  but  he  kept  trying.       I  think  the  theme  of  Hero  is  is  fear,  trust,  family,and  perseverance.  The  reason  why  I  believe  in   persevere  is  because  Zach  kept  trying  to  find  the  people  who  killed  his  father,  and  he  never  stopped   until  he  found  them.  Family  because  he  tried  to  keep  all  the  danger  away  from  his  family.  I  believe  fear   is  a  theme  because  he  knew  that  the  bad  guys  were  coming  for  him.  So  did  his  friends  and  family.       I  rate  Hero  a  4.5  out  of  5  stars  because,  the  book  had  a  great  setting,  a  great  main  character,  and  a   great  suspense.  I  always  wanted  to  keep  reading.  I  think  that  if  you  read  this  book  you  would  love  it.  

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

H.I.V.E. by  Mark  Walden     A  Review  by  Jake  W.       Genre:    Fantasy   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

H.I.V.E. (  the  higher  institute  of  villainous  education)  written  by  Mark  Walden,  is  an  extremely  good   book.  It  is  an  action  adventure  thriller  that  will  keep  your  heart  pumping  all  of  the  way  until  the  last   moment.  The  main  character  (Otto  Malpense)  wakes  up  mysteriously  in  an  airplane.  He  doesn’t    know   how  he  got  there,  only  a  slight  memory  of  being  shot  with  a  weird  gun.  When  the  plane  lands  Otto   looks  up,  and  to  his  disbelief,    he  is  in  a  volcano.  Once  Otto  is  inside  of  H.I.V.E.,  things  start  getting   very  weird.  He  finds  out  that  the  school  is  run  by  a  giant  floating  blue  head  which  really  scares  him.   Then,  when  he  goes  to  the  stealth  and  evasion  class,  he  can’t  believe  his  eyes  as  he  realizes  that  the   teacher  is  a  cat.  After  that,  every  second  he  is  in  the  school,  it  feels  more  and  more  like  a  prison.  A   prison  that  Otto  is  determined  to  break  out  of.     H.I.V.E.  is  a  very  misleading  book.  The  whole  book,  it  seems  like  Otto  is  forming  and  perfecting  the   perfect  plan.  That  is  what  I  thought  the  whole  book  was  going  to  be  about.  After  a  while  though,  I   realized  that  Otto  really  wants  to  stay.  He  does  not  know  why,  but  I  believe  I  do.  Wing,  his  best  friend,   really  wants  to  break  out  of  H.I.V.E.,  but  can’t  without  Otto’s  help.  Otto  realizes  this,  and  tries  to  the  the   best  of  his  ability  to  help  Wing.  Even  when  the  tiniest  doubt  crosses  Otto’s  mind,  he  shakes  it  off  and   then  goes  more  fiercely  into  the  escape.  What  I  got  out  of  it  was,  if  you  care  for  someone  enough,  you   will  do  anything  for  them.  Even  if  it  means  leaving  the  place  you  might  belong.     Out  of  this  book,  Wing  is  the  person  I  look  up  to  the  most.  It  seems  as  if  he  has  an  unlimited  amount  of   courage  in  any  situation.  He  is  always  putting  himself  in  front  of  others,  being  the  calm  brave  person   everyone  knows  him  to  be.  Every  time  he  is  in  a  dangerous  situation,  my  heart  leaps  with  anticipation,   hoping  he  stays  alive.  Wing  is  not  a  character  to  change  much  visibly,  always  having  the  same,  calm   attitude  toward  everything.  There  was  one  thing  that  changed  in  Wing,  and  that  was  his  heart.  At  the   beginning,  Wing  was  a  cold  tough  person.  Otto  changed  him.  He  became  a  little  more  sensitive,  even   showing  some  emotion  during  times.     At  one  point  in  the  book,  Wing  reveals  his  all  black  ying-­yang  sign  to  Otto.  He  told  Otto  that  it  was  a  gift   from  his  mother,  that  he  should  never  lose.  She  also  told  him  when  he  meets  the  person  with  the  white   half  of  the  ying-­yang,  he  will  like  him  a  lot.  Wing  told  Otto  that  his  goal  is  to  find  the  person  with  the   other  half  of  the  ying-­yang.  Wing  thinks  this  person  will  tell  him  if  his  mother  is  really  dead,  and  why  his   mother  wants  them  to  keep  the  necklaces  safe.  That  black  half  of  the  ying-­yang  resembled  Wing  and   Otto’s  friendship.  When  in  tough  situations,  when  Wing  or  Otto  had  there  back  against  a  wall,  the  other   person  always  coming  through  for  them.  The  necklace  bonded  them  into  amazing  friends.     Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14    

I thought  the  theme  of  H.I.V.E    was  being  able  to  find  your  own  courage.  There  were  many  personal   difficulties  in  this  book  that  the  characters  had  to  overcome.  When  Dr.  Nero    sacrificed  himself  for   Wing,  he  had  to  put  his  life  at  risk.  He  had  to  overcome  the  fact  that  he  may  die,  but  he  was  sacrificing   himself  for  the  greater  good  of  the  future.  When  HIVEmind  defied  the  override  system  on  his  data   base,  it  might  not  have  seemed  like  a  big  deal,  but  it  was.  It  was  like  a  person  breaking  the  worst  law   ever,  Which  is  extremely  dangerous  in  consequences.  All  of  the  bravery  in  this  book  was  one  of  the   reasons  I  liked  it  so  much.       I  gave  this  book  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  It  was  such  a  thriller,  keeping  you  in  suspense  at  all  times.  The   storyline  is  very  consistent,  never  giving  you  any  big  changes.  The  author  put  very  good  personality   traits  within  every  character.  It  made  them  contrast  with  each  other  very  well.  Overall,  a  fantastic  book   that  everyone  should  read.                                    

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Ghost House   by  Paul  Kropp     A  Review  by  Ben  W.       Genre:    Mystery     Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars        

Ghost House,  by  paul  Kropp,  is  a  book  about  a  house  that  is    haunted  by  a  ghost.  Tyler  and  are  Zack  are   brothers  and  they  made  a  bet  with  A.J  and  Hammy  to  spend  a  night  in  the  house  for  $200  each.  If  the  lost,   Tyler  and  Zack  would  would  have  to  give  A.J  and  Hammy  a  baseball  card  autographed  by  Mark  Mcgwire.   Tyler,  Zack,  and  Hammy  discover  old  newspaper  about  the  house.  The  newspaper  said  that  there  was  a   murder  in  the  house  in  the  house  a  long  time  ago.  They  didn’t  know  if  they  encounter  the  ghost  when  they   are  spending  the  night.       I  thought  Ghost  House  was  going  to  be  about  a  ghost  haunting  the  house  if  someone  enters  it.  Now  that  I   read  I’ve  read  the  book,  I  realized  that    it  was  not  just  a  book  about    ghost.  It  was  about  two  kids  spending   the  night  in  the  spooky,  haunted  house.  It  was  also  about  feeling  scared,  friendship,  and  teamwork.     I  look  up  to  Tyler  because  he  never  gave  up  even  if  thing  got  tough.  He  also  taught  me  that  I  can  be   scared  of  things  like  rats,  spider.  He  made  me  through  the  book.  It  is  an  example  of  how  you  can   challenge  yourself    to  do  things  that  brave.  Tyler  also  showed  me  that  I  can  do  anything  in  life.     I  cared  about  Tyler  when  he  was  in  a  tight  squeeze  outside  when  he  was  betting.    I  also  cared  about  him   when  he  was  in  the  house  with  rats.  I  felt  nervous  for  Tyler  when  he  was  hearing  sounds  slamming   against  the  wall  of  the  house.  The  last  thing  I  cared  about  Tyler    when  he  was  seeing  his  brother  with  the   ghost.     In  Ghost  House,  Tyler,  Zack,  and  Hammy  are  in  the  house.  In  the  house  the  boys  found  so  old  newspaper   downstairs.  The  boys  read  the  old  newspaper  and  found  about  the  house  the  house  had  a  murder.  The   newspaper  is  a  important  object  to  the  story.  Tyler  had  a  mp3  player  with  him  so  he  can  keep  himself   entertained.  Tyler  and  Zack  had  a  flashlight  so  he  can  see  in  the  dark.  These  are  also  important  object  in   the  store.     In  Ghost  House  Tyler  and  Zack  made  a  bet  with  A.J  for  $200  each.  I  think  that  Tyler  made  a  bad  choice   because  he  is  betting  a  good  baseball  card.  Tyler  was  not  real  smart  with  joke  and  not  to  go  in  the  house.   A.J  was  also  was  not  smart  to  bet  $200  each  for  Tyler  and  Zack.  Hammy  was  not  smart  going  into  the   house  too.  Over  all  they  didn’t  make  good  decisions.  For  example,  in  the  beginning  of  the  book,  Tyler  and   Zack  made  a  bet  for  $200,  but  if  they  lost,  then  they  lose  a  baseball  card.  The  bet  also  force  them  to  do   something  very  scary.  Sometime  betting  can  be  too  risky.  I  rate  this  book  4.5  stars  out  of  5  because  it  had   a  lot  of  funny  moments  and  crazy  actions,  like  breaking  a  window  with  a  stick  of  metal.  It  also  had  some   scary  moments,  like  sleeping  with  rats,  spiders,  and  other  creepy  crawlers  bugs.     Mr.  Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

Samuel Blink  and  the  Forbidden  Forest     by  Matt  Haig     A  Review  by  Andrew  W.       Genre:  Fiction   Student  Rating:    4.5  out  of  5  Stars      

Samuel  Blink  and  the  Forbidden  Forest  by  Matt  Haig  is  about  a  boy  and  a  girl  who  just  lost  their   parents.  Now  they  must  go  to  Norway.  They  will  live  with  Aunt  Eda  and  her  dog  Ibsen.  The  town  of   Flam,  where  she  lives,  is  angry  at  her  for  something  Samuel  and  Martha  would  love  to  know.  But  when   Aunt  Eda  shows  them  her  house,  they  start  asking  questions  about  the  forest  behind  it.       At  first  I  thought  that  this  book  was  about  a  forest  and  a  boy.  I  didn’t  think  it  would  be  anywhere  near   what  it  actually  was.  There  are  many  things  that  happen  in  the  forest.  For  example,  no  one  comes  out   of  the  forest  once  they’re  in.  Professor  Horatio  Tanglewood  went  in  and  he  didn’t  come  out.     Samuel  Blink  was  a  role  model  for  me.  He  went  into  the  forest,  something  I  would  not  have  done.   Because  of  that,  it  showed  bravery.  I  cared  for  Samuel,  he  got  turned  into  a  rabbit  and  almost  died.  He   almost  got  turned  into  rabbit  casserole.     Some  of  the  important  objects  in  this  book  are:  Ibsen  the  dog,  the  Hek  (witch)  bracelet,  the  Hewlip   plant,  the  troll  family  Eyeball,  and  the  book:  Creatures  of  Shadow  Forest.  Samuel  decided  to  go  into  the   forest.  Not  the  best  choice,  I  would  have  listened  to  Aunt  Eda  and  not  gone  into  the  forest.  As  she  said   “UNDER  ANY  CIRCUMSTANCES  DO  NOT  GO  INTO  THE  FOREST!”  But  instead  he  went  in.     The  theme  of  the  book  is  heroism.  Troll-­the  -­Left  and  Troll-­the-­Right  helped  Martha  escape  from  jail.   Aunt  Eda  went  into  the  forest  to  save  Samuel  and  Martha.  Ibsen  the  dog  shoved  the  toxic  soup  away   from  Samuel.  Ibsen  the  dog  help  Samuel  out  of  the  fire.     I  gave  Samuel  Blink  and  the  Forbidden  Forest  4.5  out  of  5  stars.  It  was  like  a  puzzle.  You  find  all  the   pieces  to  get  to  the  end.  When  you  do  a  puzzle  you  say  “oh  this  is  hard”  you  want  to  quit,  well  you   won’t  want  to  quit  this  book.  I  chose  4.5  because  it  needed  just  one  more  piece  of  something  good.          

Mr. Foster’s  Classroom  -­  Book  Review  Magazine  -­  2013/14  

2013-14 Book Review Magazine - Mr. Foster's Class  
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