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Kellett Tell It Autumn 2 011

Meet Mrs. Laufer by Christina Leung & Victoria Perronet-Miller Did you hear? Kellett will soon be opening a new school in Kowloon Bay and the new Head of Campus will be Mrs. Laufer – if you aren’t sure who she is yet, we met her to find out all the information for you! First, we wanted to know why she decided to be a teacher? As a child she used to spend her holidays helping her Mum, who was the school librarian, to sort out all the books. She said she had great fun and this inspired her to be a teacher. She has taught all around the world, first in Australia, then Canada,

Helping Others this Christmas by Harriette Edmonds

the UK and the USA. Now she is having fun with all of us here at Kellett.

It is almost Christmas time, what will you do

educational movie about different things to

during the holidays—maybe you might go to a

help them live safe lives in the camps and then

movie? Most of us have watched dozens of

they watch a great entertainment movie.

films, what is your favourite? I love Johnny

might be a cartoon or a fun children’s movie

English Reborn because it shows you can turn

and everyone loves it!

a story about a serious job into a hilarious

The amazing thing is the information movies


about health and education are actually made

I like going to movies with my friends because

by the refugees themselves. The FilmAid team

it’s a great way to relax and have fun, I bet

help them to learn how to use the cameras

most of you feel the same way! Well, can you

and to act and then to edit the movie.

imagine a life where you never saw a movie,


not on TV or in a cinema? Imagine if you lived

themselves and their neighbours in the films.

in a place where there was nothing fun to do,

I talked to Indya Steains because her Mum is

no playgrounds, no computers, no toys ...this

the Treasurer of FilmAid Asia and her Dad is

is how many children in refugee camps around


Asia live, but an amazing program called


FilmAid Asia is trying to help and it was set up

fantastic charity. I asked Indya why she liked

and is run by people including Kellett parents!

FilmAid and quickly she replied, 'I like it

So you will be wondering, what exactly is Film

because it teaches people how to take care of

Aid? FilmAid is a program where an enormous

themselves and to live a better life.”

van goes to different refugee camps and it has

You can help out by visiting the FilmAid Asia

a huge TV screen on it. When the van gets to

website and then even

This paper was put together by Lottie Rosgen, Harriette Edmonds, Pia Winstanley, Victoria

its destination it stops and the people in the

more children can enjoy the movies that we

Perronet-Miller, Christina Leung, Anoushka Prentice, Sophie McLean, Jemima Abate, James

camp come and watch a movie. The type of

get to see everyday!

Johnson, Julia Murray, Ben Stoneley and Isabella Abelman

movies that the villagers watch are firstly, an Page 1

Mrs. Laufer actually lived in Hong Kong five years ago and is very excited now she is back, teaching at our school. “ I like Hong Kong very much” she explained, “Hong Kong has a little bit of everything, I like that I can go to the beach, explore the city and hike everywhere”. She is having fun getting to know Kellett and the School a bit more until the new school is built She thinks the children at Kellett have lots of different qualities and there are so many things we can do – maybe some of us will be principals too! u We would like to thank Mr. Dawes for letting us use the ICT room each week. A big thank you also to Mrs. Bull for all her help and patience! As always any ideas or suggestions



welcome. So please do contact Karen Pittar on

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Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011






Corso’s Mum


with they


Oliver set



It is see

and this

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

STOMPING Around by Victoria Perronet-Miller & Christina Leung Next time you throw your rubbish away stop

and bins and that’s what got them going—

and think how you can reuse it—you could

amazing! The cast members this year are from

even make music with it! That is what the

all around the world including the USA,

musical extravaganza Stomp does, they create

Australia, Denmark and more and they all

music from every day things like bins, pans, pipes and balls. They call Stomp 2011 fresher, faster, funnier and we were lucky enough to go and watch the

Holiday Fun in Hong Kong by Ben Stoneley Hello Kellett, good news, it’s almost the


Christmas holidays—hooray!

So what are

the new Toy Story Land. Go along and you

you going to do with all your spare time?

can meet all the characters including a large

Well, if you are looking for something

Woody, Rex, the green soldiers, Jessie and

worked together to write music and combine



much more! The new land has been really

this with some of the dance moves from

adventures to have right here in Hong

well decorated and the area even has long

previous shows to make the new show a real


bamboo that acts as huge blades of grass—

Do you like Disneyland or perhaps you

you really will think you are in Andy’s back

prefer Ocean Park?

Both are offering new

garden. There are also huge wooden blocks






Just opened in November is

show at their press conference and even meet

Did they have any trouble learning the

rides to thrill and entertain you! Last year

with the ABCs on them and a giant slinky

the cast, who were full of energy and so

complicated dance moves? They told us they

Kellett Tell It reported on Ocean Park and

dog ride you can take. There are also crazy


did have their times falling over, or getting hit

met the CEO Tom Mehrmann— he told us

rollercoasters like the RC races where you

about the new rides and lands that were

ride in Andy’s remote control car up and

opening at the Park and guess what? Most

down a U shaped track, or drop from really

will be running in time for the holidays.

high on the new parachute ride —you can

just fell into place—it was a great show. Minali

Thrill Mountain opens on December 9th, so

even join in with a toy soldier boot camp

who is from California told us “music is like a

get ready!

where you have to do exercises with the

heart beat, everyone has music in them and

colourful and energetic carnival theme with

green toy soldiers.

that is something you should think about if you

five exciting rides. If you like rollercoasters


the Hair Raiser has five loop-de-loops that

remember to be nice to the toys!

on the head by a rubbish bin or just messing up, but when it came to show time everything

want to follow your dreams to be in something like STOMP.” And obviously the cast loves We found out it took them six weeks to learn all the dance moves to perfect the show, but to

what they do, even if it is lots of work, as some have been in the show for 10 years!

The Mountain will have a


If you want to find out






you will whiz around at high speed. There will also be dodgem cars at the Bumper Blaster,

or you can try flying the on the

Whirly Bird. Already opened at the Park is The Flash, where you swing up and down

make it even more exciting they added in some

on a huge pendulum—be careful you don't

extra steps and it took a couple of months to

take too many rides or you might feel sick!

get the act just right. Some of the cast played

If you want to do something a bit quieter

the drums, some were dancers and some

you can also see the recently opened

Both the Parks also have great Christmas

played instruments like the piano or violin.

rainforest area where you can take a gentle

displays. At Disneyland you can watch a

ride on a boat through a rainforest. Be

Christmas parade or walk down a Festive

careful though, you might get wet!

Mainstreet. At Ocean Park there will be lots

and they just got their drumsticks and started

If you want even more excitement then you

of tinsel and lights too that you can see

banging and hitting the walls and park benches


from all those thrilling rides. Enjoy!

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STOMP started with buskers and street acts

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011








Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

How does your School Council Work? by Lottie Rosgen

Playing with Elephants by Anoushka Prentice

Did you know that at Kellett Tell It if you

representing your class on the council.

are interested in a topic then you can write

“Helping the school become a better place ”

What sports do your parents play? Maybe

you score the goals.

about it? Well, I had something I felt

said Jemima, and Julia’s tip for being an

they like rugby or tennis or maybe they even

attacker, midfield and defence. At half time

strongly about and you are going to read

active member of the council was: “don’t

run in marathons or triathalons. My parents

the teams swap elephants with the opposing

about it in this article. I am finding out

be scared to speak out in front of other

do something a bit unusual—they play polo

team so that the match is fair (some

how our student council works and most

children, you have to say what you think.”

but not on horses, on elephants! Have you

elephants are much better at polo than

importantly why girls are not allowed to

After talking with Chairman Taylor Dees

ever heard of the game? Do you want to find

others!). There is a mahout who sits behind

wear shorts at Kellett.

and the rest of the SC about girls and

out more about it...well read on!

the elephant’s neck and steers the elephant

I don’t like wearing skorts because I am a

shorts I went to see Mrs.Laufer and Mr.

while the player sits on the elephants back

tomboy. I like to run in the playground

Harrington to discuss my views. Mr.

and hits the ball. Ladies are able to play with

and climb. I don’t wear pink ever and I

Harrington told me that recently they

two hands but men are only able to play with

would love to wear shorts every day! And I

reviewed the uniform and agreed to keep it

one hand. This is because the polo sticks can

know there are other girls who feel the

the way it was because there is a fair

be as long as 100 inches, depending on the


balance between girls who like the skorts

size of the elephant, so they can be very

and girls who don’t. Also, the skort is a


above year 3 wears them because you

compromise as it is a skirt with shorts

Sam Prentice (my mum) used to work in

can’t run in them and when you sit down

hidden underneath!

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge where the world

you have to make sure your skirt is long

I still wish I could wear shorts but I will

Elephant polo was originally played by the

elephant polo championship is hosted and

enough, or else...

have to make do with my skort. At least

Maharajas of India. In 1982 it was revived at

this is how she started playing. “I enjoyed

The skorts are designed for winter but

though I have people at school who I could

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in the Chitwan

watching the international players and I was

many girls wear them all year and in the

take my questions to and they all listened

National Park, Nepal and has since been

desperate to have a go myself as I loved

summer we girls are boiling hot.

and tried to help. Being part of the school

played regularly in Thailand and occasionally

elephants so much. Then one day I was

So I went to the school council to find out if

council is really a good thing, so why not

in India and Sri Lanka. In the first year of

offered to play. It was lots of fun. I have now

they could help and I also discovered that

give it a go next year—you will enjoy it!

elephant polo in Nepal it was played with a

been playing elephant polo for over 20 years

being on the SC is a very serious job. They

leather football, but that ended quite soon

and I am captain of the ladies team.“ She is

meet every two weeks and talk through

because the elephants were always treading

now said to be the best lady elephant polo

any ideas or problems that students have.

on it and bursting them so now they play

player! Go Mum!

They help to organise events like dress

with regular wooden polo balls. However, this

casual days and raise money for charity,

sometimes gets stuck in soft ground when an

they talk about playground equipment and

elephant treads on it and sometimes it even

how we can use it safely and they even

gets stuck in elephant dung!

introduced the friendship benches. I asked

Elephant polo in Nepal is played with four

former members Julia Murray and Jemima

aside and in Thailand three aside. There can

Abate what they thought was great about

only be two elephants from the same team in

We do have summer dresses but nobody

The positions are

one half and one elephant in each D—where Page 10

Page 3 Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Over-Fishing the Waters of HK—We Can Help! by Isabella Abelman

Wild Hong Kong by Sophie McLean When most people think about Hong Kong

stays with the eggs which is rare, most parent














shopping malls and maybe markets full of fish

themselves. The HK Paradise Fish is brown

and fresh vegetables. Not many would think

with a sandy colored stomach, It has 1 long

about the wildlife that lives here. You might

fin on the top and bottom of its body and two

be surprised at how many animals live in our

at the tail.

parks and national reserves. There are wild

Luckily there are people in the community

pigs, monkeys, dragonflies,

who are trying to help. Goatee Toni is one of

230 butterfly

species, frogs, lizards, snakes and one third of

these people. Maybe you have heard of him?

the bird species found in China come from

He comes to children’s birthday parties and


brings creatures like snakes and spiders for

The sad news is that many of those

species are endangered.

you to touch and see. He says his favourite

We all know that some animal’s numbers are

animal family is reptiles and he has lots of


these that he looks after including snakes and


around like








lizards. “I find endangered species and I

Pandas, Narwhales and many other animals.

breed them and then return them to the

In Hong Kong there are endangered animals

wild”. Goatee Toni remarked.

that need our help too.

The Pink Dolphin is

places like Ocean Park are also trying to help

one of our most famous animals but sadly this

breed and look after endangered creatures.

friendly sea creature is endangered.

We all have to do our part! Next time you are


out walking look around for all the amazing wildlife in Hong Kong!

Recently reported

the two

South fish

China species





threatened in the New Territories, the HK Paradise Fish and The Rice Fish. The HK Paradise Fish is the only fish that breeds by connecting its eggs to the bubbles and then Page 4

Kids can often feel strongly about an issue,

mid-level and deep trawling?

but we think we are too young or too small

takes the fish that live in the mid-water ,

to make a difference but I have found out

while deep trawling goes to the sea floor

that this isn’t always true!

and destroys the bottom of the ocean by

For me net-


trawling in Hong Kong oceans is something

ripping up everything in its path.

I am concerned about, so I decided to find

To make it worse Anna told me the fish

out more.

that are caught in these deadly nets are

While I was researching I discovered a

mostly prawns and other tiny fish along

great blog written by a girl called Anna

with coral and much of the important

Zhou who is 16 years old and is a student

ocean ecosystem.

right here in Hong Kong at HKIS! Anna is originally from Melbourne and she started to think about the environment when she

was still in pre

school in

Australia. In Australia at that time there was a horrible drought that lasted for 10 years, water supplies got so low that you could






imagine that! And you weren’t allowed to water your garden or even wash your car. This made Anna think seriously about the environment and what she could do to

But we can help—Anna is proof—creating


blogs and having a say makes an impact .

Now in Hong Kong Anna has her own blog

The great news is the Government has


banned and one of the issues she looks at

December 24th, 2012.

is net fishing. I asked her why she chose

And instead we can even get nature to

this cause? “Trawling is really bad, there

help us

are two nets that are dragged along the

safe nets and dolphins who help guide fish

ocean floor, and they destroy everything in

into the net.

their path.”

So what can YOU do?

Thanks to Anna I have learnt a lot about

Christmas beach party, simply take some

trawling – did you know for instance there

time to pick up rubbish that has washed

are two different types of trawling —

ashore—a gift for the environment!

trawling in


waters from

— in Brazil some fishermen use

Well start at the

Page 9 Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Hiking Hong Kong’s Hills with Michael Pieper by Julia Murray Hong Kong has many amazing hikes for

Discovery Bay.

families. Michael Peiper is head of Hiking

JM: What is the purpose of hiking?

Hong Kong and knows most of the local

MP: To remember that life is about living,

hikes so I decided to interview him to find

not about working, as many people in

out just where Kellett kids should be

Hong Kong believe. To do something that

walking over the winter months. What else

you truly enjoy, and to take the time out

did I learn from researching this article?

to do it. Life and nature is something that

You need to walk outside, and see that

should be treasured.

Hong Kong is not a just a concrete jungle,

JM: What do you enjoy most about hiking?

it can be a green one too!

MP: Getting away from the everyday aspects of Life. Relaxing, being at one with

JM: What was the scariest hike you’ve

nature, and helping others to share my

ever been on and why was it the scariest?


MP: The scariest hike I’ve ever been on is

So did you find what Michael Peiper had to

when I hiked on Lantau and there was a

say interesting? If you did, why don’t you

huge thunder storm at the time, with

go on a hike yourself, or even better, get

lightning all around me!

your family to join in? Hikes to choose

JM: Why do you like hikes?

from in Hong Kong are endless, so why

MP: Many people think of Hong Kong as a

don’t you get going! I’ve been on quite a

concrete jungle, this is far from the truth. I

few with my family, and I can tell you that

love being one with nature, and I love

the trails are really hidden, you feel a

getting away from the noise—and you can

million miles away from the city! Maybe

do all this when you walk the trails. Hiking

even check out Michael Peiper’s favourite

also keeps me fit.

or scariest hike.

The Show Must Go On! by Jemima Abate Have you seen the Merry Men hunting in Hong

the eye, keep a smile on your face and most

Kong? Or perhaps you have seen Beauty or the


Beast roaming the corridors of Kellett? Yes, this

performance was in Jack and the Beanstalk

month you can see the merry men in Robin

many years ago, but this year she is going to be

Hood the Panto by the HK Players, and next year

involved the Panto by Hong Kong Players. I also

you can watch your own Kellett friends perform

wanted to find out what was Miss Charlotte’s

in Beauty and the Beast! With fantastic actors

scariest audition? “It was for Cats,

and wonderful music these shows will be a HUGE

audition over and over again because they kept

hit! If you go along and enjoy the performance

calling me back and calling me back but in the

you might even think about trying out yourself,

end my singing wasn’t good, so I didn’t get the

but how hard is it to audition and how can you

part I really wanted.” Even so, Miss Charlotte


still loves being on stage, so when you audition,

Have you ever been in an audition? If you have

if you don’t get the exact role you had hoped for,

never been in an audition chances are you might

remember that just being part of a show is a real






I had to

freak out because you have no idea how to get ready. Do not panic we have all the tips you need, we spoke to some of the students from last year’s school musical, Seussical Jnr. In the auditions the cast had to sing Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas, and then act two pieces and dance to Miss Charlotte’s expert choreography. Most of those trying out were pretty nervous, so you aren’t alone if you feel scared too! Julia Murray was a bird girl in the

JM: Which hike has the best view?

Suessical: “Some tips are to sing what you feel,

MP: There are many great views that can


and give your best.” Julia answers. “Stand up

be had on the hiking trails of Hong Kong. One of my favorite views would have to be from Lantau Peak looking down at Wisdom Path, the Big Buddha, and so much more. JM: What is your favorite hike and why? MP: My favorite hike is Lantau Trail Stage 9. I have many reasons why I like this hike and one of them is that it’s a quite easy hike and it’s close to where I live in Page 8 Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

straight and don’t fidget, most of all pronounce

So, is it worth it? Well last year I was Mayzie the

your words clearly. In the acting pretend you are

Bird in Seussical Jnr and it was great! And this

the character and act like the character, make

year I am lucky enough to be one of the Silly

your soul the character.”

Girls in Beauty and the Beast. I know I will have

Victoria Perronet Miller was a Who in the musical

to work hard and learn songs, lines and dance

last year. “Practice makes perfect! Do not be

moves but it’s all going to be worth it – because

nervous, but always try your best and put in lots

there is nothing that is quite as much fun as

of effort.” Miss Charlotte agrees with what Julia

being on stage.

and Victoria say, you need to look the panel in Page 5

audition in the future – you will love it!

Good luck to all those who

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Meeting Authors at Kellett by Pia Winstanley

What do you want for Christmas? by James Johnson

We had some famous visitors to our school The modern world is a paradise for new innovators and new inventions. But

the shape of a shark or clown fish that you can

with so

control! The AirSwimmer's body is made from a

I have been

high-quality, nylon material that won’t pop too

searching for the latest and greatest so you will

easily and will stay blown-up for weeks and can

know just what to ask Santa for!

First, I got

be refilled over and over again. The fish has a

some ideas from students right here at Kellett—

remote control that is infra-red and you can use

the top three included the new Nintendo 3DS

it make the fish swim around the house! It can

many out there which is best?

where you can play your DS in 3D without

this term - author Isobelle Carmody and children’s book illustrator, Tina McNaughton. Most of you will have read Isabelle Carmody’s books but you might wonder, where did the story ideas come from? Well she started as a girl by telling stories to her seven brothers and sisters. Then she wrote them down, so she would remember all her long complicated

wearing 3D glasses. Ben Stoneley has one of

plots. “I found that I liked writing my stories

these fantastic gadgets and says: “It really is 3D—images pop out at you while you play and you can even take 3D photos!”.

swim up and down and even turn around 360 degrees. I have also found something for all of you at Kellett who like making music. Have you heard of the t-shirts where you can play the electric guitar or the drums or a synthesizer on your There are 3D games to play too, like MarioKart ,

shirt? These amazing t-shirts have a picture of a

Pokemon and Cooking Mama. If you are looking

drum kit, a synthesizer or an electric guitar on

for a phone why not try the

new HTC

the front that you can actually play—how does it

Thunderbolt – it is so much more than a phone,

work? They have a built in speaker in the shirt—

you can download movies, e-books, games,

so it makes real sounds.

music and more in seconds and then watch or

If you have an iPad and you want to take notes

listen with surround sound. It also has a camera

then you need the cube Laser Virtual Keyboard.

and camcorder and a built in DLNA connection

This small cube, that looks like a silver pencil

which means you can beam all your photos and

sharpener, projects an image of a keyboard onto

videos to your flatscreen TV—awesome!

any flat surface and you can type—it even makes

If you are a shark fan then you might like the

clicking sounds when you hit the keys! You can

AirSwimmers RC, this is an inflatable remote


control flying fish! Think of a helium balloon in

anywhere . So have a techy Merry Christmas!





down,” she explained “it was as if I was telling

I also met with illustrator Tina McNaughton,

everyone a secret and I really liked that.”

whose niece and nephews Ella, Jamie and

I wanted to find out how she got her ideas for

Luke Wernett go to school at Kellett! You will

her books. One of my favourites is Little Fur.

know her drawings, some of them are the

Carmody decided to write it because there had

cute hedgehogs in One Snowy Night and One

been a flood in Prague, where she was living,

Christmas Night.

and the city was covered in water. “I was

drawing since she was a little girl, “When I

walking through the streets with my daughter

was little I drew every night in bed on a little

Adelaide, she was about six

years old, and

chalk board until everything was blue, pink or

she stopped at this basement window where

yellow, including me!” There was also a wood

she could see it was full of dark dirty water,

near her house and she would go and look at

Adelaide said ‘Mama what lives down there?’

all the creatures who lived there.

And I could not help myself but to say ‘Trolls!

I was interested to find out how she draws

Tolls live down there’.” And that’s how Little

just what the writer wants, “I start off drawing

Fur started! Carmody is now working on a

a few sketches I think the author will like and


then we discuss it and I make their favourite






promises to be another wonderful read!





one more detailed.” She says illustrations are important because they tell part of the story and help in a visual way. And what is her advice if you want to be an illustrator or writer? “Practice writing and drawing for a long time!”. Right now she is working on a program for an Austrian TV show which uses


Page 6


She says she has been







drawing, they can take you lots of places! Page 7

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Kellett Tellit—Autumn 2011

Kellett Tellit Autumn 2011  

BISHK termly student paper

Kellett Tellit Autumn 2011  

BISHK termly student paper