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FRESH MEMORIES 2016 Canadian Krush 2016

VOYCE* 2016 FRESH edition x Interview by Winnie McC

How have you been since your last feature in Mr Dreamz magazine? I’ve been doing well, busy but I’m not complaining… much. I’d like to take this opportunity though to thank you for all the support you gave me in 2015 and continue to give even now, thanks to you I continue to reach new heights and I am eternally grateful for that. With the industry as it is today, contrary to belief, it is increasingly harder to truly be seen and you’ve given me outlets to let my music be discovered and that was a big focus for me last year.



“When I first met Sookz I was instantly drawn to his emotionally driven instrumentals. He has a way of telling stories without using words and that evoked something in me”


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The last quarter of 2015 was very hectic for you! You finally released 2 albums which include more than 60 tracks. What an incredible production! Can you explain this choice? On October 20th and December 15th of last year, I released ‘Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons’ and ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle’ respectively. I won’t lie to you, the months leading up to those releases were filled with both anticipation and fear. Anticipation because those were moments 5yrs in the making. Fear because after all this time I was putting myself out there, giving the world access to my mind and that is a scary thing, especially when you compound the fact that both projects would host 60 tracks, and would release so close to one another. I’ll be honest, when I first started working on AiaC back in 2010, I had no idea where that road would take me, but as I started edging on the end of 2015 it became clear to me that I was telling the autobiography of my life since 2010. HiPS in contrast is a project I started working on in 2013, and unlike its predecessor which is self-produced, it is produced by the very talented Sookz. I’ve said this a thousand times but I’ll say it again because it needs to be said: when I first met Sookz I was instantly drawn to his emotionally driven instrumentals. He has a way of telling stories without using words and that evoked something in me. Like AiaC, when we embarked on this journey we really didn’t know where we were going, we just knew it was a road we needed to be

on. It soon become clear that HiPS told the story of Voyce* whereas AiaC told the story of Stephen (my real name). They are 2 sides to the same story, 2 perspectives of a split mind. How did you build the bridge between the two projects? I just realized that I answered part of this question in my previous response, so I’ll just build on what I said. Warning: what I say after this will undoubtedly make me sound crazy… You’ve been warned. In making AiaC, Voyce* was telling Stephen’s story, a story of pain, loss and sometimes hope. In doing so it began to burden Voyce* who was acting as the messenger. HiPS allowed Voyce* to release his own frustrations. Having Sookz drive that project allowed Voyce* to focus on himself and tell his own story, the story of a man being thrown into the spotlight. It is that split personality that bridges both worlds, where the only separation is a paper thin mirror. Like I said… crazy. Let’s focus now on Hidden In The Plain Sight: King Of The Sand Castle. For each title, give us just one word that reflects the song and tell us the story behind it, how did you create/Write it and why? Sure thing, but before I do I just want reiterate that HiPS, unlike AiaC which was self-produced, was produced by Sookz. In working on AiaC I not only penned the words but also created the instrumentals. However in working on HiPS, Sookz took on the mantle of producer, letting me focus on the lyrics and its melodies while he created the music that drives it. So in many ways the songs in HiPS tell two stories... Read the full interview on

Fresh magazine Self Xplanatory 2016  

Mr Dreamz magazine FRESH Edition featuring Self Xplanatory, The Most High Brand, Kennedy Summers, Tamara Duarte, Hillary Hickam, Voyce, Neva...

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