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1. About Topshare and Topshare software The introduction statement on our website: "Topshare facilitates networks and organisations by means of software and consultancy for communication- and knowledge-management processes. In other words, Topshare allows them to share documents, participate in one-to-one and group discussions and archive information with a single intra/internet system." We developed the software early 2000 and the first customers were schools who use it as their intranet. The basic idea has always been that the software should intuitive and therefore easy to use. This would mean that the majority of your participants will use it. Even they log in only once a month. Since 2003 we are involved in EU Research projects. As a partner or sub-contractor. Because dissemination to the public became important with the introduction of FP6, more emphasis was given the Public pages (websites). We therefore developed an integrated CMS in the software. Creating and editing items is handled all through the system in the same way. In 2010 we created an extra 'step': the extranet. Large projects like NuGO and Eurreca with 2000 to 5000 users would like to interact more with their subscribers, but the majority of the persons should not be bothered with the intranet. The intranet is used for project members only, the extranet is used to facilitate the groups would like to express their opinion on a forum, a weblog, etc. We automated subscription to e.g. Newsletters and build weblogs where people can leave comments and ratings. Below picture shows the difference between the Public pages, Extranet and Intranet.

We are using Google analytics for all our customers, each of them having a separate account. We can organize the domains and e-mail boxes for you, as we do for most of our customers. The site can be hosted at your place if you like, but most customers use our provider. That is convenient and 'one stop shopping' for you. Please allow me to explain the set-up of the Topshare environment. The system is very flexible, both in adding design and showing e.g. lists of News of Events. Also the intranet can be manipulated in many ways to fulfill your wishes.

2. Public pages Below some examples of public pages we created and the different functionalities. Maintaining the content is easy via the integrated CMS on the Public Pages. We have a senior graphics designer to help you out. We can of course also implement any design from third party design company's.

Topshare is a partner in the FP6 Network of Excellence EURRECA:

This shows different functionalities like the news and events listings. Subscription and multimedia support like video's. All Public page templates are created by us and fixed. The only thing you have to do is add content (text). News in a folder news, events in a folder events, etc. However you can have different templates and therefore creating different public websites. An example of this setup is: NuGO (The European Nutrigenomics Organisation) The home page is simple, but the different NuGO sites have different functionalities. NutriAlerts is a weblog showing articles in a specific way and persons can log in to give comments or rate the article. The NuGO Homepage:

NutriAlerts Pages

E-learning Pages

A more complex website is AcropraNet

This site was designed by a third party with drop-down menus and changing images.

3. The Intranet The two main areas in the intranet are content and address book. All persons who register can be sorted in Teams and Organisations. We use the address book (Persons, Teams and Organisations) to give them permissions to the content. They can have different roles, which is explained on our website: Under the button 'how do we do it' you will find the basics. The content is stored in folders and each folder or item can have different settings. The intranet can be very complex, so instead of using one large content tree, the NuGO the tree is cut up in smaller sections. Faster navigation in this way as well.

With a kind of metro-map to guide people in two or three clicks to their destination.

The Eurreca intranet is more simple:

In case of NuGO about 20 to 30 different people login every weekday. In Eurreca this is between 1020. In all cases the intranet is the only source of information. Of course the coordinators can mail items or mail direct links to items, but the rule is that the information on the intranet is always up to date and true.

Example of the folder structure in Eurreca:

Address book NuGO:

We always emphasize the importance of the address book and ask people to fill in their profile all the way. Very useful and handy if you look for phone numbers, email and who is involved of partner X in this project. You can also mail persons, teams and organisations.

4. Topshare’s Services 

Consultancy, training Using our experiences (in EU projects) we have learned that we need about 24 hrs spread over a number of days/weeks to set up the project. This includes: Setting up the software, adding the content and the structure, writing and supporting the project members: How to use Topshare and exchange knowledge via one central website. We use the Citrix GotoMeeting tool to train people how to use Topshare.

Website/Internet support An extra service for customers who are busy with and have full focus on the project and do not want to be bothered with the specifics about for instance publishing content on public web pages. But also support questions helping and training persons, small adjustments, (technical) advice about internet use, video streaming, document control and versioning, etc. This is in most cases a contract for 2 days a month.

E-learning Topshare is very involved in E-learning. As a partner in the NuGO project we developed two elearning modules that ‘run’ on the Topshare environment. The modules are produced in close cooperation with the content managers. The modules are SCORM compliant and can also be used on other different learning systems universities use. Two demo versions can be accessed via: and Screenshot E-learning demo module

Adding design and extra functionalities - databases/questionnaires/etc. In many cases we can help you with changes in e.g. the design. We employ designers, to add your own look and feel to the site. But you can also connect us to your own designers or handover design templates that we can add to the site. We can develop integrated forms with special design or you can use our Lime Survey module. This module is fully integrated with our Address Book and can be used for many purposes within your network or on your Public Pages.

On line meeting tool: GoToMeeting To save money and time I would like to present you the option GotoMeeting supporting Real Time Collaboration. It is used in different EU projects for the smaller meetings. Topshare is a partner of the Citrix Corporation and the combination with our software is a strong one. The Return on Investment is excellent. About the costs one international physical meeting. We use it to support the users of the different projects and will be very happy to demonstrate to you. More information:

5. Topshare Functionalities 

 

Public websites: o Many different websites possible on the same Topshare application o Different layout possibilities o News, events, etc, listings o Transparent Permission structure (throughout the site!) Extranet: o Weblogs, forums o Separated from intranet o Comments, ratings to articles Notifications about new items or changed items: o RSS o E-mail o Reminders o Coming soon, subscription per folder (area) Registration: o Activation mail o Automated adding to teams and organisation (groups in Address Book) Intranet: o Easy folders structure o Item types: Folder, Item, Discussion, News, Event (Document type coming soon) o Send item by mail o Transparent Permission structure based on the Address Book (Persons and groups) Address Book: o Central part of the site containing Persons, Teams and Organisations) o Basis for the permission setting on the content (moderator, owner, editor, replier, viewer) o E-mail functionality (Mail to: person, team or organisation) (Mailing lists) Integrated products: o LimeSurvey -> Questionnaires and forms o E-learning modules o RSS video streaming 6. Topshare Prices  

To be transparent: our hourly fee is 85 euro’s whatever service is taken. The yearly hosting and support fee (incl. 200 registered users) = 3500 euro per year. (fee per person over 200 is 12 euro per year) Support means technical support: fixing bugs and upgrades to the software (new functionalities. All prices are ex. 19% VAT.

Marten Renkema

Managing Director Topshare International BV Phone: +31 6 53857056

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