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October 2014 Edition Included in this month’s fresh magazine:

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unique introduction

Welcome to October’s edition of Unique Magazine this being our sixth digital community magazine :) Thank you all for sharing September’s magazine on Twitter @UniqueChelt and for interacting with the magazine. We have got some massive features this month including Regent Street Businesses feature including Everyman Theatre, Earl’s & Co, Francesco Group and Alison Taylor. We also enjoyed a networking evening at the gorgeous Lily Gins cocktail bar, Lucas the manager looked after us all and the business owners in attendance. Our Features Editor Sarah Mckew @LadyMckew has interviewed Tony Robinson best known as Baldrick from Blackadder ahead of his starring role at The Everyman in The Hypochondriac which runs from 27th October till 1st November. The Everyman has kindly given us two tickets which are up for grabs on Page... Cheltenham Local Hero is starting to get exciting now with both nominees ready to be voted for, the winner will


be announced in Novembers edition of Unique. Please email your selection to, the winner will win a £50 voucher for a meal at the restaurant of their choice. If you are interested in advertising your business in Unique Magazine lease take a look on our website to see the benefits you can get by working with Unique. Currently we have a Special Offer for 3 Months advertising for the cost of 2 Months £150 in total (£225 RRP) Just take a look on the benefits page for the list of inclusions. Unique Cheltenham is a Community Magazine and we care passionately about Cheltenham and what is going on in its community. We want your Cheltenham stories and events please email stories to Thanks, have a Unique month :) Steve


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PAGE 31 deca flooring



h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 3

n e t w o r k i n g

Networking Evening @LilyGins...

Unique Cheltenham organised a networking evening for the businesses based in Regent Street, the event held at Lily Gins Cocktail Bar @LilyGins. Our aim was to get the business owners to chill out and have a relaxed chat with their neighbouring businesses. Quickly the evening of 3rd September came round and the clock chimed for 7pm...what followed was a great evening full of amazing cocktail drinks and a wicked Absinthe cocktail from Lucas @Lily Gins, two platters of gorgeous sushi dishes from Emma & Toby from Kibou Sushi and Richard Parsons the close up magician carried out some brilliant close up magic. I then encouraged all of the business owners to take it in turns to talk about their business and this really helped everyone to get a better understanding and hopefully has created a couple of alliances in Regent Street. I then did a presentation on Unique Cheltenham and reiterated that we want to do features and stories on local busineses. Then we finished the evening with a couple more drinks...ouch and carried on with relaxed conversations.

p a ge 4

The cool businesses in attendance on the evening included Unique Cheltenham hosting, Lily Gins, Earls & Co, Kibou Sushi, Everyman Theatre, Alison Taylor, Polygon Marketing, Cotswold Bride and Marmalade Soup who helped host the event with Sarah Mckew & I. So thanks again to the businesses that came along on the 3rd September, it was such a success that we will be holding these events in other area’s of Cheltenham

Feature by Steven Taylor

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

Who’s up for Cocktails? But not the same regurgitated cocktails and drinks served in most bars. If you fancy something more sophisticated and different Cheltenham has the perfect venue. Lily Gins is located on Regent Street that oozes eccentricity. The theme that is echoed throughout is a London Victorian bordello and the concept of the bar is to engage with the customers and perform. The bar is the barman’s stage where they create and perform an exciting display of the cocktails. So you assume that because of the name they specialise in Gin, well yes they do but it is not just gin! It is Absinthe, yes the French anise flavoured spirit with a high volume of alcohol! Nicknamed the Green Fairy, Absinthe hasn’t been given good press as Lucas explains: Absinthe hasn’t been prepared properly, served as a shot of course you won’t feel clever after it! It has been given a bad reputation. We will refuse to serve it as a shot, it is either prepared properly or not at all. Lucas then says I have to try one of the cocktails, I protest as I was planning to try Absinthe in France at the Moulin Rouge a bucket list wish of mine for many years. He shakes his head and say nope try this and before I know it I have a cocktail glass in my hand, but this doesn’t look like Absinthe. It’s a Dappa Man a cocktail from their spectacular list of potions. It is dry shaked Pernod with pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white and mint leaves. The egg created a frothy texture and I am pleasantly surprised it does not taste how I thought. This is the point of no turning back, Lucas is on a mission to show me more.

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

Absinthe is then traditionally prepared in a specially ordered old-fashioned water tap that costs £300 each from Holland. A sugar cube is placed on the top of again specially designed slotted spoon, placing the spoon over the glass with Absinthe, iced water at the correct temperature is poured over the sugar. If you want a quick drink here it will not get it, you will receive a unique service of skill and patience with a highly trained team of bar staff. But Gin and Absinthe aren’t the only things on the menu. Champagne cocktails, Martini cocktails and traditional cocktails with a twist. Lily Gins have carefully selected premium and rare spirits and liqueurs to take you on a journey and enjoy a tipple. There is passion in everything performed in Lily Gins and it makes every other bar look pretty boring. Join Lucas and the team for something different and enjoy a new way of thinking of cocktails.

2a Regents Street, Ormond Terrace Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 1HR

p a ge 5

EVERYMAN THEATRE in Cheltenham You probably walk pass the Everyman and marvel at the traditional beauty of the building. Based in Regent Street this Grade II listed building has two stages, the 694 seat main stage and the 60 seat studio theatre, originally named The Richardson after Ralph Richardson. However until I got to meet the staff at the Theatre I didn’t know the full history and I am amazed and in ore of this wonderful place. Walking past during the day or evening the theatre is constantly buzzing. With famous faces performing on the stage and producing productions……this theatre is the heart of the community. In September 2011 the theatre underwent a major refurbishment costing £3,000,000 providing new seating, painting, plasterwork and artwork. Have you been yet? Wow it is an incredible transformation! But how much do you know about this important landmark in our town? Every summer holiday I would spend in Bournemouth I would stay at Lily Langtrys and as a little girl her life was intriguing. But I never knew she opened the theatre then called ‘The Opera House’ with a performance called ‘Lady Clancarty’ in October 1891. This

p a ge 6

for me was the start of an interesting journey through the Everyman Theatre. The building was designed by Frank Matcham when Cheltenham was without a theatre. Previous to the opening in 1891, Cheltenham’s Theatre was known as the Theatre Royal which was burned down. It was another 40 years before Frank Matcham was employed by influential businessmen to design and build the Theatre that now stands proudly in the centre of Cheltenham. After 22 years of touring productions and pantomimes ‘The Opera House’ started the first renewal and they have their first change of management. 7 years later Frank Matcham tragically dies of blood poisoning. In 1927 The Opera House institutes a partnership with the Theatre Royal Bath and they still stage performances today. Two years later the building is sold and plans were made to turn the opera house into a cinema, this would have be a tragedy. Luckily five years later The Cheltenham Theatre and Opera House Company buy back the building and save the Theatre with full time performances.

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

During the War the Theatre remains heart of the community by presenting a revue entitled ‘See You In The Shelter’ It was billed as the funniest and most topical comedy show touring. Keeping up the community morale, by 1946 the theatre is showing more prestigious productions, even Hollywood stars land in Cheltenham. In 1948 Richard Burton appeared in Dark Summer starting the lead of stars to perform there, even a young Roger Moore even makes an appearance! This is sadly short lived as the Opera House closes in 1955 and is leased until 1959 when they close its curtains. An association is formed to help raise £3,000 to save the Theatre in June 18th by October 28th a new board of directors announce their plans to reopen the Theatre. Showing true community spirit to save our Theatre! 1960 the theatre becomes the Everyman Theatre and re-opens its doors again. It

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

continues to flourish successfully until the 1980s when they close for two years to undergo a redevelopment in conjunction with the Regent Arcade. The Everyman reopens again but this time with the new studio theatre and the opening performance of ‘My Fair Lady’ is attended by Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. The Theatre continued their success being a touring venue providing Cheltenham will the best pre and post West End plays and musicals and still continues to capture the imaginations of young and old audiences that visit the Theatre. I am happy to announce that I will be giving you behind the scenes features and reviews on performances at The Everyman Theatre and we will continue to share in the theatres 120 year success. Theatre remains the heart of the community for all.

p a ge 7

Francesco Group Cheltenham

...8TH B I R T H D AY I am probably too bias to write this article on Francesco Group Cheltenham as the wonderful owner Lisa Walby is my hairdresser, along with Steph Wilde who colours my hair occasionally when I want random pink steaks put through. But seriously, it’s an absolute pleasure to write this on Francesco’s 8th Birthday and wow what an amazing 8 years! The salon celebrated in style, with cocktails from Lucas at Lily Gins working his special magic and The Chip Shop Boys providing entertainment outside, as always with a crowd pleasing performance, not to mention the Clarins team from House of Fraser giving massages and all the staff on hand to put your hair up, give you a glass of bubbly and a goodie bag! And to top of this success Lisa is currently a Finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards! This alone just proves the passion and knowledge that is echoed through the salon.

p a ge 8

My First experience at Francesco’s was around 4 years ago going in following frustration of finding a hairdressers that actually cut my hair straight and that could actually advise! I sit in the chair and Lisa’s first question is what do you want to achieve with your hair? So after a long winded way of explaining I want long hair and it only ever stays one length, Lisa instantly states “Well for starters get rid of the layers”. Years later my hair grew at a rapid rate and at a long length! Hooray! The salons approach to honest and helpful advice has never stopped for their clients, they provide solutions and give you a new experience instead of dreading that your locks will be lopped without a care. So what’s the secret behind the success? “I am glad to be here and establish the business after 8 years” Lisa says “I love the buzz the salon has and I have a great team of 18 now, welcoming back Stuart who left and has now returned and a few new faces. This year has been our best year yet!”

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

“THIS YEAR HAS BEEN OUR BEST YEAR YET!” Lisa continued to explain The British Hairdressing Awards, ‘I love the awards, and I had to achieve 8 photographs in total. I created styles that push the boundaries but of course we will adapt these to bring to the shop floor.’ Lisa will find out the results for her shoot in November, fingers crossed because it’s well deserved.

fuelling the success and passion for hairdressing. At Unique Cheltenham we wish Lisa and team many more successful years making ladies and gentleman feel fabulous.

I know how great the team and Lisa are and how hard they work, but I wanted to ask one of their clients before Lucas served more champagne. Wendy Woods has been coming to Francesco since January this year and has a cut and colour on her visits. ‘I had been with my old hairdresser for 28 years and I wanted a change, I came to Francesco Group and Vicky cuts my hair amazingly. It’s such a wonderful experience, I am staying here and not changing.’

Francesco Group Cheltenham

Do I need to say anymore? Francesco Group have loyal, happy customers and they continue to grow as a team and a salon with Lisa

4 Ormond Terrace, Regent Street Cheltenham, GL50 1HR

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 9

18 Regent St, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1HE 01242 300161 A hidden little gem I had heard about in Regent Street prepares traditional and has claimed to provide ‘proper’ sushi in the centre of Cheltenham. As a sushi fan I have been enjoying the landing of Yo Sushi as most have but I have been summoned to try ‘proper’ sushi and as if I would turn down the opportunity to eat sushi. This small, intimate restaurant gives a warm personal feeling as you walk through the door and thank goodness I had booked! They are already turning people away, this I thought was impressive! I learnt that Kibou actually suggest a 2 hour service time. This is anything but a whizzing service of in and out quick fish. I am seated and given a menu and to my surprise it’s a small selection and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the choices. The staff were informative about specials and ingredients and everything was made fresh to order. I ordered one of my regular favourites the Edamame Beans….and I ask naively ‘what is the black salt?’ The waitress tells me that it is a Black Sea Salt from Hawaiian Lava. So I learn something new and enjoy. I ordered the Katsu Curry one of my favourites, and something I love

p a ge 10

making at home. The chicken was beautifully tender and the sticky rice was perfect, all presented in a traditional box. I love this extra little touch (plus I want some for home!) The special steak that they were offering was Terryaki Steak, this again lived up to recommendations, a mouth-watering tender steak with the rice was a perfect dish. So what about the traditional little pieces of sushi? The Hosomaki were perfect rolled and beautifully presented with a lot of love prepared in each roll. These have left a taste in my mouth for more. In true style as one must, I had to drink the Jasmine tea throughout my experience and what a difference. Kibou have been selective on their ingredients and made sure everything is an acquired taste. I have not tasted Jasmine like it…. so now I know I will become a snob to Jasmine teas in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. I highly recommended Kibou to anyone but book to avoid disappointment, and you won’t be left disappointed. This hidden gem is perfect for sushi lovers of Cheltenham.

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

BEFORE Alison Taylor runs a luxury Cosmetic skin clinic in Regent St - Registered Nurse Prescriber, Alison has been managing her own cosmetic clinic full time for 8 years - that means thousands of treatments. Recently awarded the Save Face accreditation for excellence and professionalism. All referrals are word of mouth recommendations as Alison is unique in giving personal approach to treatments. She will see you all the way through your treatment path and being easily accessible in between. Alison offers a wide range of skin treatments and rejuvenation skin care and therapies ranging from Medi-grade facials, to Botox, Dermal Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments. A free consultation will help you decide which treatment is best for you and you will be confident that you are in safe hands.



Contact Alison on 01242 234707 18 Regent Street - Cheltenham - Gloucestershire - GL50 1HE. Tel: 01242 234707

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 11

Celebrating 20 years in business....

Polygon Marketing, the Cheltenham–based PR and Marketing Company, is celebrating 20 years in business and to commemorate the landmark, those who have played a part in the company’s success returned to the town for a reunion weekend. Established by Martin Allerton in September 1994 to manage Gulf Oil’s McLaren F1 motorsport sponsorship programme, Polygon has successfully diversified over its two decades and now works with clients across a range of industries. Its marketing support services for a varied range of clients includes brand development, PR, event management, promotions and media buying. “We are all very proud to have reached this

p a ge 12

landmark and hopefully the next 20 years will be just as enjoyable and varied,” comments Managing Director, Martin Allerton. “Every single one of those invited returned to Cheltenham for the celebrations, which says a lot about the business and its people. Life usually moves at such a pace that it has been immensely satisfying to stop, reflect upon our achievements and reminisce in the company of great friends about our many experiences together.” Polygon is currently involved in the organisation and promotion of a major forecourt industry Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, taking place at the Belfry Golf and Leisure Resort, Sutton Coldfield during October.

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

Cotswold Bride has been created with love, passion and dedication, to ensure all bridesto- be, and their families, can enjoy the search for the perfect wedding dress. As well the bridal dress they can also help with matching accessories, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits. It’s really important to Cotswold Bride that you feel relaxed and at home in the boutique, so time is taken not only to show you the dresses but to enjoy a glass of Champagne or orange juice, tea or coffee and learn more about you and your plans for your special day. Cotswold Bride understands that you are going on a journey, from the first time you visit the boutique right up until your wedding day. They join you on this journey, offering style advice, emotional support and basically anything they can do to make your experience a happy, memorable one that you will always cherish. The team are trained to understand what styles suit each body shape and have a good understanding of colours, how they complement each other and your skin tone and how to create the perfect

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

palette, should you wish to mix a number of colours that all blend perfectly together. The owner of Cotswold Bride, Ali Chapman, created the boutique because she feels that everyone deserves to feel special when planning such a big event and she wanted to make sure that Cheltenham lead from the front in offering fabulous designer gowns at reasonable prices, a bespoke design option, a service that was special, professional and friendly and most of all a place you looked forward to returning to. It’s clear to see that Ali’s vision is shared by the entire team, as no matter which of the ladies look after you, the experience is always the same, friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable support. All the things you need most when choosing “The Perfect Dress” for what will be the best day of your life.

Cotswold Bride 3 Ormond Terrace, Regent Street Cheltenham, GL50 1HR Tel: 01242 260 640 Email: Web:

p a ge 13


alling all you gentleman who take pride in appearance and who love a pamper. Are you looking for something traditional with a hint of special? Well men of Cheltenham have you been to Earls & Co. yet? If you are looking for an old-style pamper look no further. After a success two years Jessica Earl showed Cheltenham that if you have an idea you can achieve your dreams. The young entrepreneur worked for Virgin Atlantic and left to open her own traditional barbers and whiskey bar. The youngest In-flight Beauty Therapist she took her high standards and customer service give Cheltenham something special. But Jess didn’t stop there, not only is Earls & Co a barbers, it has a champagne nail bar upstairs. So why not make it a couple pamper day? Maybe a massage? So what is so special about Earls? Along with your complimentary whiskey you can have a hot towel shave. The old fashioned close shave with a straight razor would you get at anywhere else? Surrounded with sophisticated oak and the Takara Belmont chairs and whiskeys from around the world every detail has been covered, it is hard not to be impressed. The list of services are just not shaves and haircuts, a shoe shine maybe, a mani. This is exactly what the modern man of Cheltenham needs,

p a ge 14

something unique where they don’t just sit in a chair and have a quick snip and back out again. It has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere with a team of experts on hand. But what about the lady in your life? Whilst you indulge how about you treat her after that Saturday shopping trip she dragged you on? Upstairs ladies can enjoy a glass of champagne whilst having nails painted. I was treated to a nail treatment and there is no doubt you are treated like a super star. My glass was topped up regularly and the girls where smiley and chatty, my only problem was what colour was I going to have? They treated you more than just another client. The interior is calm and cool with a classic retro feel including Audrey and Marilyn pop art, a girly haven to rest your feet and relax. Like downstairs they offer a range of beauty treatments from facials, waxing and tanning. This is truly a hidden gem located on Regent Street of luxury and pamper. If you have not yet tried Earls & Co you should not miss out for treatments for real gentleman and ladies. 19 Regent Street, Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 1HE Telephone: 01242 257653 Email: Email:

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

Richard Parsons

“Unique Magic Experience” I became fascinated with magic when a friend of mine Mark Vasey (also a member of The Magic Circle) showed me a card trick known many years ago. I had the same reaction of amazement and disbelief that I now get the privilege of seeing every time I go to an event to perform. I now entertain people with cards, coins, money, fire and other objects. Magic is popular again with magicians like Dynamo and others on our TV screens, and as a busy working performer I am booked for all sorts

of large and small events such as weddings, corporate dinners & launch parties. Becoming a member of the world-famous Magic Circle is a career highlight as membership is granted through audition only. There are currently only about 1400 members in the world. I have had many weird and wonderful experiences at events and been to many incredible venues and locations...a recent one that stands out is entertaining troops at 22 SAS headquarters near Hereford! If you are planning a Christmas party in the South West or London why not consider close-up magic to amaze your guests – I can entertain your staff before dinner, during cocktail drinks, or round the tables in between courses. You can find more information and watch a video on my website: or follow me on twitter:

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 15

p a ge 16

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 17

unique interview

Interview with

Tony Robinson

– The Hypochondriac

Theatre Royal Bath has produced another masterpiece of comedy by adapting Moliere’s stage production of The Hypochondriac. Directed by Lindsay Posner one of the UKs greatest directors of comedy he has the turned this French production into a funny and up to date performance to not be missed. So for you who don’t know the play, it’s about a penny pinching Argan who is healthy, wealthy and obsessed by imaginary aliments. Completely confused as his wife is trying to fleece him whilst his lovesick daughter, her lover and astute maid attempt to help him. So who better to play this character? Tony Robinson joined me to discuss his role as Argan and the production being performed at the Everyman Theatre on the 27th October until 1st November. SM: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us at Unique Cheltenham. Congratulations on your role TR: Thank you SM: The Everyman Theatre is such a beautiful Theatre, do you like performing on stage there? TR: I love performing at the Everyman, there are a few jewel theatres in the UK and the Everyman is one of them. I have performed there many times and it’s wonderful to return.

p a ge 18

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

SM: How did you find working with Lindsay Posner? Can you see his vision in what he wanted to achieve? TR: It’s very exciting to be part of his creativity, but it’s a bit hectic. He is currently working on two productions at one speed. So he is with us during the day before leaving us with the assistant director and going back to London to direct the Hollywood stars. It is a lot of fun. SM: Are you enjoying the role? What is your favourite part of the production? TR: Its early days yet and we are discovering the reactions from others, but the best part is the rehearsals for me. SM: Do you relate to any of the characteristics of the character you play? TR: What you mean am I a Hypochondriac? (He laughs) yes there is always something within yourself that is a hypochondriac. SM: What is it like doing comedy in front of a live audience compared to behind the camera on a set like Black Adder? TR: It is a different quality, you are playing off live action and you develop a relationship with the audience. You start to learn their reactions and it’s a lovely experience. You don’t have that in front of a camera. SM: What is next for you?

TR: We are touring for 6 weeks and then we will be in the West End. I have just finished filming the 3rd series of Walking Through History and I am excited about a new programme exclusively done for Sky 3D called WW1 in 3D. It was fantastic to talk to Tony Robinson about this wonderful revue that is at the Everyman Theatre.


Know the answer? Then email your answer to along with your name and contact number to: Good luck! The lucky winner will be announced on the 18th October

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k

p a ge 19

Please mention “Unique Memorials” to qualify you for a 5% Discount.

p a ge 2 0

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / m e m o r i a l s

Everyone loves cake ! So at Let There Bee Cake my main mission is to create a cake you wont forget

If you are interested in a bespoke cake, Please do contact me at the details below so we can discuss what you require. Please also take a look at the website to see the work I have done. Prices will vary depending on your design, for a rough idea you could visit my website. Mobile: 07837650447 @BellaBeeTewks

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / c a ke . h t m l

p a ge 21




October’s Nominee’s Steve and Christine Syer form part of the Cheltenham Branch of the British Heart Foundation Fundraising Branch. They have volunteered for them for 28 years, starting about 18 months after Steve received a heart transplant. Over the years, they were responsible for many fundraising events, including the Cotswolds Bike Ride, which they successfully ran for 22 years before it was handed over to the BHF Events team. During the years that they have been volunteering for BHF, they have helped to raise £1.7Million for the charity. Quite simply, they are a fantastic couple and take every opportunity to tell everyone how lucky they are that Steve is still here -30 years after his heart transplant. Steve is about to go back onto the transplant list – but this time, for his kidneys.

The winner will be announced in Novembers edition of Unique Cheltenham and on our Twitter page @UniqueChelt Please email for your nomination of either : 1) Helen Eade (Nominated in September’s edition) 2) Steve & Christine Syer (Main picture) Voting starts from 1st October 2014 The Winner will get £50 in vouchers towards a meal for two at a Restaurant of their choice Good Luck :)

p a ge 2 2


thank you for your input for Cheltenham’s Local Hero as the competition draws to an end. I would like to say that it is great to be able to say thank you to these genuine community focused people. Steve Taylor - Unique Publications Ltd

p a ge 2 3

Weddings - Portraits - Events - Commercial E: M: 07846900652 P: 01242251580 p a ge 2 4

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / p h o t o g r a p h e r

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / c o f fe e a n d c a ke

p a ge 2 5

CHELTENHAM FURNITURE ASSEMBLY Cheltenham Furniture Assembly understand that in this busy modern world people just do not have enough hours in the day. We take the stress of assembling your flat packed furniture away from you, and do it quickly and expertly.

We can assemble:

Wardrobes, cabinets, tables, side boards, beds and more. Just give us a call and we will let you know •

Reliable Local Service All areas within a 10 mile radius of Cheltenham

At a time to suit your needs Flexibility is key for our customers

Friendly, Polite & Professional Service Clean & Tidy workers we do not make or leave a mess

Fixed Pricing Available Charge by the hour - £40 First Hour and £30 per Subsequent hour

“Rome wasn’t built in a day but your furniture will be” CHELTENHAM FURNITURE ASSEMBLY

Call Steve on 07749 325043 to book you in today p a ge 2 6

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / f u r n i t u r e - a s s e m b ly. h t m l

Remembering Good Times, Accepting Tough Times too: Memory Stones A simple bag of three stones may be a useful way to have a really meaningful conversation with your children and help them to find a way of coping with all sorts of memories. Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between the difficult memories which are often associated with a death by murder or manslaughter and happier, more positive memories. The three different stones can be used to convey a message in a special and safe way. The smooth pebble feels ordinary and fairly comfortable to hold in your hand. It is there to represent ordinary, everyday memories of the person who died. He always rang the doorbell when he came home from work even though he had a key. She always sang along with the adverts when they came on the TV. The rough rock feels sharp and painful to hold. It is there to represent the memories of difficult and hard times and also memories of the way that the person died. I remember some of the rows we had; we said some hurtful things to each other. When I close my eyes I can still see the picture in my head of how she must have looked. The gemstone looks and feels precious, shiny and polished. It is there to bring back memories of the really special times spent with the person who died. I’ll never forget that day on the beach when he tried to catch the frisbee in his mouth and got a face full of sand. He couldn’t stop laughing. I remember making a birthday cake in the shape of a car with her; it didn’t really look like a car but we thought it was brilliant. The first two stones can usually be found in a garden or park. Gemstones can be found at craft or gift shops. Encourage your children to hold each stone in turn and give examples of memories and events that they could attach to the different stones. You can also share your own. The secret is to try to find a way to hold the three stones in your hand – the rough alongside the precious and the ordinary – and to hold these three types of memories together in a way that they all find their place. The rough becomes no more important than the other two and in time can be described in ways that hurt less. Using this simple bag of stones can help break the conspiracy of silence that sometimes creeps in when tough stuff happens in families. When having a difficult day, the stones can also be a useful way to start a conversation, for example:

Does the rough rock feel particularly sharp today?

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / ch a r i t y

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Hilary and Rob of Emmaus Cheltenham

a unique approach to homelessness Tucked down Henrietta Street, behind the Brewery the Emmaus Charity Shop might look like any other, selling furniture, bric a brac and clothing. But did you know that this shop is part of an international movement that has a UNIQUE approach to homelessness?

We have a UNIQUE way of using the surplus that we generate – we give it to others who need it more than we do. This can be local charities, individual families in need, and international aid projects. Currently we are supporting homelessness services in Gloucestershire and several projects in India.

Emmaus Gloucestershire is one of 26 communities in the UK providing homeless people with a place to live and work. The shop in Cheltenham is one of four in Gloucestershire that supports 23 formerly homeless people, called companions. It is UNIQUELY staffed - in return for board and lodging companions give up the right to state benefits and work 40 hours in the shops and furniture warehouse. It is a UNIQUE and successful business run much like a co-operative. All goods are donated and are sold on at low prices with a high turnover of stock. We don’t sell new goods or pay for our stock. The people of Gloucestershire generously give their unwanted goods and larger items are collected free of charge. Emmaus rarely says no to goods offered and we dispose of the things we can’t sell in way that doesn’t damage the environment – last year we saved 415 tonnes from landfill. It is a UNIQUE business and successful business model. In 2011 UK research (Just Economics) forecast a Social Return on investment (SROI) of £11 for every £1 invested. The savings to taxpayers for every companion living and working at Emmaus Gloucestershire is calculated to be £47,442.

It’s not about the money we generate and the excellent shops we provide in four communities, it is about changing lives. We have believe that in helping others we help ourselves, and that meaningful work restores dignity and inclusion in society. The perception of people who are homeless is that they are a drain on society, but the residents of Emmaus Communities turn this perception on its head. Not only do they work to support themselves, but they also work to help others. The first Emmaus Companion, living with the founder Abbé Pierre in 1948 in France helped to build temporary homes for those in need, first in the priest’s own garden, then wherever land could be bought or scrounged. He later said; “Whatever else he might have given me - money, home, somewhere to work - I’d have still tried to kill myself again. What I was missing, and what he offered, was something to live for.” It’s UNIQUE – but it works! It works because companions work 40 hours a week to make us independent and surplus generating. It works because the people of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire provide us with the goods to sell and come and buy from us. Most importantly it works because we work for others and make a difference to lives home and abroad.

visit us at 19 Henrietta St Cheltenham GL50 4AA Tel: 01242 269734 p a ge 2 8

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Regency House, Serviced Apartments and Reception Venue in Cheltenham Rent a meticulously restored Regency house overlooking Montpellier Gardens - or a two bedroom serviced apartment on Royal Parade. Luxurious, yet intimate and private accommodation, with all the comforts of a five star hotel in Cheltenham. Self Catering or Serviced - the Choice is Yours

Corporate Events


Indulge your visiting clients An inspirational meeting venue

Intimate Wedding Receptions & Birthdays

01242 572 716 p a ge 3 0



DECA DESIGN FLOORING Specialist suppliers of quality carpets and

products, and a fully comprehensive design service. Exclusive stockists of the latest Cath Kidston, Hartley & Tissier, and Diversity ranges. t. 01242 375 016 e. w.

visit us at. 33 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham, Glos, GL52 2PP

h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / c a r p e t s - a n d - f l o o r i n g . h t m l

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Unique Style

Autumn Boots Get ready for that leaf kicking season...


My favourite season is autumn and it’s fast approaching in Cheltenham, with the leaves falling and pumpkin spice latte back in Starbucks (Hooray). I am looking forward to wrapping in the chunky knits and wearing my new autumn boots! There are some great boots this season to suit all, here is my top 5 available to see you through the season

Black Tassel Cut Out Boot from New Look £27.99

Tan Checked Lined Boots from New Look £29.99

Jones Bootmaker Oosh Ankle Boots £89.00

Slow Tan Flat Boot from Kurt Geiger £160.00 Cuthbert boot at Russell & Bromley £235

p a ge 3 2

Sarah Mckew Fashion & Features Editor © Sarah McKew 2014


Nail Colours for Autumn Days Continuing the Autumn feeling, here are my top picks for Autumn Nails….

Chanel £18 – Particuliere

Essie £7.99 – Stylenomics

Nails Inc £18 – Chelsea Square

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for you. by you.

Benefits of the Premium Package 1) Inclusion in Unique Cheltenham Digital Magazine which is shared, promoted, posted and tweeted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Unique also actively encourages reader interaction with the magazine to encourage sharing the magazine with friends and family. 2) Unique Cheltenham posts/tweets about your business every day of the working week. You just supply us with the scripts you want or testimonials and we will increase traffic to your website. 3) Opportunity to attend and be a member of a networking meeting, includes free six month membership and once a month attendance (Worth ÂŁ210) . Meet up with other business owners and build your network. (Subject to 3 month Advertising commitment) 4) Business category listing on Unique Cheltenham website which includes a link to your website. Increase your web traffic and ranking. 5) We encourage advertisers to use a Unique Reference Number for your customer to quote or specific Unique only Special offer so you can measure the success of your advert with Unique. 6) Maximum of two same business types able to advertise in Unique, this will keep a level of healthy competition and high quality for customers. 7) Unique carry out monthly Customer Satisfaction Surveys on two of your customers. Benefit of this is that it shows to your customers that you care about your levels of service and the results can be posted on our Testimonial Page. 8) Customer Testimonial Page in Unique Cheltenham Magazine and Website. Added Kudos for your brand.

Try Unique for only ÂŁ75 per Month for all of these benefits or... carry on with same advertising and get exactly the same results!

To advertise contact Steve Taylor 07731 899854 p a ge 3 4

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We are your local answer to work surfaces! Operating a 30 mile radius of Cheltenham we work hard to uphold our good reputation which has come through years of hard work. Visit our showroom to see our great range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Our staff are here to give you a friendly welcome and all the help you need. We offer comprehensive advice in simple language anyone can understand. We provide free of charge samples and within the Gloucestershire area we come out to measure and discuss your individual wishes. We can show you new ideas and love helping you find the right solution to transforming your kitchen or bathroom. We offer tea and coffee and help you feel at ease whilst you choose your products. Toilets, free parking and a single level ground floor suitable for wheelchair users. Thank you for viewing our profile. We look forward to working with you!

Kind Regards Katy Newman-Miller, Company Director

Call Gloucestershire Granite on 01242 460323 http:// 8a Landsdown Place Lane, Cheltenham, GL50 2JZ h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / g r a n i t e - a n d - m a r b l e . h t m l

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CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS Would you like: A free initial consultation Work on time, every time To make more profit To pay less tax Someone to sort all your paperwork An accountant who speaks plain English A referral incentive scheme - we offer credits against your invoices for your referrals.

You would? Then please contact us. LNH Ma Management Solutions Limited Swanbrook Business Park Golden Valley

Visit our website


Nr Cheltenham Gloucestershire

now and sign up for our

GL51 0TE

FREE monthly tax newsletter

01452 764018 / 07411 962418 www ww w.lnh-m info@lnh-m @LNH_Management

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unique cheltenham events in October Selection of events and happenings in the Cheltenham Community: The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 3rd - 10th October The Hound of Baskervilles @Everyman Theatre 3rd-4th October The Devils Aquathlon @Sandford Lido 5th October 9am-12am £25 per entry The Dock Brief @Everyman Theatre 14th-18th October Chris Choir Gala Concert with Dame Felicity Lott @Christ Church Malvern Road 7:30pm 18th October £15 or £20 for tickets with proceeds going to charities The Cheltenham Oxjam Takeover @21 Club,Subtone, MooMoo & Frog & Fiddle on 18th October Halloween Fun Farm Trail @ Primrose Vale Farm Shop, Shurdington Road, Bentham 24th October - 2nd November The Hypochondriac starring Tony Robinson @Everyman Theatre 27th Oct - 1st Nov Please let us know if you have an event you want to advertise in our magazine, please email

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YOUR business

every fortnight: Wednesday 06:45 - 08:30am Longford Inn, Gloucester GL2 9BE NEXT MEETINGS: 8th October • 22nd October Unique Business Networking offers local business owners: #RealBusinessRelationships #RealBusinessSupport #RealBusinessIntroductions Costs: Only £10 to Visit including Full English Breakfast If you want to know more about Unique Business Networking Call Steve Taylor on 07731 899854, or just turn up at either venue with plenty of Business Cards, 60 Seconds elevator speech and a smile To book your seat click on h t t p : / / w w w. u n i qu e ch e l t e n h a m . c o . u k / u n i qu e - n e t w o r k i n g

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UNIQUE Cheltenham Sport

Review on Cheltenham

Well, they say a week is a lifetime in politics and it looks like the same to be a Robins fan at the moment. Unfortunately, the unbeaten record has gone out of the window with two defeats in quick succession - but there’s no need for Yates to push the panic button as yet. Thankfully Joe Hanks 87th minute equaliser against Dagenham & Redbridge prevented three defeats on the spin. Mark Yates spoke to BBC Gloucestershire after the game: “I’m pleased for the team and the supporters that they stuck with us and we managed to get that goal. We didn’t want to be talking about not scoring. “I think the key to it is the tempo that we started with was excellent, for 25 minutes, and then the tempo when they scored. That’s what we should be about - that’s what’s going to win us games.

p a ge 4 0

“I’m delighted we managed to get something out of the game, I thought it was the least we deserved, but the goal we conceded was disappointing. “The substitutes came on and made an impact. Zack (Kotwica) was excellent, Joe Hanks got the goal and Terry (Gornell) was part of the build-up for the goal.” Mark Yates young squad still look like they are onboard with his vision for football at Whaddon Road. Being in seventh place going into the final weekend of September is no mean feat when you consider the finances open to the Gaffer. The next three games look vital already in this promising season, firstly away to Burton Albion on Saturday 27th September who are currently in second place; followed by Wimbledon who visit Whaddon Road on Saturday 4th October currently sat in 10th place, with a trip to 6th placed Shrewsbury Town on Saturday on 11th October.

Town F.C “The Robins�

The next three games take on greater significance after the recent run of poor results. Hopefully the Robins faithful will turn up in great numbers to cheer on the lads still believing that come May next year we can return to League 1 after a six-year wait. Written by Steve Taylor

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