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“Lyricism is the driving force behind all of it and that is what truly decides if the song is a hit or miss.” - @selfxplanatory9 Our team was lucky enough to get a preview of your upcoming singles. We particularly loved a song called “One day at a time”. Will it be your first lead single? No, “One day at a Time” will actually be the 2nd single from the album. “Almost Famous” will be the first single and video. “One day at a time” speaks to my soul so much because it’s a song that everyone, young and old, can relate to which entails dealing with life in every aspect and transforming what is seemingly negative to something positive or much greater. From sh*t to sugar like when Andy crawled through that tunnel of sh*t and came out clean on the other end in that shawshank redemption movie. That song generates that feeling like Biggie said from ashy to classy. Feel me. Do you have any features on your album. How do you pick artists you work with? I have a few features on the album but nothing excessive. I hate albums full of nothing but features. I have artists that are favorites of mine that when I hear certain sounds or music I know their style and voice would fit something perfect so I reach out to them. I’m always trying to figure out how to do a song differently so if I need a certain sound I reach out to other artists even if I

don’t know them and make the magic happen. I used to make exceptions with artists but I don’t anymore so if you’re not on my same skill level then you’ll never be on my album. point blank period. every song has to be dope. no fillers. How important is lyricism to you? Lyricism is the key. no matter the style or the genre! Lyricism is the driving force behind all of it and that is what truly decides if the song is a hit or miss. Even for the simple A,B,C songs folks do, there is a science behind song writing. Have you ever dealt with the battle circuit as an MC? Yeah I have because I used to be part of a group called Raw Uncut which consisted of myself and 2 other MCs and they were battle artists.I had to step my game up in that field to keep up with them, which taught me alot. Shout out to Mickey Knots. But all in all, it’s never been my foretay but if i ever had to have it out with a rap battle on record then I’d eat whoever it is alive. I’m dope at what I do so don’t test me.

are doing, you can build your own empire and brand yourself properly as a commodity. the worst is how listeners treat you as a new artist by having deaf ears and not trying to give you the time a day. That is of course until they hear somebody else talk about you or bump your music then they wanna jump on the band wagon cuz folks are followers! What is your most memorable moment in music past or present? Most memorable in the past was my album release party back in 2010 and the first day i wrote my first rhyme back in 1994 and in the present it’s just everyting. this interview with you Dream is memorable. Told you I was coming. lol

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What’s the best and worst part about being unsigned? Being unsigned is great because of no attachments or strings. If you know what you FRESH MAGAZINE 2016


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Mr Dreamz magazine FRESH Edition featuring Self Xplanatory, The Most High Brand, Kennedy Summers, Tamara Duarte, Hillary Hickam, Voyce, Neva...

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