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Dear Fans, Mr Dreamz magazine is the story of millions artists all over the world who got dreams. Dreams to shine, Dreams to rise, Dreams to live or simply Dreams to survive. Everyday, dreams come true, everyday dreams are broken. This is how the game goes. But after the rain, the sun rise. Mr Dreamz magazine talk about those people who keep faith in what they do. To those grinders who stand up and struggle for their rights, their talents, theirs skills. We feel the deep power that push them to the limit. From Paris, to Miami, L.A to Tokyo, London to Sidney, Rio to Johanesbourg, the voices from the streets shout, sing, rap, cry everyday, everynight. Who make the city? Billy Blue said “We are the Heart of the city”. A true way to express how these people from the hood are active everyday. They are building the urban culture through their art. They give a color, a taste, an perfume to the whole city.Today, Mr Dreamz magazine let all those artists express themselves and become the link between the source and the media. We are the new era for a new generation of dreamers.

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Introduces Thadd Williams through his career, his work and best musical experiences.


Celebrates the Hip Hop/Rnb scene all over the country. Let us introduce you Rich Graham, Rime & Ryan K.


The Next Big Things are coming from the Street. Let’s Hear the voice from the Hood with those independant Grinders.


Our new guest ONE CHANCE (NAPPY BOY) is in the building! From their 2006 hit “Look at her” to their recent signature with T-Pain, let’s come into their artistic universe.


DMAJUR is the sexy touch of our magazine. Let’s share the experience of the Next Miss Boston!


This month, Mr Dreamz works on the theme “Fashion & Glamour” with the Blogger Tiesha!



Thadd WILLIAMS Interview by Winnie Mc

Be careful who you give access to your dreams...”

For people who dont know you, Who is the « real » Thadd Williams? I’m just a kid from Columbia SC, who loves hip hop…I’m the template of what it means not to settle. I’m a dream chaser, visionary, and most of all, i’m a resilient worker. What is your main inspiration? My main inspiration is becoming a relevant part of hip hop. This is something that has been a work in progress for over a decade. I’m inspired by great music, to me it’s no better feeling in the world when you hear something dope for the first time. Wait…I take that back. The only thing that is better


is when you create something dope then hear it for the first time lol. How can you describe the evolution of Hip Hop...from the 90’s until 2011? It’s crazy because I was just a little shorty in the 90’s but, to me, that’s when Hip Hop was at its best. Don’t get me wrong, today you can see the quality of music shift back to that time frame. It seems like artists are back to putting more feeling into their craft. The 90’s was gritty, probably with the exception of Bad Boy back then, post Biggie. Mid to late 90’s, you had DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Wu-Tang, Meth & Red

who were killing it. Eminem, came out like 99, Fabolous in 2000, Joe Budden in like 02. These are all artist who inspire me to this day. Then, for about 4 to 5 years, it shifted to the South really heavy. 2000 you had Ludacris, T.I. dropped (I’m Serious) around that time, Jeezy & Rick Ross exploded on the scene in 04-05. Hip Hop has definitely made it’s rounds from the 90’s until now. You’ve been doing different music videos, do you feel thats the best way to broadcast your music? I feel that it is one of the most effective ways to market my music.

It seems like people will give you their attention longer when you put out a visual. When people are listening to music it’s almost like you have a 20 second window to catch their ears. With videos, people may pay attention longer just because there is a lot more going on. You may have models, cars, scenery, etc… People get to place a face with the name. You’ve made a lot of opening performances for stars like Lil Wayne, T.I, Jadakiss, Jeezy...What is your best memory? Best experience? I think my best experience/memory is when I opened for Jadakiss.

Here in VA we had just lost probably the biggest radio personality in DJ Law. I had the opportunity to pay homage at that performance, it was personal for me. In addition to being a great show. R.I.P. DJ Law. How the public welcome the new single « Center of Attention »? The reception on Center of Attention has been tremendous. It was produced by brother and in-house producer KoKayn. We knew that this record was going to be special, it’s just the feeling we had. I think what surprised me the most was the response it received from dudes. I knew that the women would

to it but it was an added plus to see it respect from the fellas.

isn’t “money a goal, it’s a result...”


I want you to share with us the amazing project « COA foundation ». What’s the story behind it? Can you tell us more? I had been looking to get involved in community work with some time now. Me and Kayn got together and really just came up with something we felt could make a difference. When we told people what we were trying to do they immediately gravitated to it. We had a lot of support and as time goes on we look to expand and help young women who has been through hardship. It is still a work in progress but we’re making strides to continue building. « Love before Money » can be a good slogan about you? Is it your message? I think that definitely describes my movement. I always tell people money isn’t a goal, it’s a result. If you have a passion for something, money isn’t the end...Not at all!


The money is going to come, as in anything that we do. What I’m concerned about now is giving people great music, and establishing myself in this industry. Everything else is second. After so many years in the game, what are now your motivation? Continuous growth creatively and artistically. If you take a close look at the greats, they possess the ability to adapt and overcome to stay relevant. Almost like reinventing yourself, my motivation is longevity. What make you so different from the other artists? What makes me different is that I’m me. I’m a kid from Columbia SC, who really didn’t get noticed until I moved to Virginia. I made my way without a cosign, just good old fashion hard work. I’m giving people the best representation of

Thadd Williams. If I’m telling my story, then that automatically differentiates me by default. Soon the masses will see that. Is there any particular message you want to pass to our readers? Be careful who you give access to your dreams. People are dream killers, sometimes people just need to see it instead of you telling people your plans. Believe in yourself. What is your coming project for the end of 2011? I’ll be dropping my 4th Quarter mixtape entitled Homecoming. It will be hosted by one of the biggest DJ’s in the industry, also accompanied with dope features. This is my best work yet. I think that the masses will see the growth by leaps and bounds on this one. Stay tuned!!


What’s the story behind the name « Rich Graham »? & «  Filthy Rich »? Well Rich Graham is actually my real name. A lot of people think its a stage name but its not. That is really my name. I use it because when I rap I want people to know that it is all me. My music is personal and my songs all come from my personal life and inspirations. Filthy Rich is my dj name and its just a play on words. With my name being Rich, it was just a clever nickname for me to use when I do parties and shows. It’s also my state of mind. U know how they say if you really believe in something that you can speak it into existence? Well I believe I will be filthy rich one day so I figured I might as well have people comfortable with calling me that because that’s exactly what I am going to be. With different music videos, do you think that “visuals” are now the best way to market your music? For an independent artist like me I do. The internet reaches people I can’t touch. As a matter of fact Mr. Dreamz wouldn’t even know about me if it weren’t for my videos on the net. I think it works for me. It lets the people hear my music and it lets me be artistic and create visuals to go with these songs. Everyone is a rapper these days so music is everywhere but if u look at my videos and look at other artists videos you can see that there is a big difference in quality. My product speaks for itself and you know what they say…I can show you better than I can tell you.


DJ, rapper & songwritter...You wear several caps. Is versatility your definition of « Being an artist »? I’m glad you asked me that because the answer is a definite YES. I’m not a rapper I’m an artist. In every sense of the word. Ask anyone who grew up with me and they will tell you i was always drawing. That’s originally what I was known for. I went to school to be an animator so I love every aspect of art. Visual and audible art. Any form of self expression is art to me and I love it. Rapping and DJing is an art just like drawing an art. Songwriting is definitely an art and that’s why everyone can’t do it. A lot of people can rap but they can’t make a song. There’s a big difference. Again… that is what separates someone like me from someone who just raps as a hustle. I like to make good music and songs that say something. I want you to close your eyes and see what I’m saying. I’m still drawing..with a mic. That is what makes me an “artist”. You’ve been in the game for years, so what make you stay so determined? Being shitted on and constantly told by the decision makers that I wasn’t hot even though the streets always told me otherwise. I have a huge chip on my shoulder. I’ve seen rappers steal my concepts and win grammys. I’ve seen rappers steal my flows and cadences and blow up. The streets know what it is and there are a lot of people who believe in me and know the truth and really want

to see me win because I deserve it. I’m doing it for them and I’m doing it for me. I put in way to much time, effort, money and I took penitentiary chances to do this so I want my compensation. I want all that hard work to be appreciated. It’s not about money because I’m gonna always get money. That’s what hustlers do. I want my respect from the industry that told me I ain’t shit. The industry that said I’m not what they’re looking for then turned around and put da building behind someone who can’t hold a torch to me and what I do. That’s my motivation. Do you have any particular message for Mr Dreamz readers? I think Jeezy said it best. “Rap game fucked up but you can’t blame me”. Let the music speak for itself. I do it for the fans of good music. I know your tired of the crap you hear on the radio everyday because I know I am. Let’s get back to great beats and great lyrics. That’s what we doin over here. Klick Klack Ayo!

Where do you come from? I was born in Morocco and my parents moved to Montreal, Canada when I was 5. I’ve lived in Montreal ever since. When did you begin to make your passion ? I started exploring music when I started school around the age of 6. I had my first crush on a little boy (hehe) and I discovered that it was much easier for me to express my feelings by “rewriting” lyrics of popular songs, than by speaking. I wouldn’t sing the song to him (way too shy for that!!) but it was written, and it made me happy, that’s all that counted! Was it a vocation? Music was definitely my calling; I’d say many different forms of art have inspired me but I discovered early that expressing myself through poems came easy to me, so writing songs was a natural transition. And then in high school, I met this one teacher who really believed in me as a performer. He had hoped that I would pursue classical singing and become an opera singer but my heart was going to a different direction :) I’ve been singing and creating ever since. The public discovered you with the “Yalla Habibi” music video feat Karl Wolf & Kaz Money. What is the story behind that big single? The label i was with had a good relationship with Karl, and offered we collaborate. The song came naturally, because

it’s a song that has an exotic sound, is “sunny” and makes you wanna dance, which are things that both Karl and I like to express in our music. It all happened really fast. I mean, I met Karl one day, recorded the song a few days later and was flying to Dubai within a few weeks to shoot the video. It was surreal but I certainly enjoyed every second of it!! We’re really happy that people liked the record as much as we had fun creating it. Can you talk about the creation of your coming project? How would you describe that new release? The project I’m working on right now is my first English album, with a Pop/RnB sound. I wanted a lot of up-tempo songs because touring for the promotion of “Yalla habibi” made me realize how much more alive I feel on stage when singing songs with high energy. The response of the public is incredible and gives me even more energy. And anything that makes me and the crowd dance just makes it that much more fun to perform! Lyrically, you’ll hear hints of humor here and there. I don’t take myself too seriously in life and in general, but you know, sometimes there’s a lot of truth behind funny comments said in passing ;-) It’s just the way I chose to express myself. Overall, I wanted to have fun, and I’m having a blast! The first single is gonna be one that speak about that icky part of a relationship where you don’t know where the other person stands and I’m taking a humorous stand...Basically mocking

myself. Like, why do I even stick around if a relationship feels so shaky? “Hum, good question” I say to myself. Lol “Let’s find out!” In that sense, every song is a therapy to me; I ask a question, explore it and try and find an answer. I am getting to know myself as a woman, and the songs in this album are about the growth and discovery process. What has been your best challenge so far? Staying focused on creativity and being disciplined!!! Some people have that naturally, I have to make a conscious effort, which I learned to do, but sometime I’m a little too artsy… Recognizing it is already a way to move on and also staying true to myself. Especially when everyone around you has an idea of who you should be. It’s a process that makes you question your values, and in my case, thankfully, it has strengthened them. Any advices for young artists? With a dream, anything is possible. And sometimes, you’ll need to stop listening to the people you love and respect the most to be able to follow your heart. As long as you make that goal something healthy, and positive for you as for the others! Something that impacts positively on people beyond the borders. It‘s something I really believe in.


Explain us what is the concept behind the name “Ryan K”? The Name Ryan K is actually my real name. When i first got into the music industry about 7 years ago, i was under the name Rolls Royce aka da hook king. In 2008, i was contacted by the lawyers of Rolls Royce, the automobile company. They had come across some press i had done and sent me letters saying that i had to change my name or i would be sued. Around the same time my music was changing and i was turning more to R&B music appose to rap and other styles after a long 6 years. I decided it was time to make the name change and what better name then my real one which also happen to sound more R&B and more appealing to audiences, i figured if im going to give them the real me might aswell give them my real name. How did you get into Music? My mother was a singer so i was always around her while she was singing and playing music from her time. I grew up listening to Celia Cruz, in all aspects. Luther van dross, and early 70’s artist like the stylistics, Marvin Gaye & Al green were my main music influences. Like every artis, it started with a dream. I did a lot of talent shows at an early age when i reached my teenage years and began getting serious and recording music in professional studios. It basically took off from there and I’ve been at it since.


What is the best musical collaboration you made so far? I’d have to say 1 of my favorite’s has been working with Layzie Bone of Bone thugs n harmony. I grew up listening to the groups music and, to have a chance to work with him was a blessing and I’m honored.

and hopefully we can make it happen. It would be great not only for me but for other up incoming artist from Mia.

Where can the fans find you? Follow me on twitter @DaRealHk make sure you download my debut R&B album “My Future’s Past @ http://the305. Miami seems like a better place for an in- com/2011/01/11/free-download-ryandependent Hip Hop artist to shine because k-my-futures-past/ to my independent of the competition & entertainment busi- artist the only one who will make sure you ness. What make you so different from are buzzing is you work hard and remain the mass? positive always, thanks for having me What makes me different is that i speak and shouts out to, Iblog26, from the soul, i am latino but sing urban Tooknown, my daughter and everyone r&b music in a predominately all black mu- who has supported me over the years the sic industry, and my hook writing ability’s best is yet to come!!!! are distinctive Who are involved in your new EP? Producers, artists etc... The New Ep “Concrete Rose” features Layzie Bone, Mistah Fab from Oakland, a few artist out of Boston like Lou Armstrong, Haze & Sean Hines out of Masspike Miles record group. The project features production from some of today’s biggest in the game from DjPain1 to Djaycas, Jcuse & more.... few artist out of Boston like Lou Armstrong, Haze & Sean. Can you share with us your collaboration with Layzie Bone? How did you hook up with him? The record with layzie is the first leak off my new ep. I wouldint call it a single but more of an album cut. Yes i plan to shoot a video for it... just figuring out the schedule

Where do you come from? I come from a small town in Texas called Mount Pleasant, there’s not much here and up until a year ago. We didn’t even have a studio, so my mother and I would have to drive to Sulphur Springs to record my music which is about 30 minutes away from Mount Pleasant, but I didn’t mind because I would always meet new artist that wanted to collab every time I would go. How did you get your artist name and what does it mean to you? Well my artist name is just my first name Kiana, my friends would joke around when we were in school and call me Kstew, but I just stuck with Kiana. Who were your hip hop influences? Though I am a hip hop artist, I was influenced by many other artist within various genres from R&B, pop and hip hop; artist such as Aaliyah, Bow wow, Destiny’s child, eve, Missy Elliott and many more, that I grew up listening to. Define your music in three Words for us. Positive, real, inspiring

I hope to never forget where I come from...”

What are your main goals as an artist? My goals as an artist are to inspire and touch others with a positive message, be creative, and of course, perform at every award show there is. I also hope to start writing for other artist, I want to become better and stronger and keep growing as an artist, I hope to never forget where I come from and to be humble. So far, what is your Highlight? So far my best experience has been getting to open up for and meet Trae the Truth, who is a well known rapper from Houston, Texas; he was a really cool down to earth guy, he’s also one my little brothers favorite rappers so it was really cool that I got to open up for him. If you could be in studio working with a famous artist, who would he be? And why? If I could be in the studio working with any famous artist, who would it be? That’s a hard one because there are so many artist that I would love to work with, but if I had to chose someone then it would have to be Beyonce just because I’ve always looked up to and admired her. She’s the true definition of an artist; she’s an awesome singer, and not to mention a phenomenal performer, I love the emotion that she gives every song she sings, she’s a hard worker, she’s everything that I aspire to be. What are your upcoming projects for the end of the year? I have a mixtape coming out called “Coming to the Stage”, so hopefully people will get to see who I am as an artist there is a little bit of every genre on there from pop, rock, hip-hop and r&b, there are love songs, songs about life, and just fun songs. 18

How can you define your music background? Your World? I’ve always been a HUGE music fan growing up. I remember back in middle school, i used to write these raps in a binder I had and I would always let my friends read them. Most of it was just to be funny and another way to clown around, but one day I found this cassette recorder, I cant remember from where, but I started to record myself over instrumentals that I would find on different websites and play it back and just listen and after that I just fell in love with recording and hearing myself on beats. I wish I still had those cassettes I know they were horrible! I’d like to say that I have a connection that many artist don’t have. My cousin Mark has engineered everything I’ve ever been on whether it’s been my own songs, collaboration songs, or featured songs. Not many artists can say that. I mean I feel like the sky is really the limit! With being from Lousiana, who were your artistic/musical influences growing up? Being from Louisiana around the time I was growing up the people that were hot were of course Master P and the No Limit Soldiers, The Hot Boyz and Cash Money, and Lil’ Boosie and Webbie to name a few. I remember I had Master P’s album “Ghetto D”. “I miss my homies” was one of my favorite songs. I was also a huge fan of Eminem,Kid Rock,Nickelback. When I turned 18 I started a job working with my dad and I remember all we would listen to were The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Eagles just to name a few. I love all kinds of music. How do you pick the tracks you rap on and whats your process in making a song? I have a few producers that I do a lot of work with and they’ll send 2 or more tracks at a time almost every day, so depending on how I’m feeling at the time or what I’m vibing to the most I usually rock with the ones I’m feeling. I also have been working with a lot of different producers lately to switch it up here and there. I don’t really have a process when it comes to making

a song because I feel each song has a life on its own. Each song is different to me. One song I may write two or three verses too and then the hook and another song I may come up with a hook and wait on the verses. It all depends on the flow that I’m feeling. I’ve had times where it was just flowing out and before I sit down and look at it I have a whole song. But most of the time, I like to take my time when I’m writing a song because I feel if I rush, I don’t put my all in it. Who is JayKid as a person? JayKid as a person is really goofy and laid back but at the same time determined and focused on whats at hand. My main goal, like most artists, is to get to that stage where my 9 to 5 consists of music 24/7. What are your upcoming projects? My upcoming project that im working on is a album collaboration with “BC”(who was in last months issue) entitled “L.I.M.E.” (Louisiana Isn’t My Excuse) which will be a album that will also consist of the documentary “Long Time Coming” (Basically an in depth view of BC and myself as we go through our past). We should be finishing that up around the first quarter of 2012 . I’ll also be working on my solo mixtape ! I just dropped a group mixtape entitled “The Takeover” with my Big Bank Family in July. We’ve been getting some great reviews from that one ! What is your best musical memories so far? My best ones, so far, would have to be working on the mixtape “The Takeover”. I feel that way because it’s a great feeling to see something come to life over the span of creating it, to start out with a vision and to have something to show for it is a great feeling. I enjoyed every moment of working on that mixtape with my childhood friends and family.


Tell us a little about your name “AV”. What it mean to you? AV is short for my last name AVANT. It is also a acronym for “ABSOLUTE VICTORY”. Anything i do in life i will not lose. My last name AVANT “THE ONE”, and my fist name “CHRISTOPHER” means “CARRIER OF CHRIST”. You put those two together and you got “THE ONE CARRIER OF CHRIST”. So instead of going by some old gangster drug dealer that i dont know nor inspire to be, i chose AV. I’m proud of my name and family. How did you get into Hip Hop? I’m a Hip Hop baby. I grew up in radio stations and record exec offices. I saw the business side of it before i wrote a rhyme. I wrote poems and R&b starting in 4th Grade. As i got older and experienced death and drugs at a early age, i started writing rhymes in 6th Grade. The 1st Hip Hop song i wrote was a remake of LL’s ‘ROCK THE BELLS’. Im a true HIP HOP baby. Aint too many 25 years old from Texas who grew up banging Rakim, UTFO, KANE , GHETTO BOYS, LL. People in my age group dont fuck with that shit. I do. I love Hip Hop, i love music in general. I got my first turntables in 9th Grade, DJ my first party in 7th Grade and i love that shit! How does your deep involvement in the community impact on your music? What’s your message? My message to people is “NEVER GIVE UP”, “FREE YO MIND CHILD, and NEVER GIVE UP”, and most importantly, “BELIEVE IN GOD”. I say these things continuosly in my songs. I’ve held events for high school kids on the weekends for my hood. I held a stand up and vote concert @Fred Moore PARK n my hood for the 2008 elections. I had a local TV show entitled “P.R. REPORT”. Im all about my community and people in general. Fuck taking lives im tryna save some. I’ll fuck a dumb ass up if i have to but i aint starting shit i want everybody to make home in one piece, and i aint scared to say that neither Fuck tryna look cool and hard. People call me the “Man in da city” because im a man in the city trying trying to make a change. I’m the secretary of the Martin Luther King Jr Advisory Board in my city, Denton, Texas. South East what up!

So Music is a powerful way to change things in the street? Hell yeah, music is a powerful thing in the streets. Think about it. In the 90’s everybody wanted be a crip when snoop and NWA was doing their things, now everybody got on red. Shit is funny for real. I have seen so many people flip flop its a trip! But the real truth is you can say all the shit you want on a record but when that song go off, you gotta be willing to get yo punk ass out the studio and try to fix that shit. Malcom and Martin spoke good wods just like a lot of music artists, but they got out there in the midst of the struggle and made something happen. Another thing is it’s a lot of positive, inspirational music out there, but people can only like what they hear, radio stations, program directors step yo game up because radio ratings are low ass hell and the people want more than crack sells and gun shots! Please describe your Musical World? Your sound? My musical sound is dark, simple, emotional, enlightening, motivational, inspiring, informational, concious, political, trap music. Reality music is my genre. I make music that touch me! I dont go in the studio and say i wanna make a hit; I go there and say “i wanna make Music”. Im from the south but i be on every type of beat that you can think of. Hell i just bought a black guitar like Johnny Cash. My new project “Live from the struggle” defines my sonds well but it is forever expanding What is your vision of Hip Hop future? I vision Hip Hop growing stronger and bolder in the next 5 years. Soon new A&R’s and program director, DJ’s will rise not afraid to cross boundries and be running the industry. The artists are here and we are ready. My ear of Mc’s will carry the torch. We got artists like Drake, We the same age, J. COLE, MEEK MILL, LADY GAGA, ADELE, WALE... But when me and my label TRUNK POP MUSIC GROUP touches ears, we gon blow the flood gates open, think of me as Diddy and Dre for my Era, I will release classics and build careers. I want my artists to be bigger than me but i write all my shit! No Ghostwritter!


Do you consider yourself more as a songwriter, a creator or a rapper? I would consider myself as a creator. Rapping and songwriting are the beginning of creation as an artist. A creator is one who envelopes all aspects of music. I don’t want to limit myself to just one forum of music. How did this passion for Music begin? A friend from high school was forming a group and asked if I could rap. I told him I never really tried to. So that day I went home and wrote something to that AZ Sugar Hill beat. It was like hidden treasure I didn’t know I had. It wasn’t super hot shit but since that day I have done nothing but become a better lyricists with every verse I pen. What your favorite topics when you create lyrics? I rarely pick out topics. I just write down whatever I’m thinking in 4 bars. Whatever comes out from them 4 bars I stick to it. I always make sure to be very lyrical but get my point across. I mean sometimes you can use too much word play and your followers won’t get it. But I don’t want to dumb it down because that’s not what hip hop started as. A lot of artist (not saying no names) but dumb down for the audience to double their dollars. Yeah, making money is good but don’t just do it for the money no matter how famous you get. Do it for the LOVE of it. What is your music background? I started written at the age of 15 but didn’t really get serious till I was about 20. In 2002 till 2004 I recorded 6 cd’s with 30 songs or better. I put out 2 of the albums and stopped to learn how to make beats. I did a couple of talent shows and just lost the drive for awhile cause of other shit I had going on in my life

If you could be in the studio working on music and have anyone in your corner, who would you have in your team and why them? It would have to be Russell Simmons, Dr. Dre, Diddy, and the illest lyricist in the game right now that hasn’t sold his soul. Russell Simmons & Diddy because of their wisdom in making music, business knowledge and being straight forward meaning letting you know if it really is trash or hot. The illest lyricist (which is Papose, Joe Budden, Joel Ortiz, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T, ) to raise the B.A.R and give me competion so that I could reach my zenith (my highest level). Who is the real D Strick? what you trying to accomplish? Deon Strickland is a young man with many struggles in life, a son, a brother, a father, a husband, a friend, a creator and last but not least GOD’s SON…… My goal is to make good music that is very compelling, lyrical, life changing, career ending, music that has a message to it. Bring back 1992! Do you listen to other forms of music outside of Hip Hop? Of course, a little bit of everything except opera. Really love soul music like Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, ect. Gotta be open minded to every avenue. Whats are your coming projects for the end of the year? Currently in the process of recording new album and new mixtape and shooting video for the 1st single. You can check out my recent mixtapes on datpiff titled ABOVE THE BULLSH! # under d$trick (spelled exactly this way), Tweet My Song titled Get Back 2 L.Y.R.I.C.S under dstrick5, soundcloud under d$trick and youtube under blokchead05 . For features or beats email is What is your best verse you ever written? I’ve grown in all areas as a man and in making music. So I would say my last verse. With every song, verse, beat or whatever you do its gotta be better than the one before it.


How did you get the name of MaMa Chill? If i told you tha long answer i’d be locked up by tha men in white coatz lol ! so l’ll just stick with tha short version which is it was taken with spiritual influence. But tha name itself is easily explained. ‘Mama’ as in Mother of all, we all need to take care of each other, regardless of colour, creed, religion or what side of tha pond you live on, and ‘Chill’ because i’m horizintilly chilled most of tha time much to peoples annoyance. I just dont see tha point in sweating on tha small stuff, when theres plenty of terrible things going on in tha world in comparison. When we listen to your songs, we feel that PopRock touch. Who are the artists that infuence your music? Mainly ol skool American 80’s rap/hip hop, I grew up on Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash & tha furious five, LLCool J, Whodini, Salt N peppa, Africa Bambaata, and who could forget Herbie Hancocks Rockit ? then moving on Missy Elliot, Tupac, Asher Roth, Eminem, Linkin Park early Blondie, Bowie, T-rex, Hendrix, you can tell i dont like being pigeon holed huh ? On todays front, i’m lovin what Lecrae’s about, but because he’s a christian rapper, he just doesn’t get tha mainstream limelight he deserves. And i’d really love to do a hip hop/opera collab with Andrea bocelli because i think he’s awesome. I did ask his camp but they never replied lol ! I just love good music whatever tha genre. How did you get into music? It’s like my track ‘Lowdown Dirty Raw N Street’ says Tha music was already in me when i was born. I didn’t choose it, it chose me & i’ve been more than happy to co-operate, & despite opposition from what often seemed like every corner over tha years, my mum always said “if that’s what you wanna do i’ll support you every step of tha way”, and she’s been true to her word.


What is your opinion about the place of female artists in the music industry today? Well i’m not just another one of those hip hop hoes taking off her clothes…ok so i’ve just noted my pic lol ! but i originally had that taken to highlight being vegetarian & not wearing fur so it was for a good reason. I know its the record industry that forces it but women selling sex is just so old hat. Will it ever end ? probably not, if anything women seem to be wearing less in an effort to be more shockable and i kinda find it a bit sad . I’m not a girly girl, i wear jeanz, hoodies & K-swiss trainers most of tha time, I’ve worked and continue to work damn hard as a credible music artist so i want people, wether male or female, to be listening to my lyrics not staring at my ass. Although once they’ve commented on my lyrics they’re more than welcome to comment on my ass. Why do you got next? Well at tha moment i’m just busy promoting tha album ‘Nobody wants to know ya When Ya Nobody’  and gathering comments and album reviews, theres only one of me doing everything but i’m getting there, as i often say I’m unsigned, unmanaged but unstoppable. I dont look too far ahead, just a blink, i prefer to concentrate on what i need to do today and right now thats promote, promote, promote. What are your upcoming projects? I already have enough material for tha next album but financially that might not be possible, i might have to release singles instead, Making this album wiped me out and i’ve already sold everything i can including my much loved rap/hip hop vinyl collection, we’ll see, i’d also like to do a proper video. As a songwriter, i also have some more gospel trax that i’d like to do, i took tha risk of ending tha album with ‘ Say’  ft tha Watford Gospel Arts Manna Community Choir just to gage peoples reaction and so far its been positive and tha second most downloaded track off tha album, so wether i can combine Mama Chill with some gospel thrown in or wether it’ll be a seperate project i haven’t decided yet!

How did you get into Hip Hop? Well, back in High school, I started out making beats and just letting my friends hear them. I was always a playful and funny guy, so when my friends and I started snapping jokes on each other back and forth everyday after school, I would write parody songs about one of them. I would take a popular song at the time and just twist the lyrics and hook. It was funny and sometimes I went a bit too far, but with all of us being friends we just forgave each other. Then my long time friend (and now manager) “Cazon C.O.D.”, would challenge me to freestyle battles at the beginning of the morning before class. I would lose, because I was a better writer than freestyle artist, but by the afternoon, I would have 3 pages worth of bars and verses to redeem myself. Then parody songs went to real songs, and that’s how it all started for me. What’s the message behind your music? I find that question to be a little more profound, basically because, to me, its a question based on longevity. See I look at it like this, each song, each mixtape, each album that I put out, is a moment in time. With every new addition I make to music, it will be different from its predecesscor. So on the last song, of my last album, you could then look back and know who I am as a person, as well as an artist. It’s like Star Wars... You can’t just watch one of those movies to know what the entire saga was about, so you have to just keep interest in me to find out. There are so many artists in your area...What makes you out of the mass? There so many artist everywhere, not just in South side Jamaica Queens New York, who aren’t daring enough to be themselves, but I am. There was a time when I wrote “thug” and “ back-packer” type of lyrics, and I felt bored and confined to a certain lane, or style. But it wasn’t until I really started writing about my own personal interests and feelings on particular topics, that i fell in love with my own music.

Please describe your Musical World? Your sound? I am a nerd! I may not come off as one, or look the part of the conventional “Nerds” these days ( urbanized Steve Urkels wearing tight jeans, big glasses, and some sort of T shirt that says something mundane on it, lol). But I’m the real deal. I still watch cartoons and play video games, mostly super hero stuff. I have a collection of Marvel and DC comics and movies and I go to NY Comic Con every year. But at the same time, I’m a real dude, that deals with real problems and issues of my own. Most of those things are influenced in my music, and you hear it. It’s just delivered aggressively sometimes, and I can entertain by switching my flows. Through your art, What do you try to accomplish? I just want to be heard. I want people to understand me as a man, and as a person. The fame and fortune that comes behind it is cool, but its also secondary. Of course I want to buy my Mom and Dad a bigger house, make sure my family straight, keep my good friends close and under my employment so I know they living right, and get my girl a ring she deserves. But its all because I want to be heard first. Art is art, and you don’t always see a check behind it, but compensation shouldn’t be your main goal, sharing and appreciation should. Honestly, I have went from writing rhymes on the back of cardboard and napkins to writing in $600 cellphones at 30,000 ft in the air, and still gave it out for free. For all the fans, what’s is your upcoming project? Well I’m always writing new music, I do it damn near everyday. But I’m currently shooting videos for a couple of tracks off my latest mixtape “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” that’s on Videos will be dropping for songs like “Faster than a Speeding Bullet”, “The way you love me”, “Party in Vegas” and so many more. I’m basically half finished with the sequel mixtape to “ Diary of a Wimpy Kid” which will probably drop sometime early next year. And I’m just having fun featuring on other mixtapes in the mean time, like Coast2Coast mixtapes, Dj Lazy K, Dj Killa Touch, and more. Just google “Renagaide Rebel”!


What is your main inspiration? What is the process in creating music? Life itself is my main inspiration. What ever mood I’m in at that time influences my creative process. I l have a love for horns, chords, and 808’s. When I began making a beat, I usually build off the first sound that grabs my attention. What’s the message behind your music? Pure Greatness! My music represents me, my life, my struggle and ambition to be the greatest producer in the game. Please describe your World? Your sound? I make bounce music. It’s no way anybody could resist moving as soon as a track comes on. I give you a mixture of Down South, Soul, you name it I got it. Call me Mr. Versatile. Through your music, What are your goals? your ambitions? From a Producers stand point, innovation. I’m always looking for that new sound so I’m never afraid to try new things. It’s no rules when it comes to creating a hit.


What is your vision of the current state of the music industry? Is it easier to shine with the new internet outlets? Competition grows everyday. With the rise of technology it makes it easier for people to not only create music, but also get it to the public. Social networking has took over and is steady rising as we speak. It’s the new way to establish a relationship with customers as well as fans. If you could be in studio with a famous artist, Who would he be? I’ll pretty much work with anybody but if I had the opportunity to choose, I would have to say T.I. You can’t go wrong with saying Greatness in the same sentence with King. For all the fans, what’s is your upcoming project? I’ll be launching the new Sound Click page the beginning of November. So for all artist looking for beats, excuse me, Greatness. You can hit me up on twitter @jayedagreat or email me at Get at me!!!

Where do you come from? I’m from Junction City, Kansas What were your musical influences where you did grow up? A variety of 80’s pop, rock and r&b. ranging from Anita Baker & Freddie Jackson, to Sting&Phil Collins down to Heart& Stevie Nicks.. What’s your artist name means to you? I, MissTai Am branching out across the world..I’m accessible to any and everyone.. Hence the name .com. Please describe your Music. My musical world consists of the previous artist I named coupled along with the vibe I feel when I hear a beat.. This concoction creates my sound..

Other than your style, what could you bring to the music industry? Something to ponder over.. What are your goals as an artist? As a woman? My goals as an artist and as a woman are the same.. I want you to think of EVERYTIME you think, hear or see of Kansas.. If you could be in studio with a famous artist, Who would he be? Tupac!!! 0r Kanye.. Both controversial, inspirational and talented. For all the fans, what’s is your upcoming project? Mix tape after mix tape…

“I want you to think” 25



ello everyone, first off, we want to thank you One Chance for being here taking the time to answer a few questions for Mr. Dreamz. We wanted to know… How was the group created? (John) Basically, Mike and I are brothers and we wanted to start a group! We started looking for people and we met Rob at a talent show in his school in Chicago and he joined the group… Shortly after that we did a High School tour around Chicago… met Courtney at his HS and he sang for us… that was it..he joined! That’s how we came about…. That was about 8 years ago… As a group, you must have a lot in common yet! What would be one word that would define each member of the group? This is John and a I would say I’m the man of many words in a sense, the leader of the group… the hype man too!!! This is Mike, one word to describe me is Magic! I’m magical! I make things happen Courtney here.. I’m more old school… the gentleman of the group…with old school swagger! Robby is more like the jump off kid… he’s the artsy one… The jump off kid… very creative to the group. What was the story behind that 2006 single hit “Look at Her”? At the time, snap music was brewing. We came up with the idea of coming up with a snap’n’b! We call RnB songs like that... We wanted to make the song for the ladies… one that they could vibe to and feel as though we were talking to them as well… a song to compliment the ladies and have fun with them as well. Like saying All eyes on you… lookin’ at you!


So this was the inspiration for the lyrics? You wanted to compliment us, make us ladies feel good and appreciated!? Absolutely! It was definitely a way of complimenting them and empowering them as well … in a sense that we know that women play an important role in the world and we wanted to show our appreciation as well… show them our love.…

I really believe in a passage from the bible “all things are possible to those who believe…”

Dedicated to us, giving us advices in the studio, helping us get better... recording with us, giving us ideas, tips whether it was on interviewing stages, How was it like working with Usher? Real good situation and opportunity It was our major learning experience… with Usher… Usher the artist gave us the jump start, the encouragement, you have to realize when we first and the fuel to keep growing and get started working with Usher. We were very young in the game… It was amaz- off our feet. He was like a big brother, like a mentor… ing! He was very hands on with us..

The Sky’s the Limit so ten years from now, We will be on top...” started working with him on several different projects as well as our own.. “Sexing on you”... what’s the concept behind this new single? It’s another situation where we want to show women appreciation, that we really love them.. its not so much about sex but much more than that… more about loving them for what they are… the way they feel, their touch… its something men can’t live without! we wanted to express that..

What would be the best experience that you have had so far as a group? I would say that the actual experience of being on stage, in front of thousands of people singing along with your music… what comes to mind is our performance in Madison square garden, especially going back home to your own city.. and actually performing for your own family and friends, hearing your records on the radio on the clubs… over all that’s the best feeling…although we have so much more to go through yet, so many more moments that we haven’t lived yet… so to date, we can say that’s number one right now… the best feeling from being an artist…

How did you hook up with T-Pain? When it was time to move on from our previous situation with our label. We actually happened to get invited to a party at T-Pain’s house, whom we had actually worked with on two records in LA while working with Usher! We all became cool since then… We hadn’t seen T-Pain since that time but caught up with him while at the party and we talked about what we had been doing in music and next moves etc. Who we were working with… we let him know we were not signed to anybody that if he was interested, we would definitely consider it… about a month later we signed up with him! It Happened really fast. We moved to Miami and

What is the meaning behind the mix tape “Aint No Room for Talking”? How do you think the public perceived it? The meaning is basically self explanatory… were just about actions speak louder than words.. We are not about talking. We’re about showing… whether it’s singing, dancing, there’s just no room for talking about it just ‘Be’ about it… We sing for the ladies and so we’re basically gentlemen, letting the ladies know that we’re doing what we say we’re gonna do… This work is long overdue so it’s been perceived with excitement! It’s been waited for… new material from us…so when they got it, the people got excited about it… they embracing It…I think they want more… they’re ready for a new one already! Think they want to hear more!

Read the Part 2





ld r o w e h er t v o e k d a t n a o t e t m n na d l o we wa h e s ss hou o r a c e a B e ! r ltu first u c n i a ” ! m y e a c w n e e tiv i s influ o p a d in l r o w e th

What’s the concept behind the first single from JADA entitled Americn Cowboy? It’s kind of a funny story...we didn’t actually write that song. Akon and Red1 wrote that song! We just got a copy of it from the label with Akon singing the demo vocal on it.. We heard the song… and we said ‘is that Akon?’ It was so funny he was singing like ‘I know you know I’m sexy’ we thought it was funny! But seriously, we heard the song and we thought it was wow…this song is a hit! It’s so catchy! We can totally make this ours… The actual concept behind is “that dude…” not to get tripped up about the word ‘cowboy’ but really what it means is ‘that dude’, the American cowboy is that dude who takes care of stuff and he gets it done… Everyone’s cowboy can be different! You can have your own kind of cowboy an Italian cowboy, whatever! It’s more than that! We had been wanting to work with Red1 for a while and he had been wanting to get on the project with us… We kept crossing paths but never actually getting into the studio together. .. So when we got permission to work on the song, we were like yes! Yes! Yes!!! We can’t wait to work with him! And we did two songs with him and he was so much fun to record with! He was so energetic! We’d be in the booth and he from a room… You could hear him go “that’s it! That’s what I need!! Yes! Yes! That’s exactly the energy I’m looking for!”…Just yelling with enthusiasm… he was very motivating! It was fun to record an up tempo like that with him and an “American Cowboy” is just that! an up, sassy girl song about ‘that dude’ like ‘that guy’ A celebration of the real ‘all American guy’ It was just great with Red1 because at the time he was working with Lady Gaga and he had just done “Poker Face” … and we were like OMG he just did Lady Gaga’s huge single, we just got a sneak peak at it and now we’re in the booth together singing a couple of


weeks later!!! Super cool! And it was also cool to see him grow up like that cus we had known him for years, crossing paths now and then that whole time… and then watched him go with Lady Gaga and then… blew up! So it was real nice for us to see him get successful like that… How was it working with Akon? What did he bring to you as artists? Akon is a sweetheart!!! He is so friendly and so chill! You have famous guys who are singers and actors and you just assume that they’re going to be like agggh, gross… but he wasn’t!!! He was so respectful and so much fun and really nice… and kept on such a beautiful smile! When he smiles it’s just like looking at a lil kid smiling... so sweet… It was cool! We also made up a handshake with him…we performed at Boston Kiss108 big kiss concert that they had every summer at this huge arena at the Comcast center in Mansfield MA and Akon was performing with us and before we went on, we were back stage with him just talking n chilling and we were like.. Akon we need a handshake so we made this really cool secret handshake, the “jadakon handshake”! The Jadakon! We do it before every show… It’s really cool… It’s a backstage before the show handshake…the ‘JADAKON’ handshake! As a group, he brought us a great song! A hit song! It was our first single so to have a name like Akon on our project it was like great ‘cause he’s huge and he writes us this great song and it’s our first hit single… that really helped us lift off our project! So far what has been your best musical experience? It may be different for all four of us but, what mostly comes up most of the time when we do think is when we performed the National Anthem at HBO’s boxing at Madison Square Garden it was Puerto Rico

vs. Guiana the whole entire Garden was jammed with people, it was packed...It was sooo loud everyone was roaring for the boxing match! When we stepped on to the boxing ring… (Wearing heels mind you! lol) and we just started to sing and then, the whole entire audience just went quiet… there was silence…. and then the whole entire crowd started cheering! This was a lifelong goal for all of us! We had all said that at one point in life we would perform at the Madison Square Garden… it was an amazing experience! It was our first time there and I remember I felt my heart lift, and I felt like I was flying!!!!! It was the coolest feeling ever!

In ten years JADA will be a household name! Maybe will have our own store or a big platinum… but we will still touring! JADA will always be touing...”

How does the public welcome the new music video “The Party’s on Fire”? So far we feel the response has been awesome! We already got like six thousand hits on YouTube which is amazing cause’ the video had only been out for like week! And we’re very excited about it since we put a lot a work into making it. We really feel it really reflects us… our fun loving spirit, our energy and our friendship! It was really great to put it together we wrote the whole thing ourselves! We put it all together ourselves from the producer Rio to scripting, the treatment for the video, everything! We’re real proud of it! It’s a fun product! Very proud of it! How has JADA’s music evolved since their beginning? Over the past decade there have been a lot of changes in music in general from the later nineties and beginning 2000, there was this very like candy bubble gum pop kind of sound. Then for a little while the hip hop scene took over to this now jam oriented oriented…and it’s been great seeing it change through the times… the thing about JADA that remains the same is that there are 4 lead vocalists, the melodies and harmonies and songs are soulful, everyone gets to sing, there’s lots of harmonies left with lots of emphasis on real singing, but we have been able to change with the music! If you listen back to some of our songs in time, five years

then! yet other songs are just timeless! But that’s really cool! Like now we’re working on some up tempo dance tracks and we’re going to do another really ‘gut wrenching’ ballad probably very soon too. So we change with the times, but we also like to create things new and set the tone ourselves! We were doing dance tracks before it really started getting hot in the industry so it really has been fun for us to watch it happen… What’s coming up for the end of the year? The next album? We are recording music right now. We actually have about three songs that are pretty much really finished. We did two of them with a very famous DJ Joe Bermudez. He’s very well known worldwide, just super famous… He’s on tour right now with David Guetta in South Africa; He’s remixed a ton of Britney Spears songs! He’s just done so great and now working with us… We’re very excited about it! We’re excited about these new tracks coming up! We also have a bunch of Christmas songs we do every year and that’s like a tradition for us here in the city of Boston where we do a big Christmas tree ceremony coming up in November. So we will be busy with that! There’s like six thousand people there totally mobbed but everybody’s singing Christmas carols… lol… it’s just festive fun! We do this every year so they’re expecting us

and they sing along with us… we get so much from that! Just looking out at the crowd and you see 6 thousand people waving their hands in the air... How do you imagine JADA ten years from now in the music industry? Worldwide domination!!! (Lol) I think in ten years music is going to be a whole lot different.. we’re going to try to head this new thing with music where ..or better yet we’re going to bring back, because is not brand new… bring back the concept of real singing an getting artists back to the map and not just everything being about cool productions and over processed vocals. We want to bring singing back so I think in ten years JADA will be a household name! Maybe will have our own store or a big platinum… but we will still touring! JADA will always be touing… Maybe a Vegas show, a shoe line, our jewelry line, or our own restaurant… lots of things in our future! We have so many ideas… too many things we want to do, the possibilities are endless! Some want to do Broadway and all kinds of stuff… But we want to take over the world first! Be a household name and make an impact in every person and influence main culture across the world in a positive way!



When did you start modeling? I started to model Oct. 2010 Are you a full-time model? I am a Part time model. I’m actually a full time teacher at a daycare. I work with infants. It’s a great job and I enjoy what I do. If you could work with anyone in the modeling industry, who would it be & why? If I could work with anyone in the modeling industry, it would be Kim Kardashian. Aside from all the drama and fame, she has accomplished a lot in her career

and I wish to follow in her footsteps. What is your definition of « BEAUTY »? My definition of “beauty” is a persons’ natural attractiveness. What is the most exciting modeling experience you have lived so far? The most exciting modeling experience I have lived so far is being featured in magazines around different states. For example: I was featured in magazines from boston, to miami, to north carolina & atlanta as well as being shown off over the internet like blog and entertainment industry sites. I gain more

confidence knowing that many people from overall networking are seeing my work as we benefit from both sides. What are your goals as a model? My goals as a model is to get farther in my career and become successful in what I do. I love doing photo shoots and having the opportunity to work with many people in the industry today. It is a fun hobby of mine that I’m currently taking to the next level. I wish to further my career in Fashion and someday own a boutique. As a woman, continue to carry myself in the mature manner that I am.

What advices you got for women who want to get in the industry? My advice that I got for women who want to get in the industry is to never give up and to keep going at what you want to do. If you believe in it, you can do it.

Booking contact DMAJUR@GMAIL.COM

38 38

What is your definition of “Fashion”? How would you describe what fashion is today? Fashion is not only what you see on a person but it’s the passion and drive you have for fashion. I would describe fashion today as being expressive, artistic and freer. Fashionistas and fashionistos are able to create a wardrobe that best suits their mood, personality and occasion. Fashion is Art and Art is Fashion. Who would you like to style in the fashion/entertainment industry? I am having a difficult time choosing one model or artist because I would LOVE to style them all. But, if I had to choose one and I am actually listening to her song right now! It would be strong-minded, edgy, and

and super cool Rihanna. I have always been a fan of her music, personality and STYLE. An individual that demonstrate what fashion is all about… fearless fashion. What can readers expect to find on my blog/website? What separate your blog/ website from others? Readers can find different aspects of fashion on Jewelry designers, upcoming designs from designers, photoshoots from, fashion insiders’ upcoming events and so much more.I created a website that represents style, unity and inspiration. is about collaborating with other Fashion Bloggers, Publicists, Designers, Editors-in-Chiefs, Stylists, Buyers and

the list goes on about their view of fashion on daily, weekly, monthly or annually basis. What do the fans need to absolutely not miss with the next collection(s)? Let the countdown begin. On November 17th, Versace for H&M will be in stores for all fashionistas and fashionistos to purchase. A little over 100 bright abstract and animal print pieces are garments you do not want to miss. Very powerful., the web, and fashion insiders are my sources for viewing upcoming collections. If you are not in tuned to the fashion world ask local designers and send an email to a professional in the field. You may receive an email back.


Mr Dreamz magazine ONE CHANCE part 1  

NOV- DEC issue feat ONE CHANCE part 1

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