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Vermetus radi c ula, rhc Worm Shell. (Photogr•ph by Ru1h Bernhud.)










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R. W . . YM


ha been keeping a ontinual rc ord ofthc ngli h hou and it furniture ince 1906. O\\, half-" a) through the ' ntury, ' e can e more clear! the hange that ha,·c taken pia in ar hitecture and d coration during thi period. Tlw conclu ion of World War II marks an cpo h. Bet\\ecn that event and the beginning liE

of the d lin

Tuoro YEAR B


ntur th 'r have been three coronations, t\\ o oriel ars, the f th gr•atc t f modern Fmpir , the ri e of otialim. The

19th ccntur ha b' n ailed a century of tupcndou progrl' ; the loth ntur , o far, ha be non of tupendou hang ' . Th period of 1 90 up to th utbreak of "ar in 19 14 "as the hl·~ da; of th Engli h ar hite t. v r had he been o buy. Thi . a ti,it) \\.U mainl clue to the building of ountr and tO\ n mansions for th · ~till

There hare been so ma'!) phases ar hitectural arowrh, conception truction


< ?I

man)' new

in the desi9n and con-



and their

interior decoration throuahout the world durin9 the first ha!J of this centLIIy, that the editors con ider it to be

cif intere t and 1·alue to readers

to summarize in re1·iew the our rand-

ina developments witne ed by The rudio )'ear Book since it in eption for9 1JOW")'ear aao. To this end R. W. •ymond, who introduced the Ia t number and whose peciali c knowledae




the histo1y

interior decoration

and furniture is o well esrabli hed, aaain write

rhe introduction. He

review the achievement and chanaes wrouaht durina chis period and hi comments are i /lustra ted by elected reproduction from earlier volume

cif Decoratire

Art. THI



expanding Ia of ~ ealth manufa turcr . Th • ' n '" omer , at th e monopolisti tag' of Briti h indu try, wanted a ountry cat similar to th ' old man ion h me of the English nobilit and landed gentr . The demand for n \ palatial ountry home. (<part from enlarging and modernizing man old one - a mo t nccc ar undertaking, for f '" of them had bathrooms) oon brought about a hool of Fngli h archit ' <.t, promin •nt amongst whom were uch men a Reginald Blomneld, Gu) Oa" ber and Fd" in Lutyen . The problem of the de ign of the e hou es wa soh ed by the outlook of th period. Th licnt wanted his country home to rl' <.all 'the quiet b auty of b ·gon


', and thi , to mo tar hitcct , "as interpr ' tl·d b)

a hou ' " ith gabl' and tall himnc · in a tting of ancient tree , formal gardens \\ ith t rra c , and Iii pond . l fir t the Tudor t lc of ho u l' ' a much in favour; lat r the Wr •n and corgian "cr ' adopted. In con idcring thi Iat 19th- and early 2oth- entury picture. que pha ' of Engli h ar hitc tur , it mu t be remembered that th ' r "a little that wa sham about it. Th hou • w r of a traditional on truction and built of traditional, and often of local, materiaL. The walls, "hether o ton' or bri k wer' weight bearing.

m architect undoubted I) "ere

gui It of n a ing a rolled tee I joi tin wood to reprc ent a "ooden lwam; and in mallcr ountr hou c , for I wealth · li nt., ham half-timbering was ometime u d. But in the a e of large countr man i n. for tho in the mi~lionair Ia , the ar hite t employed onl fine craftsmanhip and u cd the be t qualit material throughout. Join ry in the fo rm of panelling and tairca e , m tal and bronz' work, tain ·d gla . , and plaster work, wcr all of careful and individual de ign, either madl• b) th archit •ct him If, or b a p iali t who wa call d in. rti ts and ulptor "ere lik ' i cnli ted to d ign or xc ut mural painting and tone or marbl v ork. In planning thi t pe of larg countr · hou e the ar hitc ·t madl their cleci ion in the light of the o ial n cd of th time. What "a r ·qui r d ' a a hou c for a larg family, and forth, ent rtainment of man guc t . Th , pproximat ize of th taff for running one of th' ountr home would be, at lea t, thirty indoor en ant , "ith a further t •n in th

The 11ealthy indu rrialisrs' home desioned ra reca ll 'the quiet beauty

cj' byoone days' whith

to most architects 'was interpreted by a house II

ith oobJCS and tall chimneys in

ancient trees, formal gardens Merri e••ale






ith terraces . . . '



Wi lliam llunt.

table , and "ith no less than thirty garden ' r . Th e plan \ o uld onsi t of a large drawing-room (po ibl t\ o), dining-roo m, library, billiardroom, mo rning roo m, tud , bo ud o ir and uite of bedroo m with bathroom . ne of the rc ult of building thi traditional tyle of hou ' was that hand c raft men, n th e point of ex tin ction in an ver-in rea ing mec hani al age, \\ e r g iven an un xp cted ex ten ion of life . nc urage ment wa al o gin~ n to arti t-c raft men in metal, stain d gla , pia ter and ton e . In addit ion, Ro al ad ' my po rtrait and pi cture painter were patroni zed, forth' ow ner of th e man ion would co mmi i n a po rtrait of him elf, hi \\ife, and hi hildr n, and al o purcha e large land ap and ubject pi ture for th e d oration of hi room . The furni hing of th e e h me wa not o fclicitou . In th e last decade of the 19th c ' ntur , mod e rn furnitur wa purcha ed from the large tor . Th d ign wa not parti ularly good, being often in th nouveau art t le, r ' ntl introdu ed from th e ontinent. Th be t furniture of thi period\ a that in pi red b th e Art and raft move ment' hich had o m ab ut main! thr ugh th e tea hing of William M rri . In th ' fir t decade of th e 2oth centur , howeve r, the ollecting o~ old furniture became fa hi nabl e, with th r ult that th e mod e rn furniture raft man uA' ·r d, and th rt and raft movement afte r 19 1 1- 12 practi all ea ed to xi t . ntigu furniture \ a little unde r tood in tho e day , and a on id rabl guantity of fak d furniture wa fo ter don the wealthy. Thi craze for th e antigu br ught about a d mand for r eprodu ti ns of Ja ob an, Qu en nn and hipp ndal e, \ hich \ ere no old in larg guantitie , both to th uppe r and middl e Ia by the furniture stor . In thi p ri d , th e re wer variou I vels of comp tency and imagination in the v ork of architect and de ign e r . orne ar hitect had on iderabl n ibilit ford ign, andtheirhou e v e r ' n tmerel opic ofthepa t. Oth r had a greater under tanding for, and taste in, the u e and ombination of building mat rial , and thi , too, gav their work orn e quality and di tinction. Th w r m n of creative ability in a rath r dull ag , and th y ndowed th eir work with an original quality. Man. architect of thi p riod, on th oth r hand, ' re content to mak an unin pired and indi~ r ent c rib of a pe riod hou e , u ing all the ompon nt part - gab! , windO\ , himn y ta k -of past tyl e , but

A 'cro/ejor the antique brouaht about a demand for reproductions

if Jarobean,

Q!!een Iinne and

hippenda le'. Ja cobean dresser in aak dcsioned and made by Bartholomew&_ Hetcher. House at St Georoe's Hill ,


urrcy. Archit~cts:

Castle &_ Warren.


The expandin9 class 1 wealrhy mamifacrurers, 'at the monopoli ric sraae British industry, wamed a country sear similar to the old mansion homes the Enolish nobility and landed aentr_y'. Dinina-room desianed by Murray Adams-Acton.



C. F. Annesley l'o)'SC.J 'was also a desianer ?[furniture, mctalwork,Jabrics and wallpapers' . Oak table to the architect's desian made by F. C. 'iclsen.


failing to give the m coh ion and unity, and bring about a w 11-proportioned ma s. In th e first categor y, th number of outstanding ar hitec t wa few . n of th em w a Chari Ann ley Voysey ( r 8s 7- 194r ), who wa al o a d igner of furniture, m tal w ork , fabri cs and wallpap r . Hi s h u e , although inspired by th Tudor tyle, poss s ed a pl ea ing quality on acco unt of th e forthrightn ess of th eir simp! and unalt ct d t reatment. u h hou es, in the pr s nt day un derstanding of ar hit cture, tand out fa r above th e majo rity of the great mansion de igned by the fa hi onable architect . Anoth er ar hit ct of t his p ri od who e work had a di t inct quality and o riginality wa Charl e R nni e Mac into h ( r 869- 192 7 ) . The wo rk of both Voy y and Ma into h must have app ared ver y modern to th eir co ntemporari es, for th y w re in advance of th eir day . Other arc hitect w orking at thi tim whose hou e had quality and d L tin t ion w e re C. R . A hbee, rn est Newton and Bailli cott . An arc hitect who exce lled in furnitur design wa rn t Gim on ; he had an und er tanding and f ling for jo in ery and cabin et-w ork w hi ch endowed hi s furniture w ith a character of it own , entire ly di lt r nt from the commercial furnitur d ign r who slavishl y copied th pa t. With th e o utbreak of W orld W ar I, th r b ga n a p riod of tran itio n, ' hi ch Ia ted for at lea t a decad . Th e page of T H E T UDI O YE R BOOK began to r efl ect the econo mi c co n equ ences of th war. Freq uent referenc wa made to the increa ed cos t of taxati on and li ving, and much pace was given to th e de cripti on and illu trati on of th mail e r house and co ttage r esidence, whi ch w r e the outcom e of the e economic fac tor . Menti on was al o made of the need of le ning dome t ic labour and of p lanning . One uggestion was that th e sc ull ery should be comb ined w ith th e kitchen , and th pantry should be in crea d in iz o that it wo uld serve as a mall s r vant ' hall. Th roughout the war period, th pi cturesqu e and th entim ntal we re in full vide nce. In 19 r s th er e took place an important v nt ; th fo unding of t he De ign and Industries A ociatio n. Its prototyp e and in pirati on wa th

Deur chcr Wcrkbund which had been tabli h d in Germany in c 1 07. The aim of both organization wa to bring good de ign into indu trial pt 'th rna hine in its prop r pia , a rna hin -made produ t ; to a a de' icc to b guided and ontroll d, not mer ly boycotted . In the o iati n, manufacturers, on th on - hand, and leading d ign rs, edu ati nali t and writers on th oth r, worked togeth r as a team. fter th ' ar there wa a large in rea e in the o t of labour and mat rial, whi h deterr d th privat building of house . On writer in th Y ar Book of 1920 complained about a 1oo per cent incr a in the rat of labour, and the con iderab lc de re e in output, a condition v e ar v ry familiar' ith toda aft r World War II. 'A brickla r form rly laid 1, 2oo bri k a day for half th vag for" hich h now ]a on! 300 or 4-00'. Ma production ' a held out a on olution. To ea the po t-war hou ing problem, the rection of 'concrete h me ' v a uggested. They wer a typ of pre-fabricated bungalow. noth r building on truction which a also put forward wa t •e l plat fix d on a wood n fram . In thi po t-war p riod, labour- aving de i e , a -con qu nee of th labour h rtag and the e. ten i n of th' ma hine into th hom ', ' ere on idcred, and manufa turcr , in r pon , began to de ign ne\ of grat and cooking tovc 'to as i t the hou e" if in h r extr mit '. nd, gen rally, th r as mu h di cus ion about moclifi ation and improv m nts in th design of e ryday object . Th, e \ ere me of the tr nd v hich brought about th stablishm nt of th Briti h In titut• of Jndu trial rt under the aegis of th B arcls oF Trade and Fdu ation. It objc t, like that of the D.f.A., wa to bring arti t and manufa turer togcth r, and to enco urag the publi to appr ciatt' arti ti d • ign. t thi period, d ign ' as thought of in t rm of art and the arti t, n t, a it hould be, in t rm of function and mat 'rial. The phra e ·~ rm folio' fun tion', o pr al nt in the late 'twcnti , had not

yt b

•n , d

'Other archirects "'arkin9 at this time, IVhosc houses had qualio/ and distinction were C. R. Ashbee, Ernest eovron and Baillie Scott.' f:ntrance Hall ar unnlnodale. .lrrhircrt: M. H. Baillie col!.

pt 'd.

Th' dccorativ, an l appli cl arts had by now completely alter ·cl in haracter. ou1·cau art de ign had di app ared; tained glas , s popular

Another example cf the wealthy mamfacwrer's home, a howe in Kent. Arcbirects: Unsworth &. Trioas.


in pr •- war day , "as now quickly going out; plaster" ork "a~ al o on the decline. 1-urniturc "a impl rand plain e r, although tht• n·production of antique "as till mu h in evid •nee; th . t rm 'cottage furnitur •' no" began to be u ed, and a r viva! of th furniture of th rt and rah. Mo\'em · nt al t k pia In th ·Year Book of 1921 an arti · le appcar·d on applied art in \ll'den, ' rhr 11 ork of lwh l'o; sc; and 1/ountoc;h musr h<J•c <l/'{'C<JrcJ rc~} modern ro rhcir conrcmporaric>, for rhr) uerc 111 <Jtl• an"· n{ rhcir d<l) . ' ll'huc />cJroom <JI 'The llm11' hill', Sir<hi/1. In hum : (harh·s R. 1/annrosh .

whi h ~ re had ' d the oming intl·rcst in thi de ign. The Tri - e nt nary Exhibition of " ed i h 1923 h · lped

on id e rabl

to furth r thi.

co untry in \H·di h rt at Goth ·nburg in

" ed i h influt• n<:e in I ngland.

In 192!; another important e' nt in th e histor) of d • ign rook pl.1cc:

tlw Fxhibition held in Pari of th e Mode rn De o rati' and lndu trial .\rL. It \\'as lai I lo " n that th e e;~. hibit " l' r • to be modern, a o ppo,t•d to traditional, in c hara t •r. The British ec ti on was mu h rititi7ed at the

time for it di appointing an I lo" . tandard in co mparison '' ith oth · r ontinental ountrie ·. ir Lawrcn c W •av r, who~ rot th e lntrodutti on t


Yea r Boo k o f 1927,

ompan•d th


lu,uri ou ne ~ of

French d •s ign' at th e hibiti o n '"ith th e far und er m d •rnit\ and 'ita lit of th e ex hibit of th e Deutscher Werkbund in the i pzig f-air of Mar h 192 . I I al o co mm nted up nth • g od modern de. ign ol furniture and p tt 'f)' that h found at e rthe im ' tor in B •rlin. I I canw to the on lu ion that th Be rlin publi c " ho h pped at W rthcim's liked modern de ign 'not mark ell advan ·cd in hara ter, ertain l not 1.''-tr •mi st, but obviou I th e " o rk of com p •tc nt and tho ughtful dcsigm•r '. Thi statement i interesting in view of the lac k of publi appreci. ti o n of m dern d • ign at thi pe ri d in England. Th ' fir t adapting b interior d •

ign of mod e rn d ign in I: ng lancl wer th e op ing and de ign · r , both profc io nal and co m m er ·ial , of fn•nth ration and furniture, portra ed at th ' Pari 1- xhibiti on.

But whil t thing , in th "a · f do me tic archite turc and furni hing, had be n but lowl hanging in ngland in th t\ ' nti e , man radi al c hang ar hit

had tak n pia eon th ontin •nt . fter th "ar an ntire l) nc' tural hool of thought' as born. Th · old traditiOn, wen• jctti-

on d, and in Fran e, German and Holland, an ' ar hit e ture began t mak e it elf ·v id cnt . In ran , a r viv d int r t in reinfo rced cont rete t

'Garden Corner', Chelsea. The drauins-room. Archirccr: C. F. lnncsley I'OJ'Sc:J.

k pia c, and n " form b gan to xpon · nt of th nc' mo em · nt, and Vers Un e Architecture whi h " as wid e! numbe r of th • yo ung r m n f th ar

valve. L orbu i r b anw th in 19 24 he publi hcd hi famou read in l:ngland, and inAu •n d a hite tural proC i n. h made

p •rim ·nt in n c' fun tiona I form and '' ith nc" mat ri al , and 'fitnc. for purpo •' be ame th logan of th •ir n •w reed. Littl a tual building, how • er, r • ultcd. Thi c w Movement on th • ontincnt wa d c rib d and illu trat d ca r B ok of 1929 b ho u • in Fran ·, German and I I !land. in th Onl thr ·e . nglih e·ampl \\r ' shown,th hi cf harat·ri.ti of ' hi h \\a th ir mmetri al d ign , '"hi h b tra ed a Ja ·k f undertanding of th e fr . d m in planning the n \\' on tru ti on r rmittcd. Publi int ' r · t in French d orativ • art and furnitur wa al arou d b an xhibition he ld in 192 at h olbred' tor in Land n. It " a an . hibition of mod rn French furniture, with an Engli h c tion of th


work of wh I al manufactur r . Thi e hibition , acco rding to th e Yea r Book of 1929, ' as welcom d b the public with a degr of nthu ia m whi h omew hat di co n e rted those peo pl e who in i ted that th ng lish would n 'r to lerate any radi ca l departure from pr ced ' nt. The foli o' ing ear an , hibition of mod rn Engli sh furniture and d ration wa held at Waring & illow. All ex hibit ' e re di appointing, for, wh n co mpared ' ith th ,, ork f Pari d signe r , th e cl rivativ origin 路wa plainly ev ident. There al o gr w up in England in the 'twenti e , a gro up of des igne rs who e work lt"arl y showed the influ enc of Erne t im on and other m mb r of the o ld Arts and raft oci ty, chief among t wh om were mbro H al Peter Waal and Gordon Ru 11. Th furnitur of the e m n had a plea ant English qualit about it , quit wuikc th work o f tho c de ign r ' ho folio' eel th Pari 路hibiti on tyl . In the Year Book of 1 2 9 a striking omment wa made on the so ial hang that w 'r taking pia e at that time with regard to the planning of house . The old-fashioned drawing-room, 'that terri b l apartm nt reserved for trangc ceremonial right ', had no w cea d to function and had be om th principal living-room . The dining-roo1 wa now r due d

'The /-Jill /-louse', J-/clcnsbursh. 路irchircct: Charles R. ,1/acintosh.

/-louse near IVokinll, Surrry. Architect: M. J-1. Baillie S.-ou.


Dinins-room ar 'The Hous'hi ll', ilshill. Archirecr: Charles R. Macintosh.

•There also srew up in Ens!.wd in rhc '/IVcnlics


a roup of desisncrs whose work clcar!J• showed rhe influence cf Ernest Gimsan and other members cf rhe aid Arrs and Cuifis Sociel)'', Wardrobe in chcswur dcsioned by ,lmbrose Heal and made bJ' J-lcal &.. Son Lrd.


rn iz ' and wa g nerally a room u d for meal only. Th "' rit r went on to a that oth r chang s appeared immin nt m ing to the mu h mailer hou e nO\· being built for p opl of moderate mean . H correct! for a\ that th separate room for meal would oon be aboli h d in man hou es; a r cc s being planned in the large li ing-room, partially cr•en d. The backwardnes of the new movement in ngland was commented upon in th fntroduction to thi Year Book. The writer comp lain ·d that 'our leading ar hit cts for the mo t part de line to intere t them lv in th n " materials and proces e , so that it ha b en left entir ly to the ngin er to tr out new t chnical id a , th re ult b ing m hani al and without ignificanc '. Th chief pon 'nt of them v m nt in G rmany wa Walt r Gropiu , and in Holland, J. J. P. Oud. In Fran e, Le Corbusier h ld th tag , and in America there was the reator of th 'free rlan', Frank Lloyd Wright. During th 'thirt ies, although ther were numerou nglish ' ·pon nt of the modern schoo l of architectur , and publici t ' ho wrot• of th e n w tr nd " ith enthusiasm, ther was no out tanding figure in thi country who could be call d a lead r; th r a on being that th head of the ar hite tural profe sion all b long cl to th acacl mi · chool. During thi clecad , Gropiu and ric Mendelssohn came to England fr m G rmany, but th ir ta was bri f. Th ey went on to the United tates, ' h re they are now working. The votari s of the n w archite ture talked of light, fr ·s h air and outdoor ex r i c. They exp lain cl that, a a gr at deal of time was n v p nt out of door , th plan and charact r of a hou should onform accordingly. In th • traditional hou th r ' a an 'atmo ph r of tuffin e '. It had room like e ll for separate occupation -dining, reading, ' riting, mu ic and . I e ping. But in the mod rn hou , with it 'fr' plan', ther wa a ingl larg sitting-room whi h had r c s es for ating, r ading and conver ation, form ed by built-in furnitur , creens or curtain . It ' as contended that one large room for arious purpo es allowed more valuabl space than several individual one . lt also ga e greater fr edom of mo ment. o as to ati fy the demand for 'communi ation with the outer air', thi spaciou sitting-room had one larg windo" , which u ually rea heel from end to end of the room and from floor to c iling. By thi m an , th loggia out id became part of the room, and the room th r by b arne part of the garden. The fre plan of the modern hou e ' a made possibl by it on truction; in t ad of up porting the floors and th roof by w ight-b aring wall , a cantil e r frame of r inforcecl con r ·te was u eel. This p rmitt d the roof to be flat and, what is more important, did not allov it to ontrol th e plan, whi h it did of nece ity ' hen the hou e had a pit hcd roof. AI o, a the wall were now lik panel in a fram , larg window op ning could take the ir pl ace. Th e r fore with a r inforced concrete fram onstruction, the walls now took the form of a thin prot ctiv kin, thu making it po ible to have window of an ize, and to hav an internal arrangement of part itions follo' ing any plan. The new mate rial, concret , and th ne\· antile er fram , brought about a r volution in house de ign, and this in turn cr at cl two chools

of ar hit tural thought both of" hi h w r vio l ntly oppo ed to a h oth r . Th traditional chool all d th hou of the mod rn hool 'pa king ca e ', and the mod rn , in ord r to explain the no el d ign of their hou c. , talked about their ' I an plan ' and 'cl ar cut lin e ' . Th ab en f rnam · nt wa looked upon as a virtu , for th mod rn sch o l boast d that, a th re w r· no tructural defe t to hid e , thcr ' wa. no ne d ~ r rnam nt. In th p ri d 1930- 40, th Yea r Bo ks how d, on th on hand hou e f traditi o nal design and on th other, mode rn hou e , th e b t of ' hi h '' •r f o n r te on tru ti n . Many ofth latt r which'"' r luilt ngland r , ho' ev r of bri k hidd •n und e r a ccm nt r ncl ring. Th o nomi and o ial hang . in thi decade w r • parti ularl r 11 ted in th h u. of th e traditional h o l. en ri h e li nts now ·want •d ompact and easily run house . Th • ' pi turesgu • ' in ountry ho u ar hitecture fared badly under th n w co nomi di pensati on; in fa t, it an be aid that it hardl ur iv d the de1 ression ear of 193 2- 3. Th Ge rg ian and R g n tyle w •re mu h in favour. v edi h de ign , parti ularl noti cab le in th tr atm nt of indo' and ornam •ntal iron 111

'The decorative and applied arcs had by now complctd) altered in charaacr.' Openjireplacc. Droning by ·J'dney R.Joncs.

work, "va al o p pular with a numb r of ar hitect . In nc rc pe t thi fore d c n m did good. It mad ar hit t f the traditi nal h o l I s ntim ental in outlook. Th ir plan ' c r • impl e r and m re dir t (th re w r l s badl li ghted or ill-proportion d room through tr ing to f1t th m into th c l · vation) and more in ac ordan ce '' ith th · ir client ' r guirem nts (not wish es . In compa ring the hou of th m d rn English chool of 19 30- 40" ith the " ork of rr n h and G rman ar hit ct of the am period, it i parti ularl • noti eab le how mu h the form r lack th e broad tr atmcnt and impl• " ell -knit ma eel hara t eri tic of the work of th be t ont in ~:nta l m, t r . In the ng li h mo d rn chool th e re ' a to mu h opy ing an l too littl e und r tanding. Th • u e of tru ctur a ornament was mot no ti eabl in th e employment of nautical features , ship's hand rail , xtcrnal iron !add r , bull -nos ·d anti leve r d bale nie , porthol· wind w · . II u -h feature appear o ut of ke ping in a static tru ture . eli tor of th - Year Book of 1936 umm ed up very adeguat •ly th e th n Th f eling aga in t mod rn arch it tura l d ign : ' . .. for the mod e rn ar hi t tural plan i at it. be t in urban . h m and in larg tru ctur ' ' her the " ·ep and po" er of a g n ral idea i manife t . Admirabl in a larg bl k of tow n Hat , it v ry oft n look odd ' h n isolated and r du d to a mall al ' in rural urroundings to whi h it e m vagu ,I inimi al. The mall m d ' rn hou that melt unobtrusive ly into a landsca p ' is still to ek ' .

The term "touasc jimwurc" now beaan to be used and a rc•·hal C?f the Jurmwrc

'!I che

Arts and Cr'!Ji .1/orcmcnl also took place.' Livinsroom. Drawin9 bJ .'I) Jnc.Y R. Jones.

TIH' a • o f th building pec ulato r who rected a number of mod •rn hou on th Iiff edge at an Eng li h ea id ' re ort, provid e a good :-.ample of th di fa our with which th ' Briti h publi loo k d up n th mall ban db · t } p' of ho u e. no n ' o uld bu o r rent th 111, h • foliO\\ ·d th ' ad' icc fa loca l e tat' ag · nt and fitt d gab I and that h to their Hat roof: . The m tamorph i gui kl y brought about a sa l . The d ·cadi:' of 19 25-35' ' a in ' hi h th e r wa great a tJVJt)' throughout th e co untry in the building of Hat , not on ly th ' muni ipal



t~ p' for PL'r on di pia d b) lum lcaram:c, but lu\ur) 'Park La1w' flat . Th , n " O,n r 'Oe t d in the . i;e and )wight of their room thL· high

valu of land and o t of building. Hat d" •llcr '' er no\\ used to li\ ing in rooms no more than nine feet in height, and dimen ion oft\\ •IH• b) ixte n feet ' ere on ider ·d amp le for the main itting-room. The c re tri tions in iz • al o brought abo ut ·hang' in furniture; modern l'urni tur • bec:arn' sma ll r, and mall pic es of antiqu wealth

h11j I rcmh c1poncnr 11

as Lc


••1//cJ at


if the nc11



ar hircaure

ho desioncd this rcln{oncJ mncrcte

arches, near Paris, in collaboration



P. Jcanncrer. The house at Dcssau (llFLO\\ ), 1~ Walra Groplus, il/urtratcs de•elopmcnr in a German


furniture forth· flat\ of

pcopl' ''ent up in value out of all proportion to their de ign and

qua lit). Bet\\ l' n I 9 JO and I 940, there \\ere SC\ era I ch r lecoration and furniture. The traditi nal hool, in \\hich C\Cr)thing in the form f de oration, uch , pan ·lling, ele ·tri light fitting c:himne piL' · · and grate , and also furniture,' a rcprodu Td from the pat, was on tht.· \\ane. It wa no longe r fashionable with the ri ·h, , nd it' a to expen. i\l' for othe r IJsse . n a pect of this p •riod d • oration wa. crcJted b) the 'Ma fair' d' rator. If-whit· o lour . hem ' and luxur h«nging. in the Regen y tyle, peach mirror , and pi kkd furnitur , ''ere considL•rt•d the h ight of good tate. Th furnitur • ranged from r•produ tion . and mod rn to antique pie e , ' hich I, t-namcd, it '"a no" thought, look d bctt ·r again t a plain "all than in a p eudo period etting. a ·ontra t to thi 'off_, hit·' lu ·ur de oration, thcr • wa the modern fun tiona! tyle. Th • main difl' •rcnc' betw •en the l\\() st I• , wa that in the former the room was arrang( d with its furnitur ', \\ hercas in the latter, the room wa planned with lov fitment book a. ~ , on· or two ouche , dining-table and ben ·h for eating, all of" hi h" •r' ll •t in po ition. o a. t form, in the 'all -purpoo; •' living-room, till' \ariou areas for mcrsation, eating and tud ·. Th • furnitur • w plain and impl · in hara ter, and had non of th lu:-..ur) and xp n i' look of the mod · rn furnitun· of the Ma fair room. \\edi hand rinni h furniture began to innucnce the ck ign of . onw of the Eng li sh furniture manufa turer .

' onsidcrable quantitil' of im -

port d c hairs Jncl table of pi \\ OOd on tru t1on of th d • ign of lvar alto, the rinni h a r hitect, ' rc o ld in Fngland at thi time. Both plain BEl 01\ :


Iut er Lnolish • er ron of rcin{orc cJ m nacrc

comtrucrlon . '\all l~rdc', Hat field, 1/cm . F. R. . l orkc.

lrc hitca :

and e laborat ', cheap and ·p ·n. i' ', chromium tubular chair and tabll'S w r al o much in eviden e, being a p pular in Mayfair a-. in ' hel ea and Bloom bury. Furniture of the rt and raft Hyle had no\\ lot it popularit, , lor ev n Heal and ordon Ru ell "ere produ ing flu h- urfaced furnitur •, venc•red n laminated board or pi " ood. Th' d •cadc before World War II a-. a great improvem •nt in thl' d • ign of lect ri · light fitting , ga and c l ' tri fir'. , radio ca e and r frig ·rators, all of whi h had gon through a pro es of e liminating unnccc ar orna ment. noth ·r advan ' as that the ele tri light bulb, in. tead of the ham c le ·tri · can II , wa now b •ing u cd for all go d qualit) ''all and hanging fitting . ith th' advent of World War II, another p riod of tran ition et in; but unlik• that of oriel War I, "hi h a\\ the hang O\ r from lu,ur) to cmi - lu xu ry, it \\a no' a tran ition from emi-luxury to au terit ' and fru tration.

LEFT: 'Liule Winch', Chippeifield Common, Hcrts. An example, in 1vood and oncrete, tj 'the free plan' for 'communication •rirh rhe outer air'. Architect: E. Afa.\ ll'ell Fry (Ada ms, Thompson &.. Fry).

Few arch it ' t ince the v ar hav e n a ho u which th y have d igncd for a private c li ent go be o nd th ' drawing-board tage. None but the cantie t improvement to on ' hom o r d co ratio n i allowed in thi period of au terit . The cho ic of furnitur i confined to four Ia esUtility (p lain or patt rn d ); nev furniture of m anufacture rs' limited tock d signs th refo re with littl e va ri ety in c hoi ce) and mad e xp ' n i e by 3 3 ~ per ce nt Pur hase Tax; o ut-o f-date eco nd-hand; antiqu e . Uphol ter and urtain fabrics ar o nl y pro urabl e in limit d rang s of patte rn and o lour , and at inAated pri ce unl ess of Utility brand, bccau o f the Purcha e Ta ; and the am r mark app ly to carpets and othe r typ of floor overing . Fitment furniture o e e ntial in th ~ modern hom e, can no \ o n I be mad at great ost from synthetic non-li en able material . Laminated board and pi ' wood, whi h v ere the material used for fitm nt pri o r to 1939 ar' on l procurabl For xport. Unci r the xi.ting conditi o n of suppl y, it i the hou ehold c r w ith a moderate income who is hit, for he cannot afford e travagant pri ces. If he ha · li tt le money to spe nd o n hi furni hing, he has no alt rnat i , but to bu · Uti lit ware , which ar cheap and tandardized, but o n the\ ho le uffer, unfortunate! , from a low lev I of deign, wheth r in furniture, fabri or arpet . What has eith r b en o rlook d, or ignor d of ne e ity, i that yo u can sta ndardi z de ign , but not th e pe r onal ta te of th people; for ea h level of o icty has its own outlook o n hou furni hing, and what i all right for he l ea and Bl oo msbury may be amth ma to Mayfair and Hamp t ad; and peo pl e li ving in th North ha e di~l'erent t, te from tho in th e o uth.

Absence tj omamem and focus on plain suifoces in a sinole-stor'!Y house, built on a steel framework faced wirh 'Aiajolica' slabs. Architects: Bruder Luckhardt, Berlin. BELOW: 'Ata.xfoir' decoration; a jour-poster bed b)• Bird lies with colour cheme in pale pastel shades.

Wh thcr or not the e teril yea r will leave th ir black mark on th e future e\ o luti o n of Engli h dome tic ar hitecture and furni hing, it i Jiffi ult to ay. We can on l hop not. Ther is no reaso n to uppo e that Utility \\ill not soon depart, and , with the release of co and th ab lition of building li cence , that ar hite t will not be abi to ca rry on \\ ith their private practices as th e did in pre-war day . And p rhap even their a quaintanc ' v ith au t ' rity will have afForded ome ex p ri nee of \'alue.


New Houses and Apartments T THE pre 'nt rate of progrc th half- 'ntur, "ill be up n u. with le ontribution to th' dom' ti arch it ctur >f our tim ' than th Ia t d cad of r car h and planning ha d ened. h n th' pr ing need for a mer roof to ·ra,...•l under ha ub ided and all emergcn y re triction ha e b en rela, d, there "ill b' rea on to hop for a vigorou pur uit of pr -war aim , tempered and ·ondition ·d by pot-war cxp•ri ' n c of requirements. Howe er, the ar hitect ' life today i not comp ed entire!) of dream for the futur . e' home ar • being built all OH'r the \\ Orld and, in place where ar hite t arc hicll confined to " rk on c ·i ting building , ome intcrc ting onwr ion have resulted. For hou of modern conception \\C look to the United ' tat a the countr mo t uitabl quipped to pur uc the purl'. t ideal in





Raymond Loewy's Cal~{ornian residence, architected to the owner's desians by Clark and Frey. ON THE OPPOSITE PAGE

and a northern view

are the master bedroom in chocolate and corn-yellow,

if the li vina-room, carpeted to the pool edae in are_r.


Anothu view

c:f the

same room with its corner

firep lace an d hia h/y veined Sa lton Sea stone above it. Allfabrics were desianed by Dorothy Liebes. (Ph otos: Julius Shulman . Plan: Courtesy 'House and Garden'. )


Sca le 10 feel



domestic architecture. One of the most interesting, from the point of view of planning and inter io r decoration, is the Californian residence of the w ell-kn own des igner, Raymond Loewy, illustrated on th ese two pages . By 'mansional' standards it is of very modest pro portions, with all rooms at ground level and arranged to flank two sides of a poo l o n to which the two bedrooms and living-room o pen. A curve of the pool actually o btrudes into the living-roo m and assists th e aim to ac hieve unity of exterior and interior. Jt is un fortunate that so few climates offer equal facilities for the architect.



J.c__ _ _ __

12 I 6 - - - - - - - - , 1











/I I


I, I








,. ,.


12 ' 6


7' 3




G T0


The plan oppo ite shows the layout rif' a sma ll fiat in Kensinown, London, d~sioned by H. Tayler and D. ). Green, iiA.Dipl., FF.R./.8.11. Jor a sinole prrif'essional man on rhe rop floor rif' an old terrace house. The problem t?J' space:findins was considerable and much t?J rheji1rniwre had ro be specially desioned, some rif' it as 'removable fi\1Ure '. Each room has been planned to serve at least a dual junction 1 need be. The small bedroom (o1,1ow) is also a sirtins-room; the nark-room, shown in the drawins, serves also as music room; and the /ivins-room,

-1!- ---

I ~:\

han n in che ocher toro phocoarophs, supplic the need Jor meals, cntcrcoinino and acwmmodacion t?J' an ocwsionol sue c. All doorsJolJ bockjlar co help chcjeclins '?.f space and ronrributc 1 isras. In addition co the _fixed furniture the entrol heotin9 ~rs t cm is remo•·able. Principal co lours arc: walls t?f' rouoh-tc¥11/red white paper containins sc!fraloured nooJ shavinss, /ivins -room floor 11 ich 8"!)' Jirtcd carpet lwvin9 norroov lines of a lialucr colour. ll'hite paint chrouolwut. Upholstery mainly oreen II ith 0 cents t?}" brisht colour in c.he cushions.





Two views '![ the li vina- room in a flat desinned and



ned by Denfs

Lasdun, F.R . l.B.A., in Dawson Place . It was planned and constructed within the attic'![ a Victorian house. The cei lin9, made'![.fibrous plaster in prifabricated sections, is suspended from the rcifrers. Floor '![compressed cork tiles. Panel wall'![ deal boardin9, tonnued and nrooved and wax polished. Fireplace wall papered with woven japanese a rass tissue. RemaininB walls painted in shades t?IoJf-white. The lone window opensfor its entire lenach and the metal Venetian blind is dark green on one side and pale on the other. Fireplace and mantel are in cast concrete. The door to the kitchen (ABOVE 1\I G IIT ) is decorated with Porwauese enaravings, glued on and varnished.






Hall, li• ins-room, sitting-room (LEFT) anJ bedroom in a flat by the Ron ley Gallery Ltd. to the designs Laurence A. J. Ron ley. The hall mirror rcj/em a model the 40-gun H. 1/.S. ' Harwich'. The }inure



is a native Indian carvin9. Model ~[coasting •c sd 'Arabella' pro• ide chi if colour note in the li vinaroom ond its rcccs alloll' for exhibirion of alrernatil•c models.from the owner' s co llection. Fitmcnts in


chis corner the room accommodate e•erything needed .for servin9 meals. The sitting-room has a orth aspect and irs colours are warm grC)', 8"/d, bronze and chcr')·-rcd. The si he red bed head ha> side panels "hich open as cupboards and the general colour scheme is mushroom pink, arey and lisht beige.


Dra11 ing 路room


dining-room, bathroom and 1tair wrner in a hou;c designed

by I avlo 1/oeni.IJ. /)rat~ ina-room 11alls in aJ>ter pink, .fireplace in caned Portland stone


gold leaf lines, surmoumcd bJ' a pea h mirror. Curtoim in

a lad !Jrc.路n. The dmin!J-TOOrn has a similar colour sc heme, but 11 ith curtams aj gold satin and wrpet ;alad green. Bathroom Hall dcmralion in Stipple etched elass with cngraocd


desiam . .\pace under the naircasc has been cH~f.tlly employed as cocktail bar.

The 11a/ls

4 the best bedroom arc in OJ <ter pink,

curtains and drapcric


OJ >l<'r sa tin tnmmcd 11 ith gold silk cord. The rloscfrttcd sa lad-erccn carpet has a


h11c rue On

it to form a dais for the bed. 8ed1pread in ajJ-11 hire satin, dcep-bucconed bedhcad in J ellow Chine\c hrocatelle and draplne in vc'J pale peath ilk, surmounted b) a ltght-concealing de orated corona. Bedside tal>les arc spra) cd pale pea< h matr 11

ith panhmcnt inla) and lined in sold leaf. (Photos: by courtc;y of 'The Queen'.)


Lhina-room c1·a modern Canadian house ncar Toronto, dcsisned by E. C. S. Cox. lacol.ftcld stone hos been used for rhe.ftrcplacc wall, with bir(h p~n•ood panels aborc . . 1// furniture is standard equipment cfCanadian desi9n.

H0 U TH 0 R J' I L L , I



Of\' TJ R/ 0

(Photns: Panda)

Another view c1·the /ivins-room, show/no the dinin9 alco•·e by the window. LEFT: View ~f the entrance hall.





T E R D ,1 II

I il1ns-room, tamer bor, dinins-room onJ 01'1'0 ITL : bedroom Ill a h<>u•e Jc•igncJ b) 1s chcr, of ,1m rcrJom. Colour ~ heme of St>[r sreen and ueam o.ffscrs rhc mahosaf!.l jurn11ure 1n rhe ""ns-mom. The mirrored bar 1.1 /11 {r"m behind rhe fro;reJ ala 1 pillar anJ rhc Jeep coumcr forms a cupboard 11 irh lid1n9 door<. Cabiner 11ork 1n rhe J1fllfl9-room 1 jin11hcd Ill maple and char ~hau n in rhe 111 a bedroom 11 c11 1.r in hiHhllood as01mr a ba<ksrounJ 1.\lifr pink one/ iloiJ.




Interior rie11·s of a house designed b.1 }er1n Ro;·ere as background to an11ques. Fireplace,

AT 1 rrr,






rth mggcr-bro11 n briquwcL I uc dotp 1

pohshed Joroed iran and copper. Clock, randclabra and mrrror arc period prc<CS. II II ow are a corner 1 rhe petrr salon and a • ie11 1rhe Iii ing-roam. The former has ;traii•:Jellow II ails and oreen door frame; the larrer iror; ll'alls and )'CIIOII wpolrJ.

The tapestries are illuminated .from abore. The modern s1a is m mahogany and )'CIIa11 sarin; period chairs in narural11ood, re-,·orered in oreen hint?.






roo f

~ ~=h-Jrrl6!!m r- IIQ f ...... "· E~3

t ..:.. b~

[) bedr o om



I u.lp







0 ,.....w.-c.D J!

~~io f t








bedr o om

I I: ~

.LJ: 1





_, -I


at Woldinglwm,

urrey, desioned by £lie Mayorcos, F. R. I.B.A. The tcvo exterior 1•iews shoiV (a) original state cvitll colour-u·ashed brick ...ark, pointed "eather boardin9 ro match and dark brown pantiles, and (b) the

0 CJ .

<if a South ll'in9, n irh <if around and first .floors

addition plans T



The interiors


<if the living-room in the new

IVins. Slidin9 doors separate the living-room from








Photograph, and plans by ourtcsy of 'The rchitect and Building ~ws'.



l11ms-room de~isncJ by II'.&..). Sloane ,.Jimlishcd ll'ith I8th-ccnwry Ensli h ond 1-rcnrh pieces. Primed nollpaper in braun and nhitc. Chartreuse shuttlcpoint carper. RIC.! IT: I II ins -room in a cortase on ned and de is ned b;路 Paul T. Frankl. Bookcase.~ 111 natural spruce. at ural ba.H 11 oadn care n indou shade. (Photo: Ma nard Parker.) n1 1 o\\ :



.\talf<alc anJ l11 ins-room" ith "ill I! local field stone dcsisned b;路 harp&.. Thomp on Bmli<k r!att,for 1/r II '. ~. Brooks, ll'cn lunrou>cr, B.C. (Photo: Tony Arther.)

living-room in an apartment desiencd by William Pohlmann, in which the ·ofour scheme stems from a collection

cif Pre-Inca


':apchart radiogram cabinet at rieht, desiencd by Pohlmann, is covered in Di-Noc and is ;urmountcd by a wllccrion

cif drawin9s,

oils and •vatercolours, brilliantly set o_ff. by the dark wa lls.

The hand11orcn blinds arc by Dorothv Liebes.


ncd11h j'urn11hlll9 scheme h) 1\cno' .< j oiner) ro rhc dt·\lyns

If. ll'csr. of 0. l. .Srockmon,


The fobrin

grey design b; Dora Jung. Jl'ooJnork


Oft' Ill


Jork ween nuh

Jork hrrch.


r: Gloll-

roppcd /on roblc nuh n hire ftoorhcr rc• ol11ng rub 'hoin JcuHn··J


Edn ard ll'orm/0 anJ mode b; rhc Dunbar I urnrrurt• 1/anufo,runng Co.

1)0\'1 :

Landing 1 rcn

if a


isssun room, dc>iyn~d b1


\<hodcr .


Lilms-room corner u11c bJ llodcrnasc I urnuurc arpararion. The scaional

ro{a conrra r rc\rurcs in borrlc-sreen agaimr prinred <hinr/. The currcd corner booklhd{ ol1e路 a problem. ll'arcrro/our 路 arc mac/an lle\iwn. m a ueek-cncl corraoe 11i1h 111o-rier bunk.<



I ilins-room

llodcrn finnish bed-siwna-room


ordman, ~{ 0.

1\cno's joineryro rhc dcsisn c?J l:. kfoHila and II. T. rockman, ~.B.

1 HT:

aha1c; pincjurmrurc made bj


irh bo.v dirans and

builr-in cupboard accommodation, de ionccl bj Una 1\iljanc/er.




cif' /i vins-room

with{urnirure desisned by Carl-Axel Ackins and made by A. B.

Svenska Mobelfabrikerna. Armchairs mahosany. Textiles by Elsa Gullbcrs.


bentwood and moulded veneer in beech and


Corner?_{ a larsc /i vins-room, designed

by Paul T. Frankl. Glass-topped table on combed wood pedestals. Parchment shades wound in heavy cord on Mexican tin candlesticks. (Photo: Maynard Parker.)

n colour (oi'PO rn): Furnishing scheme lesigned by · ell Morris and made by i. ,iforris &.. Co Ltd. Table injoreground has a igured Betula top and ;!mcrican 11 a/nut legs. :irrular table diced in .fiddlcback mahogany and 11adire. The laminated construction has oeco etploitedfor decororil·c '!.ffccc throuohouc.

All VE: ;!nee-room des inned by jean Roycrc. quared r'!Jfia wall panel framed'' irh bamboo beadina. ll'a/1 cabinet rcnecred in split StrOll. Floor if black aranite squares. L H-T ~=. ' TRC: irrin8 room dcsianed l~· Carl-Axel .!ckin9 with benrwood chairs and table in beech and mahoaany and bookcase if saranaani. Made by S1•enska 1/obcljabrikcrna. lFFT: Li1 ina-room dcsioned by Elow Kiljander. C!fa is in orcen rc/rer and 1100d11ark in birch. The liahc

B'CJ' corper is hand




Bachelor' bed-sirrma-room de Ia ned by Jean Ro; ere. Furniture In blca hcd oak and royal blue lacquered /ron11ork. Bed upholsccrcd in royal blue n ich} clio II' curtains ond cushions. Boch ccilina ond carpet ore niaaer-brown ond chc ll'olls ore cork pone/led.

Arri>c's rud10-Sillln9-room in a house or raniford, Connecr leur, de>iancd b; Joseph Aronson. I imcd oak 'cailorcd' wall fitmenrs allow copious accommodation. The walls arc 110od panelled ro naist-hciaht and mat<h in nich the door. Fireplace cf scone blocks, and upholste') in saae-arecn and othre. (Photo : F. . Lin o ln .)


Bachelor's attic aporrmcnt, dcsianed by Jean Ro)'Cre. Ralfta-lined walls. Table, in nowral pmc, projccrinafrom and supported on!J' by the wall. Choirs /0 oranac-lacqucred iron, II irh scars and backs 1 mulri-coloured scrapping. uov~;: rudio ~(architect E/qa Kiljandcr. 1a 1naturalll'ool. Bookshclrcs 1 natural birch. Carpet with white and brown. culprure by W. 路1alronon. RIGHT: culpror's scudio in the Hobart residence at Tuxedo Park, N. l"., dcslaned 11'11/lam Lcscaze and executed by Zerman-Acme.



(Photo: llarold llaliday



Lnino-room in rhe home rif ,1/r C. Saba, de i9ncd b;' harp &.. Thompson Bcnlick Prarr. A strono decorarire narc has been achic•cd b; conrrasrm9 rrcarmcnrs rif nalls and ccilinB. The Jar 11all is af cedar. (Photn : Ton) Arch<•r.) LLIT: Toner room in rhe house rif 1/rs Burran Tremamc Ill at 1/onrc Ciro, California, desioned b; Paul T. Frankl. IJreplacc in tc\Wrcd 11h11c plaster and 11al/ rif rello11. 8lack-and-11hirc linen ch01r and wrtamfabrics. (Phow: .tuart 'Rricn.)

RIG liT:

Ln ins-room in rhe home of 1/r &.. 1/rs Eric Clarke in suburban Toranro, desisncd b; freda G. James. Furnirure of modern Canadian des• on. Hand-11o•enfirepla cc rue by Karen Buloll'.

BOVE: Corner l![ living-room designed by Carl Afolmstcn. Bookshc![ units incorporate writing-desk. Wall hangings designed by Marta Af~clius, executed by Elsa Gullbera Textii.Js. ' Rya' ruafrom Afarta Maas-Fjetterstriim's workshop. LEFT: Dining-room designed by arlo Mollino and e.tecutcd by Ferrero, .featuring window-like mural (an enlargement l![ an old woodcut) beside the mirrored alcove, and Ions fluorescent light over the table. hairs have two-piece frames. BELOW: Living-dining-room furnished by ordiska Kompaniet to the designs l![ /li as S••edbcrg. Te.1tiles ~Y Astrid Sampe.

Dinins-room in Park Avenue penthouse desisned by IVilliam Pohlmann Associates Inc. Blinds l![ black-broll'n half-round wood slats with yarn •rarp in subtle shades de igned by Dorothy Liebes. Other nalls '![ Lchra noad with built-in storase cupboards. Plate-slass scning shehes. Chartreuse carper. Bleached walnut table and cora/leather-c01ercd chairs.




cif o

d1ning-room designed by ) con Ro)Cre,

in a Tren<h pro• indo/ house. Furnirure in no rural bee<h



table-top in slate. Curtain and chair fabrics hand-pnntcd in I iolet and areen on white. Walls and cei ling lined 11ith bamboo.

urr: Dining-room jurniwre designed I') , lrchur l. Finn and made by Gus Dich isch. Fur111rurc in limed oak uuh saddle leather door . Olil e-9rcen '"ails. Chairs upholllered



tomato-red material. Ill fabrics u·o•cn hJ 1fur) Anderson. (Phot o: W c, lc) Balz.)


ow: /)ininH-room

dcsianed by Rena Roscnrhal Inc. in natural mahoHoJ'?,I. Chairs covered in rcddi.1h brou n leather.


Dinino-room desioned by j ean Roytre furnished in vcamore. Table frame and less in lacquered .foroed iron . Chair sears in horse-hair fabric. Curcuins ha ve bouquets if corn poppies in red and green on white around. T'![red niooer-brown carpet. LI-FT: Lil'ino-dinino-room desioned by Ed ...ard ) . Wormley and made bf Dunbar Furniture Man<!facturinB Co . fotcwortllj' is che doublefaccd olass-doored cabinet (doors slide on bach sides for cosy access), wich capered aluminium Ieos which sere"' in and arc thus adjustable to uneâ&#x20AC;˘ en floor ina .


Cocktail bar desianed hJ Corpmotion.



llodernaac furniture


limed oak



swched leather front. ttl .liT:

ocktail bar dcsianed bj Renata G.

Anocli. Bar table in herr_y-11 oad


ith marble

top and foot rest. Cherl')路-11ood scool.\ and sideboard rontainin9 rifrioeraror and sink. Ceilino in brown and cream scrlpe>.


til c panel in polished plate-alass cut and embossed moe![,



ich brilliant

barkoround sarin

jinhhcJ and sihcred. Dcsioned bJ Walter Pierce anJ maJc ~~ Pilkinocon Brochers Ltd.

LEFT: Bar in ew York penthouse aparrment desiened by William Pohlmann Associ aces Inc. Mahoaany bar counter 11 ith sculptured cast-bronze leas and 'back-to- bar' leather-covered taxi-cab seats. Sink and sroraae space are provided behind the counter.

Wine store and drink counter 11 ith built-in sink, cupboard and refrieerator in the F. V. Field residence, ew York CiC.J, dcsiened by William LescaLC and made by Zerman-Acme. (Photo: Ezra Stoll er.)

Cocktail bar desiened by tlrthur L. Finn and made by Gus Dickwisch. Tcrra-coc.ta tile floor. Cocoa-brown and olil'e-oreen walls. White loop carpets. All walls removed to make a room 54ft路 lon9. (Photo: We ley Balz.)

Room designed b; ,llj ne ll 'halcn jor Jane Beardslc; ascd 6) in rhe Beardslc; residence, an 1/arino, California. Builr-ln shelves, play table and benches In natural pine. Floor in tHo shades a{ arc; linoleum 11/th )'elloll' inlay and a section dfl•ided into squares for somes. IJFI 0\ : Tllll!-bcdraam by rhe Dunbar Furnirure 1/am![aaurinB Co. ll 'aod11ark in mahasany. Deep ba\-spring marrres es. T•ified carpet.

ABO\ c: Bedroom in home 111 7horncresr 1 dlag<\ nrar Toronro, desianed b; E. C. S. Co\. 111 furnllure is rif builr-in unirs. (Phmo : Panda.) t rrT: Room for a )'Ouns lad;· des19ned b; Ph; Jli s Brockert 11 irh 'Lo• c Lw~r' bedspread b;• Cabin Crrifrs Inc. in scranium-red embroidered loops, w{rcd srnpcs anJ deep border in 1110 shades rif 11 arm arc; on narural ground. eedlelt!fc rua repeats the aeramum colour.

Close carpeted bedroom in the home '!f.Mr and I Irs Eric CIarke, desianed ~· Freda G. james. Armchair covered in printed chintz . Can•ed .ftaurc forms the table lamp standard.

Bedroom in a Mc\lran l"i IIa formerly owned by Raymond Loen; and desisned by Ra;•mond Locny Associate;. (Architects: Corona J Mannino.) Bcdhead and dab· in white leather, the latter studded with red copper brads. /·itted quilted bed-c01·er and bolster, no rural colour. (Photo: Zamora.)


I Furniture

' of mod rn furnitur there ha\(~ been num rou p rim nt with hap , "hi h ha' ' produ ed tartling re ult , but mo t p op l do not want their hou e to look like probl •m in g m tr . Table , hair and abinet have functions t fulfil and th ir basic hape ar di tat d, an I have be ·n C r enturic , function a mu h as b th ir de ign r ' de ire to reat b th ometh ing 'individual'. THE DE IG

Linked with the main purpo e ha'e alwa •s b · cn thought on difT rent p ible wa · f on tru ·ting furnitur and on material oth r than onventional "ood, not o mu h for th • ake of being diffi•r nt a with the bj • t of fa ·ilitating ma hine production, r du ing co t, and om tim 'en of tran lating fun tion into pur r term . Thu , thi year' c le tion of furni hing , "hi h till pre rv a o und ba kbon of good' oods' •II u ed, al o compri • or tw int rc ting r su it of mod rn cxp rimcnt, notabl in tc hniqu born of th di ov •r that di imilar material. an no' b firm! bond d togeth r. motu eful a hie, em nt in thi onn cti n i th • abilit to ti k wo d to m etal. If ' ood of ufficicnt thi ·kn' on I to "ith tand the normal urfac wear i bond d a a Yen r to h ·ct m tal or allo of a thickne ompatibl with then· ·d for tr ngth and mallcabilit), a trong and Acxibl material re ult , "hi h an be cut and bent, ri ted or bolted to form abin •t , upb ard and a "ide ·hoi ' of u eful and de orativ pi c .

mall cabinet desisncd by Ernest Race, F.. I. A., anJ made by l:rncsc Race I td. Alahosany n ith in ec meta/ cups to cake the cupboard knobs, and leo of liahc alloJ'· I ilins-room oroup dcslsned by Charles Eames. Low shock-mounrcd chairs in natural finish n ith moulded nood scats and backs. Bot-jointed unit cases n ith droners, slrdmo doors and alummlum handles . RIG liT:

O I'I'O~ tTr: Cabinet f!f pi<klcd oak 11 ith polished brass handles desioned bJ Tommi Parzinoer and made b)' the Charak I urnicure Co.



Dinina-room cabinet

ll'ich wired alass slidwa doors and na cural uaoJframc, dcsianed b_y

'aucr &. l'aad.

(Photo: 'efllen, Baden.) RIG II T:

Drcssin9 rable in chrec unic; dcsiancd bJ Georae


for /Ierman A/iller Furnirure Co.

Ccnrre ca ble unit suspended b; outer unirs on ro "hi ·h ic clips. Jllirror-lincd lid su icchcs on diffused liaht in ramd posicion. h a liable in walnuc or primarcra. BELOW:


if droners b;

Pascoe lnJusrries lm. in nacural birch or maple. Laminarcd lea base.

ret there arc few exa mple of bond ed m etal and ' oocl ,·cnc' r appli ·d to furnitur on tru tio n, but those that ·x i t how many po ibiliti in th ' id ea. In th' ame way, wood ha been b nd ed to mould d pia ti and n titute a mo t ati fa ·tory material for door , a bin t fr nt and other o ca io n "hi ·h demand the u ' o f flat ' en ' r on a trong ba c. l lad it not b •en for the ca rc it of prop rly a on d timb r th e devclopm nt of uch te hn igu ' a th e might' II hav b en retard ed. it i , th eir adoption i like l to dev lop a chara te n t1 ie of d ' orati\'C urfa c treatment. For a thin ,, nccr do' no t allo, of re li ef ca r ing bey nd pi e rc ing of th e urfa ' to r ., ca l th ' mat rial to "hi h th ' •n •c r i bond d, or of pi e rc ing right thro ugh th mate rial, but in th a c of aluminium th former t p ' of treatment can b ' v 'r , A· ti,· . The pro e , howe\t~r, am unt to no mor ' than two -dimcn ional de ign on a unt f th , trcm thinne of the ' ood o e ring. Dee p re li ef d ' C ration on furniture made of olid wood annot b emulated in th v nc ' r ' d arti le and thu , by revea ling the comparati ely thick

ub tan of the material u ed, retain a hara ter individual! it own. It i p ible, however, by piercing bonded veneers to r v al the malleable aluminium ba e and to po a urfac of heet metal whi h an b ' beaten or pre eel into d corative relief. The effe t an be arried further by tinting or by anodizing the expo ed metal to a de ir d hade of colour. In fact it is not ev n necessary to remov the vcn 'er in order to obtain a pres ing in shallo,. relief, for the bond d mat rial has tlw useful property of yielding to the puni hment of pre moulding without plitting or cracking away, pro,id'd the ontour of r eli ef call for no sharp bend. E' n rippl or orrugated eff, t might find d cm·ative application, be ide adding stiffne and trength and ubduing the metallic ound oth rwi e caus d by impact. A new material with uch po ibilitic may have a stimulating and wide pread effect on the de ign of modern furniture, by reason of its decorative e~ t. But il i n 'i th r probable nor d irable that the most sympathetic, noble and u ful of th workable material known to man hall b entirely replaced b foundation of metal or plastic and merely u ed for urface treatment. Hardwood ven er have long been u cl in cabinet making on a tructur of h aper ' ood, and harclw od ar till u uall employ'd in the olid for the more orth do type of four-1 gg d chair. However, the use of metal in furnishing do call for an ntirely cliff rent design technique and the pro cs of bonding does bring wood and metal into lo e r onta t, both phy ically and piritually. Provided it i u. eel "ith good en e and in mod ration it will have much to contribute to the futur of furniture de ign.

Wine cabinet covered in natural hide, with incised gilt decoration on gilt wrouoht-iron base dcsioned by C. A. 1-l'!fschmid, OEV., Cencl'a. (Photo: Boi onna , Geneva.) LHI:

'Pakro' demountable furniture.

Divan n irh end cabinet providing a slidino lccif writing cable, baokshel•·es, coffee table and tool dcsioned and made by Dan Cooper. Woodwork, includinB plywood wall panels, natura/finish.


RIGHT: uire in ua,ed roscuooJ JcsioneJ by Jean Rop!re. Armchair co•ered in yellow sarin. JJELOW: Writina desk in polished wood wirh cenrre panel faced in hide dcsioned by /Ions. . Wormann. Learher-co•ered chair.

II ri11119 cable "rrh ""F''ndcd draucrs anJ roush rnrur,·J fabric-co•creJ <half> Jc:;isncd by J-1. Bel/mann and made by ll'ohnbcJarf, I. G. (Photo: G~\Vl'l'b~sthuk· Phorngraphic Ia '• Zuri< h. )

TOI': 1-urnirure suite in u lad)¡~ room clcsianecl h)' !:Ina Kiljandcr. Unit cupboard, booklhelres and table if bir<h. T'!ftcd carper in blue and nhitc. AUOVE: Furniture in nawrallarch, d"si_qncdfor us" in inerpensile houses ancl made by Gcnosscnsch'!fr '1/obel', ZuridJ. (Photo: . Fngkr, Winterthur). L FFr: Grc;y Formica-topped desk and ll'oll hehes if Adirondack birch clcsiencd by Joseph Aronson. hair coâ&#x20AC;˘ crines in pimento hand- loomed .<ilk.

(P hoto: F.

. Lincoln).


llOVI : Glcm-toppcJ tahlc 11 ith frame and <hair in natural oak, de i9ncd I') !medea Clorarino and made /~1 lldlonc tf Turin. lilT: Table in palm uood and around C')stal; /cgs partia/lj fOICrcJ in burnt hoe-skrn; .fini>hcd 10 9i/JeJ bras . De lgncJ I') Carlo Fnrico Raâ&#x20AC;˘ a anJ muJc b) ' It OJ Select a'. llfl 0~\ : I aminated slass-toppeJ table '" II hire ~yea more and I rcnrh 11 a/nut desisned h~v B.). amlc anJ made b) H. tlorri.f &.. Co. ltd. lmerior .finish '" -9â&#x20AC;˘camorc , c\teriar in 11a/nut.


Glass cable with wooden side member~ linked by meral strain rods. culptured lee assemblies in 1110 main components. Desisncd by Carla tlfollino and made by Apelli &.. Varcsio.


\flO\ I : Circular lass-topped table in poli hd mahogany frame dcsiencd by Guol,c/mo ll/ri<h and made bJ' Jonnace &.. Kovacs. RJ(;Jn: I cJ<quacJ II roushr-iron table

Jc'iHncJ b) Jean RoJcrc. /nrascamg iron rod< are joined by pofhhcJ <<>f'pcr bcJlls II hi<h 1Upport the efasS top.

Tll'o-rone table and upholstered chair desianed by II. Bel/mann and made hy Wohnbcdarj, 1. G., Zurich. (Photo: Wolgcnsi ngrr, Zurich). J-/a!fround nest tif three tables in oak, desiencd b)â&#x20AC;˘ Catherine pc_rer for Rena Rosemhal Inc The lamp has a caned ll'ood tandard.

1 rrr:

ADO\ 1 : Table n irh cross-mortised less c!f dear na\cJ chc tnul and nalnur, desi.qncd I') 1/ario Oreslia and made bJ¡ Durro-Fossano. RIG liT : I urnirurc for a small dinins-room by Carl Malmsten. Teuilc by Jltiirta Maas-FjctLCrstrom.

RIGHT: 'IVa) ~l~aa' jurniwre cif slender proportions in ra cnood, 11ith 'blru de chine' rase, desioned by Carlo Enrico Rava. BELO\\ : fo/Jin9 wrd-table and chairs in maple, upholstered in bluc-or~en huic, de roncd b; 1/ario Oreolia and made by Trc Elle cif Turin.

BELOW: mall dinino-room suite and occasional chair by Pascoe Industries Inc., nwde if natural birch or maple laminated plywood. The dinin9 chair have foam rubber seats and rhe table has a Formica top. The cabinet is equipped with three tray drawers, one adjusrable shc!f and slidin9 doors. Zippered loose caâ&#x20AC;˘'er on occasional chair.

Desk in birch desisned for an adrcrrisin9 cxewril·c's home usc in a small 1/ol/; nooJ aparrmcnr b;· A~1nc IVhalcn. /r conrains.filc droner and I) pen ricer space as ncl/ as burlr-in radio. Ch"rr in birch with yellow, terra-cotta and bron n rrrpcd fabric

Dra~>in,q cable rn beech des caned b; , hd Larsen

(or S•·enska 1/iil>cljabrikerna, Badcifors. llcialu cwd ri/r are adjustable. Side arrachmenr holds a rypcwrirer.

Double pedestal desk in narural birch or maple, wlrh coloured draner.fronr , by Pascoe Industries Inc. Jlahoaany cop. Laminated chair frame wlrh rorron or plastic ncbbin9.


\I!OH: fno IHHifl8 d<·1k.l, and (rishr) a dwncr cabrncr in nylc ro march desisncd bJ Pcrcr liliJr <Jnd 0. llolll<1<1rd \icl•cn and made by obors llobc!fabnk (}. }acol>rcn on).

LHT: Wall unirs in a child 's bedroom. ll'hen nor required, rhe child's wrilin9 de k can be lou ered and rhe flaps abo• c lcr donn for a srandin9 heiehr table . The shelves arc adjustable. De i9ned by Aueusto Romano and made by . A. . Cosrcli.

Leather upholstered armchair

Cuban mahosan)' dmtnB <hair •• tth

desioncd Pj' Ole ll'anschcr

lcarhcr scar d<1i9ncJ h)· Ole ll'am,hcr

and made bj

1'0 11 ood rhair dc>iyncd by

I. J. II erscn.

and made bj )11cob l.jtu.

culprurcd frame rhair




Morris and made bj II. 1/orri &.. Co. ltd

upholrrercd scar and back

(Courtesy of the tlrclutcm' Journal).

dcsisncd by Rena to C. lnscli.

,1/ou/ded P0 11ooJ chair

P0n ood armrhurr dcsi_qncd by

b) Charles Eames. ( ourtcsy

[ric lyons, 1/ . . 1. 1., <1nd

of the

Mu"~ um

ol' Modern

m'Jde bj• l'ackL't Turnirurc, I rd.


Foam Rubber thair car

llcntuood armthair de>isncd h) 1/ans J. ll'cyncr and

laminated frame bj


Pa,coe Industries Inc.

made h) I ritz 1/am~ns

Lisht-11 cis he dinins chair

4rm hair in bccrh

dcsisncd by .1/ario Orcelia

dcsisncd by Ore Boldrfor

and made by Dutro-rossano.

Triu Hanscm Ljrjl.

Fully upholstered reclinin9 ea~ chair desianed b)' Carlo Mollino and made b)' Cellerina cif Turin.


. cat-back and arms pressecl.from one piece cif material to .fir into rhc frame. Dcsianed b)' A vel Larsen for the Institute cif Hanclicrcifcs,


Uphohtered armchair on steel (ramc wirh 'T'-seaion liahr allo)' leas dcsianccl b)' Ernest Race, F . . A.I., and made b)' Ernest Race, Ltd.


.lrmcharr t?Jpamred bee<h 1111h upholllcn·d 1~ar cmd back, dcsiancd b) Soren 1-fans~n and made h) Fm/ 1/am~m I jrfi. LEFT: bpmmcnral <hair mad~ of 1.1 sm9le shc,•r of' Vandura' bonded 11 oad •cnccr and alummrum /1_1 l'cn,·•ra I rd. Dcsiancd and mode b; I rn11 Pollak. AB


( ourtC') of 1hc

ABO 1 : Knirrin9 chair in ll'alnuc irh drall'er or side, uphol cered and fully sniffed sea r and back. Oe;i9ned b) horles , iddison and made by Thoma.\ Jure ice 8c. ons Led. RIGHT: I aminated rhair ~tirh foam ruhber sear and back and laminared occasional cable in brrch, maple or 'fru11oad' micarw b) Pascoe lndusrries Inc.


oundl ol lnclu, O,·,ign. l

ll'iny ca~ ch<Jrr and mJJcc rablc, made either uuh ~<oodcn or liyht alloJ leo , dcsiancd by /;rncst Race, F.. I.A., ond made b) Ern~sc Race, l rJ. II HOW: Rcclinina chair dc1i9ncd by 'orman Bel Gec/Jcsfor l'alle_)' Upholstery.

Upholstered settee 11 ith frame ~{ bent ash, desianed by oren Han en and mode by Fritz Hansens Cjrjl.


nrc;rrr: I O!) chair in hand-11orenjabric, nm '!frhr,路r mahogan) tables and masazlne ratk, dc1igncd h) Carherinc peyerfor RcntJ Ra<cmhal Inc. Lamp b) Keram. 0110\\: Ro.10:1100d chair 11 irh embroidered 1ra~ and ICIJS lipped II ith sildcd bran. Dc>~gncd b) Carlo Enrico Rara and made bj 'II'a) clcaa'.

11FT: [aS) chair 11 irh laminarcd frame and arms and foam rubber scat and bad~, by Pasmc lndu 1rries Inc. ABO\ r : Eav chair 11 irh concarc scttion arms and less, designed bJ rho: >tajf dcsisncr for n~rdcr's Lrd.


Free form collapsib le bed, made entiref.y

<?f ••ood. The sprin9m9 is achic•cd by means cif.fle~iblc ash srrinaer . Side table £?( >pecia l hope is hinsed to the bed head. Desisned bJ (<Jrlo 1/ollmo and made bj Bmctro, P.I.C. I. 1/.

1\IGHT: Cradle£?( nood and plastic, dcsisned I~ Paul Br). The transparent plastic co rer, llidmg in sroored circular suides protects the

babJJrom drausht> and in{euion, oJ li9ht and sun . .iltr jlons throuah unca•ered areas at head and.foar. ll'o•cn sidcl and endl arc cif Tcnite .mip.1, morcjlcllble than hard pla;tics. The noodenframe is co•ered "ith blue lear hererre. Btl O\\: tasy chair in stained and poli>hed beech, and table in beech "ich srained and poli hed legs, dc>isned and made b) I riu //amen.~ IJtfi. but allons penetration


Settee in bc,xh nith coii<Jpsible

l'lld, desisned bJ Borne .1/oraemcn and made by Fritz //an en t.Jrjl.

d iancd b;

LCFT: Armchair C?f Jm-quercd birch 'i/s Ensrrom and made b; .tn Tcrd. lundquist&._ Co.


omplcrc ua//umr comprlsin9 double beJ-scrtcc ulrh linen drauer, ll"ine wbinet, 11 ririn9 and drcs!ino-wblc and bookshchc>. Designed and made b; 1\nud Juul-flan en.






~- .



RIGHT: Dinino rablc wirh arecn marble rop. I cg and chair frames in "hire enamelled iron rod. Chair-scars in jlartencd stuffed hemp. Desianed b; Renoro G. Anaeli.

u FT: ,trmchair '!J poli>hcJ mahoaal!J, de.sianed l')¡ 'ils Ensrrom and made by tn I crd. lundquilt &._ Co.

Tu in .scuccs and ruo-lcaf rablc in 11 a/nut desiancd and made b; 1\nud Juui-Hansen. Hand-made corcrin9s b; I. II. 1/uon Frank. The smccs can be rom crr~d rnro beds.



1 LFf A ' D Ilfl O \\: T>ro cabincn of Cuban mahaoon) dcsioncd by 01~ Wanschcr and made I') ,I, j. h crscn .

ABO \ r: Cabmcr for 11 all {hin9 or on lcs b<J:>c, cqwrpcd 1111h rhrcc rra)' dra11cn, one adflhtablc >hdf and sftdlll8 doors. Dcsloncd l~1 f'a.,<oc lndwrrics Inc., and made rn l>ir<h or n~<rplc. IIHO\\: Wardrobe in Indi an laurd and tfri<an 11 alnur dcsionrd 1~1 Per a lidâ&#x20AC;˘ illc and made bJ I. II. l/dnro.1h &... Co. I rd .


Wardrobe in waxed oak jar a child's

roam, dcsigncJ bj• Auausco Romano and made by S. il. ·. Cosrcli.

Ill· I

ow: Cock-

rail cabincr in Cuban mahoaony



jleliblc , lidina doors, de inned by Frirhjtf SPcndscn and made by Anders


Dinina-roomjurniwre in waxed chesmut.

It can be di·mamled for packin9. Dcsiancd by .1/ario Orcglia and made by Dutta-Fassana. lJELOW:

idebourd in bcc<h




bird' s-c.xe map/" and /cbrano, desianed by Hugh ,1/arrin, , I.R.I.8.A. for Fi her Gilli Lcd.



Dinina-room table and lcarlwr-

nuacd <hairs

1 oak in the rciidcrnc of Dr

John Turner, ,llonrrcal, dcsioncd l>J Grctr d' //ant and made b) Grete d' I font rudros. 111 1 O\\ :

Brcaljasr-roam suite dcsi9ncd hJ

II. &.. }.

loanc. Chairs, slass-roppcJ table

anJ ala5S-IOJ'J'Cd Side tab/c in II rousht-iron dc<"ararcJ in uhirc, chartreuse and poudcrprnk. Chair scars arc in poudcr-pink.


Granirc dinina-room wble ueiallin9 1/ls, made by H. E. Flccchcr Co. Eames chairs co•~rcd in natural sheepskin . Room deSigned by ,lrundc/1 Clarke. lUCHT: Bi rch scfa de igncd by W. West and co.ffic cable dcsi9ned by ,II. T. 1or<lman 0. Y. Sco kman, A.B., and made by Ken•o ' s joinery. ·IBOH:

I ,000


11 FT: Bar 11a9an in oak de>lsn~d b; arherine pqcr for Rena Ro cnrhal Inc Ill L()\\ : Bcdhcad in mara>sar ebon; "irh built-in nishr rablc for books dcsiancd b) William I es..azc and made by Zcrman- Ierne for rhe f. 1'. Field aparrmcnr,

'e"' York

Boohhche1 o{ rhcrr) 11 ood and sla !, desisned as adjustable demcnrs b) . lususro Romano and made by /:/lena if Turin. 1\1 .liT: Cl!ffec rablc if onc-imh plarc-alass jour .fccr square on a bci9c l~arhcr-ro• ered frame. Dcsioncd b; 1~ nc Whalen for rhc l11rns-room if11r and llrs Chj)ord II. 1/arkcr's re idcncc ar Bc•cr~ I ill/ , Cal!fornia.


Ci~· ·

Lamp b;· 1ell Campan).

Libra'!ment comprisin9 adJU>IOb le shelves, mpboard and joiJine "ririn9 cable in ash, dcsiencd by 1-1. Bel/mann and made by ll'ohnbed11if, A.G., Zurich. Ill I()\\': Book and maaaLine rack of cher'J'II'OOd and a lass held loo.:lher b)' Ma tension rods, desianed by lluausto Romano and made by Ellena l!J' Turin.

RIGHT: ·iaht table in uhite burl ilh hand-can•cd drawer handle dcsiancd b) Catherine pqer for Rena Rosene hal Inc. DHOW: Lacquered birch jurnicurc dcsinncd by ils En triim and made ~v 11. B. Ferd. Lundquist &. Co. Table cop f!.(polishcd a h. 11


Carved stoneware vases in srcy wich yellow laze desianed bJ Gerd Booelund and made by The Royal Copcnhascn Porcelain Factory. LEFT: Decoraciâ&#x20AC;˘Âˇe salr-alazed sconell'arc poe and bowl, matt russet, dcsiancd by Vera Hut~ains and made b; Ro)'al Daulton Pocreries. BELOW: l'asc b)' T. Bccr-Zorian.

Ceramics RIGHT: l'ascs and bonis in black, 9reys, braun and red dcsignd vnd made bj Edn in and Mary Scheier, and IIELOW: Hand-thron n stoneororc mses and bowl dcsianed and made by ll<.~rsucmc ll'ildcnhain.

Vase in 9rey ala?c decorated underalaLC in blue and turquoise, and a bowl in sang de bocuf alaLe dcsianed by G. L. de nr/lmon-Jodcrhalm and made by Atelier Lachcnal, Paris. RICIIT: Bawl ll'ith grey matt elaze and stanen ore vase, clay su~facc outside desianed and made by Edn in and llary clocier.



SqucC/cd boul m metallic dark blue, r<Jund boul in rough



and blue, mau-su~faccd plaucr 11 ich abscra<1 head, and 111 o •mal/a bo11 Is dcs19ncd and made bJ

Bcacriu Wood.

lilT :


place II 1Ch blwsh ore; slazc 0\CT hand-wlourcd dcrorarion PI Adricn l'ilondrc. (Phuto : atiunal Gallt•r) nf Canada.) .~80 \ l: Sconcu arc trO)'


ich blue dcwracion designed l>J Bir9cr koipiatnt•n

and made by Arabia Porcela in and Earchcm10rc facto').


Two stoneware vase desiancd and made by Maija Grordl EFT: 12 ins hiah, RIGHT: 10 ins hiah, borh with white and broll'n alaz~. (Courtesy: yracusr Museum of Fine Arts and Onondaga I ottery o.)

Stoneware bowl with crystal alazc and stoneovare vase BELOW:

desianed by Stia Lindbcrll and made by Gustavsbcr.q's tudio.



I Fl

'toncll are

platter, 17 ins d~amctcr, 111th itlltrC sJazc, reddHh-brolln, and routhcs clj' alii c-areen, sold and sil•cr, dcsioncd cmd made b) 1/aro/d L. Ricyaa. ( uurt<'') : ra


lu'\eum nf hm.·

rh and

nondaga Putt<'') Co.) P/arru, 1

asc and ba11 I in cia), dc••ancd

and made by I aura . lndrcmn.



place II


concll'arc bottle and

ith finarr decoration and

ood-ash sla/C\ dCSI!JnCd und

made b) Hcrbm I I. .\andcrs. u rr:

hallo11 dccorutcd plates 1n

blatk, bro11 n and H'"J, small bo11 Is 10 8'''), 9rccn, red and blue, and a can cd lc~mp be~ c 10 pale 8'9, dcsiancd c~nd rnudt• /~1 l:d111n and llal) '>< llcirr.

Three from a cL cif six canaphrays with lip edaes, porcelain "ith undcrola?c d~ oration, desianed and made by ascha Brasroff. ( nurtcsy: yracuse Museum of Fin~e Arts and Onondaga Pottery . ) Rl HT: Blue and white sronewarc troy deslsneJ b)" Birscr Kaipiainen and made by Arabia Porcelain and l:.arthenuare Faccory. BELOW: China bowl wirh pink or B"!Y craqueJ.i alaze desianed by G. L. de ncllman-Jadcrholm and made by Arabia Porcelain and Earrhenwarc Factory.


Porcelain vases desianed by Thorkild Olsen with cream alaze decorated in black and yellow. Made by The Royal Copenhaaen Porcelain Factory. RIGHT:

Plate, pear-shaped vase and small

bowl, desianed and made ~y Gertrud and Otto Natzler. (Courtesy: 'The American Home', and Dalzell Hatfield Galleries.) BELOW:

Sconcll'are vase in turquoise a lass and

cerra-cotta dcsianed and made by F. Carlton Ball. (Photo: Stone & Steccati.)

Stoneware rase and bowl, 'hare fur' alaze, desisned by Berndt Fribers and made by Custavsbers's Studio . LEFT:

Hand-thrown vase, plate and bow l

desisned and made by Gertrud and Otto Na tz ler. BELOW:

Stoneware vase, 13 ins hiah,

in srey-areen and white, desioned and made by Maija Grote// . (Courtesy: yracuse Museum of Fine Arts and Onondaga Pottery Co.)


Vases and bon I in n路or)'-rolourcd porcelain decorared in black under rhe olaze, and (riohr) faience n Jrh pol_ychrome decararion on rin olau all dc1i9ned by Thorkild Olsen and made bj' The Royal Copcnhasen Porcelain rO<IOI)'. lltl w: Box ll'irh hand-rurned 'runner' beads and IVedan ood oreen laze de i9ned by 1\eirh 1/urraj', R.D.I., and made bj Jo ioh II cdsn ood &.. ons Lrd.


Celadon stoneware lidded jars with rust decoration desioned by Donald Jllills and made by The Donald tlli//s Pottery Ltd. (Photo: cymour-Lincoln.) BOTTOM:


cj' earthenware pottery by F. Car/ron Ball

Comprisino plate With transparent o la ze,







black underolaze and Iaroe crackle pattern, roe cifye llow slip on red cloy with chartreuse oloLe and two vases tc\turcd with mottled ochre and brown. (Photo: Stone MALL lLLUSTH T I



Croque/e bowl

by Winifred Phillips. (Photo: Manfred Olson.)


'Daphne' Stoneware sculptured .fiaure, bowl and vase desianed by Stia Lindbera and made by Gustavsbera' s Studio. RIGHT:

Cylindrical vase by Laura Andresan, and bowl

decorated with hiah reliif, exterior deep red clay, interior arey ala?e, desianed and made by Edwin and Mary Scheier.


.\tcm~n ore

bon/ with lishr matt slaLe and 1 as.: dcsianed by .lrabia Porcelain and Earthcnnare Factory. Stone..-arc bon/ , />ron n 9/11/C II rrJr JriJb!-COJoured spotS and a b/uis!J tint, desisned b)' 11.\e/ Salta anJ maJc I') Tire Ro) a/ Copcnhaacn Porcelain fa ctory. RIC liT LOlli M : .\cmi-mart 9/aLCd cc/adon stonCHore j/oll'cr I'OSC dcsianed and made by Dana/J Ifill ·. (Ph no: ·~y mour-Lincoln. ) Bon/ and 1•ose if porcellanous stoncn·cJrc II irh II ooJo,h ala/CS by Herbert 1-1. andcrs. (Photo : George Stone.) LEFT L\ILll \1":

Tomr lfuana anJ maJc




'Kescral' shape rea narc, nich 'scarbursc' morif' 10 mahosan) anJ <as~. mic

mahooan; Imina "llh "hire ,•Jatns. d,·,sncJ by ooper, R.D. l ., and made b; usi<' (Mp,•r Pore~'} led. (The mac!f is fm-hanJ painccd.)

Tca-scnicc b)'

11'8 Dcsian Group and made b; Poucllanfubnk Lans~nrhal. (Photo: llan' Fin,J<·r.)

Undccaraccd porcelain cream-Jus dcslaned b; lra Zci cl and made b; R11cr 1dc Ccruma Co. (Photo: 1uscum of t.lmlt•m Art,




Dinner and co.ffcc service n irh hand-painted aold let{ motif and silver lines and BELOW: /land-painted co.ffce service in ivo'.Y with white resist .floral decoration an pale pink around desisned b;路 . C. Talbot and made by A. E. Gra;路 &. Co. Ltd.

Porcelain coffee service in cream alaze, with briahtly coloured floral decoration, dcsiancd by Thorkild Olsen and made by The Royal openhaaen Porcelain Facto')'.


Three JU_qs de isncd hy S. (. Talhor anJ made ~r A. E. Gra) ~Co. /rJ. lnovr, 1HT: Hand-painr cd rn wppcr lullre, red, bfark and 9rcen. RIG I IT : 1/,o hanJ-painrcJ in copper lusrre 11111> )dlo11 jlo11crs. 111 LO\\: lland-paimcd in blue, prnk and copper lu rrc 11

roncwarc cO:ffcc jus de i,qncd and made b) I. Cor/ron Ball. (Photo: Swnc &


tt路 cati.)

irh edsc and handle rn topper /u,rrc.

Patte')' cable 11 arc In pink and 8'"1' desisncJ anJ made I') Daniel 11/mdcs, onJ 8fLO\\'; a triple wuerale, bean pars (111J11 iJual SiJ'e), cecJpor, aeamcr and susar bou I in ran uuh marr slozc, J,â&#x20AC;˘ i9ncd anJ mode I') Hcrbar H. !l<1ndas. ( Phntn:

it} of P,uj,, '-,an r:ran h;

Q. )


'Cope Cod' shape dinner and reo II'Ore desisncd bJ imon lobodkin and made b)' Caâ&#x20AC;˘ ire- han Porrers, and RIGHT: rab le narc In rurncd ll'aad I~¡ P. J-/anlcin. (Photo: . Fnglcr.)


killer anJ COI'ercJ pot, biscuit colour II

irh dark bran n sfa/C finins and fid.

made b; Redn in9 Pou crics, and IJ~LO\ ; double boiler in


hire 9/aze

made by Joaquin Poua) Co. anJ a square paper bakin9 pan b; /\C)

es I rbrc Ca.

n hich eliminate dr h nashin9.

(Photo : Mu


New York



or Modern Art,

Table orarc b;·

WB Dcsisn Group,

made by Pouclla'!fabrik I anscnrhal.

(Photo: llans Hn,lt•r.)

Pllwt,·J duwa llllrc 11

ith ttntcJ grmtnJ Jc>tgncJ b) I ruJa t artcr anJ muJc ~~

Carta \ta/1/a

1Jam1 ltd.

( 7he Poole P<>ttCt') . )

' Daamar' por,d,un tab/.: uare ,ream ,o/ourcJ gla/c, <daJou gre.:n and go/J, dCllgnd "-' 7horkt!J Ol1cn and mo1Je "-' The R<:' a/ openhagcu Por,dain I o1110r}.

Dinner sen HC


ith lcafl>orJc r in ru;t anJ

111 o fmc rust lines l>do11 borJrr on i 1 Ol) 11 arc, d:>igncJ l>) ~. C. I a/bot anJ maJc ~~ I. t. Gro) &.. (o. ltd.

'1\esrral' shape tea and dinner ware, in solid fern-green colour ll'ith a sma ll white circle decoration and fern border, dcsioncd ~Y Susie Cooper, R.D.I., and made b.J usie Cooper Po11c~) ltd. (The small circles are hand done b.J sara.fficto pro css) .


Tuo engra • cJ olaH •a.>es designed by

•en Palmquisl

and made b) Orr~jor.<. RI G 11

tl. D.

r : Plain cr_1 sral, reel-blue d<·wmcr and glasses designed


op1cr and made b)' \ . 1'. ,\ cdcrland1che Gla~j"abriek 'Leerdam'. Ill 10\\ : Old·fa~hioned


g lass

nine ounce , dcsisncJ and made b)


irh hca•y ba c,

rcuhen Glass Inc.

Dark green l>oub dcs,sncd l~1 Grew Rur:cbors- Tell and made by Fkcnos Bruks .lf/J .


Cur CT)'Stal bouls, candle holders

and drinkina alasscs in green ll'ith b/u,k base desisn~d by G. L. de nellman-Jaderholm and made b) Riihimaki Glassuwks. BELOW: ' piderncb' domestic 9/asSII'arc

(celery sluss, pickle jar butter dish and 6-in. place), and 'Lotus' domc>rit' gla Sll'are (9-in. fruit boll'/, S-in. fruit drsh and whis~t' cor), both sets aradablc in pink, chumpaene, sr~cn, blue or pearl, desiancd b)' R. r. Goaddcn, R.D.I., and made b) Chance Brothers I rd. Decanter and slasscs made b)路 Thos. Webb &.. Corbett Ltd.


Tu o Jcranrcrs II irh ens raved de oration bJ ThcoJor J.. appi, dcsisncd bJ 1\oj Franck anJ made b) lillala Glassu arks. L \\I R lil T: ' Raoul D1!}j' •asc maJe bj• reuben Glas, Inc. LOW I· I\ R IG li T: 'The Thunderstorm'. Glass 1asc dcsisncd bJ Edll'ard //old and made by Omfors. o r•POSITI' : 'Dun an Grant' rase made by reuben Glass Inc.


'Snou on a lloumam


I apland.' C'J sral • asc

dc1i9n~d b) 1\I(,JIT:

1. almcnlinna and made h) Rlihimaki Glas uwks. 'll'oman and llirror.' I asc defi9ned bj .I. D. Copier 11

ith hea<:J cut de<walion h) 1/oor 1/o:y dam,

made b; , . 1'. l "af~> and boul in lwbbJ;

~dcrland"he Gla>)abnck 'I ~crdam'.

alass de. •a ned h,r ll'illiam

IIi /son and

made b) Jamt•s Poue/1 &.. ons ( ll'hilij"riars) ltd C?f.Jidllcad <l)stal in wlourlcss flint' ca-srccn, aoldm amber and 10pphirc blue.


Four cut "hire uy;ca/ ra;cs designed by Tapio ll'irkkala anJ made b) licrala Glassll'arks.

l'asc, in srecn or II hire crpral desisncd by Helena Turpcincn and made by Rlihimaki Glassworks. l'asc designed by Jamc Hogan, R.D.I., and made by James Pa~>cll &.. ons ll'hirifriars) Ltd, full lead oysca/ in colourlcss.flinc, sea-green, golden amber and apphire blue.

1 rFT COLliM



'Aricl-slass' vase

/~1 Ld• in Ohrsrrom and made by Om:Jim.

II hllc •asc dcsisncd by Gunnel ~man

and made by lirrala Glassnorks. IH<.IIT



Cl)sral bon/for jlancrs

or jruir and 'Unica' rase both dcsisncd by A. D. Col'icr and made by

. 1'.


Glaifabrick ' I ccrdam'.

RIGHT: Ensru•d dccamcr designed b) ,\ tl I anclbcrg and made [~, Orrc{ars. llEL0\1 : lens nil c.l Ct)'Sta l vase designed /:• C. rcw Runcbora- Tell and made b) Lkcnas Bruks A/B. , reel-blue c~ysral pressed glass dish designed b_r rhc Le•rdam Glass chao/ and made [~, \. 1'. edcrlandschc Glas{abrick 'Lccrdam'. 'Gcoraia 0' kc.j[c' place mJdc bj' 'reuben Gla s Inc.



f ork, poon ond knife, 11ith indued pia ric handle made by a


proces, dcsiened by

G. V. G. [/lis and made by Georee Ellis ( i"crsmith ) Ltd. rainless sreelrable11are by Geore Jensen. CE TRI: Child's silver porrineer and spoon , napkin rine, mue and plate, enertHcd nurse') tO)' dcsiens, dcsiened by Muriel Ba,cndale and made by E. ilver &.. o. LOWI R: hi/d's set nith napkin rin9 decorated ll ithforeer-mc-nots in blue enamel, dcsiened by Edvard Kindt- / arscn and made by A .. 1/ichelsen.



Silrcr tea-set dcsiancd by A. Edn·ard /-laney, A.R.C.1., cf clwol cf Industrial Dcsian, Birminaham Co Ileac o( .trt. lfadc by ,I die Bras Ltd. LEFT:

,1/.S ./.A., ,lf.lnsr.R .. I., /lead (Photo: B. P. Arnold)

and AtJOVE: Si!.w salt rcllar and pepper or salt s!frcr desianed by Siavurd Jlcrnadotce and made by Gcora Jensen.


£/ecrro-plared rea and cojfcc sen ice (capab le C?J' beino stacked in a'!)' order) dcsianed by Kennct.h Holmes, A. R.C.A., iii.S. I.A., and . R. G. Poynron, A. R.C.A., and mode by Gladwin Ltd. 1 HT: jell'el casket in sil•er and ilory by on E1enin9 S hoof tudcnt of the Bournville <"hoof t?f Art All OY!:.:

and CrC?Jis.



• iher cackrail shaker and rray desianed bJ' Kay Fisher and made bJ A. Alichclscn.


Enarared siher rup desioned bJ' jargen jensen and made bJ Gears j ensen .


ilrer reoerable dish

designed by ia••ard Bernadorre and made by


cora j eruen.

il•'cr c~ffee-sen-ice with ivory handles, and cray desisned by R. G. Baxendale and made by E. Silver &. Co.

Jus in silver with sa rin finish desisncd by Svcnd Weihrauch and made by Frantz Hinselbcra.

/lory -handled silver jus, satin finished, dcsianed by •·end Jlfcihrauch and made k,r Frantz Hingelber9.

Siller teapot nith cnsrai'Cd line treatmcnc, black.fibre handle and knob, desianed and made by Peter John Flint cif the il•crsmirh Section, Birminsham Collese cif Arc.


il••er cca-serl'ice dcsisned b;· harles I Ia// ida)' and made b.J James Dhon &. ons I cd. E 'T Rr: iher solod ho•ll desisned bf is• ord Bernadocce and made by Gears Jensen : and a si h er pon dcr compacr dcsi.qncd bJ• Ole /Ia sen and made bJ· A. 1/iche/sen.

SiJ. er cca-radd.J b.J Senior E•·ening rhool cudencs

'!} chc Bourn vi lle choal o( Ire and ra{cs. 102

i/va isarctt e box II ith ii'OTine jinscr srip undflush hinsc JesisneJ anJ maJe by 1\ana/d Simpson of che ihersmich wion, Birminsham Collcsc '!ftrc.

i/.w ciaarcllc box dcsi9ned bJ' ,1. E. Pillman and made by Wakc!J &. Wheeler. E TRE: ilver cioarettc box desioned bJ' Sia•·ard Bcrnadotte and made bJ' Gcor9 Jensen.

rea-caddy by Senior Erenin9 School rudenrs cj. che


Bourn• ille School if An and Cr<!)is. LEFr: i/.•cr cioarette box, cnainc-curned and enoravcd, designed by A. R. Emerson one/ made ~v E. ilver &. Co.



'Rosd>ank' 50-in. hancl-pri nrcd .fabric, monorone des19n on â&#x20AC;˘arious wlourcd ba karounds, by Turnbull&.. rockdale l rd. TO!' 1\tGIIT: Tc\lilc desianed by ABO\ 1 :

Mary Br.Jan and made b)' Edinburoh Weavers. n tG II T: Furnishinafabric by I isrcr &.. Co. Lrd.

lonbonniere offaience , desianed by StiB Lindbera md made by Gustavsbera' s Studio, on a backs round ~f hand-printed a lass-cloth tamed ' .41aytime' by the same artist, printed by rextil Kammaren, Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm.

RI<.!IT: ' actus' dcsisned and made by Rcn Rase Hand-primed Texriles. IIFLOW: so-in. hand-screened prim. drapery and upholste') .fabric, made C?f. cotton ra)"on and mohair "iJh mor!f rakcn from a reran urn. De isned by Dorra BothHell and made by Goodall Fabrks. 1\\ SM LL lllll TRATIO : /landprimed curtain fabric b) Elsi Giauque (Photo: F. ll enn), and 'Carnnal' scrcenprinc in fire colours on linen and cot ron crash. Mor!f based on Polish national costumes. Desisned by Caston ian and made by Donald Bros Lrd.




50-in. printed

crash in three colours. Desiened by Ralph Cowan and made by Donald Bros Ltd.


rain fabric





(Photn: H<â&#x20AC;˘ e), and block-print

on linen ar rattan desianed by /-rank Gibson



made by Morton undour Fabrics





'Peeasus' -f.8-in. cotton rapesrry in two co lours and white desiencd

hy Marion Malller and made by Donald Bros Ltd.



Machine-made lace

by Walter Schrank &. Co. (Photo: Rolf Lutz.) CENTRE:

Prim by Noldi Soland.

(Photo: Helen Nussbaumer.) RIGHT:

'Laybornc' so-in. screenprint

on linen in three colours by Donald Bros Ltd . .

Textiles desianed by !1-laraaret Simeon. LEFT:

Screen-primed linen and


Screen-printed furnishing

sarin, both produced by j ohn Lewis&. Co. Ltd. CENTRE:

Block-printed muslin

primed by the desianer. Vase desianed by Nils Thorsson with 'Clair de Lune' alaze ueaced by the late H. t1/adslund for The Royal Copenhaaen Porcelain Co. Ltd.




' Burnuvood/Mooifield'

rayon desiened ~y Jane Edear and ' Hurstwood/ Al vis' cotton fabric desiened by D. M. Batty, both made by Helios Ltd. LOWER:

Cotton damask

by Old Bleach Linen Co . Ltd.


All-rayon damask

woven from lone staple, short staple and .filament yarns. Desiened in the Warner Studio and made by Warner Bros Ltd. CENTRE:

Textile desien in one colour in the style C! etchin9, iniended for printinB on .fine

linen or chintz , by W. Foxton Ltd . 1\I G I路IT:

'City Symp hony'

desiened and made by Ben Rose Hand-printed Textiles.





and "!'onjabric, a•atloble in dcuk bnmn,}''"""

f!f blue,

fun n and tu o •hades

red, and gr en

the stripe rcmaintn9 uhttc




Dt•>isned bJ 1/arianne 'traub and made b1 1/dio; ltd. OI'I'O~ I TI ( IU(.tlT):




nawraluarp, and r~( fU\t, 9r.:cn, broun, u:Jtlr, b/uc





Dwsn,·d in the Old 8/,·.:Jth \w.f,,> and mad.:


'fa) nauh' 50-1n. sueen-prinred tra>h

m oro rolours on an


colour.:d around bJ Donald Bros Ltd. 111 : 11



' I ill as~ in Lapland',




ith decoration

h/uc and red. Desio ned I>J /\ inti 1/ ressold and

made at . uomcn Ka>il) on IU <.. II T CO l liM


r tarat.

' Sea /lone.\'

de;tgned and made by Ben Ro>c 1/and-prinrcd Te11ilcs, and a 50-in. Creagan Cra>h



no•r/~1 tc\lurc, designed b)

ll'il/iam Robm ·an and mudc bt Donald Bros Lrd.

I 10


Old Bleach


Co. ltd.


'Pan.' Canvas 11ork in nary, blue,.faiVn, areen, pink, yelloiV and broiVn. Decorative panel by Hebe Co<. Sratuetre by Charles Beer.



'Jlluminaced Windows' IVaxed aouache by


I I 2

Humphrey Spender. (Collecrion

fj" Tom Harrison, Esq.)

'Industrial Scene', lithoaraph (or wa ll decoration by L. S. Lowry . (Courtesy: CENTRE:


Lyons & Co. Ltd,)

Centrepiece bowl

for fruit or flower,-, modelled from one solid piece

f!J' cloy

with ends .folded over co make ca ndle holders, desianed by Russel Wrishc and made by che Bauer Poe eery Company. RIGHT :

'Peasam Girl',

porcery fisure by Marsic Kovacs.


H E many plain perpendicular and horizontal surfaces in the rooms of eve ry hom e are backgrounds to individual expression. It is upon the wall , helves and table tops that the personal touch is seen and from which the ubtl e character of a house and its ownership emerges . Here are some suggestions for the treatment of walls, niches and other surfa e wh re a decorative note helps the warmth and friendliness of a room. Perhaps nothing is to be compared with flowers for decorative effect, but many things go with Rowe rs or, conversely, flowe rs go with everything, and so attention has here been focused on the things which accompany Rowers; things conce ived, designed and made by th e brain and hand of man and ranging from pictures to clocks.



Porre'J路 Jisurc b; Germaine Bcsnard and 111 1 \\ : /louse sian b; fr111r Giihlrrr errhcd in t halk, n irh rc\t b; Goethe anJ Jecorared b; "Bns '![ rhc / udiac.

Centrepie<c for cut jlowas, jlower-heacls or fruit, moulded C?f hea•:r Georgia ch~ · designed by Russel Wright and made by rhc Bauer !'orrery Company. RIG liT AND IIFI 0 \ : 'St Florian' terra-cotta, and ' t Georg~' reli~j' in sand tone for rhe back of a chimn")' by Frnsr Gohlm.

Eishr decorated earthen11 ar,• riles designed und macle I') Ed11 in and Ala')' thcicr, availabl~

in blark,

brOHfl, arccn and 8'CJ'·




Decorative frame treatment in sea-shells, one

if a series by architect

Fabrizio Clerici containin9 pictures?}-sea and plant life by Formaselli. BELOW:

Mural paintin9 in Stic-B paint by Hans Feibusch

(or the Beach Hotel, Littlehampton (Architect: the Hon. Lionel Brett, A. R.I. 8. 11.) and one

if John

Tunnard's special masterpieces, 'Reclamation'.

(By courtesy of the Tate Gal lery, Londo n. )



The pleasant calourinB and ruoaed construction paintinB

if a ruin

if this

by John Piper harmonize into a decorative balance.

'St Mary-le-Port, Briswl'. (By courtesy of the Tate Gallery, London.) LEFT:

A further example

'!f shell frame desian by Fabrizio Clerici wrroundinB a monorype by Formasetti.



RIGHT: l:.arthcnware tra_y infour sections with underalaze desion in broovn, ••iolcr and pink, desioned by Rue Bryk and made by lirabia Porcelain &. Earthenware Fa crary. t!Fl ow: .Hodel cif the barque 'Penana' in a dimple whisky botrlc made b)· Clive .Aionk.

LHT: A niche in the halll![ ,1/r jtJmcs Ram~<;)' Ullmann dcsioned by Kim J-Jo.ffmann and Stephen 1-/eidrich, sho11 ing a mirror framed 11 ith 11 hire 11 ire illuminmcd from the back. The Katunbach &. ll'arren hand-painted 11al/paper is in ll'hite on emerald arecn. ABOVF: Foal in pinkfe/r,

with clipped ostrich feather mane and wil by I' Tearle .



M.ll.IIT: ' llllJillS Ricpeld;', u dcrorat11c and rhythmical troprcul sane h)' luke .\onncga.

Ccrum1< h1trrc1


Prarc il'intl<h.

I}"' rn 1tam路u arc "11h red-ar'J glu/c

dcsiancd h1 1/rchoc/ Sthtlkm und made b) lrabro Porcclarn 8__ Eurrhcnu arc futror;. RIG liT: Gu/cllcs modelled I>J 1/arjorie Draubcll, I.R.B. 路. ,and mode b) artcr Stabler &. ,Idams Ltd (The Poole Pottery).



Gazelle and fawn in biscuit and white suede, with markin9s in dull pink, mustard and white (Spectroco lour photograph by H. G. Casparius) and BELOW RIGHT:

Pie made

c:f' beioe suede

with lime-oreen leaf decoration and pearls. E01-linings

c:f' cyclamen-pink si lk. Both by Peony Tearle.


Polar bear in stoneware with eel a don 9laze,

desioned by Alichael Schilkin and made by Arabia Porcelain &_ Earthenware Factory. 'Un jour de Paix', Gouache Go.Jfrrle ~y Eric Poncy. (Photo: Hans Finsler.)


.\r/1 cr-eased rlct1ric clock designed llj• 1/ara/d Nic lsm

and mode I') eorH Jensen. t\BOVF ruG liT: 1-lccrric ll'a/1 clock which, ~v opplH·ation of a derachahlc foot, con be converted to mamclusc. f'crspc\ mouldccl diol with chapters engrared on the undersu~{acc. Designed hy j ack llo11.:, I.R./.8 ..1., .1/ . . I .~., and made by Gent&.. Co. Ltd.

T11o clocks (•pring movement) dcsianed by F. C. As/ford, Jl t.S.I. A., <?f S on-Asliford tlssociaecs for Thomas tllcrccr Led. That above has a cusc rif' bursundy red ll'ith mirror finished dial on "hich rhe chapters har•e been sand blasted. 1/andle and feet cif aile. The model at lift is in il ory .finish ll'ith briahr silt hands and chapters in rcli~{ on dull 9ile around. (Photo': R. M. Ashford.)




llolli crciftcrs cclevision receiver designed by Raj•mond Loeuy Associates. Wall radio <if aluminium wic.h plastic ends designed bJ' Laurence). Griffin, A.R.C.A., and rhe radio <'naineers for Kolster-13randcs Ltd. and (belo•v) 'Consort' ACfDC receiver in maroon or ll'alnut plastic with old iYO'J' speaker aril/e and side controls by £. K. Cole Ltd. BELOW: Television receiver, model 902, in walnut cabinet by Jl . C. Cossor Ltd, and (rialu) Bush console radio in u•alnut cabinet deslancd by W. H. Russell, F.S.I.JI., and made by Gordon Russell Ltd. AIJOVE:




CYcr-dccpl'ning inroads made by c lec tri ity into the lhcs or u all ar the au e of a \\ id ning

range or de trical apparatu . Radio ha

been with

u for year , and the a\·erage owner of a dome tic re e iY · r i hicnyconcerned with appearance. Th re have been o man variation centering , round the de ign of abinct, dial, speaker g ri lie and contro ls and ther are o man y more po siblc one that trend of fashion an be traced in cabinet d, ign "hich haYe been brought about not by a change of reguirement o much as a de ir for change for it O\\ n ak . Con equcn tl radio receivers haq• enjoyed but little recognition in the page of thi review and were excludt>d ,1ltogcth r from the last i uc. It ma he some time before the univcr al need for built-in radio m.:~terializes. For th ultimate mu t surely be architectural provi ion for interchangeab lt• tandardized unit a part of the hou c's e entia I equipment. Until that day, or until de igner arc capab le of d 'i ing mural or oth 'r habitation for rl'Ce iver in e. i ting d" •!lings, without th need for pulling down the walls and rebuilding, we sha ll hav' to be contt•nt with cabinet-built et , cho i e of which will b governed b th importanc '' e wish to attach to their appearan c in the sch me of furni hing. The recciH~rs

hown ha,c, for the mo t part,

been el •ctcd for r traint in the design of their xternal fcatu res and their appropriatcne to the job of being cen a well as h ani. Mo t of them giv little hint of the compl xit' of their internal de ign, ell. ept pcrhap in the ca c of the Halli craftc rs tel ·vi ion receiver who e appearance ugge ts ;-t cientifi in trurnent. Comlnucd on pas<· 127

lnrorporatccl radio in thest tf bleached mahoeany dcsienecl hJ Catherine PCJ er for Rena Roscntha I. Rfl ow it is a jurrhcr crumple of /wilt-in 'i lot radio and auro-wrnrablc TOP:

dcsienccl bJ Hans '. llarmann. RIGHT: 'K.B.' baakmsc receiocr In ll'alnut-vcnccrcd plynoacl dcsiancd bJ .aurenccj. Griffin, •I.R.C .•I. and rhe radio cnainccr\ tf Kohtu-Branclcs [rd.


I crranri radiogram rn grained

1 or•:




irh o fronr of

Jeep Roman-red fabric beaded in oj}-11 hire plasric. 1 u the 1\IG liT <?I ir is rhc 'Prince.\>' barter,• portable radio in plastic case 11 irh plasti<' slrn,q wrrier and Pcrspe\ carl') ing handle.

1/ade b)' E. K. Cole Ltd. and dc1igncd b) ll'c/ls Coarr>, R. D./. AIIO\

r: T11o


for usc in rhe crnrrc

cf a radiosram desisneJ h)· .1/lcn-llo••dcn /rd. for cif' a room and pro• idinB a sen ircablc rablc top.

Table radio in Saprlc mohasan.-v hite plastic escutcheon and conrrol roncl. Cabincr dc·sisnd by




I rank ll'hitron and made I') Gordon Russell Lrd. for Bush Radio.

1/cHtcradicJ /rd.

Polished bras ceilina liahr and hnm <1nJ .<Jlos 11 o// lc~mp, hoch desiancd by Paa1o 7)nd/ anJ made by ,lf Y Taito A/8. u 'Til 1 1\0\\ : Pla>ric bcdliahc dr iancd by I. I . I. Phillips for The cncral Llccrric Co. I tJ. II rou.<Jhl-lron rob/~ lamp dcsiancJ by jean R<~l ~r~. l'la.,ric 'ktndalire' safory lamp {or numr:_r usc made b) Corncrmji (Plastics) Ltd. 1\ll.lll: 1ablc .llonJ<Jrdfinishcd brushed copper and prc>Sur,路 Jic-cmt kitchen 11 a// bracket, both Jrsi911cd b) D. II. Durrant (or The General l::lccrrrc Co. Ltd.

Tor HO\\:



tlcctrh floruontaltoasrcr

"ith rcrcrsible lid acring as roa.<r rack. Enamelled 1n primrose ond black and made hJ' fLII. 1'. J-fouschold Appli<1fi<CS. ( Ollrtl'Sy: B.. D.A.) 1111 ow: Automatic toaster dcslancd by Van Doren, 'o w/and ~ chlodermundt .for rhe Procter Electric Co.

Die-casr Juice E.<cracror and (aborc) rhe 'Kenwood' food mixer. The Juicer was desianed by Darâ&#x20AC;˘c ChapmanjiJr the 1ational Die Castin9 Co. The food mher, by Wood/au Industries Ltd, takes attachments for juicina, palish ina and b'-!.ffina. lFFT: 'Era lite' cuisiniere made cif spun anodized aluminium and coated with plasric. Made b)' The Era/ire MamifacrurinB Co. Led.



In America there i a tronger tcnden to make usc of fitted radio and t" o good e ample of harmonized in tallation are ho,, n. There are further \mall jrcuin9 cabm t dcslsncd by Van Doren, o11/and &.. Schladermunclc tor The Phi/co Corporation.

Elc.tric snll bailer (praCO~Ipc) made by lloj}all. ( ourt''') ol 1he Brit"h I il'lll ic.1l Q.,,dopm.,nt Aw> Bl 1 0\\ :


II a1htn9 rna< hinc for


1/amifaaurinB Co. dcsisncd b1 Dmc Chapman.

po ibilitie \\Orth exploring in the planning of standardized unit to fit tandard size book. ht.·h·es and it i sugge ted that radio ard Furniture manu facturer co-operat' to make better mutual u c r the ervi es each can gh c. In the field of dome ti lighting, the purpol.e of engineer and de ign 'r i. primaril to achi '''appropriate di tribution of light b · the mo t • onorni al mean and "ith the avoidance of direct glare from the sour . The number of'' a) b ''hi ·h thi an be affected i legion and a cl ction i she)\\ n in which lamp housing and shad give plea urt' to the e c wheth 'r or not the light are in usc. The further' , ample of ' le ·trical apparatu ~hO\\ n arc of a rnor' utilitarian nature, although in each a it ha be ·n the d ·s igner' object to gi'' them .1 b auty of form, arising both from th ir ba i . hapc and th en ironment in which the are to be u.l.'d.


'I risidairc' rifriscracor

l![ I 5-cu~ft· capacilj

11 ith pare for sit icc tra;-s, 111 o h;-drarors and ample rae k >roragc. lladc bJ I risidairc Dilislan .if General Motors Ltd. Elcttric fan l!f Bakditc 11ith nbbon blades, dcsisncd b;· II'. 0. l ansillc and made by Dicbl lfanufaaurins o. for chc Inger ewing 1/achtnc o.

(Photo: Muwum of Morll'rn



R HIT!:: T, Dl:: IG




UI-A TURI::R · (• lndi catt•s a colour

Pasr alton o n, W . ( !-inland ) Ac.king, a ri -A x e l ( "eden) clams-Ac ton, Murra) (G rea t Britain) \dam s Thompson • 1-r) (Grea t Bri tain) Adcli5on, harl es (G real Brin in) \di e Bros. Ltd ( reat Britai n) t\f,elius, Marta (. " ede n ) . llen - Bo ,\(len Ltd (G reat Britain) nclcrson , Mary (U.S.A.). nclrcso n, La ura ( U .S .A.) Ange li , Rcnato G. ( ltal )) . pe lli & Varesio ( Ital)) Apex 1-l ectri ca l Manufac turing Co. ( LI. · . . ) rahia Porce la in and 1-artht•n"are 1-act<>r) (f' inl ancl)


J 2.

8 I)


99 37 I 24 j8

7+, So 40, )6, 62 )I

I 27

7 2, 7 ), ,

ronson, j o eph ( LI .. A.) ,hford, 1- . ., M.~.l.~. (G rea t Britain ) ssc hcr of Amsterdam ( ll o ll ancl).

I 1 9,



J4, 49 •

I 2 I

2+, 2)

Bailli e-Scott, M. H. (Grea t Britain ) 9, II Ba ll, 1-. arlton ( LI .... ) . 76, 79, 84 BartholonH'\\ & I-I e t c he r (G rea t Britain ) . 7 109. Ball), D. M. (Great Britain) . I I 3, I I ) Hauer Potte ry o mpany ( LI ... A.) Baxendale, Muri e l (Great Britain ) 9 10 I Bax e nda le , R. G. (G reat Britain) . I I 2 Bt•cr, harl es ( "itze rland) Bee r-Zorian, T. ( "itJer land ) 70 48, p, 69 Hellmann, H. ( ·" illerland) )0 Bellone ( lta h ) . Bl•rnadottc, ' ig1·ard ( Dl· nmarl.. ) 99. 1oo, 1ol, 10 3 114 Besnard, Germaine ( !-ranee) . 1) Bird li es I td (G reat Brita in) . Birming ha m Co ll ege o f rt (G rea t Hritain) 99 . 101' 10 2 ]0 Bogc luncl , Gc rd ( Denmark ) .)6 Bo ldt , 0 1e ( De nmark ) 10 6 Ho th\\ el l, D o rra ( U.S . . ) Bo urn' ill e S hool of rt ancl rafts, tud en t of the ( G rl·a t Britain) 99, 1o2, 103 Brackett , Ph, Ili s ( LI .. . . ) 42 Brast oll, a ~ha ( U . . . ) . H I 16 Brett, li o n . Li o n e l, A.IU . n . \. (Great Britain) 61 Brc1e tto I'.I.C. I . M . ( !ta l)) 61 Br), Paul ( LI . . A.) Bryan, Mary ( real Britain ) 104 II Br)k, Rut ( !-inland) Bu low, Karen (Ca nada) j6 Bush Radio (Great Britain ) I 2 2, 124 abin rafts In c. ( LI. . .) 'an tic , H. J . (G rear Britain ) Carter, tahl c r & dams Ltd : The Poo le Pottery (G reat Britain ) 'a rte r , Truda (G reat Britain ) Castle & Warre n (G reat Britain ) a1itt- ha" Po tters ( LI . . A.). 'e ll erino (!tal))


42 )O

, 119

8 7 86


Pasr hance Bro . Ltd (G reat Brit.lin) . C hapman, Da1·e ( U . . A.) . Charak Furniture o. (U . . A.) lark Frey ( U. •. . ) Iark e , Arundell (LI... . ) lava rino, Amedco ( Ita l\ ) le ri c i, Fabrizio ( ltah) • Coates, Wells, R.o. t.' (Great Britain) Co le, E. K. Ltd (Great Brita in) . oo pcr, Dan ( U .'i.A.) oopc r, u~ic, I{.IJ . I. (Grea t Brita in ) op ier, . D. ( Ho lland) . ' o rbusier, Le and P. Jeann ere t ( 1-rancc). Co rner ro ft ( Pia'> ti cs) I tel (Grea t Britain ) o ro na y Mangino ( M e ico) . O•'>Or, . lt d (Great Britain) Coste li, . . .. (!tal ) Co" an, Ralph (Grea t Britain) Cox, 1::. . . ( a nacl,1) ox, Hebe (G rea t Britain) d' Hont tudios, Gret e ( anada) Di ck wi sc h, Gus (U.S . . ) . Di eh l Manufac turing o. ( LI . . . ) Di o n, Jam es & on'> Ltd (Great Britain) Dona ld Bros. Ltd (Great Britain). 106, Dra \\ bell, ,\llarjoric, ~.IUJ.'>. (Grea t Britain) Dunba r Furniture Manufacturing o. (U.'>. -\.) Durrant, D . W. (Great Britain) Dutto-1-ossano ( Ital)) !:ames, Charles ( LI . .'. . ) l::dgar, J an e (G reat Britain ) Edinb urgh Weavers (G reat 1\rita in) l::gli Company ( U. S. A.) Ekena Bruks A B ( " cdL•n) . l:: ll e na (I tal) ) 1-llis, George ( il, cr,m ith'>) ltd (Great Britain). l:: lli s, G. V. G. (G rea t Brit,lin) f'mcrson, . R. (Grea t Britain) . l::n tro m, 1ils (S " eden) Eralite .\llanufac turing ' o. ltd (G rea t Britain) Fe ibu c h, Hans (G reat Britain ) Fe rranti Ltd (G reat Britain) Ferre ro ( Ital y) . Finn, Arthur L. (U ... A.). Fisher Gi lli Lt d (Grea t Brita in ) f'i he r, Kay ( Denmark) !-l e tc he r , H. E. o. ( U . . . . ) . !-'lint, Pe t er Jo hn (Grea t Britain) . Fo rmasetti ( Ital) ) . f'ox to n, W . Ltd (G reat Britain) Frank, A.M. Utton ( D e nmark ) f'ranck, Kaj (Fin land) Frankl, Paul T . (U . . . ) .

91 I 26, I 27

H 16, 17 &7

fO I I




1242 2, 124

47 9 90, 94. 9& 14 12) 2.

43 I 22

~ ~. 6) .




OJ 4-2

I I2


38, 41 12] 102 107,



110 I


30, J9, 42 •


I 2)



44. ~6. 6] 109. 104 68 90, 97 6 • 69 98 9

103 62, 69 I 26





37 '41 6~

100 &7 101 I 16, I 17 109 6J 92 2 • 3 2, j6

Pose hib rg, Berndt C'"' eden) . Fr~. 1:-. Max"cll (Great Britain) G dele, orman Bel (U .. . . ) )9 12) Gen ral 1-1 tri ' o. Ltd (Great Britain) General Motor Ltd ( rigidaire Division) (Great Britain) I 27 I 2 I Gent 'o. ltd (Great Britain) . Giauqu , llsi (. wit£erland) I 06 1 I OJ 10] Gib on, I-rani.., I.S.J • • ( reat Britain) lad\\ in Ltd ( reat Britain) 99 Gohlert, 1-rnst (German)) I 14 1 I I ) 106 Goodall 1-abrics (U . . . Goodden, R. Y., R.D.I. (Great Britain) 9' ra~, . 1:. o . Ltd ( reat Britain) 8 3, 4. 8 r en, D. J. & II. Ta)ler, A . Dipl., Ll\.l.ll.A. (Great Britain) I 8, 19 Griffin, Lauren e J., •\.R.c.A. (Great Britai11) I 221 I 2J Gropiu , Walter ( ermany) '4 Grotell, Maija (U.S . . ) 7 J, 77 Gullberg, 1-i~a (S"cclen) . 3 2. 3 7 Gusta' berg' '>tuclio (. "eden) o•, tos• Hagen, Ole (Denmark) 102 Hald, Ld"anl ( "eden) 91 Halli rafter' (ll .... ) . I22 Handi raft'>, ln\titutc of, tockholm (S" eden) )7 Hanlein, P. ( ·\\ilLerland). 86 Han en, 'ion•n (Denmark) )8, )9 Hansen, lritt, I ftfl (Denmark) )6, s, )9, 61 HarH), . I ch,ard, A.R.C • • , M.S.!.\., (Great t>ritain) 99 Heal, mbro • (Great Britain) I2 Heal · on Ltd (Great Britain) I2 Heidrich, tephen and Kim HoRmann (U.. . . ) II Helios Ltd (Great Britain) I 09*, Ill Hing lherg, l-rant7 (Denmark) 10 I H.M. \. llou,chold Applianc (Great Britain) I 26 'Hohel', Genossenschart ( "it7erland) 49 H enig, l a 710 (Great Britain) 22 Hollmann, Kim and tephen Heidri h (U. . . ) II Hogan, James, R.D.I. (Great Britain) . 9) Hollida), harles (Great Britain) . 102 Holmes, KennNh, .R . . . , M.S.!. . and 1~ . G. Po) nton, \,R • • A. (Great Britain) 99 llo"e, Jack, .R.I.D.A., M . . I.A. (Great Britain). I2I Hu~ hmid, G. ., .L.V. ( \\it£erlan<l) . 47 Huggins, era (Great Britain) 70 llunt, William (Gn~at Britain) 7 H'idt, Peter and 0. Molgaard iel,en (DennMrl.. ) H littala Gla"" orks (I inland) the' aid, Kirsti (1-inl,mcl) her'l"n, \. J. (Dcnm,lrk) . JacoiN.•n,J. on(Denmark) Jame , freda G. ( ·anada) . J.lllnan• & KO\ ,K, (ltalv) . J<•annt•n•t, 1'. and I e Corbu,icr (h"<liK<'). Jen,en, Georg (Denmark) . 98, 99, 1oo, Jen l'n, Jiirgen (Denmark) Joaquin Potter~ o. ( U .• . . ) Jone , '>Hint.~\ R. (Great Britain) . Jung, D~ra (.1-inland) . Ju tice, Tho,. & on' Ltd (Great Britain) Juul-llamen, Knud (Denmark) Kaipiainen, Birger (!-inland) Kappi, Theoclor (!-inland) .

92, 9), 96 •

I I 0

)6, 64


H 36, 43 s1 14 I OJ, 121 , oo 7 13 30

s 63

7 2, 75 92

Kat/en bach and Warren (U. .) Keram (U .. . . ) Keno's Joiner (Finland). Keves !=ibrc o. (LI. . . ) . KiiJander, Flna (Finland) . Kindt-! arscn, l:dvard (Denmark). Kja-r, Jacob (Denmark) Kolstcr- Brandes Ltd (Great Britain) Kova s, Margit (Hungary) K)ostila, 1:. (Finland) .

II 61 30, 3 I, 67 87 Jl, 3J, J ), 49 98 )6 I 2J

I 2 2,




La henal, 71 I andberg, il ( weden) . 97 Langen thai, Porzellanfabrik ( wit£crland) 2, 7 Langille,W . . (U . . . ) . . 127 I arscn, xel ( "eden) )4, p I asdun, Denys, ~.R.I.B.A. (Gre.ll Britain) 2o • I cerdam Gla:ss chool (Holland) . 97 ' I crdam', N. V. cdcrlandschc Gla~1:1hrick (Hol la nd ). 90, 94. 96, 97 Lescat , William (U .. A.) . JS, 41, 68 10 i~, John & Co. Ltd (Great Britain) Liebes, Doroth (U .. A.). 16, '7*, 29*, 37 Lindberg, . tig ( "ed n) . . 73*, o*, IO)* Lister · o. l tel (Great Britain) 104 Loe"), Ra~ monel (U . . A.) 16 1 I] * Loe", Ra)mond, sociates (U.S . . ) 4J 1 I 2 2 Lo''~"), I . S. (G1·eat Britain) . I I J* Luckhardt, Bruder (German\) I) Lundquist, A. B. Ferd & Co·. ( ·,"•den) 62, 69 Lyons, 1-ric, M.S.I. •I. (Gre,\l Britain) )6


Maa -1-jetterstrom, Marta ( "eden} Mcintosh, A. H. & o. Ltd (Great Britain) Ma intosh, harle R. (Great Britain) Madslund, H. (Denmark) . Mahler, Marion (Great Britain) Malmsten, arl ( "eden) . Martin, Hugh, A.R.I.D . . (Great Britain) Masteradio Ltd (Great Britain) Ma orcas, Elie, F.R.I.B.A. ( rat Britain) Melville, Peter (Gr at Britain) Mer er, Thomas, Ltd (Great Britain) Mcydam, Hoor ( Ho lland) . Michelsen, . (Denmark} . Miller f-urniture o . , Herman (U. .) Mill , Donald (Great Britain) . Mills, Donald Pottery, Ltd (Great Britain) Modernage Furniture Corporation (ll. .) MoA'ats I td (Great Britain) Mollino, arlo (ltah) . M nk, ' lhe (Grear' Britain) Morgensen, Borge (Denmark) Morri , H. & o. Ltd (Great Britain) Morris, e il (Great Britain) . Morton Sundour Fabrics I td (Great Britain). Muona, Toini (!· inland) Murra , Keith, 1\.0.1. (Great Britain)

ationa I Die Ca ting o. ( U. . . ) atzler, Gertrud & ~Otto (U. . . ) auer ogel ( "itzerland) . elson, corge (U . . . ) . ian, mtan (Great Britain) . ielscn, 1· . . (Great Britain) ielson, Harald (Denmark) iclsen, 0. Molgaard & Petc1· ll vidt (Dl·nmark)


I 0,

I I,



10 • 0


3],)2 I

6) 24 27 64

I2 I

94 98, 100 1 102 46 79. 7 J I ' 40 .


s,, n. .

I 2]

61 II

61 • j

2.1 so, 3 2 ••


s 10]

I 26 76*, 77 46 46 106 8

I2 I





37. 10~ · ]I, 67 96

ordi ka Kompaniet ( weden) ordman, M. T. (Finland) •man, unncl (Finland) . hrstrom, Edvin ( w den) ld Blea h Linen o. Ltd (North rn lr land) 01 en, Thorkild (Denmark) Orcglia, Mario (Italy) . Orrerors (Sweden)

96 I


I I 1

76, 78,

], 88 p, )3, ~6, 6f o, 91, 96, 97

Pa ket Furniture Ltd (Great Britain) . Pahlman, William (U . . . ) Pahlman, William, o iates In c. (U. . . ) P lmqui t, ven ( "ed n) Paninger, Tommi (U . . . ) 46, n. ~4. ~6, ~8, 6o, 64 Pasco lndu tries In . (U. . . ) 127 Phil o orporation (U .. A.) . I 2) Phillips, L. E. A. (Great Britain). Phillips, Winirrcd (U .. A.) 79 40 Pierce, Walter (Gt·eat Britain) 40 Pi Ikington Bros. Ltd (Great Britain) I 17 * Piper, John (Great Britain) 10] Pittman, A. E. (Great Britain) Pollak, Ern t (Great Britain) . 47, I 20 Pon y, Eric ( ' itzerland). Poole Potter , The: art r tabl r & dams Ltd (Grea t . 8 • 119 Britain) Po "ell, James & on (Whitefriar) Ltd (Great Britain) 94. 9) Poynton, . R. G., ,1\ . . . , and Kenneth Holmes, .1\ . . 99 M •• I.A. (Grea Britain) 116 Pro ter le tri c Co. (U. •. . ) Ra e, Ernest, F . . I.A . (Great Britain) 44. p, )9 Ra e, Ern st Ltd (Great Britain) 44. p, )9 ~o, 61 Rava, arlo Enrico (ltal ) Redwing Potteries (U .. A.) 7 8) Rhode , Daniel (U. . . ) . Riegger, Harold . (U .. A.) 74 Riihimaki Gla sworks (Finland) 91' 94. 9) 82 Riversid Cerami o. (U. . . ) , I 10 Robertson, William (Great Britain) Romano, Augu to (ltal ) . Rose, Ben, Handprinted Textile (U. . .) 1o6, 109, 1 1o Rosenthal, Rena, In . (U .. A.) 38, ~2, 6o, 6 , 69, 113 2I Rowley Galler Ltd (Great Britain) . 2I Rowley, Laurence . J. (G rcat Britain) Royal Copenhagen Por e lain Fa tor , Th (Denmark ,md r at Britain) . . 70, 76, 78, 81, 8 ], 8 , 1o8* Roya l Doulton Pott ries ( rcat Britain) . 70 Ro e re, Jean (Fran c). . 26, 33, J4, 3~, 3 , 39, 4 , ~·, 12 S' Runcborg-Te ll, reta ( "eden) . 90, 97 Russe ll, Gordon Ltd (Great Britain) 1 22, 124 Ru ~se ll , W . H ., F.S.I.A. (Great Britain ) 122

inge•· e"ing Malhine ' o. (U.S . . ) loanc, W. & J. (U .. . . ) . lohodkin, imon (U. . . ) ncllman-Jaderholm, G. I . de (!-inland) . nyder's Ltd (Canada). Soborg Mobclrahrik (I cnmark) So land, oldi (. "ittcrl.lnd) Sonncga, Auke (Jav,l) . ' pender, Humphrc) (Great Britain) ' pe)er, Catherine (U.S.A.) ' reuben G Ia ~~ In c. (U.S . . ) . Sto kman, 0. Y., 1.u. (F-inland) traub, Marianne (Great Britain) . . uomen Kasit10n Ysta1at, O.Y. (1-inland) · ,·edb rg, 1-li~s ( "eden) . 1cndsen, ndcrs (Denmark) . ' vend en, 1-rithjof (Denmark) Sven ka Mobell~1brikerna, A. B. ( " eden) .W.H. Design Group ('"itll'

2 '

127 6& 6

71, H. 91 &o

H 10 I 19


I I2

p, &o, 68, &9, 123 90, 92, 93. 97 jO, jl, &7 Ill

110 37 b) &~

]2, JJ, H


Taito, tY, A. B. (!-inland) Talbot, . (Great Britain) SJ, Tayler, H . and D. J. Green, \.UtPt., Ft.ll.t.u.-\. ((.;rcat Britain) II Tearle, Pegg (Great Britain). Thor son, ils (Denmark) Tre l::.lle (ltah) Tunnard, Joh.n (Great Britain) Turnbull & Stockda le ltd (Great Britain) Turpeinen, Hel ena (!-inland) Tynell, Pa,,,o (!-inland)

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4. 'I') 120 •


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104 91" I 2)

Ulri c h, Guglielmo (ltal)) Un 110rth · Triggs (Grea t Britain)




• almenlinna, A. (Finland). 94 St . alto, Axel (Denmark) ampe, Astrid ( weden) . 37 Sander, Herbert H . (U . . . ) 74. 8 I, 8~ ]0 hader, J. ( witzerland) . heier, Edwin and Mar ( U. . . ) 70, 7 I ' 74. o, 114, I I ) I 19, I 20 . c hilkin, Michael (Finland) t co 8 hrank, Walter & o. ( "itzerland) I2 I ott-A hrord Associate (Great Britain) 2 8, j& harp & Thomp on Ber wi k Platt (Canada) 9 , I 0 I, I 0 j ilver, . & Co. Ltd (Great Britain) 10 • imeon, Margaret (Great Britain ) . I 02 impson, Ronald (Great Britain


Valley Uphobtcr) (U.S. . ) Van Doren, 01dand • chladermun It (U. en sta Ltd (Great Britain) ilandr.:, dl'icn ( ' anada) O) ey, C. F. nne le) (Great Britain) Wakcle, & Wherler (Great Britain), Ole (Denmark) Warner Bros. Ltd (Great Britain ) 'Way . electa' (Italy) . Webb & ' orbett, Thos. Ltd (Great Britain). Wedg11ood, Josiah & 'on; I td (Great Britain) W gner, ll an., J. (Denmark) . W!'ihrauch, ·,end (Denmark) West, M. (!-inland) Whall'n, Ahne (U.~ . . ) . Whitton, F;.ank (Grea t Britain) Wildenhain, Marguerite (LI .. . . ) Wilson, William (Great Britain) Wintsch, Pierre(. " itterland) Wirkkala, Tapio (Finland) Wohnbcdarl', A.G. (. 11itterland ). Wood, Bcatri e (U.S. . ) . Woodlau Indu stries Ltd (Great Britain) Wormle., l-d11ard J. (U.S . . ) (U.~ . . ) . \ ormann, \· right, Russel (U . . . ) . Yorke, F. R . · ., 1.1\ .t.n . \. (Great Britain) Zcise l, Eva . (U .. . . ) Zernun-Acme (U . . A.)




26, 127 72 ' 10 10) )&, b ~



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42, S'4· 6

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48, p, 69 72 I 26 jO, ) ')

. 4 8 , I 2J IIJ, liS

Old Bleach

Lasting Beauty Not only are Old Bleach furni shing fabrics noted for their good d esigns and b eautiful colours ; but whether of woven linen , cotton or ray on, their fa st vat dyes can b e trust ed to s tand up to the fiercest sun. No wond er su ch fabrics have a high r eputation with decorators all over the globe ! Old Bleach h an th eir own studios and arti t s, making-up and embroider y departments ; and are

* L o ndo n. S ho â&#x20AC;˘c.r oo m 4: 1\fa idstone Ro u :~e, 23 Be rr~ r r& S 1., rP.l

r epresented in all parts of the world.

The Old Bleach Linen Co. Ltd . Randalstown, Northern Ireland


·. J



o. 5 43. Hand print on a Textured Fabric. 50".

W. FOXTON LrfD. 6,









o. 6040. Hand-printed Rayon 50• wide.



plonnin g

of cliJficul£ pa · l lcre is an idea that makes a



office from what was once an atti



de pite the sloping roof, and planned to make the mo t oflight and pace. The wall arc treated in figured Betula .

* Dcs~t:m·d

aud made by-



\V n r k sh op~- \\ DE


ER .



D C R AF T M E '

\\ \£W


IHI\ ll




Pica ma paint 'modern' picture , but, according to Gt>rtrud tein 'to ca lm h im If in his daily li ing he wi he t li ' "itt1 the thing in th dail life f th' prut.' D e 'modern' th ' 'mod •rn '

wed ish design ••• monthly review of wedisb riS and CrafiS and wedisb Architecture VE KA HEM I ORO CB BJLDER ( wedish Homes in ~ ord and Pictures). Tbe authoritative artiele are lavishly illustrated ami all reproductions a re from beautiful prints. is covered by

ln addition there are series of articles tlealing with the background ami development of

wedis h style and trodition of the twentieth ond eorlier centurie • Article on wedisb tyle Homes ha••e ap11eared io VE KA HEl\1 for tbirtyt'ven year .


w edi sh clesign developm ent "'

VEN KA HEM i Ord oeh Hilder B ead Office: V




ubscriptioo price £2 post paid


'Yea{!'-inch. fliicfc.plafe glass, Gjeet .6y 2feef, wori(ed in fm'ffiant and engraved culling , edge illuminated will! fluorescent fighting in Sanclringlwm l@sfauranf, S'. S. 'Caronia'. designed .6y ]Olin '7/utfon.

c:J.he .ibnaon Sand JJ/asf lJeeora/ive !J/ass U!Orl(s .£/d. SEAG£1{ .PL.llC.F, Bli/?D.FTr /?f. £. 3.







~o 3t6t

GAS Convector

Ideal for the heating of smirways, corridors or rooms in stores, shops, office or Rats, the Harper 3161 Convector Gas Radiator is as good as it looks. Finished in oinage-bronzc or crackle-black, with chromium plated louvres and door. The luminous jet burners give a genial glow. Heat is proj<!cted, on the conve tive principle, forward and upward. Gas consumption is governed to 18 cu. ft. per hour. Available for quick delivery. Full details on reque t. Tlti1 rudiotorCQit ht insfJÂŤttd att~ us.,,/d,'tW CDttrt/' 9 CtmJ,.,, St., London, W. t .


Phone: ABBey 3184


Distributed th rough Gas Undertakings and Wholesale Merchants






N .W .S




....._..., .. ............... .. .. ,

.... .. g,,.t .. oN•

tO "'"' U•l otol'oC




of "Studies



213 - 216 TOTTENHAM




and Paints



Telephono: MUSeum 3300


Bratt Colbran fires are the outcome of year of specialisation in all forms of heating- coal, electric and gas. Their techniques are modern, but the soundness of their manufacture ha

its roots

in the great day of Briti h craftsmanship.








W . 1.



M ade on a co mpl l' tely n ew prin iple of on truction , d £' ri ed from cxpcrinwnta l work on \1o"quito fu £' lag£' and th manuf.1cture of h Jj opli'r blades durin« the ' ar, thi priz('·winning dinin " ro m !'hair ' a pJcially dcsianr d for Mo rri of Ia gow b Basil penc£' 0.13.£. , F.l .LB . . It i · made of o r a hundr d lamination ' of J londura · maho .... au and anadiau betula. Th e were bonded toaf' th r under


high frequency el tri al and h drautic pre ur with ph no-forma'ldehyde r(' in adh i e. Thi chair is part of th " II g ro" dining room uite which i now available to th publi . The uite c mpri ellipti al dining tabl , ix chair and idrboard. , el ' ted for exhibiti on b the mcriea n Arch it Lura! Lf'agu , it i now a pcrmau ut ex hibit in th i\luse um of }fod rn rt in ' ew ork.


mahers of .fine f urniture H .

vi ii



(.1) .








and demand




Three phot graphs of work produced. Hight: Three-d im ensiona l graph in carved and preci ion machined per pe x, ligh ted through the ha e.

entre: culptu red and textu red aluminium panel

bac ked with engraved per pex, edge illuminated. Below: Mirro r for Boudoir deign d by


1-ranci Hose. Ba e and mirror fram e in b rome mer urial gi lt with co loured ename l inserts. By Courtesy The Mond Nickel Co. Ltd

Bv Courtesv The British Aluminium Co. Ltrt

J. STARKIE GARDNER LTD Established in 17 r 2

Crciftsmen in Precious Met.:Jis and Enamels, Iron, Bronze, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Copper, ickel,

rainless Steel, Aluminium and Magn esium , Wood and Plasti cs.

OJfice, Works &.. Laborarories



Telephone: PUT EY




s . w .1 8




Carpets of Distinction

Cro l y Floral, P "riod

p iali in nt mporar D .~~ i


OlltainulJle ji路om Fumis/u>r , Df> orators, etc. ,'Z







T 11 H







Individually created for furnishing

















• '* -

With Flexible Slats of Metal beautifully stove enamelled







AV ERY ' S m-4 81, Gt. Portland St. LONDON, W. l and at BOURNE MOUTH Also striped and fringed

WHITEFRIARS mJ GLASS ~ Thi model of Han Ander sen is the joint work of two Dani h artists, Herluf J ensenius ami Hans Hansen. It is in blanc de Chine.

By Ap poinlme ut. 1unu fac l urers of Royal Co pt' nh Rgen 1-'or to H .M . Quee n .M urr











LONDON W.l. London Showrooms





4, D_vcr's Btlildings, Holborn, E.C.t

urvi!JIS Inc.,

ew York .

T HE R.M .. 0 R NIA

As on the Caronia so on nearly every lzner bHilt or reconditioned since the war1 fabrics by ftJ'amer have been !Lsed in the decoration cif many of the public rooms and fi rst-class cabins.









路tr et, Oxford ' tre L, London, W.1

l'\~ <>1\



Pottery of Distinction

ROWLEY GALLERY &.. associate companies E T. 1898




T M -N



K -



Photo: rourttsy P. A. Rtuttr

raft man in th

Ro" lc "orkshops fini shing th e Walnut

" ood" ork of the baton pr . nted to Th Rt. Hon . Win ton hur 路hill on being made a Freeman of the Royal Borough of Ken ing1 o n, Jun e ' 949路







! TURF &




}ou are im ired ro conw lr w at I I - I




GTO Tclcrhon~





H .'T R


O../ 11







Licensed Valuers 162-8 BROMPTON ROAD, LONDON, S.W .3 (Ken 9878) 97 NEW BOND STREET, LONDON, W .1 (May 7008)

Decorative Art 1949  

Anthology of design 1949