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December 2012

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Welcome to this edition of ICTmagic Show. Inside you will find an eclectic mix of the best free educational links, tools and resource for your class from across the web. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at BETT in January/February 2013& at the next TeachMeet Essex that is in the planning. Martin Burrett

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Hot Tip Did you know that you can freeze the image on more Interactive whiteboards. This allows you to use your laptop or computer while displaying things to your class. Look for the ‘freeze’ button on your projector remote ccntrol. Another trick it using the second or ‘extended’ display on your laptop. This is usually the same set of button you have to press when you want your computer to ‘talk’ to a project. You can often press the Windows Key and P. This effectively gives you two screens - one for yourself and another for your students to the view. The second display will be off to the right on the main screen, making it easy to interact with both screens quickly and easily. Give it a go.


ICTmagic Podcast I’ve started to produce a short podcast about resources I find, UKedchat and events going on in the UK educational scene.

Christmas Advent Calendar Find a new Christmas resource each day in December up to Christmas Day. There are problem solving, strategy and other fun games, designing resources and music makers. You can even embed the calendar into your own site or blog so you class can access in easily.

Daisy the Dinosaur This is a good iPad App to get little ones interesting in basic programming by playing with Daisy the Dinosaur. Set a list of commands in free-play mode or complete challenges.

Visualead This site makes it easy to create images which merged with QR codes. It's great for creating stylish interactive logos or add QR links or info to photos. Just choose an image, enter the QR code details, drag into place and download the result.

100,000 Stars This is an amazing map of our closest 100,000 stars. Zoom and explore our galaxy by clicking on the star to see information about them. See binary systems and exotic stars in exquisite 3D detail. Requires Google Chrome to run well.

Drawing Torch

The NightZooKeeper, a wonderful organisation and website which encourages children to be imaginative and creative, has brought out a iPad app to do the same. Draw pictures in answer to questions which really made children think and explore ideas.


This is a wonderful site to keep your class motivated and reward them for all their hard work. This is behaviour management tool where teachers can award virtual badges for anything. Choose from a large collection of badge designs. The children can see their progress with their own personal login.


This is one of my favourite site at the moment. You can create an interactive online lesson plan which you can access anywhere there is a web connection. Upload and curate all the resources for a lesson in one place and use them with one click. The site works with Office files, PDFs, flash files, small videos uploads, YouTube, images, internet links and even connects to Google Drive and Dropbox. Then simply share the link with anyone who need to use view it. It make collaboration simple and it is a fabulous way to set homework and projects for outside of school time.

Time Maps This is a wonderful history site. Where you can watch the history of the world evolve on a world map by choosing an era and clicking on the civilisation you want to view to find out more.

Batalugu This is a fabulous site for creating and finding online children's books. Design your 'bestseller' by uploading images and using the bank of media to drag and drop your story to perfection. Then you can share it with a link for all the world to read.

My Favourite Scientist This is a great video site showing the life and careers of famous scientists. Find out about Richard Feynman, Rosalind Franklin, Gregor Mendel and even Mister Spock in interviews with scientists in their field today.

Teach Your Monster To Read This is an amazing, beautifully made and entertaining site for young children to learn phonic sounds. Design a monster and take it on an adventure around a magic area to find the letter sounds and fix a spaceship. The storyline is good and the activities are educational and motivational.


This is an amazing downloadable suite of classroom flash tools. The collection includes timers, word magnets for pupil names and other words, team point scorers, sentence ordering tools and more. It’s a must have resource for any teacher to have in their toolbox.

Jam With Chrome This is an amazing site which allow up to 4 people to collaborate and play virtual instruments over the web in real time. Play a variety of guitars, drums and drum machines and keyboards. There is no sign up needed and you just invite other 'musicians' by sharing the link and begin jamming. Set to 'pro' mode to play using your computer keyboard. Requires Google Chrome.

Project Noah

This is a great citizen science site where users can upload and view photos of animals or use the free Apple device and Android Apps. It's a great way to do real science with what you already have in class. Check out the education section for more ideas.


This is a great site for finding quality images to use in your projects. The images can be used for both personal and commercial projects and you don't even need to sign in to download them. The images have been uploaded by users for the public good. Upload your images to help others.


Ken Ken

This is a wonderful site and iPad app where you can create and watch video lessons. Make changes to your whiteboard screen, type text, record audio and add images from your computer or Dropbox to create an immersive lesson on any topic you choose. Then embed or share the link for others to view. Kenken is a logic puzzle game similar to Sudoku, but players are given + - x or รท questions to solve the area and complete the grid. This site has a range puzzles at various complexities and difficulty levels.


This site offers an interactive way to assess your class by connecting your students to your lessons and response to every question on a range of devices, including mobiles. Make a virtual room and set up assessment quizzes, share links instantly and even get students to draw a response to your questions in real time. The data is collated so you can see where your students need more input.

MIT +12 Videos This is a fabulous video site where students from MIT in the US teach science for Primary and Secondary children on videos. View videos on a range of topics including engineering, biology, physics, astronomy and more. The student-made videos are zany and should entertain and delight young minds.

One Zoom This is beautiful site showing a zooming tree of life with links to more information for thousands of species. The are only mammals and amphibians listed so far, but more are on the way.

Ginger This is an intelligent spelling and grammar checker which sits in the background in Office and your browser until you need it. It constantly looks for examples of your sentence on the internet and decides whether it is correct and gives alternatives.

Featured Blog Mark Anderson’s Blog is a wonderful place to find a variety of tech and teaching resources and ideas. His site is packed with tutorial and reviews on the best apps, sites and software on the web. Also, check out Mark’s Twitter feed at for a constant flow of great ideas.

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