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A TribuTe to a Legend To state that Dr. O. P. Bhalla, a village boy from a rural family of Mohna in Tehsil BallabgarhFaridabad (Haryana), was a complete man would be an understatement. Indeed, he was a complete man: an exemplary family man, pleasant and engaging, he had judgment, timing and vision. He took up one idea: the betterment of human beings and surrounded himself with capable people to fulfill that aim. Above all, he was a nation builder in every respect. His passion for his city and his country and his desire to reach out to the world knew no boundaries. His humble dream that began from Faridabad took on many more hues and flowered into a bouquet of myriad flowers each with a different fragrance. While there was education with limitless boundaries which were international in nature, there was community development for which he went to the extent of creating a Community Radio Station, better healthcare, enrichment of the environment and much more. A man of this stature comes once in a millennium and a tribute on paper is just not enough. Our father has left us his legacy to follow, write Prashant and Amit Bhalla.

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life -- think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. - Swami Vivekananda hancellor Sir’s was a humble beginning. When he decided to initiate the Cooperative Housing Movement in the late Eighties leaving his flourishing medical practice, it must have been a difficult step. It was uncharted territory – but then that was what Dr. O. P. Bhalla was all about. Chancellor Sir loved diving deep into the unknown. That housing initiative at Fairdabad’s Sainik Colony spread out over 200 acres near the Badhkal Lake – the first of its kind in the city – meant to provide shelter to lower middle and middle class citizens at highly affordable rates at a ‘no-profit, no-loss basis’ is today a prestigious address. As President of the Ex-Sainik & Karamchari Co-operative House Building Society, Dr.


Dr. O. P. Bhalla with his sons, Prashant Bhalla (to his right) and Amit Bhalla to his left

Bhalla did the groundwork for one of the most modern and self-dependent mini townships. It had its own water supply, electric sub-stations, metalled road network, prestigious schools, most renowned temple of Faridabad, a shopping complex, community centre, parks and beautiful horticulture. The hard work was recognized: Sainik Colony was awarded the first position in Northern India in Cooperative Housing Sector in 2000 by the National Cooperative Housing Federation of India. All because of the ‘Quality Seeker’ Dr. O. P. Bhalla. Even his initiatives in the co-operative field got him recognition at the international level where he represented India at various forums in Switzerland, Bangladesh, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong among many others. That co-operative movement was the beginning. It established Dr. Bhalla as a leader: he was elected Director of Haryana Cooperative Housing Federation and later became Director of the National Cooperative Housing

Exchanges, etc. to enrich the quality of education at Manav Rachna. Among these institutions and multinationals are KPMG, HAY Group, Learningware, Curtin University, Australia, Hiram College, iCarnegie and Mosaica Education Inc., of USA, University of Toronto and Algonquin College of Canada, AIS St. Helens, New Zealand, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, That search for quality saw him play Finland, Leed Metropolitan a lead role in establishing the Shiva University and Teesside University, of Temple in Sainik Colony. The Dr O.P.Bhalla honoured with the UK, University Pendidikan Sultan magnificent edifice boasts of a majestic Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani award Idris, Malaysia, Tsukuba University, Shiva Linga of 21¼ feet height and 6 Japan, University Sains, Malaysia, feet diameter. A deeply caring man, he Kunskapsskolan Inc., Sweden and many others with whom was also one of the key activists of Samanvaya Mandir the process of cooperation is on. established by Swami Satyamitra Nandji, former Shankaracharya and founder of the Bharat Mata Mandir, Dr. Bhalla with his undying interest in the betterment of Haridwar. human beings was not satisfied with the setting up of schools and colleges. His concept of a human being was one who After establishing the foundation for a better environment was not merely fit in mind and body but lived in a – the Sainik Colony-- Dr. Bhalla turned to nurturing young conducive environment. He undertook social welfare minds. He joined the M R Education Society in 1995 and projects for the benefit of the community. The Radio Manav started the first private unaided engineering college in Rachna which he so fondly shaped aired programmes for Faridabad in 1997: Career Institute of Technology & the benefit of society belonging to different strata. Whether Management. The Institute was granted autonomous status it was programmes for the youth or for the rural housewife, by the Government of Haryana from the 2008-09 academic for him every channel was important as long as it spread the session and has been accredited twice by National Board of message of well-being. Accreditation. Ministry of Human Resource Development, and conferred the ‘Deemed to be University’ status to Career Apart from providing liberal scholarships to meritorious Institute Technology & Management in 2008. boys and girls, handicapped and economically backward students, Dr. Bhalla initiated a “Health for All” movement Dr. Bhalla’s initiative acquired speed and there was no that included arranging Blood Donation Camps on a regular looking back. It was a double-pronged move: while he basis, establishing Free OPD Clinics in Dental Care and guided the institutions and kept on adding courses, on the Physiotherapy at the Siddhadata Ashram, Sector 21-C, other, he pursued his quest for quality. The Career Institute Faridabad, Mahavir International Centre, 5, NIT, Faridabad of Technology and Management was started first in 1997. and a Mobile Clinic for the neighbourhood, arranging Then came the M R College of Education and the Manav Thalassaemia awareness camps and workshops for Prevention Rachna College of Engineering in 2004. In 2006, the and Eradication of Dengue, etc. Today, Manav Rachna Manav Rachna International School at Sector 21-C, Educational Institutions are regular recipients of awards for Faridabad, was established along with Manav Rachna Dental College. From then on, schools were established at a blinding Blood Donation and Horticulture promotion by the Red Cross and district authorities. In between, he also adopted pace: the Manav Rachna International School at Sector 14, village Dekola for all round development. Faridabad came in 2007, the Manav Rachna International School at Sector 46, Gurgaon was set up in 2008 and the Manav Rachna International Schools -- at Sector 51, Gurgaon and at Eros Garden, Faridabad – were born in 2009.

Finance Corporation, New Delhi. But it also made Dr. O. P. Bhalla a builder – indeed a builder in more senses of the word than one. In one grand move, he had not only understood the concept of cooperation but found it possible to infect it with his ultimate dream of achieving quality in everything he did.

A great believer in the youth of India and the heights that the country could reach, Dr. O. P. Bhalla was well aware of the vast pool of talent that the country possessed that had to be tapped and nurtured. The creation of the schools and colleges and ultimately the university was only a small step toward the achievement of the dream of providing quality education that was at par with the best institutions in India and abroad at affordable costs. The other part of the dream was bringing the best from across the world. Many multinational companies and foreign Universities joined hands with Dr. O. P. Bhalla through joint R & D Projects, Sponsored Projects, Faculty and Students

Happy to inaugurate the thalessimia campaign with Chief Minister Hooda


Sharing his vision

Chancellor Sir’s work did not go unnoticed. Honours and awards came from across the nation and foreign shores.

Dr O.P.Bhalla pleased to see youngsters donating blood

n June 17, 2005: Vikas Sheromani Puraskar presented by his Excellency Lt .Gen (R) Ajay Singh (Hon’ble Governor of Assam) awarded by the institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi. n August 5, 2005: Bhartia Sheromani Award presented by H. E. Mr. A. R. Kidwai, Hon’ble Governor of Haryana. n November 19, 2005: Foundation against Thalassemia presented Dr. O. P. Bhalla, a certificate of appreciation for organizing Blood Donation for their course. n December 22, 2005: Rashtriya Nirman Gold Award presented by Mr. Manik Rao, Hon’ble Home Minister (State), Government of India, and Mr. E. V. F. Evong, Hon’ble Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Government of India, for “Individual Achievement and Excellence” organized by Indian Society for Industry.

Receiving the Rashtriya Nirman Gold award

n August, 2006: Rajiv Gandhi Excellency Award by Executive Director of Economic Studies. n January 13, 2011: Swami Vivekananda National Award for building New India through Excellence in Education. n November 17, 2011: Indira Gandhi Priyadarshni Award at a conference on “India of Indira’s Dream” to mark the 94th Birth Anniversary of Late Smt Indira Gandhi

Beginning the new year on a religious note

n January 25, 2012: Hind Rattan Award by NRI Welfare Society of India for promoting Unity, Progress, Friendship and Cooperation. n June 17, 2012: Honorary Doctorate Degree by Medicina Alternativa affiliated to The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the proceedings of the World Congress of Integrated Medicines held at Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia. n June 20, 2012: International Achievers Award for the year 2012 in International Achievers Summit at Bangkok by Indian Achievers Forum and India-Thai Business Association, Thailand, jointly for his distinguished services in the field of education and social development. n November 22, 2012: Toppers in Engineering Education Award by Hon’ble Union Minister Mr. K. Suresh at a conference organized by Business Sphere Magazine.

Last day at work. Chancellor welcomes Lt Gen Arora to the MRDC orientation on 13 September 2013

n August 15, 2013: Lt. General (Retd) H. E. Mr. K. M. Seth (former Governor of Chhattisgarh) at the 32nd Annual Conference 2013 of All India Conference of Intellectuals conferred ‘Haryana Ratan Award’ for his contribution in the field of Education and Social Welfare.

Dr. O. P. Bhalla, Founder and Visionary lives on in our lives. His work, his achievements – indeed his life – will always guide us to attain what he always desired: to spread his message of peace and prosperity amongst the people of India and the world at large.


THe JeWeL In oUR CRoWn Dr. N. C. Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University, recounts the many facets of the gem that was Dr. O.P. Bhalla, the origin of all that Manav Rachna stands for today

founder: Manav Rachna would be one of the top educational institutions in the country. The effort of collaborating with foreign universities only went to show the zeal which he wanted to inspire within the students. He understood the dream which many youngsters had of going abroad to cherish and enjoy the comforts of a foreign lands. So that they could get the best of both worlds, he focused on getting his students to intern in foreign countries for atleast one semester. Dr. O. P. Bhalla, who shaped an educational movement His magic touch transformed everything, and everyone, called Manav Rachna left for his heavenly abode on who came in contact with him. An important September 16, 2013. But his mission will continue with characteristic of our extraordinary Chancellor is that he Manav Rachna Educational Institutions dedication to train always referred to himself, in all humility, as an ordinary and equip its students with the latest knowledge and skills. man. His belief was that anything could be achieved with Keeping in mind the values, the visionary strived for, ideas and flair. Generous and always encouraging, though our students are trained to face global challenges which his rapidity of ideas could sometimes be challenging to mould them to become responsible implement, Dr Bhalla remained citizens of India. A work culture throughout a strong champion of of theoretical and applied interests of the institutions. research leading to creation One of the missions closest and dissemination of to his heart was Research knowledge, is imbibed in and Development. He left our students. While Dr. O. no stone unturned to P. Bhalla is no longer with provide facilities for us, but his rich legacy is a research. He standing testimony of encouraged the excellence at work, the Teachers and students fragrance of which will of all disciplines to continue forever to put in their very best inspire us. efforts and find pathDr.O.P.Bhalla was more breaking and original than our Chancellor: He solutions to was a progressive Dr.N.C.Wadhwa identified problems. educationist fired by high welcoming the New innovations by ideals, a visionary with a Chancellor to the 6th the students achieved practical approach and a Manav Rachna with the help of pious believer but secular Corporate Cricket their Faculty in outlook. He had Challenge Cup in members were infinite faith in human March 2013 always encouraged beings – that was the by him. He pushed them to do better and betterand never most important element of his life and one that took him stopped to appreciate the smallest efforts. Unlike most of to create the institution as it is today. The visionary’s us, he never hesitated to compliment improvement and extraordinary interest in everything around him, his love excellence. It is, therefore, not surprising that a record for sports and eagerness to engage our students in games, number of research papers were submitted at national and besides studies and extra-curricular activities was amazing. international forums. His commitment to the cause of ‘quality education to Taking Manav Rachna to the global map whether it was all’ was total and it inspired him to move ahead ceaselessly till his last day. What made him so special was that he was a through students’ exchange programmes, new collaborations or he being honoured with a doctorate at man with a ‘vision’ — a vision of something new in Malaysia, spoke volumes about the wide horizon he was education, of something so necessary and easily acceptable able to foresee and visualize. at this point of time in history. We vividly remember one The Revered Chancellor has left the huge responsibility of his last speeches to the students of management: Why do of the gigantic Institutions on the able shoulders of his we need to go to IITs, he asked. Without belittling the dear sons Mr Prashant Bhalla and Dr. Amit Bhalla, who IITs and their work, Dr Bhalla promised that Manav with their valuable experience and clarity of thoughts will Rachna would be equal, if not better than the IITs in the concretize his dreams and take Manav Rachna to greater future. That must have fired the students to do well and heights. aim high. His words also pointed to his dream as a

This issue of REPORTER is a tribute to the legend …



The Assocham award for excellence was a pride for Manav Rachna

Col. V.K.Gaur with Dr. O.P.Bhalla, Dr. N. C. Wadhwa and Dr. M. M. Kathuria

Diamonds are diamonds for ever ! he icy hands of destiny snatched away a true Karamyogi, Raj Rishi, Our Mentor, Role Model and Architect of MR family of institutions on Monday 16, September. As was his wont, whole life he continued his normal office duties till the last working day. His death leaves behind a gaping void which would remain a challenge to all his admirers.


Dr. O. P. Bhalla, the founding father of MR left behind a trail of stirring professional derring-do which will continue to be a beacon for posterity amongst members of MR Family. Having made a humble beginning as early as 1997, Dr. OP Bhalla’s irrepressible urge, evangelistic zeal, astute professionalism, pragmatic approach and indomitable courage propelled MRIU to its present imposing status. During this journey of 17 years, establishing six international schools, a deemed university, an Engineering College, a Dental College, a college of education and a community radio station are achievements which transcend human endeavour. Besides, Dr. O. P. Bhalla always engaged himself in philanthropist service to the society through a legion of health camps, blood donation camps, scholarship to the needy, awareness programmes against life threatening and terminal diseases, promotion of art, culture and other disciplines of fine arts. He established a sports academy and an international shooting range which are comparable with the best in the National Capital Region. He adopted Mr. Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar as brand ambassadors of MR. His tremendous love for cricket has been translated into a corporate cricket tournament where the talented players rub shoulders. He endeared the presence of the icons of Indian Cricket, Bishan Singh Bedi, legendary Kapil Dev, the ever stylish batsman of the yesteryear, Mohd. Azharuddin, Madan Lal and Chetan Sharma


for guidance and motivation of the budding crop of talented cricketers. His vision for higher education revolved around quality, research and extension of service to the society. He translated his vision by developing symbiotic relationship with industry and collaborating with a large number of leading universities in Europe, USA, North America, Australia and NewZealand. He rendered yeoman service to the citizenry of Faridabad to the extent that a large number of our students occupy coveted positions in Corporate, Public Sector, Government both civil and the armed forces. The perennial inadequacy experienced by the people of Faridabad for career opportunities was addressed in a most accomplished manner by his untiring efforts. A great societal service this ! In fact Dr. Bhalla’s unbridled love and affection for residents of Faridabad never waned even after 25 year of unparalleled service in broad sectors of education and cooperative housing. Dr. Bhalla, leaves behind two sons: Prashant and Amit as his illustrious progeny to be bequeathed with his rich legacy to enable the MR Family to scale the pinnacle of excellence. Mrs Satya Bhalla, his wife, has heen a fountainhead of inspiration and encouragement behind Dr. Bhalla’s sterling achievements throughout his life. His innings had been a cachet of rare genius and altruism. MR fraternity in tribute to him, who rose above the challenges of time to leave an imprint of effort and achievements that has shaped our present and will inspire our future. We shall always treasure the memories of the great soul with great affection in our hearts.

Diamonds are diamonds for ever !

To Sir, With Love The loss is immeasurable, the memories vivid and the learning unmatched. I can say without any doubt that I would not be who and where I am today without his mentoring, generosity of sharing his immense knowledge and friendship, and bringing REPORTER to the height it is today – I bow my head in gratitude to the legend who shall remain unparalleled.. For those of us lucky enough to get to work and sharing our moments with Dr O.P.Bhalla, it’s been a lucidly great honor. Unfortunately, that day has come when we have to refer to him in the past tense : “I will miss Chancellor Sir immensely.” Dr O.P.Bhalla helped usher in the era of quality education and then led a cultural transformation whether it was through his various projects of community radio station, thalessimia campaigns, blood donation campaigns or plantation projects, or the immense interest he had in sports towards creating a healthy mind and a healthy body. Through his extraordinary leadership, Chancellor helped to transform the campus into a modern research university with diverse programs. He helped to set the university on a path to growth, vitality and inclusiveness. His rich legacy will live on forever through the countless initiatives that began during his tenure and will continue to thrive under the able leadership of his sons Prashant and Amit Bhalla. He never took one step backwards, always marching forward, together, and as he often said in many of his addresses, “I need to sanctify a dream and once I dream I take all steps to turn it to reality,” such was the vision of the dynamic personality. He was a friend who set a courageous example of doing what is right regardless of the hurdles he had to cross. It was an executive style which he evolved, meddling in tiny details while working with anyone high up in stature or while interaction with an ordinary domestic help. He once shared with me, “One of the domestic help has the habit of saying he has understood the chores given to him. But in reality he hadn’t understood anything. So what I do now is make him repeat what he is expected to do. And that does it all,” he said with a smile and he advised me to ensure that people had understood their responsibilities, “Designate work, learn to supervise, learn to be a good manager,” he said with authority. His criticism could be sharp and yet gentle and that lead him to elicit extraordinary loyalty. Chancellor Sir was neither a hardware engineer nor a software programmer, nor did he think of himself as a manager. He considered himself a leader, choosing the best people

possible, encouraging and prodding them, and making the final call on whatever he thought best . He was the most passionate leader one could hope for, a motivating force without parallel. and his standards were exacting. The University’s very name Manav Rachna reflected his unconventionality. In an era when educationists tended to describe their Institutes with the names of their districts or states or even their own names, the Visionary believed in coining a name which related directly to every human being who pronounced the name. For him Manav Rachna or Creating Better Human Beings was the foremost purpose of his life. For Chancellor Sir , education was a force for social and economic change. He always believed in providing the best teaching methodologies. This was because he was a teacher and a learner himself. And learn he would from everyone. As he narrated in one of our last meetings, “Children these days are very intelligent thanks to the technology they are exposed to. My youngest grand daughter who is around 3 years old called me a “Budhu Dadu” when I sought her help to play some old Hindi songs instead of bhajans from my Ipad. “Anyone can be a teacher and at any age, you only must have the desire to learn and grow.” He spoke with great interest about the flying aeroplane which he had bought for his grandson and that apparatus flew into the sky to take visual pictures. He kept himself abreast of technologies and was an ardent learner and teacher. It was therefore not unusual that I went to take his blessings on Teacher’s Day since I considered him to be my most esteemed teacher. To his understanding of education he brought an immersion in popular culture. He expressed his thoughts in a way which said “trying to expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then trying to bring those things into what you are doing.” He was everywhere and he seemed to be trying to hear everything people had to say. Sir, worked at what he loved. He worked really hard. Every day. That’s incredibly simple, but true. Well, we all in the end – die in medias res (in the midst of things). In the middle of a story. Of many stories. And surely Chancellor Sir had many stories to complete. But he has left the reigns of his legacy in the dynamic hands of his two sons and they will fulfill his vision with the guidance they have received from him. And each one of us will have to be there to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of a vision which a living legend left for posterity.




A Tribute… “The body is mortal, but the person dwelling in the body is immortal and immeasurable” ( Bhagawad – Gita ) The reverberation of the master’s steps, moving steadily across the holy portals of the magnificent temple of learning that he so ardently built, can still be heard. Like a father, he tended it lovingly, thus raising it brick by brick with a coloured success. He accomplished this mammoth task with the sheer power of his penetrating foresight and unflagging zeal in order to light many a lives with the luminosity of knowledge. Dressed impeccably in formal attire and warmly greeting everyone in all humility, Dr. O.P.Bhalla, President, MREI, carried a serene aura around himself. Today, the consummate pioneer, profound thinker, keen researcher is no longer amidst us. He has left for his heavenly abode and is deeply missed by all. He is survived by a legacy of brilliance called Manav Rachna Educational Institutions and his staff and students, who are committed to perpetuate the values he himself epitomized.

JOURNEY… Dr. O.P.Bhalla’s successful innings kindled in him the dream and vision of the world class educational institutions and this was his ‘Karmabhoomi’ Like a true ‘Karmyogi’ he undertook the daunting task of transforming the 50 acres into a verdant Elysium. In accomplishing this, he sagaciously displayed an Artist’s imagination and a scientist’s temperament.

VISION… “Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” (Khalil Gibran) A visionary par excellence, Dr. O. P. Bhalla aspired to transform the way education was defined in India. In an astoundingly short span of time, he succeeded in placing the MREI on top of the chart of premiere Institutions in the country, possessing state of the art infrastructure and amenities. His penchant to offer foreign exposure to the students through exchange programs was well known and his


love for technology based learning remains legendry. However, his fortè lay in selfless devotion to the society, emphasizing character building with the perception of universal harmony, an ethical and pure life along with academic excellence.

CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE SOCIETY: A true Artist Dr. O. P. Bhalla was an ardent advocate of quality in education, he averred that maximizing quality in numbers was the biggest challenge that the academicians faced.

THE LEGACY CONTINUES…. As a man casts off worn-out garments and puts on others which are new, similarly the embodied soul casts off the worn-out body and enters other new ones. ( Bhagwad Gita ) Although Dr. O.P. Bhalla’s untimely demise has left us with a grief that is inconsolable and a loss that is irreparable, we solemnly pledge to prove ourselves worthy, as true beneficiaries of his legacy. We vow to ensure that Manav Rachna continues to shine like a resplendent star in the firmament of fame and glory. We bask in the blessing that our Sir, ceaselessly, showers upon us from the heavens above, revelling in the pride of a father upon seeing the flowers of the garden, which he so lovingly cultivated, grow and blossom. O Lord What thou gavest, Thou takest not away, for what is Thine is ours always, if we are Thine. And life is eternal and Love is immortal, and Death is only a horizon and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. And so, Dr. O. P. Bhalla, our reverred and beloved in our hearts and memories, lives on…..

AWArd To RemembeR An honoured gem is always recognized. Late Dr. O.P. Bhalla, Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University was conferred with yet another award: The Haryana Ratan Award for his contribution to education and society. The Haryana Ratan Award was conferred upon Dr. O. P. Bhalla

Amongst an august gathering, Dr. O. P. Bhalla, Chancellor, Manav Rachna Rachna International University was honoured with the Haryana Ratan Award on August 25, 2013. The award was in acknowledgment of his copious contribution to the field of education and social welfare at the 32nd Annual Celebration of All India Conference of


Intellectuals 2013. The programme was held at DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh. The function was presided over by His Excellency, Ex-Governor of Chattisgarh Lt. Gen (Retd) K. M. Seth, Justice Rajesh Tandon (Member, Human Rights Commission, UK), Dr S. Farooq and Mr Prakash Nidhi Sharma,Advocate,

A Life Time Achievement award was conferred upon Late Dr.O.P.Bhalla by the Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At its Annual General Meeting on 4 October, 2013 at HUDA Convention Hall, Sector 12, Faridabad, the august gathering observed two minute silence as a mark of respect. They paid homage to Dr. O. P. Bhalla, Chancellor and Chairman Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. The working committee of FCCI honored the departed soul for his contribution to the field of higher education.

Supreme Court. “It is my aspiration and dream to make my humble contribution to society. Whether it is in the education field or as a social reformer, I will strive to contribute for the welfare of society,” said a humble Dr. Bhalla referring to the honour he was bestowed with.

Shri Randeep Surjewala, Hon’ble Minister Industry and Power, State Government of Haryana was the Chief Guest , Smt. Sharda Rathor, MLA and Chief Parliament Secretary was the Guest of Honor. The award was received by Col. (R) V K Gaur, Advisor Manav Rachna Educational Institutions from the hon’ble Minister. Col. V K Gaur thanked the President FCCI Shri Dhawan, General Secretary, Shri Jain, Shri JP Malhotra, Shri SK Batra and others present at the occasion for bestowing such a great honour to the visionary and philanthropist .



Thank you Dr. O.P. Bhalla Sir for giving us the world of Manav Rachna God put His arms around you and whispered, “Come to me.”With tearful eyes we watched you fade away, although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating; hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best…

Emaad being honoured by the Chief Patron MRIS

e will remain in the hearts of all. Dr OP Bhalla (19472013) Chief Patron of Manav Rachna International Educational Institutions, philanthropist and a social icon of Haryana left for his heavenly abode on 16/09/13Here is a tribute to a great guide and a great mentor..... I am still trying to accept the bitter fact that he has left us all. I am not sure that if I ever will. As I recollect the wonderful memories I spent with Dr O P Bhalla, I am torn between grief, pain and sorrow. At his funeral as I cried and screamed-unable to put up a brave face, unwilling to be patient and calm, I heard so many voices talking about Dr OP Bhalla's contribution to the society and country at large. After all he was a colonizer- colonizer of hearts and for all these mourners one meeting with Dr OP Bhalla was just more than enough. What were his ideas? What were his visions? Introducing students to the latest technology and ensuring that it helped in making their dreams come true; encouraging positivity and positive thinking and a strongly held belief that if this generation of students had to prosper, our approach will have to bridge the gaps between different generations. How can anyone forget the revolution he brought in Education ? A proud and a decorated recipient of highest honours like Vikas Shiromani Puraskar, Bhartia Shiromani Puraskar, Rashtriya Nirman Gold Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Award, FIT Life Time Achievement Award, Haryana Ratan Award, Buisness Icon of Faridabad and many more has been instrumental in changing the educational landscape of this country. A man of ethics, religious values and spirits. An encomium of Dr OP Bhalla is very hard to write. There are a million thoughts, even more emotions yet I am loss of words. I wish I could tell the world how you were an intellectual phenomenon and not just an individual. I wish I could tell you how strongly you stood for justice and purity leading to a just society and in return leading to a just and a pure country. I wish I could tell the world about your shrewd academic mind or the extraordinary patience, soberness and kindness you possessed in your actions and visions. I wish I could just meet you once and you would put your hands on my head and hug me the way you did when I always met you. I am not too sure about there being an another Dr OP Bhalla or someone who could really come close. But I know that the years you lived you left a million waving impressions on countless minds. In the reflections of those impressions, Dr OP Bhalla would continue to exist. You will be missed, forever and ever.




Our chief patron Dr. O.P. Bhalla had the vision that if a child can grow beyond his dream then he can dream, design and can create a wonderful place in the world. Dr. O. P. Bhalla’s focus was always on the future, where the students are able to meet the challenges that would never seem bigger. Our patron’s motto was to create good human being and for that the children should be molded with good values embedded for life. Dr. O. P. Balla was born on April 4, 1947 in District Mianwali (erstwhile Pakistan). The path he travelled on was very difficult but he had the determination and faith and strength which made impossible things possible. Dr. O.P. Bhalla was a philanthropist, social activist, committed, dedicated and a visionary, who changed the educational and social landscape of NCR in general and South Haryana in particular by his dedication and sheer hard work. He was the guiding spirit who desired for all round, holistic development of every student to tap the innate ability uniquely for the betterment of human kind. His vision and ethos will always be the guiding light for us. Dr. O. P. Bhalla made the students tread on untrodden paths with power of imagination. These mere words are not enough to explain the gap that has been made in our hearts but Sir we assure you to keep alive your vision of good spirit, morals and ethics you instilled in us. We will always miss you and you will hold a special place in our heart always…

STUDENTS FROM MRIS NOIDA PAY THEIR TRIBUTES: Here in Manav Rachna, I am living my dreams in reality. . Thank you Sir. - Siddhi Arora

You will always live in our heart. You are the guiding spirit, Thank you Sir for opening the world of wonders for us. - Himanish Panicker

We will miss you and you will hold a special place in our heart. Thank you Sir. - Sarthak Gupta

MRIS, is just another world where I am taught to be myself and achieve the best. Thank you Sir. We will miss you. - Shashwat Khanna

I am lucky and feeling proud to be an MRIS, student. Thank you Sir for giving us this wonderful world. - Pratham Bagga

We are bowing our heads in front of you. Thank you Sir for making our world wonderful. - Tejas Choudhary


AWARDS AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL The Manav Rachna Group humbly accepts the two awards recently conferred at Dubai: Manav Rachna Educational Institutions was honored with the prestigious international award for ‘Asia’s most promising brand for innovation and leadership in Education 2012-2013’. Mr Prashant Bhalla, Senior Vice President, Manav Rachna group was awarded with excellence in leadership for education category

Dr Amit Bhalla receiving the awards at Dubai


anav Rachna Educational Institutions was felicitated with Asia’s Most Promising Brand & Leader in the field of education. An initiative by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) and ibrands 360 research. The award involves the most promising brands and leaders from various Asian countries that have contributed to the scintillating success story and charted a path-breaking progression blueprint of the Asian economy. “Awards are gratifying and when they are recognized at an international level, they truly speak of the journey we have accomplished with hard work and sincerity,” were the sentiments expressed by Dr Amit Bhalla,Vice President Manav Rachna who accepted the award in Dubai The selection process involved AMP deploying a variegated toolset of intrinsic brand barometers that are advised and evaluated by KPMG in India. The eminent panel consisted

of an international jury which included distinguished members from a diverse spectrum. . Mr. Prashant Bhalla, Senior Vice – President , Manav Rachna was awarded with Excellence in Education Leader 2012-13 for his leadership in the education category. “Manav Rachna

Educational Institutions (MREI) under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla, Chairman , (MREI) has established itself as one of the prestigious educational entities in India and we are glad to have achieved this success story in a short span of 16 years,” expressed Mr Prashant Bhalla.

Around fifty brands from various categories covering Finance, Technology, Pharma, Healthcare, Commodities, Entertainment , Lifestyle and Education were recognized for their contribution in their respective fields. Mahindra tractors (India), Tata Tiscon (India), NIIT Technologies (India),Videocon (India), Jaypee Greens (India), Apollo Munich (India) were some of the Indian Brands who were awarded at the function. Mr Abhimanyu Ghosh, Executive Editor & Managing Director, World Consulting & Research Corporation said, ‘This is a recognizing platform for each brand that does well. Extensive research has been conducted across various countries from Asia. An eminent jury panel along with KPMG in India has finalized the top 200 brands from 50 different industries.” The two awards for Innovation and Leadership in education on such a global platform has further reiterated its commitment to the tradition of excellence in the field of professional education and research. As it continues its onward journey, such laurels will prove to be a source of great motivation. MR REPORTER I 11


SHOWCASING 21ST CENTURY LEARNING : Empowering to Excel anav Rachna International Schools are the first and only group of schools across the country to expose their students to a world of education where learning is fun because it is ‘no mugging education’ where there is no focus on text book learning, it’s all about space and time, how methodologies have changed from time to time. Where every child is different and as the Paragon Implementation Specialist, Mr Simon Ruscoe Price says, “The world would be a boring place if each person had similar traits.” It is this speciality in each child which the Paragon system of education is aiming to bring out starting right from the early years’ education and continuing to the senior classes. Within a few years Paragon and Manav Rachna would probably have created a curriculum which will be unique in itself while keeping the aim and basis of CBSE parallel to the new teaching methodologies.

M Paragon Implementation Specialist Mr Simon Ruscoe Price

Educators have realized that traditional mentoring methods and educational management are slowly giving way to open mindsets, newer learning techniques and strategies. Welcome the Paragon way that addresses students’ multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. Combining the pragmatism of a rigorous classical education,

Lighting the lamp to inaugurate the Professional Development Programme 12 I MR REPORTER

The team from Paragon


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PARAGON Paragon with its hands-on approach makes any study relevant and engaging. Today, our students at MR are being prepared to compete in an ever-changing 21st-century society. They are developing as well-rounded individuals who are independent, critical thinkers, intrinsically motivated as life-long learners. With support from Ms Simmy Wolfe, Paragon Partner Advisor and Ms Lynda Weaver, Early Years Consultant, Simon has been able to create a fascinating world of education where every class room is a pleasure not only to watch but to learn from. Children have practical knowledge when they create models for terrace gardening or when they visualize and conceptualise different arts and crafts of the era gone by. It is a world of imagination which brings joy and the thirst to know more which is visible on the face of students whether it is early years, middle school or seniors. And teachers from the MRIS and the teachers from Paragon have made schooling an experience to cherish.

INTRODUCTION TO PARAGON Mosaica Education’s Paragon Curriculum combines the rigour of classical education with the relevance required by contemporary society. Students learn about character, ethics, empathy and self-esteem implicitly by studying the world’s great heroes, both canonical and unsung, and by stepping into the shoes of great historical figures, both real and imaginary. Paragon looks to the past to

Learning the Paragon way

prepare students to become the architects of tomorrow. It encompasses study of Maths, Art Center, Language, Vocabulary, Humanities, Geography, Science ■ Paragon promotes co-operation and team work for both learners and teachers

curriculum which has been aligned with Indian Curriculum ■ Challenges multiple intelligence of children ■ Caters to every child’s needs independently

■ Networking, sharing of practices and ideas ■ Promotes Inquisitiveness and independent learning

■ Promotes technological advancements through access to online modules ■ Provides ample opportunities for hands on activities

■ CHAMPS, classroom management approach enables structured learning routines with clear guidelines, boundaries and success criteria, so that children know why they are learning, how they are learning and what they have learned

■ Develop their thinking through Socratic discussion

■ Interesting, interactive and integrated humanities as well as social studies

■ Learn through co-operation , teamwork, group work and independent learning


■ Are inquisitive and to build on prior knowledge ■ Further develop and explore through role play and active learning activities that apply to the senses and challenges multiple intelligences ■ Develop literacy in English and in the application of numeracy, art, creativity and music

Mrs Sanyogita Sharma welcoming the Paragon specialists

■ Learn through an interesting, interactive and integrated humanities as well as social studies curriculum. The higher order thinking skills that children develop become embedded and enable them to apply the skills across all areas of study MR REPORTER I 13


Propelled By Paragon School Update September 2013

Paragon Teachers Feedback from MRISCW April 2013 pupils success founded on understanding ideas rather than memorizing facts. How much did pupil success in the paragon unit depend on understanding ideas, rather than memorising facts?

Overall satisfaction with child's experience at MRISCW



60% 40%










20% 0% A Little

Non at all

A great deal

5 6% 7 49%

6 44%


A moderate amount

A Lot

Paragon Teachers Feedback on the use of CHAMPS to foster a positive working environment. The consistent use of CHAMPS in lessons fosters a positive working environment where pupils know, how what and why they are learning. 120%



Ratings are on a scale from 1 – 7 1 = not Satisfied to 7 = Extremely satisfied

60% 30% 0% Mostly


Not at all


aragon system of education was introduced into the pre- Kg classes of MRIS. Parents assembled at MRIS Sector 14 on 17 October, 2013 where they were familiarized with the system of education which their children will be taught and experience. A panel of parents was created who answered to the questions which were put forward by the parents of students who will soon be introduced to the new system of learning. The students from Sector -14 began the programme with the Gaytri Mantra and went on to win the hearts of parents as they sang “This little guiding light of mine, I’m going let it shine –“. Parents are looking forward to the introduction of Paragon at the primary level.


The team from Paragon The team from Paragon

The team from Paragon The team from Paragon



REMEMBERING MOTHER ‘The fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service’

Mother Teresa


hat better way to remember the Mother than putting in our bit of service. To mark the birth anniversary of Mother Teresa, students of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46 visited St. Mary's Deep Ashram (a home for the differently abled) run by The Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative and spent time with the inmates there. Students of Grades V,VI & XI proactively interacted with the students there and were moved by their daily challenges. The were amazed to see the talent and creativity of the inmates and came back with the message that hardwork always pays. They were specially impressed by Shibu who is physically challenged and yet can write, draw and even use the keyboard to the

FRENCH REWARDS MRIS 46 grabbed the limelight again as its students performed brilliantly in the first ever French Competition organized by Prayatna Educational Society on 19th and 21st August, 2013. Students participated in the traditional French dance, French Elocution and French Skit competition. Securing the first position in Skit and 2nd in Dance, MRIS bagged the second position in the Zonal Round and has now qualified for the semi-finals.

Rewards at the French competition

computer using his feet. Students were impressed by the facilities at the ashram which provided different centres according to the needs- gym, physiotherapy, reading room, entertainment room, they had it all. The young minds of Grades V,VI came back realizing and appreciating what they have and also wanting to do something more for others in order to spread happiness around. Early Years students and parents too became a part of this spirit of sharing and caring as they gave large contributions in the form of dettol, towels, bedsheets and lowers for the ashram

Visit to Deep Ashram



rites celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm on 14th August in the school premises. The celebrations commenced with the hoisting of the tricolour by Vice- Principal Ma’am Ms. Seema Malhotra. This was followed by ‘Jana GanaMana’. The soul stirring lyrics of Jana GanaMana brought out the true essence of unity in diversity, keeping the spirit of patriotism very much alive. The students presented a wonderful and inspiring short cultural programme which comprised of patriotic songs and dances sensitizing our patriotic fervor of love and strong feeling of unity and brotherhood amongst the people of our country. The Dance Drama by grade I- II



eachers’ day is celebrated in remembrance of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday who was the second President of India and was born on 5th September, 1888. He was a scholar of religion and philosophy who wanted to be

remembered as an educator. Hence, his birthday is celebrated as teacher’s day across India. This day was also celebrated and enjoyed at ManavRachna International School, Sector 51, Gurgaon with a lot of enthusiasm

Saluting the nation

won the hearts of the audience and the young and energetic Mrites dressed up as Rani LaxmiBai, Mahatma Gandhi,Subhash Chandra Bose etc. stole the show. The programme also included thought provoking speech by our VicePrincipalMsSeemaMalhotra and concluded with vote of thanks. and gaiety among the teachers and the students. The teachers were made to feel special by their students who in turn expressed their appreciation by dressing up and enacting the role of their favourite teacher. The teachers were given titles to enhance the enjoyment.



RIS firmly believes in this thought and for proving this – MRIS 51, Gurgaon celebrated Grandparents’ Day in the school premises on 10th September ’13. The Vice-Principal Mrs. Seema Malhotra welcomed all the grandparents and stated the importance of their presence in the upbringing of children in the family and inculcating the cultural and social values in them. It was a beautiful morning when all the kids came to the school with their grandparents. The function started with the prayers and special performances like rhyme

recitation, circle time done by the kids in their respective class rooms. Then the function moved ahead with the activity session where the grandparents were given the opportunity to share their memorable moments with their grandchildren. All the Nana’s & Nani’s, Dada’s & Dadi’s shared their experiences, by dancing, by singing etc. All of them participated with tremendous joy and enthusiasm. By being with kids the grandparents looked as if their life had sparkled again. The winners were given prizes along with their

grandchildren. At the end, the grandparents were called upon to speak a few words. A fantabulous fashion show was also organized for all the grandparents which they enjoyed thoroughly. Many grandparents thanked our VicePrincipal for giving them such a wonderful opportunity to bond with their grand children. It was truly an unforgettable and enriching experience for everyone. MRIS-51 had succeeded in bringing a cheerful smile on the bright and lustrous faces of all the grandparents through this event.



INDIA CALLING @ MRIS An annual event at MRIS Gurgaon, 46 Sector, ‘India calling’ reiterates the pride of freedom that each Indian is blessed to enjoy. But at the same time youngsters are reminded of the struggle which our freedom fighters went through so that we breathe free and enjoy the spirit of freedom. Read on to know more about the mesmerizing celebrations Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


n those very popular and inspiring lines by Rabindranath Tagore began the 4th India Calling (22nd & 23rd August) at MRIS 46 where the power of youth and their radical thought process was clearly evident. Prof M. M. Pant former Vice Chancellor IGNOU, MCG Counsellor Nisha Singh, Mr.Vijay Lokapally Editor Hindu graced the event. Through 3 unique simulations children got a chance to express their thoughts on a few burning issues and draft a charter to conclude their discussions. 9 schools across Gurgaon participated in the event. These included- DAV Public school, Amity International Sector 46, Amity International Sector 43, DPS Sushant Lok, Ryan International school, Suncity world school, Chiranjiv Bharati school, Blue Bells Model school, Blue Bells public school. The authorities at MRIS Gurgaon 46 desired to do India Calling differently this year led to the idea of simulations conceptualized by the students. Also unique was the fact that more than the spirit of competition, India Calling this year appreciated the spirit of camaraderie and gave the students a healthy platform to air views with like-minded peers. The event began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp followed by a short cultural presentation. A skit hailing the sacrifices of the unsung freedom fighters like- Allah Baksh, Champaka Raman Pillai and many more along with the contribution of the common man in the streets set the tone of the event this year.

A unique simulation conceptualized by the members of the Executive Board saw discussions on the partition of India into Hindustan and Pakistan. Set on 1st March, 1945, this fictitious simulation saw members of the India National Congress, Muslim League and the British Government. Students as delegates like Sir Cyril Radcliffe, Leo Amery, Sir Louis Dane , Stafford Cripps, Jawarhar Lal Nehru ,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar ,Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sarojini Naidu debated over the issue of partition of India.The discussion saw

Changing face of education

SIMULATION I Executive Board Members- Sreekar Voleti (as Lord Mount Batten), Ishan Garg (M.K. Gandhi), Parv Khurana (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) 16 I MR REPORTER

The all deciding delegtaion at simulation I

many highs and lows, backroom negotiations, walk outs, deadlocks, talk of coalition and finally partition of India and the formation of the Union of India and the Isalamic Republic of Pakistan.

SIMULATION II Executive Board Members- Varun Vibhash, Prakriti Nambiar, Emaad Muzaffer (winner of World Student Icon Award,New Zealand, Best delegate at GMUN, Dubai, Best Delegate,


Thoughtful simulation iii

Recreating the Delhi conference 1945

Germany Rivers and Lakes Conference) This simulation debated on the benefits of Communism and Democracy and tried to envision a futuristic government for India. According to the points presented by both the sides, a united consensus was adopted and the youth representatives chose a reformed communist government over a hypocritic democracy.

Drafting a futuristic government


Democrats vs communists

Redrafting history in simulation I

Executive Board Members- Ayush Verma, Vibhor Dhingra, Shalu Sharma The agenda for debate in this Simulation was the existing educational policies in India. The children voiced their opinions on topics like Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation( CCE ) procedures, National Eligibility and Entrance Test ( NEET ) and Four Year Undergraduate Program ( FYUP ) of Delhi University. Skill based education was stressed upon rather than pushing the focus on cramming information. Amendments in the policies of education were suggested by the over enthusiastic group of students. According to them our new education system should be able to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of knowledge based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into. The simulation helped the delegates to have hands on experience with communication, compromise and consensus building skills, self-confidence and writing and speaking before others. The session was enriched further by valuable inputs given by Prof. M.M.Pant who emphasized on learning analytics, flipped classrooms and enhancing problem solving abilities.

Hear me out MR REPORTER I 17



WORKSHOP ON FIRST AID he Interact Club in MRIS Charmwood in association with Red Cross Society organized a workshop on First Aid. Mr. B. B. Kathuria, Asst. Secretary, St. John Ambulance, District Branch, Faridabad, Dr. M. P. Singh and Mr. Rattan Singh, authorized lecturers in First Aid and Home Nursing Training, conducted the workshop. They explained that first aid is the help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available. It consists of a series of simple life-saving techniques with minimal equipment. They discussed the relevance of A B C in first aid,


i.e. checking the Airways, Breathing and Circulation of blood of the patient and the techniques used in cases of nose bleeding, electric shock, fracture, burns, road accidents. They explained the methods to extinguish fire and rescue a person with an asthmatic attack. Dr. M. P. Singh and Mr. Rattan Singh demonstrated with the help of students how to carry a person who has been injured in the lower and the upper part of the body respectively. They also demonstrated the different ways to bandage the injured jaw, head and fractured limbs. Students actively participated in the demonstration. The workshop was informative and the students had a hands-on experience of the first aid techniques.




he tiny Tots of MRIS -46 had their first Theme assembly on 3rd August, 2013. The function, held with great pomp and show in the respective class rooms of the students, had parents as the invited guests. The students Learing is fun at Early Years presented a programme with great fervour and enthusiasm pertaining to their IPC themes. It was indeed a pleasure to see the little ones performing in their class rooms as they depicted the rich cultural heritage of our country. The students danced, sang and shared their learning on various themes as they tried to put up a spectacular show before their parents. The students of KG had prepared a quiz for their parents and in some classes the parents came forward to dance hand in hand with their children. The efforts put in by our students impressed both the parents and teachers.

SHINING STARS OF MRIS 14 tudents of MRIS-14, Faridabad brought laurels to the school. They participated in ‘Nadotsav’ Inter School Group Song S Singing Competition held on 24th August 2013 at O. P. Jindal Modern School, Hisar. 32 schools from Delhi NCR participated in the competition and our students gave a tough competition to all the participating teams. The students magically influenced the audience and were awarded “The Best Group Song Audience Choice”. Their performance was appreciated by all.


Garv Sharma


Ekroop Kaur Bawa


Anuj Sharma

e are extremely proud to announce that two teams from Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, have qualified for the nationals in the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad 2013 held in MRIS, Sector 14 on 24th and 25th August, 2013. This is the second time that the school has participated and won laurels in the zonal region. IRO is one of the largest and most prestigious robotics competitions in India. It helps to showcase the hidden talent of students in robotics and also gives them an opportunity to represent the country at the international level. IRO helps to promote thinking and problem-solving skills, information and communication skills, and interpersonal and self-directional skills amongst the students. The two teams selected include Hridey, Garv Sharma and Divyansh Nagar for elementary level and Ekroop Kaur Bawa, Anuj Sharma and Mehul Sethi for junior level. The students and their mentors are not resting on their laurels and are now gearing up with increased vigour for the finals which will be held in the middle of September. We wish them all the luck for the forth coming competition.



hey are the leaders, the innovators, the T chosen few--upholding the values the school stands for. Occupying the most coveted positions, providing direction to their juniors and aiding The Student Council at MRIS 46, Gurgaon the smooth governance of school. Dhriti Malhotra congratulated the Manav Rachna International office bearers and their proud School, Sector-46 Gurgaon, parents. She inspired the office conferred badges and sashes on its bearers of the council to rise to newly elected student council in the Investiture Ceremony held on the responsibilities required for their posts. She also encouraged 17th August 2013. the student council to dream and Ms. Dhriti Malhotra, Principal aspire big; and to know how to MRIS-46, and the proud parents change the adversities they face to of the office holders graced the opportunities. occasion. The council was democratically After a short cultural formed after elections held on presentation, the student council 29th July’13, making the selection was handed over their badges and just and fair. The echo of the oath sashes by the school Principal and their parents. This was followed by and many enlightening speeches was a perfect culmination to the the swearing in ceremony otherwise solemn ceremony. The administered by the school programme concluded with a Principal. formal vote of thanks. In a motivating speech, Mrs.




TRAINING THE TEACHERS – THE CAMBRIDGE WAY n Saturday, 27th July 2013, an orientation programme was conducted for the English teachers of the Primary wing by Dr. Rajni Dadlani, Consultant, Cambridge Young Learner’s English foundation. This session was attended by teachers from Charmwood and Sector-21C branches of MRIS. The session started with an ice breaker exercise. The trainee teachers described each other in pairs talking about general attributes and some special quality in their partner. This was followed by a reality check of the vocabulary words given for each level in the Teacher’s handbook. Our faculty, Ms. Dadlani explained that reality check could be used in class rooms to make the children focus on the lesson and also make objectives of learning clear before start of actual lesson. We discussed about the components of language which will be assessed as part of YLE. She also apprised us about the basic levels for which the tests will be conducted i.e. Starters, Movers and Flyers

0 Paragon Assembly at MRIS Charmwood


et another successful assembly was held at MRIS- Charmwood to mark the end of Paragon Unit 2. Students of KG classes of MRIS Charmwood showcased their Paragon learning on 3rd August 2013. The assembly was conducted inside the respective centres by the children of each class. The children showcased excerpts from all that they learnt about Rome in their "Paragon" sessions. They talked about the similarities between the families of ancient Rome and the families of today. They also spoke about the differences between the families of the two era's for example while we call our parents' Mommy and Daddy' the Romans called their parents ‘Mater and Pater’. Children recited the rhymes related to the G.E.S theme "my family". They also sang transition song which was based on the Essential Question "What Is A Family".Children also performed a Roman dance wherein a court scene was created and the dances pleased their Gods and Godesses. Throughout the assembly the children wore the 'Touga's and the Tunic's (Roman dress).” Some students also enacted a fable: Androcles and the lion. Children also celebrated Friendship Day with a dance. The assembly concluded with the national anthem and the "Shanti path". The students of grade I and II also exhibited their talent with full zeal and enthusiasm. The assembly commenced with a welcome dance and was followed by a wonderful song “It’s a beautiful day!” Children showcased their awareness of the rainforests of MesoAmerica and Greece through role play, speech, poem recitation, video and Mayan song. With the help of displays they shared their knowledge about rainforest animals, birds, temple pyramids of Meso-America, Mayan codex, glyphs, number system, Mayan calendar, Pantheon Temple and Mount Olympus.. They also discussed how the Mayans have kept the rich culture alive for thousands of years. While travelling through history with parents, the students informed them about many interesting facts about the Mayan people. They also presented some traditional rattle rhythms and performed a short fire dance which a well coordinated effort. Keeping in mind the relevance of our National Language Hindi students also presented a foot tapping song based on the Hindi poem Barkha Rani. In order to encourage healthy habits and to keep Hepatitis under control students of Grade II Aravalli presented an act on World Hepatitis Day which included a grooving song “We will, we will rock you Hepatitis”. Whereas the students of Grade II Nilgiri presented a short act on World Left- handers Day which is celebrated on 11.08.2013 every year to create awareness of the difficulties that left handers face in a right handed world. Lord Ganesha is considered as Vighnharta and is remembered at all auspicious occasions there couldn’t have been a better way to culminate the program other than seeking the blessings of the ek dant lord through an incredible dance performance on the song Ganapati bappa moriya by the students of Grade II Nilgiri which turned out to be the show stopper for the day.

lThe speaking component was taken up first, as it is one of the most important skills to focus on. Possible manifestations of problems in speaking in children were discussed including lack of active vocabulary, structure, ideas, confidence, focus, ability to ask questions and ability to sustain discourse. Useful ideas were shared to teach speaking to the children. Herein, the differences in the nature and level of activities in Starters, Movers and Flyers were highlighted using videos of the speaking tests for each level. Our trainer talked about how speaking test will be conducted on an individual basis in a nonthreatening manner. A teacher from the school will act as an usher to make students comfortable before the external examiner. The most important things emphasized were:-

lUnderstanding stress and anxiety in the children lMore tasks, more practice, ask more questions (opportunities to speak) lProviding new words to children on a regular basis for building active vocabulary lGiving children a reason for focusing in every task or activity lCorrecting mistakes in speech to be done later lTeacher herself to act as model speaker all the time In the end, the teachers engaged in a brainstorming session to think about a list of activities which can be taken up for practice of “speaking” in a classroom. The list comprised ‘compare and contrast pictures’, ‘create a chain story’, ‘general conversation’ and ‘asking questions’. A quick exercise on ‘conversation’ was done in which questions were arranged in a sequence and the possible answers were to be selected from a box. This was an exercise which could surely help children understand logical sequencing and questioning techniques. This could be extended into a Role Play and practiced in the class which undoubtedly is an interesting progression towards smart and confident speaking. lThe listening skills were taken up next. Our trainer discussed the differences between the characteristics of real life listening and classroom listening at great length. In view of this, she advised the teachers to provide the children with more authentic material for learning to listen. Again, a brainstorming exercise helped us arrive at a list of possible activities that could enhance listening skills. lRead newspaper article to children – answer MCQ lPlay a song – Fill up blanks for lyrics lListen to recorded assembly instructions – build a toy Continued on Page- 24 MR REPORTER I 19




Intelligent moves on chess boards

‘In Carrom we are always scared of losing the Queen, and in Chess we risk everything to protect the King’


ith great zeal and enthusiasm, The 3rd Manav Rachna Inter-School Chess and Carrom Championship 2013 commenced at MRIS 21C Faridabad on 19th July’13. The day started with welcoming the participants from various Manav Rachna School Teams who, after a team photo, were ushered in for the Opening Ceremony. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Sarkar Talwar (Director Sports MREI). He has revolutionized the face of Sports in the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions, and works with a passion for sports which is unmatched. The Opening Ceremony which was also graced by Mrs. Sanyogita Sharma

Mr Sarkar Talwar and Director and Principal 21 C concentrating on a game of carrom

(Director MRIS 21C Faridabad) and Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh (Principal MRIS 21C, Faridabad) began on an auspicious note with the Lighting of the Lamp by the esteemed dignitaries. Thereafter the students of MRIS 21C presented a Saraswati Vandana. The students depicted the sentiments of sportsmanship and the ‘Play to Win’ attitude in their songs that resonated through the

school. Mrs. Sanyogita Sharma inspired the students to play fair and Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh wished all the participants good luck and told them to value Competition in order to raise their performance levels. Mr. Sarkar Talwar while encouraging and motivating the students to take up sports as a career said that they should enjoy every moment of playing the game. After a group photograph with the coaches of all the teams present, the dignitaries wished all the participants good luck for the matches and played the opening knocks as Mr. Sarkar Talwar declared the meet open. There were over 170 participants from all the schools of Manav Rachna playing under various categories for Chess and Carrom. It was heartening to see the electrifying energy with which the students were playing. All the matches played were in the true spirit of the game and were played fairly and justly. Two rounds of each game were played on 19th July’13 and the Finals were conducted on the 20th of July’13, which gave us the winners of each category of the game.



Learning all about a banyan tree


duTrips are an integral part of the teaching-learning methodology at Manav Rachna International School. In keeping with the same, the students of Nursery from MRIS 21C, were taken to see the Banyan Tree under the ongoing theme ‘My Country My World’. The students have been learning about the National Symbols of India as part of the theme and have been doing various activities to strengthen and reinforce the learning that takes place in the class. The Banyan Tree is the National Tree of India. The branches of the tree root themselves like new trees that spread over a large area. The roots then give rise to more trunks and branches. This tree is considered immortal because of its long life and its characteristics. The students of Nursery were taken to see this magnificent tree which is considered sacred by the people of India. The children came back very excited and full of information that their teachers had given to them about the Banyan Tree – the National Tree of India.


n 3rd August 2013, students at MRIS, Noida put up an excellent show by showcasing learning of the curriculum from Unit -2 in Paragon Sessions. It was a blend of music, dance, speaking skills and expressions. Children performed in their respective classrooms and put in all their efforts to capture continuous rounds of applauses. Costumes, props and music were unique and commendable. Umbrella dance, enactment of warriors, depiction of Pythagoras Theorem, dancing to the tunes of ancient eras, role-play……and in totality it was a pleasure for one and all. Ancient Rome, Greece and China were well conceived and presented from K.G to Grade 5. Our little ones presented Nursery Penguins and presented a patriotic action song in ethnic attire and each one of them sang ,danced with joy written on their faces .The school lobby was full of patriotic fervor. Rhythmic steps by Bloomz and Toddlers kids on a foot tapping song, also mesmerized one and all . ‘I wish I would have availed the facilities which my ward is enjoying at MRIS – Noida, ” said one of the parents. “Wow! They can do this,” said another parent. “Superb! Unbelievable, that’s my child!”, “Kudos, to all at MRIS- Noida,” “Amazing! A child

Learning is fun at Paragon

so small makes me feel proud,” were other comments. “Science experiments! Can be done by K.G kids also, you have made it possible”. “ These motivational words from Parents make us feel great but also set higher targets and we will move ahead to reach new heights so as to keep the spirits high,” said the school teachers. The parent’s ecstasy was at the peak when they witnessed the students performing experiments which reflected hands on approach in the teaching learning pedagogy. It was an effort to exhibit the inquisitive curiosity level of investigating……….reasoning and exploring, also to provide a platform to showcase hands- on approach. The interesting experiments varied from water being colorless, life cycle of a butterfly, sinking of eggs, miscible and immiscible, magnet and its varied facts and many more. Lemonade station another highlight of Paragon Assembly gave an insight to understand the importance of being pennywise. Students had coupons @ Rs. 10 and were able to do a good job. The money saved from the difference of cost price and selling price will be given to a NGO. Ms. Sunanda Grover, Principal MRIS-Noida said “it was an effort to instill the values of spending money on priority basis and make them understand that earning money requires sincere efforts and it should be spent judiciously.” “Our children were superb in presenting all their learning’s, their confidence level enhanced and our mission of nurturing multi faceted skills advanced,” said the principal and teachers.



Robot by Yash being displayed

Yash Sethi a student of grade IV at MRIS-51, an aspiring Engineer, created a working model of Robot through his imagination and creativity. He used plastic bottle, straw, wheels, plastic trolley and a Solar Panel as a source of energy. The Robot was based on the current theme of the IPC, “Making Things Go” The theme teaches children about the need of energy for doing work or drive motion in a body at rest. Based on the current theme, the class of budding scientists is named as 27 Mega Watts, comprising of 27 students of the class. Picking idea from the theme, Yash used Light as the source of energy to charge the solar cells and thus the electric motor used to rotate the wheels CONGRATULATIONS was also attached to the Robot. YASH (MEGA WATT) Yash derived inspiration from the SETHI theme “Making Things Go”, encouragement and help from his parents and teachers.



nter Manav Rachna Championship’2013 was an effort to provide a platform to the participants to show their sports skills and imbibe values like integrity, sportsmanship, endurance and harmony. Such championships expose the students to new facets of sports and prepares them for the future. Manav Rachna-51, Gugaon took pride in inaugurating the 3rd Inter Manav Rachna Championship-2013 which was held on 11th& 12thJuly 2013 at MRIS-51, Gurgaon . The first day of the event wore a festive look with flags and banners adding color to the venue. The chief Guest on the occasion was Mr Sarkar Talwar (Director of Sports MRIU). The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Director of Sports –Chairman

(MRIS-51, Gurgaon) -Mr Rajesh Kalra Executive Director MRIS-51, Gurgaon – Mr Gaurav Rai and Vice – Principal MRIS51 Mrs Seema Malhotra. To welcome the esteemed guests Grade III-VI presented an enthralling dance performance combined with thrill and panache. It was a proud moment for MRIS Sector -51 to organize this opening ceremony of the Championship 2013. MRIS Sector -51, GGN was the epicenter of this mega event. It was a matter of great pride as our school hosted such a sporting extravaganza for the third time. The event started at MRIS-51 with Skating Beginners’ Meet at MRIS-51 and concluded at MRIS, Sector 14 Faridabad. The championship Trophy was lifted by Manav Rachna International School, Sector-51,Gurgaon



ne of the most important events of the school - the investiture ceremony, was held at MRIS-51 on 26 August’13 and was eagerly awaited by all Mrites with bated breath. It reminds us of the trust and confidence that we would like to put in our newly invested office bearers, Head Boy, Head Girl , Sports Captain , Student’s Editor, the four house captains and vice captains and Planet Pals. The objective of the event was to expose the confidence, development of leadership qualities and sense of responsibility among the students. Elections were conducted in the school wherein students enthusiastically voted for the selection of the HOUSE CAPTAIN and HOUSE VICE-CAPTAIN. Votes were counted in front of the students, so as to ensure the fair declaration of the results. All the newly designated members took the oath promising to serve the institution and perform their duties whole-heartedly and sincerely .All the newly elected members were brimming with confidence to shoulder the newly assigned duties. The Vice-Principal Ms. Seema Malhotra addressed the office-bearers and she wished them to perform their duties, in accordance to the policies of the school and spoke about the qualities of a true leader. She inspired and motivated the office

bearers, with her generous words of wisdom.

Student Council 1.Head boy Priyansh Gupta 2.Head girl PriyanshiSinghal 3.Vice head boy Avi Gupta 4.Vice head girl KuhuBhatnagar 5.Sports captain AvikJhakmola

Red Jaguars 1.Captain Hiyaa Roy Choudhary 2.Vice-captain Parth Sharma

Yellow Tigers 1.Captain DhruvDhwaj Singh 2.Vice Captain Arishtha Sharma

Green Leopards 1.Captain Shivam Yadav 2.Vice captain RaginiChoudhary

Blue Panthers 1.Captain 2.Vice Captain

Gagan Singh DhruvPharasi

Student Editorial Board 1.AaryanKalia 2. SreenidhiRao

Planet Pals 1. AbhyudayaGarg 2. Adhiraj Singh 3. Raman Singh 4. Adityaaggarwal 5. RitikYadav 6. Elvin .T. Eldho 7.PrabalAggarwal

Thank you parents for your appreciation


A JOURNEY TO Dr. O. P. Bhalla was a multifaceted personality whose varied pursuits helped shape Mavav Rachna the way it stands today: mighty, unparalleled and full of values. The visionary honoured well known sports persons and invited them to the Campuses, believed in supporting a green environment and contributed to the welfare of society through blood donation camps: all in a short span of 16 years. There’s a synergy of magic that has evolved which will continue to grow and flourish...






11 12

REMEMBER The vision flowered in the mists of time... The fragrance continues...


3 4




1 and 8. Students excelling in sports being honoured by Chancellor

the 2nd Cricket Corporate Challenge Cup at Manav Rachna. The dignitaries join happily in the celebrations

2. World renowned Shooter, Mr Abhinav Bindra being welcomed to the campus by Dr.O.P.Bhalla , Prashant and Amit Bhalla

9. Dr.O.P.Bhalla being welcomed to the blood donation camp at MREI

3. Captain of the Indian cricket team, Md Azharuddin with Dr O.P.Bhalla at the 6th Corporate Cricket Challenge Cup at the University Campus 4. Dr.O.P.Bhalla being conferred with a Doctorate at Malaysia 5. Celebrating ‘No Tobacco Day’ with Shri Chander Prakash, IAS, Commissioner, Gurgaon



6. Chancellor Sir’s last participation at the Inter Faculty Badminton and Table Tennis Tournament 2013 7. Indian Cricket captain Mr Kapil Dev holding up the cup for the winning team at

10. The delegation from Syria in a meeting with Dr. O.P.Bhalla, Dr N.C.Wadhwa and Victor Gambhir 11. World famous cricketer, Bishen Singh Bedi at the Cricket Corporate Challenge Cup at Manav Rachna 12. A green environment was foremost in the mind of the Visionary. A tree plantation with visitors from Syria 13. Dr.O.P.Bhalla inaugurating the blood donation camp at MREI 14. The tug-of-war between the staff and faculty at MREI. Dr.O.P.Bhalla believed in participating in varied activities



WHAT FREEDOM MEANS TO ME Students from MRIS Sector 46, Gurgaon express what freedom means to them FREEDOM is the most beautiful and delicate feeling for every human…oh, not only human but of animals and birds too. Everyone says that we got freedom sixty five years back but I cannot see freedom anywhere. I wish that I can fly or roam like a butterfly anywhere, anytime, but the scene in my country is very different. I ask questions to myself that why I require an escort to go to my home alone though my home is nearby. Why can’t I and my mom go for a walk at night without my dad? It is because we have fear in our mind that anyone can eve-tease us. Is this the freedom we got sixty five years back? No, no, no. This is not the FREEDOM we wanted .One day I hope we get the true freedom. By Kinjal Manish Pande Grade IV Pacific Freedom of a country is different from the freedom of individual. Gandhiji said that real freedom is only there when a woman wearing jewels can walk on the streets in the night safely. But what is happening now? Criminals are entering politics. We live in democracy yet we are in the hands of politicians and the wishes and welfare of our people are bypassed. In the past we were ruled by British and now we are ruled by our our own people. T hey are acting like vultures, preying on our nations body extracting their share and leaving the country helpless. Actions from neighbouring countries are destroying our freedom too. For me, freedom is not a right to do what we please but it is an opportunity to do what is right. By Shreya Raghav Grade IV Arctic I think freedom means the ability to do whatever you want, to say whatever you want, to go where ever you want, to live without fear and to live with 24 I MR REPORTER

dignity. But, freedom is not absolute. For e.g. you hit somebody because you think you have the freedom to hit him. But, the other person also has the freedom not to be hit! A wise man once said that, “When one person’s freedom ends, the other person’s freedom starts.” So we must not misuse our freedom. By Govind Hari Grade IV Arctic The Indians today are enjoying our freedom – freedom in every respect – freedom of speech, expression, action etc. We are liberated in every sense, enjoying our liberties which are bestowed by our great freedom fighters. They have made unlimited sacrifice to let us live a free life. But, freedom to me also means to free the poor from the hands of poverty, to provide free education to one and all, to provide employment to every soul, and to live and let live a free life. By Harbani K Kohli Grade IV Atlantic Have you ever thought about the word ‘Freedom’? For me, freedom means getting free from slavery or people forcing us to do something against our wish. I want freedom to go from one city to another, or this country to another country. We should have freedom to study where ever we want and how much we want to study. We should have the freedom to practice any religion or go to any religious place without any restriction. I want the poor children should have the freedom to study, and they should not be forced to do manual labour . I want the women around the world who are living in fear, to get equal respect and security. For me, freedom means freedom for our rights. By Harsh Rohilla

Grade V Tagore

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lOral instructions – Map work , draw a picture, colouring As practice, we completed a worksheet on “listen and write” after an audio was played to us.

To me freedom means a chance to prove myself worthy to the country, to be loyal. To me, freedom gives me a chance to improve myself. Freedom means to raise our voice on our own. To me, freedom is an achieving prize. Freedom makes me secured, confident and safe. Getting freedom does not mean that you have completed your life course, it just means that you have done better than before. To me, freedom means you have the power to challenge everybody. Freedom means you can create a new history, you can take part in every activity. To me, freedom means you are YOU. By Aditya Singh Grade V Raman

lThe last component of the session was about the skills of reading and writing. This part of the session started with a jigsaw reading activity, which was done in groups. Our trainer emphasized on the fact that silent reading is essential for comprehension by making logical chunking of text, while reading aloud should follow later as it only helps improve pronunciation.

To me, freedom means each moment of each day of every year. I can do all things, or at least try all things I desire. To me, freedom means being able to show sadness, happiness and anger in public. To me, freedom means feeling safe, confident and secure in my country. Freedom is being able to have a voice and letting it be heard. To me, freedom means having the right to make my own decisions and choices. Freedom allows me to worship and pray to the God. Freedom allows me to love and hate. Freedom allows me to buy, own and sell. It allows me to move freely from one place to another. Freedom allows me to obtain the things I need and discard those which I do not need. Freedom is waking up in the morning with sunshine even when the sun rays are not penetrating through the clouds. Freedom also allows me to dream of becoming the President of India. To me, freedom is a promise that I can live my life. By Archit Gupta Grade V Mandela

We were also given a sample worksheet on rephrasing sentences without changing their meanings and another one on selecting the best answer to a question from multiple choices. Two interesting extensions to this question answer type activity required us to explain why the other answers were incorrect and creating appropriate questions for the incorrect options. Another exciting activity was the running dictation. There was a huge melee and chaos as all the groups struggled to rust fast and finish the dictation before others. Unfortunately, teachers can make blunders too. This activity highlighted the essence of focus on reading correctly by making logical chunks of the text as an important ingredient for comprehension. We also came up with ideas for variations in running dictation. The workshop kept the teachers engaged till the end as each new idea built upon emphatically on the existing ones. We openly shared our ideas with each other. This ensured that each one of us evolved from this training with a repertoire of activities and their possible variations for every skill under focus. This training has definitely succeeded in clearing many doubts about teaching the skills in English language and supported us with a multitude of methods and activities to fulfill the pursuit of effective learning. -

Again, we engaged in brainstorming and shared the following ideas: lPicture to word match – starter lGapped story with picture prompts – starter lGap fills – grammar (prepositions, verbs etc) lStory sequencing – movers and flyers lJumbled up comic strips – matching dialogues – movers and flyers lUnscramble words, sentences, paragraphs lJigsaw reading

Rupa Chaudhury MRIS Charmwood


JOURNAL ENTRIES Students from MRIS Sector 46 Gurgaon pen their thoughts on different subjects MY MOTHER My mother is a cook And she likes to read books She tells that you can play With your bat and ball But play in the hall My mother is good and she gives me food I go to school So she is cool She loves my hair So I am fair Tanush C.P. Grade III ASIA MRIS 46

WORLD OF SHAPES There are many shapes in the world. Earth is sphere, notebook is rectangular, my bottle’s shape is cylinder, the button’s shape is circle. My favourite shape is prism. My face is oval. Everything has a shape. The whole world is covered with shapes and shapes. I wonder who discovered so many shapes??? Saachi Aggarwal GRADE III ASIA MRIS 46

WORLD OF SHAPES Shapes are all around us. If there would be no shape, our body would be plain. Shapes are used to make many things. For eg. to make a star we need a polygon. There are many shapes like cube, cuboid, prism, sphere, rectangle, square, cone, circle etc. Shapes are also used to make different designs. My favourite shape is prism and cuboid. A prism has 6 corners, 9 edges and 5 faces. Similarly a cuboid has 8 corners, 12 edges and 6 faces. There are two groups of shapes- 2D & 3D. 2D shapes are made by length and breadth while 3D shapes are made by height, length and breadth. Divyansh Kulshrestha GRADE III ASIA MRIS 46

MY ROLE MODEL My role models are my Dad and my elder cousin. My Dad was very knowledgeable when he was my age.

He was also the Head Boy of his school, so I want to be exactly like him. He is very handsome and is going to be 35 this year. My elder cousin is 12 years old and knows a lot of magic tricks. He is good in cooking and knows many things from around the world that is why I want to be like him. Gaurang Rathi III AUSTRALIA MRIS 46

WAYS BY WHICH YOU CAN CONSERVE WATER Don’t leave the tap on while brushing teeth. Don’t use shower many times. Use buckets to bathe and while washing dishes. Don’t leave the tap on. While changing fish pots water you can put the fish pots water in the flower pot so the water doesn’t go waste. Ritika Jain Class-1V – Antarctica MRIS 46

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU ARE 40 When I am forty years old I would be a footballer because it’s my dream to become a footballer. If I become a footballer I will come on TV and then many more children would learn to play like me. I will have children when I will be forty years- a girl and a boy and I will teach my boy how to play football so that he will also be a footballer. Nishit Kapur Class-1V – Antarctica MRIS 46

HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATIONS It was my last day in school before summer vacations. I was very excited. I spent 13 days of my vacation at Gurgaon. Then at the 13th day we had a train to Baroda. The train’s name was Paschim Express. We reached Baroda in the morning .We reached home. That night we had train to Mumbai. The next morning we reached Mumbai. Then we had an

early morning flight. The flight’s name was Indigo. It was a journey of 3 hrs and 30 minutes. We reached Dubai, collected our baggage and went to the hotel. The hotel’s name was Taj Palace which was a five star hotel. I enjoyed the breakfast over there. First I visited Burj Khalifa, The world’s tallest building. I went to the 124th floor of it. When we were going in the lift, it was so fast that it reached there in 50 seconds. There was a very long queue for it, but my grandfather could not walk that’s why we got our turn faster. The view from the top was awesome. The entrance of it was from the world’s biggest mall named Dubai mall.The second day we visited Abu Dhabi. There we saw a mosque. It had the world’s biggest carpet. It was very beautiful. Then we went to Ferrari World. We did not feel the heat because it was centrally A.C. We sat in 2 roller coasters -- one was the world’s fastest and one of the safest roller coaster. It’s speed was 240kmph.The track was of 4 km and the rollercoaster completed one round in 1 minute. We sat in many other slides. The third day we went to Aquaevn True. It was a waterpark. I sat in some of the slides which were named “shamal” and ‘the plunge’ were some rides in which I sat. There was one ride which was ‘leap of faith’ in which I didn’t sit because it didn’t have any safety. There was a children’s waterpark also. Me, my sister and my cousin went.After that we saw an aquarium which was ‘the last chambers’.It was the world’s largest man made aquarium. It was very beautiful. The 4th day we went to a dolphin atrium. First we had an ice cream, then went inside the dolphin atrium. It was a mind blowing act. The last day of having fun in Dubai. We saw the only 7 star hotel in the world. We clicked many photos over there. Then we said goodbye to Dubai and reached Mumbai we went Baroda. The next day we left for Ahmadabad. In Ahmadabad we stayed for 7 days and met my old friends. Then we went to my grand mother’s house. There we met some family members .Me ,my mother and my sister went to climb hill named ‘Chamunda’. Then we went to Baroda and attended a family function. The most bad thing of my life happened ,my eyes were operated. We stayed in Baroda for 10 days. I enjoyed at Baroda very much. Then we went back to Gurgaon. This was the most

memorable vacation of my life. Vatsal Gosalia Class-1V – Pacific MRIS 46

WHAT MAKES ME LAUGH • When Ma’am gets scared of lizards. • When I see a joker. • When I see Nikita making funny faces-ha!ha!ha! • When Sanya runs like a duckling. • When I see my father with the big tummy-ho!ho!ho! Srishti Dutta II EVEREST MRIS 46

IF I HAD A FLYING CARPET • I could fly with birds and butterflies • I could enjoy fresh air • My flying carpet would be very colourful • I could go anywhere • It would be fun riding on it • It could paste it like a poster on the wall Misha Kalra II NILGIRI MRIS 46

IF TOYS COULD TALK I would love if toys could talk. a singer toy would teach me the songs which I don’t know. Another toy would teach me to play chess. a boxer toy would teach me boxing. And they could tell me their feelings too. Prabhav Girotra II NILGIRI MRIS 46

IF I HAD A FLYING CARPET If I had a flying carpet, I would sit on the carpet and say, “Fly Carpet”, it would fly. This would be my password so thieves can’t take it. sometimes I get up late in the morning. It would help me reach school early. On holidays I would say, Mom I am going to Austria and Africa and use the carpet to go. I will go flying with my friends too. On coming back to India I will tell the full story. Its true, if I have a flying carpet, I will go out of galaxy. On Christmas day, I’ll wait sit and wait on my flying carpet for a gift from Santa Claus. Ishan Krish Kumar II VINDHYAS MRIS 46



The Robotic revelation MRIS and MRIIC jointly hosted the 8th Indian Robotic Olympiad on 24-25 August, 2013 at MRIS, Sector 14, Fardiabad. This is the regional event in the Indian chapter of the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia, on 15-17 November, 2013. Around 65 teams participated from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh


eaching and learning Robotics has been an interesting and much sought after subject which all Manav Rachna International schools focus on. The Management makes all possible infrastructure available to teach Robotics at all levels. The students on their part fully engross themselves into a world of imagination and creativity. The ultimate result is learning, teaching and implementing creativity in our daily lives. The world of robots can be fascinating and challenging at the same time. To help students expand their creativity and problem solving skills through the exploration of robots and robotic systems, Manav Rachna International School (MRIS)-Sector 14 hosted the 8th Indian Robot Olympiad (IRO). This is the regional event in the Indian chapter of the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia, on 15-17 November, 2013. The Indian Robot Olympiad (IRO) is the Indian Chapter of the World Robot Olympiad that provides a unique platform for students to showcase their talent and creativity and represent India at the international level. The competition which was held at Manav Rachna International School in Faridabad, was open to students between the ages of 9 to 19 years. It is one of the largest Robotics competitions in India and held since 2006. Mr Navdeep Chawla, Chairman, Managing Director and founder member of Psychotropics India Limited was the chief guest of the occasion while Mr. S. K. Jain and Mr. Prashant Bhalla, Senior Vice President of MRIU were the guests of honour at the event. Mr. Bhalla

motivated the young minds to cultivate a passion for robotics. To most students, the event was a wonderful experience. “We learnt problem analysis, team work and new technical concepts which went beyond the scope of regular degree courses. It sparked our imagination and innovation,” said a large number of the students The event’s first day was devoted to the opening ceremony which was followed by practice sessions for the participants. The second day’s highlights included the commencement of the competition followed by the Award ceremony. About 65 teams participated from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. The winners of the regional finals will now compete at the National Final which will be held in Delhi on 14-15 September, 2013. The winners of the National Final will then compete at the International Final in Jakarta, Indonesia in November this year. The Jakarta event is being hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative



district level interschool speech competition was organized on 24th August, 2013 by Rawal Public School, Ballabgarh. The event was presided by Mr. C.B. Rawal and Mr.Aggarwal, Dean of Aggarwal College. The jury consisted of 4 English scholars from various institutions.


Over 25 schools participated in the event, with two students representing each school. The students presented their views through speeches on one of three topics: “Disaster in Uttarakhand has alerted the world”, “Technology has surpassed Human Thoughts”, or “Dominance of China is a

Economy, Indonesia. The worldwide robot competition (WRO) is expected to enrich the students’ technical skills, besides giving them an opportunity to learn about different cultures, exchange ideas and make new friends. The Robot competition includes two categories where the Regular challenge in which tasks are predefined includes the Elementary, Junior High, Senior and GenII Football categories. The theme for the Open Category and the challenges for the Regular Category this year is World Heritage in which the teams are expected to propose new plans. All challenges are so designed as to be age appropriate and yet they are challenging and fun. Both the Indian and the worldwide competition have already generated a lot of interest and excitement among the students. With IRO, Indian students are getting an opportunity to improve their communication and co-operation skills and acquire new areas of knowledge. No doubt, the events with their emphasis on Robotics will broaden the students’ views in the application of science & technology, improve their ability to learn and pave the way for our youths to be scientists, engineers and inventors in the making. For Further Information:

threat to India”. Apoorv Saxena and Aanya Mishra from MRIS-CW participated in the event, under the tutelage of Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, Director MRIS-CW and their teacher Mrs. Geeta Sharma. Despite the tough competition, Apoorv Saxena was adjudged as one of the best speakers and bagged the consolation prize in the individual category. He was ranked 5th out of over 56 students.


THE COLOURFUL JOURNEY OF EVENTS At MRIS 14 we ventured the Paragon Journey to the world of Ancient Rome. The teachers and the students took this journey quite enthusiastically and it was wonderful display of arty facts and models created by the kindergarten. It was an outstanding experience for the parents and the teachers to see the children perform with great confidence and enthusiasm sharing the journey of Ancient Rome answering the Essential question “What is a Family�.


Inaugurating the football Academy


The school witnessed a spate of events on 23 August, 2013. The football academy was inaugurated by our honourable chairman Dr. O.P. Bhalla. The UEFA 'PRO' Coach Juan Jose from Spain and UEFA 'B' Coach Varun Chopra from England in the presence of Vice President Dr. Amit Bhalla, Executive Director Deepika Bhalla, Director of Sports Sarkar Talwar, Principal Mamta Wadhwa and staff and students. It was followed by a hawan to commemorate the opening of the swimming pool. The chairman fondly addressed the staff and students and urged them to make good use of the sport facilities of the school. Dr. Amit Bhalla advised the students to follow their heart in pursuing their passion. Kick-start by Dr O.P.Bhalla

To inculcate the right values and respect for elders, MRIS 14 organised a visit to an old age home for the students of KG. It was indeed a wonderful experience for our little ones who did not hesitate from hugging them and jumping in their laps.The residents of the old age home enjoyed every moment spent, listening to their poems and stories. They blessed the children and our children returned to school with a smile on their faces and a wish in their heart to visit them again. MR REPORTER I 27




he students of Grade I took the parents along on a wonderful journey where they explored the community of Ancient Greece. They enjoyed seeing their little ones depicting the life in Ancient Greece in the form of role plays, transition songs, dance Paragon Assembly and presentations. They appreciated the efforts of all the students and one of the parent happily expressed that through the Paragon Assembly they got an opportunity to take a tour to Greece without even buying a ticket.

RAKHI MAKING ACTIVITY @ MRIS 51, GURGAON Students of MRIS 51, Gurgaon prepared beautiful rakhis for the Jawans of Army, Navy and Air Force to pay them their respect, love and gratitude for safeguarding the nation and making our life comfortable and safe in our homes. This activity was conducted in association with Dainik Jagran Newspaper.


akshabandhan is the bond of protection and what better way than entrusting our faith and trust in Gurgaon Police. Students of Manav Rachna International School, Sector-51, Gurgaon got the opportunity to meet Mr.AlokMittal, Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon to celebrate Rakshabandhan. It was a great honour to meet him and a pleasure to talk. He spoke to students at length about students’ safety and security. He also explained about the importance of following traffic rules. He reiterated that the onus lies with the new generation. They were made aware about their own safety besides being

told how an alert child can prevent mishaps. Students asked him various questions ranging from his professional life to personal life. He said discipline is the key to perfect working. Also he supported the students when they complemented the police staff that they look tough on the outside but are actually very soft hearted. We at MRIS-51 feel that Haryana Police is fulfilling a great responsibility of providing security and help to the common man successfully. We salute the hard work, blood and sweat put in by all the policemen in making all of us sleep peacefully. Jai Hind!!

INDIA WEEK CELEBRATIONS Cherish The Independence!!! Feel The Patriotism Within!!! ith the Independence Day round the corner, students of MRIS, Sector-14 celebrated ‘India Week’ from 12th -16th August. with great fervor and enthusiasm. Students were solely enthralled in several events that took place during the week. They exhibited their creative skills through poster making and creative writing on ‘My Country’. Students were meaningfully involved in various thoughtful discussions on patriotism. It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds trying to put forth their thoughts about their country. A special assembly was organized which was graced by the


Dance performance on Independence day

INVESTITURE CEREMONY “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” These famous words by J.F.Kennedy rightly describe the purpose of education. Schools play in a significant role in overall development so that today’s students can become tomorrow’s leaders. Keeping this in mind, every year the prefectorial board is elected from amongst the students. Upholding the tradition the Investiture Ceremony of MRIS-14 was held on August 14, 2013 in a glittering and grand ceremony. The appointment of the Prefectorial Board is done to develop leadership qualities and significant character traits like honesty, dynamism, tolerance, social responsibility and 28 I MR REPORTER

presence of the Chief Guest Lt General G.L. Bakshi ,our Executive Director, Mrs. Deepika Bhalla and our worthy Principal, Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa. The assembly showcased various splendid performances by students. In his address the Chief Guest encouraged the students to follow their hearts while remaining cautious of their responsibilities. The Principal addressed the gathering emphasizing the significance of this day and the role of our national heroes behind the success story of our country. The whole school was drenched in the spirit of patriotism throughout the India Week.

Prefectorial Board of MRIS Sector 14

team spirit. Prefects were given away the badges and sashes by the Chief Guest Lt. GeneralvG.L. Bakshi, the school’s Executive Director- Mrs. Deepika Bhalla, Principal - Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, Vice Principal- Mrs. G.Karunakaran, the Head Junior School- Mrs. Shalini Bindra and the Headmistress Mrs. Monika Kathuria.

The Chief Guest in his address told these children to become role –models in every field, they being the torch bearers of the school. The oath was administered by the Chief Guest where in the students promised to honour their titles by fulfilling their responsibilities and giving their best to the school. Addressing the students the Principal gave a bird’s eye view of the values of admirable leadership to the student council. She ended her address by saying that “A good leader is a good follower.” The ceremony also had various cultural items presented by the school students. The programme ended with the school song and National Anthem.



Students of MRIS-14 tying rakhi to the Indian Jawaans Celebrating the bond of love and respect... Showcasing their creativity, enthusiasm, love and commitment for the country, students at MRIS 14 tied handmade rakhees and gifted cards to the INDIAN JAWAANS, who are far away from their houses safeguarding us. It was a sweet gesture of thanksgiving to them. This activity was taken up with a motive to be a part of the endeavor undertaken by Dainik Jagaran to make this special day of ‘Rakshabandhan’ a very cherished occasion.

'PARENTING SESSION' HELD AT MRIS-14 Parents are merely Facilitators The new era is coming with greater challenges for parents. Ms. Kanupriya the host of ‘New Age Parenting’ and Conflict Management Expert, in her interaction with the parents emphasized the parental role of a Facilitator giving children

freedom to think, take decisions independently and be responsible. The focus was on children being considered separate entities and not merely our extensions. They need to be nurtured in a healthy environment enhancing their individual talents and skills, in accordance with their temperament.

Students from MRIS Sector 14 pen down their thoughts How I Can Contribute To Making Life Around Me Better Instead Of Criticizing About What Is Not Available “The best way to get energy is to give it” This is a famous proverb which according to me everyone should implement in their lives. Trees do not eat their fruits themselves... and the river does not itself drink its water. So why can’t we human beings try to be more sensitive towards others feelings??? There are many people in our surroundings…some we like and some we don’t. But as a cause of humanity we must be kind and generous to all. We should try not to criticize our surroundings. Criticizing not only leads to release of negative energy but also causes a feeling of guilt among people. Our life revolves around us and we should not allow negative emotions over-power us. The more important thing is not what the problem is, but what our approach to solving that problem is. Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about us. What is important to me is not others' opinions of me, but my opinion of myself. For making life around me better, I would try to use all the resources around me to the maximum extent .Happiness is the most abundant resource available…we can use it to be content and to enlighten every soul around me. Anger is the strongest emotion which leads to destruction and ironically makes us weaker. As is a famous saying “Anger is one letter short of DANGER”.

INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2013-2014 Mentor Responsible Inspirers Sincere…..


tudents of MRIS Noida moved a step A jubiliant student council with their mentors ahead as the Student Council was sworn in on 24 August 2013. Ms. Sunanda Grover, Executive Director Mr. A student council comprising 22 members, Lovkesh Magu and Ms. Sakshi Magu. The which included Head Boy, Head Girl, Editorprestigious oath was delivered by Mr.Lovkesh in-Chief, Secretary Discipline, Secretary Magu and reiterated by the members of Cultural,etc, were sworn in by the Principal Student Council.

By: REYA MAHAJAN, 11th A MRIS Sector 14

Parents were invited to witness and bless the aspiring leaders. Lighting of lamp was followed by Ganesh Vandana wherein students performed and gave a mersmerising performance Addressing the gathering, the Principal said, “It is a real pleasure to see the faces of leaders brimming with joy and smart postures, do good my young leaders” The school choir presented an inspirational song: “ I going to shine…,”this song had the message that come what may we will strive for the best and pave the way to success, this thought provoking song was appreciated by one and all. The newly appointed Head Girl shared her feelings of gratitude towards all teachers and heads of school. MR REPORTER I 29

MRIS SECTOR 14 Mingling with friends at Hiram College


STUDENT WRITES ... How can I contribute to making life around me better instead of criticizing about what is not available ? In today’s world people are there to blame others. For every big and small thing people blame each other. Then whether it be bad roads, depreciating rupee, increasing crime, we blame the government. For decreasing of flora and fauna we blame everyone around us, children scoring less marks we hold many circumstances around us for this. We all in any way Apoorva Garg blame someone or the other .This not anyone’s fault as this is the human nature .We do not realize our own mistake rather find the easy way out. Life is so beautiful and so short lived .We must learn to live life to the fullest. Life can betray anyone anytime. Criticizing is such a negative word that it does not give happiness to anyone. Not even to him who criticizes and not to him who is criticized. Life should be full of happiness and this could come only when one removes this petty word of “criticizing” from ones mind and thoughts.The person who understands the need to ‘not to criticize’ will live his life in the real sense. Why do we humans think so much?? There is no need to think of what could have happened .This thought itself takes us away from the present. Our aim should be to make the most of what we have. Learn to enjoy what is given to us and not always look at what we do not have. The sole mantra of life is “Be happy and spread happiness !“ No one takes anything along. We should take ups and downs of life happily and with a positive mind. We have to stand to bring a change for ourselves, family, society, world and our environment. It is we who have to bring about a change – we have to be the change. By Apoorva Garg


WHERE EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT… Students of Grade 4 and 5 of MRIS-14, Faridabad brought glory to the school by winning various events in the Inter School Competition, ‘Expressions’ organised by D.P.S. Faridabad held on 29th and 30th August,2013. Our students proved their mettle by competing with renowned schools of Delhi and Faridabad and by bagging 1st,2nd and 3rd positions in various events. Ashit Tyagi stood first in Charitra Manchan Competition, Shreyas Khanna stood second in French Poster Making Competition. Manleen Kaur, Ishita Bindra, Mallika Arora, Joshil Jain together bagged third position in Characters from Children’s Classics in 21st Century. Our students once again proved that Passion and Perseverance together lead to Perfection.


INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME AT HIRAM COLLEGE, OHIO, USA he students of MRIU had the opportunity to visit Hiram College situated in Ohio, USA for a six-week summer internship programme. Students from various faculties viz. Faculty of International Programmes, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Management Studies and Manav Rachna College of Engineering visited Hiram College. Students learnt about the various concepts of management and information technology in a professional and friendly environment. The summer camp included a practical approach of study by taking students to various industrial and manufacturing units which gave them a great exposure to professional work environment, system and functioning of various individual companies. The manner in which the classes were conducted was a lot different from what it is in India. Each class,


regardless of topic or subject, included a workshop which got each and every student more involved in the classroom proceedings. Each day was a new day and offered something new to learn. Students even got a chance to visit “Great Lakes Science Center” where more than 340 interactive science exhibits were there to explore and “The Federal Reserve Bank” located in Cleveland gave students a chance to personally witness the functioning of the American central bank. They also visited “Cedar Point” which is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world. During their stay at Hiram College students also got a chance to interact and socialize with the local students to familiarize themselves with the typical learning environment at any American college. Upon successful completion of the programme the students were awarded with certificates.

FESTIVE MOOD AT MRIS, The students of Early Years (Bloomz to KG) at MRIS, Charmwood, had an enriching and enjoyable time in school on August 8, 2013 as they celebrated Eid and Teej together. The little ones looked special in traditional clothes and enjoyed every bit of the festive atmosphere that had been created in the school. The children first visited the Teej Bazaar that had been set up in school. Here they sat on a traditional swing, ate sweets and got tattoos designed on their hands and arms. The little girls had fun at the "Bangle Corner" and the "Mehendi Zone". The children even greeted everyone by saying, "Eid Mubarak" and "Happy Teej". The students learnt a valuable lesson about peace, harmony and equality from this twin celebration.




INVESTITURE CEREMONY AT MRIS CHARMWOOD Table tennis championsips in progress at MRIS Noida



laying – Sharing – Caring were the key words for all participants at the inter school meet held on 13th and 14th August 2013 . It was a matter of pride, a sense of accomplishment for everyone associated with the MRIS Noida branch as they hosted the prestigious event. Mr Sarkar Talwar Director Sports MREI graced the occasion as a Chief Guest & he declared the meet open along with Principal Mrs Sunanda Grover and Executive Director Mr. Lovkesh Magu. Students put up a a scintillating cultural performance. Whether it was the Ganesh Vandana or the motivational song for flying the flag of success higher and higher, the students captivated the audience. Mr Sarkar

Talwar said “You are not only good but THE BEST”. All participants and coaches promised to maintain the spirit of sports by adopting only fair means of play. The Student Council at MRIS Charmwood

Getting together for the table tennis championships



N 1 1. Dancing to the mood of celebration 2. Dressed in their best outfits for celebration 3. Eid and Teej celebrations

ational Sports Day was celebrated at MRIS CW on 29 August, 2013 which is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the legendry football player Major Dhyanchand. It is the day when all the emminets sportspersons who have contributed significantly in their respective fields are awarded for their undaunted efforts and acheievments. Major Dhyanchand had brought India’s National Game - Hockey on the global map and mesmerised the world with his exceptional performance on the field. Students of grade X Archimedes presented a short skit on the life of Major Dhaynchand apprising the audience about anecdotes from his life. The Sports teacher Mr. Philip Jose gave valuable information on the various awards that are given on this day how many emminent sportspersons have been awarded so far.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams. The Investiture Ceremony of MRIS, Charmwood, marked the inaugural of the Senior Student Council for the academic session 2013-14. Ms. Arti Prasad, Headmistress, addressed the gathering emphasizing on equal opportunity to all and inspiring the newly elected members to prepare for a greater role in future. Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, Director Principal, welcomed the parents. She stressed on the importance of reflecting on one’s actions and urged the parents to develop life skills in their wards by giving them responsibility to be leaders in their home and limiting their demands. The most anticipated solemn moment was the Oath-Taking Ceremony, when the young MRISians took the Oath, lead by the Principal, whereby they declared and vowed to abide by the creed of their Alma Mater and fulfill their duties according to their respective portfolios to the best of their abilities. The Council members then received their badges from the chief guest, Ms. Nisha Bhalla, Executive Director. She addressed the parents and students on being a leader and the importance of role of a teacher in shaping the young leaders of today. Head Boy, Deepak Gupta and Head Girl, Sunaina Girdhar, addressed the audience with a promise to live up to the expectations of teachers and perform their duties with responsibility to take MRIS to newer heights.



Learning the fun way COUNTDOWN NUMERACY WEEK (EARLY YEARS) COUNTDOWN - DAY 1 26th August 2013 - Day 1 of Countdown – The Numeracy Week, saw the children of the Early Years participate in various activities that would help strengthen their Mathematical skills. The students of Bloomz & Toddlers indulged in a Number Peg-Board Activity which was conducted by their Center Incharges. The focus of this activity was the recognition of Numbers. Nursery students enjoyed the Hop-Scotch Activity, conducted to strengthen the ‘Recognition of Numbers’ and the ‘Sequencing of Numbers’. The Finding Numo Activity was conducted for the students of KG in order to find the Missing Number from a group of Numbers. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities conducted for them and participated in them with zeal and enthusiasm.

COUNTDOWN - DAY 2 27th August 2013 - Day 2 of Countdown witnessed the students of the Early Years participating in a variety of activities suited for their age. Children from Bloomz & Toddlers enjoyed the HopScotch Activity which was conducted in order to strengthen the ‘Recognition of Numbers’. Nursery students had fun with the Flash Card Game conducted by their Center Incharges using Number Flash Cards. The students of KG practiced the concepts of ‘What comes Next’ and ‘What comes After’ through the What’s Next Activity which was conducted using various props, websites and Math CDs. 32 I MR REPORTER

COUNTDOWN - DAY 3 29th August’13: Day 3 of Countdown was a lot of fun for the children of the Early Years. Bloomz & Toddlers enjoyed the Math Art Activity that was conducted by the CenterIncharge for all the children. For the Nursery students, Shapes Magic Activity was conducted by way of which the children were encouraged to use different shapes together to form various objects and figures. Looking Back Activity was conducted for the students of KG to reinforce the concept of ‘Backward Counting’.


COUNTDOWN - DAY 4 30th August’13: On Day 4 of Countdown, the children of the Early Years came well prepared for the activities and competitions conducted for them. Bloomz & Toddlers enjoyed the Number Rhyme Activity thoroughly. Number Rhyme Competition was held for the students of Nursery. The children had come well prepared with an English Number rhyme, with an introduction of self. The students of KG participated with great enthusiasm and excitement in the Shapes Magic Competition. The children used various shapes to create different objects, figures and sceneries. The entire week went off with Math excitement in the air. Learning by doing and having fun at the same time is the best way to learn and ‘Countdown’ proved just that yet again.


ooking at the current scenario, we feel it to be of prime importance to educate our children on the issues of Gender Inequality and the importance of respecting women, women respecting men and individuals respecting themselves and hence, we in association with Kathashala conducted a workshop for students of Grades IV and V. The activity-based thought-provoking session saw 100% participation of the students. It sensitized the students to a great extent towards Gender Equality, which could be felt in their discussions and behaviour, thus laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.

MATHEMATICS WEEK – GRADES I-V Maths Week’s aim was to focus on flexible, abstract and inert knowledge of numbers. For achieving this, Math Week – COUNTDOWN ended with a day full of activities from Grade – 1 to Grade – V. Grade – I & II indulged themselves with an Inter Class Maths Quiz where the little ones learnt to work together as a team and solved various rounds of mind twisting questions given to them. Grade – III – The children successfully managed to find their ways through AMAZING MAZE of even numbers. Grade – IV – Mind boggling puzzles Activity was done with a lot of interest by the students, from Pattern completion to Arranging numbers in a MAGIC SQUARE. All activities were enjoyed to the maximum. Grade – V – Wonderful & Creative display of their Aesthetic sense was done by the students through MATH ART ACTIVITY. A CIRCUS SCENE by making use of 2D & 3D shapes was worth watching and students enjoyed every bit of it. Math week culminated with a lot of fun and frolic from Mazes to puzzle solving, from MATH ART to inter class quiz. All the activities involved mass participation of students with full enthusiasm. The response was over whelming. It was a delightful event and a treat to see children’s creation in all the areas. All the teachers were also found indulging themselves in solving the PUZZLE and MAZE activity sheets so as to have a complete feeling of MATHWEEK IN THE AIR.






anav Rachna International School, Sector 21-C celebrated Independence Day with great splendor, joy and respect for Mother India. Students from various grades presented patriotic songs, enacted dramas and danced away expressing jubilation for the entire nation. Principal, Mrs Ikwinder S. Singh, Paragon Implementation Specialist Mr. Simon Ruscoe Price and many personnel from the army graced the occasion. The programme started with the unfurling of the National flag and National Anthem which filled everyone present with patriotic zest. The whole atmosphere came alive with the chants of ‘Jai Hind’. The students from Nursery spoke about the National Symbols of India with pride. They wore tricolour sashes and head gears that depicted the symbol they spoke about. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm and the confidence with which these little stars conducted themselves on stage. Students from grade I enthralled the audience with a beautiful dance number in which they showcased India’s ‘Unity in Diversity.’ Students from grades IV & V presented an inspiring number ‘Lakshya’ spreading the motivational message -‘never give up’ and enacted various scenes from India's journey to freedom. They further danced on a song dedicated to river Ganga . Guests were left mesmerized and called all the presentations awe-inspiring. Principal, Mrs Ikwinder S. Singh, conveyed her heart-felt wishes for the day. She also paid homage to our great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. She further emphasized that that we should always acknowledge and respect the fact that the soldiers who are posted at the borders live their lives guarding and protecting us.

anmashtami was celebrated with great fervour at MRIS 21C Faridabad on 29th August 2013. A Special Assembly was conducted to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Principal, Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh and Ms. Simmi Wolfe (Paragon Implementation Specialist) graced the assembly with their presence. The assembly commenced with the Gaytri Mantra. After the prayer, the students of Nursery presented an action song ‘Yashomati Maiya’. The little children, dressed up as Krishna and Radha, looked adorable and performed brilliantly on stage. The students of Grade I gave the audience a lot of information related to Lord Krishna and Janmashtami. ‘Chotti chotti gaiyan, chhote chhote gwal’ was the action song presented by the students of KG. ’Geeta Saar’ was spoken by the students. A bright and colourful medley of dances was presented by the students from various Grades. Students of Grade V sung a lovely bhajan

‘Shree Krishna Govind Hare Murari’. All the presentations were cheered for and applauded by the audience. The children and the teachers clapped and sang along. Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh wished everyone a Happy Janmashtami. She said that all the children were like little Krishnas and Radhas. She told the children that Lord Krishna believed that one must learn to appreciate the efforts of others and that people value appreciation more than a mere ‘thank you’. She concluded the assembly by saying aloud with the children ‘Haathi ghoda paalki, jai Kanhaiya lal ki’, as she threw candies from the ‘matki’ towards the children. The moment of surprise for the little ones of the Early Years came when they were shown a movie on the birth of Lord Krishna in the multi-purpose hall. The excitement was evident and they went back home wearing the ‘morpankh’ crowns that were created as an incentive for them.



Enjoying the indoor gymnasim

new addition to the sports facilities at MRIS 21C Faridabad is the Indoor Gymnasium which has been set up recently at the school, and has already become the ‘favourite place to be’ for the students. With a trampoline, body-balance bars, exercise-ball, gymnastics mats, etc. it is certainly a fun-place to be. Not only is it fun, but also excellent exercise for the little ones full of energy. The students look forward to their gymnasium slot with great zeal and enthusiasm. MR REPORTER I 33




n 3rd August, 2013 Manav Rachna International School Sector 21-C witnessed the most significant event in the calendar, ‘The Investiture and Academic Excellence Award Ceremony.’ The ceremony commenced with the floral welcome of the Guest of Honour, Mrs Sanyogita Sharma, Director MRIS Sector 21-C, followed by the lighting of the lamp and Ganesh Vandana. The welcome address was given by the Principal, Mrs Ikwinder S. Singh. In her address, she emphasized on the value system of the school and the importance of parent-school partnership for the holistic development of the child. She further explained that a true leader is one who leads by example. Keeping the theme of the ceremony, ‘Commitment to Success’ in mind, the students dwelt on the qualities of a committed leader. The school choir presented an inspiring song, ‘I believe I can fly’ which inspired everyone present to sore high giving wings to their dreams and fulfilling them. A thoughtful dance performance on the beautiful song ‘Ganga,’ composed by Late

Bhupen Hazarika, symbolizing the fury of the Ganga in context to the recent Uttarakhand floods, created awareness

Head girl of MRIS 21 C Head boy with Principal

amongst the audience to save the Ganga from the impending massive ecological crisis. Capable and deserving students from Grades IV and V were then invested with the positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, House Prefects and House Captains. In addition,


Visit To Stellar Children’s Museum espite the pouring rain, the students of KG and Nursery, MRIS-21C Faridabad, were taken on an EduTrip to the ‘Stellar Children’s Museum’, Gurgaon on 16th and 19th of August 2013 respectively. Excited and enthusiastic students were presented with a plethora of hands on activities. The activities gave them a chance to explore and learn while having fun. The students created things on their own using clay, paper cut-outs and blocks provided to them. They enjoyed painting the glass wall. Pin art was real fun. Students came to know about the seven continents, flow of water and what effect does air pressure cause on different kinds of material. They got a chance to shop and cook on their own. It was a wonderful experience to listen to the heart-beat. Children came back excited, to share the different learning experiences they had with everyone.



students were made the School Prefects in different categories including Health and Hygiene, Cultural, Sports and Editorial Board. The Guest of Honour, Mrs Sanyogita Sharma and Principal, Mrs Ikwinder S. Singh then conferred the newly appointed student council with their badges and sashes. A torch signifying the beacon of light was handed over to the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school. The newly elected Student Council took a solemn oath, which was administered by the school Principal, pledging their allegiance to the school. This was followed by Director Mrs Sanyogita Sharma’s speech in which she dwelt upon the importance of leadership with responsibility. She also advised the young leaders to set a new standard by their exemplary behaviour and work as a team. In addition to this, the school felicitated the Academic Achievers with Proficiency Awards for the session 2012-13. The school Principal Ms. Ikwinder S. Singh, Ms. Chandna Kapoor and Ms. Hema Bhatia were also felicitated for their active participation by Radio Manav Rachna. The newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl proposed the Vote of Thanks where they wholeheartedly thanked the Management, Principal, teachers and their parents. The ceremony left everyone elated with a sense of pride while being a part of the Manav Rachna family.

HEALTH WALK FOR A HEALTHY WELLBEING “Apni sehat par kro gaur, badhao ek kadam behtar zindagi ki aur” was the chant of students from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Applied Science, Manav Rachna International University who observed the 4th day of ‘National Nutrition Week’ by organizing a “Health Walk” throughout the campus. The walk was inaugurated in the university campus by Dr.N.C.Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU along with Dr.G.L .Khanna, Dean FAS and other faculty members

Flagging off the health walk

.The objective of health walk was to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity to improve lifestyle , malnutrition and food waste management. The motto was to promote health through walking and pledge people to start a healthier lifestyle as part of this annual event. Physical inactivity increases the risk of lifestyle disorders such as coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes. One of the most effective forms of exercise to achieve health and wellness is walking. Walking does not require any special skills. It is safe, free, requires no equipment and costs nothing to get started. Students also enacted street play at different blocks of MRIU campus to raise awareness of malnutrition “yahi hamara naara ho, swasth desh hamara ho” was the most popular slogan . It was participated by students and teachers together.




aragon, the value addition to the Manav Rachna International School curriculum had its second assembly for grades I to V on 7th August, 2013. The parents of Grades I and III were invited to be a part of the assembly. The confident students welcomed the excited parents and enthralled them with their mesmerising presentation. The students of Grade 1 made them travel back in time to reflect their journey to Ancient Greece. They further told the audience how they explored the ancient Greece community and beautifully displayed wax tablets, community helpers, logo of class room etc, which helped them answer the essential question, ‘What is a Community?’ The students of grade II unlocked the essential question of Unit 2, How do people live in a rainforest by doing hands on activities on rattles, murals and were able to locate different locations in Meso- America on a map. The students vividly presented how they had learnt about their beliefs, food habits, glyphs, writings, homes, art and culture . The students of Grade III showcased their journey through the silk route in Ancient China and presented a skit depicting various characters like camels, confucius, Qinshihyungdi which led them answer their essential question, ‘How does culture expand?’ Grade IV undertook an exciting journey into the World of Ancient Greece. The students presented an information packed journey which took them around Greece; a beautiful mountainous region which encompasses 1400 islands and was the first to give us the Olympic

games. It was equally informative to know about the ancient Greek figures like Pericles, Socrates, Aristotle come to life. The students of Grade V beautifully presented that how in unit 2, they had learned to explore the Roman Empire and its vast expansion which led them answer the essential question, What do we learn from the ruins of an empire? They also examined the remarkable features of Roman architecture and artwork that still stands today. Students got an understanding of the daily life of Romans and appreciated the grandeur of Roman Empire and understood why we still want to learn about their accomplishments till date. The students further displayed their models of travel brochures, Gromas , Roman shields, Triptychs, Mosaic paintings and the map of Roman Empire which they had created in the class. The highlight of Grade V assembly was an experiment in which the students showcased a model of Mount Vesuvius erupting and a virtual

Colosseum which they had created inside their classrooms. The students also created a Forum in the classroom in which they sold the Roman goods of that time. The parents were pleasantly surprised to see the work of their children. The classrooms were well decorated and a power point presentation on the Roman Empire adding to its effect. “An amazing celebration of units in which I was transported to ancient China, where I learned about Silk Route and Confucius. I, then, enjoyed learning a demonstration of Mount Vesuvius erupting and bought some great wares from the Roman Forum. The pupils showcased their learning from Unit 2 with confidence and zeal,” added Simon Ruscoe Price, Paragon Implementation Specialist.

immense confidence and showcasing all that they had learnt about families and Ancient Roman Families as part of Paragon Unit II. But that was not all, they also informed the parents what they had learnt under various subjects such as Literacy – English and Hindi, Numeracy – Maths and GES. They

also celebrated India and its festivals that form an integral part of the spirit of India. To inculcate the spirit of patriotism and of being an Indian, celebrations related to the Indian Independence Day, Eid, Raksha-bandhan and Janmashtami were also included as part of the assembly, which added an emotional touch to the entire assembly. The parents were extremely happy and delighted to watch their children perform so well and to see all that they had learnt in a short span of time. Mr. Simon Ruscoe Price (Paragon Implementation Specialist for Manav Rachna International Schools) was full of praise for the teachers and the students alike. He particular appreciated the classroom display, the big-project (which was a Family album created in the centers by the students) and the children’s performances.

KG PARAGON ASSEMBLY t was Paragon Assembly Time again at MRIS 21C Faridabad. The children of KG thoroughly enjoyed Unit II about Family, which addresses the Essential Question - ‘What is a Family’. Consistent efforts were put in by the teachers and students to showcase the Paragon Assembly as winding-up of Unit II in context of the Ancient Roman Families. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They looked adorable dressed up as Ancient Roman children wearing their Tunics, Togas and the laurelwreath (which they had created themselves as part of the Paragon Activity) as the head gear. It was heartening to see the children performing with







Celebrating RaKsha Bandhan


aksha Bandhan – The unique festival that celebrates the bond of love and care between a brother and a sister was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at MRIS 21C Faridabad on 19th August 2013. The little stars of KG presented a wonderful dance performance on the evergreen song ‘Phoolon ka taaron ka’, which stirred in everyone an emotion so strong that only a song such as this one is capable of doing. MRIS believes in teaching its students to value secularism and teaches them to treat every religion with equal respect and regard. This sentiment was showcased beautifully in a presentation by the students of Grades I-V, who enacted a small skit wherein the girls from one religion tied Rakhis on the wrists of boys from another religion, thereby showing inter-religion brotherhood and celebrating the secular nature of our country. Principal, Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh, praised the efforts of the teachers and the students alike, for showcasing such a wonderful assembly. She encouraged them to be good citizens of India by respecting every religion and concluded by giving her good wishes to everyone for a happy Raksha bandhan. The celebrations were carried forward in the form of ‘Rakhi Making Competition’, in which all students from Nursery – Grade V participated enthusiastically. The day concluded with girl students from different classes tying Rakhis to the security staff and the housekeeping staff.


“What freedom means to be” Freedom means to be not be owned by anybody. It means being able to make choices and protest peacefully. Freedom means that we have rights. Freedom also means we have a good government. Freedom means having the right to speak your mind honestly. It means being able to believe in whatever you want. Freedom is intently very important. It gives you the rights to openly express yourself without fear of retribution. Would our ancestors have fought against Britishers if freedom wasn’t important? Freedom allows us the right to express ourselves. It gives freedom that we can eat whatever we want, what to wear, with whom to talk and where to go your whole life. Freedom is important because it means that I am not ruled by someone else, and anybody can make his own choices, right or wrong. Freedom also allows us to do lots of things like worship your own religion and freedom of speech, allows us to work anywhere. Freedom is something that is very important for all human beings. I think we are very lucky to have the freedoms we have. I would like to thank our ancestors who has provided us freedom, so we are able to enjoy the rights of human beings. Avi Ranka, Grade – V Amartya Sen, MRIS 21C

“What Freedom Means To Me?”

Sense booth activity

Sense booth activity for toddlers The little Toddlers of MRIS 21C Faridabad are learning about the Five Senses and the Sense Organs these days, and to strengthen the concept further, a Sense Booth Activity was organized in the school. The Sense Booth provided a plethora of sensory material to learn from. All five senses were catered to. There was lots of bright and colourful material for the sense of sight; variety of food items to be tasted for sweet, sour, salty, bitter; tambourine, polybags, mikes, dholak, sound-shakers, etc. for the sense of hearing; sand paper, soft toys, textured paper, etc. for the sense of touch; and a variety of material such as cardamom powder, flowers, etc. for the sense of smell. The children tried everything hands-on and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Besides being a fun-activity, it was one which was packed with leaning through play.

What s freedom? It is an absolute right? Freedom id defined from different aspects, and according to different cultures. Some defines freedom as a natural right, while others think that they can do whatever they want to do. From my point of view, freedom is the right to do what one wants, live where we wants, eat what we want, learn what we wants and choose the religion we believes in, but without ignoring or harming other’s right to live free too. We cannot ignore the rights of people with whom we live in the society. We can not simply do what we want and ignore into consideration. Freedom also means having the time to do things right. No freedom, in this case, would mean that I won’t have time for fantastic, clever thoughts. I would have to do things extremely precise and quick. I might have gotten married at a very early age. Without freedom, I could not have done anything I want to do except what I am told to do. Freedom means almost everything to me. In short, I am lucky to be in a society which is free. Just remember – “We are the land of the free and the home of the brave!!”. Renee George, Grade – V Amartya Sen, MRIS 21C

How can we contribute to the Society Every day is an opportunity for us to perform a good deed big or small. There are endless opportunities that are available for me to contribute to the good of society around me. Below are some of the activities and my contributions. 1.Driving a complain around the importance of girl child and discourage female feticide. I will set a personal example of a role model for girls by bringing about a change in people’s opinions. We are a family with all girls children and in no way, our parents have discriminated us in providing opportunities for us. 2.Create an awareness about safety of women – with so many incidents happening on crimes against women, I will work with my school to sensitis people on respecting women. I will start with making my city – Faridabad – a safe city for women. 3.I will spread a message of respecting our senior citizens. Our grandparents put their heart an soul in bringing us up as we grow up, and when time comes, when they need our support, we ignore them and some people even disown them. I will ensure that I respect my grandparents and do everything possible to make other elders


MRIS 21C feel happy. I will start it with mingling with the senior citizens who gather in parks near our house. 4.I will play my role in protecting the environment. For example I will do car-pooling whenever possible and use public transport to save on fuel and prevent emission of dangerous gases. 5.I will make a lasting change in an illitrate child’s life by providing education. I will start this by teaching children of the maid who comes to our house. 6.I have always been saddened when I see that poor people do not have proper toilets which leads to sanitation issues. I will drive a message for innovation public toilets like ‘Sulabh Sauchalyas’ for poor. When I grow up, I would like to develop toilet technologies for the masses which make it safe for the poor. If I can do the above and measure them in clear goals, for example, spreading a smile to at least 5 old people every day in the park, carpooling to school every day, telling stories in form of placards of girl role models like Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom when I go to public places, I will have contributed to the society around me. Navya Mehta, Grade – V C.V. Raman , MRIS 21C

What Does Freedom Mean To Me? Have you ever thought what freedom means to someone? To me freedom means enjoying all my rights and being able to live as I wish to. But my freedom should not come at the expense of someone’s comfort or his own rights. Freedom is one of our basic right. This concept should not be limited to a privileged few. Freedom should be universal irrespective of someone’s colour or caste. Also girls like us should enjoy the same freedom like the boys do. If any injustice is done to us we should have legal means to attain our freedom. The same time some people take undue advantage of their rights. I can see people jumping the traffic light and say. “I will do as I wish to”. Doing this means you are not fulfilling your duties. This is misuse of one’s freedom. So this is what comes to my mind when I think about freedom. Pranti Mahajan, Grade – V R.T., MRIS 21C Continued on Page- 40


CELEBRATING FOUNDATION DAY AT MRCE A blood donation camp marked the celebration of the 10th foundation day of MRCE. A moment of pride as students and staff donated blood for a humane cause. Also an Alumni T20 match marked the occasion



TH Septemper , 2013 was a memorable day for Manav Rachna College of Engineering (MRCE) as it celebrated its tenth Foundation day. The occasion called for a double celebration as recently Manav Rachna College of Engineering has been accredited by National Board of Accredition for few selected courses like Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. To mark its Foundation Day, Manav Rachna College of Engineering organized a blood donation camp in association with Lions Club of Faridabad and Manav Rachna College Engineering Leo club. A total of 700 units of blood were donated on the occasion by the students and Faculty of Manav Rachna College of Engineering. The occasion was graced by dignitaries like Dr. O.P.Bhalla –Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University who was the guest of honour, Chief guest Sh.Yeshender Singh, HCS, SDM, Faridabad, Dr.Amit Bhalla -Vice President, Manav Rachna International University, Dr. N. C. Wadhwa,Vice-Chancellor, MRIU, Dr. Naveen Prakash, Director-Principal, Manav Rachna College of Engineering, Lion Mahesh Banga, President of Lions Club of Faridabad, Lion Sham Kathuria, chairman, blood donation project. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Naveen Prakash said, ”Foundation Day at MRCE is being celebrated in various ways. We are promoting a strong culture of social service on Foundation Day through a blood donation camp which is a joint effort of the students and teachers.” The blood donation camp had several students eagerly donating blood and winning certificates of appreciation. Richa Malik, a 4th year Electronics and Communication Engineering student who donated blood at the camp said, “I feel happy that a few units of blood which I donate may go a long way in saving someone’s life.” The blood collected from the camp was donated to Sant Bhagat Singhji Maharaj Charitable Hospital, Faridabad. The Foundation Day also witnessed an Alumni T20 match between the Alumni and the present batch of students.

The cricket team which played the Alumni match

Blood donation camp at MRCE


eptember 2, 2013, Faridabad: Manav Rachna College of Engineeering (MRCE) along with Lion’s Club, organized a Seminar to spread awareness about the Blood Donation Camp scheduled to be held at the campus on September 5, 2013. The Camp, meant to coincide with MRCE’s Foundation Day, is an annual event held under the aegis of MR Leo Club. The Seminar—a huge draw among MRCE students—had distinguished persons like Mr D.R. Sharma, President of Red Cross Society and Mr Mahesh Banga, President of Lion’s Club, addressing the gathering. Speaking on the occasion, Mr D.R. Sharma talked about the hazards of HIV and the need for today’s youth to be health-conscious. He urged the young minds to ensure that their haemoglobin (HB) levels go up to 12 and above, adding “blood lena nahin hain, dena hain” (blood should be given not taken). Addressing the students at large, he elaborated that the youth need to focus on their diet—eat plenty of vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, channa and jaggery—to strengthen their bodies. “A weak man is a prey to illnesses. He cannot be expected to donate blood for medical emergencies,” said Mr Sharma. While pointing out that a large majority of women are anaemic in this country, he explained that the youth need to “consciously lead a healthy lifestyle” to up their HB levels. Reassuring the students that the blood they donate will be replenished in three days, Mr Sharma said there would be no side effects to worry about. Mr Mahesh Banga informed students that the blood donated will go to Sant Bhagat Singhji Maharaj Charitable Hospital to save the lives of the underprivileged. Students were asked to fill up a blood donation form, though their blood pressure and HB levels would be checked only on the day of the Camp. The fittest students, no doubt, will make the eligibility cut. MR REPORTER I 37


My opinion ur economy is really at cross roads due to Inflation and falling economic growth. How? The wholesale price index, though has come down to some extent, is not helping at all the retail price index which tends to touch double digit and that, of course, directly is affecting the final consumer.


1. When I say cross roads, what does it mean? It means that our government is in dilemma. If it tries to take steps to control the prices, the economic growth is badly affected. If it focuses on the economic growth, then the inflation is overlooked. No doubt, both are affecting a common man. There is no gainsaying the fact that achieving and then maintaining economic growth at a sustainable level is a necessity for a country like India from the point of view of employment and socio-economic development. An economy that attained a very high growth rate inspite of the global slowdown in 2008-09, should ought to ponder over the circumstances that have pulled down same to just 5 percent during 2012-13. Not only this, the worry is: it has been constantly coming down. What a decline from 9 percent during 2010-11….! 2. This leads us to a pertinent question: why the economy has slowed down? Three factors, at least for the time being, could be considered important. First, the powerful monetary response to contain inflation. Second, slowing down of the corporate and infrastructure investment from 2011-12; third, economic meltdown of the global economy and uncertainties in the American fiscal stimuli. The result has been ever increasing fiscal and current account deficit. 3. So far the government has taken only the sporadic and temporary measures to tackle the present day situation. The policy of late, has been to tighten the money market. But this has demoralized the financial sector and the investment leading to slower economic growth. 4. However, the steps taken by the government at the most, have only temporary solution. If we really have to grow at 9 percent per annum, we must understand that three main sectors viz., Agriculture, industry and services, which are the pillars of any economy, have to perform well. If we have to enjoy the sustainable economic growth, then we have to remove the supply constraints in all these sectors. The growth in agriculture, though its contribution is 8 percent in GDP (but employs more than 60 percent of population) has been slow. However, it has been observed that it is the other remaining two sectors viz., industry (manufacturing particularly) and services(trade, transport and communication in particular) , which constitute 27 percent and 65 percent respectively, that are playing more important role. Both these sectors performed poorly during 2011-12 and 2012-13 resulting into slow national income growth. 5. In nutshell, though there are large number of other important factors, the domestic demand in our country itself is enough to sustain long term economic growth. The need of the hour is to take such long term measures which ensure smooth supply to meet the ever growing demand. Investment, may be through foreign capital, in the strengthening the infrastructure , in all three sectors, viz., agriculture, industry and services, can ensure high single digit or double digit economic growth in India. By: Prof Umesh Kalra, Ex-IES Dean, FCH & FEMS 38 I MR REPORTER

Life is the most beautiful gift given by the God ever, but we are not living it to the fullest. We are always ready to pull down other peoples’ tower of cards. Criticism actually means that we really don't want to know or learn about how others see the things. We should deliberately start appreciating small and big things in your life to make life look more beautiful. Everyone has one common goal in life i.e to achieve true happiness. The biggest factor holding us back from achieving our dreams is, simply our own selves. We should not forget that life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Stop making things complicated and just live your life. Think about your goals and eliminate obstacles that do not help you getting there. Happiness is not having what you want; it’s wanting what you have. Stop envying others and learn to appreciate what you have. I could only say we can make our lives better if we start accepting it the way it comes to us. There is a famous saying “When life throws you lemon, make lemonade”. I would further like to end it up with: Life is not a race, but we still continue the chase and try to be an ace. It’s time to get out of this maze and truly live with grace. HUNAR KALRA Grade VI – Scientist

TODAY, INDIA IS CELEBRATING THE 65TH YEAR OF ITS INDEPENDENCE. To have sustained a functioning democracy with all its flaws for more than 65 years, in a country of more than a billion people who speak scores of different languages, is something of a miracle. We as true Indians carry a responsibility to make our country a place worthy to live environmentally with infrastructure that is best amongst all countries & people known for their high values. We can achieve this only by ensuring a positive step forward & contributing by promotion of values like:

● Making our surroundings cleaner. ● Be respectful & help the needy. ● Spread Peace & harmony. ● Plant more & more trees. ● Conserve water. ● Value our resources & conserve them for better use. ● 100% literacy, every individual has a right of education. ● Sincere efforts to control pollution. ● Eat healthy. ● Always Respect elders. ● Respect our culture & idols ● Appreciate & promote talent. ● Be honest & truthful. ● Love our country & all country men We are fortunate to have been born as Indians let’s make our sincere efforts to take our country as they say”To be on top of the world” By DEV OJHA Grade VI scientist



he Charmwood Branch of MRIS celebrated 67th Independence Day on 15th August with great pomp and show. The soulful renditions to the patriotic numbers by the senior children set the mood right from the morning. However, the colourful comparison of India before and after independence by the junior wing through their passionate presentation stole the

thunder. In a tight, well-knit script, a dance drama performed by students of Grade V depicted the many hues of our freedom struggle and it brought tears in our eyes and filled our heart with pride. This was followed by the vibrant tableaus of the states and the children from various sections of Grades I – IV occupied the stage in bright outfits, performing dances, speaking about their heroes and the


YEH MERA INDIA ears ago, a dear friend of mine returned to India after a two year stay in a foreign land. The aura of the stay was still there which gave a special bounce to his feet. The picked up accent was still there which we ‘the poor fellas’ left behind were still trying to get a hang off. The fleet of suitcases with tokens from ‘foreign’ for family and friends tagged along. We humbly received the dear friend and together boarded the Scorpio. It was a big thing at that time as SUVs had newly hit the Indian roads and big vehicles were catching everyone’s fancy. We were kind of proud of having one to welcome our friend in. As we left the Indira Gandhi International Airport, he complained about almost everything- the heat, bad roads, traffic, dirt all around - to name just a few. While waiting at a signal crossing we saw a ‘panwala’. He was elated to see him. Said he had missed the ‘pan’ for all these years and quickly bought one. Stuffing his mouth with the beetle leaf he continued his complaints. As the car drove ahead, he opened the window, put his head out and spit the beetle juice out of the window. “EEEKKSSS!!!” I shrieked. He gave me a big smile with his red stained teeth and said, “I’ve missed doing this all these years”. We made great fun of it and laughed it out. The world has opened up like never before. As we were growing up, going overseas was indeed a matter of pride. Today everyone travels abroad and comes back with stories of neat countries, disciplined driving, helpful people and many more. While we are there we follow all their rules and regulations, pay hefty fines if caught doing wrong and the moment we come home, we become ‘Indians’ and say how much we missed messing the country around. Indians are by far the most industrious people. They do not shy away from hard work.That is the reason why they are doing well all over the world. Indians are by far the most god fearing people. God controls every aspect of our


Celebrating Independence Day

achievements. The green and white of Kerala was complemented beautifully by the cosmopolitan elements of Dildaar Delhi. The panch pyaare carrying the holy Granth Sahib and the five

life. That is why the family values and structure are still intact while it is breaking the world over. However I also take no pride in saying that we are by far the most indisciplined people and lack civic sense as a community. We are selfish in our approach, think first of ourselves, and of our nation, only during national days. This approach has been bothering me for quite a while and I think I have come very close to the answer now. While doing a course of study what struck me the most was the fact that while the educational system of other developed countries focused on developing citizenship qualities, the Indian educational system primarily aims at employability. While young adults in developed countries are involved in some sort of national service or active national duty, this concept is yet to come and accepted in India. Schools too in India promote their students/alumni in terms of percentages/packages/professions and not as citizens. How then do we develop the citizenship qualities in Indians? I don’t have answers to the questions burning in my mind but would still like to share them with you. ● What then should be done about the general apathy prevailing in India? ● Does the educational system or for that matter parental expectation need to revolve around employability? ● How do we promote and develop nationalistic sentiments along with a sense of responsibility? I will continue pondering on these thought and ponder till I find solutions to them. If you have any, I would be more than happy to hear from you. As of now I guess a shift in the entire generation’s thought process is required for the above questions to be answered. Compiled by Surabhi Joshi Manav Rachna International School Gurgaon, Sector-46

rivers and events of Wagah border were shown in the Punjab act. Children spoke confidently about the progress in Gujarat, AMUL and their industrious people. This culminated with a Garba on “Ho shubharambh, mangal bela aaiyee….”The show stoppers for the day were little stars of Bloomz dressed up as the youth icons of our country. There were inspiring speeches by our Principal, Mrs. Sanyogita Sharma, Paragon Implementation Specialist, Mr. Simon Ruscoe and Executive

Director, Mrs. Nisha Bhalla on contributing towards freedom, conserving our national heritage and maintaining the spirit of patriotism. The programme concluded with the first ever band performance by the senior students of Manav Rachna Charmwood. Long before the beating of the drums and the blowing of bag pipes died down , we sang in chorus, Saare Jahan Se Achha , Hindostaan Hamara, ……..Chak De India….Chak De MRIS.

Living in the Present – a Challenge Col V.K.Gaur, Advisor MREI, Director MRCEd sends out a sagacious message to our readers on how to make the most of the present and live it well and glowing “Each today, well-lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and each tomorrow a vision of hope. Look therefore , to this one day for it alone is life, and this thought if well taken can trigger all-round happiness and peace since neglecting present is the root cause of unhappiness and bitterness. ” In magic – and in life – theme is only the present moment, the now. But we human beings have enormous difficulty in focusing on the present. We are always thinking about what we did, about how we could have done it better, about the consequences of our actions, and about why we did not act as we should have or else we think about the future, about what we are going to do tomorrow, what precautions we should take, what dangers await us around the next corner, how to avoid what we did not want and how to get what we have always dreamt of while we know that living in the present moment is secret of longlasting happiness. We need to constantly remind ourselves of its importance. We need to remind ourselves that all happiness is in the present and unhappiness comes from thoughts about past hurts and future worries. Being in the present enables us to live and love to our fullest potential, and our health, our confidence and our peace of mind all increase. This is because a well-lived and thoughtfully managed present provides a strongbasis for a well lived past, a bright future and viceversa with reference to neglecting our present, is the bug-bear of all problems. Our demographic asset-which forms a major part of our Indian population, importance of the ability to be in the present is of immense significance, as it is a major component of mental wellness. When our present , our children are looked after and reared up properly to possess well developed and harmonious personalities of-course our future as well as the past will be taken care of in an ideal manner. As elders it is our responsibility to be role models for our youngsters so that they assimilate the best possible Sanskaras’ and prove to be the precious asset of our nation known as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ in the past. To sum up we respect the past, neglect the present and anticipate the future. Nothing wrong, but we should also take note of the fact that past is Father, Present is Mother and the future is Child. If there is a disconnect between the Father (Past) and the mother (Present), the future (Child) would not be desired harmonious personality, Therefore the senior generation and the young generation should learn to live in the Present –of course a challengeLet us accept it!! TIPS ● Understand the relationship between thought (Vichar) and intellect (Vivek) ● Grow the nursery of thoughts. ● Thought is the panacea to all worldly problems.


INTERNATIONAL TRIP Continued from Page- 37

How Can We Contribute To The Society?

Educational & Recreational trip to Japan & China by the Faculty of Applied Science, Manav Rachna International University

ix students from Faculty of Applied Science Manav Rachna International University Along with Prof G L Khanna Dean Faculty of Applied Sciences Faridabad visited Japan Under a scholarship exchange programme at University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. The weeklong Tsukuba Summer Institute program was incredible .It was delivered by Faculties from all over the world. It gave us very good learning experience. and also gave us the insight of the effect of exercise in various diseases like alzeheimer's disease. Also the effect of exercise in neuroactivation how we can decrease the time of neuroactivation with the help of exercise. Learning new technological advances in Biomechanics , Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology and Therapy was an great opportunity for us. Working with students from 14 countries was another opportunity which we got.Visit to Tsukuba has


changed our thought process and given us confidence and global experience.

Fun time at University of Tsukuba:UDON Party at University of Tsukuba Japan

Visit to China:One day visit to China was incredible. It was a wonderful and a dream come true through climbing one of the wonders of the world i.e. The Great Wall of China Toboggan run at Great Wall was adventurous, funfiled and the visit was further enhanced by the beauty of nature. Last but not the least our visit to China ended with shopping at the Alien’s Street market, Beijing.

Student’s views:-

How Can We Contribute To The Society? First contribution of a student to the society would be, to be always attentive to his studies so that when he grows up he can contribute to the knowledge and wealth of the society. Ignorance, poverty and crimes are the curses and a student should be /try to be peaceful, disciplined and caring for the less privileged people. He should behave in a way so that doesn’t disrupt the peace of the society and never indulge in criminal activities. Nowadays, there are many non-government organizations which are engaged in social service activities. A student may join such activities, without hampering his studies. This is also a duty of well-to-do students to care for their less privileged brothers and sisters who are not able to join or leave studies due to poverty. In any case, no student should ignore his studies so that when he grows up he can contribute to the wealth and knowledge of the society by becoming proficient in any field like education, industry, farming and administration etc. Ananya Agarwal, Grade – V R.T., MRIS 21C

What does Freedom Mean to Me? “I am greatful to Tsukuba Summer Institue to give me opportunity to be a part of TSI 2013. I enjoyed my stay, learning and japanese culture.” -Dr. Pooja Anand ( P.hd Scholar,FAS) “The experience was very knowledgable and learning newer aspects of exercise physiology and emerging and new trends of physical education on an international platform wasgreat. Moments spent there will be cherished life long.” -Manisha Prasad ( M.SC. Nutrition & Dietetics,FAS) “It was a wonderful & unforgettable experience to be a part of TSI 2013. Great learning experience & amazing memories of fun time at Japan,” - Alka Sharma (Masters of Physiotherapy, FAS)


Generally, children of my age group think that we can’t contribute to the society as we are small but this is not true. We can bring about many changes in the society with our efforts such as we can teach illetrate people around us in our spare time. We can also spread awareness against various social evils untouchability, casteism, discrimination of girl child, child labour etc. we can also spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness and public hygiene. We can help in prevention of communicable diseases like malaria, dengue etc. by keeping our homes and surroundings clean. If we see anything wrong happening around us, we should inform to our parents so that they can take appropriate action. We can plant more trees to save our environment. We can save electricity by switching off lights, fans,T.V, A.C etc when not required. We can also save water by various ways like using bucket instead of pipe for washing cars, using mug of water instead of tap for washing teeth etc. We can reduce pollution by travelling short distances on foot or by bicycle instead of car. We can set an example by not bursting crackers on occasions and festivals as it causes noise pollution and air pollution. We can also set an example by following traffic rules and compelling others to follow the same. We can make a traffic club which can promote awareness about traffic rules and safety while travelling. We can also make various clubs like environment club science club, public hygiene club etc. to help people in gaining knowledge about their social aspects. We can help aged and sick people in doing their work like by helping them cross the road, offering them seats in buses and trains. We can take care of orphaned animals by giving them food, shelter and medical help. Thus, we can contribute to the society in several ways and make the world a better place to live in. Muskan Kumar, Grade – V R.T., MRIS 21C

Freedom means many things to different people. To me freedom, freedom from oppression, limitations and intolerance. It means letting in the freedom of right thinking, love and individuality. It means right to act speak or think as the hindrance or resistant, keeping in mind the obligation or limitation set by law of India. Freedom should not be conferred as doing anything which can effect the country or harm anyone. We should use this term in doing positive things. According to me, freedom means more responsibilities. Its right that that freedom is liberty to do whatever we want to do but it is accompanied by responsibilities and we should know our responsibilities while exercising our freedom. Freedom to live a life of human dignity has been restricted by crimes like honor killing, domestic violence, dowry death, eve teasing. As Gandhiji said, “Real Swaraj is selfrule or self-contract”. He equated freedom with self-rule because he wished to build the nation of obligation to others as well as to oneself, while retaining the element of volunteers that is the very basic of freedom.

SPORTS At the end I would like to mention that individual freedom also can make a man voluntarility surrender himself completely to the service of society. No society can possibly be built on denial of individual freedom. Gaurav Bansal, Grade – V Amartya Sen, MRIS 21C

How Can We Contribute To The Society? We can contribute to our society in many ways. Few examples are given below. 1.Save a life program. We can run a campaign where we educate people to get registered as a stem cell donor to help save people from leukemia. 2.Conserve and promote the plants ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes. Though our leadership will help native plants to exist in vigorous population by healthy evolving eco-system so that people will actively promote the nature. 3.Awareness about donation of blood: we can save many lives by donating blood but today in our society due to lack of knowledge among people most of us do not go for the cause hence it become very essential to run the regular campaign. The downside for us is to walk with a band-aid on our arm which discretely states that we did it as a selfless act. 4.Knowledge Sharing: To gain knowledge it is important to share it with the society. The idea is to try to give all the information to help others so that they can judge the knowledge sharing which is not limited to the accumulation of once contribution. There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow man. There is no greater contribution than to help weak. Hence there is greater satisfaction than to have complete knowledge sharing. “We all should join a charity not only to raise money but to help needy people.” Anushka Raina, Grade – V Rabindernath Tagore, MRIS 21C

How Can We Contribute To The Society? A person can contribute to the society in different ways depending upon the age and socio-economic position of a person in the society. If a person is wealthy he can contribute the wealth and if a person is young, he can contribute physically but in my opinion the biggest contribution a person can do for the society is imparting education to the illiterate and poor people. Education will help in the contribution of a society which is free of crime, rape, poverty and misconceptions. The biggest problem our society is facing today is crime against women. We have seen that in recent times ______it is Nirbhays’s case or Mumbai case every time the culprit is illiterate or school dropout. Because a mind without education is always filled with destructive ideas. Education converts these destructive ideas to constructive ideas. Ideas that are a boon for the society with the aroma of thousand roses. So I request to the every educated person of society that he or she will do something either by finance or by time to make others literate. I think inspite of giving cheap pride food grains to poor government should make it compulsory for all to get educated and if a person is educated then he can easily buy food grains at any price. Education and knowledge is the only thing that has made the human race superspecious on this earth. If we want a crime free society then help spread education. Shagun Kalra, Grade – V Rabindernath Tagore, MRIS 21C


SPORTS FOR A HEALTHY MIND AND SOUL The students of Manav Rachna International schools are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing options for sports. Facilities for different sports are available at all levels. The third Inter Manav Rachna International Schools Sports Championship 2013-14 was held at different schools playing host to different games


ports is a medium to keep healthy in both body and mind and MRIS has always upheld the notion that sports in a student’s life is not only essential for a healthy body and mind, but it also goes a long way in building a strong character and personality. In keeping with this ethos, Manav Rachna organized the third Inter Manav Rachna International Schools Sports Championship 2013-14. The month-long event has been conducted under the guidance of the Directorate of Sports, Mr Sarkar Talwar, Manav Rachna International University (MRIU). Beginning from July 11, 2013, the series of events in the Sports championship continued until August 30, 2013. All the games were played on a knockout basis in the various Manav Rachna International Schools (MRIS) and included students from different age groups. The first in the series was the Skating Beginners’ Meet which was held at MRIS Sector 51, Gurgaon. The Chess Meet had MRIS Sector 21C, Faridabad, as its venue while the Swimming, Football and Gymnastics Competitions were hosted at MRIS Sector 46, Gurgaon. At MRIS Charmwood, Basketball and Cricket took centre stage, which was followed by a Table Tennis Meet at MRIS Sector 51, Noida. The final round up of games comprising Volleyball, Martial Arts, Badminton and Shooting competitions were held at MRIS, Sector-14. It was also the venue for the grand finale involving the Final Prize Distribution. The event, a colourful ceremony, was attended by a host of luminaries including Major General A.S. Bakshi, Ms Deepika Bhalla, Executive Director MRIS Sector-14, Mr Sarkar Talwar, Director of Sports, and Principals of Manav Rachna International Schools, among others. Congratulating both the winners and participants on the occasion,

Badminton match at the meet

chief guest Major General A.S. Bakshi, Director, Corporate Resource Centre, MRIU, said that “students should raise their bar and work hard towards achieving their goals”. Mr Simon Ruscoe Price, Paragon Curriculum Implementation Specialist and a special guest at the event, said that “Sports was a great unifier, promoting team spirit, cooperation and excellence”. He encouraged the children to “never give up and learn from their losses”. It is in that spirit that Aryan Raj Kakkar, a fourth Grade student of MRIS 21C played his game of badminton. Initially nervous, he gained “confidence after losing” and was determined to win the next time he takes part. For Tanishq Thakur, a district level player and a Grade X student of MRIS 14, “the championship was a great learning experience”. In volleyball, Priti Raj, a Grade XI student of MRIS Charmwood, “picked up new techniques from other school children and coaches”. But it was her team’s “amazing teamwork and long hours of practice” that helped them clinch the gold. The Championship, according to Tanuj Sharma, HOD Sports, MRIS Sector 14, was a great motivating factor for the students. While MRIS Gurgaon Sector 51 won the trophy in Skating, MRIS Charmwood won trophies for Chess, Carrom, Taekwondo and Basketball. In the field of Table Tennis,Volleyball, Shooting and Badminton, MRIS Sector 14 won top honours while Swimming, Football and Gymnastics events had MRIS Gurgaon Sector 46 winning hands down. The Championship, as Karan Bharadwaj (a national gold medal winner and an MRIS Sector 14 student) remarked, “promoted great teamwork and sportsman spirit.” It proved to be a celebration of Sports and provided students a great platform. MR REPORTER I 41




he Department Of Physiotherapy Faculty of Applied Sciences organised one day Workshop on PLYOMETRICS.The resource person was immensely experienced and dynamic Dr. Hemant Juneja. Dr. Juneja is one the first Masters in Sports Physiotherapy pass-outs in India and is presently HoD, Physiotherapy, Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy,Delhi. He has also been recently awarded his Ph. D in Sports Therapy. Prof G L Khanna Dean Faculty of Applied Sciences briefed about the importance of Plyometrics and introduced Prof Juneja . PLYOMETRICS is a method of training the athletes.The exercise involve repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power. Dr Juneja provided an interesting insight into the history of JUMP TRAINING (as PLYOMETRICS was known earlier) involving the cold war between the USA and erstwhile USSR. It was quickly followed by the physiological mechanism and biomechanical basis of PLYOMETRICS. Dr. Juneja explained the various exercises in

M Workshop On Plyometrics

PLYOMETRIC training along with a typical training protocol and also exhorted the Participants to try the same. The practical demonstration was well attended and received by the Participants. The keenly interested audience consisting of graduate and postgraduate students were kept in rapt attention by active demonstration of training techniques on the subjects. Owing to time constraints the students could not have an exhaustive hands-on practise but nevertheless couldn’t help thanking Dr. Juneja for having spared his time for the intellectually comprehensive lecture.Dr Pooja Anand Head Department of Physiotherpay gave vote of Thanks.

RIS 21C celebrated the Grandparents’ Day in all its grandeur. Wishing the ones who are grand in every sense of the word, were our little ones of the Early Years, trying to strengthen their inter-generational bond. With excitement written large on their faces, the grandparents very happily walked in with their grand children. The children were eager to take their grandparents to their classes, which was something unusual. A whole lot of activities were lined up for them, one being the handprints of both the grandparents and the little ones on a table mat and aptly named ‘pidhi-dar-pidhi’, which would be a memory for eternity. The highlights, however, were the two Story Telling Zones named ‘kahaniyon ke bagan se’, designed especially for the grandparents as they sat on charpoys and cane chairs, or even mattresses and indulged in story-telling sessions. Some even sang melodious songs where the ambience brought back the vivid memories of their childhood. This was followed by the game session where

Dr. Hind P Bhatia Professor & HOD Dept of Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad


Dr. Naresh Sharma Reader Dept of Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad

Conscious Sedation of Pediatric Dental Patients with Chloral Hydrate in Department of Paedodontic & Preventive Dentistry, MRDC


ehavior management strategies for pediatric dental patients have evolved greatly over the past 2 decades, with verbal techniques like positive reinforcement, tell-show-do, and voice tone control hand-over-mouth exercise and hand-over-mouth with airway restriction having lost considerable popularity. In light of this trend, conscious sedation with chloral hydrate is a vital dimension of pediatric dentistry for those children who fail to cooperate for treatment in a conventional setting or are very young to understand and follow the instructions given by surgeon. One such case, a 24 months old boy with nursing bottle caries was treated with conscious sedation using chloral hydrate in dept of Paedodontics and Preventive dentistry, Manav Rachna Dental College. Case was discussed with Dr.HP Bhatia. Pulpectomy was performed on upper centrals and laterals. Obturation was done with calcium hydroxide and Iodoform paste, crown build up with glass ionomer cement followed by polycarbonate crowns. The popularity of conscious sedation


among pediatric dentists is underscored by the safe and effective means by which sedative drugs can be used when practitioners follow the (ADA) Guidelines for the Elective Use of Conscious Sedation, Deep Sedation, and General Anesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry. Chloral hydrate, which is one of the well known and widely used drug for pediatric dental surgeon has an onset of action of 15 -30 minutes given orally with a peak effect for an hour or more. Primary metabolite of chloral hydrate is trichloroethanol which is responsible for most of the CNS effects that occur. Since it is irritating to gastric mucosa one should administer the drug in diluted flavored medium otherwise it may cause nausea and vomiting. Pre-sedation, kids often enter a period of excitement and irritability. One problem with sedation in pediatric dentistry is that you can only give what is considered a "safe" dosage. Those children who do not respond to that dosage, well, you don't just give twice the dose and hope it will take.

That could lead to trouble. Whatever is used, you monitor vital signs in accordance with the AAPD guidelines. The whole process is somewhat of an art as much as a science. Lethal dose is 10gm in adults, sometimes the tendency to push the drugs to larger dose to achieve the necessary sedation. It is recommended that young children receive 25-50 mg/kg body weight and not more than 1gm. Things can be unpredictable as medications elicit different responses in different children. The younger the child, the more unpredictable the medication's effect. A certain dosage on one child may make them quite sleepy and sedated, while the same exact dose will not seem to do anything for the next child. Studies have found an individual child's temperament has a lot to do with their response. Therefore, some kids are better served with treatment under general anesthesia. In fact, if there is so much work that several sedative appointments will be required to complete the treatment, then the option of general anesthesia is usually discussed.



Grand Parents Day

Student of MRIS Sector 14, Faridabad, Suyash Parasher, has added to his laurels for kick boxing

S Grand parents' enjoying the celebrations at MRIS 21 C

in the grandparents participated enthusiastically and one could see the child alive in them when they jumped and screamed after receiving the prizes. They were truly elated, elevated from their daily chores of simply baby-sitting, watching television and reading the newspaper. One could easily perceive that little streak of excitement, happiness and contentment as time and again they would thank the teachers and the principal for making their day so special. Principal, Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh, thanked the grandparents, asserted their importance in a family, shaping us with our roots and wrapped up with day with the famous song ‘who kagaz ki kashti, who bearish ka paani…kahani sunati jo dadi-nani’.

uyash Parasher , a class X student of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 14, Faridabad has been an ardent kick boxer and has achieved many prizes at the state and national level . This year too he has many feathers in his cap. He won the gold medal for the CBSE School Games District – Faridabad Haryana in July 2013. In the same month he also won another gold at the 12th Faridabad District Kickboxing Championship Haryana. Adding to

Suyash Parasher

‘TECH- GALAXIA-2013’ Faculty of Computer Applications (FCA), Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) organized a one day seminar ‘Tech-Galaxia2013’ to focus on the emerging IT trends, the IT company environment and the prevalent work culture The seminar was attended by chief guest Dr N. C Wadhwa, (Vice Chancellor –MRIU), Umesh Kalra-(Dean and Professor, Faculty of Commerce & Humanities) MRIU, Dr V.K. Mahna,( Dean- FCA,) MRIU, and Mr Yogesh Jasraj-(Quality Assurance Manager, United Health Group) among others. The event which ‘explored the unexplored’ enhanced the students’ knowledge and gave them invaluable insights about the recent developments in the IT sector. Speaking on the occasion, Dr N.C. Wadhwa, said, “We are

living in the modern age where IT takes care of every important area of life. From kitchens to offices, we need the help of IT enabled services.” He added further, “Value additions by way of seminars, symposiums and conferences, and lectures by key resource persons from time to time will help our students become industry ready and contribute towards their overall development.” Speaking to the students, Mr Yogesh Jasraj said, “We live in a customer-centric era where the customer is flooded with multiple choices and options. In such a scenario, the quality of service depends on the quality of software. From that point of view, IT plays a critical role to ensure the software is working fine.” Focusing on the career path of software testing, Mr Jasraj talked about the revolutionary changes in software testing and said that it has emerged “from a single activity in the product development life cycle into an integral discipline”. He also pointed out the ways in which the IT industry was reducing the cost of an organization. The seminar included an expert talk by Nitin Kansal, Subject Matter expert, Tech Mahindra, on Unix Server’s role in IT

these achievements he was also elected as the ‘Sports Minister’ at the school level in August 2013. The 18th Junior National Kickboxing Championship at Kolkata saw the young kick boxer win the silver (light contact) in August 2013 and he won the gold (kick light) at the 18th Junior National Kick boxing Championships in Kolkata as well. Suyash was awarded the National Best Fighter award (below 69 kgs) at the same event in Kolkata. At his own school level he has been awarded the silver medal for football at the 3rd Inter Manav Rachna International Schools matches and the gold for volley ball. We wish you luck so that you achieve more and more awards and make us all proud.

industries where he discussed Unix as “an open source code (available to any user for coding/developing a new application based upon Unix code)”. He also spoke at length about different flavours (versions) of Unix like Redhat, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX, besides shedding light on the recruitment process in the IT industry. MRIU MCA passout Sankalp Jain who is currently a System Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, interacted with the students about their future aspirations and main areas of interest. Besides clearing their misconceptions about software development and software management, he talked about Application Management (which involves developing a software application and managing it post installation) as well as Application Packaging using installers (software modules which help to install an application on the client’s side with minimum time). The seminar gave students like Kanika Sharma, an MCA IIIrd semester student, the platform to bring up some fascinating facts: for instance, 70 billion devices in the world are connected to the Internet or the fact that the first cordless mouse was invented in 1964. The one-day interactive session provided students an opportunity to learn different aspect of the IT industry as they came out enriched by the wealth of information. MR REPORTER I 43

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