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“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go.” For my brother Dan and me, these were more than just song lyrics, they were our joyful announcement that we had almost arrived at Neva Drive and the house in Dayton where our grandparents lived. We actually did have to go over a river and through woods as we approached their house. We visited throughout the year but my favorite trip was for Thanksgiving. The entire fall season is a prequel to a holiday which focuses on an indulgent meal. Holiday traditions can be quite different, especially the menu but Thanksgiving may be less varied than others. While I insist on pork barbecue and corn on the cob for Labor Day, you may be certain that grilled burgers and blueberry pie is the ideal menu. Most Americans eat turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie on the fourth Thursday in November. Whether we travel to the home of relatives, share a pot-luck with friends, or cook it all ourselves, we share a common ground of food and thankfulness for the day. Many RV parks have frequent gatherings that include food and the opportunity to spend time with others. Park Model owners often choose a location based on social options. Research tells us that we stay vibrant and healthy longer when we exercise our brains and bodies. Learn something new this month – whether it’s a card game or the challenge of a crossword puzzle. Take a walk through the park with new friends. If you’re in a warmer climate enjoy the pool. The outdoor pools have closed here in Ohio for the season so we schedule other outside activities and bundle up as needed. We enjoy the crisp fall weather and walks with Lucy, our three-year old schnauzer that we recently adopted. My thanks this season to my husband Frank who had the vision for this magazine, and my son Mason who makes it real. Thanks, also to family, friends, co-workers, customers and subscribers who keep us moving forward with Park Model Living.

Kaeth S. Gauthier Editor-in-Chief Mission Statment

Park Model Living is a website & monthly magazine designed to provide information and resources for people who enjoy the Park Model lifestyle. Park Models are recreational homes for seasonal living. They are factory built on a single chassis and are no more than 400 square feet for the essential building (approximately 34’ x 12’). Park Models are licensed and taxed as recreational vehicles, although they are not designed to be towed. Park Models are placed on private property, in recreational parks & in campgrounds. 3 Park Model Living Magazine

The future is so make sure your library has a future. LIBRARIES CAN’T HELP OUR CHILDREN IF THEY ARE CLOSED.


To find how to support library funding efforts and how you can make a difference by becoming a library advocate or Friend, contact your local library.

A message from

The Campaign for America’s Libraries

Letters to the Editor Hello folks! I just sent in my subscription and dealt with lovely Sarah. I ordered all the back issues as well, so I hope I’m now considered a charter member! I am particularly looking forward to the manufacturer’s listings. The Internet is a beautiful thing. We bought our 1st park model 5 years ago. We all love the experience of Park Model living. I see living in this camp environment as a combination of three things: the trailer, the lot, and the campground. You should have ‘positives’ in two out of three of these areas to make it work. In other words, you could have a nice trailer, in a nice camp, have a ‘bad’ lot, but still be happy. Here in Ontario, we have to be careful not to attract property tax. People do this by not fastening the trailer to

the ground, although most have plumbed water and sewers. Wheels and the tongue have to be in place, and decks and add-a-rooms are not attached to the trailer for this same reason, causing a lot of other problems as you can imagine. At this point in life, I am looking forward to retirement. Knowing that I love our present trailer, I am considering a park model home or a mobile home, somewhere warm like Florida, Arizona, or Texas. Although they’re a bit smaller than most mobile homes, I can’t believe how luxurious the Park Model Homes look. It is sure fun to dream, and your magazine allows me to do just that! However, I would like to see more in the way of pricing information in some of your articles, not only on the homes themselves, but also the lot rentals or

Have a question, a suggestion, or a comment? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at: Park Model Living Magazine Letters Dept. P.O. Box 13571 Fairlawn, OH 44334 1-866-766-0564 Information: Suggestions or Letters to the Editor: 5 Park Model Living Magazine

Park Model


prices of deeded lots. Good luck with your publication. I look forward to my next issue.


Staff Publisher

Staff Sgt. John M. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Peter. F. Gauthier Editor-in-Chief

Kaeth S. Gauthier

Editor’s Note: According to our research, most manufacturers and dealers do not put sticker prices on Park Models. Many of the homes are custom and it would be difficult to know the cost until the customers designs the home. Property costs are also somewhat difficult to obtain. Location (of course) is the key factor. Many parks have rental prices on their web sites.

Production Manager

T. Mason Brown Features Editor

Ed Buchanan Advertising Director

Carol Hering Advertising Executive

Simon Fulmer Staff Writers

Ryan W. Patterson K. Shaughnessy Pete Franks Columnists

Bill Garpow, RPTIA ED Marie Rotondo

CORRECTION: From the editor – In our article about Woodland Park we gave Dave Burroughs the wrong title. Dave is National Sales Manager. Ernie Yoder is President and Owner. My apologies for this error.

Office Administration

Sarah Shaughnessy French Language Editor/Webmaster

Marie Rotondo Design Consultant

Cynthia Morris Interns

Carlie Shaughnessy Administrative & Photography

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PML Staff Writer

Park Model Concepts (PMC) is Southern California’s newest Park Model dealer. Located in the California desert, this relatively young company is making a name for itself in the everexpanding Park Model industry. Wayne Radee, sales manager at PMC, is the only part of the sales and service team on-site. Radee jokingly explains that he “of course answers to someone.” His sales career began when he sold encyclopedias door to door in Los Angeles and continued through decades of military service, some spent in recruiting and public relations. He briefly sold RV’s and in 2004 he entered into the Park Model business at Park Model Concepts in Desert Hot Springs, California, very near Palm Springs. Wayne always makes time for his customers, whether you are simply shopping around or have already purchased from him. PMC proudly represents the manufacturer Dutch Park Homes, based on their commitment to the highest quality product, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Dutch Park provides exceptional service and support to dealers and customers. Currently, Dutch Park Homes, an Amish-owned and operated Park Model builder, is the only brand that Park Model Concepts sells, however they will soon expand and include at least one more manufacturer. Dutch Park Homes offers models in two different series, the Classic Series and the Signature Series. Their website (wwww. provides answers to your questions, including the different floor plans available and construction and convenience features for both series. While the features for both series are similar, the Signature series upgrades in areas like carpeting, drapery, indoor Park Model Living Magazine

and outdoor lighting as well as a larger gas range in the kitchen. Other popular options available include a Pentagon front window, premium sound system, additional television and phone jacks, roll-out pantry shelves and a large blower air conditioner. Lofts are especially popular in Park Models and Dutch Park builds their homes An interior shot of one of the many models available from Park Model Concepts in most areas in the continental United to ensure these and all desirable features States and the set up will be handled by are available in your home. They cussomeone locally. Set-up in the southtom build their Park Models so you can western region of the U.S. is handled by choose exactly what you want. Steve Johnson at Classic Sets. Licensed Park Model Concepts is directly afand insured, Classic Sets will connect filiated with Sands RV & Golf Resort your new home to the water, sewer and ( and share electric lines. Wayne also uses a lothe same property. At the resort, PMC cal plumbing company to connect the currently has four Park Model homes propane. on display. One of them is set up on a Sometimes repairs are necessary. site, connected to the water and utilities, Wayne provides referrals to local repairlandscaped, and ready to live in. The man if you are in his region and Dutch others are there to provide you with an Park has several “go-to” repairmen in opportunity to see what the units look other parts of the country to help resolve like fully set up on the outside and how any issues that may occur. they can be decorated on the inside. Park Model Concepts prides itself on They aim to take the hassle and comcreating custom-built quality products plexity out of the buying experience and and complements their product with want their clients to feel comfortable and unwavering customer service. This dediconfident with their decision. Whether cation to ensuring that their customers you choose to buy a custom built home are satisfied continues to help them build or one on display, you need not worry their reputation both regionally and about delivery, set-up or repairs. Once nationally. This ever-growing, customeryour purchase has been made, Dutch driven business is hungry for more Park takes care of the delivery of your companies like Park Model Concepts. Park Model. Wayne tells me that if Consumers stand to benefit most from you choose to set up your Park Model these healthy competitors. at a site other than Sands RV Resort, Ryan Patterson can be reached at: Dutch Park will deliver your new home PHOTO - Courtesy of

by Ryan W. Patterson 6


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e s t i n a t i o n s

of the Ball

by Ryan W. Patterson Nestled along the bank of the Caloosahatchee River in Florida, LaBelle offers activities and events for everyone. If you visit to flee the frightful winter months typical of the northern United States or just stop by on your way to other Florida attractions, LaBelle will not disappoint. If you keep your boat at your Park Model, the Caloosahatchee River has a public boat ramp. The river is ideal for boating, skiing and fishing. You can also test your golf clubs out on the links at Port LaBelle Inn’s par-72 course. Have you seen a manatee in its natural habitat? At Manatee Park on SR 80 you can watch these giant sea mammals as they migrate to warmer waters during the winter months. There is no fee to tour the park. Kayaks may be rented in any season or simply take in the view from one of three observation decks. You can catch traces of manatee songs and occasionally one will surface and show its remarkable form. If you want to see a more exciting animal in action, check out Gatorama on U.S. Highway 27. At this working alligator farm, you can see live alligators and learn how they live and are raised. If dry land is more your style, you can hunt for buried treasure. Amateur treasure hunters can literally strike gold on a trip to LaBelle. You can hunt alone or take the entire family. All you need is a metal detector which you can buy (around $100) or rent from a local merchant. Coins and historical artifacts are common treasures and if you are having a lucky day, you might 7 Park Model Living Magazine

PHOTO - Courtesy of

PML Staff Writer

A view of the Caloosahatchee River dock in LaBelle

find buried gold! Visit for more details, including hot Florida treasure sites. A spin on treasure hunting is the new sport of Geocaching. It may cost a little more to start this activity (as it requires a GPS [Global Positioning Satellite] device) which sells in sporting goods stores from $100 up to $1,000. Other Geocachers hide treasures on various public lands throughout the United States and provide GPS coordinates for you to follow. Your GPS device will bring you within about fifteen feet of the cache, then you search the area for your “treasure.” Once you find the cache, there will be a logbook present. The rules are simple: take the treasure, leave something behind and write in the logbook. Many caches are hidden in and around the city of LaBelle. One

Geochaching site is at Ortona Indian Mound Park. More information is available at where you can find out how to play and search for locations throughout the U.S. Need a little trip to enjoy some adult beverages? At Eden Vineyards Winery on S.R. 80, you can taste the wines and purchase your favorites back to enjoy at your Park Model with your friends and neighbors. For a small citrus city, LaBelle has much to offer. Whether you hunt for treasure, check out the indigenous Florida wildlife, stroll through one of the historical museums or pristine state forests, or visit Eden Vineyards Winery, your trip will be a success with a stop in this beautiful city. Ryan Patterson can be reached at:


by Golda Wellbaum

PHOTO - Courtesy of

Hall of

how far the industry has moved. EarWhen you plan a museum to disly units were play recreational vehicles and motor home-made, homes, the first requirement is space uninsulated The new Recreational Vehicle & Mobile Home Hall of Fame, Museum, Library, & Conference Center – lots of it. supply firms tell their story. A gift and showed the ingenuity of travelers The RV/MH Hall of Fame accomfrom Boots Ingram funded the nearly who wanted mobile living space. See plished this with their August move to complete Ingram Hall which will the box for a delightful book that tells a new 80,000 square foot building in house and display David Woodworth’s the stories of some of these visionarElkhart, Indiana. The RV/MH Hall world famous collection of RV’s from ies. of Fame recognizes industry pioneers the 20’s and 30’s. The Go RVing Hall showcases the and leaders and provides a repository The RV/MH Library is the only latest models so visitors can see the for archives and memorabilia. one dedicated to the RV and manufacnew directions the industry is taking. Vintage units from 1913 to the tured housing industries. It includes In the Exhibitors Hall the industry 1970’s are on display and demonstrate thousands of periodicals and product brochures. Visual records are also available with hundreds of slides and photos from rallies and campgrounds. the RV industry These date from the 1920’s to the presthrough the lives ent. Industry promotional and testing of its pioneers. videos from the 1960’s to the present Featured are the are stored here. biographies of With a strong commitment to nearly two dozen remain debt-free there are two more of its leaders who phases that will be constructed as took the industry money is available. These include from its infancy a conference and convention center at the turn of the and another hall to display very early century to become two industries. He has manufactured homes. a $12 billion giant been featured in The New A visual and research treasure, this today. York Times, USA Today, museum is a delightful journey. Walk Author Hesselon PBS, and on the Travel through the display of early mobile bart is the nation’s Channel. units and imagine yourself touring the foremost authority Whether you are a country in the 1920’s. on the history of gypsy, tin canner or arm Enjoy the many candid and profesthe RV and Mobile chair adventurer, this sional photos that are shared in this Home industries. What do Karo syrup book will entertain and museum. The museum is open MonAs historian for the and Tin Canners have inspire you. To order Sat 9 AM – 5 PM and admission is a RV/MH Foundation to do with recreational contact Legacy Ink Pubbargain at $8 (seniors and groups of 14 vehicles? Al Hesselbarts’s in Elkhart, Indiana, he lishing at 270-994-4276 or or more $6, ages 6-16 $3). oversees the world’s most new book “The Dumb www.legacyinkpublishcomprehensive collection Things Sold Just Like of photos, periodicals and That” tells you. This Golda Wellbaum can be reached at: book traces the history of artifacts relating to the PML Staff Writer

RV History

Park Model Living Magazine 8

• M

by Ed Buchanan PML Staff Writer


r o f i l e

Chariot vide the same high level of service north of the border. Chariot Eagle is working to customize their product for the somewhat different demands of the Canadian market. For those of you new to the industry or unfamiliar with the Chariot Eagle name, they provide a wealth of options and cater to a wide variety of needs. Customers visiting their website (chari-

The past 24 years have been very good to Park Model manufacturer Chariot Eagle. With offices in Ocala, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, Chariot Eagle is set up nicely to serve both east and west coast American consumers. Twice recognized by INC Magazine as one of the top 500 growing companies in the United States, they have built and sold Park Model units throughout Canada and the US. As members of the RPTIA, every unit Chariot Eagle sells is built to meet or exceed the association’s rigorous standards. Quality is the emphasis and business focus of this recreational vehicle giant. Marketing representative Joe Follman said, “The backbone of Chariot Eagle lies in its commitment to quality, service and customer care.” The company started in 1984 with a staff of five employees. Today, Chariot Eagle has a customer base of apThe new front porch model from Chariot Eagle proximately 20,000 people and can peruse nine of their their products have been shipped all over available floor plans while enjoying the the world. Chariot produces an average convenience of viewing photographs of of 10-15 custom designed units per week each. The site also features a complete year round. Though they still consider overview of all their products, contact themselves to be a small company, their information, and a virtual photo tour of influence of the industry reaches further the manufacturing facility. than those original five ever imagined. You will be amazed when you see “Chariot Eagle has not only produced the stunning product that Chariot Eagle thousands of park homes for the USA, produces. Their Park Models are beautibut has successfully shipped to foreign fully constructed and show many exterior countries including Canada, the Virgin options. Whether you like the traditional Islands, Puerto Rico, Japan, Venezuela, look of a log hunting cabin or the sight of England, France, Italy, Norway, Germaa modern home, you will be sure to find ny and Poland,” Follman said. it. The company has set out to lead the Chariot Eagle has served Canadian industry with new concepts, innovations, customers since 1989. They are one of and superb quality. the first US-based companies to display The interior of each Park Model that models in Canada and continue to pro9 Park Model Living Magazine

Chariot Eagle crafts features a wealth of popular demands, including durable carpeting and vinyl flooring. The inside walls also have true drywall which customers will notice walking through a display. Those of you who want something that differs from the trailer-style wall coverings of traditional Park Models will find this to be a welcome addition to their new “home away from home.” Since different people have unique needs, Chariot Eagle provides options. Some versions offer vaulted ceilings and many models have a convertible den, computer desk or fireplace to complete the experience. For folks who enjoy the great outdoors in the winter, they have specially designed vinyl thermo pane windows, thermal insulation, and insulated heating ducts to keep you warm after a long day of hunting or skiing. “Our homes are customized to weather all climates, from the 110-degree Arizona heat to the frigid temperatures at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Colorado in the dead of winter,” Follman said. Prospective buyers should check out the vast selection of Chariot Eagle models available at dealers in the United States and Canada. With two plants in the United States, Chariot Eagle minimizes the cost of shipping and transportation to help maximize your buying power and get the right vacation home for you. “The future is bright for this company. Our current roster of employees present fantastic opportunities in the near future and Chariot Eagle is committed to providing high quality vacation and second homes or weekly cabin rentals,” Follman said. PHOTO - Courtesy of


a n u f a c t u r e r

Ed Buchanan can be reached at:

• H

e a l t h y

Let’s Talk


i v i n g


Giving Thanks from your Park Model With “5-A-Day The Color Way” This month: “Yellow/Orange”

by Marie Rotondo photos by Kimberly Vaicunas

served them mashed with one tablespoon of unsalted butter, one tablespoon of fat free sour cream, dash of salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg for added flavor. For a little added nutrition, I added mashed cauliflower and carrots….. Delicious!!!

Autumn’s crisp chill and vibrant colored tapestry of trees is a favorite season for many people including myself. This magnificent time of the year brings The Yellow/Orange food group helps maintain out the Yellow/Orange colored food group to the Thanksgiving dinner • Heart health Savory Citrus Roast table. Turkey Breast These featured • Vision health colored fruits and vegetables are • A healthy Ingredients: a rich source of immune system carotenoid phyto- 6 – 8 lbs turkey breast (bone-in) nutrients including 3 Tbsp unsalted butter melted • A lower risk beta-carotene, an 1 tsp dried thyme of some cancers 2 bay leaves abundance source 3 garlic cloves, quartered of vitamin A, C Freshly squeezed juice from 1 small lemon and many other Healthful Hints 2 small oranges cut up in large cubes nutrients that have 1 small yellow onion quartered & Tips for Good antioxidant activ- 2 celery stalks cut into 1 inch pieces Health 1 cup chicken broth ity. Sweet potatoes Poultry seasoning, salt and pepper have a very difHealing foods for ferent nutritional Preparation: memory, concenprofile. Recent tration and mood Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Rinse turkey breast under cold water, pat dry inside studies classified and out with paper towels. In a small bowl, mix melted butter, thyme, and lemon sweet potatoes as juice. Rub turkey breast with mixture in and out. Fill cavity with onion, celery, bay • Extra virgin leaves, garlic and oranges. Place turkey breast skin side up on a rack in roasting pan. an “anti-diabetic” olive oil food because they Pour chicken broth over breast. Sprinkle with poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. • Avocados Cover turkey breast with foil leaving a little space between the meat and the foil. help stabilize Foods rich in Cooking time varies according to weight; refer to packaging instruction. Baste every • blood sugar and omega-3 20 to 25 minutes to keep moist. Uncover for the last 25 minutes to brown. lower insulin resis fatty acids tance. such as The healthiest way to cook sweet potatoes is to salmon, tuna, sardines, as well as flaxseeds and steam them. Peel, cut into one inch cubes, and steam walnuts until tender. This method maximizes their vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. In my menu, I Happy Thanksgiving ! Park Model Living Magazine

Marie Rotondo can be reached at: 10


• C


t o r y


by Kaeth S. Gauthier PML Editor-in-Chief

When you shop for a typical stick home by going through an open house, you try to overlook the furniture and decorating. The furniture will leave with the owner and you may repaint and carpet before you move in. When you shop for a Park Model, the décor typically is part of the package and may include furniture. The options are delightful and fun to consider. Park Models are available

they offer an array of choices that include window treatments, flooring, cabinetry and counter tops. Their color groups are titled earth, umber and verde and the web site has samples clustered to show you how different options look. Rustic stools pulled up to the breakfast bar are pictured from Scenic View www. scenicview-rv. com. Their web site includes many interior photos that show wall finishes, floors, and countertops. They have a detailed list of options but do not have samples to view for finishes and fabric. A warm residential feel is shown in the pictured Athens interior view of the kitchen and adjacent table. The long mirrored wall visually enlarges the space and shows off the chande-

M o u n t a i n Pa r k in rustic versions, like the one pictured from Mountain Park, as well as models that are more residential. Most of the manufacturers have an array of choices on their website and let you make selections before you order. At Cavco 11 Park Model Living Magazine

o v e r

Pinnacle lier and fireplace in the living room. You can customize your Park Model with a large color assortment. The Athens website illustrates décor choices

Scenic View


and makes suggestions for best color combinations. These include flooring, carpet, cabinets and draperies. There are separate pages for some of the choices and these show you closer views of options for carpet, floor tile, countertops, backsplash, and cabinet doors. A robust photo gallery is available from Pinnacle and includes links to pictures of every room, like the view featured from the loft. This shows a comfortable eating area with large windows. Pinnacle’s site includes a list of upgrade options and close up photos of interior options including: floor, sheetrock, paneling, fabric, carpet, and countertops. While you can’t specifically order

Chariot Eagle

blue skies with your Park Model, the pictured model from Chariot Eagle Park Model Living Magazine

shows how bright and welcoming this model can be. Their web sites for the Florida location www. charioteagle. com and Arizona location offer floor plans and detailed lists of features. Chariot Eagle only sells through dealers and the web site helps you locate a dealer in your desired

scrolling over the décor name list. This site is unusual in showing sofa and chair combinations rather than flooring and drapery options. At Fairmont you can view finishes and furniture, although these are not in a detailed shopping format. They include 28 photos of Park Model interiors and offer the option to view their brochure on-line. “Build Your Own” is an option with Crossroads www.crossroadsrv. com. You select the model, and work your way through finish and design choices. After you choose, the site will calculate your price. This allows you to establish a budget and select the items that matter most to you. The décor choices for the Hampton show close-up views of fabric, countertops and carpet. For the living room they have a list of furniture and decorative options. Close up details


area. The dealers assist with décor and design decisions. Breckenridge offers Park Models in classic, rustic, casual, and coastal. Their web site www. illustrates lifestyle specific decors like the pictured Copper Lodge. Twelve thoughtfully chosen décor packages can be chosen by

are available from Superior www. A helpful feature shows draperies full and hung, rather than a fabric swatch. For the countertops they offer neutral colors plus a very colorful bright blue and a pale green. They give you the ability to click an item and see a larger view. Superior includes photos of furniture choices. These on-line photos and selection tools let you enjoy shopping without leaving home. Dealers and manufacturers work to offer you the right choices for you. If you want something you don’t see – ask them. They work to provide the custom look you want.

Kaeth Gauthier can be reached at: 12

Fun Wayside Furniture

with Furniture by Kaeth S. Gauthier photos by Carlie Shaughnessy

We went shopping for furniture suited for your Park Model. Kathy Keller, the visual designer at Wayside Furniture was our tour guide and she selected comfortable and attractive combinations to help you redecorate. Smith Brothers, leaf pattern chair, contemporary with wood feet $549, Westwood whitewashed floor lamp $260.

Leather Bradington Young chair $699, Hammary table $239 and 27” porcelain lamp handpainted with dragonfly and butterfly $169

Simmons chairand-a-half that converts to a twin size sleeper $499, Ashley 27” round table in buttermilk finish $99, Uttermost lamp, taupe crackled ceramic $149 13 Park Model Living Magazine

Hickory Hill French Country chair, part of Grandma’s Attic collection) $499, Ashley oak table Northbrook collection $99.

Smith Brothers small sectional - longer piece is $1300 and shorter is $1100, table is a custom piece built for Wayside, Uttermost 27” lamp crackle ceramic $189.

Wayside Furniture has been providing “better furniture priced lower” with caring service before and after your purchase for over 70 years. In addition to a marvelous variety of furniture in the showroom, they take custom contracts for furniture including side tables, dining rooms, entertainment centers and office pieces. You can find them at 1367 Canton Road, Akron OH 44312 330-733-6221

Kaeth Gauthier can be reached at:


• I

n f o r m a t i o n


e s k


Prescription for Remembering Make sure that you have an ample supply of your prescription medications. Doctors often prescribe a limited supply so before you go on vacation, make arrangements for refills. Some insurance companies offer prescriptions by mail. Visiting an emergency care clinic for a short-term refill may be an option. Make copies of your prescriptions and keep them in a safe place. First Aid and Safety We are all prone to minor accidents every now and then. We cut or burn ourselves performing even the most basic tasks. Keep a first aid kit on hand and be sure everyone knows where it’s stored. Make sure the container can keep the contents dry. Your kit should contain: sterile bandages, band aids and gauze, scissors, surgical tape, burn cream or spray, an antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide or an iodine solution), an antibiotic ointment (Neosporin is my favorite) and an anti-itch lotion. ( Do you have a working fire extinguisher? You should know exactly where it is and how to use it. The extinguisher must be fully charged and easily accessible. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it works properly. Keep your documents safe! A fireproof safe or lockbox should be kept in your Park Model to store all of your important documents. Keep ownership papers, warranty information for all products, rental agreePark Model Living Magazine

ments (when applicable), proof of insurance, valid identifications (passports, a copy of your driver’s licenses) and weapons permits (when necessary). Extra keys for your vehicle, Park Model and anything that you own with a lock can be stored here as well. Purchase a battery-operated weather radio to check the daily forecast, monitor the weather in the area and plan your activities and emergency procedures around any storms or evacuation orders. A battery powered am/fm radio is also helpful. Have extra flashlights and other battery powered light sources. Pack extra batteries, as these devices are no good if you cannot turn them on! Did you forget something? Have the contact information of your Park Model dealer readily available. They are the experts and can provide information and assistance when needed. Bring your cell phone charger. Cell phone chargers are the number one item left behind when traveling. Also remember your power cords for laptops, cameras and mp3 players. Duct tape, WD-40 and Ziploc bags are always useful. Take a camera or camcorder to capture all of the priceless moments and beautiful scenery while relaxing in your Park Model. Remember the film and batteries!

Information desk is compiled and edited by PML Staff Writer Ryan Patterson. Ryan Patterson can be reached at: 14

# Park Models 2 5

• M

o d e l


i f e

News & Notes on the Park Model Lifestyle & answers to your questions from RPTIA Executive Director W.R. “Bill” Garpow

#Numbers 3


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With each Park Model that’s delivered, the owners are given a survey to complete. Thousands of folks have completed them and RPTIA collates that information. Do you fit the norm? Here’s an overview of the data. While some of the Recreational Park Trailer owners (12%) have children at home, most (80%) are grandparents, with an average age of 58. Retirement has been achieved by 54% of these households and 34% still work full time. Income is over $100,000 for 15%, between $75,000 and $100,000 for 24% and between $45,000 and $75,000 for 41%. When asked about their career experiences, 57% of Recreational Park Trailer heads of households were/are employed as professionals, managers or proprietors, and 15% as skilled workers. On the average, owners reported having almost two years of college, have been married for 31 years and 95% own their primary residence. In addition to the Park Model, they report ownership of: their own home (95%), cars (75%), trucks (39%), vans (19%), recreational vehicles (23%), sport utility vehicles (19%) and motorcycles (9%). Most owners (91%) have discovered that the ideal site for a Park Model is often found in the nation’s many RV parks and resorts or seasonal developments while 21% put the unit on their own property. Being close to nature is important with 26% near 15 Park Model Living Magazine

mountains, 44% near a lake, 20% near the ocean and 49% near hunting or fishing. Being close to family is reported by 25% and 68% locate their units within several hours of drive time from their primary residences. Recreational activities are a strong interest with most Park Model owners and the equipment they own includes power boats (24%), motor homes (24%), 5th wheels (19%) and golf carts (16%). New owners were asked to rate their activities of highest interest and those include camping/RVing, fishing, family activities, reading, gardening, shopping, golf, travel, craft, theatre/movies, boating, computers, sports, sewing, bicycling and hunting. While 58% of the Recreational Park Trailers are purchased outright, financing is also readily available to qualified purchasers who desire that option. Where are most of the Park Models delivered? For 2006 the top states (in order) were Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey. Do you love your Park Models? Since 99% would recommend the Park Model lifestyle to friends and neighbors, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” Bill “The Answer Guy” Garpow can be reached at: To be considered as a Question to the Answer Guy, your request must be accompanied by an email address & telephone number as well as full name and City/State. Requests for confidentiality will be honored with the disclosure of only the correspondent’s first name and state.

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by Ryan W. Patterson PML Staff Writer

wired for telephone as well, making internet service available. The resort features full laundry services on-site, for guests to use. Cable television links are also available. Two “Comfort Stations” are located in the park. These are recently renovated and feature new ceramic tile. Always clean and quite spacious, these private stations provide toilets and enclosed showers with a dressing area. All facilities on site are without stairs and handicap accessible. Of course, pets are always welcome! Whisper Creek furnishes a broad variety of amenities available to all residents and guests. Two large clubhouses present you with space and equipment for extra-

Whether you seek to elude the long and drawn out days of winter or simply want a change of pace, Whisper Creek will satisfy. Whisper Creek RV Resort is in the historic southwestern Florida town of LaBelle and offers a convenient and lively adult RV park. Since 1989 this family owned and operated park has provided top notch locations for Park Model and RV guests aged fifty-five and better. Their website includes a map of the resort, rental rates and information about land purchase. In 1965, Leo Cavin closed his contracting business in Minnesota and opened his first RV park. He has been in the business ever since. Current owners include Leo’s son Bill Cavin and his wife Janet, daughter Nita Shirley and her husband Walt and daughter Cheri Christenson with her husband Darrell. The maintenance and cleaning staff bring thirty-plus years of individual experience and endless dedication to ensure this park receives the attention it deserves and the residents are comfortable and satisfied. The resort spreads out over fifty-four acres and space is not One of the many views of Whisper Creek RV Resort an issue. Streets are extra wide curricular events. The larger, five-thouand newly paved. Almost four hundred sites are available for rent. Each measures sand square foot clubhouse has a library with an inviting collection of books and 40’ by 50’ and features a 10’ by 30’ conpuzzles. An oversized community kitchcrete patios. Rent includes water, sewer en with commercial equipment allows and garbage removal service. Nearly seventy new lots that measure 50’x 60’ are residents to cook meals for large groups of available for purchase and make an excel- people. The residents use this large space to organize a community breakfast every lent choice for your Park Model. other Saturday during the peak season. Each lot comes well equipped. UtilThe large auditorium and dance floor, ity hook-ups are provided and each lot is

complete with folding tables and chairs, accommodate gatherings of any size and the room includes an elevated stage. The second clubhouse is outfitted with an equipped exercise room, a wireless hot spot computer room and a billiard room. Extra rooms are available for card games and crafts. Outside entertainment includes horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts, a newly renovated, heated swimming pool and a screened picnic pavilion. Scheduled activities are available to everyone at the resort. Some of these include bingo, dances, coffee hours and ice cream socials, golf outings, and shuffleboard tournaments. Whisper Creek is located conveniently near many popular Florida destinations. Fort Myers is about thirty miles away. You can make the drive to Tampa or Miami in about two hours. If you seek local flair and history, the city of LaBelle has plenty to offer in the realm of museums and state parks. The city plays host to the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival at the end of February with a parade, rodeos, square dancing and continuous entertainment the entire weekend. On the Caloosahatchee River there is a yearly Christmas Float Parade. The friendly owners are available to assist you. If you are looking to buy, Whisper Creek is also a Park Model dealer, representing Chariot and Skyline. Their annual season runs from October 1st-September 30th and the peak months are October through April. Travelers fifty-five or older see Whisper Creek as an ideal vacation destination.

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& Shut by Ryan W. Patterson PML Staff Writer

Winter is arriving and some parks have closed for the season, just as others start their peak season. If you are a fortunate snowbird, about to return to your Park Model, how do you open for the season? For those Park Models that will sit lonely and unused in cold weather, we have researched how to safely close them. When you leave your Park Model and head for warmer climates, what exactly do you need to do in order to ensure your home remains the way that you left it? Betty Zehner and her husband Darrell manage Wandering Spirit RV Park in Grand Ronde, Oregon and she sums it all up quite nicely. She says, “Our Park Model requires very little maintenance. It’s wonderful!” Although the park that she and her husband manage does not have intense winters, the basic steps to winterize your Park Model are rather universal. Gary Kovach, the service manager at Total Recreation RV in Shohola, Pennsylvania, provides a comprehensive approach to winterizing your Park Model. “Everyone should shut the propane, water and electric off every time you leave your Park Model, even if it is for a couple weeks. Everything is on electronic ignitions so you will not have to re-light any pilots,” he says. The propane and electricity are unnecessary while you are away. No matter what the weather is like where you keep your Park Model, you must always disconnect the water supply when you leave. After you shut down your water system, drain your water heater and entire water system. This is critical in

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regions where temperatures remain below freezing for most of the winter. The next step is to blow out the water lines with air pressure. It is important to know how much air pressure to use when you perform this task. “Older models can withstand around 45 to 50 pounds of air through the system but any more than that and you will end up with a broken connection,” Kovach tells us. The newer models can handle more pressure so be aware of the limits before you start this job. After the water lines are empty, the climate dictates what jobs you should do next. Ginger Camp of Elkmont RV Resort in Cleveland, Georgia, tells us the job of winterizing basically ends with empty water lines. Since the temperatures rarely fall below twenty degrees in this part of Georgia, once the water system is drained, no more needs to be done. “We may see temperatures drop to seventeen degrees once a year but they normally stay in the forties all winter,” Camp says. The same is true at Wandering Spirit where snow may fall once every winter but even that is rare. Betty Zehner does recommend that you turn your thermostat down as low as it will go, if you choose to leave the furnace on. Some residents wrap their outside water pipes with heat tape as a precaution if they plan to be away for an extended length of time in the winter months, but this is not essential. In the parks where temperatures do drop below freezing and consistently stay there, Kovach says that you need to push RV anti-freeze through the entire water system, although you should bypass the water heater.

Total Recreation provides a complete winterization service for a fee, although you can do it yourself. For do-it-yourself folks, Kovach has suggestions. “The showerheads, sink sprayers and toilets are always the first things to freeze and break,” he says. “If you simply fill the toilet with anti-freeze, it will not keep the tank and trap from freezing, so you have to plunge the anti-freeze through the toilet.” Make sure to push the anti-freeze through all the lines within the home so your showerhead and sink sprayer (if you have one) do not freeze. If you have an ice maker in your freezer, remember that those water lines are usually exposed behind the unit and prone to freezing. Using a winterizing service similar to Total Recreation’s will most effectively ensure that nothing goes awry during the winter. Some people will purchase a winterizing pump from them, which they key into the water line. This pump will push the anti-freeze through the water system although you must make sure to push fluid through the toilet, showerhead, kitchen sprayer and ice maker. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you are aware of every essential step and precaution so your home and equipment are in good condition when you return. Once you have taken care of the water system, you may be finished. When they leave for the season, most residents leave their furniture and their entire home the way it is. This lifestyle is so simple that people may only take clothes and toiletries back and forth. They are able to leave kitchen supplies and bedding in place. Normally people escape the winters and head toward warm weather destinations like Florida, Arizona or Southern California. Upon arrival in the warm weather spots, you need only to turn the key, open the windows to let the fresh air flow through your home, and allow the water to run for about fifteen minutes after you turn the water back on. This will push all the remaining air through the pipes along with fresh, clean water. Unpack your belongings

and you are set to relax, away from the snow. After you stay through the winter down in the southern parts of the United States, certain measures need to be taken as well. You will still need to shut off the water when you leave, however preventative actions to avoid frozen pipes do not need to be taken since the temperatures are not as harsh and many people choose these locations as winter destinations then leave for the summer. When you vacate the more humid areas, such as Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, you should leave your air conditioning unit, with the humidistat, kept on. The humidistat will click on whenever the heat and humidity get too high and this will keep your Park Model from becoming too stuffy. Cheri Christenson at Whisper Creek RV Resort in LaBelle, Florida, also recommends residents place a silver-backed boarding in your windows to keep the sun out. This will help to maintain a cooler temperature inside your Park Model while you are away and assist in lowering the humidity.

In places with more mild temperatures, this is not required unless you prefer it. Some people choose to have their homes looked in on every now and then while they venture away from them during the offseason. Juanita Linn, park manager at Lost Lake Resort in Olympia, Washington, says they “provide a service where, with the permission of the residents, we will occasionally check in on their Park Model. But even this is not necessary.” If it comforts you while you are away, then by all means it may be something that you want to think about. Betty Zehner advises to “choose a park with good neighbors and a good sense of community.” That way, when you are gone, you know that your neighbors will keep a watchful eye on your home and you need not worry. When winter ends and it is time to head back toward your northern destinations there are a few things that need to be completed before your Park Model is ready to be lived in. First, you will need to turn the water back on. Next, you want to get rid of that anti-freeze that you left in the system to keep it all from freezing. To do this, simply turn your faucets on and allow the

water to run. Kovach explains, “Turn the hot water on first, so it fills the water heater. Let the water run until it isn’t pink anymore; that is how you will know the anti-freeze is out of the system. Then turn on the cold water side and do the same thing again.” He continues to say, “Do not turn the electricity back on until the water is flushed out, otherwise you will burn out an element in your water heater.” Finally, turn the propane on and you are all set. Follow these steps laid out by our team of experts to open and shut your Park Model for the different seasons and you should avoid most problems. It is a good idea to check with local Park Model dealers in your area to see if they provide services similar to those offered by Total Recreation. Of course, you can always decide to perform these tasks yourself and save a bit of money, just make sure you know exactly what kind of weather you leave behind and what your home requires. This way, major repairs are avoided and the simplistic and efficient Park Model lifestyle remains easy and enjoyable.

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RPTIA Annual Meeting by Kaeth S. Gauthier PML Editor-in-Chief

The Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA) is a non-profit trade association that exists to unite segments of the industry and work for the betterment of the park trailer industry. Park Model Living Magazine is a member of the RPTIA and Frank and I attended the annual meeting in Elkhart, Indiana in October. Members include manufacturers, dealers, and affiliates. There was discussion about the decision by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) to allow 5th wheels to increase in size limited only by state highway laws (when in travel mode) and to be expandable on site with no limits. This would require a change in federal law. The RPTIA is opposed to these changes.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) establishes procedures and guidelines for safety standards in the industry. The A119.5 Standard covers 500 safety-related requirements that must be complied with in the production and/or repair of recreational park trailers. Standards issues and reports were reviewed during the meeting. Public Relations efforts were reported by Jeff Crider who shared the New York Times Article from June 14 and articles in RV Business. Manufacturers who will attend the annual RVIA event in November, discussed space limitations and move-in issues. The members voted to stagger the terms of the Executive Committee to maintain a historical perspective on the board. Kaeth Gauthier can be reached at:

Featured Resources If you would like to know more about the parks, dealers, & manufacturers featured in this month’s magazine, you’ve found the right place. This Month’s Resources:

Manufacturer Profile(p.9) Chariot Eagle 931 N. W. 37th Ave. Ocala, FL 34475 352-629-7007

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Voted First Place Park Model at the 2007 Florida RV SuperShow

Pinnacle Park Homes

Pinnacle Park Homes 866-574-5159

w w w. p i n n a c l e p a r k h o m e s . c o m 26488 GA HWY 3 - OCHLOCKNEE, GEORGIA 31773

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ANSI A119.5 Information

Statistical Data on Recreational Park Trailers

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ARIZONA - Located at Superstition Sunrise. Park Model with AZ room. Includes washer and dryer. Available January, February & March. $1350 month plus utilities. Space 724. Call 651-428-3248 AD#0101

ARIZONA - Located at Superstition Sunrise. 1996 Cavco with AZ room. Space 33 Furnished - includes washer/dryer, swamp cooler. 1/2 bath in AZ room. Painted driveway, tinted windows and sunscreens. New Roof in 2003 . Must see to appreciate. Call 480-986-4736. AD#0205

ARIZONA - Located at Superstition Sunrise. Cavco Park Model on corner lot. Space 757. Shed with washer/dryer. $1450 per month, three months or more $1350. Contact Brad @ 480-707-2392 or email AD#0102

ARIZONA - Located at Superstition Sunrise. Space #75 Cavco with AZ room 1 3/4 baths, stack w/d, new carpet 2006, shed with elc. excellent condition, Furnished, never been smoked in. Please call 480-373-916 AD#0208

2 • Models for Sale ARIZONA - Located at Superstition Sunrise. New 2007 Cavco Fully furnished , A/C -Heat. Close to club house, pool and activities. $35,000 OBO #219 Call 208-884-4090 AD#0206

CALIFORNIA - Located at Sands RV & Golf Resort, Desert Hot Springs. 1987 Elite Park Model fully furnished, central air, covered patio along side and rear. $31,900. Call 760-251-3400 AD#201

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CALIFORNIA - Located at Sands RV & Golf Resort, Desert Hot Springs. 1995 Fleetwood Park Model fully furnished, central air, many upgrades, great views, $52,000. Call 760-251-3400 AD#202

CALIFORNIA - Located at Sands RV & Golf Resort, Desert Hot Springs. 1986 Casa Real Park Model. Great location, fully furnished. Space #382 Great value at $22,500. Call 760-251-3400 AD#203 FLORIDA - Located at Yellow Jacket Campground Resort on the beautiful Suwannee River - Chariot Eagle 2007, 500 sq. ft. 14 ft. Wide. Ready to move into. 352-542-8365 AD#209

FLORIDA - Completely remodeled 2 Bedroom Park Model in Camp A Wyle RV Resort, Partially furnished, New Windows, Siding, Ceramic in Bath, New Carpet and Hardwood Floors, Counters, Cabinets, Appliance & Much More. Dues are $75 a Month it include Water, Sewer, Trash pickup and Lawn Maintenance (April 1 to Oct. 31). Horseshoes, Tennis, Pool, Putt-Putt golf, Shuffle Board, Basketball Court and much more. Lot size 56x148 on a Pond. $79,900 Contact Virginia at Golden Bay Realty, Inc. 325-238-6498 AD#0207

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Park Model

We love park model living! Our unit is a 2006 Laurel Creek which the factory built and helped us design to our specs. We added a 16 x 20 Arizona room with a 10 x 12 entryway. We chose Rincon East RV Park in Tucson, AZ because of the location and great mountain views. This park is just the right size for us; about 450 spaces and lots of nice people. It seems as though we meet new people from different areas every day. By the way, we also have a park model in Minnesota on Lake Miltona at Johnson RV Park. Our unit there is a 2005 Woodland Park. We spend about 6 months in Arizona - November through April, the balance in Minnesota between our home and the lake. Bob & Pat Schultz

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Park Model Living November 2007  

Park Model Living November 2007

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