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THE KING DAVID HIGH SCHOOL The Headteacher’s Report for the Spring Term 2011

Pupil Movement: New Arrivals Year 7 Ariella Faber Eva Tesler Year 9 Charlotte Moryoussef Year 10 Joshua Maskill Year 12 Daniel Haffner


Scotland Beis Yaakov Manchester High Manchester Mesivta Manchester Mesivta


Prestwich Arts Bury College Hopwood Hall Hopwood Hall Employment

Leavers Year 8 Marni Miller Year 11 Alexander Bland Benjamin Bloom Nathan Pitt Year 13 Adam Goldfine

Prospective New Pupils At the time of writing we have 110 Year 6 pupils who have accepted places for entry into the High School in September 2011. The transition evenings were well attended by parents and new pupils and there was a good, positive attitude. We have also received applications from most of our year 11 King David Students and received applications from other schools for our Sixth Form in September 2011 totalling 128 students to date. Please see attached breakdown list for pupils on roll as at 7th April 2011.

Staffing: New appointments: Teaching:

Mrs V Chapman

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs I Benjamin Mrs C Hamburger Miss M Rosenberg


Spanish Assistant

We are saying goodbye and good luck to the following member of staff Teaching:

Miss L Walmsley


Maternity position for Mrs Dansey

Charities: The pupils, as always, have been very generous with their donations to lots of different charities, which include Jewish and non-Jewish organisations. Year 9 pupils have also raised over ÂŁ1000 so far to take to Israel in May. Year 7 & 8 pupils raised ÂŁ1000 with the help of Rabbi Rickman which will go towards helping local families for Pesach.

Educational Trips/In School Events: As well as the extra curricular activities (list attached) within the school, there have been many successful events this term and thanks go to those staff who have arranged and given so much of their time to these events which include the following:

Prize Giving and Certificate Awards Evening: This is the highlight of the year for the Sixth Form students who have achieved outstanding results in their examinations, as well as for the staff and school as a whole.

Parents Evenings: This term there have been evenings for parents of pupils in the Main School and Yavneh Boys and Yavneh Girls. All these evenings were well supported and highly informative for parents.

Taster Days Children from our feeder schools and other schools enjoyed spending the day in the Main School and Yavneh. As always, lunch in the canteen was a special highlight for them all!

Yavneh Girls: The Yavneh Girls concert, ladies only, was a huge success in our new High School Hall. Special thanks go to Mrs Eden, Mrs Hoffner and Miss Burberry for all their contributions. Mrs Hoffner organised a Purim party for the girls in the Bnei Akiva Bayit. The Sixth Form girls hold discussion groups with the lower school and there has been a programme of speakers for the girls in the run up to Pesach. There will also be a matza baking demonstration and a Shabbaton before Pesach with Rabbi Benson and Mrs Hoffner. In February the Chief Rabbi visited Yavneh during Super Sunday. Mazeltov to Elisheva Jeffay who won the National Bible Quiz in London.

Yavneh Boys: Thanks to Rabbi Cohen, Mr Leventhall and some Sixth Form Madrichim, for the successful Shabbaton in Llandudno for all the Yavneh Boys in Years 7, 8 & 9. In February the Chief Rabbi visited Yavneh during Super Sunday. Mazeltov to Joseph Kemp who won the National Bible Quiz in London.

Main School: Art There was a trip to the Manchester City Art Gallery for year 10 pupils, thanks to Mrs Waxman. Business Studies There was a Year 13 trip to New York with Mr Hodgson, Miss McLaughlin, Miss Airley and Miss Callan. This was supported by student fundraising activities as well as the Parent’s Guild and Governors. Duke of Edinburgh Steven Weller has been appointed by the JLGB to work with the students and improve the activities we are offering. There will be extra training and equipment. Drama Miss Burberry took Year 12 students to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the theatre. The Year 13 Drama Students performed a play on Jewish Stories to the children in the Primary School and to parents and High School students they performed Alice in Wonderland and an adaptation of an opera. Year 13’s also performed a play on ‘Inner Beauty’ to a female audience on Purim. Year 11 GCSE students performed 5 plays at the Contact Theatre as part of their course. Lamda students have been continuing working towards their exam. English Miss Earner took a group of Year 13 students to the theatre in London. French There was a Year 12 French Day trip, thanks to Mrs Goodman Gateshead trips were organised by Rabbi Cohen of Hamayon for Year 10 Boys and Year 10 Girls. There are also regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions. Geography Year 10 and Year 12 students went on a trip to Malham with Mr Gold. Maths Year 10 took part in the UK Intermediate challenge this term. This is a one hour problemsolving competition. The results were excellent with 6 Gold, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze certificates being awarded. Tamar Prais qualified for the Olympiad and Jacob Feddy qualified for the European Kangaroo Maths Challenge competition. A group of fifteen Year 12 students attended a Maths lecture given by the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society on the life and work of the famous mathematician, Alan Turing. A group of four Year 8 and Year 9 students took part in the regional finals of the Team Maths Challenge, coming 7th overall, against strong opposition. Media There was an A level Media trip to the National Media Museum with Mr Frankell. Music There was an A level and GCSE Music Recital evening in the High School hall. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks to Dr Siemens, Miss Buckley and Dr Hampson. P.E. The Year 9 & 10 Holland Trip was a huge success and all 31 pupils, led by Mr Lamming, Mr Curati, Mr Faraday and Mr Vincent, had an amazing time. This was another busy term for the P.E. department. Events included the annual swimming gala won by Galil and cross country at Broughton Park. Activities this term have included basketball, cricket, dance, football, netball, fencing, trampolining and uni-hoc. Oliver Hayes is the North Manchester KS3 Badminton Champion and Susie Goldstone came 2nd in the KS3 League. King David was crowned KS3 and KS4 Swimming Champions for North Manchester. Allana Edwards came 12th out of 90 in the Manchester Schools’ Cross-Country. Year 7 girls have progressed to the netball tournament semi-finals. 11 pupils from Year 9 who were disaffected in P.E. lessons were taken to an alternative day of P.E. to put an action plan together which will include new activities in their programme next year. Science Mrs Raczkowycz took Year 12 Applied Science students to Blencathra in the Lake District. There was Polymerase Chain Reaction workshop at the Nowgen Centre in Manchester for Year 13 Biology students. Year 11, 12 and 13 ‘Oxbridge Potential’ Biologists attended an Israeli Science event at the Museum of Science and Industry with Dr Hampson. Year 12 students also went to Chester Zoo and to MUFC with Mr Drinkwater. Miss Harrington took Year 10 & Year 11 students to the Museum of Science and Industry for a lecture on Stem Cell Therapy.

Careers Evening Representatives from a wide cross-section of careers and universities attended a careers evening in the main High School Hall for students in Years 10-13 to seek advice. Thanks to Mrs Salisbury, Ms Lewis and Mrs Epstein this was a highly attended and successful evening. Purim Lower School enjoyed fun activities in the afternoon of Purim including ‘Teacher Awards’. Amongst the winners were Rabbi Rickman for funniest teacher and Mr Mintz for best hair style! Rabbi Goodman raised £100 throughout the day which will go towards the Year 9 Israel Trip. Sixth Form Prospective Evening This evening was attended by all Year 11 students who are planning to attend the Sixth Form in September. Thanks to Mr Pitt and team this was a highly informative and successful evening.

UCAS Evening An important evening arranged by Mr Frankell that provided information to students about their university applications, student finance, personal statements and choosing a course. Speakers came from Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Salford. Mr Frankell also organised trips to Open Days at Oxford and Cambridge for potential students.

Assemblies: Pupils are asked to contribute towards morning assemblies and this term there were assemblies in French and Spanish as well as ones with music and poetry.

Parents Guild: Thanks go to all the committee members of the Parents Guild for all their hard work and dedication involved in raising funds for the campus. The Parents Guild continues to support the school and we appreciate all of their efforts. This term they have paid for the Minibus MOT and contributed towards the Business Studies New York Trip.

Guest Speakers: Guest speakers and lecturers are an enjoyable and integral part of the school day, and visitors and speakers this term have included: Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi Mr David Olesker, Jerusalem Centre for Communication & Advocacy Training Councillor George Wilson, Mayor of Salford Rabbi Moshe Taub, The Kaliver Rebbe of New York Mr David Kesler, A Level ICT Project Management Mr Jonny Basger & Mr Alex Webster, The CST

Future Events: Maths Challenge – 6th May Yom HaAtzmaut – 10th May GCSE’s & A Levels Begin – 16th May Year 9 Israel Trp – 23rd May – 31st May Bat Chayal Ceremony – 19th June Year 12 Biology Field Trip – 23rd June Sports Day – 8th July Yavneh Girls Camp – 11th July Year 10 Work Experience -11th July Yavneh Girls Bat Mitzvah – 20th July

In conclusion, I wish to thank Mr Rowe, the Governing Body and Mrs Rowe, for their support and help. Also thanks to the staff for their total commitment, not just in the classroom but at lunchtime and during after school activities.

B N Levy Headteacher April 2011

Headmaster's Report Spring 2011  

Headmaster's Report Spring 2011

Headmaster's Report Spring 2011  

Headmaster's Report Spring 2011