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Kennedy Summers Interviewed by Winnie MC

“Women go to college all the time, but people are only surprised when a beautiful woman does it. I don’t understand the logic!” How has your life been since the announcement of being named the new Playmate Of The Year for Playboy? Things got crazy for awhile! I was never in town, but now I think I’ve found a more normal balance. Is being a Playmate of the Year a 24/7 job? I’m constantly on the go! I don’t know when my last day off might have been. I finally just got two phones so I can separate work from the rest of my life. It’s nice to be able to leave the emails at home, once in awhile. How and when did you start modeling? My parents put me into a finishing school and the woman who taught the etiquette classes also owned a modeling agency. I had never thought of being a model, but I was pretty tall, even at fourteen. A beautiful woman with a brain! Let’s break the cliché! You are a 3rd year med student. Are people surprised to learn you are also brillant student? Thank you! I feel like people are definitely surprised, which surprises me. I think it’s honestly a little sexist for people to assume I should be 6


unintelligent because of what I look like. I’m not sure from where that stereotype evolved, but I hope that beautiful women everywhere can stand up against it. Women go to college all the time, but people are only surprised when a beautiful woman does it. I don’t understand the logic! Is it hard to handle both studies and your modeling career? It can be tough, so it’s a good thing that I like a challenge. Modeling is fun, though, and I enjoy studying a lot. I get a rush from doing both, which I think helps me stay motivated and focused. You are probably getting tons of attention from guys everywhere... Is that something you’re comfortable with? I do get some attention from guys, but I don’t use it to validate myself. I think that perspective is the key to dealing with tricky situations. I think of everyone as potential friend, not a suitor. I’m not currently looking to date anyone. What do you like to do in your spare time? I love hiking, working out, playing with my dog, and going out to eat with friends. I’m ad-

dicted to Crossroads Kitchen and I drag them there probably twice a week! What are some of your upcoming projects you are working on? I’m studying for my USMLE Step 1; building PlayOne Fitness, which is my new fitness company that gives you customized workout videos in your own home; and I’m still going strong with Playboy and modeling! Where do you see yourself in ten years from now? In ten years, I want to be running my companies from a remote island in Southeast Asia. I want to be hanging out with my dog and be completely disconnected from technology!

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