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Hillary Hickam interviewed by Mrs Ledoux How many pets do you have? 2 dogs! A 4 pound maltese and a 1-year-old year old shih tzu. As an actress, what was your first role? I played Mother Nature in our school play back in second grade! I was very focused on theatre until high school when I expanded into television and film. Can you introduce our audience to your upcoming horror film called “TiF” and your role within it? I play a reality television star who has made her fame by “curing” other people’s phobias. I travel with a team of beautiful women to an agoraphobe’s home for a routine “curing” show and everything goes downhill from there and SPOILER ALERT!!! ... I’ll leave it there! Was it more stressful to play a role in an horror movie? Surprisingly, yes it was. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional toll the role would take even though physically and intellectually I was ready. Thankfully my cast and crew was incredible and we really bonded and leaned on each other throughout the shoot. As tiring as it was I didn’t want it to end because the other people on the film made it so much fun!

Before you started acting, you were a veterinarian. Why and when did you make this big change? I have actually been acting since I was five years old. I took a break from acting when there was a lot of upheaval in my life and the writers strike hit! I decided to go to vet school but never entirely left the entertainment industry. Even as a vet I made television appearances and worked in commercials. Then I was approached to make a pilot about my life as the Hollywood Vet and it just kind of became this natural progression back to acting! You are known for your collaboration with Paris Hilton as a vet! How was it working for her and other big stars? She was such a delight! I made house calls for her and she had a fun collection of pets at the time. It could often be quite the adventure from hunting for escaped sugar gliders to chasing her pot belly pig around the pool to try and get sunscreen on her! She also has the most adorable cuddly dogs so that was a treat. I had a large number of celebrity clients and honestly they were by far easier to work with than some of the non-celebrity ones! 16


How did you fall in love with animals? Did you grow up with pets around you? Do you remember the name of your first pet? I was born into a house with two dogs. Throughout my childhood I had toads, cats, gerbils, fish, another dog, and a rat. My best friend who lived across the alley had a bunch of cats and they were always having kittens so I spent a lot of time playing with kittens! The name of my first dog was Alexander Hamilton (We called him Zander). Are you still involved in animal welfare organizations? Oh yes, quite a number both domestically and internationally. Here in Los Angeles I work with at least 8 different rescues, and the CatNippers feral cat program. I began working with shelters back in high school and continue to do so today. I have worked with the Marine Mammal Center and Wounded Warriors. Internationally I work with MAWS in Botswana and Worldwide Veterinary Services. I have been volunteering as a veterinarian overseas for many years which I believe makes a huge difference in the current and future welfare of the animals in those countries.

Where do you see yourself in three years from now, now that you are living in Hollywood, California full-time? If Elon Musk gets his act together, I’ll be flying to a distant planet (First actress /veterinarian in space!), but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be happy working in television and film in NY and here in LA. And of course taking care of the two cutest dogs in the world!

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