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February 20, 2014

Torrance, California

Schauerman Library cuts the cord Cynnamon Baker

Staff Writer @ECCUnionCBaker

Gilberto Castro/ Union

Sophomore Austin VanBiezen running in the Men’s 3000 meter steeplechase in last Friday’s meet at Orange Coast College. VanBiezen finished in 3rd place.

Strong out of the blocks Cynnamon Baker

Staff Writer @ECCUnionCBaker


Legs shaking, heart pounding out of control, it’s time to start the race. Ready, set, go as the gun fires. Runners push off their blocks to the finish line, it’s win or lose this time. Season officially began for EC‘s track and field team at its first scoring tri-meet against Cuyamaca and Orange Coast on Feb. 14 at Orange Coast College. While the men’s team came home with a win, the women’s team lost. Despite a serious setback due to their low number of runners, the women’s team placed top in most of the events they participated in. “Transitioning from cross country to track will be a challenge,” Haley Heinemann, freshman, distance runner, said. “I am not used to running sprints of anything more then 5k (3 miles) but I plan on doing my best in my events.” Instead of spending their time with lovers on Valentines day, the team did their best competing by performing their personal best while many placed top three and scored for the team. Sean Shiel, assistant track coach said that the team is full of positive hard working athletes that will progressively do better each meet. But being full of freshman and new runners, the track team will

Kierra Norrell

Staff Writer @ECCUnionKierra

continue to set goals and score their best with the talent they have yet to fully unleash. “It’s been four years since I ran competitively in high school,” Heinemann said. “I run to stay in shape, but I race to win.” While many scored and placed in the top three for their events, others have a ways to go when it comes to being a top competitive runner. Iyasu Kelbisow, freshman, distance runner said although he ran well he could have done better. “I am just out of shape and it showed today during the last stretch of my event. I just got to put a lot miles in, 60 to 70 more miles a week to get ready to truly compete.” For having a week break before the next track meet the coaches plan on training harder to get them ready for the season. Sheil said it’s too early to know who the top runners will be. “It wont be until later in the season to see the true potential of these athletes.” Many of the scorers from the previous meet on Feb. 7, won or placed in the top three for their events. The next meet will be a Decathlon Event where athletes compete in multi-events in track and field. “I love my team. They are so encouraging,” Heinemann said that she enjoys being on the EC track team because they are the sisters she never had.

Gilberto Castro/ Union

Freshman Khalil McClain finishing strong in the Men’s 100 meter hurdles last Friday at Orange Coast College. McClain finished in 4th place with a time of 16.99 seconds.

Welcome to El Camino

Nursing Info Session

UC San Diego Tour

Planetarium Show

The Student Resource Center will be hosting a workshop to help new students with different services at EC including admission, EC’s placement exams, financial aid, and more. The workshop will take place on Feb. 24 from 3:30 to 5p.m. For more information call the Student Resource Center front desk at 310-660-3295.

Interested in becoming a nurse? Attend the nursing workshop and learn more about the program Feb. 26 from 5 to 7p.m. in the Distance Education Room. For more information call Counseling at 310-660-3593 ext. 6137

Is UC San Diego among your prospective transfers? A campus tour is scheduled for Feb. 21. Take this amazing opportunity to go view the university and see what it is all about. For more information, contact the Transfer/Career Center 310-660-3593 ext. 3408.

As part of its series of public shows, EC’s Planetarium will be hosting its second show, “Jupiter: King of the Sky,” on Feb. 21 from 8 to 9 p.m. For more information, call 310-660-3593 ext. 3373 or 310-660-3343.

Beginning this semester, EC students can now send work to be printed in Schauerman Library from their smartphone or home computers. “Nowadays you can do anything on your smartphone, so WiFi printing sounds like a great alternative. It’s easy and fast,” Diane Quang, 19, double major, said. Students can now send documents to an online site that works in tandem with the printing services in the campus library. “Before I would have to be here early then I need to just to get my work up and print,” Brandon Mack, 18, architecture major said. The library has been refining this new feature since fall of last year in order to improve service while printing on campus. “Vendors told us about the WiFi printing so we’ve been testing out the system to make it available for students to access at home or from their phones,” Noreth Men, a systems librarian, said. The library has embraced a plethora of upgrades offered by vendors to keep up with modern technology. “Moving away from the older way of printing will help make it easy for students,” Men said. In order to convey her point and popularize Wi-Fi printing at EC, she held workshops last week to show students how to create their own accounts for the service. Student are required to sign up using an email of their choice by going to and clicking the “webprint” button. They will then be prompted to enter their email address, type in the site code “ECC,” and click to send a validation code. The code allows students to finish registering at From there, they will be able to create a password to their account and begin uploading files from their computers, flash drives, and SmartPhones. “It’s about time the school did something to help the printing process,” Mack said. “I think it cool they are doing it. I use the Wi-Fi everyday.” Students are reminded to write down the unique file ID code. This will allow them access to the document when signing from library print computers. From there, students can enter their unique ECC account to pay for the print job. Mack said it is a better upgrade from the older system because it always shut down. “It should be nice, very nice.” The process will allow printing to be faster in the library by cutting the time required to log onto the computers in the lab to send each print job. “There are pros and cons to the new system,” Quang said. “But it’s definitely convenient for students.”




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