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Digital Illustration “Text as Art”

Create an 8 1/2” by 11” piece of artwork Using Only Text. This is not an advertisement or a poster; this is to be a work of Art. Use the characters (letters) as shapes to describe a feeling, message, or thought for the piece. There is to be NO Drawing! You may distort the letters to change them into foreground, middle ground, or background (but they should Still resemble the letter in some way). The only tools you should be using are the “Type”, Selection”, and “Cutting” Tools. NO “Pen” Tool should be used to create anything (except text path or to connect letters). You may use words and Poems to create the piece, but the most important thing is how you place the letters to create “space”, “movement”, and “depth” for the overall design. Try to fill the whole page but do not overcrowd it with meaningless stuff (it should have a reason for being there). Remember white space is good.

8 1/2 by 11

Use Text Only

Black and White or Color

May use poems or words to help describe the piece

Can use blends

Can use filters

Have fun with it!

Examples: create an image using text or fill letters with text to create the form

Digital illustration project 2 fall2013