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“Though characters I learned so much about compassion. Everything I judged about others/or a character was in me. If I judged a character then I was dead in the water” As an actress, what are your motivations & goals? I’m an emotional athlete and a storyteller. I have always been intrigued in the studies of human behavior. I’m fascinated with WHY we do what we do. Anyone is capable of anything given certain circumstances. Though characters I learned so much about compassion. Everything I judged about others/or a character was in me. If I judged a character then I was dead in the water…boring, predictable and far removed. When I found history, reason, and drive to actions I loathed, magnified it in myself HONESTLY, ( it can be an ugly process) I found ownership, understanding, empathy, power and LOVE. I felt universally connected. And isn’t that everyone’s motivation? To feel connected? We just find different forms of doing it. One goal would be to write influential material. I’m taking courses at UCLA and working towards creating my own content. I’d like to produce more, joining forces with other like-minded creators that want to output meaningful content. When you were younger, how did you know you would become an actress? I was 10 years old. My older sisters Sonia and Jenny performed in Portuguese plays and I remembered thinking “I want to do that!” so a few years later I did my first play in Toronto. My older sister Sonia helped me get a commercial agent and drove me around to auditions, meetings etc., but she was attending collage at the time so it was short lived until I was able to drive myself. Which actors/actresses really influence you? Ellen Page inspires me. Not only is she a talented actor but also she is a creator, producing important content. She is a mover and shaker who not only inspires but influences people. Jim Carrey inspires me. I remember walking into Second City classes in Toronto for years and passing by his picture. He inspired me to be brave in my work. Tatiana Maslany. I love watching her work in orphan black. We have the same agent and used to attend the same class in Toronto. There are some people that light a fire in you when you see them work. She is one of those people.

Can you tell us about your new movie BADSVILLE? What’s the story? The movie is about a violent greaser gang that is ripped apart when their leader finds love (Me: SUZY ) and is determined to leave Badsville a town where love doesn’t exist. I was going though a lot in my personal life and Suzy was going though a similar lesson. (this happens ALOT in my art vs my work) It was a deep connection. I ran into April Mullen at an event in Hollywood we got chatting and she sent me the script that night. The next day I met the team and we went to camera two days later. I’m so proud of April, she was just honored at TIFF this year at the Bricks Women in Film.The majority of the Badsville cast were all around the same age (the greaser gang) so we hung out a lot and became fast friends; Its like being at summer camp. You also produced your own short film called “Verona”... What was the feedback? Verona taught me about the whole process from beginning to end. It taught me how to create a film and how much work and long hours are involved. It is not for the faint hearted. It actually taught to me a better actor! Verona is about two young lovers separated by their rival fraternities. It shined a light on gay men who are athletes.I think the film was received well. Was it easier or harder to be behind the camera? I think they both have their challenges and one isn’t any harder or easier than the other. I love producing because I have an A-type personality and love problem solving. Everyone in my life knows I don’t play well with those who do the victim thing. They know not to come to me with a problem without having several solutions and taking it out. Producing is consistent problem solving and I’m always up for the challenge. From my experience NOTHING ever goes as planned. Being malleable and rolling with the punches is so important. Not throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old. This goes for both sides of the camera! … and life really.

Traveler, explorer, yoga lover... What did your travels in Asia bring to you as a human being? Hahahahaha I absolutely am an explorer. I LOVE traveling. I have always been fascinated by well traveled people. They just have an air to them. I traveled alone for 6 months to Thai Land, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I had just gone through training so I was definitely learning a lot from teachers like Piseth Lun. I worked with several NGOs in Phnom Pen through NataRaj Yoga in Cambodia. They took us to a lot of places to teach. The location that sticks out and I went to most often was this massive crumbling white building. It used to be a place of modern living and now the residence are a mix of prostitutes, heroin addicts, nuns, children, business owners, and several girls I met around my age who were teacher assistants at the school. The children were just happy to see us. They listened, laughed and danced with me through poses and then laid in savasanai quietly at the end. Getting to know Monk Yorn Chea in Siem Reap who runs a school that provides free education, sport materials, school uniforms and bicycles to poor, vulnerable and disabled kids was the most eye opening experience. On my last day before journeying to Thailand we sat in the evening light and talked for hours at the beautiful “River Garden” with another woman named Stacy Sims and he then put a red string around my wrist and blessed me. I’m humbled by the experiences. What is the role you dream to get? I have been so lucky to play some great characters from a high-powered snobby vindictive sorority girl to a heroin addict. I would love to play a PI considering it was one of the first things I wanted to be before acting! I love fast witty dialog like Scandal, the Intensity of Homeland, and the grit of Power. A dream role is playing something like a CIA agent. That’s the next move!

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