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This is my project about a mountain range called Krkonoše, so sit back, relax, watch and learn!

Quick Information! • Krkonose’s highest peak is Snezka • Krkonose is the most famous mountain range in the Czech Republic. • Krkonose is the border between Poland and the Czech Republic.

Krkonose lies in central Europe, it cover the Czech Republic and Poland. Krkonose has a national park in both countries. The Krkonose are mainly known for their great skiing.

• The tallest mountain is Snežka, it is 1,602 m high.

•Snezka is exactly on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. •Snezka is Czech for snowy mountain. •It is also known as Schneekoppe in German

Tourism The amount of people that visit Krkonose increases every year. The Krkonose mountains are most famous for the skiing in the winter and the hiking in the spring and summer because they have many slopes,hotels and information stations for tourists.

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The climate in the Krkonose mountains is very different. The usual temperature in the summer is about 20째c. In the winter the temperature is around -5 and 5째c.

In 2005 me and my family hiked up the Krkonose mountains. I noticed that the temperature changed the higher we climbed and that there were less people. Here are a few photos of my journey:

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