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I love Photography. I have let it consume me. No fallback plan, no safety net. I have let weddings become the nine to five of my life. I love a wedding! How can you not? No group of people in the world is ever happier then they are on their wedding day.

I approach each wedding a specific way, the day has to be allowed to unfold, but I also compose and direct to create the shots I love to show. My style is one that leads me to crafting each shot, yes I know when things need to be allowed to just happen and I capture them as they do, I want to create something that will make people swoon. Images that capture your imagination.


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film Yes, I still shoot film. No, I’m not living in the past. Yes, I am aware digital technology exists. I use film because it’s the best to create the images I love to give my clients. I love the richness of colour film brings, the whimsical look it gives, the softness it has. In a fast paced world of ever growing technology and rapid change film shouts out, “Hey! Slow it down. Take a breath. Look at what is right in front of you” then it lets me capture it. What’s more? Its real. There is no photoshop trickery, nothing computer generated. It is simple, it is natural. It is beautiful.


me Welcome to my humble part of the internet! Firstly, thanks for your interest in my work. Before I continue on about what products and services I can offer you, let me introduce myself: I’m a Son to a Mother A Husband to a Wife A Mate to Mate A God to my Puppy & A Servant to my Cat. I grew up and live in the town that I have loved since I can remember and I married the girl I dated in high school (call us high school sweethearts and we will go all kung fu on you). There is nothing too remarkable about me, I don’t save lives or wear championship rings. I have an obsession with food and I love a good suit. It’s a quaint life I lead and I love it, and at some point in my years I picked up a camera and discovered I love to take pictures. My name is Glen Edwards, what’s yours?



“Its for the Bride!” No more powerful sentence exists. Seriously, use it. See how much you can get away with! It’s because your wedding day should be all about the two of you and no one else. That’s what we do. From the moment you walk into the Studio everything about your wedding photography is built around you and what your day. We talk about what you would like and what you don't and we try to incorporate the details of your day into our end product. The colours of the brides maids dresses, the ribbons around the bouquet, the paper stock of invitations, the font on your menu - these are all things we can try to weave into your photography collection.

Engagement Photography

the viewing night Don’t expect us to email photographs to you once they are done – thanks very much – see you later! Oh dear no. When your images are ready we want you to come into the studio, with your family, with your friends. There you will find beer and champagne, food to nibble on, music playing softly in the background, (or loudly if you like) and of course your photos, presented in a perfectly wrapped box ready for you to un-wrap like a child on Christmas morning. Our approach is a bespoke one, we want you to be able to feel, touch and see your images as they were intended, among the ones who love you the most. We will then sit with you as you flick through and pick your favorites, lending advice where we can. And slowly, before your eyes, your album begins to take shape.

memories At Mr Edwards, we believe in simple, natural, honest and beautiful photography. And so it is only natural that we carry our vision and passion through to the final delivery of your album. All of our albums are designed individually by Glen then printed on fine art paper and handcrafted. The modern yet timeless feel of the album can be adapted to suit the style of your wedding where you have as much or as little input into how your album looks as you want! Have something created that doesn’t just reflect your wedding day, but your time together before that and present a sneak peek into your life in the future. A handmade scrapbook of postcards from holidays, notes from years ago, tickets from first dates! Incorporate your invitations, the place cards, the menu – anything you want! Perhaps you’re a little more classic in nature and choose to have your images mounted and matted perfectly in a leather bound keepsake with custom matching box, bound with ribbon tied in a perfect bow.

Indicative prices At Mr Edwards Photography and Design we believe that every couple is different and unique. So naturally – we only offer tailored collections based on your requests! Below is a sample of our pricing structure:


4 hours $1130

6 hours $1430

8 hours $1730

10 hours $2030

12 hours $2330


300-400 6x4” boxed prints $545


Premium range $1920

Please note all prices are excluding GST.

Standard range $1250

DVD of all images $85

Portraits At Mr Edwards Photography and Design we believe that every individual, couple, family or group of friends are different and unique! And so, we tailor suit each portrait session to suit your personality and lifestyle. In a Mr Edwards Photography and Design session, we ask for you tell us a little bit about yourself – what you enjoy doing together, how you spend your time, what is your favourite movie, your favourite food... you get the idea! Once we know a bit about you, we put together a little inspiration board to give you some ideas on location, clothing, hair styles etc etc – no more still backdrops or matching white business shirts – This shoot is about you and your crew!

Listed below are our standard collections, but we are more then happy to add or delete products and custom build a collection for you.



• Lifestyle portrait session

• Lifestyle portrait session

• Low resolution CD – ready for facebook and email

• Low resolution CD – ready for facebook and email



• High resolution CD – ready for you to print





• Lifestyle portrait session

• Lifestyle portrait session

• Low resolution CD – ready for facebook and email

• Low resolution CD – ready for facebook and email

• High resolution CD – ready for you to print

• High resolution CD – ready for you to print

• Three matted 6 x 9 inch prints ready for you to frame

• Three Matted 6 x 9 inch prints ready for you to frame



• One matted and framed story board ready for you to hang





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photography and design

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Portfolio & Collections  

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