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Interviewed by French Vouvou with Stayc Johnson

THE MOST HIGH BRAND “My skills came from imitating and paying close attention to how my dad was spitting his flows” Living in Atlanta, GA... Is it a blessing for an hip hop artist like you? LOVE. THIS. CITY! I think that pretty much sums up my description and feelings towards the city. Just love the energy & just love Atlanta in general. Known as the Hip Hop Mecca, is it harder to shine with the competition? In Atlanta it’s extremely hard to shine through the competition here, especially when most of the city caters to this one lane. From my experience when you got something different that the city isn’t on, it tends to get put off to the side because it’s not a familiar sound and you’ll have to find a different way to present your style and your movement to this audience. I have a few friends (artists) who found it better to actually leave the city and go travel and build the buzz that way and let the word come back to the city about what they have going on. It worked and was executed perfectly by those guys. I started to do it with my first tour, but got cut short due to some family troubles at that moment. Now I’m just gearing up to get out there again and do it bigger than I’ve done it before How did you fell in love with music? I grew up with a father who was a rapper & owned his own independent record label. So coming up I was around and seen how he moved and did everything. Just seeing him maneuver his way through putting out two great albums with his groups, it grew on me. My skills came from imitating and paying close attention to how my dad was spitting his flows. My older cousins, my brothers and myself would ride all around Fort Worth, TX (where I’m from) with my pops or my uncle and they would play so many different artists and it was something about riding around packed in those old busted cars listening to screw tapes or, Outkast albums or NWA that just made me feel more at peace in life. The music made me feel good and made me happy to the point I wanted to give it a shot myself. 8


Recently, you released your “FO” EP. Can you tell us more about this project? I’m a country dude! Country folks are known to pronounce words different than the actual saying. In this sense Fo’ was just slang for the number four, backing the fact the project only contained four tracks. The title of my next album is, What U In It Fo’. I made this EP to give fans and potential fans some fresh music before the album cause it’s been a year since I released new material. It was supposed to actually be my second album entitled, ‘Gifted’ but due to some agreements that couldn’t be reached, I ended up stripping the project and creating this and letting it be something to give to the people leading into the next album. Who is the team behind your movement? What’s ‘Most High Brand’? The Most High Brand is our music, photography & film collective. Really our own independent label that we’re completely running ourselves on a DIY approach. Behind the movement, you have 5 artists (Stayc Johnson, JuddaCal, ¢am, Stoney Soul & SuzyDaKidd), our management team, South Raw Entertainment & a few in house producers. Read the full interview on Follow them on Twitter @mosthighbrand

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