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YSGOL MAESTEG SCHOOL (An English Language School)


Chair of Governors’ Report – Cllr Keith Edwards I write this report at the end of what has been an extremely busy but none the less an extremely successful year for our school. The school was inspected in November by Estyn as part of the school inspection framework and both Kath Daly the Vice Chair and I were privileged to sit through the feed-back session given by the Inspection Team at the end of the week. The inspectors’ report stated that the school provided a high standard across all areas of inspection and that in some areas we were regarded as sector leaders, praise indeed! Their comments on the behaviour and good manners shown by the pupils during inspection week is something that both the school and you as parents can take much pride in. Our A level and GCSE results continue to improve and governors are pleased to note that the extra resources provided in both the English and Mathematics departments in line with our Self-

Evaluation Improvement Plan has resulted in much improved results in both faculty’s. It is pleasing to report that while attainment targets set across the school continue to raise, our fantastic team at Maesteg school both accept and strive to achieve if not better these targets. School budgets are closely monitored and all monies spent are channelled towards raising standards throughout the school. Governors are pleased to see rising numbers both walking and cycling to school now that our safe routes to school programme has been completed. Our new allotment is now producing a variety of top quality vegetables and many pupils are benefitting from the experience of growing their own produce. September saw the start of a new and exciting venture, working in partnership with Wigan Warriors we now have a Rugby League Academy which attracts

aspiring rugby league players to train and play under the guidance of Wigan Warriors’ coaches while continuing their education at Maesteg school. The end of the Summer Term saw the retirement of two iconic figures at Maesteg School - our Deputy Head, Mrs Marian Jarvis and our Administrative Officer, Mrs Anne Williams. Between them they have given sixty years to Maesteg School. The governors wish them both a long and happy retirement. We welcomed Mr Lee Jarvis as the new Deputy Headteacher and Mrs Andrea Denbraber as the new Administrative Officer. The governors are pleased to present this Report to Parents and extend our thanks to the dedicated team at Maesteg School who continue to go the extra mile for our pupils. Cllr Keith Edwards Chair of Governors

Chair of Finance Committee Report – Mr Chris Buttle I am pleased to report that the school continues to balance its budget through stringent measures and an ethos of value for money during these difficult economic times. The school continues to be proactive in applying for grants to extend the opportunities available for the pupils, staff and community whilst delivering excellent exam results.

Members of the Governing Body Name Cllr D K Edwards (Chair) Cllr P J White Cllr I A Williams Cllr Mrs C Reeves Mr T H Beedle Mr C Buttle Mrs J McHugh-Phillips Mrs K Daly Mrs M Kirk Mrs S Davies Mr D Lawler Mrs K Morgan Mrs J Thomas Mrs A J Davies Mr C Thomas Mrs A Wanklyn Mrs T Hill Mrs S Clarke Mrs S Pugh Ms A Carhart Mr L Jarvis E Thomas C Puddy

Type LEA LEA LEA LEA LEA Community Community Community Community Community Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Parent Teacher Teacher Support Staff Headteacher Deputy Headteacher Student Student

Until 11/08/2016 03/08/2016 11/08/2016 07/07/2016 12/11/2016 23/10/2016 07/10/2013 02/11/2016 07/10/2014 04/12/2016 29/11/2015 11/11/2014 05/10/2015 23/10/2016 01/10/2016 01/10/2016 24/10/2014 24/10/2016 18/10/2015 (Adviser) 31/08/2013 31/08/2013

Clerk – Ms S Coward, Maesteg School, Ffordd Dysgu, Maesteg, Bridgend, CF34 0LQ


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Maesteg Comprehensive School is committed to providing a high quality education and to enabling all our students to reach their full potential, whatever their need, ability, race or gender. We are committed to improving the experiences of those students who have special educational needs, realising our vision of this school as a caring, learning community for all. Committed to inclusion, we aim to remove barriers to pupil participation and learning, provide effective support and work in partnership with all our parents and outside agencies. Allocation of Resources: Human Resources: ALNCO – Mr A Mackay: Co-ordinates the special educational needs throughout the school; advising faculties on ALN issues. Learning Support Officers – Mrs J Jenkins, Mrs N Jones, Mrs J Ackerman, Mrs K Terzic, Mrs R Birch: These members staff are responsibility for small group withdrawal support; specific learning difficulties; Literacy and Numeracy; Accredited Basic Skills Award; fine and gross motor skills; hand and eye co-ordination. Nurture Support Officer – Mrs D Sayce: Responsible for nurture provision in the school, as well as pupils with Autistic Spectrum conditions. LAC/ELSA Support Officer – Mrs G Sullivan: Responsible for home-school- social services liaison

for our looked-after children. Also runs an Emotional Literacy Group for individual pupils.

curriculum. Pupils will either continue to do their classwork or work on ASDAN Award coursework.

Classroom Assistants – Mrs C Jones, Mrs W Tucker, Mrs A Thomas, Mrs K Davies, Mrs K Woolen: These members of staff provide in-class support across the curriculum with priority given to English, Maths and Science at present. Lunchtime and after-school clubs are supported by LSA’s in KS3 and KS4.

Reflection Room Manager – Mrs Amie Hume: Provides support for pupils in isolation and additional qualification through the IFS course.

Behaviour Support – Mr N Howells: Supporting pupils with challenging behaviour to help reintegrate pupils back into any lessons where behaviour has caused a concern. Nurture/Alternative Curriculum Support – Mr Chris Hill: Designed as a base for pupils who need ‘time out’ from the mainstream

Sixth Form Reading Buddies: Sixth Form students are trained to support younger pupils with their reading. Other Outside Agencies: Other outside agencies work closely with the ALNCO and LOPLs to support and so enhance the experience of our students throughout their School: Counsellor, CAMHS, Educational Psychology Service, Behaviour Support Services and the Access and Inclusion Services.

Physical Resources: Dedicated rooms for literacy, numeracy, specific literacy difficulties, nurture room, Alternative Curriculum, Behaviour; ICT programs – BKSB, Success Maker, Word Shark, Number Shark, Superspell, Kewala Typing program; Computers and Printers are in all resource rooms. Liaison with Other Outside Agencies: Bi-monthly visit/consultation with Mrs W Devonald, Educational Psychologist. Regular contact/advice from Bridgend Access and Inclusion; LACE Team; Youth Offending Team; Educational Psychologist Team; Social Workers; EWO Team; PRU; Local Authority Health and Nursing Team. Disability: Highlighting potential hazards for visually impaired students and resolving those areas; Designated toilet areas for students with medical conditions; Lift available for pupils with physical impairment; Individual Physiotherapy programmes targeted for pupils with physical difficulties in school All Students with Physical and/or Medical difficulties are accessing the National Curriculum fully.

Attendance Year Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Totals

% Attendance 93.8 91.9 90.7 91.2 90.1 91.5 Target – 92%

% Unauthorised Absence 0.0 0.2 0.1 0.6 0.8 0.3 Actual – 92%% Target Met

% Absence 6.2 8.0 9.2 8.2 9.0 8.0

The school reminded parents during the year about the importance of not taking family holidays during term time and Governors would like to urge parents to support this. Holidays during term time cause interference and disruption in the curriculum for both your child and the rest of the class. The school works closely with the Education Welfare Service throughout the year regarding pupils with high levels of absence or those who persistently arrive late to school. Unauthorised or unexplained absences causing concern are followed up by house visits undertaken by the Education Welfare Officer.


Use of the Welsh Language Pupils use of the Welsh language in a range of activities is rewarded with certificates in LOPL assemblies and by Menter Bro Ogwr in Presentation Evening. Recent challenges to promote the use of the Welsh language by pupils and staff include ‘Shwmae Sumae’ day when Year 7 pupils recorded the number of times staff used Welsh when speaking to them. A film crew from S4C visited and clips of the day’s activities were broadcast on t.V. that evening.

All teachers have a copy of Welsh phrases to use in class and the weekly phrase in Welsh, Brawddeg yr Wythnos’ is displayed on digital signage around the school and has been reproduced for staff to create bilingualism corners in all teaching rooms. Pupils have completed successfully in the Urdd Gymnastics, Swimming and Art competitions. Bilingualism classes were run for parents and Mrs Mary Kirk attended several meetings with the Bilingualism Working Party in her capacity as Governor and Brawddeg yr Wythnos has been shared with all Governors.

Term, Holiday and INSET Dates - 2013/2014 Please see below details of our term and holiday dates for 2013/2014. Parents are reminded that holidays should not be taken during term time. (Please see INSET days below for dates that school will be closed to pupils.)

Autumn Term 2013 Spring Term 2014 Summer Term 2014

Term Begins [ Begins Half-Term Holiday Ends ] Term Ends Monday 02.09.13 Monday 28.10.13 - Friday 01.11.13 Friday 20.12.13 Monday 06.01.14 Monday 24.02.14 - Friday 28.02.14 Friday 11.04.14 Monday 28.04.14 Monday 26.05.14 - Friday 30.05.14 Friday 18.07.14 School will be closed on Monday 5th May 2014 - May Day Bank Holiday

INSET DAYS 2013/2014 Monday 2nd September 2013;

Thursday 19th December 2013;

Friday 20th December 2013;

Monday 30th June 2014

Financial Statement Expenditure 2012/2013 Staffing Premises Supplies & Services Transfer Payments (Grants) Transport Income Total Gifts to School Llangynwyd Middle Council Maesteg Town Council Inner Wheel Lions C Hart M Davies Rotary Club Apollo Huw Thomas (Tom Thomas) 200 Club PTA Mrs E Bryant MOSPA Cofely

£ 4,136,384 380,905 655,034 9,027 38,194 -461,283 4,758,261 £ 50.00 200.00 25.00 200.00 10.00 10.00 50.00 100.00 50.00 25.00 30.00 50.00 3,000.00

Budget for 2013/2014 Staffing Premises Supplies & Services Transfer Payments (Grants) Transport Income Total Fund Raising Velindre Knit Chicks Pink Day Red Nose Day Movember Macmillan Birmingham Children’s Hospital Marie Curie

£ 4,340,725 456,834 666,357 72,928 11,500 -446,196 5,102,148 £ 470.15 449.64 1,351.77 803.24 68.94 516.63 47.30

Grants £ PESS 3,900.00 108,900.00 PDG (2013/2014) EMG 1,300.00 SEG/WEG 51,483.00 EPD 2,640.00 NQT 2,466.00 The Governing Body passed a resolution not to claim personal travelling or subsistence expenses.

Summary of Accounts – School Private Fund – Year Ended 31/08/13 Balance in Hand 1st September 2012 Add Receipts during the Year Less

Payments during the Year Balance in Hand 31st August 2013

21,722.47 54,125.60 75,848.07 (39,253.59) £ 36,594.48


Sporting Achievements The PE Faculty continues to ensure it provides every opportunity for pupils to reach their full potential in this subject. The development of the curriculum over the past year has reflected our drive to ensure pupils enjoy taking part in physical activity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provides support for pupils to achieve excellence. Our courses continue to flourish with a high uptake of pupils wanting to study PE in Years 10 to 13 through our academic and vocational pathways. The launch of our new Rugby League Academy in partnership with Wigan Rugby League has attracted thirteen new pupils into the Sixth Form as well as eight of our own Year 12 pupils taking up this fantastic opportunity. Opportunities through the academy include strength and conditioning training, skill development and tactical awareness as well as notational analysis to assess player strength and weaknesses in order to plan for improvement. The Faculty continues to work in partnership with the Active Young People Department at Bridgend Council to develop the sports leadership skills of Year 10 pupils. Following introduction at KS3, pupils can apply to become a sports leader and, follow training, complete a ten week coaching experience in our partner Primary schools. As leadership skills improve, pupils are given the opportunity in Year 11 and 12 to become a Gold or Silver

Ambassador in order to take on a more developmental role. Rhys Jones was selected as one of only three Gold ambassadors in the whole of Bridgend County last year. His work has involved leading physical activity sessions at Nantyfyllon Primary school as part of the Family Active Zone initiative to get families and their children active. He has delivered courses for children at the school including the ‘Run, Jump, Throw’ Athletics scheme and assisted with their ‘Balance Bike’ initiative. He coaches at Caerau Primary Gymnastics Club and gives up a substantial amount of time acting as a role model to young children. Families and teachers at the school were so pleased with his volunteering that a collection of over £70 was gifted to Rhys when the programmes ended. We are very proud of our Gold Ambassador. Our Ambassadors develop our extra-curricular activity programme based on the needs of our pupils and monitor and report on the success of our programmes, continually challenging our Faculty. This programme was judged ‘sector leading’ in our recent Estyn Inspection. An innovative curriculum has been developed at KS4 in order to increase the enjoyment and engagement level of our Year 10 and 11 pupils. Activities such as Biking, Kettle Bells, Zumba and Healthy Lifestyle classes have been introduced as a result. We continue to link with community clubs such as Maesteg Judo, Netball, Maesteg Park

Football and Nanytfyllon Rugby Club as well as Maesteg Trampolining Club in order to create competitive opportunities for our pupils. The PE Faculty continue to run an outreach Gymnastics Club at Caerau Primary School every Monday in order to improve opportunities for pupils in our Community. We have hosted a Primary School opportunity for ‘more able and talented pupils’ over a ten week programme. Pupils worked at our school to improve their skills of agility, balance and coordination in order to improve their sports performance. The scheme, attended by 29, Year 6 pupils proved extremely successful with all pupils completing the course. Look out for their ‘More Able and Talented’ t-shirts in the community! Notable achievements this year include Katie Rees, winner of our Sports Personality of the Year award at the end of the Summer Term. Katie won the 800m Freestyle in the Welsh National Swimming Championships and Katie has qualified for the British National Swimming Championships next year. Well done Katie! Rhys Jones was also recognised at our Presentation Evening through his work as a Sports Ambassador, Olivia K Thomas was crowned Netball Player of the year, Keane Watts - Football Player of the Year and Lloyd Webb - Rugby Player of the Year. Many congratulations to these pupils who have achieved excellence in their chosen sports.

Katie Rees

Olivia K Thomas

Keane Watts

Lloyd Webb


Community Focused School The school is currently working towards International School status. Successful links have already been made with Kasubi Parents’ Secondary School in Uganda. All Year 7 pupils were involved last year in the Sustrans Llynfi Artwork Project. Each planting a tree and helping to develop the conservation area. We continue to work with Sustrans on the ‘Bike It’ school initiative. Last year pupils were involved in the ‘Bike Bike’ challenge, BMX workshops and even had a visit from Dr Bike. We have close links with the Rotary and again this year pupils are involved in the Youth Speaks competition. We were also involved in the Rotary Young Photographer of the Year. Last year, a Year 12 pupil - Tyler Handley, won this award and attended a presentation at the Senydd to pick up an award. The Sixth Form pupils this year have worked with the Maesteg Hospital League of Friends and supported them in their Annual Summer Fare. We have once again received a visit from the Louisiana and Bridgend Church group. This year all Year 7 pupils were involved in workshops and were treated to a special concert during the lunch hour. Kieran Sawdon, a Year 13 pupil was congratulated for his efforts in the community and received a Mid Glamorgan High Sheriff Award. There continues to be representation of Maesteg pupils on the Bridgend Youth Council and in October, twelve of our Year 10 pupils were involved in a Democracy Day at Bridgend County Borough Council The Annual Senior Citizens’ Party continues to take place – inviting local senior citizens into school for lunch and entertainment. We provide transport and assistance and the students fully engage in making our guests feel welcome. In addition to this, the Sixth Form pupils visit Maesteg Hospital every Christmas, providing gifts and Christmas cheer to elderly patients who will be hospitalised over the Christmas period. The school hosted the Salvation Army Annual Christmas Concert and many of our pupils took part. We have close links with both the British Legion and local churches. As always, we will hold a service together for Armistice Day. In addition, some of our pupils will attended the Armistice events in the town centre and sell Poppies at Asda to support the British Legion. Maesteg Lions continue to be excellent partners. Our pupils help their fundraising activities and Maesteg Lions our awards. As a school we support many local charities including Ty Hafan, MacMillan and The Garnwen Trust by hosting raffles, cake stalls and sponsored events to name just a few. We have excellent relations with the local Police. Our schools liaison Officer, PC Warlow, is often in school taking part in both PSE lessons and also teaching about discrimination and stereotypes in the Humanities Department. We also work in partnership with Cynon Valley Crime Prevention Association along with the PCSOs on a program called PUPIL (Pupils Understanding Problems in their Locality). Pupils discuss what they think the problems are within the community and then work on a project selected by the group. There are currently 30 pupils on the program. The Welsh Department work closely with Menter Bro Ogwr. Sian Stephens from the organisation has come into school to work with GCSE pupils in small focused groups. In addition, Menter pay for the Sixth Form to watch a live Welsh

production every year and put on Welsh concerts, quiz nights and productions in Maesteg that the Sixth Form have regularly attended. Menter Bro Ogwr also sponsors 'Dysgwr Y Flwyddyn' (Learner of the Year) for Presentation Evening. The Welsh Department works closely with The Urdd. The Urdd organize trips to Glanllyn and Llangrannog for a range of pupils studying Welsh. They also work with post 16 pupils in achieving the Millennium Volunteer awards. The Mathematics Faculty has links with BP. BP has worked with Year 10 pupils in a one day challenge for the last couple of years. The Business Department has many links with local businesses and on a regular basis has visited them and likewise has had speakers in to talk to pupils about a range of business issues. This year we have developed a new link, this being Sony and pupils from Year 12 have already been for a tour of the plant and an educational business talk. The school PTA continues to meet on the first Tuesday of every month and is currently looking for new members to help with fundraising projects. The PE Faculty has many links with the local community and has been involved in a number of projects. The faculty has strong links with Maesteg Junior Netball Club and delivers netball in partnership with Maesteg School. The school has also started an adult, social, Netball Club on a Monday night in order to attract ladies back to Netball who haven’t played since school. The PE Faculty also runs an Outreach Gymnastics Club at Caerau Primary School, which currently boasts over 60 members. Our Sports Leaders have delivered programmes in our partner primary schools as part of the Leadership Pathway developed at our school with the Active Young People Department of Bridgend County Borough Council. Our Gold Ambassador, Rhys Jones, has supported many community projects this year, running the physical activity sessions of the ‘Family Active Zone’ project at Nantyffyllon Primary School as well as running a ‘Run, Jump, Throw’ programme and ‘Balance Bike’ project at the school. Strong partnerships have continued to be developed with Maesteg Judo Club and Trampolining Club, resulting in more pupils getting involved in community activities. The role of the Family Engagement Officer during the last year has played a big part in ensuring that Maesteg School and the Primary Cluster have continued to develop a community focus. The work of the FEO has enabled parents and families to be more involved in not only the learning of their child but also their own education. There are currently two Maths classes running successfully at Maesteg School, which enables parents/guardians to come into school and develop their Maths skills and confidence. Three of these parents sat the Maths GCSE at the end of last year achieving two C Grades and one D Grade. This Maths provision is also now being delivered in one of the primaries. We are also looking at providing IFS (International Financial Services) at Maesteg School for parents, which will help improve their financial literacy. ‘Get Cooking’ has been running successfully at Maesteg School and at two of the Primaries. This encourages parents and pupils to learn to cook together with the support of the FEO. The FEO has also supported the running of Reading Cafés with two of the Primaries. The FEO currently works with EWO (Education Welfare Officer) delivering Attendance Workshops for Primary and Secondary pupils.


Destination of Pupils 2011/12 Academic Year (Draft) School: Maesteg

Year 11

Date of Survey: 31st October 2012



Year 12 T



Year 13 T



Year 14 T




Number of Pupils on the Register Destinations Full-Time Education - Same School





Full-Time Education - Other School Full-Time Education - School (Sub Total) Full-Time Eudcation - FE College Full-Time Education - HE College Full-Time Educaion (Total)

7 66

Part-Time Education - FE College Gap Year Work Based Training - Non Employed Status


Work Based Training - Employment Status




Other Employment - With Planned Training Other Employment - Without Planned Training


1 1


Unemployed - Registered



Unemployed - Not Registered





Other Employment (Total) 4

Not Available Known Not to be in Education, Training or Employment No Response to Survey


Left the Area

School Performance Information Please see website:

Successful A Level Students 2012/2013

Successful GCSE Students 2012/2013

The Best Education is Learning to Live Yr Addysg Gorau yw Dysgu i Fyw


Governing body report to parents 2012 2013 full report

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