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It’s all about all of us

A year of Constructing The Future Elevate East Lancashire Suite 22, The Globe Centre, St. James Square Accrington, Lancashire BB5 0RE Telephone: 01254 304550 Fax: 01254 304551 Email:

What’s it all about? A year of Constructing The Future

Pennine Lancashire is undergoing a transformation. Our famous cobbled and terraced streets are being invigorated for new generations. The kinds of jobs we do are changing; the businesses we work for and manage are changing. And these changes are being driven by the people who live here. With the support of government funding through Elevate, the £160 million housing renewal project, Constructing The Future is making this possible. Our role is simple: to help the people and businesses of Pennine Lancashire create better places to live and work, now and in the future. We do this by giving more people the skills to work in construction; by giving people not normally attracted to construction the confidence to get involved, and by helping our local construction and crafts firms deliver the work that will transform Pennine Lancashire. For all of us.

It takes more than money to transform an area that has been blighted by the loss of so much traditional industry, an area where ambitions have been dampened. And we have seen too many of our brightest young talents leave us for challenges elsewhere. Constructing The Future understands this. And we make no apology for wanting to train the people of Pennine Lancashire so they can build a future here for themselves as well as their communities. From bricklayers, plumbers and joiners to architects, construction managers, building surveyors and planners, we are developing our pool of talent – often outside the traditional image of the typical building site worker. With our local Colleges and education centres, we’ve created the Construction Consortium to deliver these new skills; and we have developed an on-site assessment programme to give our people the passport to working in the construction trades.

It’s all about bu ilding together

It’s all about employment Our working lives are changing. The heavy industry that built Pennine Lancashire’s fortunes has all but left, and now we are finding jobs and opportunities in new fields from education to health services, and places to relax to places to live. We need to house these new businesses and the people who work in them. In short, we need more people working in construction.

In the past year, we have helped 200 working adults achieve construction qualifications without them having to attend college. We have supported 180 women with finance and advice to achieve industry qualifications. More than 40 apprentices from our YouthBuild programme have secured full-time work. And we have created to provide a job-matching service for employers and employees.

We have supported more than 100 candidates on our YouthBuild programme, with more than 90 attending college or university, and we have helped 40 apprentices move into full-time jobs. We’ve also helped to create the GCSE / Specialist Diploma in construction to give recognised skills qualifications to young people. And we’ve been out there to talk to young people about their aspirations – more than 3,000 school-age children have benefited.

It really is about young people. They are the ones who will take forward our vision and they are the ones who will build our futures. We encourage young people from all sectors of our community to consider construction as a career option – in the crafts, such as joinery or plumbing, and in professions like architecture and surveying. And we are promoting new building skills, such as those used to protect our climate and the environment, conserve energy, and retain our heritage.

It’s all about young people

In the past year, we have helped construction firms secure 40 additional apprentices. We have engaged with more than 300 employers and local authorities. Our best practice events, designed to help businesses be more competitive, regularly attracted more than 45 delegates. We have hosted networking events attracting hundreds of businesses and individuals. We have helped ten businesses achieve ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management systems.

It’s about doing business the modern way. We need strong, ambitious, skilled and flexible construction businesses to drive forwards our regeneration plans; businesses who want to work together for the benefit of all, who will protect our environment and build sustainable homes. Working on publicly-funded projects is rewarding, though not without challenges. Best practice is at the heart of our work with construction firms. For them to compete for Elevate contracts and sub-contracting opportunities, they need to be ahead of the game on safety, skills, administration and employment. And that’s where we come in. We have specialists who will help businesses complete all the necessary paperwork so that they can compete for Elevate projects. And we have provided access to new services to help businesses – an online tendering programme for smaller businesses to learn more about how to tender effectively; our online trading platform, which will enable construction businesses to buy and sell from each other and develop effective partnerships; and our independent training group which provides expertise and advice on traiing to Pennine Lancashire businesses.

It’s all about d oing business

It’s all about our futures Constructing The Future: A year of highlights Skills:


• 180 NVQ Level 2s in construction trades secured

• £350,000 secured year-on-year including capital expenditure from Elevate

• 16 people supported through On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) to a NVQ3 award;

• £250,000 ESF grant to support training

• The development of a dual award construction GSCE / Specialist Diploma

• £28,000 allocated by Construction Skills for training needs analyses

• Events for 3,000 school pupils by construction professionals to highlight career opportunities

• £130,000 from No Limits towards encouraging young people, women and people from BME communities to participate in construction

• Establishment of one of the UK’s first Construction Skills Academies • Organisation of National Construction Week events including site visits for more than 250 pupils

• £30,000 from the University of Salford to support micro and social enterprises

• Resource pack for schools is launched


• 180 women given funding and mentoring for construction qualifications

• 160 delegates attended the first CTF Sustainability Conference; a second world-class event takes place in Autumn 2008

• We partnered with three FE colleges, three universities and three private training companies to review educational needs and promote innovation in education

• All projects follow codes for sustainable building

• 114 candidates from BME communities have been supported with 94 attending college or university and 40 apprentices gaining full-time positions

Employment: • 54 jobs created and supported by CTF in 2007/08

Business: Constructing The Future: what’s in a name? The work we have done in the past year and the work we have planned is being done for the future. As part of our commitment to the future we see it as our responsibility to work towards minimising the impact of our construction on the environment – the built and the natural. As such, we are committed to the aims of Carbon Challenge, which is assisting homebuilders meet the environmental goals of new housing development. And our lead role in environmentally-responsible construction will be highlighted in Autumn 2008, when we will host a world-class conference on sustainability. Here, in Pennine Lancashire, where we are Constructing The Future.

• More than 300 Best Practice events well attended and, in total, CTF events involved contact with more than 300 individuals from local authorities and employers in the region • Ten businesses supported to achieve ISO14001 (British standard for environmental management systems) • More than 40 existing micro-businesses supported by £44,000 of development funding • Two Constructing The Future business development officers are supporting 80 local contractors and suppliers • 28 local employers listed on Construction Agency website matching job opportunities with personnel

Your Constructing The Future team: (from left to right) Jeff Smithson, Catherine Hackett, Donna Marshall, Chris Gold and Andrew Platten

End of Year 2007  

Constructing the Future end of year report 2007

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