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William Bondin

Inherent Motives 2012-2013

^ Temporal geometries performed by a mobile tetrahedron.

Inherent Motives is a design research project addressing the inconsistencies between simulation and the performance of physical objects in the realm of dynamic architecture. A series of objects and performances were developed in relation to this subject, one of which is called MORPHs. MORPHs, short for Mobile Reconfigurable Polyhedra, are autonomous architectural structures which can crawl and self- assemble in order to inspire social interaction through play. These playful robotic creatures encourage the public to choreograph them into dance routines, assemble them into complex sculptural geometries or else play music at them, which they will play back over time. Groups of people can interact at any one time and eventually develop a dialogue amongst participants, through the use of contemporary digital technology.

The behaviour is inspired by the slime mould Physarum polycephalum and its display of collective intelligence without representation. As architectural creatures, they are designed to operate on an architectural time scale, where events occur really slowly. Like contemporary nomads, they travel across landscapes and meet people and other structures with whom they develop dialogues. In turn, these experiences will teach them new information about their world, to which they will adapt or react.

With thanks to Ruairi Glynn, Sam McElhinney, Ollie Palmer, Paul Harkin, The Bartlett School of Architecture and The Malta Arts Scholarships.


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