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12 Conecta Centre is born


Creation of iFis – Institute of formation and social intervention



Beginning of the work with mentally disabled people


Start of our work with children

Creation of Aldaba Special employment centre

Creation of Association Aspacia



Start of our work in social emergencies and with homeless people

07 The publisher Grupo 5 is born

13 • Opening of the infant school El Igloo • Opening of the Grupo 5 social delegation Chile • Beginning of the Jumping Clay activity • Start in autism: infant school Fred Keller - Cordoba

92 First management contract out of Madrid


Start of rehabilitation activities on people with severe and lasting mental illness


Foundation Aldaba is born

88 Grupo 5 starts its activity of consulting, management and training

04 06 Grupo 5 becomes structured as a business group


Start of activities on violence and beginning of the first transnational project

Beginning of the management of Samur SOCIAL

Where are we

A Coruña Training


Pontevedra Social emergencies and homeless people

Cáceres (Plasencia) Mental health


Huelva Social emergencies and homeless people Cádiz Training

CANARIAS Training Tenerife Las Palmas


Sevilla Social and ho

MADRID (Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez,Alcobendas, Cobeña,Alpedrete y Sevilla la Nueva) - Social emergencies and homeless people - Training, childhood and family - IFIS - Training - Consulting - Publishing - Mental health - Intellectual Disabilities

Córdoba y Jaén Training

emergencies omeless people

Barcelona Training, childhood and family

Our Company

swers, n a r u o t p We ada tions u l o s e d i v pro We are for and

Grupo 5 is a Spanish company founded in 1988 dedicated to the management of social and educational services, both public and private. Within its areas of activity, we can also find higher education and publishing.

people that wo rk by, with people

Our Company

VISION To be a reference entity in social services and in personal attention, that provides solutions.

MISSIĂ“N Consolidate a professional organization dedicated to invent, innovate and manage efficiently services of personal and social attention of great quality.

Values Responsibility is an achievement, not a gift

Plurality, the seed of progress

Humanism, the base of our organization Transparency shows the moral health of an organization

Trust, as in art, never comes from having all the answers, but from being open to all the questions

Our activity Data from 2012

Social emergencies • 15.208 people treated (2012 data) • Samur SOCIAL Madrid • Social emergency unit Madrid • Social emergencies mobile unit Seville • Hot and cold campaign Seville • Comprehensive centre of emergency and social inclusion Vigo • Cold Campaign Vigo

Our activity Data from 2012

Homeless • 5.681 people treated (datos 2012) • Shelter Puerta Abierta Madrid • City shelter Seville • Shelter service for pedestrians Huelva • Comprehensive centre of emergency and social inclusion Vigo

Our activity Data from 2012

Education, childhood and family • Social education • 4 devices • 12.111 people treated • Childhood protection • 8 devices Child Care centres, meeting points, family schools

• 7.808 people treated • Childhood education • 9 devices Public and private nursery schools

• 610 people treated

Our activity Data from 2012

Formation, publishing and consulting • 33 offered courses • 1.283 alumni • 8.059 hours given • 2.639 units sold

Our activity Data from 2012

Mental health • 1.654 people treated • 7 residential centres Madrid and Extremadura • 12 supervised apartments • 4 centres for psychosocial rehabilitation • 6 centres of labour rehabilitation • 7 day centres of social support • 8 teams of social community support

Our activity Data from 2012

Intellectual disability • 342 people attended • 6 devices Day and occupational centre Carlos Castilla del Pino Alcorcón, Madrid Day centre and residence Almanzor – Social Services Enablers Occupational centre and residence Avantos – Social Services Enablers

Data from 2012

1.020 professionals

1.283 people trained

50 published titles, 8.755 units sold

Data from 2012

82% permanent contracts 43.414 people attended

3,7% of people with disabilities in the staff

84 centers or services

The means have changed, our compromise hasn’t. (Click to see the video)




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