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Dear Fans, Mr Dreamz magazine is the story of millions artists all over the world who got dreams. Dreams to shine, Dreams to rise, Dreams to live or simply Dreams to survive. Everyday, dreams come true, everyday dreams are broken. This is how the game goes. But after the rain, the sun rise. Mr Dreamz magazine talks about those people who keep faith in what they do. To those grinders who stand up and struggle for their rights, their talents, theirs skills. We feel the deep power that push them to the limit. From Paris, to Miami, L.A to Tokyo, London to Sidney, Rio to Johanesbourg, the voices from the streets shout, sing, rap, cry everyday, everynight. Who make the city? “We are the Heart of the city�. A true way to express how these people from the hood are active everyday. They are building the urban culture through their art. They give a color, a taste, an perfume to the whole city.Today, Mr Dreamz magazine let all those artists express themselves and become the link between the source and the media. We are the new era for a new generation of dreamers.

Publisher We So Smooth Entertainment LLC Editor in chief The Dreamaker Contributing writers Joha Brown, Winnie MC, B.B Bouk, Trish Cassis Photographers Destiny Brown, Christopher Levet Contributing illustrator The Dreamsignerz, Solomon Reece Mr Dreamz Canada Officer Mathew Perrault/ C.R.E.A.M Communication PR/ Marketting We So Smooth Entertainment LLC/ Yo promotion 4


Celebrates the Pop/Rnb scene from U.S to Europe with the female artists ILSE & Miliani.


The Next Big Thing is here! Listen to the underground voice from the Hood!


Maybach Music artist & member of Triple C’s Cartel, Gunplay gives for Mr Dreamz magazine an exclusive interview, sharing with us his incredible 2011 big buzz!


Introduces FALLEN KINGS from DC through their career, their grind & dreams. Mr Dreamz keep an eye openned on the future of Hip Hop.


LAIS LOPES & KATHY SOLES as the sexy touch of this Xmas issue. Come into the life of the sweetest Miami Models!



ILSE Can you describe your music in three words?

REAL I see both the lyrics as well as the music as real. It comes from a pure place: I mean what I say and say what I feel. The lyrics come straight from the heart. I observe what’s going on in the world, I think about what I learned from my personal experiences and translate it into music. I don’t care about my “image”. I just wanna be myself, without compromising. PASSIONATE I want to put all I have into my music. For me it’s all or nothing. I want to live life to the fullest cause this might be the only chance we have. I believe when you follow your heart you can live life without regrets. Music is a sharing experience so for the listener to understand what you were feeling when you wrote the song, you have to sing it with all you got. A recording session is better than a work out! It is so intense and I love it :) TIMELESS I’m not trying to be trendy. I think a great song is always timeless: it could be written 30 years ago and loved now or released now and still loved in the next generations. There certainly are trends as far as arrangements and it’s fun to switch up things to keep the sparkle but my focus is mainly to create songs that have so much depth that in years people can still feel it.


Nothing is impossible but in your own mind”

Your first travel to NY was a turning point in your career? Can you share that experience with us? New York transformed me from a young girl into a woman. The first album “Life Is A Puzzle, The Pieces Fit” talks about that transformation. I had nothing but a suitcase, a notebook and dreams and stepped into an adventure. I would say New York is like a roller coaster, it has exciting moments but it can also get a little too wild. You absolutely need a seat belt on and you have to take the bumps! After the ride you take a deep breath and look back and you can be proud of yourself that you did it! Until this day I still can’t believe that I really did it. But I did. I lived on a couch, I had to eat the same thing every single day: bread and cheese. Many people I met seemed heartless, they lost their heart somewhere in the struggle. The city had taken something from them so they would try get it back through taking it from somebody else. I tried not to take it personal and see where they were coming from. I believe in Karma and by being positive doors opened. Here and there, there would be a small opportunity. I prayed every day. I took on every project I could get and worked as if there was no tomorrow. I started to make friends, ambitious people with a strong heart. I met my producer Chiba Antoine, the most talented man I had ever seen on the planet. I learned to have patience but focus and work hard. When I look back now I smile and embrace the journey and see that I can be proud of who I am today.


What’s the process in creating a song? Do you find the melody first or the lyrics? The funny thing is that I don’t have a system. For me there are no rules :). Every song is a gift and it always comes by surprise. I can be on a plane or a train and, all of a sudden, hear a melody in my head. Or I could see something and start thinking about it and write a song about it. Also my producer could show me something he had been working on the night before and I would hear a melody and lyrics like it was there already. Sometimes I want to write about a theme and the words don’t come at all. Then I have to leave it alone for weeks until one morning I wake up and all the words are there. It is a mystery and it makes me very thankful for being able to live in such a spontaneous way. “Nothing is impossible but in your own mind”could be the slogan that defines you the best? ABSOLUTELY!!! :) You have to go for the impossible! It is such a thrill :) What was the story behind the single «WALK ALONE»? Walk Alone is about the struggle of becoming an artist. I had never been more alone than in a city with millions of people. My friends and family were miles away and some days I felt like I was running in circles, getting nowhere. The music industry is a hard industry to break into. It seems like everybody is hiding.

Just when I thought I hit the bottom, things got even worse. I got a polyp on my vocal chords and the doctors couldn’t guarantee I could ever sing again. I felt so alone. I can definitely say I almost gave up but I couldn’t. It was not an option. But something in me said that I deserved better. And I said: I don’t wanna walk alone anymore! Meaning that I would still walk but under different circumstances. Not alone but with support. And help came soon after. A doctor called that they had just started a new laser therapy and 6 months later I was writing my first album. I will never forget the loneliness but it makes me appreciate the support of friends and fans even more. Other than your voice, what can you bring to the music industry? Real-and pureness. What you see is what you get. I think music is about the songs. The media is creating a facade in my opinion. The “sex-sells” strategy is actually becoming boring to me. As a fan there is a relationship with the artist you feel connected to. Knowing that you are truly liking the person for who he or she is is such a relief other than to like an image created by an industry which mainly focus is to sell... Also my passion for music brings 100% devotion to the table and a strive to make every album better and stronger than the last one. There’s magic in music and I’m forever in love :)

“The Hip Hop voice from Inglewood...”

With being from Minnesota, What were your influences? Minnesota has an amazing underground hip-hop and indie scene! I remember using my cousin’s ID at the age of 16 and sneaking out of the house just to go listen to some good music! The group Atmosphere was my favorite to watch. I just loved the uniqueness of it all, and that’s what influenced me to be different. In 2010, you did move to L.A … How did that move impact on your artistic career? I actually left Minnesota in 2006 and moved to Arizona. Moving there allowed me to travel to LA more frequently than I did when I lived in MN. That helped my music and modeling career greatly. Back then I was just writing music for other artists. Since moving to LA full time in 2010, it instantaneously gave my artistic career a HUGE boost, and I’ve met and gotten to work with a phenomenal group of people thus far!

With all those new technologies, internet, the social networks, what is your vision of the music industry today? Honestly, I feel like new technologies have greatly helped the music industry more-so than it has hurt it. With things like the internet and social networking sites, it has allowed artists to grow a lot faster. You know, create a bigger fan base in record amounts of time and hit the masses a lot faster and harder than ever. The only cons I see with the new technologies today, are the illegal downloads and leaks that were virtually non-existent in the past. Can you tell us more about your last single «EXOTIC»? How did the public welcome that release? I freaking love EXOTIC! Took me a while to perfect the lyrics, and I take great pride in that! When releasing it, I was a little worried that only the song would only be liked by “exotic” people, but surprisingly

enough, I’ve been getting great feedback from everyone - Which is awesome! People want to see an official music video for it, so I’m working on that right now. As an artist, what are you trying to accomplish? As an artist, I just want to continue putting out unique, non-cookie-cutter music that everyone can move to! So in your perspective, let us know where will you be ten years from now in the industry? In ten years from now, I will be on top of the music charts, touring the world, as people dance and sing along to my lyrics! That’s it. Where can the fans find your music? Fans can find my music in many places, but the 4 main ones that I always and continuously update myself are:

“I freaking love EXOTIC!” 10


What is the process in creating music? My main inspiration is God for blessing me with the ability to create music. Without music I don’t know where I would be. I start my process of creating music with a feeling or a theme. When one of my songs starts playing, the feeling behind it is immediately recognizable and I hope it creates the same feeling and reaction to the listener. I think the key to create music for any songwriter/composer is the feeling it invokes. Regardless of whether it’s a dark sound, happy sound, uplifting sound, etc… You should feel exactly what I’m trying to do with it. I think listeners connect to my music the way they do because there is so much feeling behind it. It’s that connection that gives me the self confidence to keep going with it. I ‘m really more than most artists on creating with soul and feeling rather than just a tempo and a beat. What’s the message behind your music? The message behind my music is not spoken through words because I am a producer. I speak strictly through my music. When it comes to the message, I am just trying to create music that everybody can relate to regardless of your age, or genre that usually appeals to you. Like I said, I use feeling and soul, so whatever I’m feeling at that time is what I’m creating. To me, each song is a different time in my life. So my main goal for my listeners is to alter their mood and get them into the beat to feel exactly what I was feeling. What type of material do you use to create music? The material I use to create my music is my life experiences. Every song I create is a time in my life that I’m expressing at that moment through my music. The inspiration from the people around me has a big role in my music, too. The tools used to produce music usually consist of live instruments, midi, samples, etc. I use all of the above and more. My ideas would be limited if I didn’t have access to the amount of instruments & sounds that I work with. Whatever I can use to complete the rhythm and melody of a composition, I will use to my advantage. It’s all about being creative and that’s


use to my advantage. It’s all about being creative and that’s what I do best. What is your vision of the current state of the music industry? Is it easier to shine with the new internet outlets? The current state of the music industry has its pros and cons, just as it always has. I think the industry is in store for a big change as far as up and coming talent and game changing artists and I’m looking forward to it. The internet outlets now a days have a huge advantage to standing out and being noticed as an artist but it’s also a very easy way to stay unnoticed. Trying to make it in the music industry is always going to be a big challenge no matter what technology we have. But if you have the right attitude and the talent to back it up, you will stand out from the other millions trying to get your spot.  I have exactly that. If you could be in studio with a famous artist, Who would he be? If I could be in the studio with a famous artist it would have to be Ryan Leslie. He is probably one of the most naturally talented musicians around currently. I relate to everything Ryan does in the studio. I like to think Ryan and I are similar in a lot of ways, he has the passion that you don’t see too often anymore. The use of instruments, perfect melody, and the way the music flows with him is 100% how I feel when I’m working in the studio. He is a huge influence on me as a producer. For all the fans, what’s is your upcoming project? Right now I’m working on my self-produced EP.  It will feature a few of my artists and has a variety of different sounds and styles. I’m excited to release the EP. I’m also working with all of my artists, producing, engineering, and just staying involved in everything I can. All I can do is keep doing my thing and working my hardest in everything that I create and I will be heard. / Twitter: @beatzbyml

What does your artist name mean? How did you choose it? THE GENERAL IS A PERSON WITH HIGH REGARD, someone who has people around him that works,and who are all on the same mission which is to make it to the top. The name “The General” came about, when I would always say “salute or shoot me”. Growing up, I always said that; One day I was in class freestyling, which was a big thing to do with me, because I had just got done releasing the Lil Wayne-6 Foot 7 Foot remix on which did about 7,000 plays and 6,567 downloads in a day. I was also ranked number 2 in the hip hop genre, so everybody wanted to challenge me. I said “Salute me or shoot” cause im the f@#%** General/Yea im fitnna blow/what the F@#% you think im in it 4/Im on ya block a ya boi is so hard like a cendablock/ Im in ya spot/Drop another song I bet that S%!% be hot/.Then ever since I said that I took it and ran with it.

Our Dj (Mafia Dj’s)-T.a.,Mally, Promoter-We work with a lot of Promoters one of our most influential promo teams that we work with is Candy-Girls Ent and The Mafiette Go Girlz. Now on my personal team I have Jacci Hinkle,Raven Frazier,Te’leyshia Lyons (Promotions in Texas),Shawna Henry(Promotions in Arozina),Dakota Criswells, Mary Fenty(Promotions in Israel),Odell Smith(Promotions in Arozina),Judie Drew. Now I also have my own artist, models,producer,and photographer My Artist-Shy Dillard,Nathan Hughes(D.K),Honey Doll,Sara Jane Models-Honey Doll, Erin Loomis Producer-Rob Gallagher Photagrapher- Najee Wynn.

Through your art, what’s the message? My music is very diverse. The message is just to be yourself. Each of my songs are different from the last. I don’t stick to just one type of music and I don’t ever talk about what I don’t know or have been thru. My music can reach out to any type of person because the variety is there. Another message behind my music is that a person will like your music more if you put 100 % of you into it. Half @$$’n wont work. And to create new foot-steps and not follow in others.

How is the local Hip Hop scene in Oklahoma? The Hip-Hop scene in Oklahoma is very Diverse and very underated.We have Triangle O,which consist of Joella X, Delow,Man Made Young’n, Lyrical Kiss,C-dubb, YOUNG STAR, Middle Era Young O, Young Sam, Robert Smith-The President. Malachi, Olivia, Lamar,Polo,Ave Music,Tori.

Please describe your Musical World? The label 6G Muziq Ent? Who are the membrs of your team? The Label 6G Ent is a big group of Artist, Promoters, DJ’’s(Mafia DJ’s) and Singers trying to uplift the state of Oklahoma. We are a majority of all music ethnics, so we have any type of music for any lover of hip-hop. On the Team we Have Young StarHe is the creator of 6 G Mafia and is one of our head Artist. Our hip-hop artists consist of myself The General A.k.A 5 star G,Bear,Mrs.Mafia.7,Krazzy K, Dk,Stoogie Boyz,Tally Boy,Trae Hood Rich. Our Rnb Artist Consist of Super Jay-Mr.”On the

Other than your rap, what could you bring to the music industry? I bring professionalism, because I know how to carry myself on both sides of the table. In today’s time you have to first be a business man or woman.

For all the fans, what’s is your upcoming project? My artist Honey Doll-New single drops soon.DK is working on there mixtape as well. The Genera1 New Mixtape-When two worlds collide vol.1 New Mixtape-When two worlds collide vo2 (feburary 20.2012) The General feat.Tbhm~~Comin soon The General Vs. Killa Nate vol.1



What got you into Hip Hop? How did you start rapping? It started at the age of 9. We were doing ciphers for fun, and i didn’t think much about it then. But when i was in jr high school, i took it more seriously by recording over beats with my phone off a game named (QUAKE) now, if you don’t know, its a game with hots instrumentals in the opening and when you defeats the levels, each level had a doper track so i would freestyle on it, and take it to the block and play it to my school friends and group members and they loved it.

as being naive mostly cause i laugh at almost eveything and smile, but yet i stay serious, and that’s because i believe life is what you make it, and i choose to be happy staying true to myself even when it’s bad cause life is short and i don’t got time to be mad stressing over little stuff when i can be doing music or chilling with my kids. So i don’t have to worry about thinking what am going to say to a gangster or thug and nerds i walk all them paths in my life so it makes it so eays to say what i want when i want.

How do you pick the tracks you rap on and what’s your process in making a song? First i listen to a beat and if it gets me moving, then i freestyle on it, and if i can freesyle on it for about a minute and not mess up i buy it, cause that tells me i can put my best in this beat and it won’t get boring after the 10th time listening to it. Ok now after that, i start by feeling the melody of the beat and then i recite a course on the beat following the melody best i can by freestyling the course without thinking twice because i already know what i want the song sounding like thats down to the echos reverb and breaks and style imma spit it in! I record it in my head first after i write my verse and imagine how it should sound, so what i’m saying is.. im reciting the whole song out loud but as im doing that with the beat, i imagine the effects i want on each part of the verse and course as if im mixing it down in my head. Then i record it how i think it should sound, adding the same effects i imagine for it, and it always comes out how i want it every single time.

What are your motivations? My kids and fans man! it’s no better feeling then to get on stage and see people that want to see, hear you and meet you, yelling and screaming. Its a durg that we, local artist, need but when we don’t get, it can make us feel like quitting rap and feel depressed and it does’nt matter how hard you showed off and did your best if the crowd ain’t responding then you’ll feel it to, because we feed off their energy and people ain’t that supportive at some of these clubs, unless you already big you know. I seen it happens to the best of rappers even getting booed, like you yell something for them to repeat and they don’t, you’ll going to feel stupid as shit, so now the mood is set to a alll time low so you going rap at a your weakest and not as exciting as it should of been if they yelled back love, you know, but once they show that love, you’re on cloud nine foreal, finding your self back satge after the show smileing ear to ear! its good man!

Who is JIZZOL Da Prodigy as a person? I believe a young fly samurai of a guy, 5th block gritter, untamed beast, underground bully of a rapper, that get Gs with them dinkas, running with space age money click, and imma hella coo, really laid back person, true to me... I don’t change up on any body. I act like a (gangster nerd) so people try to take avantage of that, because i come off


Why you got Next? Mostly becuse im not scared to change and be different, and take chances and work hard. I try to stay undefined and different, i always stick out, in the crowd as soon as i spit. It’s not like them other rappers that just got off the stage, i try to stick to stuff off topic and make the lames, swagg jockers and copy cats incomptable to copy me, and uncomfortable as much as i can, thats inculding some rap artis fans, so i believe i can be the next best from the city because we need change.

twitter @its_jizzol_Baby

Having already released several videos, this is being deemed our best yet!! With a story line that looks like something straight from an episode of HBO’s “The Wire”, “Body Niggaz” actually hits much closer to home and the violence we’ve seen and encountered growing up in the Uptown 17th Ward area of New Orleans. What’s the concept behind your new album “THA SHUTDOWN”? “THA SHUTDOWN” was our first official album release. We felt what we were putting together was totally different from what’s in the game right now. Simply put, we wanted to shut shit down! The album was released on iTunes and Amazon, it peaked at Number 14 on Amazon’s top album sales in the first week. Can you tell us more about your label “RUE ROIS MUSIC”? RUE ROIS (pronounced Rue Wa) is our independently owned label. Being from New Orleans and heavily influenced by French culture, the name RUE ROIS itself is French for “STREET KINGS”. Our label consists of ourselves (individually 17th Snoop, Hick Louch & Rock) and our first artist, STRAIT JIGG. Our album “THA SHUTDOWN”, released September 20th of this year, was the first official release under our label RUE ROIS MUSIC, not counting 4 previously released mixtapes (available on How did the public welcome the new video “BODY NIGGAZ”? What is the story of this new video? The video was released less than a week ago and is already approaching 1000 views. Coming off the heels of us winning “Hottest Group” at the NEW ORLEANS HIP HOP AWARDS this year, the response to the video has been overwhelming!

The Youth Movement

What do you have up Next? Other than your talent, what do you bring to the rap game? The next thing up from RUE ROIS MUSIC is Strait Jigg’s debut mixtape “OVA YA DOME” droppin December 20th. Y’all go follow that lil nigga on Twitter. He got the most tweets in New Orleans.. literally (laughs). Other than our talent, what we bring is something fresh and new! A true representation of the city of New Orleans, something that ain’t been seen in a long long time, yaheardme. We’re also on: Facebook at ReverbNation at We love our fans and interact with them more than just about any other label you can name!

people. They’re just nicknames that we go by. But elo call’s us The Youth Movement. What does the word «MUSIC» means to you? Music is not a word. Its a way of life for us. Its an art that we would like to make memorable contributions to. And we thank you Dreamaker for the Exposure and Shine. What are your upcoming projects? Please share some with us. Right now Elo just has us in the studio knocking out mad song’s, and working on our stage presence. but we are excited about making our debut real soon !

Who were your hip hop influences where you grew up? We were raised in New York City. Some of our musical influences are Tupac, Biggie, and Bob Marley. Can you tell us more about your meeting with Eloheem? How did ya’ll hook up? We saw Elo’s ad in True magazine and we hit him up over facebook. He told us to come through and we spit something we had wrote like the day before. He told us he’d give us a chance and he did so here we are.

What is your opinion about the place of women today in the music industry? Gender is irrelevant to us but it’s not to other people. If your content is good then your content is good. Ain’t no female or male label to it. so we just gonna do our thing.And we’re sure the people will love us! Where the fans can listen to your music?

How did you choose your artists names « MO & VEE »? What is the concept? Mo and Vee are the names that we were given by some of our


How did your story with Music begin? Hahah this might sound crazy but some kid, when i was in 3rd grade, hopped up on stage at the assembly talent show and made a diss rap about micheal jackson (r.i.p to the legend). It sounded good until they kicked him off stage and suspended him. I was like rapping i could do that and it also came from my pops with the run dmc, public enemy, records and stuff. When i was 3, i use to sit by my pops speakers and listen 2 the rap words real close my mom use to scream at my pops saying i was gone go def sitting that close! I liked it from then. My main inspirations are God, 2pac,Biggie,snoop,eazy e, ice cube, run dmc bestie boys and a couple new artists too. Also a deceased friend and cousin IQ and Jimmy... Tell us more about your new single «BEN FRANKS»? Words Ben frank$ is a motivation song. Its my way of telling the people you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it and work hard and have faith in yourself. Dont let anyone tell you less because they cant tell me sh*t you feel me. What is the best musical collaboration you have made so far? Well i have no best... Everything equals to me but i jumped on wax wit a couple of my brothers s/o BullyMusikEnt, P.I.L and Madeready Ent Your state seems like the harder place for an independent Hip Hop artist to shine because of the competition? Yeah man it is but that dont stop me. No one said it will be eazy. The struggle is what defines your music you feel me...


After several years in the game, what are now your motivation? your ambitions? My motivation is for the people of the struggle, the ones in the cold cells, the ones with no family, the ones with no hope, the ones who had to turn to the streets because of the lack of guidence, the kids with no role models, the drug addicts that found life too hard and got turned out also the non believers. I’m speaking for them. If someone hate on that, you’re not even a human being, you’re a deciving thought with no backbone. My Ambition is to build a undestroyable empire and be one of the top artist nation wide. Is there any particular message you want to pass to our readers? Yap i never stop no matter what! No matter how hard it is, i have to stay positive. Dont let a soul telling you are nothing unless it’s right plus look at the people and kids in the other countries like Bogota, Columbia, Brazil, Africa, Asia, Japan... Come on! Some of them countries dont even have clean water, shoes, clothes or lights. I do my music for them and hope music changes things... Man wtf! We are complaining about the U.S.A but we should be thankful. Thank yall for tuning in with me look out for the mixtape yo Mtv Raps win rap attacks and the ep im out F.R.I Euro E money sighn $ 85 side way$ TH. Follow me on twitter @fries85th. Also big ups to Mr.DreamzMagazine you feelz me holla.

What’s the concept behind A.G.A music? Can you share it with us? AGA Stands for Academy of Ghetto Arts. An academy is a school where you learn to be a master at a certain thing or craft. We consider ourselves to be masters of the art that comes from the street, that could be Rapping, Singing, Painting, or Film anything that comes from the street that can be celebrated by the masses. Right now we’re focusing on the music aspect of the company and the name AGA is most appropriate because our best quality is Artist Development here, we take you to school, and teach you how to find your voice. What are you trying to express through your music? The biggest message that I promote is you get out what you put in. This is work. It can be fun at times but this is work none the less. If you want to take your nothing and make it something, you have to work towards it, every bone in your body needs to be working towards that goal. Every thought every word you speak has to be working in connection with that goal. Please describe AGA’s World? Your sound? I consider my music to be music you can feel. I try to draw up some kind of emotion from you when you listen to my music. I love that Bass, Hard Drums, a 808 Kick, some Horns, but my passion is Soul. I love flipping soul samples, even if its something you heard before, I can make you say, I never heard it like THAT! just so happens that other people love it too. What could you bring to the game? I bring a real love to the game. I grew up with hip hop. I grew up TO hip hop. I was born in 1985 in the Bronx, NY. My moms used to watch Kool Moe Dee & The Trecherous Three perform in the park, my mom rapped, my step father was a DJ, so I bring a certain respect and knowledge to the game. To be real, most of the new rappers that’s carrying the torch have just been rapping for 5 years or less, so they can’t appreciate

appreciate “A Tribe Called Quest” and “NWA” in the same respect, I’m the guy that knows the past. I pay homage and add to the legacy. I’m not trying to jump in the game, make money and blow it wining & dining strippers. I keep it real to the culture even though I’m a part of the new school. Your opinion about the current state of the music industry? I think computers period changed this game forever. It changed it in a way where, in the past you couldn’t just wake up & say I want to make a song or an album & let the whole world hear it, you had to be chosen. These days everybody make beats & everybody got a studio. Anybody can make a hit, and labels will jump on any bandwagon. The internet is the only marketing/distrubution you need. Nobody needs a label anymore. Now an artist or producer doesn’t need skills to get props, if you get money, that’s supposed to equal how nice you are, but at the same time, if it wasn’t for these do-it-yourself artist like Soulja Boy (who was making his own beats, creating a lane for himself, and getting money), I feel like the industry wouldn’t have been able to stay afloat because the labels wasn’t spending money on artists. I feel like the game has evolved to a place where every artist can have their lane. The only common denominator is that the only players in the game are the ones that put in work. What’s is your upcoming project? I’m constantly working on new beats & doing beat battles, i’m still waiting on that major placement, but in the meantime, I’m working on one of my artist Shaun Blaze’s mixtape “Why Not Tell the Truth, vol I & II” then I’m working on a EP for Star Trakk Skillz, the new album by Shawn Marv’el, and I’m also working on my own mixtape “Arm & Hammer: My Story of Hard Work” Hit me up on twitter @eski_agamusic


Who are the producers who do influence your music? Lex Luger, Johnny Juliano, Southside, Purps Beats, Jahlil Beats, and Sledgren Beats. How did you choose your artist name? I use my own name. When I first started out I used CTCal, but I decided that sounded more like a username than someone you would want to do business with. I want to brand myself as myself and let people recognize me for me. What production setup do you have? Right now I’m keeping it simple with an Akai MPK49 midi keyboard, Logitech computer speakers, A laptop, and my Bose studio edition headphones. And of course I couldn’t live without my FL Studio 9. With all those new software & equipments, is it easier to make a beat today? For sure, I do almost one hundred percent of my work on electronic devices and programs that they sure as hell didn’t have around before now. It amazes me how many new programs come out with different beat kits that make creating new beats exciting and fresh.

Please describe your sound? To be honest, in my opinion, my sound is pretty simple. I usually stick with producing: Dirty South, Trap Beats, Smooth Beats, and Up tempo club beats. Although I am learning to do more R&B and Sampled beats. What is your vision of Hip Hop future? I think hip hop is already evolving to include more than just rap, but include pop and rock styles into the genre and really combine to make amazing sounds. Do you listen to other genre of music? I really enjoy jazz and some rock music. The smoothness and fluidity of jazz music has been a big inspiration for many of my beats. Follow me on twitter @CaseyCalhoun

“Humility & Patience are the Keys...” 20

you down because your type of music doesn’t live up to their cliche standards. I say that music is music to someone and as long as I connect with someone on a real level... than I’ve completed one of my goals. Tell us more about the mixtape “GROWN COLD”? The concept is that people come and go and through those experiences it changes who you are as a person. Grown Cold is a way to cope with personal changes while sharing personal messages and issues that other artists don’t generally talk about. I feel that being personal doesn’t have to kill the music, you can still have a club banger and have a message as well. I also like the fact that its a self made album. I feel a lot of local artists don’t have that concept down yet. DJ KITO and the rest of PDA helped guide me into the sound i wanted to give out. There are so many things to build in your an artist. What do you think about the state of the hip hop scene in IA? I honestly feel that we’re at the starting point for the HipHop and Rap genre or music, we just haven’t had the right push or the right artist to come out yet. In my point of view I see a lot of potential and talent, but subjects and creativity can lack at times; but again, who am I to talk? I think that the music is strong in Iowa, you just have to look in the right spots and you’ll find the artists with the right kick and motivation. Please describe your “Your sound”? I honestly put nothing above the music and what music means to me. Music to me is creating something meaningful that makes people think and can rock out to. Being an artist in this game means you run into everyone trying to bring

What do you want to express with your music? The message behind my music is that people change, and believe it or not you change as well. Moreover, there is a difference between a rapper and a rap artist, its all about how you go about it. If you want to create something because everyone else wants it and its for everyone else, your a rapper. If it comes from the heart and the music is what drives you to be who you are, than your an artist. They say your doing something wrong if everybody loves you. What are you cooking for 2012? My up coming mixtape is going to be “I’ve Had Enough” hosted by DJ KITO. I’m going to release a single sometime in april called “Your town”. The title “Ive had enough” comes from a classical piece I’ve enjoyed throughout the years and the message behind the piece is its okay to be different.

Can you tell us more about your project “GUILT vs LOVE”? Well guilty is my new album that’s being release january 27th 2012 and pretty it’s explaining the difference between loving somebody cause you care and loving somebody because you feel bad about what they been thru in they past.i have a lot of great features on here from waka flocka,tyga,sean garrett,shanelle,sarah carter and more.i feel as though this is gonna be one my most successful projects to start off the new year.

With being from Puerto Rico, Who were you hip hop influences? Being from puerto rico, it’s kinda hard to actually find whats real hip hop due to the fact we have our own style of music. My hip hop influence was Wisin y Yandel,Easy E,Daddy Yankee and Bone Thugs n Harmony. What does TRU IMAGE name mean to you? I named myself to try and separate myself from everybody else, like a lot of artist have name’s but no meanings but ‘’Tru Image” is a definition of who i am, what i believe in,and just representing that i am real an what you see is what you get.i don’t change for nobody.

Producer, Dancer, writer... Wearing different hats is, for you, the real definition of “being an artist”? i feel as though with my talent an having many different talents is a true definition of being a artist.i look at it like this,if one don’t work out i know the others will.its very rare that you come across somebody that can write music,produce beats and do artist so have more then one stand point beside just hitting a stage and spitting lyrics,an artist should be able to hit the stage and actually give a show. You’ve been in the game for years how do you keep the motivation going? keeping a clear head and just staying positive,i’ve seen a lot of artist fall off because they got too cocky. I treat my craft like a religion,if you believe in it and always have faith in it then it will never let you down. I have a amazing support group,fans and family they always hold me down even when im ready to give up they stay on my back about it. Follow me on twitter @Truimage1


Where do you come from & How did you start producing beats? I’m Italian and both my parents come from Sicily. I currently live in Switzerland. We are lucky to have great events every year like internationally-known Montreux Jazz Festival, that hosted famous artists like Quincy Jones, Queen, Craig David, Prince, The Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D. and many more. I really became interested in music a few years ago at the age of 19th by hosting birthday parties and creating mixtapes. It was a good feeling to see the people moving and get excited by the music I played. But when you think about it DJing is finally limited, so one day I decided to take it to the next level and I started the production of my own R&B, Hip-Hop, House & Reggaeton sounds. I was recently pleased to receive compliments from Nappy Boy Entertainment on Facebook for my work. I also practice hip-hop dance. I’ll always remember when I first met Brian Greene (he choreographed artists like Usher and Missy Elliot...) and Superstar DJ David Guetta. People like them made me want to work hard and do the best to be successful in my career. There are a million artists trying to get in the game, what makes you stand out from the masses? I’m definitively not limited to one style of sound. I grew up listening to my dad playing piano and he transmitted to me the passion for the music. Trough the years, I learned to appreciate and discover a lot of different styles. From Latin to Hip-Hop, to Rock from Reggaeton...My musical tastes are very large and it will be to long to list all the artists I like: Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Buena Vista Social Club, Eros Ramazzotti, Linkin Park, and of course Michael Jackson are part of my huge playlist...I love all kind of music as long as I’m receptive to it’s vibrations when I listen at it. If you could be in the studio working on music and have anyone in your corner, who would you have in your team and why them?


Listen I created this really fresh sound called “Gone for a minute”. I wish to gather Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and Nicki Minaj on it. It would perfectly fits, they are all so creative. And damn, Buss-a-Buss smashed everyone on “Look at me now” this year !! Does the slogan “ FUTURE IS NOW” represent you the best? Why? I know I recently started music making and I know how the road to success is long and hard to be reached but I feel there is something in me. I know exactly what it takes to make a hit, to create songs and melodies people will enjoy. Music is in my D.N.A... I’m fresh, I have talent, style and passion. Music is my future. Future is now. What do you want people to remember you as or refer to you as when they say your name? When you think about the greatest producers, you think about Timbaland, Dre, Ryan Leslie, Diddy, Pharrell, Kanye… They are on the top of their game with already a great career behind them. One day my name will be on that list. What are your upcoming projects for 2012? I’m ready to move in the US and collaborate with the greatest artists on the planet...whatever the work it takes, You know the situation in Switzerland is really different as people might think, middle-class people suffers a lot from the global economic crisis and there are more and more unemployed. I myself stayed eight months without work last year and let me tell you that it was very difficult days. So I completely agree with 50 Cent when he says “Get rich or die tryin”... that’s exactly my current state of mind. I’m also interested for opportunities in fashion universe & modelling industry.

Follow me on Twitter @HalJordanBeatz

twitter @MoeDMusic

“My Ambitions?...One word... LONGETIVITY!”


GUNPLAY The Real Saga of Don Logan continues...

Interview by Trisha Cassis

How did you meet Rick Ross? How did the group « Triple C’S » begin? Share that story with us... I met Ross back in 96 in the streets. We bumped into each other and we had the same agenda… Tryna’ get rich off this rap shit ! Later we met Torch the next year 97, 98 and then we recently brought Young Breeze. He’s the young addition from our Hood. We were making some noise around 09 and did release the album “Custom cars & cycles”. As a friend and a major rapper in the game, what did Rick Ross bring to your music career? Ross is like my proof reader. Once i roll it past Ross and he gives it the “ok”, then i know the world is gonna love it! I admire his work ethic! Very inspiring… We’ve been doing this for so long that i picked up a lot of good work habits from him. So far, What has been your career Highlight? My career highlight has been this year ! This whole year has been my career highlight cause i finally got a record by myself! Off the ground, and making my own mark without anybody cosigning, or without a major record label behind me. I’m doing it by myself with no video no radio play… made some nice moves this year and made a good mark by myself…SELF Made !

The “ROLLIN” song with WAKA FLOKA was a smashin street HIT this year ! How did you hook up with him? We seen Waka on the road here and there… we had a few beats going thru or whatever ... he was rocking with that one so we just made it hapeen… made history. What is the concept behind your recent music video «BOGOTA»? “BOGOTA” is on top of WorldStar right now we got proably 8 milllions so far in 3 days! That video refers to Medellin, Colombia… I refer to my music as dope, and it’s that good dope that comes from Medellin…so I refer to my mixtape as Bogota. I put that song as the lead single just to let them know what’s coming in the mix… I got Travis Porter buff, Meek Mill and a couple of other great artists in there. All good ! What are your upcoming 2012 Project? Solo Album in perspective? Its looking like I’m coming up with a solo album… I’ve been putting the ground work this year to set it up for next year…so once i come up with these smash singles again… Hopefully, that’ll just head on and spiral into a solo album and we can take a deal… After so many years in the game, What are now your motivations? Your goals? To have longevity… i wanna be doing this for a long time!!!


“I’ll like to dedicate this interview to Brendon McRae (smoove) & Naquan Bell (Q). Gone but never forgotten .RIP” Who are some of the producers in the game right now, that you think are dope? Other than myself, i’ll have to say, Dj Toomp, Yung Ced, Drumma Boy, Beat Billionaire, Sony Digital, Southside, Jahlil Beats, Lex Luger.

When did you sign with rick ross as a producer and why? I inked my deal with maybach music group in late 2010, me & ross had spoke about doing the deal, and finally it just felt like the right time What projects are u working on now? We just raped up on Meek Mill “Dream cheahers”, Juicy J new project and i’m almost done with young buck’s “BOND MONEY” EP, all tracks prod by me”. I’m also back in the lab with ross, “GOD FORGIVES’ I DON’T” on way!

How did u meet rick ross? I meet Ross a couple years back in ATL at Ace Hood video shoot, but my bro SPIFF TV” really made that connection for me about a year later and since then, it’s been work after work. What do you make your beats on? Back then i used the mp3 2500, but this days all I use is FL and a midi keyboard. What advice do you have for any new producer trying to shop their beats You got to get out there, don’t sit back waiting for sum manager to shop your beat... Your relationship with the artist is KEY.

What are sum of your new goals? Video games(soundtracks), I have a good relationship with EA sport now, so i’m really gonna be working that line, also I plan 2 launch my management company this year, with some partners from Def Jam/ Maybach Music. Who are sum of the new artist you think got a great buzz in the game right now? Meek mill, 2chain, Wale, Big Sean, French Montana and I don’t really think they are new artist, the world is just getting to know them, also S/O to Tone Trump, I produced his new single with Young Jeezy. Download it on i tunes now! How can anybody get in touch with you? 28

Follow me on twitter @musicby54inc I-tunes:


For people who doesnt know you, where do you come from? KRAY> First off, just to fill everyone in, Fallen Kings Records is a collection of artists working on building together. We have started our own independent label here in Washington DC. The group consist of myself Kray, Kayo the pro, Trone, Cade and the group Wonderpussy which consist of DLag and Nick Wood. We all came up in the Washington DC area. The Wonderpussy members also represent north Philly. That’s where we are from but not what we base ourselves on. We dont want to be known as just another DC rap group. We want to be known globally as one the top rap groups to hit the game. How was the hip hop scene like where you grew up? KAYO> Gogo for the longest time has been the main music in the area. Rap and hip hop is still mostly underground. I’ve been to a lot of open mics and there is a lot of talent but just a lack of opportunity and unity. It seems most artists are in to themselves and don’t really show any other artists love. NICK WOOD> I mean hip hop was somethin we would do as kids ya know in school or while we were gettin High and shit. We used to mostly just joke around with it but as we got older, we got better and more serious about it. It became something we could be proud of. CADE> I came up during the period of hip hip when it was still pure, contained content. Before the over commercialization and cool dances. I remember when Compact Disc had just came on to the scene. music downloads were the distant future, thanks dial up! DLAG>It was live & poppin man, u seen Biggie all up in Howard “may see me in DC at Howard homecoming”… And in a way, our whole Go-Go

scene, which incorporates a whole rack of Hip-Hop characteristics, emerged as a reaction against disco the same as hip-hop. With Go-Go being in our daily lives, do the math. KRAY> The lack of unity has always been the biggest problem but as you can see we all came up with different views of the hip hop game. How did you get the label name «FALLEN KINGS»? CADE >In chess, when the king falls, it’s game over. With our drive and determination, we believe the way we approach the industry, it’ll checkmate for all challengers. DLAG>Put us on a chess board n we’ll fuck shit up! KRAY> I’m trying play some chess with the RZA haha! There seems to be such an energy with what’s coming from your movement. Is there a strong collaboration with the local artists who’ve been around you? KAYO>Yeah, now that we’ve been making a little name for ourselves more local artists have been reaching out to do collabs with us. There’s also artists who want to be apart of the team now so theres probably gonna be more collaborations and shows in the future. I think alot of the support that we get is from shows. We have opened for acts such as Hopsin, Axe Murder Boyz, the legendary Kool Keith and of course the legendary Bizzy Bone



Interview by Joha Brown

KRAY> We are looking to work with anyone that has talent and looking to build! Shoutout to all the groups and solo artist i have personally done collabs with and those that support the Fallen Kings movement. DLAG> Of course, and wholetime, thats the big problem with the DC movement itself, peoples don’t fuck with each other, they’d rather jus beef. We’ve had mad shows & collaborations with local artists, many you probably don’t know but some you may, like Fat Trel (and many moe, we just gotta keep sum secrets right). We do this for DC and our movement wouldn’t be shit without the abundance of DC artists we collab n do work with. CADE>The Fallen Kings records movement has an amazing energy we like to share that energy with everyone. It would be wrong not to collaborate with local artist. We love the District, including the other artist in it. How can you describe your music? Your style? NICK WOOD> What I like about Fallen Kings is how we all have different styles and yet we collaborate on the same music. We sort of morph our styles to make them work together. I think that’s what separates us from other groups is how diverse we are musically. KRAY> I dont think Fallen Kings has «one» style. We are all different artist with very distinct styles. Kayo will bring the comedy and the punchlines with a crazy delivery. Trone is going to give you some knowledge and will have you thinking about stuff, Cade is going to come with those lyrics and a different style not too many people can pull off, Wonderpussy will take you back to the old school hip hop like some Wu Tang shit, and I feel like myself I am more of a straight forward rapper ima tell it like it is if

im sharing a story or just talking something gangsta I will just give you the straight forward on it. DLAG> Some unexpected shit right here. The music & style Fallen Kings brings to the table doesn’t really have words that can describe em yet. Funky, Fresh, Bumpin, Hard, Soulful, Real; all words that can describe us but wouldn’t do full justice as a description, u kno. We got fools that rap faster than a christmas elf & dudes whose flows n bars would just make you rewind what you heard, cuz u aint believe somebody really jus said that. CADE> I’ve personally rejected the label “Rapper” I consider myself and my label mates lyricist. Being able to convey our message with language, whether we’re talking about parting, or recalling our past struggles in life. We all bring a different vibe to the studio, and best way to describe me id say you’d just have to listen. I don’t think I have a similar sound. Have you received interests from bigger labels or Distributor? KAYO>Not that i know of, unless Kray knows something i don’t. We should though because all of us can rap and shit. That would be nice and thats what we are working for but we’re still gonna do us. KRAY>Fallen Kings is our home base we have not really looked into finding a major label at the moment. We have just been building our name as an indie label and working on growing for ourselves, but we are always open to the opportunity if it looks like the right direction. We all want to be able to provide for our families and if a major label is interested and we feel its the right move then we will make it happen. The thing is if we do find a label to work with, we would want it to be something beneficial to us as well as the label.


DC NEXT BIG THING We dont want to be sitting on the shelf for years or not being allowed to have any creative rights over our music. We dont want to put ourselves in a position where we are being held down by a certain type of song or style. Alot of people think major label as big money and lavish shit but in the end you need to be happy. If I can grow with my brothers here in FK and we can make it to a point where we can provide for our families then i personally dont feel the need for a major label. But if a label comes along and the deal is right then lets do it ! I believe in my team. I know that, with the right people backing us, the possibilities are endless. We would bring something new to hip hop. We would bring back that real rap! But word, if any labels are looking to expand with a strong group of talented artist hit us up lets talk. What should we keep our eyes and ears open for from you in this upcoming year? KRAY>This coming year is already going to be major for us. First off available now, we have Wonderpussys new mixtape titled the Nasty L which is a free download online at so make sure you get that! First thing dropping this year from the entire group, we have a mixtape where we are remaking a few of the classics as well as some new bangers. This will also be a free release. Then our first big album release of the year will be my collaboration album with the one and only Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony. I had the pleasure of getting to work with one of the people that influenced me in a major way as far as this rap thing goes. Real cool dude and i mean very talented. Just being in the studio

with Bizzy and vibing with him was something i never could have imagined. We put alot into this album to make sure its exactly what we wanted. We have a lot of guest features on the album with us including Young Noble from Outlawz, Lil Rob, Fat Trel who is also from here in DC and making a big buzz, our long time friend who is also from here in DC Whoa, 7th Signs QLoco, we got vocals on there by Andrea Wood and The IMMV Band who are both AMAZING ! Everyone that has helped with the album was very instrumental in making a classic and believe me, it’s a classic. We are hoping to drop that early in January so be on the lookout for Fallen Kings Presents Kray & Bizzy Bone PRESIDENTIAL. & Bizzy Bone PRESIDENTIAL. After we get the word out about the album, we have more projects in the works also. Cade will be releasing his first solo album Cade Himself, Kray is being featured in a couple out of town mixtapes as well as a 7th Sign Records album, Trone and Kayo are also in the early stages of their solo projects, Wonderpussy have already started on the second installment of the Nasty L vol.2 and of course we have a new Fallen Kings Records album which will be all members coming together to bang out a couple hits for ya ears hahah. We have alot in the works, we are really hoping to make this year Our Year. We have our merchandise going strong, everyone is rocking the FKR DC tshirts and Hoodies, we want to do more videos as well as just work on a lot of collabs with different artists. We also might be introducing a few new artistd to the Fallen Kings Records family.

What do you want people to remember you as or refer to you as when they say your name? NICK WOOD> I just want people to hear my music you know. I want people to know that, aside from all the bullshit, i had something to offer. I know i can relate to people through my music. That’s what its all about. KAYO> My style is whatever haha! There are other artists out there from the city but we want to be the ones that stand out. KRAY> oo kray you mean that dude that be killing them tracks and did the album with Bizzy Bone named Presidential coming real soon haha. I had to promote haha naw honestly, I just want people to know we are all some humble guys just trying to have fun and make a living. Didnt try to come into the game stepping on toes or starting any beef just a bunch of homies trying build together. If people remember us for one thing, I hope its our realness. We dont put on a front to look tough. We just do us and have fun. Catch us at a show, we always down to kick it. Put us in a studio, we always down to work. Ive said it before we just some fools having fun doing what we do and being damn good at it ! CADE> I want people to say I was a true lyricist that was always real and hopefully, i’ll be someone they could relate to and learn from. I learn from people all they time. I just want to share my experiences DLAG>A creative ass fool who never lost his imagination... Ha, I mean I’m an artist of many canvases, but for the most part, just fulfilling my creative urge. Is Hip-Hop Dead? NICK WOOD>I think there will always be good hip hop because there’s always gonna be good music. Hip hop has become a lot more pop lately than ever. All that fake hip hop is just new pop music. Real underground hip hop will always be there. But it may be on the Streets more than the radio. KRAY> Honestly, I dont really listen to too much hip hop. I’m very diverse when it comes to listening to music. But I dont think Hip Hop is dead. I just think it’s getting played out. There’s a lot of rappers or hip hop artist now a days that have no reason being signed haha. Some dudes are cool tho and I have to give em their props. All that skinny jean stuff I cant get with that tho haha I think real Hip Hop is underground right now, theres only a few artist I can still listen

to and enjoy but for the most part, if im listening to some Hip Hop its probably some old Bone Thugs, Z-Ro, South Park, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill Scarface its just alot of older stuff but definetly always bumping that Fallen Kings haha. KAYO>I’m still into hip hop and hip hop music. Shit aint’ dead for me. I have artists that i still listen to. DLAG>The fuck? C’mon man, Hip-Hop can’t die, no matter how wack the radio & mainstream shit is, the culture is thriving more than ever, even if it is jaa-like in a fucked up state. It’s like in the movies when the parents start fuckin up all the hip trends by trying to get involved with em n shit… Hip-Hop has too many gumps in it now, who have the money to be heard but no talent. So I wouldn’t say its dead jus a lil sick at the moment. What is your vision of Hip Hop’s future? KAYO > us…. KRAY>Shooooot my vision of Hip Hops future is FALLEN KINGS RECORDS rocking with all major and underground artist and having the recognition we deserve ! CADE> My vison of hip hop future, more people recognize our goal and support it whole heartedly and were able to reach more and more people DLAG> FALLEN KINGS RECORDS Last words Kray> shoutout to everyone who has been with us since the start and who continue to support the Fallen Kings Records movement. We appreciate all of your support. To the haters…hold something haha. Anyone interested in hitting us up you can do that at fallenkingsrec,, man just come down to DC ,we are around. I got love for my brothers here in FK and I am telling you now, we are coming and we are coming strong. Make sure you keep your ears open to Kray and Bizzy Bone Presidential coming real soon! Twitter@FallenKingsRec Youtube/FallenKingsRecords


Where were you born and how was your life over there? I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I had a wonderful childhood! I played in the streets with my brothers and friends and always had a passion for the arts. I was performing all of the time and all my childhood games were about acting, dancing, and singing. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a model? Since I was toddler, I was posing for photos. It was very natural for me. When I was six I started dancing Ballet, Tap and Jazz. At the age of seven I made my first composite and started modeling for stores and catalogs. Tell us how you are unique compared to other models. what do you bring to the modeling industry? My uniqueness is in my spirit. When I see a camera, my soul shines! To every one of my shoots, I bring an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Any highlights in your career so far? - Coca cola commercial - Miss Universal 2011: worldwide commercial dancing samba - Main girl for the music Video for Trey Songz... - Dancer for Ja Rule’s concert in Brazil - Runway fashion show for Sao Paolo fashion week - Billboards for the Cleber Lopes salon


twitter @miamizouk

Lais Lopes

Can you share with us your passion for Zouk Music? How did you get into that zouk world? I started dancing zouk when I was thirteen years old. One of my friend showed me zouk music and right there, I feel in love with the rythm. Hours later, we went to dance zouk and ever since that day, I have been dancing, performing and teaching zouk. At the age of nineteen, I was invited to the Zouk Congress in Holland, Spain, Prague, and Australia. I had the opportunity to meet Kaysha, Nicolas, and Nelson Freitas. To top it off, I named my daughter Ashley Zouk. I guess I don’t have to say more.... lol Who would you say is the personn that did really inspire you? For dance Michael Jackson and for Modeling Gisele Bundchen. What do you do in your spare time when you are not modeling? In my free time, I like to spend time with my daughter, play golf, dance Samba, and watch movies. What would your best friend tell us about you? Excellent mother, exceptional dancer and performer. Very giving and great friend and always has a lot of energy. Where do you want to be one year from now in the industry? I want to be in the cover of the Vogue magazine. Interview by BB. BOUK

“I’m a Hopeless Romantic...”

Kathy soles “Everyday is a dream come true in my life. And I am truly grateful for that…”

When did you start modeling ? It started many years ago, when I decided to participate in the Miss Cuban American Beauty Pageant.

of that inner beauty is reflected on the outside...a warm smile, a glow in your eyes, and a heart full of love…

If you could work with anyone in the modeling industry, who would it be? I will love to work with David Gandy because he is an Icon in the modeling industry. He is well known all over the world and is featured with many companies such as D&G.

What is the most exciting modeling experience you have lived so far? I’ve had many, but being in a photo shoot with 10 photographers, at the same time and from different angles, was really very exciting for me…

Other than your look, what do you bring to the modeling industry? I also bring passion and dedication mixed with a friendly attitude toward everyone that is around me. This makes me feel really comfortable and opens the doors for my sense of magic, sensuality and creativity. What is your definition of “BEAUTY”? Beauty is like a flower inside of us. When it is nourished with love, gratitude, compassion, positive actions and thoughts, it makes you bloom, and all

As a model, what are you trying to accomplish? I will just go as far as God wants me to go. I always pray for guidance and I put my faith in him, as he will take me where I should be. And as woman? I have Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, and some day I would love to own a chain of famous and well known modeling companies, so I can help new talent get started in the industry…

By T iesha Harrisson What can Readers find on GLF this month? Menswear, Fashion and Vibrant hues. Creator of learned helpful style tips from Celebrity Stylist Dan Trepanier from about daily timeless trends. Inspired to utilize what I learned from Dan, I volunteered to style Actor Monti Washington and upcoming clients for Samantha Peck Photography. The gift of style! What items do you recommend to bring to a fashion photoshoot? CHOICES. Stylists love to pick and choose different garments to put together, so a duffel bag full of items will do!

38 38 1.Choices of t-shirts, jackets, vests and dress shirts. 2. Neckwear such as scarfs, bow tie’s and tie’s in Vibrant hues. 3. Watches, sunglasses, and hats 4. Brown boots, sneakers and formal footwear 5. Denim Which Spring/Summer 2012 Collection do you have your eye on for Men? Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. ( This collection had my attention at “HELLO” with a wide range of garments from Blazers to Color to Plaids; this is one outstanding COLLECTION you will want to purchase for the Spring. To view the full Spring/Summer 2012 collection please visit


Mr Dreamz Gunplay issue Jan 2012  

January 2012 New Mr Dreamz magazine issue featuring Maybach Music artist "GUNPLAY"!