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21st Century Learning Conference Overview • West

Island School-Thurs 17th– Sat 19th February




Feb 2011


Kellett will be sending 29 members of staff to the 3rd Hong Kong 21st Century Learning Conference

this issue

later this month. Keynote speakers for the event are David Warlick and Stephen Heppell (pictured). Renowned ex-

Professional Development

perts in their respective countries, Warlick and Heppell are sure to make you think about your

In an attempt to keep up with

Teachers at the Primary Cam-

everyday teaching and learning.

the ever increasing pace of

pus recently attended a staff

Congratulations to Katrina Hall who will be giving

change in technology, we

meeting looking at the use of

a workshop at the conference. Having presented

will be producing a regular

ActivInspire. One of the re-

at the previous 21st Learning Conference as well

newsletter to try to help. The

quests from that meeting was

as the recent HK Handheld & Mobile Learning

publication will focus on

the need for ongoing training.

Festival, Katrina’s work with iPods and iPads has received huge interest from around the re-

curriculum, strategy and

Promethean provide online


provide tips to help your tech experience run a bit

training and accreditation. If you would like to undertake

Conference Registration opens at 5 p.m. on Thursday 17th. The first event will be Stephen Hep-

the Level One course, or if you

pell’s introductory keynote accompanied by “unlimited food and drink.”

would like more information, please contact

Most education conferences these days are not complete without a “backchannel” and the

Clive Dawes

West Island event will be no exception. Most delegates will be using some kind of device that

more smoothly!

DATES Fri 11th Feb

which can be accessed at To get the most from the conference it

Parent Tech Coffee Morning

is recommended that you take your own device with you and that you register on the Ning to

Games Technology (Primary

participate in discussion before and after the event. Real time backchannel conferencing will


take place on Twitter using the hashtag #21CLHK If you’ve never used Twitter before this is

Thurs 17th Feb-Sat 19th Feb

your chance to get started and make loads of new contacts who can help you in your profes-

HK 21st Century Learning

sional development.

Conference (West Island School) Fri 4th March-Sat 5th March

The first day of the 21st Century Learning Conference involves a number of school

Apple Leadership Summit,

tours visiting a variety of educational settings throughout Hong Kong, including librar-


ies, and schools running 1:1 laptop progammes.

Mon 7th March

As part of the tour, a group of teachers from around the region will be visiting the Primary Campus on Thursday 17th to have a look around the school and find out what’s going on in our classrooms. This is a great opportunity for teachers to share their work with other professionals.

Upcoming Dates P.1 Primary Laptop-go-round P.2 iUpdate P.3 Jonathan Ching P.3 HK 21st Century Learning P.4 ActivInspire P.4

Kellett Server Farm! Whilst there are plenty of computers across

Email Issues

the two Kellett sites, did you know that most

keeps them in touch with other delegates throughout, via Twitter or via the conference Ning

Stop Press! Stop Press! Stop Press!

Tech update - what’s going on? P.1


of the server infrastructure is outside of the

Did you know that when sending out ex-

school? The main Kellett servers are based at

ternal emails from your school account,

a data centre in Kwai Fong (not to be con-

emails destined for a foreign email server

fused with Lan Kwai Fong!)

(e.g. may take longer than emails destined for a Hong Kong email

Behind the scenes in Kwai Fong , we have

server (e.g. netvigator)?

recently migrated SIMS, email services, files and server applications from our 3-year-old

This is because our local bandwidth is 20

servers onto two new larger servers and a

times that of the international bandwidth.

centralized storage system. Each of the serv-

International bandwidth is also more ex-

ers has two quad-core processors and 24GB

pensive. Think of bandwidth as highway

memory. The centralized storage has robust


features such that even if two harddisks failed at the same time, all systems can continue to

As the international bandwidth is limited, if

operate without any information loss.

there are a lot of international emails going out or if they contain large attach-

iLearn Training Week

We have also “virtualized” the servers so that

ments (e.g. high resolution photos), the

Fri 18th March

when we need to do maintenance work on

emails may queue up and delivery may be

Parent Tech Coffee Morning

one machine, we can move critical services to


E-safety (Primary Campus)

another machine with minimal interruptions to the users. The virtualized platform also ena-

Please avoid sending out emails with

bles faster system recovery in the event of

large attachments externally to keep


the school’s official email communications efficient and effective.

@kellett Issue 01 Feb 2011


Parent Technology Coffee Mornings


Primary Lap-top Go-Round

Before CNY we held our first Parent Technology Coffee Morning which

Jonathan Ching has joined us at the Shaukeiwan campus as full-time IT technical support. Stephen will be

looked at Social Network-

How to get the best out of our laptop

ing, with a specific empha-

resource is a question that causes

sis on Facebook and YouTube.

That the future of educa-

In the primary school things are

The advantage for class teach-

School Improvement Plan it was a

tion technology is mobile

a little different with laptop carts

ers will be that they can have

little overwhelming when nearly



dispersed around the school to

the laptops set up more or less

60 indicated they would like to

schools around the world

support learning. The theory

on a permanent basis.


move towards increasing-

behind this is that should any

ly mobile environments,

student need access to technol-

They will, of course also be re-

As it was, an audience of 50

the best way to service

ogy they should be able to find

sponsible for their general up-

turned up for a lively discussion

the needs of learners re-

an appropriate resource.


on young people’s use of technol-

mains problematic.




YouTube’s Safe Mode.

Along with the Secondary CyberSafety Committee the Parent

However, the management of Students at Kellett are extremely

this expensive

lucky in that there is a wide

resource is ex-

range of technology at their

tremely time con-

disposal, but the core of our

suming and can

provision remains our laptop

sometimes lead to

resource, with over 200 laptops

frustrations as

in use across the school.

problems accessing

Technology mornings are a key element in ensuring that we move forward as a community.

Technology isn’t going away; the internet as we know it isn’t even 10,000 days old yet! What developments might we see in the next 10,000?




students with their one to one

As we speak, the laptops

“The focus is very much on mobile, digital learning”

not shutting machines down

from having a one to one re-

correctly can negatively impact

source which allows a degree of

upon learning.

ownership and personalization but also requires a responsibil-

In an effort to improve this situa-

ity to ensure the resource re-

tion it has been decided to try

mains in good working condi-

something a little different in the


KS1 area of the school.

The opportunities afforded by

Laptops that were previously

one to one are numerous, with

held around the Gym or the Art

the ultimate goal of personal-

Room are being moved into the

ized, anytime anywhere learning

P1 & P2 classrooms.

coming a little closer.



the network, or with students Secondary


similar if you like, to secondary

ogy. They were very receptive and

Settings and how to implement

than is also newly married. Congratulations!

All Things “i” and “e”

as the Success Criteria within the

tweaks within Facebook’s Privacy

with the IT support. Jona-

much creasing of the brow!

Having set a target of 15 parents

keen to know about some of the

back at Pokfulam to help







updated and made ship-shape

From the other side of the Primary ICT office door

All Things “i”

All Things "E"

All "i" equipment are currently undergoing updates

Equipment, particularly ICT Equipment, such as

on their iOS and apps. The iOS released on Mon-

iTouches, iPads, digital cameras, Flip Videos, digital

day, January 10 was causing some problems with

microphones are not being returned promptly.

updating apps and a subsequent iOS release on

think it is fair to say that everyone wants to be able

Monday 17 January seems to have corrected that

to use equipment that is well-maintained and in per-

problem but only after a full restore was carried

fect working order. Unfortunately, the magic wand


that will make things right in a second does not exist

Apologies for the seemingly endless amount of

(yet?) so your prompt return of any equipment bor-

time the iTouches are blocked out for maintenance

rowed will ensure that the next person borrowing it

and updates.

will have it reasonably charged and in working con-

A warning though, the iPads are next in line for

dition. It will only take an ESA or a responsible stu-


dent/s 2 or 3 minutes to return equipment promptly after a session.



they are moved. It will be nteresting to see how this change in resourcing impacts upon learning in KS1. With many of our competitor schools looking at extending one to one Apple programmes into upper Primary as well as rolling out large numbers of iPads and iTouch devices into Early Years




focus is very much on mobile, digital learning.


Freeman’s Technology Tip Here are a few to get

Q: My general keyboard fluency is not

you started;

great. What can I do to speed up?

Ctrl or Command plus; A = Select All

A: A great way to speed up your fluency is to learn

C = Copy

a few keyboard short-cuts. These can help you

V = Paste

because you no longer have to take time moving

Z = Undo

your hands towards the mouse, allowing you to

D = Delete

There are numerous

keep both hands on the keyboard.

S = Save

other combinations

Keyboard short-cuts on a PC are accessed by

P = Print

which can help, but

using the Ctrl key and on a Mac the Command

N = New

these are the basic



@Kellett February 2011  

Kellett School Hong Kong's regular technology newsletter

@Kellett February 2011  

Kellett School Hong Kong's regular technology newsletter